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April thru June 2005

Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
25-May Ellis, Fred 01-May Jackson Glenwood
  McIntosh, Evelyn Hammond . . Oktibbeha Memorial Park
  Smiley, Charlene D. 20-May Vicksburg City Cemetery in Leachville, AR
21-May Chester, Mary Annice 18-May Yazoo City Glenwood 
18-May LaBarre, William Ellis M.D, 21-Apr Alamogordo, NM .
  McLellan, Hazel Fulcher 13-May Yazoo City Glenwood
  Jourdan, Mamie McInturff 12-May Yazoo City Shady Grove
  Bazemore, Darilene Elizabeth Germany 11-May Natchez Flora City
  Shelton, A.B. Sr 05-May Benton Shelton
11-May Hearn, Faron 05-May Jackson Shiloh in Lawrence County
  Robertson, Tommie L. 28-Apr . Sweet Canaan 
  Brumfield, Fannie Lee 03-May . Love Feast
  Williams, Alberta . . .
  Marshall, Alice 29-Apr Jackson Christian Grove
  Martin, Roy Glenn Sr. 09-May Jackson Mt. Olivet
07-May Johnson, Doretha M. "Bay" 30-Apr Yazoo City Glenwood
  Boatner, Otis William 04-May Jackson Shiloh
  Coleman, Wyche Taylor Sr. 02-May . Springville in Coushatta, LA
04-May Redmond, James 26-Apr . Wesley Chapel
30-Apr Switzer, Mildred Alderman "Nonnie" .  .  
  Smith, Mildred C. 27-Apr Yazoo City Glenwood
  Singh, Kewal 27-Apr Yazoo City .
27-Apr Warren, John C. Sr. 23-Apr Yazoo City Paxton Cemetery in Paxton, FL
  Seay, Delbert Hoyet 22-Apr Yazoo City Glenwood
  Scroggins, Barbara Hickman 22-Apr Yazoo City Glenwood
16-Apr Pierce, Aubrey Rule "Bubber" 09-Apr Lexington Malone
13-Apr Hudson, Bonnie Lee 04-Apr Jackson Pleasant Green
  Stricklin, Charlyne Waller 10-Apr Brandon Glenwood
  Murphy, Alberta Hoover 09-Apr Jackson Glenwood
09-Apr Hilderbrand, Leola M. 05-Apr Jackson Hebron Baptist
  Lee, Hershel 04-Apr Yazoo City Scotland Baptist
  Clark-Lydon, Glenda Dale 09-Mar Jonesboro, AR .
  Davis, Joseph Lee 01-Apr Jackson Greencrest Gardens
06-Apr Sadler, Frank Lee 24-Mar Ocean Springs Grand Bay
  Hogue, William t. "Tommy" 03-Apr Jackson Shiloh
January thru March 2005
Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Simms, Ross
Yazoo City Glenwood
  Spicer, Franklin Roosevelt 23-Mar Jackson Pleasant Green
  Williams, George Edward "Mr. Ed" 25-Mar Ridgeland Glenwood
  Ables, James Nobert 28-Mar Benton Glenwood
26-Mar Smith, Michael Earl 16-Mar Jackson Deltaview
  Self, Taylor F. 24-Mar Yazoo City .
23-Mar Woodard, Percy Lee 14-Mar . Glenwood
19-Mar Stevens, Delbert 03-Mar Yazoo City .
  Plunkett, Swayze Neely Sr. 15-Mar Jackson Fletcher's Chapel 
  Caldwell, Barbara F. 13-Mar Durant Hillcrest
16-Mar Harris, Mary E. Carter 11-Mar Jackson .
  Hoover, Eddie James 07-Mar Jackson Natchez National 
  Pennington, James H. 11-Mar Oxford Glenwood
12-Mar Ryan, Joe Carroll Jr. 07-Mar Brookhaven Mt. Olive 
  McGinty, Myra E. 07-Mar Jackson Scotland Baptist
  Bell, Bertha Mae 03-Mar Yazoo City Glenwood
09-Mar Millett, Lillian Cecile 05-Mar Yazoo City Glenwood
05-Mar Latiker, Charlie Sr. 18-Feb Yazoo City Glenwood
  Kohn, Idella Hill 18-Feb Yazoo City Hayes Memorial Garden
02-Mar Owens, Earthrine Robinson 31-Jan Naperville, IL Bethel M.B. Church
  Backstrom, Thomas S. Sr. 23-Feb Canton Glenwood
  Upton, Mattie Louise 04-Jan Yazoo City Glenwood
  Wilkes, Mary L. 25-Feb Yazoo City Glenwood
26-Feb Blunt, Patrick Taylor Jr. 21-Jan Jackson Morning Star
  Manor, Mary M. 20-Feb Biloxi Fletcher's Chapel 
  Clarke, Cohen 18-Feb . .
  Crosby, Eunice L. 24-Feb Yazoo City Glenwood
23-Feb Thompson, Robert Lee 18-Feb Yazoo City Glenwood
  Reynolds, Conrad Furniss 18-Feb Jackson Rocky Springs
  Owens, Earthrine Robinson 31-Jan Naperville, IL Bethel M.B. Church
  Blunt, Patrick Taylor Jr. 21-Jan Jackson Morning Star
  Lowery, Opal Jean 21-Feb Vicksburg Glenwood
  Bradshaw, Pauline B. "Polly" 17-Feb Bentonia Ogden
19-Feb Guido, Virginia W. . . Glenwood
  McNail, Robert Allen 11-Feb Iraq - USANG - Active Duty Forest Lawn
16-Feb Williams, Tommie Lee 04-Feb . .
  Luby, Margaret Christine 06-Feb Lexington Rocky Springs
  Christopher, Johnny Lee 10-Feb Jackson .
  Swayze, Margaret Murphy 13-Feb Jackson Swayze Home Place
  Crimm, Ruth K. 27-Jan Bentonia Central Holmes 
  Wilkinson, Lester C. 11-Feb Wiggins Glenwood
  Jones, Frances Lucille 08-Feb Jackson Cedarlawn 
12-Feb Reeves, Zelphia D. 08-Feb Yazoo City Shiloh
  Jenkins, Joseph W. "Joe" 05-Feb . Glenwood
  Stewart, Nina May Dykes 09-Feb Centreville .
26-Jan Owens, Charlie Jeff "Bunk" 15-Jan Yazoo City New Hope
  Smith, Ralph Erwin 21-Jan Yazoo City Tranquil
  Luby, Robert Loyce 17-Jan Benton Midway Baptist
  Moore, James R. 18-Jan Flowood .
22-Jan Walters, Martha Coker 06-Jan Yazoo City Midway Methodist
  Hollis, Helen Christine 16-Jan West Point West Point Memorial Gardens
  Moore, James R. 18-Jan Flowood .
19-Jan Phillips, Karen Collins 14-Jan Jackson Glenwood
  Peets, Ann Stricklin 11-Jan . .
  Schoradt, Richard "Dick" Bernrd Jr. 03-Jan Yazoo City Woodlawn 
  Greenwood, Jeremy Keith 13-Jan . Central Holmes 
15-Jan Donahue, Timothy M. 22-Dec Bentonia Ogden
  Brown, Bobby E. . . Short Creek
12-Jan Woodard, Lottie Hacket . . Glenwood
  Kettleman, Rev. Jimmy Jr. 09-Jan Ridgeland Jessamine
08-Jan Taylor, Michael 25-Dec . Glenwood
  King, Mary Lee 26-Dec . Pilgrim Rest Church
  Brown, Irene F. 03-Jan Yazoo City Glenwood
  Williams, James Hugh 05-Jan Holly Bluff Glenwood
  Wilson, Joe Frank . . Wilson Family
05-Jan Stubblefield, Octavia 26-Dec . St. Luke 
  Williams, Katie B. . . Glenwood
  Washington, George Jr. 22-Dec Jackson New Concord
  Adams, Grace 28-Dec Yazoo City Glenwood
  Gowan, Katherine 29-Dec Jackson Glenwood
01-Jan Donahue, Timothy M. 22-Dec Bentonia Short Creek
  Bardwell, Barbara Johnston 26-Dec Yazoo City New Palestine
  Dozier, Homer L. 28-Dec Jackson Glenwood
October thru December 2004
Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Brown, Bobby E.
Vicksburg Short Creek
  Williams, Mary Elizabeth Jackson 18-Dec . Rose Hill
  Taylor, Jewel D. 22-Dec Yazoo City Glenwood
  Martin, Marshall P. Sr. . . Glenwood
  Perry, Clara Lillian . . Concord
  Sligh, John Karl 25-Dec . Glenwood
22-Dec Jordan, Willie Mae 16-Dec auto accident Glenwood
  Robinson, Rosie Ann Mitchell 18-Dec . Glenwood
  Guion, Vera E. 18-Dec Jackson Shiloh
  Hines, Robert DeSha Jr. 19-Dec Carter Glenwood
  Harris, Robert Bowman . . .
  Neely, Emmie Lue . . Dover
18-Dec Newton, Ben Matthew Jr. 10-Dec . Jackson County Memorial Park 
in Pascagoula
15-Dec Allen, Carl Earl 06-Dec . New Concord M.B. Church
  Taylor, Jeffery L. 04-Dec . Memorial Park
  Hendricks, Andrew Jr. 02-Dec . Bull Cemetery in Benton
11-Dec Grant, Donna Yarbro 06-Dec Brandon Glenwood
  Lancaster, Allen Ray 07-Dec Philadelphia Flora City
08-Dec Coker, Mary Robinson 02-Dec Yazoo City .
  Ketchum, J.T. Sr. 04-Dec Yazoo City .
  Carpenter, Dudley O. 03-Dec Yazoo City Carpenter Family
01-Dec Harrison, Robert Stanley "Stan" 29-Nov Fayetteville, NC Glenwood
  Nelson, William Miller 20-Nov . Glenwood
24-Nov Joiner, Marisa Michelle 20-Nov Franklin County .
  Ledyard, H.H. 18-Nov Yazoo City Midway Baptist
20-Nov Brown, Amelia Kay 17-Nov Yazoo City Gooden Lake in
Humphreys County
  Harris, Julia "Tang" . . Glenwood
  Montgomery, Cecil Alton 25-Sep . Riverside National Cemetery
in Riverside, CA
  Hood, George Louis 13-Oct . Midway Baptist
17-Nov Wigley, Walter Warren 04-Nov Yazoo City Coxburg Cemetery 
in Holmes County
  Cooper, Mary J. 04-Nov Yazoo City Delta View
13-Nov Hogue, Barbara 06-Nov Yazoo City Glenwood
  Stubblefield, Barbara Ann "Bobbie" 08-Nov Yazoo City Blackjack
10-Nov Wigley, Walter Warren 04-Nov Yazoo City Coxburg Cemetery
in Holmes County
  Addison, Pauline 04-Nov Yazoo City Captain Simmons 
  Lewis, Lenard Alfred 06-Nov San Antonio, TX .
06-Nov Cox, Dan Herbert 02-Nov Memphis Masonic Cemetery
in Amory
  Ollie, Leon "Lump" 21-Oct Jackson Schaffer
  Bowman, Ruby Eunice . . Central Holmes 
03-Nov Ollie, Leon "Lump" 21-Oct Jackson Shaffer
  Smith, Lela Beatrice 31-Oct Jackson Blackjack
  Jolly, Irvin Leon "Sonny" 29-Oct Yazoo City Glenwood
  Dew, Juanita W. 29-Oct Yazoo City Glenwood
30-Oct Woods, Barbara . . Lincoln Cemetery 
in Chicago, IL
  Medford, Charles Ray 23-Oct Dallas, TX Glenwood
  McCullum, Clara S. 21-Oct Jackson .
  Humphrey, Mary "Honey" 22-Oct . .
27-Oct Harrison, Brent Allen 24-Oct Vicksburg Short Creek
  Shipp, Thomas Walker "Tom" 21-Oct Bentonia Glenwood
  Turner, Minister James Earl 07-Oct . Mt. Hope 
in Chicago, IL
23-Oct Hill, Myrt Dew 18-Oct Slidell, LA Mt. Olivet
  Peters, Elizabeth J. "Jo" 16-Oct Bentonia Dover
13-Oct Thornton, Bessie M. 07-Oct Yazoo City Glenwood
  Lungrin, Dorothy A. "Dot" 09-Oct Jackson Glenwood
  Porch, John Henry 06-Oct Huntsville, AL Concord
  Stewart, Amye . . Glenwood
09-Oct DuBose, June F. 03-Oct Yazoo City Glenwood
  Daniels, Ara Lee "Pat" 05-Oct Atlanta Glenwood
  Clemons, Alvin L. "Jim" . . Oak Grove A.M.E. 
  Thornton, Bessie M. 07-Oct Yazoo City Glenwood
06-Oct Brooks, Lee David 27-Sep West Palm Beach, FL Glenwood
  DuBose, June F. 03-Oct Yazoo City Glenwood
  Hogue, Nathan Swayze 30-Sep Yazoo City .
20-Oct Peeples, Peyton P. Jr. . . Itta Bena
16-Oct Newlon, Monroe . . New Hope
  Ross, Marvajean 12-Oct . Glenwood
02-Oct Reichman, Willie C. 21-Sep home .
  Foster, Norna A. 29-Sep Vicksburg Mt. Olivet
  Jackson, Terrie . . Piney Springs
in Eden
  Herrington, Jonothon Shayne . . Bowlin Baptist 
in Sallis
July thru September 2004
Date of Obit Name DOD Location Cemetery
Bell, Laura Bullock
. Christian Grove M.B. Church
  Cook, John C. Jr. 23-Sep . Glenwood
  Figures, Lemmie Terrill 21-Sep . Cypress Garden
25-Sep Milner, Sadie E. . Clarksville, TN Fletcher's Chapel
  Yancy, Eddie Lee 11-Sep . Mt. Zion M.B. Church
  Luckett, Louella 16-Sep Yazoo City Glenwood
22-Sep Stewart, Aubin Hall 14-Sep Atlanta, GA Glenwood
  Ables, Charles Clayton 14-Sep Jackson Midway Baptist
  Carver, Laverne 18-Sep Jackson Coxburg Cemetery
in Holmes County
  Ertle, William Harold Sr. 04-Sep Vicksburg body donated to the 
University Medical Center, 
18-Sep Hale, David Garnett "Little Garnett" 14-Sep
homicide off Hwy 49 Glenwood
  Smith, Frances Ford 14-Sep home Greencrest Memorial Gardens
  Ables, Charles Clayton 14-Sep Jackson Midway Baptist
  Stewart, Aubin Hall 14-Sep Atlanta, GA Glenwood
15-Sep Fulton, William F. "Bill" Sr 12-Sep Jackson Lynville Methodist
11-Sep Cothen, Hazel M. 06-Sep Ridgeland Trinity Mausoleum, Parkway Memorial
  Pigg, Josephine S. 07-Sep Jackson Mt. Olivet
08-Sep Havens, Betty Lue . . Center Ridge 
  Rivers, Raymond 04-Sep Flowood Belzoni City
04-Sep Brown, Rosie Lee 29-Jul California California
  Logan, Addie Louise 31-Aug home Glenwood
01-Sep Allen, Elois Sr. 23-Aug . New Concord Church
  Niven, Robert M. "Bobby" Jr. 29-Aug Yazoo City Midway Baptist
  Seawright, Bonnie Carter 26-Aug Yazoo City Bentonia Baptist 
28-Aug Martin, Maggie Lee 23-Aug home .
25-Aug Green, Peggy Jo 21-Aug Jackson Glenwood
  Martin, Durwood 19-Aug Fort Walton Beach, FL Glenwood
Edition Name DOD Location Cemetery
August 21 Pepper, Lena Mae Aug 14 Wolf Lake Glenwood

Edwards, Lillian Dew Aug 18 Yazoo City Glenwood

Simmons, Ann Lyles Aug 18 Ridgeland Glenwood

Thomas, Bennie Metzler unknown unknown Cypress Garden

Smith, June Branaton Aug 18 Franklinton, LA unknown
Aug 18 McDaniel, Ruth H. Aug 12 Yazoo City Blackjack

McInnis, Sara Shackelford Aug 13 Brandon Mt. Olivet

Nelson, Marion E. Jr. Aug 07 Highway 49 south Day

Pepper, Lena Mae Aug 14 Yazoo City Glenwood

Sigrest, Shirley W. Aug 16 Yazoo City Short Creek

Pleasant, Shelia W. unknown unknown Glenwood
Aug 14 Ables, Lillian Ann Aug 11 Yazoo City Glenwood

Fisher, Gene J. Aug 10 Clinton Quiet Ridge
Aug 11 Hayes, Florence Aug 04 Yazoo City Yazoo Memorial Gardens

Marshall, Elmer L. Aug 02 Industrial Parkway & River Road Glenwood

Wheeler, Annie N. Aug 05 Vicksburg Wesley Chapel
Aug 07 Gilmore, John J. Jr. Aug 03 Greenwood Glenwood

Winstead, Frances J. Aug 02 Jackson Tranquil
Aug 04 Green, Kenneth Mitchell Jul 29 McNeil Glenwood
Jul 28 Barrier, Nell Beaird Jul 23 Yazoo City Glenwood

Brown, Ira Jr. Jul 20 Yazoo City Glenwood

Neely, Garner J. Jul 23 Yazoo City Glenwood

Parker, Hattie Ruth Jul 22 unknown Pleasant Hill
Jul 24 Phillips, Mary Scott Jul 14 Yazoo City Glenwood

Jones, Henry Earl "Ed" Jul 14 unknown Forest Lawn, 
Saginaw, MI

Allen, Juanita Love Jul 13 Jackson Glenwood

Manor, Joe E. Jul 17 Yazoo City Fletcher's Chapel
Jul 21 Manor, Joe E. Jul 17 Yazoo City Fletcher's Chapel

Hill, Marguerite Thomas Jul 16 Yazoo City Glenwood
Jul 17 McCray, Martha Ann Bowman May 31 Yazoo City Glenwood
Jul 14 Eldridge, Doyle Stanley "Bear" Jul 01 Yazoo City Mt. Olivet

Dixon, Sim James Jr. Jul 06 Yazoo City Black Jack Baptist

Bolden, Rosie Mae Jul 02 Yazoo City Glenwood

Kirkland, Walter Sr. Jun 21 Los Angeles unknown

Cummings, Shirley DuBois Jul 02 Jackson Glenwood
Jul 10 Dixon, Sim James Jr. Jul 06 Yazoo City Black Jack Baptist

Felton, Janie Williams unknown unknown Cap Simmons

Little, Betty Gean Jun 27 unknown Mount Zion Missionary Baptist

Smith, Jacob Sr. Jun 21 Milwaukee Souther Wisconsin Veterans , Union Grove, WI

Bolden, Rosie Mae Jul 02 Yazoo City Glenwood

Eldridge, Doyle stanley "Bear" Jul 01 Yazoo City Mt. Olivet
Jul 07 Eldridge, Doyle Stanley "Bear" Jul 01 Yazoo City Mt. Olivet

Swan, Lizzie Hewitt Jun 24 Yazoo City Union Paradise

Willingham, Charles "Jack" Olen Jr. Jul 05 Yazoo City Glenwood

Beard, Aurelia unknown unknown Ogen Baptist

Williams, Henry Lee Sr. Jun 13 Vicksburg Green Acres Memorial Park

April thru June 2004
Edition Name DOD Location Cemetery
Jun 30 Rich, Katherine Shepard Jun 24 Yazoo City Concord Baptist

Strickland, Samuel F. "Sam" Jun 25 Yazoo City Midway Methodist

McKay, Odene "Meme" unknown unknown Garden of Memories Memorial Park, Florence

Burrough, Virginia H. Jun 27 Yazoo City Hebron
Jun 26 Lawson, Lois Brown Jun 19 Yazoo City Rials Creek, Simpson County

Reynolds, Gladys Davis Jun 22 Brandon Coxburg

Rich, Katherine Shepard Jun 24 Yazoo City Concord Baptist
Jun 23 Broocks, J.W. Jun 15 Jackson Shiloh

Burns, Robert Ellis "Bobby" Jun 17 Houston, TX Pleasant Hill, Bruce

Watson, Lois Brown Jun 19 Yazoo City Rials Creek, Simpson County

Neeld, Jewell A. "Jones" Jun 20 Jackson Concord Baptist
Jun 19 Rembert, Margaret Cooper unknown unknown Double Springs, Benton

Broocks, J.W. Jun 15 Jackson Shiloh
Jun 16 Bowman, Robert Curtis Jun 08 Brandon Central Holmes

Buchanan, Ira Jun 07 unknown New Port, Lexington

Evans, Clara Johnson Turner Riley unknown Minneapolis, MN unknown

Hemphill, Helen Bridges Jun 14 Flora Mound 
Jun 12 Bowman, Robert Curtis Jun 08 Brandon Central Holmes

Haymer-Priest, Kelvin Morrell May 29 Jackson Greater M;urphu's Chapel Church, Camden

Thomas, Mary Murth May 27 unknown unknown
Jun 09 Bridges, Delma Jun 04 Jackson Central Holmes

Johnson, Alice unknown unknown Beulah Land Church

Watson, Ruth Mann Jun 05 Yazoo City Chapel of the Cross
Jun 05 McCray, Martha Jun 05 unknown Glenwood

Warren, Annie Hearn May 31 Jackson Lakewood Memorial Park

Griffin, Rufus "Rusty" unknown unknown Glenwood
Jun 02 Myers, Jack May 24 Lexington Mizaph
May 29 Smith, Louise Pierce May 20 Lexington Odd Fellows

Davis, Harold L. "Jack" May 24 unknown Antioch Baptist Church

Smith, Addie B. May 25 Chicago Perry Chapel Church
May 26 McDaniel, Carl Clifton May 06 Jackson Harmony 

Guthrie, Mrs. I.V. May 19 Columbus, GA Shiloh
May 22 Henderson, Herbert E. "Peter" May 14 Yazoo City Jonestown

Roberson, Annie Bell May 10 unknown Mount Hope Burial, Chicago
May 19 Barrier, Suzanne Savery May 15 Jackson Indianola City

White, Mildred Loraine Mobley May 11 unknown unknown
May 15 Hearst, Patrick Xavier May 10 Jackson Midway Methodist

Jones, Tausha Renee May 07 unknown Garden Memorial

Alexander, Charles Lester May 10 Jackson Ogden Baptist
May 12 Eakin, Grady H. May 05 Greenwood Coxburg Methodist, Lexington

Parker, Mary Lee Smith May 06 Clinton Bethlehem
May 05 Scott, Thomas Rule Jr. Apr 29 Yazoo City Glenwood

Hart, Mary L. May 02 Yazoo City Glenwood
May 01 Mitchell, Jimmie Edward Mar 21 unknown Glenwood

Johnson, Donald "Gene" Jr. Mar 09 Vancleave Swetman in D'Iberville
Apr 28 Edmondson, Verbon Apr 12 Lakeland, FL unknown

Bowman, Robert A. Apr 19 unknown Sweet Canaan Church
Apr 24 Richardson, J. B. Apr 15 Yazoo City Tye 

Lucas, Molly Whitacre Apr 20 Yazoo City Glenwood

Thomas, Dorothy Adelia Apr 21 Jackson Ellison United Methodist Church
Apr 21 Blanton, Claudette Burnside Apr 16 Yazoo County Parkway

Gober, Frank Wallace Apr 15 Ridgeland Bethany

Fuller, Mary Thweatt Apr 17 Jackson Oak Grove

Griffin, Melissa K. Apr 15 Jackson Central Holmes

Lowery, Jeffery Apr 18 Yazoo City Mt. Olivet

Marciel, Elizabeth Sue Apr 15 Yazoo City Johnson Family Cemetery in Crystal Springs
Apr 17 Jenkins, Christine E. Apr 03 Yazoo City Lakewood Memorial
Apr 14 Sanders, Eugene Apr 10 Brandon Glenwood

Cain, Janie Lucretia Hicks Apr 08 Greenwood Odd Fellows
Apr 10 Bowie, Lydia Morris Apr 04 Yazoo City Glenwood

Session, Maggie "Velma" Mar 31 unknown unknown

Jones, Deborah Sanders Apr 05 Pearl Glenwood
Apr 03 Rutland, Mae Emma Mar 19 Detroit, MI Gethsemane Cemetery in Detroit, MI

McGruder, Lucille Feb 29 Chicago, IL Mt. Hope Cemetery in Chicago, IL

Boyd, Birdie Lee Mar 28 Longview, TX Glenwood
January thru March 2004
Date Name DOD Location Cemetery
Mar 27 Richardson, J.W. Sr Mar 21 Vicksburg Glenwood
Mar 24 Stringer, Jesse Lee Feb 06 Chicago, IL Glenwood

Davis, Earnestine Mar 17 Yazoo City Glenwood

Beard, Jane Mar 13 Yazoo County unknown

Wasson, Claudine Campbell Mar 21 Yazoo City Stonewall

Eldridge, Alton Mar 19 Kosciusko Friendship

Bond, Sadie E. Mar 17 Ridgeland Glenwood
Mar 20 Newton, Maggie Mae Mar 09 Yazoo City Glenwood

Wright, Thelma Grace Mar 15 Yazoo City Glenwood

Poole, Mary Upton Mar 14 Tuscaloosa unknown

Kimble, Nathaniel Thomas Nov 18 unknown unknown
Ma5 17 Creel, Carlton Mar 11 Jackson Scotland

Parker, Allen Mar 11 Clinton Glenwood

Beard, Jane Mar 13 Yazoo County unknown
Mar 13 Stringer, Jesse Lee Feb 06 Chicago, IL Glenwood

Weldon, Harold Dean Mar 06 Yazoo City Melrose Baptist

Herrin, Mildred L. Mar 06 Yazoo City Lakewood Memorial Park

Abel, William Allen Mar 05 Kinston, NC Harlands Creek

Sudbeck, James Henry Mar 09 Benton Bethlehem

Pearce, James Robert Mar 10 Jackson Shiloh

Hunt, Ralph G. Mar 09 Jackson Glenwood
Mar 10 Downs, Lida Woods Mar 05 Jackson Glenwood

Hall, Marvin Levell Feb 23 unknown Glenwood

Johnson, Kay Dawson Mar 03 Flora Bentonia Baptist Church

Nelson, Margaret Jeanette Feb 14 Yazoo City Glenwood

Roberson, Hilda W. Mar 03 Jackson Bethlehem
Mar 06 Jones, Claudia Bell Feb 25 Yazoo City Glenwood

Macklin, Charlestine Feb 18 Yazoo City Wolf Lake

Toombs, Bobby Joe Feb 27 Vicksburg Shiloh

Hawkins, Marie Feb 22 Yazoo City St. Paul's

Myers, Brenda Scarborough Feb 23 Houston, TX unknown
Edition Name DOD Location Cemetery
Feb 28 Crotwell, Faye Helena Feb 22 Yazoo City Straight Bayou

McCoy, Keith Richard Feb 24 unk Glenwood

Jenkins, William F. "Bill" Jr. Feb 25 Yazoo City Benton Baptist

Myers, Brenda Scarborough Feb 23 Houston, TX unknown
Feb 25 Lungrin, Samuel Vernon Feb 20 Jackson Lungrin Family

Pyron, Patty Feb 21 Vicksburg Lakewood Memorial Park South

Robertson, Janie Lucille Feb 19 Belzoni unknown

Glorioso, Mary L. unk Houston, TX Glenwood

Wilkinson, Elizabeth Ailene Feb 18 Jena, LA Pleasant Hill in Jena, LA
Feb 21 Martin, John W. Feb 09 Jackson Cypress Cardens

April, Johnny Lee Sr. Feb 09 unknown Bells Chapel

Goode, Carl Lee Sr. Feb 15 Ridgeland Glenwood
Feb 18 Dory, Gladys H. Feb 09 Detroit, MI Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit, MI

Woodell, Penelope "Penny" Elizabeth Feb 11 Greenwood Odd Fellows

Davis, William A. "Dub" Feb 12 Bentonia Bethlehem Baptist

Rodgers, James O. Feb 12 Yazoo City Benton Baptist Church

Holaday, Louise Lucas Feb 15 Yazoo City Glenwood

Pillow, Dudley Baker Jr. Feb 16 Yazoo City Glenwood

Wirth, Ruby W. Harris Jan 30 Buchanan Dam Glenwood

Carpenter, Jeanette Feb 11 Jackson Bear Creek

Davis, Jerry N. "Bubba" Jr. Feb 12 Bentonia Central-Holmes
Feb 14 Martin, John W. Feb 09 Jackson Cypress Gardens
Feb 11 Gary, Cora E. Jan 24 Yazoo City Fletcher's Chapel

Hayes, Catherine M. Feb 06 Ridgeland Glenwood

Screws, Orie O'Neal Feb 08 Vicksburg Glenwood

Wirth, Ruby W. Harris Jan 30 Buchanan Dam, TX Glenwood
Feb 07 Evans, Faye Elizabeth Feb 01 Clarksville, TN Glenwood

Jones, Clayborn Jan 29 Yazoo City Glenwood

Patton, Dorothy M. Feb 01 Yazoo City Glenwood

Ryan, Quida King Feb 01 Jackson Mt. Olivet

Mitchell, Ella Jan 30 New Albany, IN unknown
Feb 04 Tucker, Lazarus Jan 19 Brookhaven Bell Chapel

Burrell, Tommie Jan 30 Hobbs, NM Prairie Haven Memorial Park, Hobbs, NM

Carlton, Leonard Jan 21 Yazoo City Glenwood

Elledge, Fern Ruth Hammett Jan 29 Lexington Odd Fellows (IOOF)

Moss, Richard H. Jan 29 Clinton Cedar Grove, Leake County
Jan 31 Tyson, Walter Ellis Jan 28 Bentonia Glenwood

Mitchell, Willowdean Jan 26 Yazoo City Glenwood

McField, Mattie Essex Gamble Jan 22 Belzoni Second New Zion 

Fisher, Hallie Haymer Jan 25 Yazoo City Glenwood

Plunkett, Beverly P. Jan 27 Jackson Glenwood

Castleman, Gladys Collier Jan 28 Ridgeland Union
Jan 28 Eldridge, Mary Evelyn Lacey Jan 22 Jackson Beulah

Gary, cora E. Jan 24 Yazoo City Fletcher's Chapel
Jan 24 Baker, Leon Jan 10 Chicago, IL Mt. Hope Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Williams, Joseph Jan 13 Eden New Hope

Miles, Lucy Jones Jan 11 Jackson Sweet Canaan M.B. Church

Truelove, Samuel Earl Sr. Jan 15 Brookhaven Liverpool Baptist
Jan 21 Neal, Huel Levi Jan 13 Hattiesburg Mt. Zion Cemetery, Independence

Doyle, Lula Mae Jan 04 Brookhaven Concord

Gibson, Eunice Brown Jan 14 Yazoo City Fletcher's Chapel

Nichols, Aubrey E. Jan 15 Jackson Nichols Family

Womble, Obie G. Jan 17 West Memphis, AR Grapevine Cemetery, Grapevine, AR

Truelove, Samuel Earl Sr. Jan 15 Brookhaven Liverpool Baptist

Tutterow, Ralph B. Sr. Jan 18 Greenwood Pinecrest Cemetery, Tchula
Jan 17 Fryery, William J.C. Jan 12 Philadelphia Hope

Thomas, Phillip Jan 02 . Galilee M.B. Church
Jan 14 Tabor, Annie Louise Davis Jan 07 Winona Shiloh
Jan 10 Creech, Wayne Jan 07 Bentonia Oak Grove

Stewart, Maria Mangold Dec 22 . Glenwood

Burley, Rose Marie Jan 03 Yazoo City Belwood

Allen, Mildred Nelson Dec 17 Birmingham, AL Nelson-Dortch

Harris, Lanier Dec 26 . Glenwood

Fisher, Christine Jan 04 Jackson Glenwood
Jan 07 Saxton, Norris Dec 31 Jackson Midway Baptist

Owen, Emmadine S. Dec 31 Jackson Lakewood Memorial

Singleterry, Odeal Hatchett Dec 26 Benton Glenwood

Ingram, Maggie Lee Hudson Dec 31 . Oak Grove AME

Porter, Henry Oct 28 Jackson Straight Bayou Baptist Church

Eakin, Annie Louise Jan 04 Texarkana, TX Oak Grove in Tolarville, Holmes Co.
Jan 03 Carter, Jessie Lee Bell Dec 13 . .
November thru December 2003
Edition Name DOD Location Cemetery
Dec 06 Love, Hattie Mae Nov 18 Jackson Glenwood

Sodachanh, Khamdy Dec 01 Greenville Glenwood
Dec 03 Hillman, Louise Stiff Nov 15 Yazoo City Union Paradise

Campbell, William C. "Billy" Nov 29 Benton Bethlehem

Williams, Charles Edward Nov 20 Jackson Day
Nov 29 Powell, Travis Arnold Nov 22 hunting accident Melrose

Young, Sylvester Sr. Nov 22 hunting accident Glenwood
Nov 26 Dean, Eleanor Warrick Nov 17 Louisville .

Hisaw, Hattie E. Nov 22 Brookhaven Glenwood

Sumrall, Evon Shipp Nov 22 Yazoo City Mound 

Winstead, Ellen Leota Nov 21 Lexington Tranquil
Nov 22 Smith, Rutherford Nov 07 Milwaukee, WI Greenwood Chapel

Jenkins, William F. Sr. Nov 17 Jackson Benton Baptist 

Cargil, John D. Nov 16 Bentonia Mt. Olivet
Nov 19 Hicks, Carl J. Nov 15 Jackson Scotland

Younger, Cleotha Oct 28 Cleveland, OH Cleveland Memorial Gardens, OH

Douglas, Dorothy Ann Nov 16 Jackson Flora City

Forrest, Henry "Bubba" Oct 09 New Hope, MN Gethsemane

Harrison, Mildred Nadine Winters Nov 12 Greenwood Glenwood
Nov 15 Hatchett, Troy D. Nov 03 . Glenwood
Nov 12 Vandevender, Homer Lamar Nov 09 Jackson Dover

Pepper, DeLois "Dede" Nov 06 Ridgeland .

Hanks, James Gus Nov 06 Jackson Glenwood

Shaver, Cornelius "Lillie" Oct 31 Yazoo City Glenwood

Guion, Robert J. Jr. Nov 08 Wildwood Road Fletcher's Chapel
Nov 08 Logan, Lula Robertson Oct 31 Thornton Sweet Cannan, Thornton

Cochran, Tony Howell Nov 01 Holmes County Bowlin Baptist, Atalla County
Nov 05 Adams, Mary Phillips Oct 31 Yazoo City Glenwood

Millwood, Eugene Autry Sr. Nov 02 Yazoo City Glenwood

Huff, Charles H. Oct 31 Holly Bluff Glenwood

Lard, Lee Andrew Oct 24 . Glenwood

Creel, Arnold James Oct 29 Hollandale Glenwood

Lacey, John E. Oc 16 Jackson Tye

Johnston, Allen Fredrick Jr. Oct 31 Benton Center Ridge
Nov 01 Johnson, Calvin Willis Oct 20 . Glenwood

Rohman, Harold G. Oct 25 Jacksonville Graceland

Halford, Mary Eva Oct 28 Ridgeland Glenwood

Garvey, Sarah Jenne Oct 27 Boyle New Cleveland

Kinard, Samuel Oct 29 Jackson Fletcher's Chapel

Ellis, Norman James Oct 17 Greenville Pinecrest
September thru October 2003
Edition Name DOD Location Cemetery
Oct 29 Wooten, William H. "Bill" Jr. Oct 26 . Glenwood

Miller, Juanita Sep 23 St. Louis, MO St. Peter's

Boyd, Billie Ruth Oct 21 Ridgeland Rose Wood
Oct 25 Bradfield, Newton "Little Baby" Sr. Oct 13 Jackson Mt. Zion

Miller, Polly Toombs Oct 19 Jackson Glenwood
Oct 22 Smith, George G. Oct 16 Yazoo City Portland, Portland, Mi

Burrough, Bobby F. Oct 17 McComb Holmesville

Stallings, Zelda V. Oct 15 Forrest Hillsboro Methodist
Oct 18 McMinn, James H. Oct 13 Yazoo City Cypress Gardens

Grayer, Joe Louis Oct 03 Indianapolis, ID Glenwood

Smith, Lottie Hearst Oct 12 Bougalusa, LA Glenwood

McGhee, Lucinda Williams Oct 06 . Glenwood
Oct 15 Bell, Devonte' Fitzgerald Oct 06 Yazoo City Glenwood

Williams, Kayla Bertia Oct 06 Yazoo City Glenwood

Sims, Tytianna Dimitri Alize Oct 06 Yazoo City Glenwood

Bell, Takasheia Aija Tavasheia Daviona Oct 06 Yazoo City Glenwood

Bell, William Markeyl Oct 06 Yazoo City Glenwood

Hamberlin, Elizabeth H. Oct 08 Vicksburg Hebron
Oct 11 Boone, Idella Oct 04 Yazoo City Wolf Lake M.B. Church
Oct 06 Warnok, Larry Joe Oct 05 Whitfield Mt. Olivet

Gainey, Vernon Parks "Pete" Oct 05 Yazoo City Mt. Olivet

Sibley, Mary Frances Daniel Oct 03 Batesville Mt. Olivet

Perry, Laroy "Son" Oct 01 Byram Dover

Anderson, Lillie Mae "Lil" Lewis Sep 29 Jackson Glenwood
Oct 04 Allen, Leroy Sep 20 . New Concord M.B. Chruch

Bennett, Carrie L. Sep 30 Jackson Doty Springs, Attala County

Turner, Bernith "Bonnie" Sep 27 Lake Charles, LA Midway Baptist
Oct 01 Ladner, Pitts H. Jr. Sep 27 Jackson Broadus, Purvis

Peeples, Joy Watson Sep 27 Yazoo City Itta Bena

Quinn, Lena May Sep 25 Yazoo City Mr. Olivet

Neely, William H. Sep 25 Yazoo City Glenwood
Sep 27 Speairs, Harris A. Sep 22 Jackson Glenwood

Mobley, Samuel L. "Sonny" Sep 23 Yazoo City Center Ridge Baptist

Ladner, Jerome D. Sep 22 Benton Broadus
Sep 24 Domin, Sybil Grafton Sep 20 Jackson .

Stegall, Janice Payne Sep 07 Jackson Glenwood

Stuckey, Lillie Bell Aug 19 Chicago, IL Autumnwood, Jackson
Sep 20 Kerr, Ruth Lillian Sep 16 Yazoo City Rudolph

April, arnette davis Sep 08 . Bells Chapel
Sep 17 Thomas, Frank A. Sep 09 Jackson .

Buckley, Onedia P. "Sugarpie" Sep 10 . .

Harkins, Katie Margaret Sep 14 . Glenwood

Corley, Mary Sivley "Sudie" Sep 13 . Glenwood
Sep 13 Robertson, Charles E. "Charlie" Aug 21 Jackson County Line Baptist
Sep 10 Walker, Ruby T. Sep 04 Greenville Mt. Olivet

Crimm, Christine Gene Sep 04 Louise Straight Bayou

Passons, Emery Rose Sep 08 Jackson Central-Holmes

Passons, Florine Hearn Sep 06 Vicksburg Cedar Hills, Vicksburg
Sep 06 Hearst, William Benjamin "Bill" Sep 01 Ridgeland Benton Baptist

Kirk, Tracey Duggan Sep 02 Yazoo City Duggan Family

Carley, Maude J. Sep 01 Austin, TX Center Ridge 

Jones, William Stokes Aug 31 MS 61 south of Arcola Glenwood

Johnson, Roosevelt Sr. Aug 14 Yazoo City Holy City

Jefferson, Alexander Aug 22 Yazoo City Union Paradise Church 
Sep 25 Simmons, Mary Ellen (Lewis) Sep 18 Greenville New Foundation Missionary Baptist Church

Hegman, Dorothy (Crowther) Sep 20 Jackson Glenwood
Sep 18 Harris, Mable Phillis Sep 08 Jackson Glenwood
Sep 14 Taylor, William Clarence Sep 08 Jackson Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Moore, Cecelia B. Sep 09 Greenville Silver Cross

Hughes, Steven M. Sep 10 auto accident
Hinds County
Sep 07 Germany, Holmes L. Aug 28 Bentonia Central-Holmes

Peyton, John A. Sr. "Johnny" Sep 03 Jackson Glenwood
Sep 04 Barrington, Robbie Lee Aug 08 Fayetteville, AK Serene Memorial Gardens, Moss Point

Dozier, James Arthur Aug 31 Greenwood Glenwood

Kinnard, Calista G. Aug 29 Eupora Melrose Baptist Church
Aug 31 Foster, Darlene Joan (Douglass) Aug 27 Bentonia Hebron Baptist Church
Aug 28 Vandevere, Betty T. Aug 24 Brookhaven Tranquil 

Ship, Dolly S. Aug 21 Greenwood Glenwood

Johnson, Mercy Phillips Jul 24 Madison Lakewood

Dedmon, Tony Aug 22 auto accident Oak Grove

Crimm, Melvin C. Aug 21 Wolf Lake Glenwood

Creel, Jeffrey Lamar Aug 23 auto accident Bentonia Baptist Church

Carpenter, Samuel Wesley Jr. Aug 23 Brookhaven Carpenter Family

Barton, Willou Maria "Willie" (Mosley) Aug 17 Benton Exum

Allen, S.D. Aug 20 Jackson .

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