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        While viewing some of the genealogy pages that have been put up on the web, I thought how nice it would be if we could have a listing of the home pages that have roots in this (Webster) county.
        If you are interested in having your home page URL listed...and it has roots in Webster County...please email me and let me know your URl and tell me a little about your page. Also, let me know who the persons in it are from Webster County.  Email information to Jackie Rhodes

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home Pages: The Robert Franklin Spencer Family Homepage...Elias SPENCER was the head of the clan and settled in north Webster County.

PHIL RAY'S PLACE...This homepage has RAY, MORROW, WILSON, & CARROLL families which have connections in Old Choctaw County - later became Webster County, Winston, and Attala County.

MITCHELL SITE (Memorial to two daughters)...The Seth MITCHELLl Family has been in Choctaw/Sumner/Webster Co. since the 1830's. This site is a memorial to Tammy MITCHELL-MANN and Teresa MITCHELL-WEBSTER.

Lisle, Mayo Family Page...Families of FERGUSON, STALLINGS, HAMILTON, RAY, FULGHAM, BROOKS, WILLIAMS, etc. Fully searchable database created by GedPage.

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: User Home...I'm Mandy Williams Queen and I have several connections to Webster Co. Surnames: WILLIAMS, WASHINGTON, ALMOND, BISHOP & a small connection to the MITCHELL family.

Genealogy Potpourri...Connections to the Webster families of GREEN, HANNAH, KILPATRICK, PEEBLES/PEEPLES and WILLIAMS. This site contains abstracts of wills, census records, cemetery records, Bible records, and newspaper abstracts.

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