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  1. You are required to put an AHGP logo on your page. You can find these at about.htm . You must provide a link to the National AHGP located at and a link to the Montana, AHGP page located at http: // . you are weclome to use the logo at the top, or to create your own logo for Missouri AHGP.

  2. You must find your own webspace. There are suggestions located in paragraph 7 above under Webmaster Assistance at http://www.ahgp. org/freesites.htm

  3. If your site is affiliated with another organization such as ALHN or the USGW, please make sure the AHGP Logo is the same size, or nearly so and in a prominent place on your page. We do not require separate entry pages or mirror sites.

  4. If you wish to have a query system for your pages, there are several available on the Webmaster Assistance Page linked in paragraph 7 at about.htm You may also design and maintain your own query pages if you wish.. Another system available is CC Helper available at http://www.root .

  5. Links to your personal family sites is encouraged, provided there is a county tie to the family [ies], some webmasters maintain a list of family surnames pages with ties to the county.

  6. Copyright laws of the United States of America: Copyrights must be respected. Be sure that you are not infringing on copy rights, with various materials, like current obituaries copied and pasted from online newspapers, etc.

  7. If you would be interested in hosting a town or city site, rather than a county site, contact me
    If you want to do a town site, and there is not a county site being maintained,
    we will get a county or city page established.
    NOTE:All of the above rules would still apply.

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