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Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Certificate Comment
G_OT, Hannah see Aschbranner, Ed
GA FFNEY, William       Med Lake 25 Watertown S D Simon Gaffney & Nora Sparling 26-Jul-1934 Plentywood Sheridan 2854
      Eileen McKenzie Med’ Lake 18 Med’ Lake Jack Mead & Louise Winters
GAAB, Joseph see Gaab, Raymond F
GAAB, Joseph see Gaab, Raymond C
GAAB, Raymond F       Laurel 26 Dickin-son N D Joseph Gaab & Adeline Kunz 18-Aug-1928 Wibaux Wibaux 623
      Lillian C Hall Laurel 25 Neb Charles Hall & ???
GAAB, Raymond F       Sidney 44 Dickinson N D Joseph Gaab & Adeline Kunz 13-Feb-1926 Glendive Dawson 3327
      Mrs Francis A Logue St Paul 27 Greenwood Wisc Cornelius Ruff & Caroline Hammer
GAAG, Elma K (Klingler?) see Nelson, Martin K
GAARDER, Lena see Brunsvold, Elmer
GAARDER, Sena see Brunsvold, Byron P
GAARDSMOE, Bessie see Teele, Walter I
GAARDSMOE, Hans see Teel, Walter I
GAASCH, D H       Hinsdale 23 Kans Peter Gaasch & Mary Woolwine 11-Feb-1908 Glasgow Valley 338
      Mary Sherry Hinsdale 19 Tampico Andrew Sherry & Cynthia King
GAASCH, Etta see Gray, Leslie J
GAASCH, Palmer       Hinsdale 27 Kansas Peter Gaasch & Mary Woolwine 30-sep-1908 Glasgow Valley 415
      Eula See Hinsdale 22 Iowa Frank See & Amanda Corbin
GAASCH, Peter see Gaasch, D H
GAASCH, Peter see Gaasch, Palmer
GAASCH, Peter see Gray, Leslie J
GAASTAD, Olivia see Kennedy, H M
GABBARD, Garrett L       Paxton 25 High Knob Kentucky Isaac H Gabbard & Amanda Langdon 2-Jan-1917 Glendive Dawson 2093
      Francis Lydia Carlberg Grove City Mn 23 Grove City Adolph P Carlberg & ???
GABBARD, Isaac H see Gabbard, Garrett L
GABBLE, Paulina see Dore, George
GABE, Adam see Gabe, Charles A
GABE, Charles A       Taylor N D 24 Goodyear Wisc Adam Gabe & Josephine Barnett 20-Oct-1915 Glendive Dawson 1792
      Anna Luckow Taylor N D 18 Wanut Grove Mn Herman Luckow & Albertina Hinkleman
GABEL, Henry see Gabel, Raymond
GABEL, Raymond       Sidney 21 Denver Henry Gabel & Elizabeth Wietzel 6-Dec-1923 Glendive Dawson 3063
      Loretta LaMotte Sidney 16 White Bear Lake Mn Moses LaMotte & Matilda Dick
GABELSON, Berant see Baxter, Chester
GABELSON, Jennie see Baxter, Chester
GABLE, Amelia see Fluke, Alfred
GABLE, Gertrude see Rabidue
GABLE, Henry see Anderson, Nels Christian
GABLE, Jacob see Gable, Joseph S
GABLE, Joseph S       Stipek 30 Austria Jacob Gable & Anna Cap 15-Apr-1917 Stipek Dawson 2145
      Julia E Herbert Stipek 22 Minneapolis W B Herbert & Lucelia Stanhope
GABLE, Laura see Foster, Lee R
GABLE, Leah see Anderson, Nels Christian
GABLE, Paulina see Dore, Jacob A
GABLE, Paulina A see O’Brien, George T
GABLE, Pauline see Simard, Arcade G
GABNELSON, Ben see Gabnelson, Gabnel
GABNELSON?, Gabnel       Culbertson 28 Norway Ben Gabnelson & Lousina Danielson 14-Sep-1913 Culbertson Dawson 1317
      Marie Powell Culbertson 17 Frilla Ill John E Powell & Martha Caldwell
GABRIEL, Edna see VonEschen, Walter
GABRIEL, Fred see Gabriel, Luther
GABRIEL, Fred C see Bakrud, Iver
GABRIEL, Fred C see Gansuage, Charles
GABRIEL, Fred C see Kappel, Charley
GABRIEL, Luther       Malta 21 South Bend Indiana Fred Gabriel & Blanche Spencer 3-Jun-1926 Glasgow Valley 3224
      Mary Gale Johnson Malta 21 Audubon Iowa Henry Johnson & Mary Price
GABRIEL, Luther see Larson, S O
GABRIELSON, Annie see Nordhagen
GABRIELSON, Arthur       Staunchfield Mn 21 Mn Erick Gabrielson & Lena Erickson 24-Oct-1929 Plentywood Sheridan 2498
      Esther Olson P’wood 18 Grenora N D Oscar & Othelia Olson
GABRIELSON, Ben see Gabrielson, Harold Leonard
GABRIELSON, Bent see Gabrielson, Ingval
GABRIELSON, Carl see Carlson
GABRIELSON, Christine see Woellstein
GABRIELSON, Erick see Gabrielson
GABRIELSON, Gabriel see Jensen, M M
GABRIELSON, Harold Leonard       Culbertson 32 LaCrosse Wis Ben Gabrielson & Louise Danielson 6-Oct-1928 Poplar Roosivelt 1228
      Irene Gertrude Baker Fairview 18 Culbertson Fred Baker & Etta Dotson
GABRIELSON, Ingval       Culbertson ?? Nor Bent Gabrielson & Louise Danielson 2-Dec-1914 Glasgow Valley 1598
      Anna M Jensen Culbertson 23 Minneapolis Mn Martin Jensen & Marie Sorenson
GABRIELSON, Lena E see Miller, Harlan Miller
GABRIELSON, Martin see Nordhagen
GABRIELSON, Martin see Nordhagen
GABRIELSON, Mary see Nordhagen
GACKLE, John see Eszlinger, John
GACKLE, Rosa see Eszlinger, John
GADON, Virginia see Plante
GADWAN, Margaret see Summers, charles
GADWAY, Margaret see Campbell, Alexander
GAE, Mary see Falxa, John
GAEBEL, Pauline see Dore, Edwin E
GAEBEL, Pauline see Dore, John E
GAERT_?, Blanche see Henry, Dyer S
GAERT__?, John P see Henry, Dyer S
GAERTNER, Jennie see Davis, L C
GAERTNER, John P see Davis, L C
GAFFIELD, Chester       Frazer 21 Shaffer Mich S L Gaffield & Hester Clements 5-Dec-1913 Glasgow Valley 1394
      Viola Lingle Frazer 19 Britt Iowa Jacob Lingle & Etta Francis
GAFFIELD, Clara see Roberts, Vern Kimball
GAFFIELD, Clara May see Tillis, George
GAFFIELD, Hallham see Tillis, George
GAFFIELD, S L see Gaffield, Chester
GAFFIELD, Stacey see Gaffield, Walter L
GAFFIELD, Stallham L see McCullough, David
GAFFIELD, Walter L       Enid 26 Lakewiew Mich Stacey Gaffield & Hester Clemons 5-Jul-1917 Glendive Dawson 2206
      Bertha Chilson Lambert 26 Crawford Cty Wisc Gilead Chilson & Mary L Gratz
GAFFING, Jennie see Cobleigh, Harry Lester
GAFFNEY, Ann Jane see Matteson, Hector O
GAFFNEY, Edna May see Parish, James E
GAFFNEY, Ella see Carroll, James Joseph
GAFFNEY, Ella see Carroll, Emmett Frank
GAFFNEY, J W       Med’ Lake 27 Watertown S D Simon Gaffney & Nora Sparling 11-May-1935 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2925
      Rosemary Dolin Med’ Lake 20 P’wood Jos F Dolin & Elizabeth Quinilom?
GAFFNEY, Jack see Parrish, James E
GAFFNEY, James Michael       Morris Mn 34 Morris Mn Michael C & Anna Gaffney 17-Aug-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 539
      Mary Lefrinere Medicine Lake 28 Can-ada Leo Lefrinere & Sarah Lafort
GAFFNEY, Michael C & Anna see Gaffney, James Michael
GAFFNEY, Nettie see Dunn, John F
GAFFNEY, Simon see Gaffney
GAFFNEY, Simon see Gaffney
GAFVERT, Otto see Gafvert, Sten
GAFVERT, Sten       Sentinel Butte N D 22 Sweden Otto Gafvert & Augusta Anderson 11-Oct-1928 Glendive Dawson 3638
      Ida Malquist Beach N D 33 Maiden Rock Wisc Louie Malquist & Sophie Sanstrom
GAGE, Blake       Glasgow 28 Ontario Can George Gage & Mary West 4-Nov-1907 Glasgow Valley 317
      Annie Thieven Glasgow 19 Paris France Peter Thieven & ??? Goodyear
GAGE, E P see Gage, L Roy
GAGE, Elizabeth C see Hunt, Harry
GAGE, George see Gage, Blake
GAGE, Henry see Montgomery, Henry H
GAGE, James D see Turner, Alonzo
GAGE, L Roy       Been 27 Illinois E P Gage & Mary A Peasley 29-Jul-1915 Wibaux Wibaux 46
      Nellie D Plugh Rhinelander Wis 26 Westfield Wis Byron Plugh & Ella Brigham
GAGEMIER, Theresa see Colvin, James
GAGEMIER, Anna Freda see Smith, Frank Anton
GAGEMIER, John see Colvin, James
GAGEMIER, John see Smith, Frank Anton
GAGEN, David see O’Neill, William
GAGEN, David see Range, Everett W
GAGEN, Marcella see O’Neill, William
GAGEN, Marguerite see Range, Everett W
GAGERMEIER, Anna see Sorenson, Neil O
GAGERMEIER, Helen E see Gluyas, Richard J
GAGERMEIER, John see Sorenson, Neil O
GAGERMEIER, John see Gagermeier, Louis John
GAGERMEIER, John see Gluyas, Richard J
GAGERMEIER, Louis John       Glendive 24 Plattsmouth Nebr John Gagermeier & Francis Missinger 3-Sep-1918 Glendive Dawson 2422
      Agnes May Andrews Glendive 16 Bloomfield Nebr Amos Andrews & Mary Kitchen
GAGERMEIN, John see Jahrig, William G
GAGERMEIN, Rosalia see Jahrig, William G
GAGERMEYER, John see Johns, George
GAGERMEYER, Mary see Johns, George
GAGNE, Emma see LaBelle, Raymond G
GAGNER, Cecile Anna see Loendorf, Charles Ervin
GAGNER, Osias see Loendorf, Charles Ervin
GAGNON, Adele see Fountaine, Arthur
GAGNON, Alfred Joseph see Gagnon, Ovid Joseph
GAGNON, Ovid Joseph       Dodson 22 Concor-dia Kan Alfred Joseph Gagnon & Rebecca Mar-cotte 24-Jun-1913 Dodson Blaine 56
      Frances Alice Doty Elgin Ill 20 Marshalltown Iowa Wallace Floyd Doty & Alice Mayrail
GAIDA, Hedwig see Jergesen, Christ Peter
GAILER, Dittnia? see Livingston, Daniel
GAINES, A M see Wigmore
GAINES, Betty see Griffith, Floyd
GAINES, Delbert       Flaxville 24 Kentucky Nimrod Gaines & Silvena Andes 6-Nov-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1175
      Marion M Hubbard Flaxville 20 Ill Charlie Hubbard & Margaret (Whited?)
GAINES, Ellie       Navajo 24 Kentucky Nimrod R Gaines & Serena Andes 17-Nov-1922 Scobey Daniels 83
      Delia Peltier Flaxville 18 Sask Can Lewis Peltier & Lillian Bush
GAINES, Hazel see Wigmore
GAINES, N R see Gaines
GAINES, N R see Gaines
GAINES, Nimrod see Gaines
GAINES, Nimrod see Gunn
GAINES, Nimrod R see Gaines, Ellie
GAINES, Ruth see Gunn
GAINES, Tony       Outlook 27 Kentuucky N R Gaines & Serena Andes 29-Apr-1928 Outlook Sheridan 2315
      Verna Goodlaxon Outlook 20 Anamoose N D William Goodlaxon & Charlotte Senechal
GAINEY, John D       Hinsdale 26 New Orleans La W H Gainey & Anna Hicks 20-Aug-1901 Glasgow Valley ?
      Alda Grayson Hawkins Charham Ont Can 27 Chatham Ont Henry Hawkins & Sarah Grayson
GAINEY, W H see Gainy, John D
GAINOR, Fred see Englund
GAISKE, Paul see McLeod, Duncan
GAISLER, Julia see Bina, Loyd
GAITHER, Lulu see Moholt, Carl Rudolph
GAJEWSKI, George see Baker, James S
GAJEWSKI, Hannah see Baker, James S
GALARNEAU, Mary see Brewster, Charles W
GALARNEAULT, Margaret see Ennis, Charles Andrew
GALARNEAULT, Margaret see Cody
GALAWAY, Carrie see Shafer M D
GALDEN, Agnes W see Maloney, Patrick J
GALDEN, George see Maloney, Patrick J
GALE, Caroline see Johnston
GALE, Eliza see Murray, Frank
GALE, William H see Munger, Herbert Morris
GALEIS, Rosalie see Fair, Clarence Edgar
GALEN, Sophia see Manke
GALENBO?, Mary see Rice, J G
GALES, Adda V see Saregnac, Benjamin A
GALES, Gertrude see Bowen, Truman Neal
GALGERUD, Dan       Opheim 31 Norway Jens Galgerud & Maren Skramstad 26-Oct-1927 Glasgow Valley 3332
      Blanche Baldwin Opheim 17 b Fairmount Ill G H Baldwin & Bertie Crutcher
GALGERUD, Jens see Galgerud, Dan
GALIGOWSKI, Frances see Kurtz
GALKA, Frank       Westby 34 Wis John & Josephine Galka 14-Nov-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 886
      Alice Lacey Westby 34 Martin & Hatty Viskey
GALKA, John & Josephine see Galka
GALL, Lena see Juhnke, Alfred
GALL, Mary see Keys, Floyd
GALL, Mary see Cassidy, Henry B
GALL, Mary E see Dawe, Lassie T
GALLAGHER, Anna see Powers, James Kenneth
GALLAGHER, Anna see Powers
GALLAGHER, Charles       Glendive 36 Ireland Patrick Gallagher & Margaret McCool 14-Feb-1899 Glendive Dawson 179
      Lottie Sadie Furman Richardson S D 24 ??? Fred Henry & Maryel Furman
GALLAGHER, Charles see Gallagher, Patrick C
GALLAGHER, Charles see Rummel, Frank Jr
GALLAGHER, Charles & Katharine see Chappell, Roy B
GALLAGHER, Charles Edward       Richardton N D 22 Glendive Charles Gallagher & Lottie Truemann? 18-May-1923 Glendive Dawson 2980
      Verna Vitulia Baker Patoka Indiana 19 Princeton Ind Henry Baker & Katherine Ritchie
GALLAGHER, Chas see Bergenheis, Frank
GALLAGHER, Elizabeth see McGee, Gerald
GALLAGHER, Ellen see Gantz, Earl G
GALLAGHER, Evelyn M see O’toole
GALLAGHER, George E       Bucyrus N D 22 Monticello Mn Peter H Gallagher & Etta Glazier 8-Apr-1929 Glendive Dawson 3708
      Dorothy June Wilson Hettinger N D 18 Rushmore, Mn Jeff Wilson & Myrtle Howard
GALLAGHER, George H       Spokane Wa 26 Elkton S D George Gallagher & Catherine Stedman 9-Jul-1916 Glasgow Valley 1912
      Georgia Edvis Spokane 24 Mich Ernest D Groat & Anna House
GALLAGHER, Grayce see Amann, Kenneth Paul
GALLAGHER, Helen see Bergerheis, Frank
GALLAGHER, J T see Wells, Claude W
GALLAGHER, James see Baker, Eugene Otto
GALLAGHER, Lois see Wells, Claude W
GALLAGHER, Margaret see Rummel, Frank Jr
GALLAGHER, Marion I see Chappell, Roy B
GALLAGHER, Mary see Murray, James F
GALLAGHER, Mike see O’Toole
GALLAGHER, Patrick see Gallagher, Charles
GALLAGHER, Patrick C       Glendive 24 Philadelphia Penn Charles Gallagher & Katherine Dougherty 27-Aug-1906 Glendive Dawson 383
      Agnes Paulson Glendive 21 Jamestown N D ???
GALLAGHER, Patrick C       Glendive 27 Philadelphia Charles Gallagher & Katherine Dougherty 31-Mar-1909 Glendive Dawson 676
      Alford Cool Glendive 22 Baxter Iowa P J Cool & Belle Stone
GALLAGHER, Patrick S       Sentinel Butte 33 Mn Patrick S Gallagher & Adelaide Prenderghast 23-Mar-1917 Wibaux Wibaux 130
      Dahlia Roesler Sentinel Butte 28 Wis Julius Roesler & Millie Schlewitz
GALLAGHER, Peter H see Gallagher, George E
GALLAGHER, Sadie see Baker, Eugene Otto
GALLAHER, Charles F see Williams, Richard
GALLAHER, Richard see Williams, Richard
GALLANT, Joseph E       Phillips 30 Can 7-Jul-1917 Phillips 241
      Ethel J Newman Phillips 35 England
GALLATIN, Gust see Gallatin, Roy
GALLATIN, Roy       Wibaux 22 Martinsville Ill Gust Gallatin & Margaret Thompson 11-Jun-1911 Wibaux Dawson 946
      Gladys Odell Wibaux 17 Hudson S D Myron Odell & Ida E James
GALLENSTAM, Mary see James, Arthur J
GALLERMAN, Louisa M see Johnson, Charles Joseph
GALLEY, Maria see Owen, John
GALLEYMORE, Florence see Cruickshank
GALLINGER, Hannah see Armington, William
GALLINGER, Nelson see Armington, William
GALLOGLY, Eugenie see Mace, James Franklin Jr
GALLOWAY, Agnes see Soderquist, Eric B
GALLOWAY, Charles see Bengs, William C
GALLOWAY, Edgar Bruce       Chatteroy Wash 41 Kansas 23-Jun-1926 Phillips 893
      Mathilda Anny Knudsen Dodson 32 Illinois
GALLOWAY, Irving George       Orville 32 Wis W M Galloway & Letitia Cernaban 6-May-1914 Homestead Sheridan 209
      Chloe McCala Orville 25 O B McCala
GALLOWAY, Lucile see Vandenbergh
GALLOWAY, Rose E see Davis, William B
GALLOWAY, W M see Gallowat
GALLOWAY, William & Elizabeth see Vandenbergh
GALLUP, Jennie I see Purdom, Herschel F
GALLUS, Lena see Enghnell, Lena
GALLUS, Louise see Searer, Ulysses
GALLUS, Norbert see Aearer, Ulysses
GALLUS, Norbert see Enghnell, Emil A
GALSTER, Alvah see Gannon, James
GALSTER, Harry J       Wibaux 29 Black River Falls Wis Henry J Galster & Mary Miller 28-Apr-1923 Wibaux Wibaux 382
      Catherine Murphy Wibaux 34 Elk Point S D H E Murphy & Jessie Bohn-ran
GALSTER, Hazel L see McCabe, Glynn Albert
GALSTER, Henry see McCabe, Glynn Albert
GALSTER, Henry see Rogerson, Joseph
GALSTER, Henry see Gannon, James
GALSTER, Henry J see Galster, Harry J
GALSTER, Pearl see Rogerson, Joseph
GALTERMAN, Mabel M see Louderback, Ivan R
GALTERMAN, Sebastian Thomas see Louderback, Ivan R
GALTSIDE, see also Gartside
GALTSIDE, Elizabeth see Fjeldheim, Endre O
GALVIN, Lucy see Hutchins, Robert D
GALVIN, M E see Rainey, Edward C
GALVIN, Myrtle C see Rainey, Edward C
GALWAY, George see Galway, Loyd
GALWAY, Loyd       Frazer 27 Minneapolis Mn George Galway & Elenor? Heck 14-Apr-1926 Glasgow Valley 3212
      Louise Martin Frazer 27 Frazer Dan Martin & Jennie West
GAMACHE, Mary see Burg, Alfred
GAMAS, Gertrude Celina see Ltez, James G
GAMAS, Horace O see Letz, James G
GAMBLE, Everett H       Glasgow 21 Oriske N D James T Gamble & Olive Hampson 1-Oct-1913 Glasgow Valley 1351
      Katherine J Chase? Valley City N D 24 Millbank S D Charles C Chase & Celia Givens
GAMBLE, James C       Culbertson 28 S D Walter E Gamble & Alice McLaughlin 29-Nov-1917 Culbertson Sheridan 1205
      Mabel A Winter Ray N D 22 Iowa Frank Winter & Rieka Rodberg
GAMBLE, James T see Gamble, Everett H
GAMBLE, Mary see Griessen
GAMBLE, Polly see Dixon, Robert Glenn
GAMBLE, Walter E see Gamble
GAMER, Maud see Vollbrecht, Adolph
GAMMON, Lillian see Storlie, Oscar A
GAMON, Alice see Edmiston, Mary
GAMP, Charles see Gampp, Earnest E
GAMPER, Sarah Elizabeth see Todd, Charles LeRoy
GAMPP, Earnest E       Scobey 34 Cushing Iowa Charles Gamp & Ida Heyer 27-Jan-1925 Scobey Daniels 186
      Rose R Rainowski Scobey 31 Mich Alexander Rainovski & Barba Slominski
GAMST, Hans & Ingeborg see Gamst, Thomas
GAMST, Thomas       Glendive 51 Norway Hans & Ingeborg Gamst 22-Apr-1925 Glendive Dawson 3205
      Sophia Nelson Glendive 42 Bark River Mich George B Lanscigne & Emily Balanger
GAN, Mary see Breitbach, John
GAN, Mrs Geo H see Rietz, Joseph A
GANAHASE, Mary see Cheney, Ralph
GANDRUD, Albert see Bogut
GANDRUD, Mary H see Bogut
GANDRUD, Mary Luella Bell see Rucker, John Edward
GANDRUD, Peter see Rucker, John Edward
GANGAIS, Mary see Aretta, Tony
GANGNESS, Helen see Williams
GANGSTAD, A H       Grenora N D 54 Pelican Rapids Mn Peter Gangstad & Lisa Johnson 4-Nov-1929 Homestead Sheridan 2502
      Clara Jacobsen Grenora 55 Morris Mn Gilbert Stubrud & Ingeborg Olson Gran
GANGSTAD, Fred       Froid 30 Mn Peter Gang-stad & Lizzie Johnson 11-Nov-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 588
      Hilda Annonson Mn 28 Mn Alva Annonson & Nellie Halvorsen
GANGSTAD, Peter see Gangstad
GANGSTED, Peter see Gangstad
GANGY, Lela see Fisher, Richard
GANIEANY, Lawrence       Wibaux 31 Mt Vernon Ill Victor Ganieany, & Abbie clark 13-Sep-1926 Wibaux Wibaux 547
      Leona Kriedmann Drake N D 18 Drake Fred Keiedmann & Martha Bartels
GANIEANY, Victor see Ganieany, Lawrence
GANNAWAY, Caroline C see LaFrantz, Arthur N
GANNAWAY, Hugh see LaFrantz, Arthur N
GANNON, Alfred see Gannon, Jaques Oscar
GANNON, Charles see Gannon, James
GANNON, James       Sully Springs N D 37 Green Bay Wisc Charles Gannon & Carrie Page 12-May-1920 Glendive Dawson 2638
      Alva Galster Sully Springs 30 Black River Falls Mn Henry Galster & Mary Miller
GANNON, Jaques Oscar       Williston 26 Mass Alfred Gannon & Elizabeth Blanchett 28-Aug-1921 Poplar Roosivelt 277
      Lavida Ball Williston 22 Mn Ole Ball & Anna Gernsen
GANNON, Mary see Morgan, Frank L
GANO, Christiana see Lineweaver, William
GANORTH, Pauline see Phillips, Gilbert
GANRUD, Even see Hanson, Theodore Clayton
GANRUD, Gladys Signora see Hanson, Theodore Clayton
GANS, Adam W see Mann, Noah A
GANS, Bertha E see Mann, Noah A
GANSEN, Sophie see Bartley, Kelly
GANSTINE, Henrietta see Craig Benjamin H
GANSUAGE, Charles       Phillips 28 Wis 13-Feb-1917 Phillips 179
      Selma Johnson Phillips 26 Mt
GANT, Ange M see Wilson, John A
GANT, Ed see Bickers, Harry
GANT, Edward see Wilson, John A
GANT, Ella Jane see Cummings, Clarence Eugene
GANT, Julia see Jacobi, William S
GANTY, Joseph       Phillips 18 Choteau Joseph Ganty & Eliza Graham 24-Oct-1900 Malta Valley ?
      Josephine Boyer Little Rocky Mtns 18 Joseph Boyer & Margaret Pettitix?
GANTZ, Earl G       Sioux City Iowa 26 S D Jacob Gantz & Jacob Kessler 18-May-1915 Wibaux Wibaux 35
      Nellie M Snell Marion Iowa 24 Iowa William Snell & Ellen Gallagher
GANTZ, Jacob see Gantz, Earl G
GAPEN, George W see Gapen, Harley J
GAPEN, Harley J       Miles City 26 Albany Wisc George W Gapen & Lillian Chryst 18-May-1920 Glendive Dawson 2644
      Ruby Berry Miles City 26 Lampasas Texas William Berry & Celina Rogers
GAPPERT, Augusta see Borner, Richard
GARAND, Edman see Fortier, Harry
GARAND, Augusta see Fortier, Harry
GARAND, Edmond see Questiaux , George
GARAND, Elizabeth see Fortier, Harry
GARAND, Josephine see Questiaux, George
GARBE, Anna E see Hinerman, William R
GARBE, Clara see Porter, Raymond B
GARBE, Frank see Hinerman, William R
GARBE, Frank see Porter, Raymond B
GARBEL, Amelia see Moser
GARBERG, Brenhild see Lekvold, Benjamin J
GARBERG, Harry O       Whitetail 28 Fergus Falls Mn Ole Garberg & Irene Gergeson? 21-Apr-1929 Scobey Daniels 429
      Aureta Weaver Whitetail 18 Larabie Iowa E W Weaver & Ida Stagg
GARBERG, Ole see Garberg, Harry O
GARBERG, Ole see Garberg, Otto
GARBERG, Otto       Whitetail 19 Lignite N D Ole Garberg & Gurine Olson 10-Jul-1923 Scobey Daniels 110
      Hazel Betts Whitetail 19 McIntyre Iowa Clifford Betts & Bertha Paul?
GARBISH, Mary see Olson
GARCIA, Antonio S       Hinsdale 33 Colorado Joseph Garcia & Mary Archeulta 14-Oct-1913 Hinsdale Valley 1359
      Katherine E Kent Hinsdale 20 Duluth Mn H N Kent & ???
GARCIA, Joseph see Garcia, Antonio S
GARCIA, Katie (Kent?) see Hershy, David
GARCIA, Martine see Garcia, Zenni
GARCIA, Zenni       Malta 40 N Mex Martine Garcia & Tanta? Habez 17-Nov-1914 Malta Valley 1579
      Viola Jones Malta 39 Oregon Perry Smith & Mary Uttemeyer?
GARD, Iva Claud see Barlow, Dennis
GARD, Jay see Barlow, Dennis
GARD, Mrs Hattie see Barlow, Dennis
GARDEN, Arletta see Thomas, Herbert A
GARDEN, John O       Glasgow 36 Mn Ole Garden & Mary Dahl 20-Dec-1915 Glasgow Valley 1799
      Hilda Bakken Wolf Point 27 N D Tom & Tilda Bakken
GARDEN, Mary see Lee, Frank William
GARDEN, Ole see Garden, John O
GARDEPI?, Ellen see Doney, William
GARDHIE, Elizabeth see Gladue, Pat
GARDIEPY?, David       Havre 23 Olga N D Joe Gardiepy & Cecile Welkie 11-Feb-1908 Glasgow Valley 337
      Margaret Nault Hinsdale 20 Canada Napoleon Nault & ??? Videl
GARDIEPY?, Joe see Gardiepy, David
GARDIGIE, Clara see Doney, John B
GARDINER, Allen see Gardiner, George W
GARDINER, George H       Gardiner 24 Dumfernsline Scotland John Gardiner & Alice Hunter 21-Dec-1911 Glendive Dawson 1031
      Ellen J Brennen Glendive 24 Dickinson N D William H Brennen & Milly Ann Hosmer
GARDINER, George W       Malta 24 Windom Mn Allen Gardiner & Emma Moores 24-Jun-1902 Malta Valley 69
      Helen Cavanaugh Malta 18 Marshall Wis John Cavanaugh & Bridget Kenedy
GARDINER, John see Gardiner, George H
GARDINER, Josephine see Gardipee, Martin
GARDINER, Mayme see Oven, George H
GARDINER, Minerva see Ferguson, Arthur J
GARDIPE, Clara see Parisian, Joe
GARDIPEE, Albert K       Cleveland 21 Wilder Paul Gardipee & Genivieve Corlott 3-Nov-1916 St Pauls Blaine 325
      Cecelia Fleury 16 Grass Range Dallas Fleury & Mary Dustin
GARDIPEE, Eli see Werk, Robert E
GARDIPEE, Eli see Sevan, John
GARDIPEE, Isabelle Mildred see Werk, Robert E
GARDIPEE, Jennie see LaTray, William
GARDIPEE, John       Zortman 82 Canada 18-Jul-1925 Phillips 835
      Mary Van Zortman 66
GARDIPEE, Lena see Parker, William M
GARDIPEE, Martin       Chinook 23 Mt 24-Nov-1925 Phillips 852
      Jose-phine Gardiner Malta 23 Mt
GARDIPEE, Mary see Fleury, Louis
GARDIPEE, Mary M see Sevan, John
GARDIPEE, Paul see McMeel, John
GARDIPEE, Paul see Siniboine, Al
GARDIPEE, Paul see LaTray, William
GARDIPEE, Paul see Gardipee, Albert K
GARDIPEE, Rosa see McMeel, Rosa
GARDIPEE, Zack see Parker, William M
GARDIPEE, Zelda see Siniboine, Paul
GARDIPEL, Joe see Kelsey, Charlie
GARDNER, Helen Maude see Bergren, Frank E
GARDNER, Albert see Gardner
GARDNER, Alex see Miller, Edward
GARDNER, Alex see Bergren, Frank E
GARDNER, Alice see Hosfield, Arthur
GARDNER, Allen see Gardner, George W
GARDNER, Arletta see Stewart, Neil
GARDNER, Arletta see Hurdle, Regnald T
GARDNER, Austin see Gardner, Ralph J
GARDNER, Claude see Aamot, Arthur
GARDNER, Cora see Simenson, Osval
GARDNER, E G       Phillips 29 Mn 5-Mar-1916 Phillips 84
      Ethel M Berry Phillips 30 Wis
GARDNER, Edith see Zemliska, Norman
GARDNER, Ella A see Trotter, Charles D
GARDNER, Ellen Grace (Cavannaugh?) see Gardner, George W
GARDNER, Eugene W see Gardner
GARDNER, Flora see Doney, John B
GARDNER, Fred A       Havre 23 Vermillion Cty Ill Louis Gardner & Hattie Rice 26-Aug-1918 Glasgow Valley 2414
      Clara Nordrum Mn 28 Mn ??? Nordrum & Rachel Amundson
GARDNER, Gale see Newton, Victor Merlin
GARDNER, Gale M see Gardner, William Ray
GARDNER, George see Gardner, Leonard
GARDNER, George       Mondak 28 Windom Mn Albert Gardner 14-Feb-1914 Mondak Sheridan 180
      Mabel Burwall Williston N D 29 Hastings Mn Charles Schallenbarger & ----? Morey
GARDNER, George Franklin       Hopkins Mo 45 Hopkins Mo James R Gardner & Amanda Wren 2-May-1923 Glendive Dawson 2976
      Freda Fingel Hubbard Oconto Wisc 28 Oconto Fred Fingel & Minnie Hankey
GARDNER, George W       Havre 36 Mn Allen Gardner & Emmiline Moors 27-Nov-1917 Glasgow Valley 2295
      Ellen Grace Gardner Havre 34 Wis Jim Cavanaugh & Bridget Kennedy
GARDNER, Glen W       Havre 21 Mt 30-Apr-1927 Phillips 948
      Elizabeth Ball ??? 21 Mt
GARDNER, Harry Seaman       Chinook 28 Lansing Mich Ray Gardner & Pearl Beebe 10-Nov-1928 Chinook Blaine 1094
      Elvira Winder Chinook 18 Idaho Falls Id W E Winder & Florence Ritter
GARDNER, Helen A see Hanson, J B
GARDNER, Howard Leonard       Fairview 21 Valley City N D Leonard Gardner & Lula Sutton 29-Mar-1914 Fairview Dawson 1465
      Anna Cecelia Rosander Fairview 20 Vale S D Andrew Rosander & Mary Hanson
GARDNER, Isabelle see Peihl, Wilbert L
GARDNER, J W       Sentinel Butte 31 New Hampton Iowa J Z Gardner & Mary Jane Ede 26-Mar-1921 Wibaux Wibaux 303
      Louise Roeslex Sentinel Butte 22 Eau Claire Wis Julius Roeslex & Emilie Schlenitz
GARDNER, J Z see Gardner, J W
GARDNER, James see Bauer, John
GARDNER, James see Stump, John
GARDNER, James R see Gardner, George Franklin
GARDNER, Jesse see Zemliska, Norman
GARDNER, Jessie see Simenson, Osval
GARDNER, Jessie Freeman       Bonne 38 Illinois William H H Gardner & Lena Geralds 16-Nov-1924 Poplar Roosivelt 688
      Josephine Eugenia Linguist Scobey 24 Wheaton Mn Alfred Linquist & Amanda Swedlund
GARDNER, John see Gardner, William
GARDNER, Josephine see Demarais, Lawrence
GARDNER, Josephine A see Riley, Wendell E G
GARDNER, Joyce see Blanchard, Milton
GARDNER, Julia see Allen
GARDNER, Junie A see Manley
GARDNER, Leland see Moore, Henry W
GARDNER, Leo W       Fergus Falls Mn 21 Vermil-lion S D Eugene W Gardner & Emilia Herand 9-Oct-1928 Antelope Sheridan 2362
      Bernice Kirk Flaxville 20 Minneapolis Mn Albert H Kirk & Flossie Shalmbetter
GARDNER, Leonard       Fairview 49 Milwaukee Wis George Gardner & Maggie Pickles 3-Mar-1910 Fairview Valley 583
      Christina Running Fairview 27 b Chicago Hans Running & ???
GARDNER, Leonard see Gardner, Howard Leonard
GARDNER, Lottie see Bergren, John
GARDNER, Louis see Gardner, Fred A
GARDNER, Louise see Fix, Joseph
GARDNER, Lydia G (McNatt?) see Cody
GARDNER, Marie see Robert, John Willson Adrian
GARDNER, Mary see Lowe, Marvin
GARDNER, Mary see Miller, Edward
GARDNER, Michel J       Cass Cty N D 52 Cadiz Ohio Samuel Gardner & Elizabeth Laird 3-Oct-1904 Glendive Dawson 321
      Ada V Davis? Cass Cty N D 52 Wisc Ludwig & Mary A Louis
GARDNER, Mima see Hickson, Guy
GARDNER, Mr & Mrs Glen see Woodring, Wade R
GARDNER, Mrs Helen see Roberts, Dorman F
GARDNER, Mrs Helen see Noble, William J
GARDNER, Nancy see Bauer, John
GARDNER, Ralph J       Weldon 23 Chickasaw Iowa Austin Gardner & Lily DeLapp 26-Mar-1916 Circle Dawson 2343
      Annie Hasson Weldon 26 Scotland Peter Hasson & Anna Coffield
GARDNER, Ray see Gardner, Harry Seaman
GARDNER, Regan A see Stone, Almon C
GARDNER, Rosey see see Sherry, James
GARDNER, Rosie see Jarvis, Peter
GARDNER, Rossie see Johnson, Victor
GARDNER, Ruth M see Schultz
GARDNER, Samuel see Gardner, Michel L
GARDNER, Stella see McLaughlin
GARDNER, Susan B see Windrel, Theodore F
GARDNER, Theodore see Blanchard, Milton
GARDNER, W R see Alldrin, Richard L
GARDNER, William       South Heart N D 60 Ohio John Gardner & Mary Hutchinson 7-Jan-1923 Wibaux Wibaux 369
      Mrs Lillian Deisher Dickinson N D 56 Island Pond Vermont Ansel Foster & Dolly Emery
GARDNER, William H H see Gardner, Jessie Freeman
GARDNER, William Ray       Phillips 32 Colorado 11-Jan-1921 Phillips 560
      Helen Alldrin Phillips 26 Mn
GARENH, Margaret see Devney, Henry L
GARFIELD, C Helene see Hubing, Albert
GARFIELD, Charles       Wolf Point 29 Fort Peck Reser James Garfield & Gray Hair 7-Jul-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1043
      Mary Rosie Boxer Oswego 19 Oswego Frank Boxer & Mary Megless
GARFIELD, Charles       Wolf Point 30 Wolf Point James Garfield & Gray Hair Roosivelt 1416
      Daisy Pipe Wolf Point 20 Wood Mountain Sask Can Ernest Pipe & Nellie Brown
GARFIELD, Charlie       Oswego 21 Wolf Point James & Greyhair Garfield 30-May-1916 near Oswego Sheridan 733
      Rosa Laframbois Oswego 18 Susie Laframbois
GARFIELD, Claude L       Circle 37 Clark Cty Lucius W Garfield & Margaret Rodman 12-Apr-1918 Circle Dawson 2353
      Mary Jane Gillard Minneapolis Mn 37 Pipestone Mn James H Gillard & Rosetta Griffith
GARFIELD, Edwin       Lindsay 23 Baraboo Wisc Edwin B Garfield & Lizzie Mathews 1-Nov-1912 Glendive Dawson 1159
      Jennie Abell Lindsay 33 Wausau Wisc John S Abell & Hannah Harshman
GARFIELD, Edwin B see Garfield, Lewis F
GARFIELD, Fred see Gibson, Fred
GARFIELD, James see Eagle Boy, Theodore
GARFIELD, James see Garfield, Joseph
GARFIELD, James see Murdock, Wesson
GARFIELD, James see Garfield, Charles
GARFIELD, James       Wolf Point 57 Poplar George & Rolle Tank 19-May-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 622
      Anna Martin Frazer 48 George Mix Cty S D Lizzie & Adeline Archambeau
GARFIELD, James see Garfield
GARFIELD, James #1 see Garfield
GARFIELD, James #2       Wolf Point 27 Wolf Point James Garfield #1 & Gray Hair 1-Dec-1917 Wolf Point? Sheridan 1204
      Nora Brown Wood Mtn Can 21 Can Fred & Door Brown
GARFIELD, James Sr see Red Dog, Clifford
GARFIELD, Joseph       Wolf Point 18 Wolf Point James Garfield & Mary Grayham 19-Nov-1922 Wolf Point Roosivelt 426
      Louise Follette Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point John & Lena Follette
GARFIELD, Joseph       Wolf Point 24 Wolf Point James Garfield & ??? 15-Sep-1928 Poplar Roosivelt 1214
      Louise Brujuier? Wolf Point 25 Wolf Point John Follet & Lena Bearskin
GARFIELD, Lewis F       Lindsay 29 St Paul Mn Edwin B Garfield & Elizabeth Matthews 8-Dec-1915 Glasgow Dawson 1831
      Nellie C Moynahan Glasgow 27 Farley Iowa Dennis H Moynahan & Elizabeth Quinn
GARFIELD, Lou see Verdon, Alex
GARFIELD, Louise see Hawley, Frank
GARFIELD, Louise F see Brugnier, Leo
GARFIELD, Lucius W see Garfield, Claude L
GARFIELD, Lulu see Obershaw, Joseph L
GARFIELD, Mary Gertrude see Red dog, Clifford
GARFIELD, Myrna Dell see Gibson, Fred
GARFIELD, Rosa see Eagle Boy, Theodore
GARFIELD, Sidney       Savage 30 David City Nebr A B Garfield & Alvena Kunkel 18-Dec-1913 Sidney Dawson 1398
      Clara McNaney Savage 48 Philadelphia Penn Patrick McNaney & Mary Rafedy
GARFIELD, William see Hubing, Albert
GARFINKEL, Morris see Shapire, Chaim Jacob
GARFINKEL, Eva see Shapire, Chaim Jacob
GARINGER, Anna M see Miller, Lewis M
GARINGER, Harry? see Miller, Lewis M
GARLAND, C H see Hammonds, Marion
GARLAND, Elizabeth see Adams, Velca
GARLAND, Emelia see Eastman, Edgar B
GARLAND, Harold       Freewater 27 Mt 1-Sep-1920 Phillips 528
      Ethel Mead Freewater 21 Virginia
GARLAND, John see Garland, Harold
GARLAND, John A see Blunt, Carl W
GARLAND, John Arthur       Havre 25 Mt 31-Jul-1926 Phillips 902
      Evelyn Blanche Watson Malta 17 N D
GARLAND, Mildred see Kropp, Walter H
GARLAND, R E see Smith, Curtis
GARLAND, W H see Barileach, John
GARLAND, W H see Dunn, Edwin
GARLOCK, ??? see Damm, Jacob
GARLOCK, Clara see Damm, Jacob
GARLOUGH, Glenn R       Watford City N D 25 Drake N D Oregon Garlough & Emma Trout 6-Jun-1928 Glendive Dawson 3582
      Mabel A Oseng Watford City 23 Oaklee Mn Anton Oseng & Mary Haugo
GARLOUGH, Oregon see Garlough, Glenn R
GARMAN, Mina see Hart, Fred E
GARMON, Etta see Powell, Roy Clement
GARNE, Frank see Garne, John William
GARNE, John William       Detroit (Lakes?)Mn 21 Detriot Lakes Frank Garne & Minnie Hackeradt 6-Jan-1921 Glendive Dawson 2733
      Elizabeth Mary Harrington Minneapolis Mn 24 Rock Elm Wisc Patrick Harrington & Mary Shannon
GARNEAU, Adriana Cecelia see McNulty
GARNEAU, Alfred see McNulty
GARNEAU, Gladys see Morin
GARNEAU, Mary see Davenport
GARNEAU, Zeb see Davenport
GARNEAU, Zeb see Knutson
GARNEAU, Zeb see Morin
GARNER, Carnelia see Hiler
GARNER, Glen       Minot 25 Minot R A Garner & Ethel Johnson 29-Apr-1934 Plentywood Sheridan 2819
      Evelyn McCartney Van Hook N D 20 Van Kook George McCartney & Edna Crane
GARNER, R A see Garner
GARNER, Rosa see Carlson, O W
GARNER, Rosa see Sherry, William
GARNER, Rosaline see Rennick, Harry
GARNER, Sarah Grace (Porter?) see Polan, H M
GARNER, Sarah Grace (Porter?) see Koontz
GARNES, Margaret see Martinson, Elmer
GARNES, Mary see Doney, Benjamin E
GARNESS, Anna see Parrish
GARNETT, Lena L see Eaton, Herman C
GARNETT, Sesha see Cameron, Charles A
GARNIEU, Josephine see Caplett, Charles
GARNSEY, Laura see Dawe, Harry Vernon
GAROUTTE, D D see Garoutte, Thomas E
GAROUTTE, Daniel see Brockway, William
GAROUTTE, Helen see Brockway, William
GAROUTTE, Thomas E       Prairie Elk 25 Pawnee Okla D D Garoutte & Cora Richmond 22-Nov-1926 Circle McCone 104
      Belva Luken Prairie Elk 25 Forest City S D Ole Luken & Annie May Evenson
GARPESTAD, Gunliev       Glendive 22 Norway Gunliev Garpestad & Anna Tooe 5-Jan-1929 Glendive Dawson 3684
      Selma Idland Circle 18 Hanford N D Aadne & Marie Idland
GARRE, Christine see James, Robert F
GARRE, Millie see Adams, Fred E
GARRETSON, Alice M see Gustafson, Otto R
GARRETSON, Eva see Bower, Harold Sherwood
GARRETSON, Eva see Bower, B L
GARRETT, Emma see Wolfinger, Benton D
GARRETT, Emza see Wood, Branson W
GARRETT, Lauvarie see Evans, Charles M
GARRETT, Martha see Scrivener, Jonathan R
GARRETT, Minnie see Holland, John
GARRICK, Donald S       Outlook 21 Webster Iowa Ernest Garrick & Nellie Stoner 13-Jul-1926 Scobey Daniels 263
      Laura Ommar Outlook 20 Coal City Ill George Ommar & Sophie Schultz
GARRICK, E E see Garrick
GARRICK, Earnest see Garrick, Donald S
GARRICK, Ernest see Garrick
GARRICK, Ernest see Garrick
GARRICK, Ernest see Garrick
GARRICK, Ernest E see Garrick, Lyle Galard
GARRICK, Gerald       Outlook 27 Iowa Ernest Garrick & Nellie Stoner 15-Nov-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2286
      May Tutty Outlook 18 Mt Arthur E Tutty & Mabel Riddell
GARRICK, Keith Lewis       Outlook 28 Iowa Ernest Garrick & Nellie Stoner 12-Mar-1927 Ouytlook Sheridan 2231
      Florence Ueland Outlook 20 Mt Andrew Ueland & Delia Rose Crosswell
GARRICK, Lyle       Outlook 25 Iowa Ernest Garrick & Nellie Stoner 3-Dec-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2292
      Anna Wunderlich Outlook 20 N D John Wunderlich & Emeline Duchaine
GARRICK, Lyle Galard       Outlook 21 Conrad Iowa Ernest E Garrick & Nellie Stoner 27-Nov-1923 Scobey Daniels 129
      Sarah Aldeba Coleman Outlook 17 Henning Mn Willis Coleman & Aldeba B Davis
GARRICK, V L       Outlook 24 Iowa E E Garrick & Nellie Stoner 10-Mar-1924 Plentywood Sheridan 1958
      Onalee Dorothea Ladd Outlook 20 Iowa John H Ladd & Aurelia Kroger
GARRISH, Yudakka see Court Nick
GARRISON, ??? see Poorkee, George
GARRISON, Agnes see Thompson, Leonard
GARRISON, Alma E see McCuin, Edwin W
GARRISON, Dan see Broadbrooks, John
GARRISON, Dan see Day, Francis Harold
GARRISON, Daniel W       Saco 27 Wain (Wayne?) Cty Ill Marion Garrison & Mary J Gregory 8-Oct-1890 Saco Valley ?
      Mary Warwas Saco 18 Avon Mn Bart_? Warwas & Rosy Phillips
GARRISON, Dann M       Saco 21 Mt 8-Aug-1929 Phillips 1132
      Flo-rence Matson Saco 22 Mich
GARRISON, Elizabeth see Baker, Forest
GARRISON, Francis see Broadbrooks, Clarence
GARRISON, Grace M see Whitaker, Omer
GARRISON, Homer       Saco 22 Saco William T Garrison & Grace Taylor 22-Dec-1927 Glasgow Valley 3354
      Louise Varick Tower City 18 Victor Varick & F Lockhard
GARRISON, Ida see Eckley
GARRISON, Leonard see Thompson, Leonard
GARRISON, Marion see Garrison, Daniel W
GARRISON, Marion see Garrison, William T
GARRISON, Maybelle Lee see Day, Francis Harold
GARRISON, Minnie see Mann
GARRISON, Myrtle see Kollman, Charles
GARRISON, Nellie see Bolen, Edward Benton
GARRISON, Nettie see Roy
GARRISON, T W see Kollman, Charles
GARRISON, W T see Whitaker, Omer
GARRISON, William see McCuin, Edwin W
GARRISON, William T       Saco 29 Keenville Ill Marian Garrison & Mary J Gregory 9-Nov-1898 Saco Valley ?
      Grace A Taylor Saco 20 Waseca Mn John A Taylor & Minerva J Bigle
GARRISON, William T see Garrison, Homer
GARROLL, Ella see Bedwell
GARROW, Allie see Bedwell
GARROW, Elizabeth see Richardson, Ray
GARROW, Ella see Bedwell
GARROW, Ella see Shervey
GARROW, Elle see Bedwell
GARRY, Ella J see Shea, Eugene T
GARSACKER, Ragnald see Espelien, Edward
GARSHE, Albert       Phillips 46 Mn 22-Oct-1918 Phillips 386
      Harriet Morris Phillips 47 Iowa
GARSIA, Arcadia see Baldonado, Gregorio
GARSKSKI, Lugy see Bruskie, William
GARTMAN, Rosa see Paintner, Carl John
GARTMAN, Rosie see Paintner, Robert Frank
GARTMAN, William see Owen, John
GARTSIDE, see also, Galtside
GARTSIDE, Harriet see Mavencamp, John H
GARTSIDE, Sarah Jane see Carpenter, Earl
GARTSIDE, Simon Jr       Whitewater 24 England Simon Gartside & Elizabeth Cottrell 1-Jun-1929 Glasgow Valley 2471
      Ethel Hastings Thompson Falls 21 Mich Si Hastings & Bessie Disbrow
GARTSIDE, Stanley see Fjeldheim, Endre O
GARTSIDE, Tom see Mavencamp, John H
GARVE, Elsie see Lettman, Frederick
GARVE, Frank see Lettman, Frederick
GARVER, Ethel see Walsh, Simon
GARVER, Owen see Emerson, Ned
GARVER, Sarah see Bogart, Maude M
GARVER, Valta see Emerson, Ned
GARVEY, Gilbert E       Sidney 70 Erie Penn Peter Garvey & Sarah Everets 19-Nov-1927 Glendive Dawson 3510
      Lillian Casey Deadwood S D 62 Rock Springs Indiana Israel Cooper & Elizabeth Graham
GARVEY, J H see Garvey, P H
GARVEY, P H       Minneapolis 24 Norwalk Ohio J H Garvey & Mary Redmond 21-Mar-1917 Glasgow Valley 2089
      Elsie Franklin Minneapolis 19 Warren ??? J A & Josephine Franklin
GARVEY, Peter see Garvey, Gilbert E
GARVIO, Catherine E see Gloude, Nelson
GASCUL?, Cora see Schofield, Harry Frank
GASESKEY, Josephine see Wilsey, Ray Egbert
GASESKY, Isaac see Wilsey, Ray Egbert
GASHO, Henry see Gasho, Monroe
GASHO, Monroe       Trotters N D 35 Atlanta Indiana William Henry Gasho & Emma Meyers 22-Oct-1929 Glendive Dawson 3796
      Clara Senff Trotters 22 Hebron N D William Senff & Nora Freel
GASKILL, Ella see Bretthauer
GASKILL, Joseph E see Gaskill, Leo David
GASKILL, Leo David       Stacey 22 Butler Cty Nebr Joseph E Gaskill & Mary Hurley 12-Jul-1911 Glendive Dawson 961
      Nora Wescott Stacey 16 Emmonds Cty N D Arthur Wescott & Alice Varney
GASLIN, John see Gaslin, Otis
GASLIN, Otis       ? 36 Hasby? Mt John Gaslin & Abbie Pitman 16-Jun-1917 Glasgow Valley 2137
      Elixabeth Farnham Glasgow 33 Hugo Mn Charles Farnham & Ella Masterman
GASNER, Mary Kate see Thayer, Nathan Albert
GASPER, Frank see Gasper, William Edmond
GASPER, John see Knopp, Leo F
GASPER, Paulina see Knoppl, Leo F
GASPER, William Edmond       Hinsdale 20 Helena Frank K Gasper & Margaret McQukee 18-Aug-1930 Glasgow Valley 3579
      May Amanda Davis Seattle 18 Dorsey Neb Amos E Davis & Margaret Adams
GASPERS, Gustav see Gaspers
GASPERS, Mike       Scobey 31 Ger Gustav Gaspers & Anna Sursmann 29-Jan-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 669
      Mary Mason Sheffield N D 28 N D Gordon Mason & Josephine Phillips
GASS, Anna see Lemire, Louis Emanuel
GASS, Anna see Zinsli, Joe M
GASS, Anno see Zinsli, Egon R
GASS, Anthony see Gass, William
GASS, Octovine see McQuillen, Peter
GASS, Violet see Erickson, Gilbert P
GASS, William see Erickson, Gilbert P
GASS, William       Yates 42 Lawrenceburg Indiana Anthony Gass & Margaret Sutter 18-Nov-1909 Yates Dawson 753
      Julia Brewer Yates 34 Newcastle Nebraska Isaac Brewer & Lucinda Hallett
GASSELIN, Alex       Tribune Can 33 Estway Can Patrick Gasselin & Mary Guardipe 11-Jun-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3026
      Laura Foulkes Tribune 22 Tribune Hector Foulkes & Florence Ashby
GASSELIN, Patrick see Gasselin
GASSNER, Barbara see Murr, Ludwig
GASSNER, Barbara see Murr, Walter A
GASSNER, Barbara see Murr, Joseph A
GASTINEAU, Anna see Bennett, Ernest
GASTINEAU, Reuben see Bennett, Ernest
GASTON, Jasper see Gaston, Winfred
GASTON, Winfred       Boone Iowa 39 Tainter Iowa Jasper N Gaston & Rachel Fischer 26-Jan-1926 Chinook Blaine 259
      Verna Avi---? Hamm Chinook 23 Johnson Creek New York Daniel P Hamm & Libby P Godard
GATAEL?, ??? see Knapp, Miles Willie
GATES, Barbara see Breitbach, John
GATES, Carrie see Vannoy, Larry McKeaver
GATES, Esther Lucile see Overcast, John F
GATES, Eva see Hulet, William H
GATES, Fred R see Overcast, John F
GATES, Henry D       Thoeny 30 Iowa Robert S Gates & Mary Huskelis? 27-Aug-1919 Glasgow Valley 2541
      Nora E Tufte Basswood 26 N D Steen Tufte & Gro Melfoll?
GATES, Margaret see Murphy, William Henry
GATES, Robert S see Gates, Henry D
GATES, Sarah see Morse, Frank E
GATES, Viola (Brannon?) see Conlin, Leo
GATES, William see Leggett, Orson E
GATEWOOD, Addison L       Mildred 27 Fillmore Cty Mn John Gatewood & Laura Lee 27-Aug-1910 Glendive Dawson 832
      Edna Morris Beach N D 21 Reis Cty Mn Henry Morris & Minnie Staecker
GATEWOOD, E see Trumble, James E
GATEWOOD, John see Gatewood, Addison L
GATHEN, Hazel May see Richardson, John Wesley
GATHEN, Peter see Richardson, John Wesley
GATHRIGHT, Edward       Taylor N D 42 Kendalls Wisc George Gathright & Edith Wagner 5-Jun-1928 Glendive Dawson 3579
      Rose Schutzman Taylor 19 Texas George Schutzman & Rose Webber
GATHRIGHT, George see Gathright, Edward
GATLIFF, Julia see Duncan, Thomas J
GATTIN?, Eliza see Parson, Frank
GATTON, Nellie see Miller, Chauncey
GAU, Mary see Brietbach, Joseph P
GAU?, Anna L see Miller, Guy A
GAUB, Christian       Marsh 23 Russia Joseph C Gaub & Eva Dewald 13-Jan-1929 Marsh Dawson 3686
      Lydia App Marsh 19 Eureka S D Daniel App & Elizabeth Roesler
GAUB, Christoph see Gaub, Edwin
GAUB, Christoph see Kesler, Johan
GAUB, Edwin       Marsh 20 Bowdle S D Christoph Gaub & Katherine Vogele 22-Oct-1929 Marsh Dawson 3794
      Elsie Rittal Circle 19 Bowdle S D Christ Rittal & Christine Bare
GAUB, Joseph C see Gaub, Christian
GAUB, Katherine see Kaul, Johann
GAUDETT, Rose (Gendron?) see Genest
GAUDRY, Andrew see Gaudry, Joe
GAUDRY, August       Glasgow 21 Can Moses Gaudry & Florence LaSorte 7-Oct-1924 Glasgow Valley 3091
      Elizabeth McGillis Glasgow 16 Glasgow Louis McGillis & Margaret Thomas
GAUDRY, Joe       Glasgow 22 Red River Manitoba Andrew Gaudry & Mary Bohou 29-Jan-1890 Glasgow Valley ?
      Mary Ellen Chatrnd Glasgow 18 Woody Mtm Can Umbrsoues? Chatrnd? & Mary Labruley
GAUDRY, Moses see Gaudry, August
GAUGER, Clara see Fisk, Charles E
GAUGER, Fred see Fisk, Charles E
GAUGER, Harry Lee       Glasgow 21 Kentucky 27-Jun-1922 Phillips 652
      Helen Dorothy Hagen Glasgow 19 N D
GAUGHAN, Catherine see Fitzsimmons, James H
GAUGHAN, Mary R see Knutson, Severt A
GAUGHAN, Sarah see Moriarity, Tim
GAUGLITZ, Vincent       Hinsdale 54 Waterville Mn ??? Gauglitz & Mary Timer 10-Nov-1930 Glasgow Valley 3603
      Julia Johnson Hinsdale 51 Pomeroy Iowa Hans Hanson & Louise Weltenrethe
GAUGNESS, E Mary see Schow, Melvin John
GAUKER, William see Jackson, W C
GAUKSTAD, Anna see Viste, Theodore N
GAUKSTAD, Bertha see Johnson, Victor
GAUKSTAD, Chris see Biddle, Royce E
GAUKSTAD, Christ see Viste, Theodore N
GAUKSTAD, Crist see Johnson, Victor
GAUKSTAD, Hulda see Biddle, Royce E
GAULKE, Alvina Nettie see Sterling, Thomas
GAULKE, John see Gaulke, Raymond J
GAULKE, Raymond J       Chinook 35 Prairie duChein Wis John Gaulke & Anna Rowe 31-Jul-1926 Chinook Blaine 953
      Estelle Oppriecht Chinook 35 Gays Mills Wis Ole Delemater & Mina Rounds
GAULKE, William see Sterling, Thomas
GAULKINS?, Kathren see Ellsworth, F B
GAULT, Helen see Snyder, Michel W
GAUSDAL, Olivia see Ellingson, Oscar Thorvald
GAUSON, John see Donat, Fred
GAUSON, Sophie (Sasson?) see Donat, Fred
GAUSTAD, Martin       Flaxville 35 Norway Rasmus Gaustad & Ingeborg Sundseth 21-Jul-1928 Glasgow Valley 2397
      Mabel VanBastelaere Scobey 29 Badger Mn Ole Rossing & Bertha Rollas
GAUSTAD, Nels R       Flaxville 40 Nor Rasmus Gaustad & Ingeborg Sundseth 2-Jul-1925 Scobey Daniels 214
      Selma Svendson Scobey 18 Wisc Andrew Svendson & Ida Siverson
GAUSTAD, Rasmus see Gaustad, Martin
GAUSTAD, Rasmus see Gaustad, Nels R
GAUSTINE, see Ganstine
GAUTHEIR, Louis see Gautheir, Henry
GAUTHIER, Alphonse       Girard 35 Canada John Gauthier & Mary Barret 30-Dec-1913 Crane Dawson 1387
      Mary Ann Bouchard Crane 32 Canada Paul Bouchard & Celestine Deveault
GAUTHIER, Georgina see Menard, Joseph
GAUTHIER, Henry       Phillips 23 Can 1-Oct-1917 Phillips 267
      Evelyn LaDue Fergus Cty 23 N D
GAUTHIER, J see Landry, Theodule
GAUTHIER, John see Gauthier, Alphonse
GAUTHIER, Louis see Dionne, Albert H
GAUTIER, Joseph see Durocher, Isedore
GAUTIER, Louis see Durocher, Isedore
GAVAN, John A       Butte 45 Gardner Mass John Gavan & Ann Cotter 25-Jun-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 687
      Barbara Perry Butte 26 Rochester N Y Robert Wright & May Barber
GAVICK, Helmer J       Greenbush Mn 30 Wis John Gavick & Mary Ween 6-Feb-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 952
      Lizzie Dahl Antelo-pe 27 N D Christ Dahl & Lee Rice
GAVICK, John see Gavick
GAVIN, Ephram see Gavin, Roland E
GAVIN, Ephriam C see Gavin, Harold
GAVIN, Frank K       res Saco 38 Lincoln Ill J O Gavin & Ha__ S Wright 15-Jun-1913 Glasgow Valley 104
      Amy Walsh Saco 40 N Y City David Laray & Anna Hollenback
GAVIN, Harold       Lindsay 27 New Auburn Wisc Ephriam C Gavin & Nellie Golden 4-Mar-1926 Glendive Dawson 3335
      Inez Robson Union 22 Jefferson Iowa Charles E Robson & Florence Kay
GAVIN, J O see Gavin, Frank K
GAVIN, James       Julian 26 Iowa Steve Gavin & Honora Bresnahan 13-Oct-1913 Plentywood Sheridan 96
      Gertrude Hanley Julian 22 Iowa John Hanley & Susan O’Loughlin
GAVIN, Margaret see Hawkins
GAVIN, Mary see Hagan, Gerald J
GAVIN, Mary E see Reynolds, Andrew O
GAVIN, Roland E       Lindsay 23 New Auburn Wis Ephram Gavin & Nellie M Golden 16-Mar-1925 Glendive Dawson 3199
      Elsie Murphy Glendive 20 Delano Mn James Murphy & Henrietta Naue
GAVIN, Steve see Gavin
GAVIN, Thomas       Savage 38 Chesterfield England Thomas Gavin & Anne Cain 16-Dec-1910 Savage Dawson 876
      Annie Markley Savage 39 Hanock Ill James Walker & Aldira Hopson
GAVRONSKA, Victoria see Maras, Anthony A
GAVY, Etta G see Smith, Elmer E
GAW, Mary see Breitbach, Frank X
GAWORNSKI?, ??? see Allen, Roy George
GAWRONSKI, Joe see Kowcum, Paul
GAWRONSKI KOWCUM, Antonia see Kowcum, Paul
GAY, Charles see Wilford, Ron
GAY, Eleanor see Jerome
GAY, Emma see Leahy, Joseph P
GAY, Emma see Seeley, Charles B
GAY, Emma see Seeley, Frank
GAY, Herbert see Jerome Herbert
GAY, Pearl see Willford, Ron
GAYLART, Sophie see Gibson
GAYNON, Laura see Kelly, John F
GAYNOR, Charles see Evans, Claude T
GAYNOR, Charles see Gaynor, Myrle C
GAYNOR, George C see Gaynor, Robert A
GAYNOR, Mrs May see Dawson, Benjamin F
GAYNOR, Myrle C       Maceo 23 Fayette Iowa Charles Gaynor & May Murphy 24-Feb-1912 Glendive Dawson 1059
      Blanche Schroeder Maceo 22 Elkader Iowa Hugo Schroeder & Jennie Skinner
GAYNOR, Robt A       Mandan N D 21 Fayette Iowa George C Gaynor & Anna House 28-Jul-1913 ??? Dawson 1297
      Jennie Bangs Glendive 18 Carbon Wyoming William Bangs & Jessie? Cook
GAYNOR, Willah May see Evans, Claude T
GAYTENBACH, Anna see Stover
GAYTON, James & Mary see Lawrence, Henry W
GAZELL, Rosa see Trower
GAZELL, Rosa May see Selvig, Oswald
GAZELL, Sarah E see Smith
GAZWAY, Louise see Urlin, John A
GEAM, Marie Allen see Frazer, James N G
GEARHART, Alice see Kunkle, William W
GEARHART, Henry see Gearhart, John W
GEARHART, John W       Scobey 27 Indiana Henry Gearhart & Margaret Coar 1-Feb-1930 Scobey Daniels 464
      Lucy M Wittine Bredette 23 Texas John Wittine & Mariame Trivele
GEARTS, Agnes see Parker, John J
GEBEL, Mabel see Mildner, Carl
GEBHARDT, Carl       Turner 36 East Grand Forks Mn Richard Gebhardt & Louise Kownick 31-Mar-1929 Harlem Blaine 1119
      Katie Braunstadter Harlem 19 Streeter N D John Braunstadter & Thereasa Mayer
GEBHARDT, George see Moore, Ashton, J
GEBHARDT, George       Wolf Point 60 Wis George Gibhardt & Bridget Trumble 19-Oct-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 821
      Martha Blyth Wolf Point 41 England Peter Gerrard & Elizabeth Mailer
GEBHARDT, Marion E see Moore, Ashton J
GEBHARDT, Richard see Gebhardt, Carl
GEBHARDT, William see Gregorson, Carl Albert
GEBHART, Ethel see Luebke
GEBHART, George see Luebke
GEBHART, Ida see Getter, Glenn
GEBHART, Mary see Gregerson, Ole Bernhart
GEBHART, Regina see DeBeaumont, Albert
GEBO, Etta Mary see Obergfell, Matthew George
GEBO, Serapha see Obergfell, Matthew George
GECELOSKY, John see Shriner, William D
GEDDE, Anna see Dostert, Victor
GEDDE, Chris see Dostert, Victor
GEDDE, Christ see Gedde, Otto F
GEDDE, Otto F       Nashua 27 Mn Christ Gedde & Mary Pitchsneider 2-Jan-1918 Glasgow Valley 2318
      Marion Beth Lear Nashua 18 Wis Thomas Lear & Ona Newman
GEDDES, Eliza see Turcott, Joseph J
GEDDES, Eliza see Belgard, John Albert
GEDDES, Eliza see StGermaine, Alford M
GEDDIS, Lizzie see Rubbie, Albert Benjamin
GEDNEY, Henry see Gedney, Merle L
GEDNEY, Merle L       Glasgow 34 Little Falls Mn Henry Gedney & Effie Bates 31-Aug-1929 Glasgow Valley 3499
      Esther Wilson Glasgow 27 Mn John & Ida Wilson
GEE, Edward see Gee
GEE, Emma see Evans, Merton
GEE, James E       Galva N D 27 N Y J Edward Gee & Agnes Egan 3-Jan-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2037
      Alda Marie Fraley Raymond 20 Granville N D H C Fraley & Kizzie M Jones
GEE, Sarah see Voorhees, William G L
GEELEN?, William see Fenesch, Thomas L
GEENEN?, Marie see ???
GEER, Belle Ione see Johnson
GEER, Ella see Coombes, Walter
GEER, Emma Elizabeth see Bunch, James H
GEER, Gerald W       Sand Creek 22 Willmar Mn William L Geer & Lillian Ward 24-Nov-1915 Glasgow Valley 1780
      Alice McGeurty? Iowa 21 Riceville Iowa James McGeurty & Margaret Henahan
GEER, M D see Whitmus, H F
GEER, Mabel see Whitmus, H F
GEER, Mary Ella see Coombes, John H
GEER, William & Lillian see Johnson
GEER, William G see Geer, Gerald W
GEERDET, Nellie see Allen, Charles
GEERTZ, John H       Cohagen 26 Muscatine Iowa John B Geertz & Eliza S Horestein 22-Jun-1914 Cohagen? Dawson 1513
      Bertha Artz Cohagen 22 Germany John M Artz & Mary Heinz
GEERY, Minnie see Stratton, Boyd C
GEETING, see Greeting
GEETING, Ila May see Krohn, Adolph
GEETING, Leo U       Malta 33 Iowa 30-Jun-1924 Phillips 774
      Ellen Evelyn Swanson Bowdoin 25 Illionois
GEGG, Pi–? see Davis
GEHNERT, Conrad       Marsh 24 Russia Henry Gehnert & Carolina Naybauer 8-Nov-1914 Marsh Dawson 1615
      Maggie Ruff Marsh 18 Russia Jacob Ruff & Catherine Hein
GEHNERT, Dora see Brenner, John
GEHNERT, Dorothy see Schlenker, Manuel
GEHNERT, Fred       Marsh 26 Russia Henry Gehnert & Carolina Neaubauer 12-Aug-1928 Marsh Dawson 3614
      Mathilda Frye Napoleon N D 23 Russia Carl Frye & Katherine Ketterling
GEHNERT, Henry see Brenner, John
GEHNERT, Henry see Gehnert, Conrad
GEHNERT, Henry see Gehnert, Fred
GEHNERT, John see Schlenker, Manuel
GEHRING, Annie see Nothelfer, William H
GEHRKE, Adillia Anna see Miller
GEHRKE, August see Miller
GEHRLS?, Emma see Haptonstall
GEIBLE, Emily see Bradshaw, Ray F
GEICKER, Mary C see Hunter, Harley H
GEIER, Carl J       Bloomfield 26 Cashton Wis John Geier & Kuntea Uselman 20-Dec-1920 Glendive Dawson 2723
      Mabel Hopkins Seattle 25 Ashland Wisc John Hopkins & Anna Williamson
GEIER, John see Geier, Carl J
GEIGER, see Gieger
GEIGER, Anna Lucille see Buck, Clifford Ronello
GEIGER, Frank       Glendive 22 Richland N D Michael Geiger & Mary Dennis? 23-Sep-1913 Glendive Dawson 1325
      Kate Wetsch Glendive 18 Russia John Wetsch & Katie Buehler
GEIGER, Jessie J see Abbott, Loyd E
GEIGER, Margaret see Weaver, Otto Sylvester
GEIGER, Mary see Bray, Ralph Clayton
GEIGER, Michael see Geiger, Frank
GEIGER, Vier see Buck, Clifford Ronello
GEIGHA?, Rosa May see Harmon
GEISCHER, Mary see Miller, Oral
GEISEN, John Francis       Weldon 38 Minneapolis Mn Sebastian Geisen & Katharina Theis 12-Apr-1923 Glendive Dawson 2968
      Cecile Warnke Stipek 18 Arlington S D William Warnke & Rosie McCaskell
GEISEN, Sebastian see Geisen, John Francis
GEISICKE, Mary see Thoeny
GEISINGER, George see Geisinger, Lois
GEISINGER, Lois       Skaar N D 51 Ger-many George Geisinger & Mary Moser 25-Apr-1922 Wibaux Wibaux 338
      Ida Heuck Baker 50 Germany August Seidel & Susan Preller
GEISLER, Magdalen see Heinle, Phillip P
GEISLER, Mary see Mills, Vernon Charles
GEISNER, Frances see Johanson, George V
GEIST, Anna see Hanson, Theodore Clayton
GEIST, George see Moore, Fred
GEIST, Lela see Moore, Fred
GEJISTE, Anna see Raius, Frank J
GEJISTE, Karl see Raius, Frank J
GELEN, Ellen see Lewis
GELERING, Katie see Hoepfer, Emmanuel
GELILEN, Elizabeth see Stephan, John E
GELLER, Clara see Bronstein, Abraham
GELLER, Ida see Fairbanks, Anthony P
GELLER, Joseph see Bronstein, Abraham
GELLESPIE, Alexander see Hursh, Joseph C
GELLESPIE, Nellie see Hursh, Joseph C
GELLETT, Sophia see Parker, Verne
GELLISPIE, Alexander see Campbell, Archibald
GELLISPIE, Alexander see McHugh, James R
GELLISPIE, Katie see McHugh, James R
GELLISPIE, Mary A see Campbell, Archibald
GELVICK, Einar       Glendive 38 Norway Lars Gelvick & Anna Gunderson 16-Nov-1929 Glendive Dawson 3811
      Edna Keeland Glendive 24 Richey Bill Keeland & Beulah Boyd
GELVICK, Lars see Gelvick, Einar
GEMBERLING, Virgie S see Ranton, Herbert John
GEMEROY, Harold Fraser       Calgary 27 Winchester Ont Joseph Gemeroy & Isabelle Fraser 14-May-1934 Plentywood Sheridan 2823
      Alyce Marie Clifford North Battleford Can 22 Ishpemming Mich Thomas Clifford & Mae LaFreniere
GEMEROY, Joseph see Gemeroy
GEMRUD, Marie see Sura, John
GEMZA, Sophia see Morris, John
GENDE, Bertha see Arnold, Arthur P
GENDREAU, Laura Isabell see Riddle, Howard Raymond
GENDREAU, Raymond       Scobey 28 N D Sam Gendreau & Jennie Clariment 14-Oct-1929 Scobey Daniels 455
      Lucien Bellanger Scobey 18 France Adrian Bellanger & ??? Faucoult
GENDREAU, Sam see Gendreau, Raymond
GENDREAU, Samuel P see Riddle, Howard Raymond
GENDRON, Oliver see Genest
GENDRON, Rose see Fournier, Calixte
GENEREAU, Celima see Hince, Henry W
GENEREUX, Fred       Poplar 27 Mn Joseph Genereux & Louise Farland 10-Sep-1913 Culbertson Sheridan 81
      Grace Patch Culbertson 21 Mt W S Patch & Mary White
GENEREUX, Joseph see Genereux
GENEST, Armand       Sidney 27 Can Phillip Genest & Mary Bouchard? 29-Jan-1915 Culbertson Sheridan 415
      Rose Gaudett Sidney 38 Can Oliver Gendron & Anestasil DuPri
GENEST, Phillip see Genest
GENILKE, Susaana see Ratslaff, Abraham
GENNEKEN, A see Rider, Ai
GENNEKEN, Cora see Rider, A I
GENSEN, Legna see Jirucha, Emanuel F
GENSEN, M see Hansen, August
GENSKE, Frank       Menawa Wisc 27 Little Wolf Wisc Frank Genske & Delia Risky 11-Feb-1911 Glendive Dawson 901
      Anna Rubenzer Chippewa Falls 23 Chippewa Falls Joe Rubenzer & Katherine Snyder
GENSLINGER, Tillie see Dehner, John Henry
GENT, Ada see Parks, William E
GENT, Charles see Selden
GENT, Pearl see Selden
GENTER, Anna see Efta, Frank
GENTGEN, B see Hardy
GENTGEN, Mary (Hergott?) see Rogers, Homer
GENZEL, Charles T       Wibaux 30 Copenhagen New York Frank Genzel & Victoria Hapgood 12-Oct-1909 Glendive Dawson 733
      Myrtle Mae Pooler Wibaux 29 Preston Mn William H Pooler & Ida E Mann
GENZEL, Frank see Genzel, Charles T
GEOFFRY, Ella see Green, Fremont Thomas
GEORGE, see Garfield, James
GEORGE, Bertha see Wolfe, George W
GEORGE, C L see Wolfe, George W
GEORGE, C L & Mrs see Powell, Frank W
GEORGE, Charles see George, John
GEORGE, Cora see Catlin, F M
GEORGE, Deborah see George, Jake
GEORGE, Edith see Richards
GEORGE, Edmund see Schultze, Max F
GEORGE, Emma see Laughton, Jack F
GEORGE, Ernest see Lunsford, William H
GEORGE, Gladys Mae see Lunsford, William H
GEORGE, Harry       Tacoma Wash 31 Sum-ner Wash Wm George & Lydia Woolery 31-Mar-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 481
      Ollie Gilbertson Beach N D 20 Sentinel Butte N D John Gilbertson & Myrtle Rouse
GEORGE, Jake       Coalwood 40 Cleveland Ohio John George & Maggie Fox 20-Mar-1918 Glendive Dawson 2344
      Debroah George Elma Iowa 36 Wilmington Illinois William O’Connell & Johanna McCalby
GEORGE, John       Mandan N D 29 Dennison Mn Charles George & Maty Crump 25-Oct-1925 Glendive Dawson 2803
      Elsie Williams Killdeer N D 23 Boone Nebr William Williams & Emma Slaight
GEORGE, John see George, Jake
GEORGE, Lillian see Wieglenda, Alvin J
GEORGE, Mike see George, Peter M
GEORGE, Nettie see Jones, Roy B
GEORGE, Nettie see Travis, Charles Bernard
GEORGE, Nettie see Burshia
GEORGE, Nick       Dodson 39 Macedonia 16-Nov-1922 Phillips 683
      Kathrena Lakseva Dodson 28 Macedonia
GEORGE, Peter M       Glendive 29 Greece Mike George & Katherine Papafiles 24-Aug-1925 Glendive Dawson 3255
      Helen Seeberger Glendive 23 Glen Ullin N D Nick & Katherine Seeberger
GEORGE, Ruth Emma see Wolfe, George W
GEORGE, Violet L see Schultze, Max F
GEORGE, William see George, Harry
GEORGENSON?, Mamie see Bergerud, Tenny E
GEORGES, Henry see Georges
GEORGES, Morty M       Navajo 29 Ind Henry Georges & Anna McDermott 21-Jun-1919 Navajo Sheridan 1522
      Saidee Hoblitt Monticello Mn 26 Illinois Mahlen S Hoblitt & Elmina Washburn
GEORGSEN, Kirsten see Sorenson, George Walter
GEORTZ, Agatha see Graber, Harney H
GEOTTLE, Lena M see Youngblood, Ray George
GEPHART, Eliza see Lake, Ira
GEPSEN, Mathias see Gepsen
GEPSEN, Peter       Froid 34 Ger Mathias Gepson & Mazie Hansen 10-Feb-1917 Froid Sheridan 954
      Susie Ogden Froid 24 Iowa Orlando Ogden & Ruth Brown
GERALDS, Lena see Gardner, Jessie Freeman
GERALDSON, John R       Gladstone 26 Redwood Falls Mn Samuel Geraldson & Kate Baker 3-May-1910 Glendive Dawson 799
      Gertrude Waller Columbia Wisc 21 Detroit Mich Charles F Waller & Anna Carr
GERALDSON, Samuel see Geraldson, John R
GERARD, Carl see Nelson
GERARD, Irene see Nelson
GERARD, John see Moline, Oliver
GERARD, Laura see Moline, Oliver
GERBERICH, Grace see Walker, Harold H
GERBRANDY, Grietsje see DeBoer, Ruoke
GERDE, Bertha see Arnold, Howard C
GERDE, Petra see Erbe, E G
GERDES, George see Gerdes Otto
GERDES, Metta see Buttelman, John G
GERDES, Otto       Mountain Lake Mn 28 Arlington Iowa George Gerdes & Lumkka Ostercamp 15-Oct-1925 Lustre Valley 3163
      Nettie Elenore Beier Frazer 24 Mountain Lake Mn John J Beier & Helena Friesen
GEREET, Minnie see McGrath
GEREULY, Eleanor see Clancy, Herbert C
GERGESON, Carly see Clausnitzer, Paul
GERGESON, Irene see Garberg, Harry O
GERHARD?, Nellie see Flora
GERHARDT, Amelia see Koenig, Andreas
GERHARDT, Paul see Gerhardt, Tom
GERHARDT, Sophia see Millerm, Frederick H
GERHARDT, Tom       Havre 36 Mpls Mn Paul Gerhardt & Eva Cohens 27-Sep-1925 Chinook Blaine 899
      Dorothy Butler Havre 18 Ft Wayne Ind Clinton Butler & Mary Kruger
GERHOLD, Helen P see Brodsho
GERHOLD, L B see Brodsho
GERHOLD, Mary see Knudtson
GERHOLD, Mary Alice see Haase
GERHOLD, Nellie J see Brenden
GERING, Elizabeth see Graber, Emil
GERINGVOLD, Claus see Mohalt, Halvor
GERKEN, Myrtle see Armstrong, Lynn M
GERKIE, Pauline see Henderson, Val J
GERKIN, James see McCoy, Isaiah
GERKIN, Myrtle see McCoy, Isaiah
GERLE, Adam       Minton Can 30 Austria Bernard Gerle & Julia Green 24-Jan-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2909
      Mary Floer Minton Can 20 Pangman Can Jacob Floer & Anna Grossman
GERLE, Bernard see Gerle
GERLINGER, Albert       Bloomfield 27 Redwing Mn John Gerlinger & Francis Schmidt 15-Jan-1913 Bloomfield Dawson 1198
      Susan K Schmidt Bloomfield 25 Bonhome S D Cornelius J Schmidt & Anna Nightengale
GERLINGER, John see Gerlinger, Albert
GERLINGER, John see Sackett, N B
GERLINGER, Mina M see Sackett, N B
GERLS, Elizabeth see Waltman, William
GERMAINE, Peter see Amiotte, Frank
GERMANSON, Jennie see Stevens, Stanley
GERMIN, Isabella see Flynn, Thomas C
GERMOE, Bertha see Rockne, Andrew
GERNER, Magdalena Mary see Link, Peter
GERNER, Math see Link, Peter
GERNEU, Mary see Schneider
GERNSEN, Anna see Gannon, Jaques Oscar
GERNZY, Lucy see Hilliard, Charles R
GERON?, Minnie see Skerrit, Robert J
GERONE, Emily see Jacoby, Charles
GERRAND, Agnes F see Lane, Harry V
GERRARD, Maggie Jane see Mix, Jack
GERRARD, Peter see Gebhardt, George
GERSON, Jennie see Trester, Henry A
GERSON, Jennie see Trester, Alfred G
GERST, Henry see Gerst, Hugo Adolf
GERST, Hugo Adolf       Sperry Iowa 39 Gablenberg Germany Henry Gerst & Katherine Grau 5-Nov-1918 Glendive Dawson 2242
      Albertine Rau Sperry Iowa 36 Affenbach Germany Phillip Rau & Mary Grau
GERTENSEN, Charles see Gertensen, Frank
GERTENSEN, Frank       Glendive 38 Allard Charles Gertenson & Caroline Anderson 30-Mar-1928 Glendive Dawson 3556
      Jennie Mae Benson Duncans Bridge Mo F R Benson & Mary Doyle
GERTENSON, Adell see Peterman, Jacob E Jr
GERTENSON, Charles see Peterman, Jacob E Jr
GERTZ, Theresa see Peterson, Nels
GERVAIS, Daismith see Waller, R Berry
GERVAIS, May see Waller, R Berry
GERWIN, Ann Jane see Fawcett
GERWIN, Ethel (Stern?) see Scott, Fred L
GERY, Eldridge see Gery, Jefferson
GERY, JEFFERSON,, Jefferson       Poplar Creek 27 Evans Colorado Eldridge Gery & Jennie Barron Dawson 62
      Sis Longie Poplar Creek 17 ??? Fred & Mary Longie
GERZEWSKI, Mary see Morgan, John
GESAMAN, C Martin? see Jasma, Gerritt
GESAMAN, Helen see Jasma, Gerritt
GESELL, J Leo       Chinook 30 Elma Iowa William A Gesell & Anna Mallon 3-Jul-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2668
      Florence Mae Nelson P’wood 26 Norma N D Anton Nelson & Laura Hanson
GESELL, William A see Gesell, J, Leo
GESHART, Lena see Schilling, Arthur George
GESKE, Frank W       Havre 27 Fargo Gustave F Geske & Augusta Koepsel 6-Oct-1929 Chinook Blaine 1170
      Aletha M Arnold Chinook 22 Keota Iowa J G Arnold & Almeta Mae Crayne
GESKE, Gustave F see Geske, Frank W
GESS, Julius       Volt 33 Russia Ludwig Gess & Julia Rode 1-Oct-1926 Wolf Point Roosivelt 948
      Alma Amanda Appelgren Wolf Point 25 Mn Gustav S Appelgren & Amanda Charlott Setterman
GESS, Ludwig see Gess, Julius
GESSNER, Alice Eleanor see Foley, Louis Joseph
GESSNER, Fred see Gesner, Geihart
GESSNER, Geihart       Deep N D 23 Fall Creek Wis Fred Gessner & Amelia Mathwig 22-Mar-1910 Homestead Valley 593
      Elga Trebus Homestead 20 Fall Creek Wis Albert Trebus & Mary Zick
GESSNER, H Frank see Foley, Louis Joseph
GESSNER, John       Tampico 46 Mn John Gessner & Theresa Noll 29-Jul-1914 Tampico Valley 1507
      Eleanor Remore Tampico 21 Mn F P Remore & Margaret Walsh
GESTING, Maud E see Graney, Leonard W
GETC?, Anna M see Stockey, Stanley
GETEEN, Stella see Thorne, Norman
GETHJE, Charlotte see Heide, Rudolph
GETTEN, Katherine see Knopp, Leo F
GETTER, Clarence I see Getter, Glenn
GETTER, Glenn       Wolf Point 28 Dayton Ohio Clarence I Getter & Ida I Gebhart 27-May-1920 Wolf Point Roosivelt 136
      Ruth Kittleson Wolf Point 22 Thief River Falls Mn Robert N Kittleson & ???
GETTY, Lizzie see Mayhew, John C
GETTY, Robert see Kelly, Frank
GEWELKE, Edith see Pospyhala, Samuel J
GEWELKE, John see Pospyhala, Samuel J
GEYER, Elizabeth see Cowan, John D
GEYER, Emma see Kettner, Herman Jr
GEYER, Lydia see Abraham, Geyer
GHENON, George see Rimel, Sylvester Barta
GHENON, Malvina Lillie Anna see Rimel, Sylvester Barta
GHERING, Henrietta see Benard, William
GHERING, John & Emma see Benard, William
GIBB, Thomas see Souhrada, Jerry
GIBBENS, Delbert see Adams, William
GIBBENS, Lenora see Adams, William
GIBBONS, (Gibson?) W see McCall, H C
GIBBONS, Alice see Erb, William M
GIBBONS, Guy H       Saco 29 Ind William F Gibbons & Mary Dailey 8-Sep-1915 Glasgow Valley 1733
      Anna Owen Fergus Falls Mn 23 Mn Peter Owen & Hannah Mayer
GIBBONS, John J       Reserve Legal Toronto Can Luke Gibbons & Annie Menton 1-Jan-1926 Plentywood Sheridan 2140
      Inez Elizabeth Benedict P’wood legal Missouri Walter Avery Benedict & Elizabeth DeItto
GIBBONS, Luke see Gibbons
GIBBONS, Mary see Martin, W A
GIBBONS, Mary see Martin, William A
GIBBONS, Roy Raymond       Dickinson N D 24 Kansas City Mo William Gibbons & Leonia Baker 9-Jan-1928 Glendive Dawson 3534
      Josephine Schlosser Dickinson N D 20 Glen Ullen N D Adam Schlosser & Tillie Rice
GIBBONS, Victoria see Kimmel, Lee H
GIBBONS, William see Gibbons, Roy Raymond
GIBBONS, William F see Gibbons, Guy H
GIBBS, A L see Gibbs
GIBBS, Alexander see Gibbs, Thomas Samuel
GIBBS, Carl       Poplar 29 Mt Different Moon & (mother unk) 14-Sep-1913 Chelsea Sheridan 78
      Emma Medicine Blair 29 Canada Red Warclub & Good Door Woman
GIBBS, E W see Gibbs, Robert P
GIBBS, E W see Ness, Paul
GIBBS, Elizabeth see Middleton E John
GIBBS, Elwood see Bailey, Blaine Edwin
GIBBS, Enid see Crossen, Edward B
GIBBS, Etta see Franz, Otto Arthur
GIBBS, Ezra see Crossen, Edward B
GIBBS, Ezra W see Rollag, Oscar O
GIBBS, Ferris D       Phillips 26 Mn 14-Jun-1916 Phillips 109
      Ida Mary Harwood Phillips 24
GIBBS, Ferris D see Newman, Herman C
GIBBS, George W see Gibbs, William I
GIBBS, Grace see Weinke, Arthur A
GIBBS, Harry       Malta 25 Bird Island Mn John Gibbs & Susan Fitzgerald 27-Jul-1908 Malta Valley 394
      Pearl Helman Malta 22 Elkhart Ind Neah Helman & Martha Strayer
GIBBS, Harry see Gibbs, John
GIBBS, Harry see Hagfeldt, Hilmer
GIBBS, Henry see Gibbs, Leroy L
GIBBS, Herbert P       Chinook 25 Chinook E W Gibbs & Florence Poet 19-Apr-1927 Chinook Blaine 989
      Minnie Hirter Chinook 19 Finlayson Mn Rudolph Hirter & Martha Klatt
GIBBS, Leroy L       Purewater 34 Dinsdale N D Henry Gibbs & Arminta McMurray 3-Nov-1920 Glendive Dawson 2698
      Nora Leibole Thorpe Wisc 22 Thorpe Henry Leibole & Margaret Duffy
GIBBS, Mae see Hagfeldt, Hilmer
GIBBS, Mary Alice see Rollag, Oscar O
GIBBS, Mildred see Ross, John
GIBBS, Nettie G see Poppe, Charles H
GIBBS, O J see Weinke, Arthur A
GIBBS, Parker       Wolf Point 21 Mt Gives The Blanket & Hattie Miller 8-Sep-1913 Poplar Sheridan 67
      Julia Redfeather Brocton 18 Mt M L Redfeather & Julia Black Ghost
GIBBS, Rebecca see Ness, Paul
GIBBS, Reo L       Antelope 28 Wis A L Gibbs & Nettie Kellog 24-Dec-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2297
      Golda N Hoffman Antelope 33 Iowa A L Hoffman & Verda Glendenning
GIBBS, Sarah see Sillivan, Leslie F
GIBBS, Susan see Martin, Malden D
GIBBS, Thomas Samuel       Brockton 27 Sioux City Iowa Alexander Gibbs & Sarah C Luckey 22-Nov-1821 Poplar Roosivelt 316
      Lena Juliana Fehrs Brockton 19 Iowa Pete Fehrs & Alvina Jetter
GIBBS, William I       Terry 23 Jackson Ill George W Gibbs & Tillie F Yearson 26-Oct-1916 Glendive Dawson 2035
      Hazel E Henry Terry 22 Condon Ore D C Henry & Martha E Renner
GIBERSON, Asa W       Wibaux 34 Iowa William Giberson & Ann Patterson 18-Jan-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 192
      Andrea Dahl Wibaux 30 Denmark Jeppe H Dahl & Dorthea C Nielson
GIBERSON, Samuel       Wibaux 37 Jefferson Cty Iowa Wm Giberson & Anna Patterson 22-Jun-1913 Wibaux Dawson 1269
      Helen Ostby Chicago Illinois 28 Norway Hans Pederson? & Sigrid Nelson
GIBERSON, William see Giberson, Asa W
GIBERSON, William see Gigerson, Samuel
GIBHARDT, George see Gebhardt, George
GIBSON, Albert see Gibson, Grant
GIBSON, Albert D see Gibson, Dustin
GIBSON, Anna E (Rixinger?) see Esmey, Fred
GIBSON, August A       Raymond 31 Red Wing Mn Bengt Gibson & Sophie Gaylart 28-Mar-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 997
      Rosie Bandor Raymond 24 Ohio J Bandor & Mary Laucks?
GIBSON, Bengt see Gibson
GIBSON, Cynthia see Davis, Logan
GIBSON, Cynthia see Thompson, John E
GIBSON, Dustin       Glendive 23 Mich Albert D Gibson & Phoebe Wood 16-Feb-1895 Glendive Dawson 105
      Mary Elizabeth Costello Glendive 27 Wisc Thomas Tyrell & ???
GIBSON, F P       Weyburn Can 33 Balton Ont Can J G Gibson & Nellie Yellowless 9-Aug-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3049
      Marile Price Weyburn 25 Weyburn sam Price & Ethel Pelkey
GIBSON, Faye see Houghtaling, Harry
GIBSON, Fred       Bowmanville 36 Marietta Iowa Henry Gibson & Mary Miller 10-Mar-1916 “near” Bruce Dawson 1876
      Myrna Dell Garfield Bowmanville 17 Oak Nebraska Fred Garfield & Emma Martin
GIBSON, Grant       McCane 27 Canada Albert Gibson & Phoebe Wood 16-Jan-1901 Glen dive Dawson 218
      Iris Broughton Minneapolis Mn 24 Waseca Mn Herbert Broughton & Ida Howard
GIBSON, Grant see Houghtaling, Harry
GIBSON, Hanna see Buchali, Paul Josef
GIBSON, Henry see Gibson, Fred
GIBSON, J G see Gibson
GIBSON, Jane see Christenson, William J
GIBSON, Jennie see Ziedler
GIBSON, Luke see Addyman, Leroy H
GIBSON, Margret see Abernethy, Wm M
GIBSON, Mary see Shaw
GIBSON, Mary see Mackay
GIBSON, Matilda see Warren, John W
GIBSON, Mildred see Addyman, Leroy H
GIBSON, Sarah see Seeney , Isaiah
GIBSON, Sophia see Maxwell
GIBSON, Susan see Freeman, T K
GIBSON, William see Blow, Albert William Ezekiel
GICKING, Mary see Bicking, John J
GIDDES, Bertha see Larson, Carl Einar
GIDDES, Chris see Larson, Carl Einar
GIDEON, Fremont       Glasgow 31 Iowa George W Gideon & Ida Adams 1-Dec-1920 Glasgow Valley 2749
      Helen Kalitzke Glasgow 21 Can David Kalitzke & David Brown
GIDEON, George W see Gideon, Fremont
GIDERSLEIVE?, Mamie? see Lebert, Bryan J
GIDLEY, Anna see Candee, Elmer L
GIDLEY, Cecil Howard       Poplar 19 Kansas Charles Gidley & Maude McKinley 27-Sep-1925 Poplar Roosivelt 810
      Chrystal Clarice Kellar Poplar 19 Kansas J W Kellar & Mabel Ward
GIDLEY, Charles see Gidley, Cecil Howard
GIDLEY, Charles D see Gidley
GIDLEY, Emma see Willoughby
GIDLEY, Maurice       Poplar 21 Fredonia Kans Charles T Gidley & Maude McKinley 27-Dec-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2707
      Pauline Carpenter Richey 18 Oklahoma Harry Carpenter & Nora Sebastian
GIEBLE, Emma A see Cremer, John
GIEBOW, Anna see Jick, Robert F
GIEDD, Lillie May see LaPage, John
GIEDD, Mike see LaPage, John
GIEGER, see Geiger
GIEGER, Annie see Hajek, Joe
GIEGER, John see Halzer, John
GIEGER, Philomena see Halzer, John
GIEM, Fred see Bridges, Harold
GIEM, Petrel see Bridges, Harold
GIERECKER, Bernard see Dippe, William Carl
GIERSDORF, J R see Whiteside, Thomas
GIERSDORF, Joe R see Bennett, Thomas Harold
GIERSZEIMA, Lucia see Quade, Adolph
GIES, Kathleen see Kaip Joseph
GIES, William see Kaip
GIESBRICH, Agnes see McKenzie, Colin
GIESE, August & Rosalia see Chicos, Thomas Paul
GIESE, Augusta see Broadbrooks, L A
GIESE, Minnie see Chicos, Thomas Paul
GIESEKER, Mary see Thoeny, J M
GIESEN, Herman A       Poplar 26 S D Jacob Giesen & Barbara Ringaelsletter? 27-Nov-1918 Poplar Sheridan 1419
      Emma Kortan Brockton 20 Aust-Hung Frank Kortan & Emma Real
GIESEN, Jacob see Giesen Herman A
GIESS, Maggie see Wakefield, Arve
GIEU, Louisa see Belisle
GIFFORD, Addie see Brunet, Alfred
GIFFORD, Eva May see Schneider, John H
GIFFORD, Hazel see Juleson, John
GIFFORD, Jacob see Juleson, John
GIFFORD, John & Minnie see King, Charles E
GIFFORD, John R & Minnie A see Schneider, John H
GIFFORD, Martha E see King, Charles E
GIFFORD, Nellie M see Winterrowd, Benjamin Thomas
GIFFORD, Rose see Schaal, Clifton
GIFT, Emily see Ryan, Michael J
GIFT, F O see Molstad, Tom
GIFT, Gladys see Molstad, Tom
GIFT, Thomas see Ryan, Michael J
GIGER, Henry D       Saco 29 Bentonville Ark Jordan J Giger & Mable Denney 6-Jun-1927 Glasgow Valley 3291
      Edna Yeska Saco 21 Saco Gustav Yeska & Olga Abel
GIGER, Jordan G see Giger, Henry D
GIGER, Mabel see Wilson, S D
GIGRICH, Bina see Bolin, John Francis
GIGRICH, Henry see Blom, John E
GIGRICH, Henry see Bolin, John Francis
GIGRICH, Henry see Gigrich, Theodore
GIGRICH, Mary K see Blom, John E
GIGRICH, Theodore H       Harlem 31 Shakopee Mn Henry Gig rich & Sophia Clements 10-Jun-1918 Chinook Blaine 492
      Martha Carsow Turner 18 Wia Charles Carsow & Anna Harris
GILBERT, Andrew see Rodgers, Frank
GILBERT, Dan       Hazelbrook Sask Can 29 Ontario Can Duncan Gilbert & Alice Ingram 24-Nov-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 889
      Adrian Lacombe Mn 21 Mn Alphonse Lacombe
GILBERT, Duncan see Gilbert Dan
GILBERT, Gilbert       Glasgow 29 Mason City Iowa Gilbert Gilbert & Mary Nelson 15-Sep-1913 Glasgow Valley 1345
      Clara Kasperit Duncan Okla 24 Germany H Kasperit & Mary Prickshot
GILBERT, Harry Neill       York Nebr 31 York Nebr Robert Noble Gilbert & Elizabeth Jane Neill 15-Jan-1908 Glendive Dawson 567
      Mable Elmore Howard Glendive 26 Washington D C Herman Yates & Inez Carlisle
GILBERT, Ida Mae see Brown, George R
GILBERT, Jennie see Osborn, Lawton Earl
GILBERT, John see Gilbert, Louis
GILBERT, Julia see Pilgrim, Robert E
GILBERT, Louis       Culbertson 26 Putnam Conn John Gilbert & Mary Liverout 7-Feb-1900 Culbertson Valley ?
      Agnes Lyons Gregg Culbertson 23 Baltimore Samuel B Lyons & Maggie F Lee
GILBERT, Louis see Hanson Joseph
GILBERT, Louis see Brown, George R
GILBERT, Louis see Gilbert
GILBERT, Louis J       Reserve 21 Missouri Charles A Gilbert & Lyde Rhodes 16-Sep-1915 Antelope Sheridan 554
      Blanch Bur-meister P’wood 25 S D Charles Streeter
GILBERT, Lucy see Fairchild, Andrew C
GILBERT, Mabel see Rodgers, Frank
GILBERT, Margaurite see Oaks, Percy O
GILBERT, Martha see Stanton, Arthur W
GILBERT, Mary see Vann
GILBERT, Mathilda see Hanson, Joseph
GILBERT, Robert Noble see Gilbert, Harry Neill
GILBERT, Sarah see Voorhees, William G L
GILBERTSON, C ? see Hodapp, Edward
GILBERTSON, Andrew see Jacobson, Arne Lund
GILBERTSON, Anna see Empey, Robert Nelson
GILBERTSON, Anna see Bondley, Theodore
GILBERTSON, Anna see Kaldem
GILBERTSON, Anna M see Anderson, August
GILBERTSON, Anna M see Gullickson
GILBERTSON, Anna Matilda see Hanson
GILBERTSON, Annie see Reno, Gilbert
GILBERTSON, Anton see Anderson, August
GILBERTSON, Anton see Rogers, Vincent
GILBERTSON, Bertha see Benson
GILBERTSON, Carl       Wilton N D 28 Ore John P Gilbertson & Jennie Olson 20-Dec-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 226
      Hazel Bly Wilton N D 22 N D Frank P Bly & Harriet Hitchcock
GILBERTSON, Carl G       Scobey 38 Mn ??? & Anna Lohn 26-Mar-1913 Redstone Valley 1266
      Olea L Ness Redstone 20 Mn Ole Ness & Louise Jacobson
GILBERTSON, Clara see Hodapp, Edward
GILBERTSON, Clara see Peterson
GILBERTSON, Clara T (Hilland?) see Gullickson
GILBERTSON, Dorothy see Peterson, C M
GILBERTSON, E Noel       Opheim 43 Edinburgh N D Edward Gilbertson & Emma Holt 21-Nov-1921 Glasgow Valley 2832
      Esther Braatz Opheim 20 Athens Wis Albert Braatz & Anna Krahn
GILBERTSON, Edward see Gilbertson, E Noel
GILBERTSON, Edward N see Naly, Eugene G
GILBERTSON, Elma see Zimmerman
GILBERTSON, Emma see Fjeld, George E
GILBERTSON, Frances Elvira see Jacobson, Arne Lund
GILBERTSON, G J see Torgerson, Iver
GILBERTSON, George see Aimmerman
GILBERTSON, George Layman       Havre 21 Franklin Mn Gilbert Gilbertson & Dora Olson 2-Feb-1926 Chinook Blaine 924
      Gladys Catherine Stamy Havre 18 Cedar Rapids Iowa Dan Stamy & Alvina Bach
GILBERTSON, Gilbert see Gilbertson, George Layman
GILBERTSON, Hannah see Dahl, Theodore F
GILBERTSON, Hans & Anna see Monson, Oscar
GILBERTSON, Ida Serina see Simons, Minkler E
GILBERTSON, Ingvie see Olson, John Elmer
GILBERTSON, John see Simons, Minkler E
GILBERTSON, John see George, Harry
GILBERTSON, John P see Gilbertson, Carl
GILBERTSON, Julia see Mead
GILBERTSON, Karl       Redstone 35 Norway Gulick Peterson & Cilia Knutson 20-Dec-1911 P’wood Valley 950
      Nora Carlson P’wood 24 Norway –udvik? Carlson & Nora Johanson
GILBERTSON, Lurina see Vik, Henry George
GILBERTSON, Mabel see Torgerson, Iver
GILBERTSON, Marie see Haasl, Howard
GILBERTSON, Mary see Rogers, Vincent
GILBERTSON, Maxine see Naly, Eugene G
GILBERTSON, Ollie see George, Harry
GILBERTSON, Thos & Anna see Empey, Robert Nelson
GILBO, Helma see Whitaker, Harry E
GILBO, Johannes see Whitaker, Harry E
GILBRONSON, Maren see Holmson, William
GILCHRIST, Clay A       Scobey 26 Monticello Mn Elmer Gilchrist & Margaret Baker 30-Apr-1935 Scobey Daniels 200
      Beatrice M Sullivan Scobey 20 Beltrami Mn Mike Sullivan & Ella DeRushia
GILCHRIST, E D see Gilchrist William E
GILCHRIST, Effie see Murphy
GILCHRIST, Elmer see Gilchrist, Clay A
GILCHRIST, Elmer see Chicoine
GILCHRIST, Elmer see Wolter
GILCHRIST, Elmer D see Murphy
GILCHRIST, Harriet see Wolter
GILCHRIST, Pearl see Chicoine
GILCHRIST, William E       Scobey 23 Mn E D Gilchrist & Margaret Bicker 28-Jun-1920 Scobey Sheridan 1669
      Martha Hendricksen Scobey 25 Mn ??? Hendricksen & Gustava Haakesmoen
GILCRIST, Mary see Rhodes, Darren S
GILDAY, James see Gilday, Thomas F
GILDAY, Thomas F       Glendive 34 Cronberry Scotland James Gilday & Elizabeth Marshall 7-Oct-1911 Glendive Dawson 993
      Mary G Keith Glendive 24 Cathness Scotland John Keith & Charlotte Simpson
GILDEA, Maggie (Davis?) see Walsh, Robert
GILDERSLEEVE, James       Dagmar 23 Mn John W Gildersleeve & Nancy W Claybaugh 28-Oct-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2376
      Ruth A Link Sidney 18 N D Edwin Link & Clara Warneis?
GILDERSLEEVE, John W see Gildersleeve
GILDERSLEEVE, Mary see Lebert, E A
GILDERSLEEVE, Mary E see Smith, Frank H
GILDOY, W B see Munson
GILE, Chester E       Orville 24 Mn Mazelle Gile & Emma K Zimmerman 7-June-1914 Redstone Sheridan 239
      Charlotte O Barnhart Orville 23 Ohio John W Barnhart & Margaret Loudenslager
GILE, Clyde       Flaxville 22 Superior Wis Mazelle Gile & Emma Limmerman 31-Dec-1930 Scobey Daniels 509
      Evelyn Baker Bredette 23 Red Lake Falls Mn Eugene Baker & Etta Eddy
GILE, Ethel see Jackson, William L
GILE, J C see Jackson, William L
GILE, Jess       Dodson 42 N Y Jonathan Gile & Samantha Rice 16-Jun-1910 Glasgow Valley 654
      Ida Hoog Culber tson 23 Lear Lake Wis Victor Marcis & ???
GILE, Jonathan see Gile, Jess
GILE, Lorne Arthur       Flaxville 21 Wis Mazell Gile & Anna Zimmerman 14-Sep-1916 Flaxville Sheridan 831
      Leona Gribble Flaxville 22 Wash Roce? Gribble & Clara Smith
GILE, Mary see Canfield, Ira N
GILE, Mazell see Gile
GILE, Mazell see Gile
GILE, Mazelle see Gile, Clyde
GILES, Cora see Allen, Sam S
GILES, Cora see Allen
GILES, Cora see Allen
GILES, Florence E see Matsler, Russell
GILES, John see Matsler, Russell
GILES, Mary see Baker, W C
GILES, Mary P see Lewis, James D
GILFIN,, Freidel, see Satter
GILFORD, Cora E see Helton, Nolan Milo
GILFOY, James see Gilfoy, Thomas Edward
GILFOY, Thomas Edward       Minot N D 47 Mn James Gilfoy & Catherine Fullan 14-Feb-1926 Culbertson Roosivelt 868
      Parney Staley Watford City N D 38 S D James M Staley & Margrete McAllster
GILGASH, Mrs John see Wilson, Earle
GILKISON, Albert       Corinth N D 21 Corinth C P Gilkison & May Smallback 16-Aug-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2676
      Hazel Harder Wild Rose N D 18 Wild Rose Guy Harder & Julia Olson
GILKISON, C P see Gilkison
GILKISON, Charley       Corinth N D 21 Nelson Cty N D Commodore Gilkison & May Smallbeck 30-Jun-1923 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1900
      Amanda Barstad Ray N D 23 N D William Barstad & Pauline Ugstad
GILKISON, Commodore see Gilkison
GILL, Allen see Gill, John R
GILL, Clara see Odien, Roy
GILL, Della C see Bracher, George W
GILL, Harry see Anderson
GILL, Ida see Gustlin, Chester Clyde
GILL, James see Gill, Sam F
GILL, John R       Burns 25 Fayette Iowa Allen Gill & Alice Natle? 24-Dec-1911 Dawson 1035
      Bessie Isabelle Kennedy Burns 22 Hamer Mich Alex Kennedy & Margaret Rossborough
GILL, Sam F       Glasgow 39 Ind James Gill & Martha Rowland 11-Dec-1920 Glasgow Valley 2750
      Hanna Hughes Glasgow 38 Mn John Hughes & Mary Owens
GILLARD, James H see Garfield, Claude L
GILLARD, Mary Jane see Garfield, Claude L
GILLEN, Mary see Shafer, F E
GILLEN, William see Shafer, F E
GILLES, Elizabeth see Shearer, John M
GILLES, Eva Ann see Summerton, Park Charles Lewis
GILLES, Mary see Porsborg, Ray
GILLES, Nicholas see Summerton, Park Charles Lewis
GILLESPIE, Colina see McLean, Angus
GILLESPIE, James see McLean, Angus
GILLESPIE, Susan see Carpenter, Edwin Davis
GILLET, Amelia see Cosher, Guy
GILLET, Sophia see Fielder, Chas H
GILLET, Sophie see Roach, Myles
GILLETT, Bernice see Masters, Daniel
GILLETT, Hettie May see Meyer, Leon
GILLETT, L see Masters, Daniel
GILLETT, Schlera? see Ronek, Peter H
GILLETTE, Alfred see McNeil, Herbert
GILLETTE, Earnest L see Frederick
GILLETTE, Jessie see Olson, Elmer H
GILLETTE, Leona see McNeil, Herbert
GILLETTE, Leona see Frederick
GILLETTE, Sarah E see Vannoy, Frank L
GILLEY, Sarah see Loomis, Ralph E
GILLIAM, Anna see Beber, Bethuel R
GILLIAM, Anna see Crawford, Clarence Bredford
GILLIES, Archibald       Whitetail 25 Hannah N D Charles Gillies & Anna Hunking 14-Nov-1921 Whitetail Daniels 36
      Lillian Shain Whitetail 18 Antelope Neas? Shane & Cora Oliver
GILLIES, Charles see Gilles, Archibald
GILLIES, Charles see Rasmussen
GILLIES, Charlotte see Rasmussen
GILLIES, John see Gillies, William
GILLIES, Wm       Glendive 39 Scotland John Gillies & Margaret Mitchell 24-Dec-1901 Glendive Dawson 236
      Florentine Mesner res Glendive 32 Germany Hans Mesner & Mary Frank
GILLIGAN, Mary see Ahern
GILLIN, Margaret J see Verstegen, Carl
GILLIN, William see Verstegen, Carl
GILLINWATER?, Lucinda see White, Benjamin F
GILLIS, Emma see Steele
GILLIS, Emma see Steele
GILLIS, Gertrude see Arnold, Joseph A
GILLIS, Jane see Leggett, Orson E
GILLIS, Jennie see Alexander, Frances C
GILLIS, Mary E see Johnson, Albert C
GILLISPIE, E P see Faulk, Clinton C
GILLISPIE, Edgar P       Phillips 42 Iowa 20-Jul-1916 Phillips 121
      Matie J Grover Phillips 36 Wis
GILLMAN, Della see Evans, Carl F
GILLMAN, Nettie see Conner, Warren E
GILLQUIST, Charlie see Trustem
GILLQUIST, Hulda E see Trustem
GILMAN, Clarice see Damson, Charles A
GILMAN, Dilly see McKenzie, Donald K
GILMAN, Dilly see Murray, A C
GILMAN, Edward see Damson, Charles A
GILMAN, Edward see Gilman
GILMAN, Edward M see Forsness, Gilman R
GILMAN, Eliza see Furman, Fred
GILMAN, Frances N see Gilman, Samuel W
GILMAN, Harry see Gilmore, Ike A
GILMAN, Laurence       Poplar 22 St Paul Mn Edward Gilman & Lillian Rowe 20-Oct-1913 Plentywood Sheridan 2633
      Margaret Winhofer Poplar 18 Poplar Stephan Winhofer & Theresa Unger
GILMAN, Lillian see Pippenger, David Homer
GILMAN, Liza see Furman, Joseph
GILMAN, Loretta see Johnson, J Forrest
GILMAN, Loretta see Page, Ralph
GILMAN, Loretta see Buck, George W
GILMAN, Myrle see Forsness, Gilman R
GILMAN, Samuel W       Fayette N D 35 St? Cloud Mn Francis N Gilman & Hannah Cary 20-Nov-1911 Glendive Dawson 1016
      Elizabeth Cary Drain Oregon 24 Kingston Mn Hans Cary & Margaret Gobel
GILMAN, Stella Marie see Gilmore, Ike A
GILMER, John see Gilmer, Robert C
GILMER, Robert C       Williston 37 Ire John Gilmer & G Chestnut 15-Dec-1919 Glasgow Valley 2596
      Kathryn Shea Williston 25 N D Shannon Shea & E Brown
GILMORE, A H see Gilmore, James W
GILMORE, Alex see Gilmore, Ike A
GILMORE, Alfred see Weidner, Caleb
GILMORE, Alice see Bond, William Andrew
GILMORE, Anna May see Ness, Gordon
GILMORE, Ernest F       Glentana 22 Clare Mich Sylvester E Gilmore & Martha Taylor 19-Jun-1916 Glasgow Valley 1880
      Edith Peterson ??? 19 Evansville Mn James Peterson & Elizabeth Wagner
GILMORE, Florence see Ashford, Charles
GILMORE, Frank A       Glendive 34 Anapee Wis Frank Gilmore & Jennie Hudson 27-Jun-1901 Glendive Dawson 222
      Katherine Nelson Glendive 24 Trondhjem Norway Maelin? Nelson & Carrie Carlson
GILMORE, H M see Gilmore, Milan
GILMORE, Helen see Edwards, Clarence A
GILMORE, Ike A       Zenith N D 26 Buffalo N D Alex Gilmore & Eliza McGowan 4-Oct-1923 Wibaux Wibaux 403
      Stella Mae Gilman Zenith N D 23 Eagle Bend Mn Harry Gilman & Anna Marton
GILMORE, James see Gilmore, Ralph
GILMORE, James see Gilmore, Ralph
GILMORE, James see Gilmore, Willaim L V
GILMORE, James W see Ashford, Charles
GILMORE, James W       Melrose Mass 63 Fairlee Vermont A H Gilmore & Mary Childs 25-Dec-1900 Glendive Dawson
      Mrs Grace V Marron Glendive 31 Alliance Ohio Nathaniel J Bendin & Marg McCoy
GILMORE, James W see Gilmore, John Christoffer
GILMORE, John see Jarton, Leo Edward
GILMORE, John see Jarton, Kleber
GILMORE, John Christoffer       Scobey 30 Everly Iowa James W Gilmore & Lavina May Beeks 4-Oct-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1226
      Erma Lucinda Shankle Scobey 22 Duluth Mn Lester Shankle & Anna Shallman
GILMORE, Marguerite see Jarton, Kleber
GILMORE, Mary see Jarton, Leo Edward
GILMORE, Maude see Weidner, Caleb
GILMORE, Milan       Belfield N D 19 Milton H M Gilmore & Loye Felix 7-Jan-1923 Wibaux Wibaux 370
      Margaret Lerfold Belfield 17 Fergus Falls Mn Julius Lerfold & Elizabeth Bauer
GILMORE, Ralph       Lustre 29 Iowa James Gilmore & Lavina Beaks Valley ( Cert Not Completed)
      Elizabeth Bertha Peters Lustre 18 Canada Ernest F Peters & Elizabeth Triske
GILMORE, Ralph       Lustre 29 Iowa James Gilmore & Lavina Beaks 10-Nov-1923 Wolf Point Roosivelt 569
      Elizabeth Bertha Peters Lustre 18 Can Ernest Peters & Elizabeth Torske
GILMORE, Sarah see Bartley, Kelly
GILMORE, Sylvester E see Gilmore, Ernest F
GILMORE, William L V       Flaxville 23 Clay Cty Iowa James Gilmore & Lavina Beeks 20-Aug-1923 Scobey Daniels 116
      Jennie Bell Michelson Kenmare N D 20 Kenmare Arthur Michelson & Edith Miner
GILPATRICK, Clarinda see Lick, Henry Edward
GILPIN, Edna L see Vannoy, Larry McKeaver
GILPIN, Luella see Babb
GILPIN, Roina see Cates, Eldrid L
GILPIN, Rose Ella see McConnen
GILPIN, T E see Vannoy, Larry McGilpin
GILROYM, Margurate? see Baines, Ollie
GILSON, Cora see Chouenard, Joseph
GILSON, Flora see Hale, John B
GILSTROF, Charles H see Markle, Walter C
GILSTROF, Victoria see Markle, Walter C
GILTRSLIEVE, Mary see Lebert Sam
GIMBER, Catherine see Bakewell, Grant
GIME, Harriet see King, Henery
GIMSA, Hattie see Pierzina, J T
GIMSA, Hattie see Pierzine, Ben J
GINELLE, Martha see Landers, James W
GINES, Jack       Outlook 24 Kentucky N R Gaines & Serena Andes 1-Jun-1929 Redstone Sheridan 2436
      Evelyn Johnson Outlook 22 Balfour N D Amund Johnson & Mart Myhre
GINGER, Henry       White 24 Russia Jacob Ginger & Christina Kirschman 4-Apr-1916 Glendive Dawson 1905
      Paulina Finkbeiner Watkins 28 Russia Konrad Finkbeiner & Christina Fode
GINGER, Jacob see Ginger, Henry
GINGRAS, Adile see Senechal, Joe J
GINGUH?, Hannah see Bilger, William
GINN, Estella see Dougherty, R C
GINNEY, Hannah see Fox, James
GINTER, Anna see Efta, Stanley
GINTER, Rose see Thornberg, Herbert M
GINTHER, ??? see Babinski, Albert
GINTOVIC, Frances see Petrowicz, Stephen Frank
GINTZ?, Margaret see Jackson, Louis Frank
GIPP, Louis see Buckley, John J
GIRARD, Gabrielle see Wahl, Hilmer Morris
GIRARD, Gustav V       Madoc 24 Sask Can Joseph Girard & Louise Riva 11-Jan-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2218
      Marie L Moran Madoc 22 Belcourt N D John B Moran & Mary LaFrance
GIRARD, Joseph see Wahl, Hilmer Morris
GIRARD, Joseph see Lebel
GIRARD, Joseph see Girard
GIRARD, Lucy see Lebel
GIRARD, Sarah see Cole, C I
GIRBIG, Maggie see Perry, Arthur
GIRBIG, Margaret see Kienenberger, Edward R
GIRL, Joseph see Reynolds, John
GIRSCH, Robert see Sauer, Frank N
GIRSCH, Rose A see Sauer, Frank N
GIRTH, Reaka see Laabs, Richard
GISH, Clark A       Lovejoy 27 Waverly Iowa Henry Gish & Julia M Hulburt 1-Dec-1914 Malta Valley 1592
      Nellie M Monroe Lovejoy 25 Valentine Neb Roy Monroe & Martha Johnson
GISH, Henry see Gish, Clark A
GISH, John see Albrecht, Albert Henry
GISINGER, Constant see Usselman, John
GISINGER, Constant see Usselman, John
GISINGER, Margaret see Usselman, John
GISINGER, Margaret see Usselman, John
GISKE, Bernt see Anderson, Marstrand Eckkfoff
GISKE, Maria Christine see Anderson, Marstrand Eckkhoff
GISKELL, Ella see Holliday
GISL?, see Red Plume
GISLER, Frances see Wagner, George
GISSER, Hattie see Ortzman, Isaac
GITHIN, Frank see Rhine, Elmer M
GITHIN, Helen Genevia see Rhine, Elmer M
GITINA, see Smith
GITRUD, Inga see Aasen, Fritz
GITS, Ed see Mitchell, Raymond
GITS, Edmund see Sherman, Ellis Joseph
GITS, Juliet Evelyn see Mitchell, Raymond
GITS, Prudence Louise see Sherman, Ellis Joseph
GIVALTNEY, James T see Givaltney, Robert James
GIVALTNEY, Robert James       Wagner 23 Hersey Wis James T Givaltney & Lenore Hathaway 6-Sep-1916 Chinook Blaine 306
      Lulu Frances Granger Harlem 27 Harlem William Granger & Susie Fleming
GIVE, Woman see Gum, George
GIVE, Agnes see McDonald, John Robert
GIVENS, Cecelia see Chase, John H
GIVENS, Celia see Gamble, Everett H
GIVENS, Edgar E       Great Falls 44 Illinois 21-Jun-1925 Phillips 829
      Mande B Holt Great Falls 29 Missouri
GIVENS, Gertrude R see Gregerson, Ole Bernhart
GIVENS, Henry C see Gregerson, Ole Barnhart
GIVES, A Blanket see Gives, Parker B
GIVES, Goods see Walking Eagle
GIVES, the Blanket see Standing
GIVES, the Blanket see Gibbs
GIVES, Gracie see Todd, Abner Robert
GIVES, Parker B       Wolf Point 34 Oswego Gives A Blanket & Hattie Towns 10-Sep-1928 Chinook Blaine 1080
      Isabel One Man Lodge Pole 17 Lodge Pole Joseph One Man & Sarah
GIVES BLANKET, Hattie see Cox, Isaac Jr
GIZSNER, Frances see Craver, William Henry
GJEDREM, Bertha see Kleppilid, Alfred
GJEDREN, Georgina see Bye, Kaare
GJERDAHL, Cecile Ottile see Gronvold, Henry
GJERDE, Helga see Gjerde, Odin
GJERDE, Odin       Fallon 30 Bergen Helge Gjerde & Brita Hjortland 4-Dec-1919 Glendive Dawson 2716
      Marie Akra Plaza N D Estherville Iowa Mate Akra & Bertha Bringdell
GJERSWOLD, Marie see Walker, Clyde H
GJESDAL, Cornelia see Hanson
GJESME, Anna see Leidahl, Knute
GJESME, Lars see Leidahl, Knute
GLAAB, Reuben       Williston 34 Missouri Elois & Minnie Glaab 2-Feb-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1000
      Berta Nelson Williston 26 Norway Andrew & Martha Nelson
GLAAB, Elois & Minnie see Glaab, Reuben
GLABB, George see Baxter, Ralph
GLABB, Harriet see Baxter, Ralph
GLAC, Francizka see Molenda, Henry
GLADDEN, David C see Gladden, Van W
GLADDEN, Lillian M see Lemire, Louis Emanuel
GLADDEN, Van W       Sidney 28 Grand Meadow Mn David C Gladden & Abbie Windsleif 8-Dec-1917 Glendive Dawson 2307
      Helen Pearl Glidden Sidney 24 Hallock Mn Irving E Glidden & Annie Jolliff
GLADEAU, Mary Anna see Wells, Frank
GLADEN, James see Brisbo, William
GLADSON, Emma see Cool, Fred E
GLADU, Antonio see Nicholson, Murray
GLADU, James       Brookside 23 Mt 19-Dec-1918 Phillips 396
      Isabelle Perry Lodge Pole 24 Mt
GLADU, Mary Rose Zilda see Nicholson, Murray
GLADUE, Anastasia see Trottier, John
GLADUE, Anastasia see Sorensen
GLADUE, Joseph       Canada 30 Can St Pierre Gladue & Elizabeth ?rozette 3-Jun-1913 Culbertson Sheridan 22?
      Zilda Poitra Culbertson 18 N D Norbert Poitra & Zilda Deloune
GLADUE, Justine see Parisien
GLADUE, Mary see Dacoteau, Peter
GLADUE, Mary see Bauer, Fred
GLADUE, Mary see Martell
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Kellett, Charles Reginald
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Martell, Thomas
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Robbins, Charles
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Martell
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Fredrickson
GLADUE, N see Moran
GLADUE, Pat       Culbertson 36 Turtle Mtn N D Peter Gladue & Elizabeth Gardhie 24-Sep-1912 Culbertson Valley 1126
      Emma DeCouteau Culbertson 15 Rock Lake Man Louie Decouteau & Jennie Granbois
GLADUE, Peter see Gladue, Pat
GLADUE, Peter see Dacoteau, Peter
GLADUE, Rosalie see Fraiser
GLADUE, Rosalie see Frasier
GLADUE, Rosella see Frasier
GLADUE, St Pierre see Gladue
GLAENDL, Eldra see Heinze
GLAESMER, Margaret see Elliot, M H
GLAINZKE, Marguerite Marie see Kudrna
GLAINZKE, Willian see Kudrna
GLAISTER, Isabella see McGonigle, Milton Chester
GLANS, Clarence Theodore       Scobey 30 Twin Valley Mn Leonard Glans & Thea Hove 5-Nov-1924 Navajo Daniels 171
      Mildred L Gunn Flaxville 18 Auburn Ill John Gunn & Etta Smith
GLANS, Clarence Theodore       Scobey 27 Twin Valley Mn Leonard Glans & Thea Hove 22-Nov-1921 Scobey Daniels 37
      Bertha Colby Scobey 23 Chicago Ill Theodore Colby & Anna Halls
GLANS, Cliffert E       Flaxville 25 Twin Valley Mn Leonard Glans & Thea Hove 12-Aug-1930 Plentywood Sheridan 2543
      Amanda Kamrud Madoc 18 Bottineau N D Torstein Kamrud & Anna Hoven
GLANS, Leonard see Glans, Clarence Theodore
GLANS, Leonard see Glans
GLASCO, Emma see Lewis, George
GLASCO, Frank see Glasco, Lee Edwin
GLASCO, Henry see Lewis, George
GLASCO, Lee Edwin       Poplar 31 Pied-mont Kan Frank Glasco & Bell Jones 12-Dec-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1263
      Evelyn Irine Sinclair Poplar 17 Holland Mich Allon L Sinclair & Helen Dawson
GLASCOCK, Cleveland T       Saco 42 Fulton Mo John Glascock & Katherine Thomas 2-Jul-1927 Glasgow Valley 3300
      Pearl Matson Saco 31 Talbot Mich Chris Matson & Jennie Thompson
GLASCOCK, John see Glascock, Cleveland T
GLASCOCK, John see Glasscock, Cleveland T
GLASER, Mary see Markell, William W
GLASOE, Edna see Roness
GLASOE, Mattie see Stenerson
GLASOE, Mettie see Erickson
GLASOE, Michael see Roness
GLASPELL, Jennie see Turnquist
GLASS, James Oliver see Glass, Max B
GLASS, Lizzie M see Daniels, Frank M
GLASS, Margaret see Latonus, Wentley
GLASS, Max B       Morristown S D 29 Keokuk Iowa James Oliver Glass & Lucy Ann Eldridge 25-Feb-1915 Wibaux Wibaux 19
      Amy L Jackson Salt Lake City 27 Salt Lake City James & Katherine Jackson
GLASS, Rudolf see Gourdoux, R J
GLASS, Wilhelmina see Gourdoux, R J
GLASSCOCK, Cleveland T       Shafer N D 28 Mo John Glasscock & Catherine Thomas 30-Jun-1913 Glasgow Valley 1314
      Alice Tweeten Berwick N D 23 N D Ole Tweeten & Severina Simms?
GLASSCOCK, J H see Colby, Alfred E
GLASSCOCK, Naoma F see Colby, Alfred E
GLASSEN, Christ see Glassen, Gottfried
GLASSEN, Gottfried       Glendive 37 St Bonifacius Mn Christ Glassen & Mary Pauley 3-Nov-1925 Glendive Dawson 3290
      Lola Searer Glendive 27 Wakarusa Ind Grant Searer & Estella Lutz
GLASSMAN, Frank see Olsen, Elmer H
GLASSMAN , Nellie L see Olsen, Elmer H
GLATHE, Paulina see Fenske
GLAVIN, Delia A see Kirsch, Nickolas Joseph
GLAYS, Ellen R see Davis, Roy P
GLAZE, Blanche see Morken
GLAZE, Charlie see Glaze
GLAZE, Charlie see Linthicum
GLAZE, Ethel see Linthicum
GLAZE, Fred see Morken
GLAZE, Theodore       P’wood legal Neb Charles Glaze & Minerva Frisby 10-Nov-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2382
      Linda Erickson Dagmar legal Mn Jona Erickson & Bettie Peterson
GLAZIER, Alma see Pippen, Fred H
GLAZIER, Arthur A see Lunstad, Christian C
GLAZIER, Etta see Gallagher, George E
GLAZIER, Leota Marie see Lunstad, Pearl Ada
GLAZIER, Pearl see Bundren, George William
GLAZIER, Pearl see Bundgren, Henry Charles
GLEASON, ? see Hess, W O
GLEASON, Archie see Emmel, John G
GLEASON, Archie see Gleason, W A
GLEASON, Archie & Mrs see Rice, J G
GLEASON, Clyde Walter       Portage Wis 45 Milford Wis Walter E Gleason & Mabel S White 6-Sep-1924 Harlem Blaine 830
      Florence Erbes Harlem 21 Mt John Erbes & Esther Mountford
GLEASON, Ethel see Berg Edwin O
GLEASON, Florence Edna see Hess, W O
GLEASON, Fred see Griffin, Harry E
GLEASON, Fred see Stephen, Walter
GLEASON, Fred see Gleason, Myrlis H
GLEASON, Fred see Stephan
GLEASON, Fred see Anderson
GLEASON, Fred see Berg
GLEASON, Fred see Gleason
GLEASON, Fred & May see Tait
GLEASON, Howard E       Glendive 42 Mandan N D Joel Gleason & Cora Milered 2-Jun-1923 Glendive Dawson 2986
      Harriet Murphy Glendive 34 Sleepy Eye Mn Alexander R Murphy & Mary O’Brien
GLEASON, Joel see Gleason, Howard E
GLEASON, Leona see Stephan, Walter
GLEASON, Leona see Stephan
GLEASON, Lyda see Eberhart, Jay
GLEASON, Mabel see Rice, J G
GLEASON, Maggie see Todd, John W
GLEASON, Mary see Ronek, Peter H
GLEASON, Mary see Emmel, John G
GLEASON, Myrlis H       Dagmar 24 N D Fred Gleason & Delia Vickerman 25-Sep-1930 Scobey Daniels 488
      Edith A Watt Scobey 19 Hart Sask Can Albert Watt & Bertha Johnson
GLEASON, Pearl (Griffen?) see Anderson
GLEASON, Pearl N see Tait
GLEASON, Robert John       P,wood 22 Tracy Mn Fred Gleason & May Vickerman 15-Mar-1923 Plentywood Sheridan 1882
      Louise Marie Erickson P’wood 22 Mn P A Erickson & Johanna Haugaas
GLEASON, W A       Glendive 26 Lake City Mn Archie Gleason & Adelia Lemley 4-Sep-1904 Glendive Dawson 316
      Barbara Ballinger Glendive 18 Hadama Hungary John Ballinger & Elizabeth Kirchner
GLEASON, Walter E see Gleason, Clyde Walter
GLEATTE, Madeline see Brownell, Lloyd Sanford
GLEE, Eliza see Osgood, Raymond O
GLEIM, Elizabeth Catherine see Busch, Lawrence W
GLEIN, Henry       Brockton 41 Foxholm N D Jens Glein & Elsie Peterson 18-Aug-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 655
      Elsie B Drummond Brockton 19 Grand Forks N D William Drummond & Nora B Cooper
GLEIN, Jens see Glein, Henry
GLEMANHAGA, Mary see Fletcher, Charles Ward
GLENDENNING, Edith M see Brown
GLENDENNING, Inice Elsie see Clough, Raymond G
GLENDENNING, James see Brown
GLENDENNING, Jennie see McGuiness, Delbert William
GLENDENNING, Marshall       Sidney 24 Revo? Montana William Glendenning & Mary V Adams 4-Apr-1909 Glendive Dawson 678
      May Herbert Bakerville 20 Bakerville H Herbert & Nettie M Walker
GLENDENNING, Verda see Gibbs
GLENDENNING, William see Glendenning, Marshall
GLENDENNING, William B see Clough, Raymond G
GLENN, Alice A see Meyer, Calvin S
GLENN, Forrest       Tyndal S D 28 Chatsworth Iowa W R Glenn & Amy Doran 5-Oct-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2772
      Marie H Collin Winnipeg Man 28 St Boniface Mamitoba Can Harry Collin & Rose Anna Mondor
GLENN, Mary see Fisher, Jacob
GLENN, W R see Glenn
GLENNEN, Helge see Glennen, Jens
GLENNEN, Jens       Miles City 29 Norway Helge Glennen & Guro Jullen 23-Dec-1913 Glendive Dawson 1407
      Marie Strand Miles City 21 Sweden Martin Strand & Marie Andreson
GLENNON, Johan see Heitz, George E
GLENNON, Lucille see Heitz, George E
GLENNON, Mary see Duffy, Thomas E
GLENNON, Mary see Allen
GLENZER, Lester Thorne       Dunseith N D 21 N D Steve Glenzer & ??? 23-Oct-1926 Scobey Daniels 277
      L Cora Lillian Lien Flaxville 18 Mn Austin Lien & ??? Woods
GLENZER, Steve see Glenzer, Lester Thorne
GLEWWE, Fred see Glewwe, Julius F
GLEWWE, Julius F       Cleveland 32 Inver Grove Mn Fred (Glowwe?)Glewwe & Anna Brown 4-Nov-1922 Harlem Blaine 733
      Freda Louise Miller Harlem 27 Gt Falls Emil G Miller & Annie Bennet
GLICE, Anne see Goedecke, Gust
GLICK, D see Mullet, Moses J
GLICK, Lydia see Campbell, Lawrence Roy
GLICK, Sallie A see Mullet, Moses J
GLIDDEN, Ethel see Pickering, Paul
GLIDDEN, Helen Pearl see Gladden, Van W
GLIDDEN, Irving E see Gladden, Van W
GLIDU, Mertie see Belknap, Bertram F
GLIME, Mary see Bates, Milo
GLIMPS, Della see Farrington E S
GLINZ, Ernest see Miller
GLISSMAN, George       Richey 28 Decatur Illinois William Glissman & Julia Birnel 28-Feb-1928 Circle McCone 114
      Grace Zuraff Richey 21 Dolton S D Frank Zuraff & Lillia Parker
GLISSMAN, William see Glissman, George
GLOBE, Mary see Helland, John Fred
GLOBE, Mary see Back, Peter A
GLOBSTAD, Hans see Globstad, Ole
GLOBSTAD, Ole       Big Timber 41 Norway Hans Globstad & E Olson 3-Oct-1916 Glendive Dawson 2011
      Clara Olson Lake Park Mn 37 Lake Park S Olson & Ingeborg Hail
GLOCEKLER, David see Fast
GLOCEKLER, Elizabeth H see Fast
GLODOSKI, Lizzie see Mrozek, Harry
GLOESMER, Fredrick see Boeckman, Charles G
GLOMSKI, Catherine see Teskey, Edward
GLOUDE, Mastaza see Roussiu
GLOUDE, Nelson       Cavalier N D 33 Cava-lier Peter Gloude & Clara Blanchard 14-Sep-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 666
      Rose Elizabeth Deek McCarter N D 33 McCarter Carl Deek & Catherine E Garvio
GLOUDE, Peter see Gloude, Nelson
GLOVER, Edward Gershon       Enid 22 Fargo N D George W Glover & Ellen Besant 24-Dec-1908 Glendive Dawson 654
      Mabel Louise Tucker Enid 16 Kentucky Wm Tucker & Ella Boston
GLOVER, George see Glover, Harry
GLOVER, George W see Glover, Edward Gershon
GLOVER, Harry       Malta 30 Minneapolis Mn George Glover & Nellie St Cyr 8-May-1902 Malta Valley 55
      Frances French Malta 34 Penn John Barge & Cornelia Kanada
GLOVER, Norman Edwin       Phillips 27 Canada 22-May-1918 Phillips 338
      Jessie Compton Phillips 23 Mn
GLOWWE, Fred see Glewwe, Julius F
GLOYN, Elva see Collier, Lee
GLOYN, Ethel see Anderson, Monroe
GLOYN, Fred see Gloyn, William
GLOYN, N M see Collier, Lee
GLOYN, William       Turner 27 Near Gt Falls Fred Gloyn & Almira Miller 9-Jun-1919 Chinook Blaine 566
      Nell Bernadine Caston Turner 17 Pullman Wa Chas A Caston & Harriet Wells
GLOYN, William       Turner 23 Cascade Cty Fred Gloyn & Almira Miller 7-Jul-1913 Chinook Blaine 64
      Elva Ballentine Turner 17 Cole Cty Okla Frank Ballantine & Elizabeth Mullins
GLOYNE, Ethel May see Kremer, Francis
GLUNG, Agnes see Nieskins, Tony
GLUNG, Agnes see Nieskins
GLUNZ, Agnes see Nieskins, Albert L
GLUSS, Augusta see Nelson, Russell Scott
GLUYAS, Edwin J see Gluyas, Richard J
GLUYAS, Richard J       Glendive 25 Glens Ferry Idaho Edwin J Gluyas & Sarah Anker 16-Apr-??? Glendive Dawson 2630
      Helen E Gagermeier Glendive 19 Glendive John Gagermeier & Frances Meisinger
GLYNN, Laura Margaret see Bystrom, Oliver
GLYNN, Mary see Leer, Rudolph
GLYNN, Mary Jane see Fisher, John Glen
GLYNN, Pat W see Bystrom, Oliver
GLYSCHAU, Ernest see Hilger, Robert Joseph
GLYSCHAU, Pansy Pearl see Hilger, Robert Joseph
GLYSHAU, Bessie see Normand, Joseph L
GNEBER, Anna see Scovel, Loyd B
GO, Through the Night see Medicine Boy
GOASLIND, Mary G see Tymofichuk, Nick
GOBBS, Edward Frank       McCabe 41 Wis John Gobbs & Augusta Tellock 25-Jul-1928 Glasgow Valley 3399
      Hattie Belle Alisch McCabe 35 Mn Richard Spencer & Arletta Rice
GOBBS, John see Gobbs, Edward Frank
GOBEL, Margaret see Gilman, Frances W
GOBERT, Irvin       Browning 24 Browning John Gobert & Susie Russell 14-Nov-1925 Harlem Blaine 913
      Josephine Ball Ft Belknap 21 Ft Belknap William Ball & Cecelia Azure
GOBERT, John see Gobert, Irvin
GOBION, A F see Boisgoly, Eugene
GOBLE, Musa see Aamot, Arthur
GOBLE, Musa see Moore, Henry W
GODARD, Belle see Munson, Fred Elbert
GODARD, Hiram see Lynch, John J
GODARD, Libby G see Gaston, Winfred
GODDARD, Catherine see Lindsten, Arthur
GODDARD, Eva see Claire, Harry Edwin
GODDARD, Joe see Goddard, Robert B
GODDARD, Joseph Henry       Bismark N D 26 Deerwood Mn Joseph Charles Goddard & Edith Schillings 30-Jun-1928 Glendive Dawson 3597
      Gladys A Strum Beach B D 24 Boyd Mn Carl J Strum & Oline Skaalen
GODDARD, Mary Edna see Boje, Gustav Adolph
GODDARD, Robert B       Glendive 25 Aiken Joe Goddard & Edith Skillings 20-May-1930 Glendive Dawson 3865
      Creta Auble Glendive 20 Spencer Ohio Clyde Auble & Lulu Ross
GODDARD, Thomas E see Boje, Gustav Adolph
GODDEN, Daisy C see Meyer, Leon
GODER, Apollonia see Mueller, Jacob
GODFREDSEN, Ellen see Petersen
GODFREDSEN, Peder see Petersen
GODFREDSEN, Peter see Danielsen, Magnus
GODFREDSEN, Petrina see Danielsen, Magnus
GODFRESON, John       Bloomfield 33 Marysville Kan Rasmus Godfreson & Anna Larson 14-Apr-1928 Glendive Dawson 3563
      Hazel Hudson Bloomfield 22 Walker Iowa Charles Hudson & Alice Brown
GODFRESON, Rasmus see Godfreson, John
GODFREY, Frank L       Malt 31 Maine Joseph Godfrey & Rebecca Monicy? 10-Oct-1905 Malta Valley 193
      Anne Taylor Battleford Canada Herbert Tatlor & ??? L Davis
GODFREY, John L       Malta 23 Phillips 16-Oct-1929 Phillips 1141
      Dorothy P Salsbery Malta 23 N D
GODFREY, Katherine M see Carter, Bud J
GODFREY, Silvia see Tubbs, Garfield
GODMAN, Gertrude see Dykstra, Benjamin G
GODRICKSON, Bertha M see Holmes, Sigve B
GODWA, Thomas see Godwa, O D
GODWA, O D       Lehigh N D 46 Ottawa Mn Thomas Godwa & Amanda Young 24-May-1916 Glendive Dawson 1923
      Lodema Summers Lehigh N D 18 Ottawa Mn Edward Summers & Maggie Hart
GODWIN, Jeannette see Liming, John F
GODWIN, L C see Godwin, William James
GODWIN, Martha see Hurd, W Walter
GODWIN, Martha see Hurd
GODWIN, William James       Hazen N D 30 Virginia L C Godwin & Olivia A Martin 2-Sep-1916 Wibaux Wibaux 104
      Elizabeth Merting Otter Creek N D 28 Iowa Rev L E Merting & L H Winter
GOEBEL, Edwin Albert       Chinook 32 Glencoe Mn Henry Goble & Charlotte Haish 3-June-1914 Chinook Blaine 127
      Teresa Lilly Chinook 32 Coldwater Mich Bernard Lilly & Johanna Hanberry
GOEBEL, Henry see Goebel, Edwin Albert
GOEBEL, Pauline see Dore, John E
GOEDECKE, Gust       Wolf Point 26 Germany William Goedecke & Anne Glice 29-Dec-1913 Glasgow Valley 1405
      Minnie Verstegen Wolf Point 19 Milbank S D F N Verstegen & Minnie Cramer
GOEDECKE, William see Goedecke Gust
GOEHRING, Jacob F       Whitetail 21 N D John Goehring & Marie Schlecter 18-May-1924 Plentywood Sheridan 1967
      Hildegarde Effinger Whitetail 24 Belgrade Mn John Effinger & Katherine Brown
GOEHRING, John see Goehring
GOELKER, Elizabeth see Sorum, John H
GOEPEL, Amelia see Arbogast, Chester
GOER, Mrs Rufus see Parent, Charles Edwin
GOER, R B see Parent, Charles Edwin
GOER, Rufus B       Barnard 25 S D William H Goer & Tilda Halverson 16-Oct-1919 Glasgow Valley 2567
      Emma Madden Thoeny 20 Hinsdale John Parrent & Mary E Malitaire
GOER, William H see Goer, Rufus B
GOERKE, Hilda see Schmidt, Richard John
GOERLITZ, Carl       Glasgow 42 Casline Germany Wilhelm Goerlitz & Caroline Schuttjetz? Valley 1319 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Mary Sidel Glasgow 32 Door Cty Wis Christ Sidel & Barbara Schmidt
GOERLITZ, Wilhelm see Goerlitx, Carl
GOERTZ, P H see Nelson, Elmer Julius
GOERTZ, P H       Malta 36 Mn 7-Jun-1922 Phillips 649
      Eula Ruth Saunders Malta 30 Texas
GOESENHOUSE, Nina see Furst, Jerome
GOESENHOUSE, Tom & Florence see Furst, Jerome
GOESKER, Loretta see Sievers, Henry F
GOESSAERT, Gabrielle see Collins, Kenneth D
GOESSAERT, Sylvain see Collins, Kenneth D
GOETTEL, Ferdinand see Goettel, John Otto
GOETTEL, John Otto       Glasgow 29 Iowa Ferdinand Goettel & E____? Zehrendt 18-Mar-1908 Culbertson Valley 346
      Ella Faye Otis Glasgow 30 Iowa J C Otis & Lavina C—ith?
GOETTEN, Barbara see Haarman, Andrew
GOETZ, Barbara see Hoeser, Otto
GOETZ, Barbara see Breitbach, Joseph P
GOETZ, Barbara see Dougherty, Vatalis
GOETZENGER, Helen see French
GOETZINGER, Edward B       Comertown 25 Corinth N D Geo Goetzinger & Hetwig Pieper 12-Mar-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3003
      Lucille Nelson P’wood 18 P’wood David Nelson & Martha Lindval
GOETZINGER, Geo see Goetzinger
GOFF, Alice see Bailey, George
GOFF, Arthur M       Circle 40 Westby Wisc S M Goff & Belle Gurley 27-Dec-1920 Circle McCone 26
      Margaret Kniepkamp Circle 36 Wendbergen Halstein Germany Klaus Offt & Anges Timm
GOFF, Barney see Goff, Thomas
GOFF, Charles Oliver see Bailey, George
GOFF, Edward see Ambrose, W R
GOFF, Ella see Schincell
GOFF, Isola see Larson, Selmer I
GOFF, John D see Goff, Weighty
GOFF, Louisa see Freel, Amos F
GOFF, Louisa see Freel, Lessel C
GOFF, Louisa see Freel, Henry B
GOFF, Mary see Swain, Dave
GOFF, Mrs Ella see Hink, Casper
GOFF, Peter see Hink, Casper
GOFF, S M see Goff, Arthur M
GOFF, Thomas       Wibaux 35 Marion Cty Iowa Barney Goff & Dilema Valentine 9-Jun-1902 Wibaux Dawson 254
      May Lewis West Virginia 18 Penn Freeman & Mathilda Lewis
GOFF, Weighty W       Nashua 21 Wyo John D Goff & Sarah Will 1-Feb-1917 Glasgow Valley 2060
      Mary Panton Nashua 21 Four Buttes J R Panton & Carrie Bussie
GOFFIELD, Jennie Edna see Fish, Donald B
GOFFIELD, Stacy see Fish, Donald B
GOGGIN, Louise see Hagener, Oliver
GOGGIN, William       Malta 28 N D 22-Dec-1921 Phillips 618
      Johanna Louisa Holland Malta 17 N D
GOGGIN, Wm see Hartsock, Lester
GOGGINS, Agnes Claire see Ault, Paul Levi
GOGGINS, Michael see Ault, Paul Levi
GOHEEN, Clifford Joseph       Dundalk Ont 23 Dundalk Robert Goheen & Susanna Dresser 20-Sep-1924 Scobey Daniels 164
      Annie Christine McKerricher Bad Axe Mich 22 Bad Axe Arch McKerricher & Hanna McCracken
GOHEEN, Lavina see Orr, John H
GOHEENM, Robert see Goheen, Clifford Joseph
GOIN?, Ug----? see Proulx, Valerie
GOINGS, Marian J see Goings, William E
GOINGS, William E       Sidney 21 Centralia Illinois Marion J Goings & Ulissa L Root 21-Aug-1910 Sidney Dawson 829
      Phebe A Kemmis Sidney 24 Sidney Thompson A Kemmis & Jane E Bettey
GOINS, Edward see Arms, Charlie
GOLASEN, Martin see Rishood, Olaus
GOLASEN, Nellie see Rishood, Olaus
GOLAY, Edna see Avery, Bert Rolland
GOLAY, Edna see Brasen, Francis
GOLAY, Edna see Tunison, Edwin Everett
GOLAY, Edna M see Jarstad, Willard O
GOLBERG, George K       Scobey 34 Iowa Ole Golberg & Rose Severson 21-Mar-1917 Scobey Sheridan 988
      Olive R Grant Scobey 18 Mn Robert Grant & Lucy A Fitz-patrick
GOLBERG, Mary see Taylor, Max L
GOLBERG, Ole see Golberg
GOLDBERG, Marie see Lurie, Morris
GOLDBERRY, Gertrude see Wilson, Preston P
GOLDCHILDEN, Lasarus see Jeffers, Frank
GOLDEN, Charles see Golden, Henry Lee
GOLDEN, Doris see Hubble, Hugh
GOLDEN, E M see Hubble, Hugh
GOLDEN, Erving see Hartse, Lawrence W
GOLDEN, Frank see Golden, Robert R
GOLDEN, Henry Lee       Havre 22 Richmond Ken Charles Golden & Lucy White 15-Dec-1917 Chinook Blaine 465
      Dolly Vivian Ames Havre 22 DeSoto Wis Abb Ames & Ida Braywon
GOLDEN, Laverna see Hartse, Laverna
GOLDEN, Nellie see Gavin, Harold
GOLDEN, Nellie M see Gavin, Roland E
GOLDEN, Robert R       Lindsay 31 New Auburn Wisc Frank Golden & Elsie Gray 12-Aug-1914 Glendive Dawson 1562
      Lottie Green Colfax Wisc 37 Bangor Wisc W H Page & Anna Ruland
GOLDESBERRY, C G see Becker, Oscar
GOLDING, Elgin J       Nashua 26 N D James Golding & Marion Budson 7-Jan-1918 Glasgow Valley 2325
      Zola White Nashua 23 Mo Thomas D White & Maggie Paul
GOLDING, Ida see Taylor, Robert M
GOLDING, Ida see Harbolt, Glenn
GOLDING, James see Golding, Elgin J
GOLDMAN, Josephine see Anderson, McKee
GOLDMAN, Moses & Arabella see Anderson, McKee
GOLDSBERRY, C S see Padgett, Ray
GOLDSBERRY, Nora see Becker, Oscar
GOLDSBERRY, Nora see Padgett, Ray
GOLDSMITH, Anna see Mundel, Irie
GOLDSMITH, John see Waltman, William
GOLDSMITH, Joseph & Rosa see Hillebrand, Henry
GOLDSMITH, Joseph & Rosa see Klaus, Albert
GOLDSMITH, Martha see Douglas, Frank Hiram
GOLDSMITH, Regina see Klaus, Albert
GOLDSMITH, Sophia see Hillebrand, Henry
GOLEL, Elizabeth see Mack, Francis Edwin
GOLF, Ann see Payne, Ralph J
GOLFINGER, Goldie see Shapire, Chaim Jacob
GOLIGOSKI, Frank see Goligoski, Vincent
GOLIGOSKI, Vincent       Havre 28 Browerville Mn Frank Goligoski & Mary Sowa 17-Sep-1930 Chinook Blaine 1229
      Amy Dexter Havre 26 Chicago John Dexter & Ruby Maurer
GOLIGOSWKI, Frances see Kurtz, William Alisous
GOLKUS, Matilda see Klisis
GOLKUS, Ygnas see Klisis
GOLL, Christ R       Caldwell 30 N D 29-Nov-1927 Phillips 989
      Anne Andrews Caldwell 18 Canada
GOLL, Fred see Pfeifle, Fred Jr
GOLL, Rosinal see Murray, James F
GOLL, Tillie see Pfiefle, Fred Jr
GOLL, William see Murray, James F
GOLLATZ, Bertha see Gollatz, Hans
GOLLATZ, Franz see Gollatz, Franz
GOLLATZ, Hans       Belfield 36 Berlin Germany Franz Gollatz & Maria Botka 10-Nov-1916 Glendive Dawson 2051
      Bertha Gallatz Belfield 30 Wurtzburg Germany John Schultes & Margaret Scheller
GOLLOP, Frank see Cothorn, William R
GOLLOP, Marie see Cothern, William R
GOLMBEK, Mary see Kowalczk, Albert
GOLNICK, Edward G       Jordan 58 Posen Ger John Golnick & Pauline Stark 22-May-1920 Jordan Garfield 27
      ??? Jordan 26 Buckskin Ind John F Rainey & Lucinda Benton
GOLNICK, John see Golnick, Edward G
GOLO, Louise see Frisinger, I G
GOLOIE, Ben see Felton, Daniel W
GOLOIE, Elizabeth G see Felton, Daniel W
GOLPHENEE, A B see Young, Edward G W
GOLPHENEE, Martha E see Young, Edward G W
GOLTERMAN, Henry see Golterman, Joseph H
GOLTERMAN, Joseph H       Redstone 32 St Peter Missouri Henry Golterman & Anna Aike 14-Nov-1922 Scobey Daniels 82
      Mary Lavengood Wabash Ind 27 Wabash Sadoc Lavengood & ???
GOLTZ, Martha see Grove
GOLTZ, Martha see Schnittgen
GONDER, Charles M       Wolf Point 32 New Jersey William Gonder & Katherine Zimmerman 13-Jan-1920 Wolf Point Roosivelt 93
      Elizabeth Hogstatz Wolf Point 22 Jamestown N D John Hog-statz & Rosina Hansaver
GONDER, William see Gonder, Charles M
GONDERA, Susian see Ryan
GONDRY, Louie see Gondry, Victor
GONDRY, Victor       Malta 20 Buford N D Louie Gondry & Adam Belgarde Valley 3436 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Frances Jarvis Malta 24 Malta Pete Jarvis & rose Decota
GONERSCHALD, Josephine see Jaspers, Frank John
GONERTZ, Aganethe see Graber, Charley P
GONSIORASKI, Albert see Gonsioraski, Henry
GONSIORASKI, Henry       Wibaux 22 Missoula Albert Gonsioraski & Mary Derdowski 24-Sep-1929 Glendive Dawson 3776
      Ella Varner Baker 23 Baker Edward Varner & Katherine Stephens
GONYNE, Denmie see Wells, S L
GOOCH, Hattie see Legman, John
GOOD, All Over see Four Bear, Stanley
GOOD, Body see White Eagle, Jerome
GOOD, Body Woman see White Eagle, Jerome
GOOD, Chief Woman see Lone Warrior, Albert
GOOD, Cloud see Melbourn, George
GOOD, Cloud see Rattling Thunder
GOOD, Cloud see White Hawk
GOOD, Day see Lester
GOOD, Door Woman see Gibbs
GOOD, Eagle see Harrison
GOOD, Ear Woman see Knife Got
GOOD, Grass Woman see Red Elk, Archie
GOOD, Hand see Crow, Teddy
GOOD, Hand see Crow, Richard R
GOOD, Hand see Iron Ring, Santee
GOOD, Hand see Iron Leggins
GOOD, Hawk Woman see Taylor, Willis
GOOD, Horse see Harrison
GOOD, Horse Woman see Clancey, Edward Charles
GOOD, House see Proctor, James
GOOD, Laughing see Half Red
GOOD, Laughing Woman see Two Weasels
GOOD, Leader see Redstone
GOOD, Little Head see Black Crow
GOOD, Little Head see Counter
GOOD, Lodger see Looking, Clifford L
GOOD, Nest see Red Eagle, Elmer
GOOD, Nest see Counter, Reuben
GOOD, Nest see Bear, Gilbert
GOOD, Nest see Walking Eagle, Ralph
GOOD, Nest see Drum
GOOD, Night Dog see David Bets His Medicine
GOOD, Road see Denny, Marcus A
GOOD, Rock Lodge see Ekalaka
GOOD, Shield Woman see Black Crow
GOOD, Tail see Plenty Holes, Jacob
GOOD, Tail see Pipe
GOOD, Tail Woman see Bow, Isaac
GOOD, Tail Woman see Dumb, George
GOOD, Tail Woman see Hale, Francis
GOOD, Talk see Sherman
GOOD, Waking Woman see Bruguier, John
GOOD, Wears Walking see Ring
GOOD, Woman see Black Crow
GOOD, Woman see Jones, Richard
GOOD, Woman Two Bull see Little Bull, Frank
GOOD, Arthur see Lofgren, L S
GOOD, Burgetta see Bickford
GOOD, David Sylvester       Billings 67 Iowa Edward Good & Sarah Dougherty 14-Aug-1926 Plentywood Sheridan 2191
      Pauline Paulson Lavina 52 Norway Julius Paulson & Oline Christenson
GOOD, Edward see Good
GOOD, Elizabeth Ellen (McAfee?) see Schuster, Andrew L
GOOD, Frank B       Nickwall 21 Penn Wm F Good & Martha Iliff 17-Mar-1923 Wolf Point Roosivelt 479
      Verna Jones Nickwall 21 Cedar Rapids Iowa Elliot Jones & Lola Wood
GOOD, Hattie A see Hass, Herbert H
GOOD, Henry see Good, Mark Henry
GOOD, Henry B see Perrine, Charles
GOOD, Hobart       Glasgow 21 Vir Loa? Good & Roxie Mobray 26-Jul-1916 Glasgow Valley 1919
      Flossie Vaughn Willes Vir 18 James Vaughn & Nancy Jackson
GOOD, Loa? see Good, Hobart
GOOD, Manerva? Pearl see Perrine, Charles
GOOD, Marjorie see Corbett
GOOD, Mark Henry       Kalispell 26 Kalispell Henry Good & Melissa Ada Bowdish 16-Nov-1927 Chinook Blaine 1032
      Julia Louise Ziebarth Chinook 22 Chinook Albert W Bowdish & Julia H Strauch
GOOD, Olive see Lofgren, L S
GOOD, William see Hass, Herbert H
GOOD, Wm F see Good, Frank B
GOOD BEAR, Daisy see Bull Chief, Herbert
GOOD BOY, Daniel see White, Andrew
GOOD HORSE, Jennie see Cantrell, Otto
GOOD LEFT, Annie see Foote John
GOOD NEST, Mary see Two Bulls, Joseph
GOOD PACKER, Kittie see Sibbits, Edward
GOODALE, Arthur L       Redstone 34 Mich Wilbur Goodale & Sarah Comstock 10-Dec-1908 Glasgow Valley 431
      Christine Morvik Redstone 24 Mn Ole Morvik & Gertrude Tyssen
GOODALE, Ed see Goodale, Frank A
GOODALE, Frank A       Circle 27 Alexandria Neb Ed Goodale & Mary Larkin 27-Nov-1918 Circle Dawson 2455
      Marie Carstensen Circle 18 Tripoli Iowa Herman Carstensen & Maggie McCugh
GOODALE, George       Dickinson N D 23 Dickinson Michael Goodale & Sarah Wright 3-Aug-1915 Glendive Dawson 1755
      Bernice Eyer Dickinson N D 21 Eyersgrove Penn Rowland Eyer & Ada Hendershot
GOODALE, Louie see Goodale
GOODALE, Louie F       Antelope 32 Mn Louie Goodale 17-Oct-1917 Bainville Sheridan 1161
      Cora E Waller Antelope 23 Mn Olaf Waller & Hanna Novum (Norum?)
GOODALE, Michael see Goodale, George
GOODALE, Mildred see Hage, Reuben E
GOODALE, Wilbur see Goodale, Arthur L
GOODALL, Ples see Goodall, William E
GOODALL, Sadie see Hill, Thomas Roy
GOODALL, William E       Harlem 56 Sparta Mo Ples Goodall & Harriet Williamson 28-Oct-1929 Harlem Blaine 1176
      Lucy Phillips Harlem 56 Princeton Mo Hosea B Everett & Jane Butcher
GOODBAR, Mary W see Graves, Clarence E
GOODBAR, Roy L reschinook       Terry 23 Brazil Ind Walter L Goodbar & Hortense Terry 15-Sep-1926 Chinook Blaine 961
      Lillian Jordan 21 Hebron Col Fred Jordan & Ruby Bundy
GOODBAR, Walter L see Goodbar, Roy L
GOODBAR, Walter L see Graves, Clarence E
GOODE, Alma M see Kamla, John L
GOODE, Charles Norton       Billings 45 Ft Scott Kansas Solon L Goode & Hulda Bell Norton 7-Jun-1918 Glendive Dawson 2382
      Floy Viviene Wells Mandan N D 20 Osakis Mn Oscar D Wells & Christine Croft
GOODE, John B see Kamla, John L
GOODE, Solon L Goode see Charles, Norton
GOODELL, DeRance see Fry, Andrew
GOODELL, Ed see Goodell, Willard E
GOODELL, Ellen see Fry, Andrew
GOODELL, Florence see Hixon, Edward G
GOODELL, Nellie see Harleman, Edward
GOODELL, Willard E       Glendive 25 White Cloud Iowa Ed Goodell & Nellie Ruth 5-Oct-1929 Glendive Dawson 3781
      Mae Nissen Glendive 33 Cherryville Kansas George Skillings & Marie Estes
GOODENOUGH, Augusta E see Isbell, Boone
GOODENOUGH, Diana see Russell, Willis G
GOODER, Elmer Roy       P’wood 34 Wis John Gooder & Eliza Bell 25-Jun-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1004
      Susie Reuter P’wood 25 Mn Jasper Reuter & Helena Hendricks
GOODER, John see Gooder
GOODERJOHN, Alvina see Lock, Frank Edward
GOODFELLOW, Emerson see Osier, Steve
GOODFELLOW, Mary see Newton, Victor Merlin
GOODHARD, Annie see Tainter, Carl Allen
GOODHEART, Ervin J       Savoy 22 Mn 17-Aug-1920 Phillips 525
      Nellie Mildred Miller Harlem 21 Wisc
GOODHEART, Ervin J see Goodheart, John C
GOODHEART, Francis see Swatek, Charles L A
GOODHEART, John see Goodheart, Sylvester
GOODHEART, John C       Savoy 21 Chokio Mn John M Goodheart & Mary Shewdrop 5-Oct-1915 Savoy Blaine 227
      Mary Obasky Twete 18 New Jersey Mike Obasky & Anna Horvet
GOODHEART, John C see Goodheart, Ervin J
GOODHEART, John C       Savoy 25 Mn 8-Sep-1920 Phillips 532
      Emma Obasky ??? 20 New Jersey
GOODHEART, Mrs C J see Goodheart, Ervin J
GOODHEART, Sylvester       Savoy 19 Berthold B D John Goodheart & Mary Wedgewood 11-Feb-1929 Savoy Blaine 1109
      Esther Rich Coburg 20 Baraboo Wis Edward Rich & Mary Larson
GOODHEART, Tennie see Jaeger, Jas M
GOODLAXON, Vera see Hendricks
GOODLAXON, Verna see Gaines
GOODLAXON, William see Gaines
GOODLAXON, William see Hendricks
GOODLODGE, Miss see Cushing, Thomas
GOODMAN, Albert K       Poplar 24 Mt Ayres Iowa John J Goodman & Lena L Davis 20-Oct-1914 Poplar Sheridan 345
      Annie L Shiske Paxton 20 Sunbury Penn Caleb B Shiske & Elizabeth Cragbell?
GOODMAN, Cora see Berskirk, Ralph
GOODMAN, Elizabeth see Jarman(E?), Ernest
GOODMAN, Forrest see Smith, Warren G
GOODMAN, Forrest G see Fishbeck
GOODMAN, Frank E       Scobey 29 Iowa John Goodman & Leona Davis 27-Jun-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 774
      Adelland Downing Scobey N D George Downing & Sophia Brown
GOODMAN, Gretchen see Wheeler, Almeron P
GOODMAN, Harman W       Paxton 24 Shelby Cty Iowa William H Goodwin? & Wilhelmina Seba 28-Jan-1915 Glendive Dawson 1666
      Nellie V? Hedicam Paxton 18 Ft McGiniss Barney Hedicam & Emma Butterfield
GOODMAN, Harry E       Poplar 24 Mt Ayr Iowa John Goodman & Leona Davis 14-Aug-1913 Poplar Sheridan 58
      Gretchen Grace Kern Poplar 20 Walkerton, Ind George Kern & Mary G Lamson
GOODMAN, Jennie see Oakland, Dan
GOODMAN, John see Goodman
GOODMAN, John see Goodman
GOODMAN, John J see Goodman
GOODMAN, Josephine see Carn, Edward
GOODMAN, Nellie M see Fishbeck
GOODMAN, Vera E see Smith, Warren G
GOODMANSEN, John see Wallinder, Peter
GOODMANSON, Lars see Stebbins, Ross B
GOODMANSON, Luella Norena see Stebbins, Ross B
GOODNIGHT, William see Kephart, Ben M
GOODNOUGH, Augusta see Isbell
GOODNOUGH, Augusta see Dingman
GOODNUFF, Violet see Ulfers, L M
GOODPASTARD, Lucile see Clark, William H
GOODRICH, Charles L see Flickinger, Hazen D
GOODRICH, A see Goodrich, H H
GOODRICH, Arthelia see Potts, Jacob E L
GOODRICH, Charles see Clauson, David
GOODRICH, Charles L see Ruppel, Donovan H
GOODRICH, Ethel Viola see Flickinger, Hazen D
GOODRICH, Frances E see Hines
GOODRICH, H A see Hines
GOODRICH, H H       Bainville 23 Sioux City Iowa A Goodrich & Ellen Hanley 1-June-1910 Bainville Valley 638
      Caroline Maloy Bainville 22 Sioux City Iowa Richard Maloy & ???
GOODRICH, Lola see Clauson, David
GOODRICH, Rose see Converse, Gecil E
GOODROAD, Dora see Cornforth, James Elias
GOODROAD, Ida see Freel, Henry B
GOODROAD, Theodore see Cornforth, James Elias
GOODROOD, Ida see Hutchins, Eddie
GOODROW, Monea (Monica?) see Buckley, John J
GOODSELL, Adelbert see Goodsell, Andrew
GOODSELL, Andrew J       Frazer 25 Wallcott N Y Adelbert Goodsell & Inez Baldwin 20-May-1925 Glasgow Valley 3135
      Laura Vail Frazer 18 N D George Edward & Susian Miller
GOODSELL, Inez (Baldwin?) see Twitchell, James
GOODSON, E L see Stanford
GOODSON, Ethel see Logue
GOODSON, Fern see Lawson
GOODSON, Isaac F       Culbertson 21 Ill James Goodson & Alice Jones 6-Jul-1920 Mondak Roosivelt 152
      Annie M Thompson Culbertson 18 Illinois Wilse Thompson & Effie Lawson
GOODSON, James see Goodson, Isaac F
GOODSON, James see Stanford
GOODSON, James G see Logue
GOODSON, James G see Lawson
GOODSON, Mary see Parks, John C
GOODSON, O E see DeMessemaker, William
GOODSON, Otto       Wagner 27 Ill 1-Oct-1920 Phillips 538
      Helma Limdelouf Wagner 26 Phillips
GOODSPEED, Eloise see Batts, Walter Harold
GOODSPEED, Eloise see Herrick, Elmer S
GOODSPEED, Henry see Herrick, Elmer S
GOODSPEED, Mary see Holbert, Theodore N
GOODWATER, Mary see Larsen, Peter
GOODWILL, John H see Goodwill, William W
GOODWILL, William W       Derrick N D 24 Penn N D John H Goodwill & Hannah Ramsey 17-Aug-1917 Harlem Blaine 510
      Lydia A Miller Harlem 22 Mn William & Mary Bell Mobberley
GOODWIN, Chas see Whitaker, Guy C
GOODWIN, Hannah see Temple, Ernest E
GOODWIN, Hannah see Fletcher, John D
GOODWIN, Mary see Arends
GOODWIN, Mary H see Arends
GOODWIN, Minnie see Whitaker, Guy C
GOODWIN?, Wm H see Goodman, Harmon W
GOODYEAR, ??? see Gage, Blake
GOOGHEART, Ervin J see Swatek, Charles L A
GOOKIN, C B see Gookin, James E
GOOKIN, C B see Gookin, Frank
GOOKIN, Frank G       Ismay 29 Columbus Jct Iowa C B Gookin & Mary Morgan 5-Nov-1925 Glendive Dawson 3291
      Marcia Amick Miles City 18 Red Cloud Nebr J F Amick & Nellie Marsh
GOOKIN, James E       Ismay 30 Columbus Jct Iowa C B Gookin & Almeda Morgan 10-Aug-1929 Wibaux Wibaux 694
      Emma Rafferty Powderville 26 Germa-ny Joseph Krutzfeld & Freda Landen
GOOLSBY, Cora Francis see Conn, William Ernest
GOOLSBY, Edward W       Hamblin 35 Tenn James Goolsby & Elizabeth Rector 13-Jul-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 784
      Bella B Boycum Sand Creek 21 Canada John Boycum & Mary Marchak
GOOLSBY, Henry see Davison, George W
GOOLSBY, James see Goolsby, Edward W
GOOLSBY, James Henry see Conn, William Ernest
GOOLSBY, Ruth B see Davison, George W
GOOSEN, Agatha see Boese, George H
GOOSEN, Dietrich D see Born, Jacob
GOOSEN, Tabea B see Born, Jacob
GOOSEN, Yettie see Baese, Henry H
GOOSEN, Yettie see Buller, Isaac F
GOOSSEN, Gertrude see Dick, Claus J
GOPEN, George       Forsythe 50 Monroe Wisc Marion T Gopen & Elizabeth Chadwick 11-Aug-1923 Glendive Dawson 3016
      Rose Lindsay Billings 34 Trenton Wis? John Applegate & Anna Tong
GOPEN, Marion T see Gopen, George W
GORASKI, Adolph see Ramsbacher, John
GORASKI, Mary see Ramsbacher, John
GORDE, Helgar see Gorde, Holly
GORDE, Holly       Fallon 27 Bergen Nor Helgar Gorde & Benta Hjortland 12-Jul-1912 Glendive Dawson 1110
      Maria Kallunki Fallon 40 Helsingfors Finland John Kalunki & Maria Leskela
GORDER, Myrtle see Fulberg, Walter
GORDER, Ole see Fulberg, Walter
GORDI, Feodora see Teachmond, Mike
GORDON, Angus see Davis, Lewis H
GORDON, Ann see Wright, James N
GORDON, Arthur       Scobey 35 Argus Ind Dan’l Gordon & Martha Lawery 8-Jun-1910 Culbertson Valley 649
      Sophia Larson Dagmar 26 Denmark Kat__? Peterson
GORDON, Basil E       Nashua 26 Mn Sam Gordon & Jennie M Porter 26-Jun-1920 Glasgow Valley 2685
      Anna Luella Westra Poplar 19 Mn ??? & Elizabeth Jamsma
GORDON, Beatrice see Jackson, Daniel W
GORDON, Bessie see Langham, William H
GORDON, Caroline see Quanbeck
GORDON, Dan’l see Gordon, Arthur
GORDON, Eliza see Baker, Howard C
GORDON, Elroy W see Johnson, George
GORDON, Frank see Hayne, Paul H
GORDON, Frank see Gordon, James W
GORDON, G W see Hanson, John V
GORDON, George E see Langham, William H
GORDON, Harriet see Hanson, Homer G
GORDON, Harriet see Finneman, Arthur
GORDON, Henry see Gordon
GORDON, Henry Lynn       Orville 21 S D Henry Gordon & Mary Jane McMaster 6-Oct-1913 Plentywood Sheridan 93
      Elsie Grosse Orville 18 Wis George Grosse & Minnie Funke
GORDON, James see Smith, S A
GORDON, James W       Sidney 26 Edina Mn Frank Gordon & Hattie A O’Brien 6-Sep-1918 Glendive Dawson 2427
      Elizabeth Watson Sidney 26 Menasha Wisc Thomas Russell & Margaret Heup
GORDON, John see Jackson, Daniel W
GORDON, Lucy see Hayne, Paul H
GORDON, Lucy see Hayne, Harold J
GORDON, Mabel see Hurd, Herschell D
GORDON, Mabel see Sink, Jerrie Carl
GORDON, Mabel J see Orke, John E
GORDON, Margaret (Murphy?) see Pierce
GORDON, Mary see Tryon, Morton
GORDON, Mary see Harris, Charles H
GORDON, Mary see Cooke, Charles Gordon
GORDON, Mrs Angela see Healft, John
GORDON, Mrs Wm B see Burus, Russell R
GORDON, Nellie E see Hanson, John V
GORDON, Neva see Bowerman, Grant H
GORDON, Roy T       Nashua 25 Mn Sam Y Gordon & Jennie Elotner? 26-Sep-1917 Glasgow Valley 2237
      Hazel M Burkhardt Mn Henry Burkhardt & Elizabeth Hickey
GORDON, Sam see Gordon, Basil E
GORDON, Sam Y see Gordon, Roy T
GORDON, Sarah E see Parker, G B
GORDON, Thomas see Jackson
GORE, Bruce see Gore, Scott
GORE, Bruse see Gore, Frank
GORE, Charles A       Preston 34 Minersville Texas Richmond B Gore & Josephine Brewer 1-Dec-1908 Glrndive Dawson 650
      Abbie C Burkey Burkey N D 22 Dodge Nebr John Burkey & Columbia Kelly
GORE, Frank       Wibaux 23 Dubuque Iowa Bruse? Gore & Ella Ayres 30-Sep-1901 Glendive Dawson 226
      Hilda Waldah Wibaux 22 Norway Nels & Hildeen Waldah
GORE, Grant see Gore, Lyle E
GORE, Lillian M see Jones, Lyman E
GORE, Lyle E       Glendive 25 Utica Nebr Grant Gore & Maud Cox 13-Apr-1928 Circle McCone
      Velma Anderson Glendive 22 Sleepy Eye Mn Charlie Anderson & Hattie Krueger
GORE, Richmond B see Gore, Charles A
GORE, Scott       Wibaux 24 Deadwood S D Bruce Gore & Ella Airs Dawson 342
      Alice Wentworth Wibaux 24 New Hampshire ???
GORE, Velma see Spisla, Frank
GORECHT, Marie see Myron, Otto Hilman
GORESKI, Vernie Mae see Brown, Harwood Edwin
GORKA, Margaret see Stanley, Frank William
GORKA, Mike see Stanley, Frank William
GORMAN, Anne P see Kelly, Frank
GORMAN, Mina see Hart, Fred E
GORMLEY, Catherine see Johnston
GORMLEY, Emmett R see Johnston
GORMLEY, Isabelle see Nielsen, Lars K
GORMLEY, Josie see Owsley
GORMLEY, Mary Francis see Jefferes
GORMLEY, Robert see Owsley
GORMLEY, Robert E see Jeffers
GORMLEY, Robert Emmett       Med’ lake 51 Ontario Robert Gormley & Mary Mohan 23-Jun-1926 Plentywood Sheridan 2174
      Lucy Tax Med’ Lake 26 Mn Theodore Tax & Frances Winther
GORN, Cora see Offt, Benjamin
GORN, Luther see Offt, Benjamin
GOROSKI, Amelia see Wika, Robert E
GOROSKI, August see Wika, Robert E
GORSET, Emma see Peterson, Anton
GORST, Byerl see Kalloch, George W
GORST, Mary Davis see Livingston, Daniel
GORST, Richard see Kalloch, George W
GORSUCH, Roy A       Malta 26 Fairfield Iowa Thomas Gorsuch & Anna Lair 3-Jul-1911 Glasgow Valley 865
      Elizabeth Rhodes Wenatchee Wa 18 Diseo Ind G F Rhodes & Martha Yates
GORSUCH, Ruth see Berehot, Dave
GORSUCH, Thomas see Gorsuch, Roy A
GORSUCH, Thomas see Berehot, Dave
GORTON, Mary E see Beltz, Charles A
GORTON, D L & Mrs see Lovejoy, Ernest M
GORTON, Mitchell see Beltz, Charles A
GORTON, Tillason       Glendive 41 Sullivan Cty N Y Wm Gorton & Mary Scott 18-Aug-1904 Tokna Dawson 311
      Alice Byllesby Tokna 41 Ohio Taber Byllesby & Alice Fleetwood
GORTON, William see Gorton, Tillason
GOSCH, Mary see Herrig, Harvey H
GOSELIN, Celia D see Manning, J E
GOSELIN, Leon see Manning, J E
GOSLAINES, Eudarie see Nieskins
GOSLINE, Joseph see Brien, Joseph
GOSLINE, Madeline see Grombois
GOSLINE, Margaret see Morin, Edward
GOSLINE, Mary Rose see Brien, Joseph
GOSLINE, Pete see Grombois
GOSMER, Rose see Stephens, John H
GOSNEY, Nan see Powell, Jacob C
GOSNEY, Nan see McNeil, Brady Marton
GOSS, Amelia see Patterson, John S
GOSS, Charles C see Goss William M
GOSS, Elisha see Dixon, Willis J
GOSS, Mary see Stratton, William David
GOSS, Myrtle see Hoyer, Walter C
GOSS, William M       Prairie Elk 40 Alabama Charles C Goss & Anna Reece 18-Nov-1916 Glasgow Valley 1988
      Minnie E Mullin Prairie Elk 23 Woodlawn Ill Wellington Mullin & Emiline Johnson
GOSSELIN, Celia Lillie see Ylaglon, George
GOSSELIN, James J       Lindsay 22 Minneapolis Joseph Gosselin & Edwina Demurs 24-Oct-1928 Glendive Dawson 3646
      Rose Schacherer Lindsay 23 Richardton N D Eugene Schacherer & Helen Martin
GOSSELIN, Joseph see Gosselin, James J
GOSSELIN, Joseph Emile       Willow Bunch Canada 21 Willow Bunch Joseph Gosselin & Maria Fiat 14-Oct-1919 Culbertson Roosivelt 55
      Cecelia Renville Buford N D John & Mary Saraphine Renville
GOSSELINE, Elaine see Capplette
GOSSEN, Agatha see Boese, John H
GOSSEN, Agatha see Baese, Henry H
GOSSER, Rosa see Knipfel, Franklin
GOSSLER, Margarete see Marshall, James
GOSSLIN, Elizabeth see Ladon
GOSSLINE, Sophia see Ireson
GOSWICK, Francis M see Goswick, Ross
GOSWICK, Ross       Harlem 24 Grove Spring Mo Francis M Goswick & Martha Coxen 23-Apr-1916 Harlem Blaine 272
      Helen M Campbell Harlem 23 Spier Mn Hugh E H Campbell & Helen Hudeck
GOTCH, Ernest       Redstone 37 Wis Fred & Augusta Gotch 25-Sep-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1383
      Annie Wicks Redstone 31 Maine Tom Polly & Susanne Bellmore
GOTCH, Fred & Augusta see Gotch
GOTHBERG, Edward David       Opheim 24 Minneapolis Mn John Gothberg & Cora Kennedy 12-nov-1927 Glasgow Valley 3342
      Vera Margaret Amsberry Opheim 21 Uleselock? N D Lester M Amsberry & Lavina Meyer
GOTHBERG, John see Gothberg, Edward David
GOTTCHELL, Lina see Westrup Gustaf B
GOTTENBURG, Carrie see Kronschnabel, Leland R
GOTTSCHALK, Frank see Luckow, William
GOTTSCHALK, Gladys see Luckow, William
GOTZ, Benedict       Miles City 33 Aubur-dale Wis Louis Gotz & Monica Hilgard 25-Jan-1923 Wibaux Wibaux 371
      Mary Lenertz Wibaux 29 ??? Nicolas Lenertz & Susan Brown
GOTZ, George see McElheny, Thomas A
GOTZ, Louis see Gotz, Benedict
GOUB, Jacob       Marsh 26 Russia Joseph Grob & Carolina Kadisly 26-Jan-1914 Hoyt Dawson 1425
      Mary Ruf Marsh 20 Russia Jacob Ruf & Katherine Hine
GOUB, Joseph see Goub, Jacob
GOUCHER, Mathilda see Fowler, Ralph Wesley
GOUDETTE, Earnest see Fournier, Calixte
GOUDETTE, John       Wolf Point 49 Ver-mont Levi Goudette & Mary Brooks 6-Apr-1920 Wolf Point Roosivelt 118
      Mary Phelan Wolf Point 53 Yorkshire England John Billby & Elizabeth Hodgson
GOUDETTE, Lena see Fournier, Calixte
GOUDETTE, Levi see Goudette, John
GOUDEY, Isabella see Turner, Arthur H
GOUDIE, George see Feere, Walter Clifford
GOUDIE, George E       Whitetail 33 Canada John Goudie 26-Jun-1916 Whitetail Sheridan 746
      Elizabeth Campbell Hart Sask Can 29 Scotland Andrew Campbell
GOUDIE, John see Goudie
GOUDIE, Ruth see Feere, Walter Clifford
GOUDY, Ambrose G       Flaxville 29 Wis John Goudy & Katherine E Wolff 7-Oct-1919 Redstone Sheridan 1571
      Theresa Wilson Whitetail 18 N D Ernest Wilson & Elizabeth Misslen
GOUDY, John see Goudy
GOUGE, Clarence C       Glasgow 29 Kentucky? Sylvester Goudge & Emma Lillete 2-Jun-1913 Glasgow Valley 1301
      Nellie Dill Glasgow 22 Craig William Buine? & ???
GOUGE, Claude C       Glasgow 34 Kentucky Sylvester Gouge & Emma Little 20-Feb-1919 Glasgow Valley 2479
      Mary Laitz? Glasgow 28 Ontario Canada William Laitz & Freda Peters
GOUGE, Sylvester see Gouge, Claude C
GOUGE, Sylvester see Gouge, Clarence C
GOUGH, Virginia A see Dallman, Julius Gordon
GOUJON, Mary see Thievin, Eugene A
GOULD, Benjamin       Bismark 36 Iowa W D Gould & Almeda Allen 22-Jul-1915 Medicine Lake Sheridan 514
      Mabel M DeLong Glyndon Mn Iowa G H DeLong & Lena Collins
GOULD, Chancey Sylvester       Gateway 36 Portland N D Charley Gould & Harriet Arnold 15-Dec-1927 Culbertson Roosivelt 1117
      Julia Stevens Culbertson 37 Mt Shields & ???
GOULD, Charles L       Killdeer N D 22 Killdeer Delmont F Gould & Hattie Burns 10-Jul-1929 Wibaux Wibaux 689
      Clara Granum Mayville N D 24 McGregor N D Oscar Granum & Julie Norman
GOULD, Charley see Gould, Chancey Sylvester
GOULD, Delmont see Hoerauf, Edward P
GOULD, Delmont F see Gould, Charles L
GOULD, Frances see Bower, Harold Sherwood
GOULD, Francis see Sanderson, Ralph L
GOULD, Ila see Emling, Fred G
GOULD, Julietta see Meister, George Alexander
GOULD, Lizzie see Dunbar, William
GOULD, Margaret see Hoerauf, Edward P
GOULD, Mary see Walker, Eugene Harold
GOULD, Stella see Moschell, Benjamin B
GOULD, W D see Gould
GOULD, Waneta see Robinson, Charles
GOULET, Alfred       Flaxville 26 Grafton Joseph Goulet & Nellie Parent 16-Nov-1929 Scobey Daniels 458
      Ethel Morvik Whitetail 16 Outlook Ole Morvik & Anna Lee
GOULET, Amanda Elaine see Johnson, Julius Elbert
GOULET, Eva Coreta see Safty, George C
GOULET, Jeanette Blanche see Cavanaugh, John R
GOULET, Joseph see Goulet, Alfred
GOULET, Joseph see Cavanaugh, John R
GOULET, Joseph see Johnson, Julius Elbert
GOULET, Joseph see Safty, George C
GOULET, Reginald see Goulet
GOULET, Wilfred       Flaxville 28 N D Reginald Goulet & Malvina Belleau 13-Nov-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 864
      Aurora Savageau Flaxville 21 N D Peter Savageau & Artemise Cossette
GOULEY, Isabel see Collins, James
GOURDOUX, Alexander see Gourdoux, R J
GOURDOUX, R J       Glentana 30 Wisc Alexander Gourdoux & Josephine Dallas 29-Nov-1918 Glasgow Valley 2455
      Wilhelmina Glass Glentana 25 Maryland Rudolf Glass & Albertina Buss
GOUY, V see Eidsness
GOVE, Belvid? see Moschell, Benjamin B
GOVIG, Ebi see Winklebeck, Fredrick C
GOWARD, Ellen see Shaw
GOWENAS, Victoria see Klisis
GOWERS, James W       Galva N D 37 Hamilton Landing Kentucky Thomas Gowers & Mary Daugherty 7-Jan-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 190
      Emily M Johnstone Galva 26 Sioux Falls S D John Johnstone & Carrie Anderson
GOWERS, Thomas see Gowesr, James W
GOWERY, Della see Sale, George T
GOWEY, Gilbert E       Sidney 65 Erie Penn Peter Gowey & Sarah Everts 30-Aug-1922 Glendive? Dawson 2888
      Bertha M Volk Powell Wyo 49 Oconto Falls Wisc William & Lizzie Volk
GOWEY, Peter see Gowey, Gilbert E
GRABER, Anna see Albrecht, Peter
GRABER, Anna see Albright , Harry
GRABER, Anna see Albrecht, Henry
GRABER, Anna see Grundman, Fred
GRABER, Anna R see Graber, Harney H
GRABER, Bertha see Parker, John J
GRABER, Charles P       Bloomfield 25 Freeman S D Peter J Graber & Lizzie Senner 30-Jan-1921 Bloomfield Dawson 2728
      Olga Graber Bloomfield 18 Freeman S D Joseph J Graber & Aganethe Ganertz
GRABER, Clara see Soft, Bernard W
GRABER, Clara J see Roth, Frank
GRABER, Edna B see Deckert, Isaac B
GRABER, Emil       Munich N D 33 Freeman S D Peter S Graber & Elizabeth Gering 20-Jan-1920 Volt Roosivelt 89
      Eva Schmidt Volt 23 Kansas John S Schmidt & Agnes Bartel
GRABER, Frances see Tiesen, Henry
GRABER, Frances see Tiesen, Paul
GRABER, Harney H       Bloomfield 23 Pretty Prairie Nebr Jonathan P Graber & Helena Soft 20-Jun-1926 Dawson 3358
      Anna R Graber Bloomfield 22 Dolton S D Joseph J Graeber & Agatha Goertz
GRABER, Helena see Graber, Harney H
GRABER, Jonathan see Graber, William W
GRABER, Jonathan see Graber, Ralph O
GRABER, Jonathon P see Graber, Harney H
GRABER, Joseph see Parker, John J
GRABER, Joseph J see Graber, Harney H
GRABER, Joseph J see Roth, Frank
GRABER, Joseph J see Graber, Charley P
GRABER, Olga see Graber, Olga
GRABER, Peter see Deckert, Isaac B
GRABER, Peter see Soft, Bernard W
GRABER, Peter see Wienke, Arthur A
GRABER, Peter J see Graber, Charley P
GRABER, Peter S see Graber, Emil
GRABER, Ralph O       Bloomfield 23 Pretty Prairie Kansas Jonathan Graber & Helen Soft 12-Nov-1922 Richey? Dawson 2908
      Julia Richert Richey 18 Marion S D Andrew Richert & Eva Deckert
GRABER, Tillie see Wienke, Arthur A
GRABER, William W       Bloomfield 24 Pretty Prairie Kans Jonathan Graber & Helena Saft 26-Nov-1925 Bloomfield Dawson 3294
      Mollie Senner Bloomfield 19 Devils Lake N D Peter Senner & Anna Albrecht
GRABILL, John P       Malta 28 Andrew Cty Missouri John W Grabill & Alice McDonald 15-Aug-1905 Malta Valley 188
      Rosie Moran Malta 22 Rocky Point John Moran
GRABILL, John W see Grabill, John P
GRABLE, Frank L       Saco 37 Texas 6-Jun-1929 Phillips
      Helen Elizabeth Borst Saco 37 Illinois
GRABON, Andrew see Stasik, Valentine
GRABON, Anna see Rinker
GRABON, Josephine see Stasik, Valentine
GRABOWSKI, Joseph see Coleman, Ernest A
GRABOWSKI, Joseph see Kratz, Chris
GRABOWSKI, Nettie see Coleman, Ernest A
GRABOWSKI, Nettie see Kratz, Chris
GRACE, Antonio       P’wood 38 Italy Pedro & Mary Grace 9-Jun-1919 Plentywood Sheridan 1518
      Bridget Byrne P’wood 29 Ireland Patrick & Rose Byrne
GRACE, Charles see Grace, Chester F
GRACE, Chester F       Glasgow 24 Iowa Charles Grace & Carrie Brown 18-Dec-1915 Glasgow Valley 1797
      Ruth Nelson Glasgow 18 Indiana Ira A Nelson & Nora McCoy
GRACE, George see Scholtes, Frank Joseph
GRACE, George see Scholter, Frank Joseph
GRACE, Pedro & Mary see Grace
GRADEN, John see Harmon, Lawrence
GRADEN, Marie see Harmon, Lawrence
GRADPRE, Anna Louise see Martin, William P
GRADY, Bridget O see Lacy, Charles Edward
GRADY, Elizabeth Jane see Osweiler, Paul Leonard
GRADY, Irene see Devlin, Michael
GRADY, John Francis see Osweiler, Paul Leonard
GRADY, Mary see Flynn, Leo Lawrence
GRAETZINGER, Helen see Marotteck, Frank
GRAF, Fred see Hess, Conrad Allen
GRAF, Louise see Beacon, Edward George
GRAF, Sara Lena see Hess, Conrad Albert
GRAFF, Anna see Holmdahl
GRAFF, George see Ehret, John
GRAFF, Mary see Schwerdtfeger, John
GRAFF, Pauline see Ehret, John
GRAFSTAD, Benson see Schmidt, George
GRAFSTAD, Sina see Schmidt, George
GRAFTON, R M see Calder, Arthur
GRAHAM, ??? see Gunderson
GRAHAM, Alice see Runningen, Samuel
GRAHAM, Allen B see Graham , George Hall; see also Graham, William J B
GRAHAM, Coyne       Phillips 21 Iowa 30-May-1915 Phillips 22
      Hazel Abigail Ellison Phillips 21 N D
GRAHAM, Dora A see Linebarger, Walter L
GRAHAM, Douglas R       Assinaboine Sask Can 23 Man Can John Graham & Sarah L Turner? 20-May-1928 Scobey Daniels 378
      Kathleen L Weaver Assinaboine 19 Sask Can ???
GRAHAM, Duncan McDonald       Chetek Wis 21 Glendive John Duncan Graham & Margaret Hendry 1-Sep-1919 Glendive Dawson 2551
      Inez Lavina Iehl Bloomfield 18 Elm Center Wisc Ed Iehl & Augusta Buttke
GRAHAM, Edward see Murphy
GRAHAM, Edward H       Stipek 35 Mn Edward Graham & Catherine Corcoran 5-Jun-1915 Wibaux Wibaux 36
      Alta Kile Wibaux 28 Mn George M Kile & Laura Burdick
GRAHAM, Edward N       Westby 28 Mn James Graham & Katherine Brown 21-Jun-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1029
      Veronica Rieland Melroy? Mn 27 Mn Anton Rieland & Barbara Metzger
GRAHAM, Edwin G see Graham, Simeon P
GRAHAM, Eliza see Ganty, Joseph
GRAHAM, Elizabeth see Garvey, Gilbert E
GRAHAM, Elizabeth see Williams, Otto
GRAHAM, Elizabeth H see Bretzke, Paul
GRAHAM, Geo F       Havre 23 Herman Mn Geo F Graham & Nellie Jones 11-Feb-1909 Bainville Valley 451
      Nellie Lundquist Bainville 23 Winthrop Mn John Lundquist & Ida Gustafson
GRAHAM, George see Hutton, Guy
GRAHAM, George Hall       Smokey Butte 21 Bridger Allen B Graham & Georgie B Anderson 9-Apr-1920 Jordan Garfield 23
      Iola Frances Sloan Edwards 20 Manhattan Brutus Clay Sloan & Nannie Chestnut
GRAHAM, Helen see Leverton
GRAHAM, Homer G       Culbertson 21 Dawson Texas L H Graham & Artie Wilson 31-Oct-1921 Poplar Roosivelt 308
      Laura Anklam Culbertson 18 Rolette N D Charles Anklam & Martha Reinke
GRAHAM, Idella Iona see Murphy
GRAHAM, Isabelle see Ives, Harrison
GRAHAM, J J see Burnett, William Thomas
GRAHAM, James see Graham
GRAHAM, Jennie see Dahlstrom, Elmer
GRAHAM, John see Graham, Douglas R
GRAHAM, John D       Glendive 21 Wellington Somerset England John Graham & Jane Talbot 30-Apr-1892 Glendive Dawson 64
      Jerlaine M Hendry Glendive 23 Titsworth Oxford England Robert Hendry & Julia Clark
GRAHAM, John Duncan see Graham, Duncan McDonald
GRAHAM, John E see Beach, John W
GRAHAM, L H see Graham, Homer G
GRAHAM, Lucretia Blanch see Hazelwood, Norman G
GRAHAM, Maria see Fry, John
GRAHAM, Mary see Lzicar, Henry
GRAHAM, Mary E see McMillan Duncan, Jas
GRAHAM, Mary J see Allen, Luther N
GRAHAM, Maude see Evenson, Ralph
GRAHAM, Nellie Etta see Martin, Marcel Paul
GRAHAM, Paloma see Dahlstrom, Elmer
GRAHAM, Paloma see Gibbs, Ferris D
GRAHAM, Paloma see Graham, Coyne
GRAHAM, Paroda F see Burnrtt, William Thomas
GRAHAM, Patrick see Allen, Luther M
GRAHAM, Sarah Jane see Wilkinson
GRAHAM, Simeon P       Baylor 57 Ohio Edwin G Graham & Mahala Hanlin 10-May-1918 Glasgow Valley 2364
      Alberta B Bridgham Glasgow 40 Maine Curtis A Ackley & ???
GRAHAM, Sophia see Mignot, F A
GRAHAM, Theresa see Madsen, Roy
GRAHAM, William J B       Smokey Butte 22 Bridger Carbon Cty Allen B Graham & Alberta Anderson, 12-Nov-1919 Jordan Garfield 12
      Ruth M Sands Smokey Butte ?? Warsaw Mo Elmer S Sands & Mary Shaver,
GRAHAM, William Willis see Barnes, James W
GRAHAM, Winifred see Duffy, Martin A
GRAHN, George F see Hinton, John R
GRAHN, Minnie I see Hinton, John R
GRAINGER, Geo E see Grainger, Victor
GRAINGER, John see Grainger
GRAINGER, Robert S       Poplar 40 Can John Grainger & Sarah McDonald 13-Dec-1816 Culbertson Sheridan 899
      Josephine Sears Poplar 34 S D Charles & Mollie Janis
GRAINGER, Roy Edward       Poplar 23 N D William J Grainger & Ida May Wetherault 17-May-1924 Poplar Roosivelt 620
      Violet May Whitney Brockton 18 Brockton Charles Whitney & Hettie McCon-nell
GRAINGER, Victor       Baker 23 Poplar Geo E Grainger & Della Anderson 5-May-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 487
      Catherine Vandermeer Wibaux 21 Fargo N D T Vandermeer & ???
GRAINGER, William J see Granger, Roy Edward
GRAM, Henrietta see Payne, Ralph J
GRAM, Ingeborg Olson see Gangstad
GRAMBO, Ingeborg see Clementson
GRAMBO, Martha see Norby, Paul
GRAMBO, Martha see Thompson, Gilbert
GRAMBOIS, Sarah see Brien Fred
GRAMBOYSA, Ezilda see Walsh
GRAMBOYSA , Patrick see Walsh
GRAMMAN, Hattie see Richter, Clifford
GRAMMON, Hattie see Duncan, Homer O
GRAMMOND, Edward       Nashua 47 St Ann Ill Ilisin? Grammond & Matilda Mason 25-Dec-1912 Nashua Valley 1196
      M Evelyn Wilkinson Malta 40 ???
GRAMMOND, Hattie see Duncan, Merle D
GRAMMOND, Ilisin? see Grammond, Edward
GRAMS, Adelia see Offet
GRAMS, Fred see Grams, Paul E
GRAMS, Fred see Grams
GRAMS, Paul see Offet
GRAMS, Paul E       Homestead 30 Ger Fred Grams & Amelia Paul 15-Jun-1909 Homestead Valley 475
      Emma A Trebes Homestead 18 Wis Albert Trebes & Mary Zich
GRAMS, Rudolph       Scobey 23 Wis Fred Grams & Millie Paul 10-Jul-1917 Scobey Sheridan 1074
      Mary Martha Meddleton Glentana 33 Canada Ezekiel Wills & Emma Have_?
GRANBOIS, Adelaide see Sayers, Louis James
GRANBOIS, David       Rolla N D 25 N D Isa-dore Granbois & Sarah Morin 27-Nov-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 895
      Florence Lavadure Antelope 27 N D David Lavadure & Elise Laframbois
GRANBOIS, Isadore see Granbois
GRANBOIS, Jennie see Gladue, Pat
GRANBOIS, Michael       Med’ Lake 23 Belcourt N D Patrick Granbois & Mary Jane Morin 11-Jul-1910 Med’ Lake Valley 655
      Marie M Brien Med’ Lake 18 St Niches Mt Alexander Brien & Ellen Landrie
GRANBOIS, Patrick see Granbois, Micheal
GRAND, Mrs C S see Maffei, Ralph A
GRAND__?, Annie see Taylor, Mark
GRANDAHL, Alden       Med’Lake 23 Mondovi Wis Antone Grandahl & Kerine Burge 10-Oct-1925 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2111
      Marjorie Watt Med’ Lake 18 Can Albert Watt & Bertha Johnson
GRANDAHL, Antone see Grandahl
GRANDCHAMP, Eugene see Cox, Joseph
GRANDCHAMP, Julia see Cox, Joseph
GRANDCHAMP, Nelson       Frazer 38 Ft Benton Dustee Grandchamp & Julia Richard 6-June-1919 Wolf Point Valley 2518
      Julia LaRock Oswego 20 Poplar Joe LaRock & Louise Kline
GRANDCHAMP, Nelson Jr       Popler 22 Frazer Nelson GrandChamp & Sophia Archambeau 25-Jun-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1193
      Clara Culbertson Poplar 22 Browning Joe Culbertson & Isabel LeRoque
GRANDE, Anna see Eng
GRANDE, Bertha see Bakken
GRANDE, Bertha (Peterson) see Bakken, Ole S
GRANDIN, John R       Opheim 31 Ogden N Y John Grandin & Martha Louder 25-Dec-1926 Scobey Daniels 297
      Nina Thompson Scobey 26 N D ???
GRANDL, Anna see Murphy, George J
GRANDL, John see Murphy, George J
GRANDLAND, Adolph       Dagmar 24 Norcross Mn Gust Grandlund & Mary Dahlstrom 12-May-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2659
      Ruth Sorenson Dagmar 15 Dagmar Joseph Sorenson & Oma Dean
GRANDLUND, Erick       Dagmar 29 Kensington Mn Gust Grandlund & Marie Dahlstrom 3-Oct-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2771
      Addie Stringer Med Lake 22 Med ‘Lake Frank Stringer & Alice Jacobs
GRANDLUND, Gust see Grandlund
GRANDLUND, Gust see Grandlund
GRANDPRE, Anna see Brooker, Albert
GRANDPRE, E J see Grandpre, Eugene
GRANDPRE, Esther see Grandpre, Eugene
GRANDPRE, Eugene       Phillips 55 Ill 10-Oct-1917 Phillips 275
      Mary Brosseau Ill 55 Illinois
GRANDSCHAMP, Dustee see Grandschamp, Nelson
GRANDSCHAMP, Eugene       Wolf Point 23 Missoula Dusty & Julia Grandschamps 26-Jul?-1903 Glasgow Valley (109) 269
      Maggie Burton Wolf Point 17 Wolf Point R F & Nancy Burton
GRANDSCHAMP, Eugene & Louise see Grandschamp, Nelson
GRANDSCHAMP, Nelson       Frazier 23 Ft Benton Eugene & Louise Grandschamp 15-Dec-1904 Wolf Point Valley 157
      Sophia Shomba Wolf Point 20 N D ???
GRANDSCHAMPS, Dusty see Wallace, William
GRANDSCHAMPS, Dusty & Julia see Grand –schamps, Eugene
GRANDY, Nellie see Revoir, Arthur
GRANDY, Ole see Revoir, Arthur
GRANES, Albert B       Intake 24 Reading Mass William A Granes & Bertha M Stolt 20-Sep-1919 Glendive Dawson 2564
      Georgia Marie Quick Intake 21 Port Byron Illinois John Quick & Edith Avery
GRANES, William A see Granes, Albert B
GRANES?, Bertha see Maier, John Fredrick
GRANEY, Leonard W       ??? 28 Wisc 10-Mar-1915 Phillips 5
      Maud E Gesting Phillips Cty 26 Iowa
GRANGER, ??? see Brown, Roy E
GRANGER, Alfred J       Harlem 21 Hays William H Granger & Susie A Fleming 27-Nov-1926 Chinook Blaine 975
      Lucille M Bolstad Twete 18 Mackintosh Mn Andrew L Bolstad & Annie Hollo
GRANGER, Elizabeth see Wake, Burgess S
GRANGER, George W       Harlem 22 Harlem William Granger & Susie Fleming 25-Oct-1929 Chinook Blaine 595
      Minnie McGuire Harlem 21 Matson Ill Sam M McGuire & Minnie Norman
GRANGER, James G       Harlem 23 Hays William H Granger & Susie A Fleming 27-Nov-1926 Chinook Blaine 974
      Golda M Huggins Harlem 18 Round Lake Mn Paerl Huggils & Susie E Langseth
GRANGER, John see Granger, Leslie
GRANGER, Lawrence L       Flaxville 19 Poplar William Granger & ??? 4-Mar-1925 Scobey Daniels 191
      Elizabeth M Cornelius Flaxville 17 Minneapolis Emanuel Cornelius & Cora Parker
GRANGER, Leo Karl       Harlem 21 Mt 12-Sep-1928 Phillips 1056
      Alta May Carpenter ??? 26 Mich
GRANGER, Leslie       Poplar 25 Hudson Wis John Granger & Sarah McDonald 2-Jan-1914 Poplar Valley 1403
      Vina Burshia Poplar 18 Poplar Neol Burshia & Sophia Sears
GRANGER, Lulu Frances see Givaltney, Robert James
GRANGER, Sarah Ann see Riddell, Amos
GRANGER, Vina Burshia see Smith, Edward Henry
GRANGER, William see Givaltney, Robert James
GRANGER, William see Granger, Lawrence L
GRANGER, William see Granger, George W
GRANGER, William H see Granger, James G
GRANGER, William H see Granger, Alfred J
GRANMO, Mrs Bergitta see Lindstad, Ragnwald
GRANMO, Peter see Loraas, Simon
GRANMO, Petra I see Loraas, Simon
GRANMOEN, Engeborg C see Mohalt, Halvor
GRANMOEN, Mary see Minde, John
GRANMOEN, Pete see Minde, John
GRANMOEN, Peter       Lindsay 21 Trondhjem Norway Peter Granmoen & Engborg Strontia? 9-Jan-1915 Glendive Dawson 1655
      Anna Minde Bloomfield 23 Cumberland Wisc Andrew Minde & Bertha Berget
GRANT, ----? see DeGagne
GRANT, Alvina see Malarchick, Steve Hubert
GRANT, Amy B see Cowee, Elmer W
GRANT, Bertha Isabelle see Davis, Wilmer W
GRANT, Cecil       VanHook N D 24 Willis-ton N D Charles J Grant & Curley 20-Nov-1923 Wolf Point Roosivelt 572
      Nettie Lucky Frazer 18 Frazer George Lucky & ???
GRANT, Cecil       Van Hook N D 34 Willis-ton N D Tom Grant & Mary Corley Roosivelt 1015 ( cert not completed )
      Mary WhiteHawk Poplar 20 Poplar Peter Whitehawk & ???
GRANT, Charles see Grant, Raymond A
GRANT, Charles see Pall, John
GRANT, Charles J see Grant, Cecil
GRANT, Dan see Stenmark
GRANT, David       Berthold N D 23 Berthold Tom Grant & ??? 13-Sep-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 545
      Mary White Hawk Poplar 17 Poplar Peter White Hawk & Owl Shield
GRANT, Donald Geo       Stillwater Mn 27 Stillwater Roland & Caroline Grant 21-May-1911 Glendive Dawson 938
      Carrie Louise Cort Spokane 18 Denver Colo Frank Cort & Carrie Brown
GRANT, E R see Grant
GRANT, Eliza see Elliott, Francis
GRANT, Elizabeth see Casady, Omar L
GRANT, Elsie see Dunbar, William
GRANT, Esther see Stenmark
GRANT, Fern B see Flick
GRANT, Frank see Hanson, Arthur
GRANT, Frank M see Flick
GRANT, Glen       Glasgow 21 Ill Winslow Grant & ??? McCoy 10-Jan-1920 Glasgow Valley 2611
      Elsie Anderson Glasgow 21 Sweden Ole Anderson & ??? Oleson
GRANT, Harland E       Phillips 32 New Hampshire 5-Feb-1918 Phillips 318
      Katherine Wadsley Phillips 30 Germany
GRANT, Henry see Davis, Wilmer W
GRANT, Henry L & Ellen see Fletcher, W D
GRANT, Isabella M see Marion
GRANT, J P       DeMores N D 30 Chicago Illlinois Tony & Josephine Grant 30-Dec-1916 Glendive Dawson 2090
      Inga S Carlson DeMores 31 Lake Cty S D Torgel Johnson & Isabel Aasen
GRANT, J S see Grant, Neil E
GRANT, James see Cowee, Elmer W
GRANT, Jesse J       Bainville 22 Mt E R Grant & Minnie Mathews 20-Nov-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1193
      Betty Anderson P’wood 19 Mn Martin Anderson & Netty Olson
GRANT, John see Childs
GRANT, Josephine Mabel see Hanson, Arthur
GRANT, Julia see Johnson, Oscar
GRANT, Justine see Erickson
GRANT, Justine see Justice
GRANT, Justine see Marion
GRANT, Justine see Marion
GRANT, Justine see Marion
GRANT, Laura Nina (Aikenhead?) see Ferron
GRANT, Lizzie see Cruikshank, John G
GRANT, Mabel see Childs
GRANT, Mary see Forsyth, John
GRANT, Mary see Forsyth, James
GRANT, Mary see Means, David
GRANT, Mary see Bigmane, David
GRANT, Mary see Hawver, Edward F
GRANT, Mary see Forsyth
GRANT, Melvina see Butler, A E
GRANT, Neil E       Wrangel Alaska 24 Wrangel J S Grant & Mary Lynch 15-Jan-1929 Hinsdale Valley 3452
      Lillian R Powell Hinsdale 22 Devils Lake N D A W Powell & W H Lund
GRANT, Nellie see Saykally, James
GRANT, Olive R see Golberg
GRANT, Oscar see Johnson, Oscar
GRANT, Ralph       Wibaux 35 Ogdensburg N Y Roland & Caroline Grant 29-Jul-1915 Wibaux Wibaux 45
      Cora Luc-as Wibaux 29 Iowa James Wright & Nellie Hurlbert
GRANT, Raymond A       Redstone M T 22 Missouri Charles Grant & Elizabeth Dixon 18-Jun-1919 Glasgow Valley 2526
      Fannie Bryant Jordan ??? ??? William Bryant & Ida Woodfin
GRANT, Robert see Golberg George R
GRANT, Roland & Caroline see Grant, Ralph
GRANT, Roland & Caroline see Grant, Donald Geo
GRANT, Soe see Pall, John
GRANT, Tom see Grant, Cecil
GRANT, Tom see Grant, David
GRANT, Tony & Josephine see Grant, J P
GRANT, Wealthy see Marks, Judson
GRANT, William       Belcourt N D 27 N D William Grant & Patronell Monette 30-Nov-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2290
      Emma Brien Med’ Lake 22 N D Joe Brien & Elsie Pershun
GRANT, William D B see Saykally, James
GRANT, Winslow see Grant, Glen
GRANTHAM, Dennis see Dougherty, William J
GRANTHAM, Florence see Leitz
GRANTHAM, Otto see Leitz
GRANTIER, Archie       Glasgow 21 Missoula Stephen Grantier & Cora Caufield 10-Jan-1908 Glasgow Valley
      Mildred Copeland Glasgow 18 Iowa William D Copeland & Elsie M Carmen
GRANTIER, Hazel see Hass, Earl
GRANTIER, Stephen see Hass, Earl
GRANTIER, Stephen see Grantier, Archie
GRANUM, Clara see Gould, Charles L
GRANUM, John see Smith, James Douglas
GRANUM, Julia Amanda see Smith, James Douglas
GRANUM, Oscar see Gould, Charles L
GRANVOLD, Colborn       Comertown 23 Norway Ole Granvold & Karen Vick 1-Apr-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2651
      Ethel Peele Westby 18 Westby George W Peele & Effie May Liles
GRANVOLD, Helen Mary see Bosman
GRANVOLD, Olaf N       Comertown ?? Norway Ole Granvold & Karen Vick 23-Dec-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2801
      Mabel Lund Overland Sask 32 Rollette N D Peter Lund & Sena Aasper
GRANVOLD, Ole see Bosman
GRANVOLD, Ole see Granvold Olaf N
GRANVOLD, Ole see Granvold
GRANZOW, Minnie see Meisenbach, Frank Charles
GRASLEY, Mary see Christensen, H A
GRASLEY, Mary see Kirkeby
GRASLEY, Mary see Lochrem
GRASS, see Grass, John
GRASS, Annie see Bracelet, Mike
GRASS, John       Ft Belknap 47 ??? Grass & Taken 4-Mar-1928 St Pauls Mission Blaine 1046
      Annie Dwarf Ft Belknap 55 ??? White Bear & Punch Woman
GRASS, Karrie see Osen, Olav B
GRASS, Mary see Wetan, Clarence
GRASS, Raul see Larson, Bartholl M
GRASSON, Margaret see Fairchild, Andrew C
GRATE, Fredric S       Glendive 59 Germany Fredric Grate & Fredricka Benedick 13-Mar-1910 Glendive Dawson 779
      Anna Guelff Yates 48 Belgium Peter Dryer & Elizabeth Schwenden
GRATH, Mary see Weiss
GRATZ, Frona see Heinrich, John C
GRATZ, Mary L see Gaffield, Walter L
GRATZ, Mary L see Wyatt, James A
GRATZEK, Helen see Hartwell, Ralph L
GRATZKE, Ella see Price, Horace
GRAU, Katherine see Gerst, Hugo Adolph
GRAU, Mary see Gerst, Hugo Adolf
GRAUAT, Carl Osker see Grauat, Osker A
GRAUAT?, Osker A       Galva N D 31 Sweden Carl Osker Grauat & Wilhelmina Gustavson 24-Sep-1919 Wibaux Wibaux 258
      Edith Eustrom Galva N D 18 Sweden Gustav Eustrom & Marie Bjor-kman
GRAUBMAN, Ed L       Detroit Mich 23 Frazier Mich Fred Graubman & Minnie Erdman 6-Sep-1930 Plentywood Sheridan 2547
      Lillian Handte Grenora N D 19 Grenora Jacob Handte & Lena Ahner
GRAUBMAN, Fred see Graubman
GRAUH, Carrie see Raymond, W U
GRAUL?, Rose see Schultz, Arnold C
GRAUMER?, Sophie see Leitz
GRAUNKE, Louis Albert       Sidney 34 Watertown Wisc William Graunke & Hannah Woodtkee 17-Jun-1922 Glendive Dawson 2866
      Maria M Lopp Sidney 21 Hutchinson Mn Christian Lopp & Ann M D Christiansen
GRAUNKE, William see Graunke, Louis Albert
GRAVEN, Anna see Crawford, Glen Edward
GRAVEN, Edith see Scott, J E
GRAVEN, Ellen May see Reed, Harry B
GRAVEN, Eva A see Reed, Wilber M
GRAVEN, George W       Sentinel Butte 21 Missouri John Graven & May Harmon 15-Aug-1916 Glendive Dawson 1992
      Inez E Freer Sentinel Butte 18 Fingal N D Edward Freer & E Root
GRAVEN, John see Scott, J E
GRAVEN, John see Graven, George W
GRAVEN, John see Reed, Harry B
GRAVEN, John W see Reed, Wilber M
GRAVEN, Mary E see Quesenberry, James O
GRAVER, Emma see Reed, Ralph
GRAVER, John see Reed, Ralph
GRAVES, Adeline Gertrude see Weaver
GRAVES, Alexander H see Madison, James N
GRAVES, Anna see Davids, Charles H
GRAVES, Clarence E       Ada 36 Ladaga Ind Leonard Graves & Margaret Himes 12-Apr-1916 Ada Blaine 270
      Mary W Goodbar res Ada 17 Ladaga Ind Walter L Goodbar & hortense Terry
GRAVES, Clifford C see Graves, Nathan C
GRAVES, John see Weaver
GRAVES, John F       Redstone 27 Almer Ont Can John Graves & Gertie Stringer 2-Apr-1929 Plentywood Sheridan 2421
      Geneva Waggoner Redstone 18 Indiana Wetzel Waggoner & Bessie England
GRAVES, Leonard see Graves, Clarence E
GRAVES, Margie see Jackson, Ray
GRAVES, Maye Emily see Thompson, Harry T
GRAVES, Mildred F see Haskins, Benjamin
GRAVES, Nathan C       Glendive 33 Denver Colorado Clifford C Graves & Dora Church 16-Nov-1912 Glendive Dawson 1169
      Emma Hibke Glendive 30 Little Falls Mn ???
GRAVES, Rene G see Brathovde, William O
GRAVES, Richard E see Graves, Samuel E
GRAVES, Rosella M see Madison, James N
GRAVES, Samuel E       Glendive 32 Sheridan Ill Richard E Graves & Elizabeth S Grier 24-May-1909 Glendive Dawson 689
      A—a? I Purvis Glendive 24 Highmore S D E J Mix & Cora Phelps
GRAVES, Sterling see Jackson, Ray
GRAVES, William see Potter, Harry W
GRAVES, William see Haskins, Benjamin
GRAVES, William A see Johnson, James Elwood
GRAVES, Winifred Blanche see Johnson, James Elwood
GRAVING, Gilbert see Graving, Gust
GRAVING, Gust       Malta 24 Miltin N D Gilbert Graving & Ranri Harmansli? 24-Dec-1912 Chinook Blaine 34
      Pearl Wilcox Malta 19 Detroit (Lakes?) Mn George Wilcox & Estella Green
GRAVING, Lawrence Richard       Dickinson N D 24 Grafton N D O A Graving & Anna Hegstad 22-Jul-1925 Froid Roosivelt 790
      Laura Magdaline Loucks Froid 24 Avoca N Y John Thomas Loucks & Mae Wagner
GRAVING, Mrs Pearl see Peterson, Lewis
GRAVING, O A see Graving, Lawrence Richard
GRAW, Rachel see Beckler, George L
GRAY, see Red Feather, Frank
GRAY, Bear see Fighter
GRAY, Bear see Shoot Young Man
GRAY, Bear see Fine Fish
GRAY, Buffalo Woman see Iron Leggins
GRAY, Elk Iron Bear see Little Bull
GRAY, Hair see Garfield
GRAY, Hawk see Brown, Joseph
GRAY, Moose Ryder see Chicken Head
GRAY, No Breast see No Breast
GRAY, No Breast see Eagle Boy, Mathew
GRAY, Albert E       Fallon 35 Stockton Mn G W Gray & Rosetta Brown 29-Jan-1930 Glendive Dawson 3841
      Anna M Hedstrom Fallon 23 Miles City Ole Hedstrom & Anna Nelson
GRAY, Alice see Sisk, Pat
GRAY, Alice see Forthun, Oscar H
GRAY, Charles D see Scrivener, Jonathan R
GRAY, Dorothy R see Barr
GRAY, Edward N       Harlem 31 Wingham Ont Can William A Gray & Alice Elford 28-Jan-1917 Plenty-wood Blaine 363
      Anna C Hughes Harlem 32 Trenton Mo Thomas Hughes & Helen Davis
GRAY, Elizabeth see Crane
GRAY, Elsie see Golden, Robert R
GRAY, Emma see Schneider, Philip P
GRAY, G W see Gray, Albert E
GRAY, George L see Barr
GRAY, Grace M see Peachy, Fredrick A
GRAY, Harry B see Gray, Maynard H
GRAY, Harry C       Redstone 23 N D Henry Gray & Carrie Hutchison 23-Oct-1917 Glasgow Valley 2257
      Pearl Louise Geurin Saco ??? Dakota Hugh Geurin & Emma L Arneson
GRAY, Henry see Gray, Harry C
GRAY, Henry see Dickson, Noel K
GRAY, Henry see Schneider, Philip P
GRAY, Henry see Crossen, Frank B
GRAY, John see Peachy, Fredrick A
GRAY, John F see Gray, Leslie J
GRAY, Leslie J       Hinsdale 22 Kentucky John F Gray & Mary Hall 15-Sep-1913 Glasgow Valley 1343
      Etta Gaasch Hinsdale 22 Kansas Peter Gaasch & Mary Woolwine
GRAY, Lucinda see Pippinger, David Homer
GRAY, Lulu Ally see Dickson, Noel K
GRAY, Margaret see Fallon
GRAY, Mary see Peterson, Ray
GRAY, Maynard H       DesPlaines Ill 23 DesPlaines Harry B Gray & Minnie Held 19-Jun-1924 Wibaux Wibaux 435
      Juanita A Deringer Wibaugh 21 East Liverpool Ohio Curtis Deringer & V Mae McKinnon
GRAY, Michael see Gray, Thomas W
GRAY, Minerva see Mead, Earl R
GRAY, Perlina see Fine, William H
GRAY, Ruth see Crossen, Frank B
GRAY, Ruth A see Deal, Wyan E
GRAY, Thomas Reese       Saco 26 Carlelais Mo W S Gray & Mamie LaRanger? 10-Jan-1917 Glasgow Valley 2050
      Mary Katherine LaRue Saco 23 Marshall Mo Hugh & Lucy LaRue
GRAY, Thomas W       Glasgow 25 Neb Michael Gray & Laura E Worrell 14-Dec-1915 Glasgow Valley 1790
      Mrs R A Covert Glasgow 33 N D Edward Smith & Marie Bolger
GRAY, W C see Gray, William W
GRAY, W S see Gray, Thomas Reese
GRAY, Walter P see Deal, Wyan E
GRAY, William A see Gray, Edward N
GRAY, William W       Glendive 28 Long Prairie Mn W C Gray & Mary E Porter 14-Nov-1909 Glendive Dawson 751
      Hattie Hanley Glendive 22 Minneapolis Mn John Hanley & Maggie Kelly
GRAY BEAR, Laura see Red Bull, Seth
GRAYBULL, Annie see Brown
GRAYHAM, Mary see Garfield, Joseph
GRAYSON, Arthur       Antelope 22 Lankin? N D Richard Grayson & Emma J Woolridge 25-Mov-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2636
      Astrid Brekke Antelope 17 Antelope Eilert Brekke & Betsy Birkeland
GRAYSON, Callie see Allen, Walter C
GRAYSON, George L       Manning N D 22 Adell Iowa George L Grayson & Minnie B Harvey 7-Aug-1914 Glendive Dawson 1563?
      Vera Lewis Manning N D 18 Springfield Missouri Georg Lewis & Lavina Ely
GRAYSON, George W       Antelope 19 Hankins N D Richard Grayson & Emma J Wooldridge 22-Oct-1924 Danish Luth Pars Sheridan 2005
      Bella J Rorvig Antelope 18 Pelican Rapids Mn Ludwig Rorvig & Bertha Brorby
GRAYSON, J E       Antelope 24 N D John Grayson & Elizabeth Little 21-Oct-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2116
      Maibelle Olson Antelope 18 Mn John Olson & Maude Davis
GRAYSON, John see Grayson
GRAYSON, Richard see Grayson
GRAYSON, Richard see Grayson
GRAYSON, Richard Ernest       Antelope 19 Oregon Richard Grayson & Emma J Wooldridge 25-Feb-1923 Antelope Sheridan 1877
      Mae Magdalene Bertelson Antelope 22 Cottonwood Mn Ingebret R Bertelson & Rachel M Nelson
GRAYSON, Sarah see Gainey, John D
GREAME, Elizabeth see Stephens, William T
GREAT, Ribs see Shooter
GREATHOUSE, Hazel see Scheiffert, Lawrence B
GREATHOUSE, Lizzie see Stiles, Arvel L
GREB, George J       Glendive 27 Wynet Illinois Joseph Greb & Ellen Shannon 8-Jun-1913 Glendive Dawson 1256
      Mildred E Ney Glendive 19 Mountain Grove Missouri William Ney & Ida Depew
GREB, Joseph see Greb, George J
GREBER, Anna see Unruh, Anthony
GREBER, Caroline see Tetzner, John
GREBOW, Anna Mary Louise see Scott, Walter Roy
GREEL, Bert E       Phillips 30 St Paul Reinhart Greel & ??? 25-Oct-1913 Glasgow Valley 1367
      Elizabeth LaSante Phillips 18 Chouteau Cty Louis La Sante & Caroline Plummer
GREEL, Reinhart see Greel, Bert E
GREELER, Amelia see Kooken, Fred
GREELEY, Julia see McSweeney
GREELY, Cora see Campbell, William Franklin
GREELY, Edna see Campbell
GREELY, George see Greely
GREELY, Martin F see Barner, Henry W
GREELY, Mary see Barner, Henry W
GREELY, Ralph       Outlook 24 Wis George Greely & Mary Hartness 29-Nov-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 616
      Mabel Anderson Outlook 23 Mn Charles Anderson & Betsy Oberg
GREEN, Albert see Green, Fred
GREEN, Alexander Everett       Mohene 49 P E I Can 30-Apr-1926 Phillips 883
      Barbara Holipka Los Angeles Calif 49 Ill
GREEN, Anna see Bell, Dudley H
GREEN, Anna see Miller, Louis E
GREEN, Anna (Watts?) see Smith
GREEN, Annie see Corkery, Hal
GREEN, Aug & Louise see Green, Richard
GREEN, Belle see Brown, Dale O
GREEN, Belle see Nicks, Jeff
GREEN, Bertha see Kampschror, Frank M
GREEN, Beryl R       Larslan 35 Thompson Illinois Stimson C Green & Susie L Sanders 28-Nov-1923 Glasgow Valley 3023
      Celia E Dargatt Larslan 26 Milwaukee Wis Valentine Dargatt & Minnie Shana
GREEN, Blanch see Berkland, Ludvig Oscar
GREEN, Blanche see Ruggles, Cleve
GREEN, Brazil A       Phillips 25 Ohio 7-Apr-1917 Phillips 202
      Esther Clanton Phillips 19 Texas
GREEN, Bridget see Bagley, William
GREEN, C E see Green, Don Clifford
GREEN, Carrie G see Jannsen, Gustav
GREEN, Charles see Laroque
GREEN, Charles       Portal N D 35 Mn J L Green & Ellen McGraw 11-Jul-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2084
      Ola V Welsher Portal N D 25 Iowa Louis Welsher & Cora Fawcett
GREEN, Charlotte Francis see Amundson, Tilmar
GREEN, Christina see Hawver, Edward S
GREEN, David see Green, Ray
GREEN, Don Clifford       Union 30 Viroqua Wisc C E Green & Martha West 11-Dec-1923 Glendive Dawson 3065
      Charlotte J Schara Circle 23 Billings Edward F M Hide & Christina Soenksen
GREEN, Doris see LaRoque
GREEN, Earl       Benrud (Roos Cty) 22 Anoka Mn Frank Green & Grace Perkins 16-May-1925 Scobey Daniels 204
      Thelma Anderson Benrud 20 N D Ben Anderson & ???
GREEN, Elizabeth see Taylor, Roy
GREEN, Ellen Vera see Nielsen, Nels Eimar
GREEN, Emily see Hyatt, Elijah Franklin
GREEN, Emily see Caldwell, C B
GREEN, Emma see Sisson, Murl J
GREEN, Emma see Baker, James Marion
GREEN, Estella see Wilcox, Pearl
GREEN, Evelyn see Scobey, Franklin B
GREEN, Florrie see Oglesby, Charles Wesley
GREEN, Frank see Green, Nate Francis
GREEN, Frank see Green, Louis Vincent
GREEN, Frank see Green, Earl
GREEN, Frank X see Green, Fremont Thomas
GREEN, Fred       Minot N D 27 Mn Albert Green & Jesse Bormeau 20-May-1916 Glasgow Valley 1864
      Margaret Bench Oswego 29 Wis Frank Bench & Anna Langdon
GREEN, Fred G see Anderson, Hugh
GREEN, Fremont Thos       Wolf Point 23 Mn Frank X Green & Grace Perkins 28-Sep-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 287
      Mary Loretta Carroll Lustre 19 Wis George Carroll & Ella Geoffery
GREEN, Geo F see Sykes, Harry E
GREEN, George       Whitewater 35 Norway 7-Apr-1924 Phillips 766
      Ethel Quackenbush Whitewater 19 Mt
GREEN, George see Dahlman, Martin J
GREEN, Grant C       Havre 51 Illinois 4-May-1929 Phillips 1112
      Pauline Schroeder Havre 31 S D
GREEN, Harry see Amundson, Tilmar
GREEN, Henry see Ruggles, Cleve
GREEN, Henry       Froid 22 Russia Jacob & Elizabeth Green 25-Dec-1925 Culbertson Roosivelt 197
      Elizabeth Brassie Froid 20 Germany Adam & Anna Brassie
GREEN, Henry see Curtin
GREEN, Henry R see Green, Isaac E
GREEN, Isaac E       Bismark 27 Otumwa Iowa Henry R Green & Eva May Yackey 26-May-1926 Lindsay Dawson 3720
      Julia Fornall Fallon 19 Franklin Kansas Fabian J Fornall & Caroline Dabner
GREEN, Isabell see Nicks, Jeff
GREEN, J B see Hines, Frank J
GREEN, J L see Green
GREEN, J S see Green, L L
GREEN, Jacob       Froid 22 Russia Jacob Green & Mary Hymbetgner 26-Dec-1927 Culbertson Roosivelt 1115
      Amelia Damm Froid 19 Mt Peter Damm & Katie Burbrek
GREEN, Jacob & Elizabeth see Green, Henry
GREEN, James see Phillips, Elbert V
GREEN, Jane see Williams, Dudley C
GREEN, Jennie A see Peck, Everett D
GREEN, Jerry see Nyman, Elias
GREEN, John see Green, Oval M
GREEN, John B see Green, Westly Earle
GREEN, Joseph M see Green, William B
GREEN, Julia see Gerle
GREEN, Katherine see Backer, Jack
GREEN, Katherine see Becker
GREEN, L L       Gold Butte 30 Iowa J S Green & Victoria Dunstan 13-Oct-1909 Glasgow Valley
      Vida Seely Rochester Mn Estevan S D F T Seely & Nellie Jessick?
GREEN, Laura see Stringer
GREEN, Leo       Wagner 20 France 24-Aug-1929 Phillips 1137
      Rose Tiedemans Malta 19 Mn
GREEN, Lizzie D see Lonbaker, Sherman A
GREEN, Lottie see Golden, Robert R
GREEN, Louis Vincent       Volt 26 Mn Frank Green & Grace Perkins 6-Nov-1926 Wolf Point Roosivelt 967
      Alfreda Hagen Wolf Point 18 Neb George A Hagen & Francis Kapietz
GREEN, Lucy see Andrews, Roy E
GREEN, Margaret Bensch see Tolan, Nels
GREEN, Mary see DuBois, Robert Willard
GREEN, Mary see Birst, Louis Henry
GREEN, Mary see Knoll, Nicholas J
GREEN, Mary see Romjue, Thomas
GREEN, Mary see Wigmore, Russell Rufus
GREEN, Matthew see Knoll, Nicholas J
GREEN, Mattie see Dillon, Vernon F
GREEN, Minnie L see Holtzendorff, Jesse L
GREEN, Muriel see Nyman, Elias
GREEN, Nancy see Smith, J W
GREEN, Nate Francis       Volt 26 Anoka Cty N D Frank Green & Grace Perkins 26-May-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1174
      Jenivieve Mary Harding Churches Ferry N D 21 Helton N D Charles E Harding & Sara A Vanthorn
GREEN, Nettie see Fellows, George C
GREEN, Nora M see Anderson, Hugh
GREEN, Oliver D       Glasgow 23? Boone Iowa Reater? J Green & ??? 28-Oct-1896 Glasgow Valley ?
      Maggie M Huffman Glasgow 22 Philadelphai Penn Lewis Huffman & Mary Black
GREEN, Oval M       Mecaha 33 Green Castle Missouri John Green & Polina Meador 14-Oct-1916 Tyndall Dawson 2013
      Mildred H Henton Tindall 23 Missouri John Henton & Anna Reese
GREEN, Ralph H see Jannsen, Gustav
GREEN, Ray       Malta 24 Iowa David Green & Matilda Walstrom 6-Sep-1917 Glasgow Valley 2220
      Libby Hagerty Malta 28 Spencer Iowa J W Hartman & Amelia Runkle
GREEN, Reater J see Green, Oliver J
GREEN, Richard       Ekalaka 36 Weldon? Wisc Aug & Louisa Green 19-Sep-1904 Glendive Dawson 319
      Virgie Barrows Ekalaka 20 Texas Jas Barrows & ???
GREEN, Sarah A see Spofford, Louis D
GREEN, Sophonia see Jackson, L L
GREEN, Stella see Hansen, Carl
GREEN, Stimson C see Green, Beryl R
GREEN, Susan J see Mason, H C
GREEN, Westly Earle       Axtel 25 Afton Okla John B Green & Mat—? B Eubank 2-Sep-1913 Glendive Dawson 1315
      Annie M Miller Axtel 25 Ironoodie? Iowa B F Miller & Elizabeth Beale
GREEN, William B       Glendive 22 Kansas City Mo Joseph M Green & Ada Baugh 27-Jul-1927 Wibaux Wibaux 692
      Florence Gertrude Eide Glendive 18 Piney Valley Man Can George O Eide & Clara Folkstesd
GREEN, William Franklin see Nielsen, Nels Einar
GREEN, Wilma J see Hines, Frank J
GREENAN, Carrie see Potter
GREENAN, Carrie see Willard
GREENBLAT, Abraham       Wolf Point 29 Poland Elia Greenblat & Esther Moszkowicz 25-Dec-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 332
      Lilly Finegold Wolf Point 23 Russia Mendel Finegold & Anna Herman
GREENBLAT, Elia see Greenblat, Abraham
GREENE, Alexander see Cavanaugh, Arthur
GREENE, Dudley W       Hinsdale 18 Clinton Ken James E Greene & Edith Ashby 5-Nov-1923 Hinsdale Valley 3010
      Rose Sowa Hinsdale 18 Vandalia Peter Sowa & Elizabeth G Berger
GREENE, Elizabeth see Schindler, Martin
GREENE, James E see Greene, Dudley W
GREENE, Lizzie see Warnke, George
GREENE, Margaret see VanLuchene, Paul L
GREENE, Mary see Fordham, George E
GREENEN, Mrs E see Minugh, James R
GREENER, Grace M see Davis, George A
GREENER, Mary see Amiotte, Frank
GREENER, Sophia see Lincecum, Leo
GREENFIELD, Charles D Jr       Helena 28 Helena Charles D Greenfield & Mary Etta McBrine 4-Sep-1913 Vandalia Valley 1341
      Anna Elizabeth Nelson Vandalia 20 Riverdale H H Nelson & Anna Putnam
GREENFIELD, Clara see Fitch, Harland E
GREENFIELD, Delia see Fitch, Harland E
GREENFIELD, Florence see Sherman, Waldo C
GREENFIELD, Ida see Cheney, Art Dow
GREENFIELD, Nancy see Hawk, George H
GREENHAUER, Annie see Gruber
GREENHILL, Anna see Stafford, D L
GREENLAND, Caroline see Bendickson
GREENLAND, George see Bendickson
GREENLEE, E H see Stubban
GREENLEE, Gladys M see Stubban
GREENOUGH, Frank A       Twete 28 Kansas John K Greenough & Minnie Currier 26-Nov-1917 Chinook Blaine 453
      Mary Ertia Sausser Twete 19 Indiana John Sausser & Alice Biggs
GREENOUGH, John K see Greenough, Frank A
GREENOUGH, Lance? see Holmquist, Oscar
GREENOUGH, Vivian see Holmquist, Oscar
GREENSLET, Sarah see Eayrs, Charles Clifford
GREENSLITT, Sarah see Eayrs, Donald A
GREENUP, Clyde Riley       West Fork 19 Forest City Iowa Luther F Greenup & Rosalind Riley 1-Aug-1921 Scobey Daniels 31
      Verna Violet Bilden Scobey 18 Wilton Mn Julius A Bilden & Annie Albertson
GREENUP, Edith Evelyn see Bridges, Jessie W
GREENUP, Edna Ione see Erickson, Arlie Theodore
GREENUP, Grace see Fossum, George P
GREENUP, Grace see Scott, Conrad Allen
GREENUP, L F see Erickson, Arlie Theodore
GREENUP, L F see Bridges, Jessie W
GREENUP, Luther see Greenup, Roy
GREENUP, Luther see Hockett
GREENUP, Luther F see Greenup, Clyde Riley
GREENUP, May see Hockett
GREENUP, Roy       West Fork 20 Iowa Luther Greenup & Rose Riley 28-Dec-1923 Scobey Daniels 138
      Grina? Horysh West Fork 20 N D Frank Horysh & Mary Sonekup
GREENUP,, Luther, see Sauskojus
GREENUP,, Marie, see Sauskojus
GREENWALD, Beulah see Huber, Levi H
GREENWALD, Daniel Jacob see huber, Levi H
GREENWOOD, Abraham O see Jimison, Robert C
GREENWOOD, Be Atta see Hicks, Sam
GREENWOOD, Bertha Alice see Jimison, Robert C
GREENWOOD, Charles       Scobey 29 ___? England Seth Greenwood & Sarah Devine 29-Mat-1914 Scobey Sheridan 237
      Blanch Eleanor Davis Scobey 22 Iowa Samuel Davis & Nancy Belle Button
GREENWOOD, Green see Hicks, Sam
GREENWOOD, Jane see Meyers, George Greenwood
GREENWOOD, Jeannette see McGibbon
GREENWOOD, Jim see Henderson
GREENWOOD, Jim see McGibbon
GREENWOOD, Martha see Henderson
GREENWOOD, Pansy Irene see Sorensen
GREENWOOD, Seth see Greenwood
GREENWOOD, William see Sorenson
GREER, Bertha see McAuley, Earl H
GREER, Edmonia see Finlay, Roderick
GREER, Heneretta see Wilson, William Walter
GREER, J B see McAuley, Earl H
GREER, Norma see Dexter, Ralph Ellis
GREER, Oasis see Burrows, Mortimer P
GREER,, Margaret, see Gunter
GREETING, Alta see McMoran, Eastin
GREETING, Minnie see Flynn, Floyd J
GREETING, Scott see McMoran, Eastin
GREFF, Gideon       Welliver 24 Can Joe & Rose Greff 5-Dec-1916 Scobey Sheridan 903
      Margaret Marie Berg Welliver 18 Mn Math Berg & Susan Schone?
GREFF, Joe & Rose see Greff
GREFF, Pat see Logan
GREFF, Rose see Logan
GREGERSON, Carl Albert       Tande 22 Grand Forks N D John C Gregerson & Ranvie Roe 20-Nov-1920 Plentywood? Daniels 18
      Agnes Mary Siegel Tande 22 Morris Mn William Gebhardt & Gertrude Vanderberg
GREGERSON, Charles see Gregerson, Victor Edwin
GREGERSON, John see Brenna
GREGERSON, John C see Gregerson, John R
GREGERSON, John C see Gregerson, Carl Albert
GREGERSON, John C see Gregerson, Ole Bernhart
GREGERSON, John Chris see Gregerson, John Rudolph
GREGERSON, John R       Preston Wash 32 McIntosh Mn John C Gregerson & Ranvig Boe 12-Nov-1923 Glasgow Valley 3015
      Enid Margaret Ordsteen Scobey 23 Sunnysidr England John & Elizabeth Ann Ord
GREGERSON, John Rudolph       Preston Wash 32 McIntyre Mn John Chris Gregerson & Ranvie Roe Daniels 125 ( cert not completed )
      Enid Marguerite Steen Scobey 23 Sunnyside England John & Elizabeth Anne Ord
GREGERSON, Margaret see Moe
GREGERSON, Ole Bernhart       Scobey 38 Grand Forks N D J C Gregerson & Ranvie Rowe 3-Jul-1923 Scobey Daniels 109
      Gertrude R Givens Scobey 22 Anamoose N D Henry C Givens & Mary Gebhart
GREGERSON, Olga see Brenna
GREGERSON, Victor Edwin       Harlem 25 Wis Charles Gregerson & Minnie Thygeson 29-Dec-1916 Chinook Blaine 359 (see also Brekke, Eddie M)
      Elise Dagny Brekken Harlem 22 Kenyon Mn Hand E Brekken & Eli Quala
GREGG, Agnes Lyons see Gilbert, Louis
GREGG, Clark       Poplar 21 Wolf Point ??? & Flashing Iron 16-Jan-1897 Glasgow Valley ?
      Agnes Lyons Poplar 20 Baltimore Md Samuel O Lyons & Maggie Lee
GREGG, Clifford       Gladstone N D 30 Gladstone Silas Gregg & Helen Morse 20-May-1925 Glendive Dawson 3211
      Mildred Viola Olson Gladstone 18 Gladstone Albert A Olson & Clara Brown
GREGG, Cyrus S       Marco 30 Clark Cty Iowa Wesley Gregg & Ada O Brown 2-Apr-1913 Glendive Dawson 1227
      Mary E McCulloch Marco 28 Marco Nebr Davide McCulloch & Mary Christianson
GREGG, David Austin see Carr, John Martin
GREGG, Doris see Key, James A
GREGG, Doris see Nichols, Edward C
GREGG, Harry       Richey 22 Brown Cty Indiana N M Gregg & Charity Squires 13-Jan-1916 Glendive Dawson 1859
      Etta Walker Richey 21 Wilson Cty Kansas E H Walker & Dora Furrow
GREGG, James       Malta 28 W Vir M Gregg & Margaret Morgan 13-June-1903 Glasgow Valley 106
      Mattie Carr Malta 18 Kansas Edward Carr & May Lindsey
GREGG, Louis       Oswego 21 Md? Louis & Agnes Gregg 25-Nov-1919 Glasgow Valley 2591
      Louise Lambert Frazer 18 Mt Charles Lambert & Anna Tom
GREGG, Louis & Agnes see Gregg, Louis
GREGG, M see Gregg, James
GREGG, N M see Gregg, Harry
GREGG, N M see Gregg, Virgil C
GREGG, Naomi Helen see Doty, Floyd Merle
GREGG, S D see Key, James A
GREGG, S D see Nichols, Edward C
GREGG, Silas see Gregg, Clifford
GREGG, Silas D see Gregg, Vinton M
GREGG, Silas Merle see Doty, Floyd Merle
GREGG, Vinton M       Gladstone N D 27 Gladstone Silas D Gregg & Helen Morse 7-Jan-1924 Wibaux Wibaux 415
      Sadie Olson Gladstone N D 18 Glad-stone Albert Olson & Clara Brown
GREGG, Virgil C       Bloomfield 28 Morganrown Indiana N M Gregg & Christy Squires 20-Jan-1914 Glendive Dawson 1426
      M Fern Moore Retah 24 Winnemac Cty Indiana George M Moore & Mary E Lower
GREGG, Wesley see Gregg, Cyrus S
GREGOR, Ella see Cook
GREGORIUS, Hanna Marie see Mikkelson, Ole
GREGORSON, Carrie see Kittleson, Oscar S
GREGORSON, Virginia Barbara see Rorvik, Darrow
GREGORY, ??? see Hancock, Paul Elwin
GREGORY, A I see Hovey
GREGORY, Andrew I see Davids, Ralph E
GREGORY, Andrew J see Lebert, Sam
GREGORY, Charles see Olsen
GREGORY, Emma M see Thomas, Edward N
GREGORY, Grace see Hovey
GREGORY, Helen Rose see Davids, Ralph E
GREGORY, Jetta see Lebert Sam
GREGORY, John see Thomas, Edward N
GREGORY, John       Culbertson 32 St Joe Mo Richard Gregory & Lucille Mumford 29-Oct-1915 Culbertson Sheridan 571
      Katie McMurray Culbertson 31 St Paul Mn Patrick Brannon & Johanna Mader
GREGORY, Marie see Olsen
GREGORY, Mary J see Garrison, Daniel W
GREGORY, Mary J see Garrison, William T
GREGORY, Richard see Gregory
GREGORY, Susie A see Price, Edward
GREGSON, Mary see Lund, Hans
GREIG, Jane see Craig, Albert G
GREIMANN, Herman       Blomfield 49 Clayton Iowa William Greimann & Annie Hallbreneger 30-Jul-1909 Glendive Dawson 711
      Caroline Syverson Bloomfield 30 Norway Syvert Mathison & Karen Vang
GREIMANN, William see Greimann, Herman
GREIMER, Helena see Henk, Karl
GREIN, Anna see Guellf, Michael N
GREIPENTROG, Marie see Rendleman, John
GREISEN, Lucy see Groskurth
GREITL, Magdalene see Blomquist, Carl A
GREITL, Mike see Blomquist, Carl A
GRELE, Jules see Grele, Julius
GRELE, Julius       Froid 24 Froid Jules Grele & Josephine Albargie 21-Aug-1930 Scobey Daniels 485
      Olga Hofman McCabe 20 McCabe John Hofman & Sena Rasmusson
GRELLONG, Bertha see Roggal
GRELLONG, Laura see Smith
GRELLONG, William see Smith
GRELLONG, Wm see Roggal
GRENACHE, Frances see Amiotte, Frank
GRENKIE, A H       Saskatoon Can 48 Brace-bridge Can Julius Grenkie & Rebecca Wregett 17-Nov-1934 Plentywood Sheridan 2895
      Jean Harmon Saskatoon 34 Hull England Samuel Harmom & Susanna Nichols
GRENKIE, Julius see Grenkie
GRENLAND, Emily see Barnett, Frank
GRENLAND, Emily see Hedden, Norman W
GRENNAN, Hugh & Rose see Schultz, Nichilas
GRENSDORE, Daisy see Witt, Robert E
GRENSDORE, J R see Witt, Robert E
GRENZ, Caroline see Grenz, John
GRENZ, Gottfried see Grenz, John
GRENZ, John       N D 23 N D Gottfried Gernz & Catherine Havener 5-Jan-1917 Wibaux Wibaux 120
      Carrie Hermann N D 23 Russia Jacob Hermann & Caroline Grenz
GREOVU, John see Greovu, Leo
GREOVU, Leo       Glendive 29 Lisa Hungary John Greovu & Eva Montane 14-Aug-1914 Glendive Dawson 1565
      Lillian McLeod Glendive 26 Arthur McLeod & Margery Johnston
GREPEAU, Albert see Burk, Joe
GRESHMA, Leve see Stoehr, Lawrence
GRESINGER, Albert see Gresinger, Edwin I
GRESINGER, Edwin A       Whitecomb 27 Mn Albert Gresinger & Dora Theis 16-aug-1913 Glasgow Valley 1337
      Dora Moran Whitecomb 20 Gilt Edge Jerry Moran & Anna Sherry
GRESS, Charles H see Weber, S W
GRESS, Charlotte see McElvain, Robert James
GRESS, Charlotte A see Waber, Oswald O
GRESS, John M       Richardton N D 25 Richardton Marcus Gress & Monica Schnell 23-Nov-1925 Glendive Dawson 3300
      Angeline Krank Dickinson N D 22 Dickinson Mike Krank & Rose Angel
GRESS, Lillian see Weber, S W
GRESS, Marcus see Gress, John M
GREVCOX, George W       Brainerd Mn 32 Jackson Mich Chas H Grevcox & Jennie Stewart 23-Nov-1908 Glendive Dawson 644
      Mabel Sara Cole Glendive 22 Huron S D E D Cole & Alemeda Frost
GREVCOX, Chas H see Grevcox, George W
GREY, Body see Cloud
GREY, Cow see Miller, Isaac
GREY, Cow Bird Dog see Miller, Isaac
GREY, Elk see Iron Bear, Charlie
GREY, Elk see Iron Bear, Howard
GREY, Hair see Garfield, Charles
GREY, Mammie see Spillum, Stanley A
GREY EAR, August & Laura see Buck Elk, Henry
GREY EAR, Susie see Buck Elk, Henry
GREYSON, Louise see VanHee, Edward
GRI___UP?, Elizabeth A see Tryon, Morton
GRIBBLE, Fred       Hay Coulee 30 No Car J J Gribble & ??? Moore 28-Jan-1920 Valley 2616
      Ione Motschenbachen Hay Coulee 18 Mn Andrew Motschenbachen & ??? Morse
GRIBBLE, J J see Gribble, Fred
GRIBBLE, J J see Gribble, Oscar
GRIBBLE, John see Gribble, Richard
GRIBBLE, Leona see Gile Lorne Arthur
GRIBBLE, Oscar       Hay Coulee 39 Hays-ville No Car J J Gribble & Lydia Moore 27-Mar-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 484? Or 483?
      Goldie E Nessen Hay Coulee 25 N D C C Smith & Sarah Mitchell
GRIBBLE, Richard       Glendive 28 N Carolina John Gribble & Lydia Moore 7-Oct-1918 Glasgow Valley 2436
      Gladys Cosand Glendive 17 S D Orris F Cosand & Nellie May Dishart
GRIBBLE, Roce? see Gile
GRIBBLE, Sabra see Ketner, Albert Lavern
GRIBNAU, Phillip see Myron, Otto Hilman
GRIBNAU, Rosalie Elizabeth see Myron, Otto Hilman
GRIBNER, Lizzie see Meek, Floyd
GRIBNER, Lizzie see Lyon, Bert J
GRICH, Lydia see Allen, Herman
GRIDLEY, Lewis M       Culbertson 31 Kansas? Victor P Gridley & Anna Herans? 24-Dec-1902 Culbertson Valley 78
      Nellie K Shields Culbertson 18 ??? John Shields & Annie Flood
GRIDLEY, Louisa see Mason, Benton
GRIDLEY, Victor P see Gridley, Lewis M
GRIEB, Harry       Pleasant Lake N D 21 Garret Kansas J N Grieb & Rachel Bierly 30-Oct-1913 Glasgow Valley
      Alma Trueshal Pleasant Lake N D 19 Mt Ethea Iowa J W Trueshal & Marietta Johnson
GRIEB, J N see Grieb, Harry
GRIEBEL, Anton see Albert, Harold Chester
GRIEBEL, Verna Esther see Albert, Harold Chester
GRIEBLER, Mathias Morse       Glendive 26 St Cloud Mn Peter R Griebler & Albertina Ruff 28-Nov-1909 Glendive Dawson 758
      Helen Marie Dresen Glendive 21 LaCrosse Wisc J Dresen & Francis A Springer
GRIEBLER, Peter R see Griebler, Mathias Morse
GRIEN, Anna see Campbell, James Maxwell
GRIENE, Catherine see Hartley, Charles L
GRIER, Elizabeth S? see Graves, Samuel E
GRIER, Harry see Weer
GRIER, Mina D see Weer
GRIESE, Henry see Griese, Jesse
GRIESE, Jack see Shoemaker, Will
GRIESE, Jesse       Armour S D 23 Armour S D Henry Griese & Ida Chesmore 11-Nov-1927 Wibaux Wibaux 595
      Eva G Bradford Jamestown 26 Courtney N D John Bredford & Myrtia Sauford?
GRIESSEN, Alvin see Griessen
GRIESSEN, H C       Gladmar Sask Can 40 Switz Alvin Greissen & Juliana Bamgarden 16-May-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 739
      Mary Georgina Auld Montreal Que 35 Montreal George B Auld & Mary Gamble?
GRIEVE, Annie see Hartley Thomas
GRIEVE, Annie see Renner Harry A
GRIEVE, Isabelle see Rowe, Walter E
GRIFFETH, Catherine E see Gunderson
GRIFFETH, Louis see Gunderson
GRIFFIN, Addie J see Sherman, John T
GRIFFIN, Alice see Clarke, Fred W
GRIFFIN, Alice see LaFournaise, Alick
GRIFFIN, Ann see Nelson, Clair S
GRIFFIN, Anna see Horan, Maurice
GRIFFIN, Anna see Ulschak, John F
GRIFFIN, Arnold see Statham, R J
GRIFFIN, Arnold see Griffin, Carroll E
GRIFFIN, Arnold       Glendive 34 Charleston Penn Henry Griffin & Ann Arnold 5-Feb-1889 Glendive Dawson 24
      Amy Ward Glendive 21 Mn Asa Ward & Helen Dills
GRIFFIN, Bridget see Steele, James Richard
GRIFFIN, Bridget Mary see Indergard, Carl
GRIFFIN, Carroll E       Glendive 29 Glendive Arnold Griffin & Amy Ward 12-Jul-1922 Glendive Dawson 2879
      Lottie Foss Glendive 26 Rolette N D Louis J Foss & Lena Stateberg
GRIFFIN, Chauncey W       Dodson 28 Mn 31-Mar-1920 Phillips 491
      Elizabeth C Dudek Dodson 21 Mn
GRIFFIN, Edith see Johnson, William C
GRIFFIN, Effie see Barnhart
GRIFFIN, Effie Marie see Gunn, Carl Birdie
GRIFFIN, Ellen see McCarty
GRIFFIN, Geneva Mary see Frieberg, Leo Victor
GRIFFIN, Harry E       Hanks N D 33 Burgessville Ont Can Layefette? Griffin & Maryetta Lancaster 25-May-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 764
      Pearl Gleason Tait Dagmar 23 Tracey Mn Fred Gleason & May Vickerman
GRIFFIN, Henry see Griffin, Arnold
GRIFFIN, Ida see Peterson, Ray
GRIFFIN, Jim see Peterson, Ray
GRIFFIN, John F       Minneapolis 40 Mn Patrick Griffin & Ellen Clifford 24-Jan-1918 Glasgow Valley 2330
      Anna Bernolt Glasgow 27 Mn Charles & Mary Bernolt
GRIFFIN, Layefette? see Griffin, Harry E
GRIFFIN, Lee Earl see Frieberg, Leo Victor
GRIFFIN, M—? see Griffin
GRIFFIN, Maggie see Chaffee
GRIFFIN, Maisie M see Statham, R J
GRIFFIN, Martha see Hewett
GRIFFIN, Martin       Med Lake 29 Iowa M---e? Griffin & Katherine Slattery 27-Nov-1915 Medicine Lake Sheridan 599
      Mary Thomas Med Lake 23 N D Thomas Thomas & Margaret Herman
GRIFFIN, Martin see Chaffee
GRIFFIN, Martin see Chaffee Ralph
GRIFFIN, Martin see Lee
GRIFFIN, Martin see Neros
GRIFFIN, Mary see Chaffee
GRIFFIN, Opal see Neros
GRIFFIN, Patrick see Griffin, John F
GRIFFIN, Pearl (Gleason?) see Anderson
GRIFFIN, Phoebe C see Keeley, George
GRIFFIN, Sarah Jane see Bowles, Elsworth Leopold
GRIFFIN, Vera see Lee
GRIFFITH, ??? see Ingalls, John Emerson
GRIFFITH, Albert C see Griffith, George
GRIFFITH, Anna see Karll, Vern
GRIFFITH, Arthur J       Glendive 38 Ind Henry Griffith & Eva Heikill 10-Sep-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 215
      Lizzie Mreall Glendive 38 Germany Nick Mreal & Katie Karibal
GRIFFITH, Arthur L see Griffith, Frank
GRIFFITH, C L       Opheim 28 Glasgow W S Griffith & May B Major 8-Oct-1928 Glasgow Valley 3421
      Grace E Jevnager Opheim 27 Turner N D August Jevnager & Augusta Manternach
GRIFFITH, Claude Lindal       Scobey 21 Glasgow Walter Sidney Griffith & May B Major Daniels 52 ( cert not completed )
      Joop Van Wieren Scobey 22 Holland ???
GRIFFITH, Dick see Griffith, Jones
GRIFFITH, Emily see Aby
GRIFFITH, Florence Ethel see Mulligan, James Wilford
GRIFFITH, Floyd       Gossett 21 Clarence Missouri W H Griffith & Betty Gaines 23-Mov-1910 Sidney Dawson 861
      Clara Ralls Gossett 19 Oregon Fred Rells & ???
GRIFFITH, Fred       Terry 21 Terry Arthur L Griffith & Susie Schooley 11-Dec-1905 Glendive Dawson 352
      Lillian Burke Glendive 22 Guernsey Wyoming Fran Reiman & Francis Sutherland
GRIFFITH, George see Griffith, Hiram
GRIFFITH, George       Zurich 29 Napoleon Ind Albert C Griffith & Emma C Clark 10-Mar-1917 Chinook Blaine 374
      Lottie Fern Coy Zurich 25 Kokomo Ind M M Coy & Fannie M Hayes
GRIFFITH, Griffith see Griffith, William John
GRIFFITH, Henry see Griffith, Arthur J
GRIFFITH, Hiram       Glendive 60 Magnolia Ill George Griffith & Lydia Comley 9-May-1910 Glendive Dawson 803
      Nellie M Sackett Glendive 21 Stewartville Mn Robert M Sackett & Nellie E Hopkins
GRIFFITH, Jones       Preston 25 Lee Cty Texas Dick Griffith & Mary Ryan 24-Dec-1906 Glendive Dawson 409
      Amanda Vincilette Preston 19 S D Claude Vincilette & Alphonsine Savage?
GRIFFITH, Maude see Emerson, Ned
GRIFFITH, Oscar see Rhodes, James M
GRIFFITH, Rosetta see Garfield, Claude P
GRIFFITH, Ruby Margaret see Moore, Edward Cash
GRIFFITH, Sarah see Sampson, James M
GRIFFITH, Selina see McDonough
GRIFFITH, W H see Griffith, Floyd
GRIFFITH, W J see Moore, Edward Cash
GRIFFITH, W S see Griffith, C L
GRIFFITH, Walter S       Sheridan Cty 66 Texas 23-Nov-1917 Phillips 288
      Sigrie Larson Phillips 26 Norway
GRIFFITH, Walter Stanley see Griffith, Claude Lyndal
GRIFFITH, William John       Glasgow 41 Watertown Wis Griffith Griffith & Margaret Richards 30-Sep-1902 Glasgow Valley 68
      Mrs Wm H Beary? Glasgow 36 Battle Creek Mich J A Ward & Harriet Perry
GRIFFITHS, Archie       Content 37 Wash 21-Aug-1923 Phillips 726
      Mildred Ragen Content 21 ???
GRIFFITHS, Harriet see Christian, Clayton Verne
GRIGGS, Edwin P       Willmen N D 30 Floyd Cty Iowa Joseph P Griggs & Avy I Blunt 2-Dec-1915 Glendive Dawson 1824
      May Blunt Rockford Iowa 27 Floyd Cty Iowa James Blunt & Grace Woods
GRIGGS, Joseph P see Griggs, Edwin P
GRIGGS, L L see LaCock, Rolla J
GRIGGS, Laura A see LaCock, Rolla J
GRIGSBY, Anna May see Long, William B
GRILAVA, Mary see Reyes, Joe
GRILE, Anna see Swank, Harry K
GRILL, Henry see Hillard, Reuben
GRILL, Mary see Hasty, Frank
GRILL, Mary see Hillard, Reuben
GRIME, Karoline see Grimsrud, Axel Wilhelm
GRIMES, Caroline see Storoe, Walter
GRIMES, Ida see Reuter
GRIMES, Jane see Gruye, John J
GRIMES, Lucretia see Cornwell, Stephen
GRIMES, Lucretia H see Cornwell, R L
GRIMES, Lucretia H see Cornwell, Robert
GRIMES, Malcolm see Storoe, Walter
GRIMES, Maudie L see Stoven, Henry A
GRIMM, Albert J       Bridette 36 Nebr Joes Grimm & Louisa Powell 18-Apr-1921 Poplar Roosivelt 230
      Elizabeth Doran Bridette 30 Mn Lawrence Doran & Mary Furlong
GRIMM, Joes see Grimm, Albert J
GRIMSHAW, Lottie see Bartley, Frank
GRIMSLEY, Alma C see Armington, John R
GRIMSLEY, Donna see Grimsley, Roger Sherman
GRIMSLEY, Marie see Armington, John R
GRIMSLEY, Ralph Sherman       Content 21 Arkansas 28-Sep-1927 Phillips 960
      Catherine May Koss Content 18 Canada
GRIMSRUD, Anton see Smith, J W
GRIMSRUD, Axel Wilhelm       Wolf Point 33 Norway Anders Grimsrude & Caroline Grime 27-Dec-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1128
      Ruby Cora Bilyen Wolf Point 19 Minot N D Anderson Bilyen & Anna Meiers
GRIMSRUD, Emil       Antelope 35 S D Ole Grimsrud & Annette Rorvig 23-Dec-1926 Plentywood Sheridan 2219
      Helen Strom Bot-tineau N D 25 N D Herman Strom & Helen Rekken
GRIMSRUD, Esther see Smith, J W
GRIMSRUD, Hulda Christina see Rishop, Edward E
GRIMSRUD, Inga Matilda see Gronlie
GRIMSRUD, Ole see Rishop, Edward E
GRIMSRUD, Ole see Grimsrud
GRIMSRUD, Ole see Omundson
GRIMSRUD, Theresa see Omundson
GRINBERG, Sophie see Micholson, John
GRINDALL, Alberto       Glendive 24 Minneapolis Mn Elijah Grindall & Sarah Smith Dawson 55
      Agnes Eva Stewart Glendive 17 Pittsburgh Penn Charles & Mary Stewart
GRINDALL, Elijah see Grindall, Alberto
GRINDELAND, Leonard       Bainville 28 Mn Ole Grindeland & Marie Hance 17-Feb-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 433
      Georda Berg-strom Bainville 24 Nor John Bergstrom & Marie Olson
GRINDELAND, Ole see Grindeland
GRINDELAND, Sina see Grodt
GRINDER, Tora see Horgen
GRINDLAND, Edwin       Stady N D 22 Stady N D Henry Grindland & Johanna Siem 21-Oct-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2779
      Wilma Riveland Fortuna 22 Ole Riveland & Marie Bergland
GRINDLAND, Gecine see Reishus
GRINDLAND, Gerda see Ler, Julius O
GRINDLAND, Henry see Grindland Edwin
GRINDLAND, Jens Christian       Bainville 35 Mn Ole Grindland & Carrie Hensey 15-Dec-1920 Bainville Roosivelt 202
      Mina J Smidstad Bainville 33 Mn Martin Smidstad & G Gunderson
GRINDLAND, Ole see Grindland, Jens Christian
GRINDLAND, Ole O see Reishus
GRINDLUND, Sina see Pedersen
GRINE, Anna see Cashman, James M
GRINELL, Albert E see Remington, Lawrence
GRINELL, Dorothy see Remington, Lawrence
GRINER, Mabel L (Bright?) see McLeod
GRINER, Mary see Laughton, Jack F
GRINER, Mary I see Arness, Karston K
GRINIESTAD, Dorthea see Kalberg, Eivind
GRINKE, Lavina see see Chaffee
GRINKE, Lena see Chaffee
GRINNAGE, Lyda see Thornton, Louis F
GRINNELL, Alice see Ebaugh, C Alton
GRINNELL, Arza E       Glendive 27 Eau Claire Wisc Ralph W Grinell & Sarah Hamilton 20-Jul-1909 Glendive Dawson 707
      Mart Isabelle Harpster Glendive 18 Glendive John Harpster & Clara Shrine
GRINNELL, Clyde W       Savoy 32 N D William E Grinnell & Emily Nester 19-Sep-1925 Chinook Blaine 897
      Beatrice Lemmon Savoy 20 Indiana George A Lemmon & Mattie Elliot
GRINNELL, Edith see Beardsley, James M
GRINNELL, Georgia E see Reynolds, John
GRINNELL, Ralph W see Grinnell, Arza E
GRINNELL, William E see Grinnell, Clyde W
GRINOLDS, Frank see Grinolds, Milford
GRINOLDS, Milford       Savoy 27 Wells Mn Frank Grinolds & Emma Shaw 6-May-1913 Savoy Blaine 49
      Jessie Forgey Savoy 21 Harlem John Forgey & Katherine Bellwere?
GRINOLES, Ruby L see Stensland, Arthur Oliver
GRINSTEAD, Guy S see Unkrich, Clyde H
GRINSTEAD, Irma see Unkrich, Clyde H
GRINZEL, Henriette see Waidt
GRISDALE, Leonard see Stecher, Nickolas Joseph
GRISDALE, Theresa see Stecher, Nickolas Joseph
GRISOHKNK, Auguste see Waitschis, Otto George
GRISSLEY, Elmer Jerome       Buford N D 24 Koss Mich Jacob Grissley & Mary Smith 23-Nov-1921 Poplar Roosivelt 317
      Francis Marilla Shatswell Buford N D 18 Petersgurg N D Frank Shatswell & Anna Miller
GRISSLEY, Jacob see Grissley, Elmer Jerome
GRIST, Edward       Bainville 28 France Eugene Grist & Adeline Repelin 15-Oct-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1158
      Lea David Bainville 19 France Louis David & Josephine Fayard
GRIST, Eugene see Grist
GRISWALD, Mary see Marsh, Alfred
GRISWOLD, Mary see Marsh
GRITSINGER, Helen see Damson, Charles A
GRITZ, John J       Baylor 26 Waverly? Mn Paul Gritz & Julia Pelova 18-May-1913 Glasgow Valley 1292
      Eva May Bradley Glasgow 20 Eagle Bend Mn Thomas H Bradley & Ethel May Kitchel
GRITZ, Marguerite see Hughes, Phillip B
GRITZ, Paul       Glasgow 26 Oppeln Germany Paul Gritz & Julia Pielawa 24-Apr-1902 Glasgow Valley 214
      Mary Kamla Glasgow 16 Breckenridge Mn John Kamla & Julia Shwertz
GRITZ, Paul see Gritz, Peter
GRITZ, Paul see Hughes, Phillip B
GRITZ, Paul see Gritz, John J
GRITZ, Peter       Glasgow 24 Waverly Mn Paul Gritz & Julia Pilolo? 23-Jan-1905 Glasgow Valley 160
      Julia Kamla Glasgow 18 Breckenridge Mn Julius Kamla & Julia Bronovick
GROAT, Ernest D see Gallagher, George H
GROBAN, Catherine see Head, Mike
GROBAN, Mike see Head, Mike
GROBECKER, Emma see Howard
GROBEE, Charles G       Coburg 23 Iowa Fred W Grobee & Catherine Melcher 8-Jul-1914 Chinook Blaine 138
      Dorothy E M Strother Cuburg 21 Iowa William B Strother & Clara Lundy
GROBEE, Fred W see Grobee, Charles G
GROBNER, Mary D see Sterback, John
GRODELAND, Malena see Undheim, Jonas P
GRODT, G C       Bonrtrail N D 26 Bonetrail Peter Grodt & Christi Sveet 29-Jun-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3037
      Palma Johnson Bonetrail 20 Bonetrail Hans P Johnson & Sina Grindeland
GRODT, Peter see Grodt
GROEBEL, Anna see Nuhring, John Henry
GROELF, Emma see Harinsh, Amos
GROENKE, Caroline see Mischke, Paul Rudolph
GROFF, Amelia see Meyer, Hugo A
GROFF, Amelia see Meyer
GROGAN, George H see Grogan, Walter H
GROGAN, Helena see Woodley, Harvey L
GROGAN, Helena see Woodley, Elroy
GROGAN, John see Watnaas
GROGAN, Mabel see Nelson
GROGAN, Matilda see Watnaas
GROGAN, Walter H       Glasgow 29 Pembina N D George H Grogan & ??? 16-Mar-1910 Glasgow Valley 595
      Daisie B Stephens Glasgow 25 Hartford, Arkansas James B Stephens & Elizabeth Douglas
GROH, Agnes see Meissner, Anton
GROH, John see Groh, Otto J
GROH, John see Meissner, Anton
GROH, Otto J       Circle 24 Uniontown Wash John Groh & Tecla Browlick 8-Aug-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 507
      Caroline R Salter Seattle 24 Prentice Wash Walter S Salter & Alice Jane Gubbins
GROLL, John       Glendive 27 Russia Peter Groll & ??? 14-Sep-1929 Glendive Dawson 3773
      Evelyn Nygren Glendive 21 Ross N D Nels P Nygren & Anna Wilson
GROLL, Peter see Groll, John
GROMBEAU, Madeline see Whitehawk
GROMBEAU, Odilio see Allard, Henry
GROMBERG, Clara see Medbery, F W
GROMBOIS, Joe       Dagmar 24 Med’Lake Pat Grombois & Elize Moran 7-May-1932 Culbertson Sheridan 2658
      Madeline Gosline Williston N D 18 Bainville Pete Gosline & Flora LeMay
GROMBOIS, Pat see Brinkman, Fred Frank
GROMBOIS, Pat see Grombois
GROMBOIS, Rose Alvine see Brinkman, Fred Frank
GROMBOISE, Caroline see StGermaine, Alford M
GROMBOISE, Anna see Martell, Anna
GROMBOISE, Pat see Martell, Thomas
GROMBOISE, Pat see StGermaine, Alford M
GRONBECK, E A see Morrison, C E
GRONIER, Augusta see Schwenke, Albert A
GRONLIE, C C see Gronlie
GRONLIE, Martin       Homestead 26 N D C C Gronlie & Inga Matilda Grimsrud 11-Nov-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2383
      Marion Waller Froid 19 N D O P Waller & Susie May Mason
GRONLUND, Louise see Peterson
GRONOOS, Mary see Kalinski, Stanley
GRONSETH, Oline see Hanson, Theodore Clayton
GRONVOLD, Henry       P’wood 29 Mn John J Gronvold & Mary Christianson 5-Feb-1913 Antelope Valley 1233
      Helena Irene Flaston Antelope 27 Skoger Norway Hans Torvald Flaston & Cecilie Otille Gjerdahl
GRONVOLD, John J see Gronvold, Henry
GROOES, Mary see Craig, Benjamin H
GROOM, Molriss? see Haynes, Gordon B
GROSE, Beata see Kuebler, Rudolph
GROSE, William see Kuebler, Rudolph
GROSENICK, Arthur       Radville Sask Can 27 Long Prairie Mn Theo Grosenick & Louise Lawin 4-Jan-1924 Glendive Dawson 3071
      Daisy F Rhodes Radville Sask 35 Oakwood Virginia Perry Rhodes & Francis Haga
GROSENICK, Theo see Grosenick, Arthur
GROSETH, E J see Groseth, Laurence
GROSETH, Erick see Knutson, Albert Harold
GROSETH, Erick see Holliday
GROSETH, Esther see Holliday
GROSETH, Josie see Knutson, Albert Harold
GROSETH, Laurence       Scobey 23 Aneta N D E J Groseth & Olena Knudson 14-Jun-1926 Glasgow Valley 3219
      Lula Mae Norman Scobey 18 Butte Can Elmer Norman & Hilda Peterson
GROSGET, Marion F see Frazer, James N G
GROSKI, Mary see Hoist, Earnest
GROSKURTH, Anna see Olsen
GROSKURTH, Anna see Olsen
GROSKURTH, Anna see Olson
GROSKURTH, Astrid see Wikum
GROSKURTH, Axel       Froid 24 Indepen-dence Iowa Henry Groskurth & Johanna Christianson 18-Nov-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 696
      Ruth Cartmell Froid 17 N D Oliver Cartmell & Nancy Campbell
GROSKURTH, Bertha Lucie see Hess
GROSKURTH, Henry see Groskurth, Axel
GROSKURTH, Henry see Groskurth
GROSKURTH, Henry see Hess
GROSKURTH, Henry see Wikum
GROSKURTH, Peter       Dagmar 47 Germany Henry Groskurth & Lucy Greisen 21-Aug-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1369
      Annie Bergan Dagmar 31 Denmark Anders Jacobson & Karen Kristopherson
GROSLIE, L O see Groslie
GROSLIE, Ole G       Twin Valley Mn 49 Norway L O Groslie & Karine Gulbrendson 28-Jul-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2261
      Nellie B Johnson Lake Alma Sask Can Peter Eidum & Anna Fortum
GROSS, Anna see Stackmayer, John
GROSS, Anna see Marsh
GROSS, Anna see Marsh
GROSS, Annie Mabel see Oberg, Walter Edwald
GROSS, Erwin N       Regent N D 22 Cold Springs Mn Michael Gross & Katherine DeHentges 30-Mar-1921 Glendive Dawson 2751
      Lulu B Stiles New England N D 21 Hope N D Alfred G Stiles & Francis C Stewart
GROSS, Eululia Myrtle see Pappenfus
GROSS, J N see Pappenfus
GROSS, James Bailey       Walla Walla Wash 31 Wash William Gross & Mary E Cusker 30-Apr-1919 Oswego Valley 2501
      Mary Ellen Rooney Appleton Mn 24 Mn William & Winifred Rooney
GROSS, John see Stackmayer, John
GROSS, John Kalvin see Gross, William B
GROSS, John P       P’wood 39 Hutchinson Mn Martin Gross & Mary Saam 11-Sep-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2760
      Marguerite Van Hee P’wood 22 Asquith Canada Julius VanHee & Kate Mann
GROSS, Katherine see Damm
GROSS, Margaret Katherine see Sullivan
GROSS, Martin see Sullivan
GROSS, Martin see Reman
GROSS, Martin see Gross
GROSS, Mary see Marsh, Fred W
GROSS, Mary see Marsh
GROSS, Mary see Jordan
GROSS, Miahael see Gross, Erwin N
GROSS, Regina Ann see Reman
GROSS, William see Gross, James Bailey
GROSS, William B       Oswego 41 Kirkville John Kalvin Gross & Martha Adams 31-Jan-1922 Glasgow Valley 2856
      Emily Owen Oswego 38 Austria Frank Uvira? & Mary Ostarek
GROSSAINT, Frank see Grossaint, Will
GROSSAINT, Louis       Phillips 29 Ill 20-Apr-1917 Phillips 209
      Avis Averille Caves Phillips 23 Mich
GROSSAINT, Will       Malta 28 Askim? Ill Frank Grossaint & Agalia Coasli 6-May-1914 Glasgow Valley 1452
      Effie Caves ??? 27 Jeddo Mich Thomas Caves & Alice Stotts
GROSSAINT, William see Grossaint, Louis
GROSSCUP, D P see Grosscup, P L
GROSSCUP, P L       Spokane 31 Iowa City Iowa D P Grosscup & Mary Vincent Schaefer 15-Jun-1910 Glasgow Valley 652
      Ethel May Leonard Glasgow 24 Denningfield Mn D M Leonard & Emma Leatherman
GROSSE, George C see Grosse, Lester Richard
GROSSE, Amelia see Mansur, Harry
GROSSE, Elsie see Gordon
GROSSE, George see Gordon
GROSSE, Lester Richard       Scobey 25 Fon du Lac Wis George C Grosse & Minnie Funk 8-Nov-1922 Scobey Daniels 80
      Kathleen Viola Hoffert Regina Sask Can 18 Regina Peter Hoffert & ???
GROSSE, Margaret see Barg
GROSSMAN, Anna see Gerle
GROSULAK, Mary see Kordonowy, Bill
GROSURTH, Martha Ruth see Anerdon, Albert
GROSVENTE, John see Done , Fred
GROTE, George Floyd       Yates 25 Viroqua Wis Henry S Grote & Thankful S Alden 25-Jan-1911 Glendive Dawson 896
      Agnes Burns Davis Arcadia Wis 25 Arcadia Thomas Davis & Agnes Burns
GROTE, Henry S see Grote, George Floyd
GROTH, Harold       Bonetrail N D 23 Bonetrail Henry Groth & Agnes Retzlaff 17-Jan-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3000
      Myrtle Rasmussen Dagmar 21 Dagmar James Rasmussen & Laura Waller
GROTH, Henry see Groth
GROTH, Mary see Meyer
GROTHAUS, August       Med’ Lake 28 Ind Henry Grothaus & Mary Wellman 2-Mar-1923 Plentywood Sheridan 1880
      Jurdie G Smith Med’ Lake 18 Culbertson J P & Mary Alice Smith
GROTHAUS, Henry see Grothaus
GROTNES, Elias see Grotnes, Elinas
GROTNES, Elinas       Sullivan 32 Norway Elias Grotnes & Sarah Nelson 21-Jan-1920 Glendive Dawson 2612
      Emma Anderson Evanston Illinois 34 Sweden Bengt Anderson & Anna M Lundgren
GROTNESS, Jens see Berge
GROTNESS, Mabel see Berge
GROTOZAK, Blanche see Jaskovik, Jacob
GROTTE, Margaret see Vogel, Herman
GROTZ, Freda see Aichele, Karl Henerich
GROTZ, William see Aichele, Karl Henerich
GROTZKE, Ella see Price
GROUNDS, Charles see Owens, James Charles
GROUNDS, Mary see Smith
GROUNDS, Susie see Owens, James Charles
GROUNWALD, Dorothea see Schoenwald, Henry
GROVDAHL, Carrie see Krost
GROVE, Albert C       Red Lodge 45 Plainview Mn Martin A Grove & Mary Christopherson 23-Dec-1924 Glendive Dawson 3175
      Lillian Daw Grand Forks N D 45 Grand Forks Daniel Daw & Margaret Allan Bell
GROVE, Bertha see Hillegaard
GROVE, Carrie see Hedges
GROVE, Clarence       Outlook 21 Weyburn Sask Can James A Grove & Martha Goltz 24-Oct-1930 Plentywood Sheridan 2563
      Julia Ereth Outlook 29 Estevan Sask Jacob Ereth & Rosa Fenrick
GROVE, Isaac see Kruger, Henry
GROVE, James see Schnittgen
GROVE, James A see Grove
GROVE, Martin       Richland 27 Norway Ole Grove & Kari T(F?)ronns 11-Jan-1924 Scobey Daniels 139
      Jennie Boe Richland 18 Kendall N D ??? Anderson & Emma Larsen
GROVE, Martin A see Grove, Alfred C
GROVE, Ole see Grove, Martin
GROVE, Ole L       Valleytown 35 Norway 22-Sep-1919 Phillips 453
      Thea Nybo Valleytown 20 S D
GROVE, Vera see Schnittgen
GROVEDALE, Clara see Fournier
GROVEDALE, John B & Maggie see Fournier
GROVEN, Aslak A       Dane Valley 54 Norway Osman Groven & Mary Evenson 20-Apr-1910 Glasgow Valley 613
      Gina A Knutson 34 Polk Cty Mn Jens Severson & Betty Paulstad
GROVEN, Edward see Dalton, Robert J
GROVEN, Hazel see Dalton, Robert J
GROVEN, Henrietta see Taylor, Levi Chester
GROVEN, Osman see Groven, Aslak A
GROVEN, Rachel see Kiel, Louis
GROVER, Elisha see Grover, Joseph D
GROVER, Flora see Blyton, Oscar Douglas
GROVER, Joseph D       Brookings N D 39 Rice Cty Mn Elisha Grover & Harriet Drake 10-May-1917 Glendive Dawson 2160
      Harriet Drake Dickens Iowa 32 Dickens Frank Drake & Marcella Broon
GROVER, Matie J see Gillispie, Edgar P
GROVES, Anna Judson see Everhart, Cary
GROVES, Everett see Groves, James A
GROVES, Gertie see Sheridan
GROVES, Grace Adella see Maras, Anthony A
GROVES, Grayce see Prosise, Donald L
GROVES, James A       Chinook 30 Kirksville Mo Everett Groves & Mary Fickle 1-Mar-1919 Chinook Blaine 543
      Cecelia Elixabeth Lawson Chinook 41 Watertown Mn Albert Soshnik & Julia Wiench
GROVES, James G       Weldon 26 Green Cty Ohio William R Groves & Mary B Towers 8-Apr-1918 Glendive Dawson 2351
      Mary Uchytil Weldon 25 Dickinson N D John Uchytil & Anna Sruske
GROVES, Josie see Ryan, Chancie
GROVES, Maria see Thomas, Perry A
GROVES, Marion B see Yackey, William H
GROVES, S M see Everhart, Cary
GROVES, Sallie May see Chamberlin, Frederick Wm
GROVES, Samuel M see Maras, Anthony A
GROVES, William B see Groves, James G
GROVOM, Andrew see Lavaasen, John
GROVOM, Andrew see Danielsen
GROVOM, Andrew see Danielson
GROVOM, Andrew see Bjerkaker
GROVOM, Anna see Hallquist
GROVOM, Clara see Lavaasen, John
GROVOM, Clarence       Homestead 28 Park River N D Nels Grovom & Clara Kvesick? 8-Jun-1932 ? Sheridan 2660
      Constance Nygaard Med’ Lake 24 Park River N D Isaac Nygard & Betsy Bolstad
GROVOM, Lena see Danielsen
GROVOM, Molly see Danielson
GROVOM, Nels see Hallquist
GROVOM, Nels see Grovom
GROVOM, Nels see Grovom
GROVOM, Nora see Bjerkaker
GROVOM, Walter       Homestead 21 Park River N D Nels M Grovom & Clara Kveseth 20-Dec-1930 Plentywood Sheridan 2581
      Lola Brenden Homestead 19 Homestead Henry Brenden & Larsina Peterson
GROVRO, Felicity see Azarian, James
GROVUNDER, Charles see Grovunder, Adolph
GROVUNDER?, Adolph       Glentana 30 Wis Charles Grovunder & Ernestine Slurtz 13-Sep-1916 Glasgow Valley 1943
      Olga Lundin Glentana 24 Sweden John Lundin & Matilda Olson
GROW, Candace see Clark, William H
GROW, Earl Winfield       Burns 25 Nictor Renville Cty Mn Frank Grow & Idella Sarah Evans 2-Dec-1911 Sidney Dawson 1021
      Elsie Cravath Sidney 21 Audubon Mn Fred James Cravath & Emma W Murray
GROW, Frank see Grow, Earl Winfield
GROWING, see His Day, Walter P
GROWING, see White
GROWING, Alene? see Powell, Charles
GROWING, Alone see Powell, Charlie
GROWING, Bed see Red Dog, Clifford
GROWING, Cloud see White, Robert
GROWING, Four Times       Oswego 52 Mt Four Times & ??? 26-Jun-1920 Glasgow Valley 2686
      Irene Four Star Oswego 18 Mt Four Star & ???
GROWING, Four Times see Tucker, George E
GROWING, Four Times       Wolf Point 51 Nashua Ice Water & Rosie Brown 23-Feb-1922 Wolf Point Roosivelt 353
      Tessie Blount Wolf Point 52 Old Ft Peck Iron Cloud & Worshiping Rock Woman
GROWING, Four Times Louise see His Day, Walter P
GROWING, in Bed see She Man
GROWING, in the Door see Owen, Charles A
GROWING, Medicine Woman see Shields, Henry
GROWING, Rock see Reddoor
GROWING, Teeth see Powell, Charles
GROWING, Thunder see First Eagle
GROWING THUNDER, Nancy see Red Door, Claude
GROWLER, see Chasing Hawk, Nelson
GROWTH, Lizzie see Anderson, Andrew
GRUBB, Alice see Smith, Lee
GRUBB, Elizabeth see Clyde, Claude Richard
GRUBB, Grace see Haugse, Clarence Norman
GRUBB, Grace see Honnold, John L
GRUBB, Grace Katherine see Honnold, Desmond C
GRUBB, Harrison see Clyde, Claude Richard
GRUBB, Howard F       Bonin 26 Cripple Creek Virginia J B Grubb & J B Twilson 5-Nov-1927 Circle McCone 112
      Gladys Hoskins Bonin 18 Taylor Mo Ollie M Hoskins & Luella Unglesbee
GRUBB, J B see Grubb, Howard F
GRUBB, Sarah see Farrell, Edward I
GRUBB, Sophia see Mitchell, H W
GRUBBS, Elmer see Grubbs
GRUBBS, George E       Whitetail 29 Penn Elmer Grubbs & Isabella Pepper 7-Nov-1917 Whitetail Sheridan 1171
      Mary Louise Frals Whitetail 35 Wis John L Frals & Albertena Bohm
GRUBBS, Harley       Outlook 26? Kans Harve Grubbs & Mary Skeels 23-Nov-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 602
      Ethel R Murphy Out-look 26 Mich Charles Murphy & Mary Lalonde
GRUBBS, Harve see Grubbs
GRUBER, Andrew see Gruber
GRUBER, Christina see Kathrein, Anton
GRUBER, Christina see Carr, William H
GRUBER, Emma see Bradford, George Washington
GRUBER, Joseph see Kathrein, Anton
GRUBER, Joseph       Redstone 37 Austria Andrew Gruber & Annie Greenhauer 19-Apr-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1013
      Francis Thomas Glen Ewen Sask Can 38 Can James Minnell & Ellen Cooney (or Carney?)
GRUBER, Ryan see Courtney, Patrick
GRUENER, Bertha see Bleuer, Alexander
GRUENKE, Ludwina see Chaffee
GRUHN, Carl see Gruhn
GRUHN, Herman       P’wood 27 Buffalo N Y Carl Gruhn & Louisa Yalsing 25-Dec-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2993
      Maxine Bryant Huron S D 23 Huron Charles Bryant & Ida West
GRULKE, Edna see Berven, Elmer
GRULKE, Fred see Berven, Elmer
GRUMBE, Ludvina see Chaffee Ralph
GRUMMAN, Frankie see Morrison
GRUMPHY, James see McColly, Wm
GRUMPSKY, Hettie see Kierzek, Mike
GRUND, Anna see Buck, Clifford Ronello
GRUNDHAUSER, Anna see Blazi, Henry
GRUNDHAUSER, John see Blazi, Henry
GRUNDHAUSER, John       Glendive 21 Backhoover Hungary John Grundhauser & Annie Loh 10-Jul-1901 Glendive Dawson 224
      Lizzie Lampel Glendive 20 Bachhover Hungary Mike Lampel & Annie Weinschalk
GRUNDMAN, Fred       Moundridge Kansas 27 Russia Gustave Grundman & Minnie Fredericke 26-Oct-1919 Bloomfield Dawson 2580
      Caroline Albrecht Bloomfield 30 Marion S D Jacob Albrecht & Anna Graber
GRUNDMAN, Gustave see Grundman, Fred
GRUNDMANN, Elsie see Truax, Merrill B
GRUNDY, Cleo see Morin, Ernest S
GRUNDY, F S see Morin, Ernest S
GRUNHURD, Inar Knudt       Hysham 22 Orfordville Wisc Knut N Grunhard & Randy Madgarden 9-Nov-1918 Glendive Dawson 2444
      Eunice Julia Little Glendive 26 Downs Kansas Bela A Carter & Louisa Ann Davis
GRUNHURD, Knudt N see Grunhurd, Inar Knudt
GRUNOLUS, Minnie see Stilger, Emil M
GRUNST, Elsie see Akres, David
GRUNST, George Henry       Mn 26 Mn John Alfred Grunst & Bertha Woff 4-May-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1166
      Anne Josephine Brite Moorhead Mn 24 Crookston Mn Ludwig Brite & Bertha Vestra
GRUNST, John see Ajres, David
GRUNST, John see Payne
GRUNST, John A see Grunst
GRUNST, John Alfred see Grunst, George Henry
GRUNST, Mabel see Payne
GRUNST, William A       Culbertson 23 Jackson Cty Mn John A Grinst & Bertha Wolfe 24-Dec-1926 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2221
      Delia Barsness Homestead 18 Ellendale N D Ole A Barsness & Mamie Peterson
GRUNZKE, Martin see Grunzke, Paul F
GRUNZKE, Paul F       Beach N D 23 Altamont S D Martin Grunzke & Clara Wendtland 26-Nov-1912 Glendive? Dawson 1173
      Stella Kaczorowski Beach N D 23 Poland Andrew Kaczorowski & Sofia Borecki
GRUSH, Mary see Record, J F
GRUVER, Carrie see Janzen, Peter J
GRUVER, Edward H see Janzen, Peter J
GRUYE, John J       Minneapolis 28 Browntown Indiana Philip Gruye & Louisa Lembrock 16?-June-1896 Valley ?
      Bridget A Rafferty Glasgow 28 N Y City John Rafferty & Jane Grimes
GRUYE, Philip see Gruye, John J
GRYLTON, Alma see Overland, John
GRYLTON, Peter see Overland, John
GRYTDAHL, Elmer see Nybo, Louis
GRYTDAHL, Elvera R see Nybo, Louis
GRYTDAHL, Julia see Nybo, Ole O
GRYTDAHL, Peter see Nybo, Ole O
GRYTDAL, Alfred S       Phillips 33 Wis 7-Dec-1916 Phillips 165
      Sophie Johnson Phillips 31 Sweden
GRYTDAL, Elmer see Grytdal, Alfred S
GRYTHE, Dina see McCann
GRYTNESS, Christian       Dooley 26 Norway Peter Grytness & Bridt Jordal 25-Mar-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 458
      Frida Johnson Dooley 19 Mn J M Johnson & Sally Smidt
GRYTNESS, Peter see Grytness
GSHAGE, Emma see Wangerin
GUAGE, A C       Glasgow 21 Kentucky 7-Nov-1925 Phillips 846
      Ber-tie Baker Glasgow 18 Idaho
GUANE, Carolina see Ryles, Robert
GUARDIPE, Flossie see Azure, Gabriel L
GUARDIPE, Mary see Gasselin
GUAREZ, Demesia see Baldonado, Gregorio
GUAY, Florence see Haggerty, William Francis
GUAY, George see Haggerty, William Francis
GUBBINS, Alice Jane see Groh, Otto J
GUBKA, Anna see Hess, Harry H
GUBRANSGAARD, ??? see Nasby, S K
GUCKENBERG, Carl R       Havre 31 Mn 5-May-1920 Phillips 500
      Anna Vogt Malta 23 Missouri
GUCUDE, Eoopra? see Mesenko, Carl
GUDBOR, Adda see Shilling, Champ
GUELFF, Anna see Campbell, James Maxwell
GUELFF, Katherine see Cashman, James M
GUELFF, Marie see Corkery, Jack R
GUELFF, Marie see Corkery, Hal
GUELFF, Michael see Campbell, James Maxwell
GUELFF, Michael see Cashman, James M
GUELFF, Michael see Corkery, Hal
GUELFF, Michael see Guelff, Michael N
GUELFF, Michael N       Yates 21 St Nicholas Mn Michael Guelff & Anna Grein 11-May-1912 Wibaux Dawson 1087
      Florence Rust Glendive 18 Minneapolis Mn Peter P Rust & Mary Hafle
GUELFF, Mike see Bell, Dudley H
GUELLF, Anna see Grate, Fredric S
GUELLF, Elizabeth see Bell, Dudley H
GUENGERICH, Barbara see Mullet, Jacob J
GUENPHER, Annie see Cahill, Arthur M
GUENTHER, Bernice see Chapman
GUENTHER, Bert       Dagmar 25 Iowa Ole Guenther & Annie Reager 17-May-1917 ??? Sheridan 1021
      Virgie Chapman Dagmar 16 Mm Wm Chapman & Mary Smith
GUENTHER, Earl R       Dagmar 29 Iowa Edward W Geunther & Anna Raeger 6-Nov-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 873
      Elizabeth Skard Dagmar 20 Mn Alvold Skard & Minnie Agnew
GUENTHER, Edward see Guenther
GUENTHER, Edward W see Ator
GUENTHER, Edward W see Chapman
GUENTHER, Edward W see Geunther
GUENTHER, Frank see Guenther
GUENTHER, Grace B see Leibinger, Louis H
GUENTHER, Harold       Dagmar 23 Iowa Edward Guenther & Annie Raeger 14-Oct-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1388
      Anna Hill Dagmar 18 Missouri Joseph Hill & Martha Blankenship
GUENTHER, Mabel see Ator
GUENTHER, Ole see Guenther
GUENTHER, Raymond C       P’wood 25 Kenmare N D Frank Guenther & Maude Powell 27-May-1934 Redstone Sheridan 2828
      Louise A Knoght P’wood 23 Redstone W A Knight & Mary Rutherford
GUERIN, Emma see Dunham, Harry
GUERIN, Hugh see Gray, Harry C
GUERIN, Pearl Louise see Gray, Harry C
GUERTZ, Nettie see Roth, Frank
GUEST, see Quest
GUEST, Lorena see Kallner, Charles William
GUGGEDAHL, Eric see Guggedahl, Lars
GUGGEDAHL, Lars       Epping N D 40 Norway Eric Guggedahl & Carrie Brotvedt 25-Jun-1917 Glendive Dawson 2201
      Belle Midge Miles City 34 Norway Elling Midge & Juga Loven
GUGOLZ, Gottleib see Gugolz, Henry
GUGOLZ, Henry       Beach N D 42 Switz Gottleib Gugolz & Mary Pfeifer 30-Sep-1922 Glendive Dawson 2899
      Anne Marie Minchau Beach 42 Winona Mn Andrew Deering & Christina Hegener
GUHLKE, Mathilda see Lange, Otto
GUIAN, Jamie see Azure, Max
GUILD, Alvin L see Andersen, Marius T
GUILD, Edna T see Anderson, Marius T
GUILLON, Dominique see Guillon, Gaspar
GUILLON, Gaspar       Baylor 44 France Dominique Guillon & Jeanne C Bullee 19-Jun-1925 Glasgow Valley 3140
      Lizzie Johansen Glasgow 46 Norway Hans Johansen & Sorena Hanson
GUILLON, Jane see Martine, Joseph
GUILLON, Logane & Marie J see Martine, Joseph C
GUILMETT, Octavia see Langevin, Hubert L
GUIMSUL, Josephine see Chouenard, Joseph L
GUIN, Abbie see Peterson, John Edward
GUINARD, Mary see Doubles, Tom
GUINCORT?, Josephine see Chouinard, Frank L
GUINN, Charles Vance       Chinook 28 Tacoma Wash William ? Quinn & Nellie H Beach 8-Nov-1915 Chinook Blaine 236
      Rose Lydia Snyder Chinook 20 Arlington S D Levi William Snyder & Rose Mc- Cabe
GUINN, E H see Pulse, Will
GUINN, Frank B       Malta 27 Nebr Thoma? A Guinn & Susan Harris 22-Nov-1905 Malta Valley 200
      Josie Devilo Ebaugh Malta 19 Ohio Joseph Ebaugh
GUINN, Jessie see Newton, George A
GUINN, Louisa see Pulse, Will
GUINN, T A see Guinn, W M
GUINN, Thomas A see Guinn, Frank B
GUINN, W M       Zortman 35 Neb T A Guinn & Susan Harris 23-Oct-1907 Malta Valley 315
      Mrs Annie Ellis Zortman 38 Eng Henry Reeves & Louise Nichol
GUINN, William see Guinn, Charles Vance
GUIS, H see Belknap, Bertram F
GUIS, S see Belknap, Bertram F
GUISEKER, Sarah see Houseman, Howard
GUISEKER, Sarah see Butcher, James
GULBRAA, John see Leland, Ernest
GULBRAA, Johren see Leland, Ernest
GULBRANDSON, Karine see Groslie
GULBRANSON, Clara see Hagen
GULBRANSON, Maren see Holmson, Charlie Henry
GULBRANSON, Martha see Ernstrom, George L
GULDBORG, Marie F see Allen, William H
GULDBORG, Nels see Allen, William H
GULDBRANSON, Emma see Tyler
GULICKSON, Caroline see Hatlestad, Herbert C
GULIFORD, John see Bay, Alvin Howard
GULIFORD, Lillian see Bay, Alvin Howard
GULKA, Anna see Sherman, Peter B
GULLESON, Synneve see Anderson, Marstrand Eckkhoff
GULLEY, Doris see Strzywski, Victor
GULLEY, J O see Srrzywski, Victor
GULLICKSON, Anna see Boe, Olaf K
GULLICKSON, Clara see Meissner, Frank
GULLICKSON, Clarence       Taylor N D 22 Helicon N D Ole Gullickson & Christina Haugen 27-Feb-1918 Glendive Dawson 2340
      Lavina Knudson Taylor N D 26 Taylor N D Knute Knudson & Elsie Helmer
GULLICKSON, Emma see Tverberg, Ingvald
GULLICKSON, Gina E see Olson, Ole C
GULLICKSON, John see Allen, Huston
GULLICKSON, John see Wintermute, W Watson
GULLICKSON, Louis       Taylor N D 27 Mt Horeb Wisc Ole Gullickson & Christina Haugen 26-Oct-1914 Glendive Dawson 1901
      Clara Knudson Taylor N D Knute Knudson & Elsie Helmer
GULLICKSON, Louise see Wintermute, W Watson
GULLICKSON, Mary see Gunderson
GULLICKSON, Ole see Gullickson, Louis
GULLICKSON, Ole see Lang, Henry M
GULLICKSON, Ole see Gullickson, Clarence
GULLICKSON, Ole see Boe, Olaf K
GULLICKSON, Ole see Gullickson
GULLICKSON, Oscar see Gullickson, William
GULLICKSON, Oscar S       P’wood 29 N D Ole Gullickson & Sarah Thompson 1-Jul-1920 Madoc Sheridan 1671
      Clara T Hilland P’wood 22 Mn ??? & Anna M Gilbertson
GULLICKSON, Tillie B see Allen, Huston
GULLICKSON, William       Billings 25 Eau Claire Wisc Oscar Gullickson & Bertha Hagan 8-Jun-1921 Glendive Dawson 2769
      Vera Larimer Glendive 20 Ligonier Indiana John Larimer & Allie Slabaugh
GULLIFORD, Emma Lyda see Thompson, Harry L
GULLIFORD, John W see Thompson, Harry L
GULLON, Theresa see Altmeyer, Nicholas
GULSETH, Edward see Bicknese, Emil G
GULSETH, Esther see Bicknese, Emil G
GUM, see Fourstar, Arthur
GUM, Ear see Maine, Clarkson
GUM, George       Frazer 51 Ft Peck ??? 12-July-1919 Frazer Valley 2519
      Enemy Woman Little Boy Frazer Ft Belknap ???
GUM, George       Wolf Point 66 ??? Spotted Woman & Give Woman 8-Jul-1822 Wolf Point Roosivelt 391
      Mary Runs_on_the_Land Wolf Point 64 Belknap ???
GUM, Mabel see Walks on Top, Richard
GUMA, Charles see King, Henery
GUMA, Ellen see King, Henery
GUMER, Augusta see Sheridan
GUMEU, Mary see DeCouteau
GUMN, Laura see Montague, James F
GUMN, William see Montague, James F
GUMP, Mary J see Matheson, James R
GUNBERG, Carolina see Reiter, William G
GUNDERMAN, Fredrick see Gunderman, Michael
GUNDERMAN, Michael       Avondale 30 Germany Fredrick Gunderman & Elizabeth Schaffer 5-Aug-1918 Glentana Valley 2402
      mar Lena Heckner Glentana 22 Wis John Heckner & Francis Ach
GUNDERSON, Oliver see Gunderson
GUNDERSON, Adeline see Brewster, Edwin Harris
GUNDERSON, Alma see McCabe, William Stewart
GUNDERSON, Anna see Gelvick, Einar
GUNDERSON, Anna see Jensen
GUNDERSON, Avis Lillian see Edghill, Miles Wesley
GUNDERSON, Bertha see Igard, John
GUNDERSON, Betsy see Kins, James A
GUNDERSON, Betsy see Kins
GUNDERSON, Betsy see Walter
GUNDERSON, Christ see Gunderson
GUNDERSON, Christine see Halverson, Hiram
GUNDERSON, Clarence H       Navajo 31 Mn Ole Gunderson & Marie Kaasa 8-Sep-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2096
      Pansy Kyle Knight Redstone 23 Virginia William Knight & Mary Rutherford
GUNDERSON, Constance see Floyd, Jasper L
GUNDERSON , David       Froid 36 Nor Gunder Ramsli & Olava Peterson 7-Jun-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1320
      Myrtle Brenden Homestead 18 N D Ole Brenden & Matilda Olson
GUNDERSON, Ester see Sandidge, Sherman
GUNDERSON, G see Grindland, Jens Christian
GUNDERSON, Gunder see Floyd, Jasper L
GUNDERSON, Gunder see Sandidge, Sherman
GUNDERSON, Gunder       Navajo 40 Mn Ole Gunderson & Anna Kassa 21-Dec-1920 Plentywood Sheridan 1703
      Francis Tang Flaxville 18 “Dakota” George Tang & Lena Klun
GUNDERSON, Gunder see Gunderson
GUNDERSON, Gustav M       Antelope 27 Iowa Christ Gunderson & Mary Gullickson 28-Jun-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1062
      Ida Frances Dahl Antelope 23 N D Christian Dahl & Liv? Rice
GUNDERSON, Helen see Flom, Atle
GUNDERSON, Helen May see Frank
GUNDERSON, Jack L       P’wood 21 Grano N D Oliver Gunderson & Susie Morey 12-Sep-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2623
      Gladys Irene Peterson P’wood 18 P’wood Edw Peterson & ??? Graham
GUNDERSON, Johanna see Halvorson
GUNDERSON, John       Outlook 36 Whitehall Wisc Gunder Gunderson & ??? 8-Dec-1919 Plentywood Sheridan 1608
      Irene Hopkins Outlook 18 Ontario Can Skellar Hopkins &???
GUNDERSON, John L       Navajo 28 Mn Ole Gunderson & Anna Koasa (Kaosa?) 18-Apr-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1505