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Lewis & Clark County Genealogical Society


1897, 1898, 1899 School Censuses for Lewis and Clark County, Montana


The first book that the Lewis and Clark County Superintendent of Schools has for school censuses is 1897.   The books were photographed to save on handling, and volunteers then keyed them into an Excel database.  Sometimes the names were hard to read, so they were indexed with 2 different names with a slash (/) in between.  The ages were compared as they were keyed.  All children from age 0 to 20 were recorded.   Birth records were not required before 1907.


There are two different databases: a) School District 1 which is Helena, and b) School Districts 2-37 which is the outlying county schools.  The table of school districts shows you the area where the district was and also the dates of its existence and to which district it was transferred when closed.  The Districts in bold are the ones still in existence. One may find the databases more readable if Firefox browser is used to access the files.


You may have to look for an individual in both databases as they could have moved between Helena and a rural district. 


Photographs of the page(s) are available from the Lewis and Clark County Genealogical Society. While there is no charge for the pages, a donation will be accepted to assist in preparing these types of data. The donation can be made to: L&C County Genealogical Society, PO Box 5313, Helena, MT 59604