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Kreston Site

On the old Kress place on Bowman Road just out of Hamilton is the final resting place for four family members. They are: Mrs. Martha Jane Busenbark, born in Wabash County, IN, August 6, 1832, Died November 20, 1902, Mrs. Lawerence Carey, born 1881, died February 3, 1905. Mrs. Martha Lunicia Geyer, born Farmington, UT in 1874, died December 13, 1917, Lawrence Carey, born September 27, 1864 in Malmburg, Wilshire, England, died April 15, 1921. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War.

Hays Hill Site

The daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Lum La Compte was buried at the top of the hill south of Hamilton on the old Howard Bates Place in 1901.

Bitter Root Stock Farm Site

Edith R. Kenny Shierson was buried on the bitterroot Stock Farm property by the old airport. She was born July 30, 1906, died July 30, 1930.

Odd Fellows Site

Burials at this site include: William W. Tuttle,born at Helbron, Tallon Co., CT, January 8, 1816, died December December 23, 1896. Mr. Tuttle came to Montana in 1885 and to Grantsdale in 1888. Albert E. Robbins, born in Copenhagen, NY, June 3, 1841, died January 17, 1899. He came to the Bitterroot in the Fall of 1880. Mrs. Elizabeth A. Tuttle, wife of William W. Tuttle, died August 11, 1905, and rests beside her husband. "Grandma" Tuttle had seven children.

Sleeping Child Site

On the Sleeping Child road in the area of the site of the Pioneer Dance Hall near the ditch which flows under the bridge on the sharp corner is the burial site of the indian wife of John Tolan. She died in 1875. Mrs. Tolan, born in 1848 was the wife of the first miller at Ft. Owen. Later Mr. Tolan was a prospector in the East Fork area now know as Tolan Creek. Local ledgend mentions that Mrs. Tolan and her baby are buried together

Rye Creek Site

The Kyle family were early day settlers.
They lived up Rye Creek where the goat ranch was located. Sam Kyle's son Francis Conner Kyle died May 6, 1891 and was buried by the home. Hans and Matti Sorensen homesteaded the John Coultas place about 9 miles South of Darby. Their graves are on Spade Creek. Matti died in 1892, Hans died in 1901.

Brickley Site

This site is up the West fork of the Bitterroot River, across the road from the Rombo Campground, about 150 yards from the main road. There are four old timers buried at the site. Charles (Beecher) B. Brickley, born October 12, 1862, died December 1934. John Brickley, born March 28, 1867, died August 7, 1931. Frank Smith, born October 1874, died May 3, 1914. Fritz Kessler, 1844-1917.

Tolan Creek site

Graves in this area are: Thomas smith, (1859-1895), the first white man to die in Rose Hole; Clem Smith (1870-1897); William Doran (1861-1901);Clarence Robert Geide (October 1, 1918-December 11 1918); George Almy, Mrs. Ellen Leiper and Larkin Cameron. Larkin was a Civil War veteran who married after the war. He and his wife had three sons, Fields, Jerry and Larkin Jr. Following the death of his wife he and the sons came to Ross Hole.