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My name is Monique Young
and I am the new County Coordinator (CC) for Yazoo County. 
I would like to thank all of the Yazoo County coordinators 
who have volunteered before me. 
I'm currently in the process of updating the site so bear with me. The site still contains contact information from the previous coordinator, Betty, but if you want to get in contact with me, just click the link above.

I am sorry but I am unable to do any local look-ups or research
I hope you will find the information you are looking for while you are visiting. 
If you have comments about or problems with these pages, or if you have
information to add, please contact me.  I am looking for any and all
information that contains names, dates, places or resources of Yazoo County. 
This includes but is not limited to cemetery information
(who is buried where and when), tombstone photos, graduation or class photos
with the date and name of school, church rosters with name of church, dates,
names of the members, photos of the county buildings now and then. 
In other words anything and everything pertaining to Yazoo County.  
Please help me, help you. 


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Map of Yazoo County

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About Yazoo County

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Source: Lowry, Robert and McCardle, William H.
A History of Mississippi, from the Discovery of the Great River
by Hernando DeSoto, Including the Earliest Settlement Made by
the French Under Iberville,
 to the Death of Jefferson Davis [1541-1889].
Jackson, Miss.: R. H. Henry & Co., 1891. Pages 480-482.

                        of Mississippi


US GenWeb Yazoo County Archives

  Lots of good stuff here.
Cemeteries, census, court, history, land, military, photos, vitals.

View Archived Queries

Yazoo County Family Photo Gallery

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Article on Dover, Yazoo County, Mississippi, USA

by Lorraine Sencicle

The Daughters of Dover around the World

"Thanks to John E Ellzey, Ricks Memorial Library Yazoo City and
Betty Scheider Chairman Yazoo Historical Society."  should read

Betty Schneider, web master for the Yazoo County MSGenWeb site.

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Brief Biographies of Yazoo County Families
Do you have one you would like to contribute?


Family Bible contributions
Do you have any that you would like to contribute?




Please let me know  if you find an ID not working.

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Yazoo County 1850 Census Index
Yazoo County 1850 Census

1880 Federal Census Index Look-ups -

35 free electronic spreadsheets 
for archiving federal, state and 
international census data!


Yazoo County Tax Lists 
1823 and 1825
Transcribed by Linda Walker Armstrong


Yazoo Cemeteries --
Now with 75+ indexed cemeteries!!
and more to come!!
with contributions by you 
of indexes and tombstone photos.
All are "works in progress".


New ones added monthly!





 Yazoo and Mississippi Links


Court Records-

Look-ups available-
Books and Research Materials 
available for purchase-


Slave Lists of Yazoo County
Largest  slave holders from 1860 slave census schedules
and surname matches for African-Americans on 1870 census

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Hinds County

Holmes County

Humphreys County
Issaquena County 

Madison County
Sharkey County

Warren County





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These records can be obtained through your local Family History Center

·  Marriage Records & Bonds 1845 - 1917 

·  Chancery Court Records 1833 - 1948 

·  Deed Records 1824 - 1886 

·  Will Books 1833 - 1908 

·  Probate Records 1834 - 1870 

If you own or have access to any of these publications 
and are willing to do look-ups please contact  me.

Title and Author

Look-ups available

Yazoo County Story
by the Yazoo Historical Association

Yazoo It's Legends & Legacies
by H. DeCell & J.A. Prichard

Betty Aron Schneider

Marsha Lungrin

Roster & Sketches of Military Companies
by Waller Printing Co.

Yazoo County, Mississippi Pioneers
by Betty Couch Wiltshire

Betty Aron Schneider

History of Yazoo County  
by Betty Couch Wiltshire

Betty Aron Schneider

Yazoo County, MS - 1850 Census & Marriages
by Diane Fyans Roos

Trinity Church - Sesquicentennial History of the
Episcopal Church in Yazoo County, MS
by Robert G. Certain


·  Chancery Clerk
(Deed, Probate, Custody and Divorce Records) 
211 E. Broadway
Yazoo City, MS 39194

·  Circuit Clerk 
(Marriage, Voting, and Criminal Trial Records) 
211 E. Broadway
Yazoo City, MS 39194

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Ricks Memorial Library 

310 N. Main St.
Yazoo City, MS 39194-4253 



  The Yazoo Library, Yazoo Library Association has began a process of creating a county archives at the
library.  The Circuit Court record packets dating back to 1859 to to about 1890 are currently being organized
and indexed by number name etc. They had been in basement of courthouse crammed in a hallway for 80 years.
We also have 1880-1910 approx. chattel deeds and other volumes of civil war service records bound
volumes yet to be indexed.
As time and space allow  volumes stored at old School in County will be moved to our facility and  a list
will be compiled.  The 19th century items have been moved into a dry room in the old school until they can be
Volunteers visiting the area are welcomed to help index.

Paul Cartwright
B.S. Ricks Memorial Library
Yazoo Library Association

·  Yazoo Historical Museum 
332 N. Main St. 
Yazoo City, MS 39194-4253 

·  Yazoo County Chamber of Commerc
211 E. Broadway St 
Yazoo City, MS 39194-4548 

·  Yazoo Newspaper Co. 
Box #-720 

Yazoo City, MS 39194-0720


Research Materials and Books Available for Purchase

"Family Maps of Yazoo County, Mississippi: Deluxe Edition", by Gregory A.Boyd, allows family history researchers, for the first time ever, to easily
learn where their ancestors' Yazoo County land is located, and WHO THEIR NEIGHBORS WERE! This is an important book to anyone interested in
Yazoo County history or the history of its families.  

    The book is published by Arphax Publishing Co. ( of Norman, Oklahoma, and a link to "Family Maps of Yazoo County" can be clicked
on from their front-page. It costs $39.95 for the spiral-bound book, which can be purchased through Arphax's web-store or by mail (they have mail-in forms on
their web-site) or phone (1-800-681-5298). A library-edition (hardbound) is also available for $54.99.  
    "Family Maps of Yazoo County, Mississippi" is 408 pages in length, with 119 total maps. There are 3 maps for each of the 38 Congressional townships
that make up Yazoo County. Each Township has a Patent Map, Patent Index, Road Map, and a Map called a "Historical Map", which includes Waterways,
Watercourses & Railroads. The Road and Historical Maps also include the City-centers and cemeteries that can be found at  There is
also a Surname/Patent Index and a Surname/Township Index to help you dive into the right area of the County. Included Appendices identify multi-Patentee
buying groups and also list the numerous Aliquot (section) parts you might find.



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About Yazoo County -

Yazoo County was established January 21, 1823 as the state's 19th county and is the largest county in Mississippi. Yazoo County covers about
1,018 square miles (625,000 acres), most of which is used for farming. Situated in the west central part of the state, the county has some of the
most fertile soil in Mississippi. Yazoo, an Indian name meaning "death", was formed from part of the territory acquried 

from the Choctaws in 1820; also known as the "New Purchase". 

After the acquisition of the Choctaw land, Yazoo County was quickly settled; mostly by pioneers from older parts of Mississippi, Alabama,
Georgia, Kentucky, North & South Carolina, and Tennessee. 

The first seat of justice, Beattie's Bluff, was located on the Big Black river, twelve or fifteen miles northwest of the present day site of Canton, Ms.
In 1829, the county seat was moved to Benton, and Beattie's Bluff died out. 

Benton, incorporated in 1836, became a place of importance in the 1830's and early 1840's. Surnames of some of the early settlers of the area include:
Holt, Burrus, Harden, Grayson, Battle, Miles, Morough, Hagerman, Williamson, Yandell, Rawlins, O'Reilly, Fisher, Jennings, McGaughey, & Blundell. 

The present day county seat, Yazoo City, was settled by pioneers in 1824. First called Hannan's Bluff by government surveyors, it later became
Manchester (named for Manchester, England) and changed to Yazoo City in 1839. In 1849 Yazoo city became the county seat leaving Benton to
shrink and in the early 1900's Benton had less than 300 people. 

Located on the left bank of the Yazoo river, Yazoo City is the largest town in Yazoo County. In the early 1900's Yazoo city was a town ideal for
commerce. It's easy access to railroads and the Yazoo & Mississippi rivers made it a center for shipping cotton and timber. 

Yazoo City's first newspaper was the "Political Progress" established in 1829. In 1831, the name was changed to the "Manchester Whig" and
later was called the "Yazoo Banner" he "Yazoo Democrat" was edited in 1844 by Major Ethelbert Barksdale and James Clark formed the
"Yazoo City Hearld" after the Civil War. 

Yazoo City burned twice before 1905. The first time was by General Arthur in 1864. After the war, Yazoo City was rebuilt only to burn again in 1904,
by the worst fire in state history. The entire business district and some residential areas were burned to the ground,
courtesy of a witch, according to local legend. 

Yazoo City has had its share of hard times. The city was hit hard twice by Yellow Fever. Epidemics in 1853 and 1878 killed
many residents and often entire families. The area also flooded twice before 1930. Once in 1882 and later during the historic flood of 1927
which caused widespread sickness and property damage. 

The information above was taken from: 
Mississippi planned and edited by Dunbar Rowland; Vol 11, 1907 
Hometown Mississippi compiled by James F. Brieger. Second edition, 1980


History of the USGenWeb Project

Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database. The idea was to provide
a single entry point for all counties in Kentucky, where collected databases would be stored.
In addition, the databases would be indexed and cross-linked, so that even if an individual
were found in more than one county, they could be located in the index.
At the same time, volunteers were found who were willing to
coordinate the collection of databases and generally oversee the contents of the web page.
That is how this project was started, and it is an invaluable resource to researchers.
If you would like to participate by adopting a county,
volunteering for one of the special projects,
or adding your information with other researchers,
please contact either 

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