Webster Co Cemeteries

New addition to the Cemeteries Page...Map showing locations of cemeteries. Not all cemeteries are shown on the map; if you have the latitude and longitude for a particular cemetery; please send them to me and I will get the location added as soon as possible.

Bethany Cemetery, Cadaretta
Bluff Springs Cemetery, Eupora

Boyles Cemetery, Maben

Carver Cemetery, Alva

Clarkson Cemetery   Added 2/15/2004, Photos Added Feb 18, 2004
Chestnut Springs, also known as Mabry Cemetery
Clarkston, Clarkston
Cooper Cemetery, Eupora

Cox and Carver Cemetery,  Added 5/29/2003
Cross Roads Cemetery, Hohenlinden
Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery
Double Springs Cemetery, Bellefontaine
Double Springs Cemetery, Hoelinden

 Edgeworth Cemetery, Little Sand Creek
 Edward Springs Cemetery, Little Sand Creek
Elias Spencer Family Cemetery  Survey  Survey linked to photos
Embry Cemetery Survey, Cadaretta, Tombstone photos linked to names on survey

Eupora Cemetery, Eupora
, Tombstone photos linked to names; submit your names and photos for inclusion on
         the web site

Ford Cemetery, Bellefontaine

Four Mile Cemetery, Mantee
Four Mile Cemetery, near Webster & Oktibbeha Co. lines
Greenboro Cemetery, Little Sand Creek
Hanes Cemetery, Hohenlinden
Harmony Cemetery, Sweatman

Haws or Hays Cemetery
Hebron Baptist Cemetery
Henleys Cemetery, Sapa

Hightower Cemetery, Little Sand Creek

Hopewell Cemetery, Cadaretta
Ingram Cemetery, Alva; Updated 5/29/2003
Jenkins Cemetery, Cadaretta
Jerusalem Cemetery, Sapa
Jordons Cemetery, Eupora
Kamp Kumbaya Campground & Cemetery Photos, Added Feb 14, 2004
Lebanon Methodist Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery Eupora
Lollars Grove Cemetery, Sapa

Long Branch Cemetery Survey, Sapa; Tombstone photos linked to names in survey; submit any photos you have

Lovett Cemetery, Bellefontaine

Lowrimore Cemetery, Cadaretta
Maben Memorial Garden Cemetery,
Macedonia Cemetery, Little Sand Creek
Mancil Cemetery, Bellefontaine

Marvin Hill Cemetery, Maben
McMullen Cemetery
Miles Cemetery, SW of Embry Milligan Springs Cemetery, Stewart
Montevista  Cemetery Cemetery Survey
Mount Hope Cemetery Survey With Photos, Mantee
Mount Hope Cemetery, Complete Survey with linked photos, Added Jul 20, 2005
Mount Moriah Cemetery Survey, Sapa Names linked with tombstone photos, submit your photos for posting
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Mante (partial listing)  
Mount Pleasant Cemetery (Complete Listing)

Mount Vernon Cemetery, Little Sand Creek
Mount Zion Cemetery, Eupora New Ebenezer Cemetery, Eupora
New Hope Cemetery, Bellefontaine

New Hope Cemetery, Sapa
New Hope Presbyterian Cemetery , Photos Added
North Union Cemetery Photos added Apr 30, 2004, Bellefontaime
Old Cumberland Cemetery, Survey Added Mar 5, 2004 
Photos, Added Feb 18, 2004
Old Field Cemetery, Sapa

Old Double Springs Cemetery
Old Greenboro Cemetery, Eupora (blacks used eastern part for many years)
(Old) Pisgah Cemetery

Old Shady Grove Cemetery
Old Union Cemetery, Bellefontaine
Parker Cemetery, Sweatman
Peebles Cemetery
Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery  Cadaretta, names linked to tombstone photos
Pilgrim Rest Cemetery, Bellefontaine
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Embry
Pine Forest Cemetery , Little Sand Creek

Pisgah Cemetery, Mantee
Pittman Cemetery, Cadaretta
Pleasant Springs Cemetery, Little Sand Creek
Providence Cemetery, Maben,
Photos Added May 3, 2004
Pryor Cemetery, Cadaretta
Quinn Cemetery, Bellefontaine
Chapel Cemetery, Stewart
Roberts Cemetery, Cadaretta
Roberts Cemetery, W. of Embry

Sand Hill Cemetery, Eupora

Sapa Cemetery, Sapa, Photos Added Feb 14, 2004
Sarepta Cemetery, Stewart

Shady Grove Cemetery, Eupora

Shady Grove Cemetery, Hohenlinden

South Union Cemetery, Eupora

Spence Cemetery, Bellefontaine

Spring Hill Cemetery, Cadaretta

Spring Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Springhill

Spring Valley Cemetery, Formerly Old Ebenezer Cemetery, Photos added
Spring Valley (North), Mathison,
Starnes Cemetery
Still Cemetery, Eupora
Unknown African American Cemetery, This cemetery has been identified as Pilgrim Rest Cemetery, Embry, MS
Wake Forest Cemetery, Mantee
Webster Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Eupora

Woodruff Cemetery, Hohenlinden

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