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Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Certificate Comment
L?, Marie see Anderson, Peter M
L___?, Marie A see Briggs, Bennie
L’ARRIVEE, Alfred       Bainville 22 Canada Oscar L’Arrive & Lairinda Archambeau 3-Nov-1926 Culbertson Roosivelt 960
      Sylvia Wiley Williston 18 N D Amos Wiley & Susie May Vance
L’ARRIVEE, Oscar see L’Arrivee, Alfred
L’GOUNAIS, Ferdinand & Mrs see Walsh, Simon
LA BRULE, Ellen see Brien, Patrick
LA ROCHE, Alice see Lapke
LA----?, Annie see Martin, Roy
LA___?, Nancy see Emily (Amlia), Louis
LAABS, Julius see Laabs, Richard
LAABS, Richard       Rosebud 42 Heart Mn Julius Laabs & Reaka Girth 9-Feb-1926 Glendive Dawson 3324
      Emma M Tilleson Rosebud 47 Ashland George Harris & Sarah Calvin
LABARGE, Arthur see LaBarge, Arthur
LABARGE, Edith see Schultz
LABARGE, Harvey       Scobey 22 N D Arthur Labarge & Maude Chale 5-Nov-1927 Scobey Daniels 353
      Aime Audet Scobey 21 Quebec Can Ferdinand Audet & ???
LABASSIERE, Victoria see Reety
LABATTE, Edmond       Fairlawn Can 33 N D Louis Labatte & Jenny Sangust? 6-Apr-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2054
      Mabel Boyd Fairlawn 18 Sask Can John Boyd & Mamie Patterson
LABATTE, Edward       Fairlawn Sask 25 Bottineau N D Louis LaBatte & Jennie Segers 28-Dec-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2513
      Mary Celle Sybouts Sask 18 Wyoming John Celly & Mary Mondack
LABATTE, Lewis see LaBatte
LABATTE, Louis see LaBatte
LABATTE, Louis see LaBatte
LABATTE, William       Fairlawn Can 32 Bottineau N D Louis LaBatte & Jennie Legers 7-Jun-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2940
      Beatrice Carr Baljean? Can 21 Baljean Walter Edward Carr & Eva Belle
LABAY, Alexander see LaBay, Arthur
LABAY, Arthur       Willow Vale Sask Can 28 Arlington S D Alezander LaBay & Susan Farnham 7-Aug-1926 Glasgow Valley 3233
      Bertha Dawson Willow Vale Sask 23 Toronto Can Dick Dawson & Katherine Heard
LABBEY, Joseph see Ange, Joseph Armond
LABBING, John see Finney Dee
LABBY, Michael see White
LABELL, Adeline see Vuylsteke, Alfonso
LABELL, Julia see Hall, Charles E
LABELLE, August see LaBelle, Raymond G
LABELLE, Bridget see Horton, Patrick J
LABELLE, Lucie see Eidsness
LABELLE, N see Eidsness
LABELLE, Olive see Dionne
LABELLE, Raymond G       Glendive 45 Glendive August LaBelle & Emma Gagne 9-Jun-1927 Glendive Dawson 3459
      Lucy Clark Spokane Wa 25 Green Bay Mich Edward Clark & Daisy Babbitt
LABELLE, William see Demarries, Thuman
LABELLE, Xavier see Dionne
LABER, John Baptist       Glendive 48 St Louis Missouri Martin Laber & ??? 28-Dec-1915 Glendive Dawson 1852
      Inger Kilen Fromberg 35 Lenters? Norway Thore Anderson & Anna Kilen
LABER, Martin see Laber, John Baptist
LABERGE, Maria Fabiola see Berry, Orville C
LABERGE, P V see Berry, Orville C
LABLANC, David       Orville 37 Montreal Can Honor LaBlanc & Celina French 29-nov-1911 P’wood Valley 940
      Mary Jane Parent Orville 24 Oakwood N D Alfred Parent & Lanor Brunelle
LABLANC, Honor see LaBlanc, David
LABOMBARD, Frank       Outlook 42 Vermont Peter LaBombard & Adline January 27-Oct-1912 Redstone Valley 1117
      Rose L Pulliam Outlook 42 Vir Singleton Meador & Sarah Newton
LABOMBARD, Peter see LaBombard, Frank
LABOR, Madalana see Hallek, Albert
LABRIE, Joseph see Labrie, Lois
LABRIE, Albert       Malta 24 Phillips 3-Nov-1928 Phillips 1071
      Ethel Young ??? 15 Canada
LABRIE, Albert see Boessner, Carl
LABRIE, Fred see Crowley, William
LABRIE, Fred see LaBrie, Albert
LABRIE, Louis       Malta 32 Bell Prairie Mn Joseph Labrie & Adeline Doucette 28-Sep-1913 Malta Valley 1349
      Cecilie Brousseau Malta 22 Bell Prairie Mn Henry Brousseau & Rosena Peniede?
LABRIE, Mabel see Boessner, Carl
LABRIE, Maybelle see LaFond, Eugene
LABRULEY, Mary see Gaudry, Joe
LABUFF, Mrs Louise see Barrows, Pat
LABUMP, John A see Lamb, Waldo D
LACARKI?, Mary see Gibson
LACEK, Mary see Levno, Henry
LACENA, Mary see Pavlicek, John
LACENA, Prokop see Pavlicek, John
LACEY, Alice (Viskey?) see Galka
LACEY, Alzadie see Cromwell
LACEY, Evelyn see Holm, Oscar
LACEY, Francis E see Lacey, George B
LACEY, George B       Wibaux 33 Washington D C Francis E Lacey & Annie V McGuinin 23-Nov-1898 Glendive Dawson 174
      Annie Marrinan Wibaux 26 St Paul Mn Partick Marrinan & Ellen McMahon
LACEY, Harriet see Tressler, John A
LACEY, James Milo see Holm, Oscar
LACHANCE, Cyrell see Lemp, Clarence
LACHANCE, Eugenia see Lemp, Clarence
LACHAPELLE, James see Ellison, Emil H
LACHAPELLE, Pete see Anderson
LACHAPELLE, Sam see LaChapelle, Frank
LACHAPPELLE, Frank       Sidney 26 Wabasha Mn Sam LaChapelle & Grace Bush 28-Aug-1915 Glendive Dawson 1766
      Blanch Buell Sidney 21 Green Forest Ark Carl Buell & Cinda Ferguson
LACHEN, Harry       P’wood 23 Mn William Lachen & Susan Celebet? 6-Nov-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 868
      Ethel Palmer P’wood 21 Mn Wilbur Palmer & Mary Smith
LACHEN, William see Lachen
LACHER, John E       Glendive 30 Terre Haute Ind Robert Lacher & May Cove? 26-Aug-1900 Glendive Dawson 209
      Ethel Dixon Glendive 16 Flandreau S D D E Dixon & Minnie Judd
LACHER, Robert see Lacher, John E
LACHMEIER, Charlotte see Schack, Edward
LACKEY, John L see Staff, John
LACKIE, Anna Lauretta see Johnson, Adolph
LACKIE, John see Johnson, Adolph
LACOCK, Alma see Holton, A R
LACOCK, Alva see Lacock, Lawrence
LACOCK, Lawrence       Hinsdale 21 Cathay N D Alva Lacock & Isabel Hunt 6-Dec-1930 Glasgow Valley 3608
      Mary Lamb Saco 20 Lynale Neb Harvey Lamb & Clarence Osier
LACOCK, Rolla J       Hinsdale 29 Iowa Thomas J Lacock & Francis Harder 20-Dec-1919 Glasgow Valley 2598
      Laura A Griggs Lowery Valley? 21 Missouri L L Grigs & Edith Sabin
LACOCK, T G see Holton, A R
LACOCK, T J see Hopper, Oscar
LACOCK, Thomas see Lacock, Rolla J
LACOCK, Viola see Hopper, Oscar
LACOMBE, Adrian see Gilbert
LACOMBE, Alphonse see Gilbert
LACOMBE, George see LaCombe
LACOMBE, Mary see Beyer
LACOMBE, Wilfred J       Whitetail 21 Wamandee Wisc George LaCombe & Anna Flury 24-Dec-1929 Plentywood Sheridan 2512
      Lillian McArthur Whitetail 21 Davidson Sask Can Peter McArthur & Margaret Spence
LACOMTE, Fred see Cartel
LACOMTE, Margaret see Cartel
LACOSTE, Armand       Minton Sask Can 23 Estevan Sask Tennis LaCoste & Mariana Bou-chard 1-May-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2726
      Bernice Wilson Raymond 21 Rosholt, S D Wilmot Wilson & Matilda May-berry
LACOSTE, Tennis see LaCoste
LACOTE, Carloine see Bigman, David
LACROIX, Joseph N       Havre 41 Northfield Mn Joseph Lacroix & Sarah Wells 5-Dec-1911 Nashua Valley 947
      Louise Fobase Havre 25 Wisc (foster) Louis Paradise & Louisa Blonda
LACROSS, Mary see Austin, John D
LACY, Charles Edward       Glasgow 25 Celina Ohio Marion Lacy & Prudence Long 13-Dec-1900 Glasgow Valley
      Josephine King Glasgow 21 Wrycoff Mn John King & Bridget O Grady
LACY, Etta see Schaffer, Leo
LACY, Harry see Childs, Roy
LACY, Jeany see Chambers, Marcus D
LACY, Marion see Lacy, Charles Edward
LACY, Sylvia see Childs, Roy
LADANTA, Louis       Malta 22 Quebec Can ??? & Mary Ramday? 10-Sep-1894 Malta Valley ?
      Caroline Plummer Malta 16 White Water Coulee ??? & Catherine ???
LADD, Calvin see Newlon, Louis Emery
LADD, Ethel see Wakelam
LADD, John H see Garrick
LADD, Onalee Dorthea see Garrick
LADD, Theresa see Newlon, Louis Emery
LADD, William H see Wakelam
LADEROUTS, Febrine see Didier, Theodore E
LADEWIG, Elizabeth see Agle, LeRoy
LADEWIG, Elizabeth see Mack, Walter R
LADIEUX?, Marian see Moran
LADISHAW, Ellen see Demary, Robert
LADMAS, Lillian A see Davis, Dee W
LADMAS, Olaf see Davis, Dee W
LADOMAISO, Maggie see Short, James
LADON, Henry       Mondak 33 Mass Nelson Ladon & Flora Baraby 19-Apr-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 725
      Flora Lemay Mondak 18 N D Napoleon Lemay & Elizabeth Gosslin
LADON, Nelson see Ladon
LADQUE?, Louis see Mitchell, Daniel
LADUE, Acil see Leverty, Mathew
LADUE, Evelyn see Gauthier, Henry
LADUE, Jennie see Leverty, Mathew
LADUE, Margaret see Ereaux, Adolph
LADUKE, Eliza see Agastinello, Nicholas
LADURON, Mary see Stafinbil, Herman G
LADUSIAL (LADIEUX?), Marion see Moran
LADVIG, Lovise E see Aamodt
LADVIG, William E see Aamodt
LADWIG, Elizabeth see McCall
LADWIG, Elizabeth see McCall
LADWIG, George see Ladwig, Luverne
LADWIG, Luverne       Intake 30 Summer Iowa George Ladwig & Anna Miller 29-Jan-1925 Glendive Dawson 3184
      Hannah Trangmoe Glendive 24 Norway Nels Trangmoe & Christine Millingsjord
LADY, see Red Eagle, Albert
LADY, see Wettlin, George
LADY, see Has The Pipe
LAEMLIU, Margareth see Schearer
LAFABARE, Mary see Chandler, Burton
LAFABE?, Mary see Sullivan, Archie Earle
LAFABRE, Mary see Sullivan, Harry D
LAFARGE, Phefa see Cyr, Joseph M
LAFARGE, Phela see Morgenroth, Frank Lewis
LAFAVE, Mary see Sullivan, Dan
LAFAVOR, Charles W see LaFavor
LAFAVOR?, Charles Victor       Scobey 28 Elgin Neb Charles W LaFavor & Lucy Cochrane 28-Mar-1920 Scobey Sheridan 1693
      Martha M Eickorst Scobey 24 Alexandria? Russia Edward Eikorst & Pauline Heppner
LAFAYETTE, John see Fraser, John S
LAFERNIER, Eleanor see Ragsdale
LAFERRE, Isabel see Lowers, Henry William
LAFFIN, Marie see Potter
LAFFRENSEN, Hans see Sanding, Henry
LAFFRENSEN, Matilda see Sanding, Henry
LAFIERIR?, Mary see Smith
LAFON, Mary see Dassenger, Carl
LAFOND, Addie see LaBrie, Albert
LAFOND, Cora see Bish, Frank A
LAFOND, Cora see Bish, Joseph
LAFOND, Dave see Lafond, Eugene
LAFOND, Dave see Robetorye, Robert J
LAFOND, Eugene       Malta 29 Mn 31-May-1928 Phillips 1021
      Maybelle LaBrie Phillips 18 Mn
LAFOND, Eugene Jr see Lafond, Maxim
LAFOND, Eva Marie see Bish, Frank A
LAFOND, Fred       Opheim 38 Brainerd Mn Nalbert LaFond & Alphozine Phichette 12-Jun-1929 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1329
      Idelle Abernethy Opheim 45 Col-umbia Indiana Wiley Burns & Mary Crosson
LAFOND, Jennie see Cote, Hervi
LAFOND, Maxim       Phillips 21 Mn 3-Oct-1916 Malta Phillips 139
      Fleavie E Houle Phillips 20 Mn
LAFOND, Nalbert see LaFond, Fred
LAFOND, Roselyn see Crowley, William
LAFOND, Rosie see Thompson, Abraham L
LAFOND, Willie       Phillips 21 Wisc 30-Nov-1932 Phillips 684
      Esther Berg Phillips 19 S D
LAFOND, Willie see Cote, Hervi
LAFONTAIN, Joseph see LaFontain, Tom
LAFONTAIN, Tom       Culbertson 20 Mt Joseph LaFontain & Adeline St Pierre 30-Mar-1929 Poplar Roosivelt 1249
      Mrs Lillian Diehl Culbertson 24 Montana George & Lizzie Kaufman
LAFONTANE, Rosie see St Germaine
LAFORNAISE?, Marion see Rosencrans, J E
LAFORT, Sara see Bushman, Ralph Sylvester
LAFORT, Sarah see Gaffney, James Michael
LAFOUNTAIN, George       Phillips 38 Mich 10-Sep-1918 Phillips 371
      Elizabeth Rider Phillips 44 Ontario
LAFOUNTAIN, Philemon see Fleury, Louis
LAFOUNTAIN, Philomene see Salmonson, Elmer
LAFOUNTAINE, Philimine see Herrington, George
LAFOUNTAINE, Philomena see Doney, William
LAFOUNTAINE, Virginia see Doney, John M
LAFOUNTAINE, Virginia see Doney, David D
LAFOUNTAINE, Virginia see Doney, Rose
LAFOURNAISE, Alick       Opheim 25 Glasgow Napoleon LaFournaise & Mary Maglis 9-Feb-1925 Glasgow Valley 3117
      Agnes Clark Opheim 21 Canada Fred Clark & Alice Griffin
LAFOURNAISE, Frank       Glentana 29 Glasgow Napoleon LaFournaise & Mary Magiliss 2-Aug-1928 Glasgow Valley 3401
      Margaret Riske Glentana 18 Canada Otto Riske & Helen Sanders
LAFOURNAISE, Genive see Langau, Frank
LAFOURNAISE, John see Langau, Frank
LAFOURNAISE, Joseph       Glasgow 23 ??? Napoleon LaFournaise & McDolis? 23-June-1914 Plentywood Sheridan 264
      Annie Olsen Opheim 24 Swe Anders Olsen & Martha Hendrickson
LAFOURNAISE, Mary see Abbott, George
LAFOURNAISE, Napoleon see LaFournaise, Frank
LAFOURNAISE, Napoleon see LaFournaise, Alick
LAFOURNAISE, Napoleon see LaFuornaise
LAFOY, Garrett       Gray Sask Can 29 Iowa Jake LaFoy & Maggie Woodland 9-Dec-1924 Plentywood Sheridan 2028
      Rose Wool-hether Drummer Sask 24 Iowa Urasta LaFoy & Laura Sheets
LAFOY, Jake see LaFoy
LAFOY, Urasta see LaFoy Garret
LAFRAMBOIS, Cecelia see Cole, L Marvin
LAFRAMBOIS, Elise see Granbois
LAFRAMBOIS, Elise see Spran
LAFRAMBOIS, Elize see Laverdure
LAFRAMBOIS, Frank see Cole, L Marvin
LAFRAMBOIS, Joseph see Brown, William P
LAFRAMBOIS, Louise see Brown, William P
LAFRAMBOIS, Rosa see Garfield
LAFRAMBOIS, Susie see Garfield
LAFRANCE, Adeline see Morin
LAFRANCE, Charles       Med Lake 23 Belcourt N D Moses La France & Mary Cluckey 28-Nov-1916 Medicine Lake Sheridan 893
      Clara Sayers Med Lake 23 Williston N D Joseph Sayers & Justine Azure
LAFRANCE, Mary see Shafer, Joseph Chester
LAFRANCE, Mary see Morin
LAFRANCE, Mary see Morin
LAFRANCE, Mary see LaRoche
LAFRANCE, Mary see Girard
LAFRANCE, Moses see Brian
LAFRANCE, Moses see LaFrance
LAFRANCE, Rosalie see Barsness
LAFRANCE, Rose Anna see Brown, Matthew James
LAFRANCES, Sarah see Magnan
LAFRANTZ, Arthur N       Chinook 25 Mt 11-Mar-1922 Phillips 635
      Caroline C Ganneway Chinook 24 Indiana
LAFRANTZ, Laretta see LaFrantz, Arthur N
LAFREMIERE, Arthue see Reety
LAFREMIERE, Vivian Mary see Reety
LAFRENIER, Eli       Med’ Lake 27 Belcourt N D Napolion Lafrenier & Sarah Loford 6-sep-1910 Bainville Valley 690
      Rosalie Brien Med’ Lake 18 Belcourt N D Jan_? Brien & Mary Lucier
LAFRENIER, Napolion see Lafrenier, Eli
LAFRENIERE, Mae see Gemeroy
LAFRIARE, Hilda see Morin, Alfred Jr
LAFRIARE, Leo see Morin, Alfred Jr
LAFRIDOR, Alvina Margaret see Bushman, Ralph Sylvester
LAFROMBOIS, Fred       Poplar 32 Bell Creek N D Joe LaFrombois & Mary Rose Paranteau 4-Mar-1930 Glasgow Valley 3549
      Katie Lethbridge Poplar 30 Sask Can Charles Lethbridge & Julia Leo
LAFROMBOIS, Joe see LaFrombois, Fred
LAFROMBOIS, John B see Bonneau, John B
LAFROMBOISE, Milline see Portra, Norbert Jr
LAFRONCSE?, Marget see Pronto, Peter
LAFT, Maren Jensen see Runborg
LAGAR, J E       Calgary 26 Hamilton Ont Maurice & Annie Lagar 3-Oct-1935 Plentywood Sheridan
      M E Doherty Moose Jaw Sask 26 Stratford Can James & Ella Doherty
LAGAR, Maurice & Annie see Lagar
LAGARD, Mary Susan see Pike, Charles
LAGARDE, Adriams resChinook       Chinook 36 Netherlands Anton Lagarde & Theodora VanRossmaalen 24-Dec-1817 Chinook Blaine 468
      Katrina Kaselowski 22 Wis Julius Kieslowski & Anna Sink
LAGARDE, Anton see LaGarde, Adriams
LAGE, Emma see Miller, Richard B
LAGERGUIST, Sigvart W       Westby 28 Daw-son Mn Ed Lagerquist & Clara Hammer 5-Feb-1936 Westby Sheridan
      Anna Alice Elm Westby 21 Kenmare N D James Elm & Anna Jensen
LAGERMLOOM, Emma see Oberg, Oscar Theodore
LAGERQUIST, Ed see Lagerquist
LAGERQUIST, Erhart       Westby 38 Sweden Julle Lagerquist & Anna Johnson 31-Jan-1915 Westby Sheridan 413
      Clara B Hammer Westby 25 Mn S L Hammer & Christine Paulson
LAGERQUIST, Gust see Franke
LAGERQUIST, Gust see Lagerquist
LAGERQUIST, Harry A       Westby 33 Sweden Gust Lagerquist & Sophie Johnson 18-Apr-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3007
      Annie Hagen Dooley 19 Dooley Henry Hagen & Eliza Belgarde
LAGERQUIST, Julle see Lagerquist Erhart
LAGERQUIST, Saga see Franke
LAGG, Lennie see Aarstad, Daniel J
LAGG, William D see Smith, William M
LAGGETT, Helen see Fraser, Ernest
LAGORE, Mary Jessie see Hart, Wm Tho Alex
LAGORE, Pierre see Hart, William Tho Alex
LAGRANGE, George       Raymond 23 Mn George W LeGrange & Rosina Snooks 25-Mar-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2309
      Sylvia Thorstvedt Raymond 21 Iowa Theo-dore Thorstvedt & Lena Husol
LAGRANGE, George       Raymond 30 Appleton Mn George W LaGrange & Rosina Snook 8-Sep-1934 Plentywood Sheridan 2870
      Alice Syme Raymond 21 Raymond William Syme & Mary Ann McGreevy
LAGRANT, Etta see Stranger, Charles D
LAHAYE, Evelyn see Tritschler, Clemence
LAHAYE, Merul see Tritschler, Clemence
LAHERTY, George H       Glendive 44 Fort Vancouver Wash John M Laherty & Emeline M Stevens 8-Nov-1896 Glendive Dawson 143
      Katie O’Connor Glendive 24 Washington D C Jeremiah O’Connor & ???
LAHERTY, John M see Laherty, George H
LAHLUM, Minnie see Swanson
LAHLUM, Sophie see Strand
LAHMAN, Carl see Lahman, Louis J
LAHMAN, Louis J       Cincinnatti Ohio 61 Ohio Carl Lahman & Henrietta Klanke 15-Jul-1913 Hinsdale Valley 1320
      Elizabeth Frick Hinsdale 49 Oswood Ind Henry Ellinghouse & Mary Kriolhoff
LAHR, Anna B see Morris, Guy T
LAHR, Lydia see Peer, James L
LAHR, Peter see Morris, Guy T
LAHR, William R see Pagel, William
LAHRING, Anna see Miller, Keith H
LAI, Alex see Wagner, David
LAI, Alex see Damm, Fred
LAI, Alma see Damm, Fred
LAI, Marie see Wagner, David
LAIG, Chancey L       Wolf Point 24 Webster S D Harry Laig & May Steames 26-Jul-1913 Glasgow Valley 1328
      Serina Martinson Webster 22 Sweden Peter Martinson & Mary Johnson
LAIG, Harry see Laig, Chancey L
LAIGTREE, John Jr       Poplar 19 Poplar John Laigtree & Lauch? Valley 1244 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Adelia Hall Poplar 19 Poplar Charles Lance & Flying Fish
LAING, Mabel see Cowie, George
LAING, Martha see Aikin, Clyde W
LAIPPLE, Ernest A       Antrim 35 Germany J G & Sophie Laipple 10-Aug-1915 Antrim Dawson 1756
      Goldie Wamble Antrin 23 Hilton Okla John C Wamble & Talitha Carrie Smith
LAIPPLE, J G & Sophie see Laipple, Ernest A
LAIR, Anna see Gorsuch, Roy A
LAIR, Romelia see Berehot, Dave
LAIRD, Elizabeth see Gardner, Michel L
LAIRD, Ezekiel B       Williston 21 Mn Ezekiel Laird & Alice Howard 21-Mar-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 482
      Iva Joyce Williston 18 Wis ??? Joyce & Glenn Keisser
LAIRD, Jessie see Collins, Alva S
LAIRD, Lizzie see Haupt, Charlie
LAIRD, Mabel see Riley, J Frank
LAIRD, Seward see Haupt, Charlie
LAIRD, Seward       Allard 21 Boscobell Wisc Wm S Laird & Theresia Pucconia 7-May-1923 Glendive Dawson 2975
      Annie Anderson Hodges 21 Hodges Carl A Anderson & Christina Danielson
LAIRD, Wm S see Laird, Seward
LAITZ, Mary E see Gouge, Claud C
LAITZ, William see Gouge, Claud C
LAIZURE, Emma see Roles, Leo
LAJIMODIERE, Annie see Charrette
LAJIMODIERE, Annie see Charrett
LAJIMODIERE, Joseph see Lajimodiere
LAJIMODIERE, Leonidaus       Med’ Lake 27 Leroy N D Joseph Lajimodiere & Eliza Ducept 27-Dec-1922 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1860
      Dina Beaupre Med’ Lake 18 Willow Bunch Canada Gaspard & Florence Beaupre
LAKE, Ebba H see Yount
LAKE, Edward see Thornton, Louis F
LAKE, Elizabeth see Rayner
LAKE, Florence see Carr, Arthur
LAKE, Francis see Baird, Monta
LAKE, Harriet see Hayes, Roy N
LAKE, Ira       Beach N D 28 Bradshaw Neb William H Lake & Eliza Gephart 31-Oct-1927 Wibaux Wibaux 591
      Lucille Schallock Beach N D 20 Winni-cone Wisc William Schallock & ???
LAKE, John see Marcott, Edward
LAKE, John see Yount
LAKE, John H see Hays, Roy N
LAKE, Louise see Marcott, Edward
LAKE, Martin       Richey 23 Burlington Kans Martin Lake & Bertha Reinhardt 10-Nov-1928 Glendive Dawson 3660
      Myrtle Monger Richey 19 Sherman S D Andrew & Marie Monger
LAKE, Minnie see Thornton, Louis F
LAKE, Ole J see Lake, Victor M
LAKE, Rachel see Winter, Charles F
LAKE, Rosella see Lake, Howard
LAKE, Rozella see Rapp, Clarence M
LAKE, Rozella see Rapp, Earl Edward
LAKE, Victor M       Culbertson 24 Spring Ro? Iowa Ole J Lake & Lena Hoja 9-Dec-1911 Culbertson Valley 956
      Lena Berglund Culbertson 25 Sweden Andrew & Christine Johanna Berglund
LAKE, William H see Lake, Ira
LAKNES, Anna see Larsen, Randolph Albert
LAKOCH, Mary see Sevan, John
LAKSELVA, Kathrena see George, Nick
LALEUGEN, Anne see Costa, Jack
LALOCHA, Isabell see Flynn, Thomas Jr
LALONDE, Albert       Bainville 24 Huot Mn Julian LaLonde & Mary Biladeau 26-Dec-1912 Bainville Valley 1190
      Ellen Irene Delaney Bainville 23 Wilson Wis John Delany & Katherine Roach
LALONDE, Florida Amanda see Bergseth, Clark Ruben
LALONDE, James A       Wolf Point 28 Erie Pa R D LaLonde & Jane Bernier 22-Feb-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 740
      Estelle Cramer Wolf Point 32 Cincinatto Ohio James Cramer & Emma E Meehan
LALONDE, Julian see Lalonde, Albert
LALONDE, Julian see Bergseth, Clark Ruben
LALONDE, Julian see Delaney, Lawrence
LALONDE, Mary see Renard, Fred
LALONDE, Mary see Grubbs
LALONDE, R D see LaLonde, James A
LALONE, Delma see Provost, Frank
LALONE, Edward see Simons Harry B
LAMAN, Fannie see Kauffman, John K
LAMAR, Gerret       Froid 29 Grant Mich Ralph LaMar & Alberta Scott 12-Sep-1929 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1371
      Helen Ida Davis Froid 19 McGregor N D Frank Davis & Gertrude Turck
LAMAR, Gerret       Froid 35 Grand Rapids Mich Ralph LaMar & Alverta Scott 12-May-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3011
      Gwendolyn Holly Froid 18 Froid Cleonard Holly & Gladys Lobdell
LAMAR, Kathryn Alyda see Wilson, William Dale
LAMAR, Ralph see Wilson, William Dale
LAMAR, Ralph see LaMar, Gerret
LAMAR, Ralph see LaMar
LAMAR, Susie see Schneecloth, William F
LAMASTERS, Nancy Jane see Hinerman, William R
LAMAY , Emma see Kinsey, Lee R
LAMAY, Emma see Bauer, Arnold J
LAMB, ----? see Rogers
LAMB, Alice see Courchene, Thomas
LAMB, Archie       Fairview 22 Brandenburg E J Lamb & Nellie Bernett 11-Dec-1913 Fairview Dawson 1384
      Matilda Johnson Fairview 19 Norway Peter (Johnson?) & Christina Nelson
LAMB, Aurilla see Meyer, L H
LAMB, Carl       Ridgelawn 22 Miles City Elton J Lamb & Nellie Burnett 25-Jul-1912 Sidney Dawson 1117
      Olive Clement Miles City 18 Ontario Can Adolph Clement & Nellie Moore
LAMB, Chesterfield Bruce       Wolf Point 26 Ill Isaac G Lamb & Mary A Rausch 2-Jun-1915 Glasgow Valley 1686
      Georgia Estelle Rhoads Wolf Point 18 Ill Delbert E Rhoads & Lou Hanks
LAMB, E J see Lamb, Archie
LAMB, Elmer       Woody Mtn Canada 21 Sabina Ohio W H Lamb & Alice Alexander 17-Jul-1911 Glasgow Valley 873
      Nellie Thompson Woody Mtn Canada G H Thompson & Mary Meatons
LAMB, Elton J see Lamb, Carl
LAMB, Fay see Osier, Steve
LAMB, Freeman       Fallon 26 Wabasha Mn Myron Lamb & Annie Buck 28-Dec-1915 Glendive Dawson 1851
      Bernice Hatch Fallon 19 Pierce Cty Wisc Edmund Hatch & Adelaide Reynolds
LAMB, Hannah see Rogers
LAMB, Harvey see Lacock, Lawrence
LAMB, Isaac G see Lamb, Chesterfield Bruce
LAMB, J J see Allensworth , Ward
LAMB, Jane see Bell, David H
LAMB, Jane see Duffy, Edward P
LAMB, Martha see Ange, Joseph Armond
LAMB, Mary see Lacock, Lawrence
LAMB, Mary Alma see Buell, Benoni L
LAMB, Mayme see Osier, Steve
LAMB, Medang see Trayer, Fred
LAMB, Myron see Meyer, L H
LAMB, Myron see Lamb, Freeman
LAMB, Priscilla see Kennedy, Jesse C
LAMB, Stella A see Eckes, Albert Loyd
LAMB, W H see Lamb, Elmer
LAMB, W W see Lamb, Waldo K
LAMB, Waldo D       Williston N D 41 Brownsdale Mn W W Lamb & Emily Severs 2-Oct-1919 Mondak Roosivelt 51
      Nellie Spillett Williston 44 Hokad Mn John A LaBump & Mary Elizabeth Fair-banks
LAMB,, Priscilla, see Cowell, Wiley M
LAMBERSON, Ida see Larson, George Henry
LAMBERT, Aletha see Ainly
LAMBERT, Amos       Culbertson 21 Culbertson Louis Lambert & Jennie Black Shield 3-Aug-1929 Glasgow Valley 2492
      Mabel Dupree Poplar 19 ??? Peter Dupree & Mabel Kohn
LAMBERT, Amos see Frabert, A F
LAMBERT, Angeline see Iron Bear, Charlie
LAMBERT, Anna see Parnell, Joseph
LAMBERT, Blanch see Saulsbury, J E
LAMBERT, Charles see Gregg, Louis
LAMBERT, Charles see Reddoor, Edwin
LAMBERT, Dana see Mansker, Joe
LAMBERT, Ed see Eng, Oliver
LAMBERT, Ed see Diserlee, John
LAMBERT, Ed see Hunt, William
LAMBERT, Edward       Drew 62 Mt Edward Lambert & Florence Red Feather 29-Jul-1926 Drew Roosivelt 931
      Caroline LeRogne Wolf Point 57 Canada Mike Dauphinais & Mary Mitchell
LAMBERT, Edward see Lambert, Midas
LAMBERT, Edward see Lambert, Wilfred
LAMBERT, Edward see Iron Ring, Santee
LAMBERT, Edward       Blair Neb 52 Blair Nebr Edward Sr & Florence Lambert 7-Oct-1916 Dressel? Sheridan 829
      Rattling Tent Blair Nebr 53 Devils Lake N D Little Voice & Louise Little Voice
LAMBERT, Edward & Catherine see Drum
LAMBERT, Edward & Florence see Armstrong, Comer E
LAMBERT, Edward Sr & Florence see Lambert
LAMBERT, Elizabeth see Eng, Oliver
LAMBERT, Elizabeth see Drum
LAMBERT, Emily J see Hinkle, William Bascom
LAMBERT, Erminia see Sugine, John
LAMBERT, Florence see Shields, Fred
LAMBERT, Florence see Crazy Bull, James
LAMBERT, Florence see Eagleman, William Lawrence
LAMBERT, Florence see Reddoor, David
LAMBERT, Florence see Ackerman, Charles
LAMBERT, Josephine see Murray, John
LAMBERT, Josephine see Davis, Herchel
LAMBERT, Josephine see Armstrong, Comer E
LAMBERT, Josephine see Reddoor, Edwin
LAMBERT, Josephine see Stanford
LAMBERT, Josephine see Cook
LAMBERT, Julia see Wallace, William
LAMBERT, Lewis see Recette, Moses
LAMBERT, Lizzie (Mrs) see Little Santee
LAMBERT, Louie Sr & Lizzie see Lambert Louis
LAMBERT, Louis       Culbertson 22 Culbertson Louie Sr & Lizzie Lambert Valley 585 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Jennie Blackshield Ft Totten N D 20 Ft Benton N D? Frank Blackshield & Mary King
LAMBERT, Louis see Lambert, Amos
LAMBERT, Louis see Smith, Charles
LAMBERT, Louis see Sugine, John
LAMBERT, Louise see Gregg, Louis
LAMBERT, Melis see Murray
LAMBERT, Midas       Drew 23 Poplar Edward Lambert & Cathren Half Red 26-Mar-1923 Drew Roosivelt 484? Or 483?
      Louise White Feather Poplar 20 Poplar White Feather & ???
LAMBERT, Minnie see Knuth, Theodore
LAMBERT, Nellie see Halstead, Richard R
LAMBERT, Rachel see Vernon, Geo W
LAMBERT, Rosy? see StGermaine, Joe
LAMBERT, Sarah see Smith, Charles
LAMBERT, Sophia see McEachern, Murdoch
LAMBERT, Sophia see Martell, Elie J
LAMBERT, Sophia see Scott, Stephen
LAMBERT, Sophie see Scott, Stephen
LAMBERT, Wilfred       Culbertson 18 Drew Edward Lambert & Catherine Eats The Crow 30-Nov-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 835
      Helen Silver Chelsea 35 Canada Thomas Comes Last & Anna
LAMBERTSON, Christine see Richards, Titus
LAMBERTSON, Christine see Nelson, Nels I
LAMBIE, Arthur M       Redwater 38 Minneapolis Mn William W Lambie & Helen Nicol 6-Jan-1915 Glendive Dawson 1654
      Anne Williams Redwater 24 St Cloud Mn Andrew P Williams & Charlotte Freed
LAMBIE, William W see Lambie, Arthur M
LAMBING, Anna see Hafner, Charles Fred
LAMBING, Annie see Luepton, Edward
LAMBING, Elizabeth see Konig, Anton
LAMBLE, Thelma C see Hellmann, William J
LAMBONG, Anna see Hafner, Chas Fred
LAMBRECHT, Chas see Lambrecht, Erwin
LAMBRECHT, Erwin       Lisbon N D 24 Elgin Mn Chas Lambrecht & Anna Bennike 24-Nov-1925 Chinook Blaine 916
      Neva A Cooper Lisbon N D 22 Britton S D par Chauncey Cooper & Mattie Hawkins
LAME, Bull see Iron Horn
LAME, Bull see Old Rock
LAME, Soldier see Two Weasels
LAME SOLDIER, Lucy see Lonedog
LAMEN, Amelia see Fritsch, Arthur
LAMERE, Caroline see Brough, Clarence A
LAMERE, John       Harlem 23 Swift Current Sask Can Xavier Lamere & Cail---? Bastian 26-Mar-1913 Harlem Blaine 43
      Susie Sangray Dodson 18 Maple Creek Sask Joe Sangray & Mary Ann Anderson
LAMERE, Julia see Larocque, Peter
LAMERE, Xavier see Lamere, John
LAMERES, Glen William       Sentinel Butte N D 30 New London Wisc William La Meres & Ida May Hogaboom 21-Sep-1914 Glendive Dawson 1580
      Millie Sophronia Sager Granada Mn 34 Grenada John E Rich & Olive E Curtis
LAMERES, William see LaMeres, Glen William
LAMERRE, Julius (Julia?) see Morin, David Louis
LAMERS, Josephine see Allery, Louis
LAMEY, Margaret see Olcott, Edward Jr
LAMEY, Margaret see Walen, Robert Ole
LAMIERE, Emelia see Parent
LAMIEUX (LEMIEUX), Delia see Bradley
LAMKIN, Beulah (Wright?) see Feigel, Robert F
LAMOIE, Mary see Stephan
LAMONT, Delia see Sullivan, Cecil C
LAMONT, John see Nelson, Albert Dewey
LAMONT, Julia see Sullivan, Cecil C
LAMONT, Louis       Bismark 26 Waterville Mn W H Lamont & Emma Johnson 27-Jul-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 504
      Ramona Bailey Dickinson N D 27 ??? V L Bailey & ???
LAMONT, Margaret see Nelson, Albert Dewey
LAMONT, W H see Lamont, Louis
LAMOTTE, Loretta see Gabel, Raymond
LAMOTTE, Moses see Gabel, Raymond
LAMOUREUX, Clara see Johnson, Thomas W
LAMPA, Elizabeth see Podolski, Joseph A
LAMPE, Ada see Campbell, Chester A
LAMPE, Charlie see Mueller, John A
LAMPE, Ida see Campbell, Chauncey R
LAMPE, Lydia M see Meuller, John A
LAMPEL, Lizzie see Grundhauser, John
LAMPEL, Mike see Grundhauser, John
LAMPHER, Cheber see Anderson, Valdemar F
LAMPHER, Cora Dell see Anderson, Valdemar F
LAMPHERE, Augusta see Pettie W A
LAMPHERE, Elizabeth see Burham, Paul Bird
LAMPINER, Ada see Bentsen
LAMPL, Rose see Madler, Charles
LAMPLAND, Thora see Ellison, Emil H
LAMPMAN, Albie see Samson, Archie
LAMPMAN, Frank       Malta 55 Wis James Lampman & Eliza Novaceck? 25-Feb-1905 Glasgow Valley 165
      Albia Phelps Malta 20 Mich ris? Phelps & Mary Obrien
LAMPMAN, James see Lampman, Frank
LAMPMAN, Rose see Morrison, William
LAMPSON, Mate see Sunderhauf, George D
LAMPY, Francis see Daniels, George John
LAMSON, Mary G see Goodman
LAMUNYON, Sallie see Growe, John H
LAMY, Emma see Aldine
LANCASTER, Ada see Heron, W R
LANCASTER, Elizabeth see Waite, Horace
LANCASTER, Maryetta see Griffin, Harry E
LANCE, Charles see Peterson, Charles
LANCE, Charles see Laigtree, John Jr
LANCE, Dorothy see Oberg, Oscar Theodore
LANCE, Leonard see Oberg, Oscar Theodore
LANCE, Lydia M (Cagle?) see Ike
LANCEY, Alfred Charles see Lancey, Edgar Elbert
LANCEY, Edgar Elbert       Great Falls 22 Canada Alfred Charles Lancy & Annie Grant Imlach 14-Sep-1929 Chinook Blaine 1165
      Maxine Marguerite Jordan Havre 18 Havre Maxmillian Jordan & Edith Eskew
LAND, Bernard L see Land
LAND, Enoch L       Med’ Lake 26 Mn Bernard L Land & Mary Hoff 17-Jun-1925 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2070
      Ethel L Hjort Med’ Lake 23 Lake Elizabeth Mn Eddie Hjort & Charlotte Bomstad
LAND, Mary see Winn, George K
LANDCIGNE, Charlotte see Landre, Henry
LANDEN, Freda see Gookin, James E
LANDERS, Bridget see Duffy, Edward P
LANDERS, Christina see Foust, Z J
LANDERS, D F see Landers, James W
LANDERS, James W       Dawson Cty 35 Oneida Cty N Y D F Landers & Martha Ginnelle 13?-Jul-1910 Culbertson Valley 667
      Mary Hollenbeck Dawson Cty 25 Lakeview Mich Eugene Hollenbeck & Annie S Middleton
LANDERSON, Sophia see Orr, Wm Henry
LANDIS, Christina see Foust, Forrest
LANDIS, Effie see Cook, James F
LANDIS, Francis see Stephens, Guy C
LANDIS, Kittie see Harshberger
LANDIS, Nettie see Brannon, R L
LANDIS, Samuel see Brannon, R L
LANDIZE, Lena see Thomas, John H
LANDLAW, Jennie see Short, William Bartlett
LANDMARK, Ida see Larson
LANDO, Minnie see Smith, James R
LANDON, Carol       Wolf Point 21 Sandstone Mn Frank Landon & Ethel Boyer 7-Oct-1922 Poplar Roosivelt 419
      Meryl Pewonke Bodene 18 Page N D John Pewonke & Annie Fivie
LANDON, Frank see Landon, Wesley
LANDON, Frank see Landon, Carol
LANDON, Harriet see Mead
LANDON, Wesley       Wolf Point 23 Springfield Mn Frank Landon & Ethel Royer Valley 2956
      Evelyn LaRocque Wolf Point 20 Glasgow Albert LaRocque & Caroline Dauphine
LANDRE, Delia see Rock, George J
LANDRE, Henry       Saco 22 Bismark N D Joseph Landre & Charlotte Landcigne 5-Nov-1899 Hinsdale Valley ?
      Mamie Ottenstraw Hinsdale 18 Germany John Ottenstraw & Maggie Munstersteiger
LANDRE, Joseph see Landre, Henry
LANDREUS, Anna see Schouble, Frank
LANDRIE, Ellen see Granbois, Michael
LANDRY, Anastasia see Nault, Napoleon
LANDRY, Joseph see Menard, Joseph
LANDRY, Rosie see Dionne, Albert H
LANDRY, Theodule L       Phillips 21 Quebec 13-Jun-1916 Phillips 99
      Mary Menard Phillips 18 Quebec
LANDS,, Lozene, see Ball
LANDSAW, Stella see McDonald, Kenneth
LANDSVERK, Nels P see Landsverk, Ole Nelius
LANDSVERK, Ole Nelius       Minot 29 Arlington S D Nels P Landsverk & Margaretha Ashin 9-Feb-1921 Glasgow Valley 2764
      Crystal Ursal Mowers Medicine Lake 22 Iowa Bert Mowers & Mary Irene White
LANDSWORK, Berto see Landswork, Otto
LANDSWORK, Otto       Harlem 30 Norway Berto Landswork & Helga Osterhus 4-Nov-1914 Chinook Blaine 169
      Lena Fredrickson Harlem 27 Frederick Nelson & Gunda Benson
LANDUYT, Eladie Levine see Leo, Sam
LANDUYT, Peter see Leo, Sam
LANDWEHR, August see Landwehr, Joseph B
LANDWEHR, Joseph B       Girard 25 St Augusta Mn August Landwehr & Anna Woight 21-Aug-1913 Fairview Dawson 1309
      Harriet Earl Lyon Girard 17 Enid Missouri J A Lyon & Margaret Day
LANE, A F see Mortenson
LANE, Ara Clay       Bismark N D 24 Middleburg Ohio B F Lane & Frances Judy 23-Dec-1920 Glendive Dawson 2724
      Amy C Verchot Intake 26 Spring Grove Mn Nels Thorson & Anna Syling
LANE, Arthur see Duggan
LANE, B F see Lane, Ara Clay
LANE, Clemmie see Cooper, Pearl W
LANE, Cora E see Braley, Henry C
LANE, Doris see Cushman, Fred
LANE, Edward Joseph       Ogama Mn 26 Shellsburg Wisc Wm S Lane & Alta Shultz 24-Jun-1913 Glendive Dawson 1271
      Elsie V Lane Ogama 26 Shellsburg Wisc Frank Lane & Sarah Brown
LANE, Eliza see Nichols, Frank
LANE, Elsie V see Lane, Edward Joseph
LANE, Emma see Phillips, Harold Lane
LANE, Emma see Fair, Clarence Edgar
LANE, Esther see Duggan
LANE, Evelyn see Ross, Howard Foster
LANE, Francis E see Mortenson
LANE, Frank see Lane, Edward Joseph
LANE, Hannah see Remley, William Franklin
LANE, Harry V       Tokna 25 St Johns New Brunswick Walker Lane & Isabella Daley 31-Oct-1897 Glendive Dawson 161
      Maggie L Ming Glendive 20 Neponsett Ill James W Ming & Agnes F Gerrand
LANE, Henry W see Braley, Henry C
LANE, John see Lane, Warren
LANE, John see Reed, William H
LANE, Leola see Cahill, Cleo
LANE, Margaretta see Walsh, James D
LANE, Mary see Jones, David Milton
LANE, Mary Jane see Reed, William H
LANE, May see Smilie, Ed O
LANE, Myrtle see Preskey, Clifton W
LANE, Ola see Shepherd, Frank Ernest
LANE, Patrick see Lane, Tom M
LANE, Russell O       Chinook 23 Henry Cty Ind Samuel B Lane & Sarah Newly 4-Jun-1913 Chinook Blaine 55
      Marie A Hessian Chinook 22 Mn John A Hessian & Eleanor J Noonan
LANE, Samuel B see Lane, Russell O
LANE, Tom M       Baker 50 N Y City Patrick Lane & Ellen Byron 8-Jul-1930 Glendive Dawson 3887
      Susie Sargent Baker 26 Ireland Elvis McNamee & Sarah Rogers
LANE, Viola see Shepherd
LANE, Walker see Lane, Harry V
LANE, Warren       Rolla N D 21 Rolla John Lane & Pearl Brant 11-Aug-1928 Glendive Dawson 3613
      Pearl Livingston Ekalaka 19 Camp Crook S D Dick Livingston & Laura Leston
LANE, Wm S see Lane, Edward Joseph
LANEGROFF, Amanda G see Ruffcorn, Frank E
LANEGROFF, Louis L see Ruffcorn, Frank E
LANELLE, Lona N (Gant?) see Bickers, Harry
LANER, Eliza see Johnson
LANERY, E M see Lanery, Erwin
LANERY, Erwin       Valley City N D 22 Valley City E M Lanery & Lola Fleming 22-Sep-1923 Glendive Dawson 3028
      Susie Rogers Bordulac N D 18 Carrington N D J W Rogers & Clara Beaty
LANES?, John J see McCune, H B
LANG, Henry       Glendive 23 Toledo Ohio Thomas Lang & ??? Hiscott 25-Jul-1907 Glendive Dawson 534
      Mabel Peterman Glendive 16 Philadelphia Jacob Peterman & Manda Knox
LANG, ??? see Armstrong, Thomas
LANG, Andrew see Johnson, Oscar A
LANG, Anna see McCormack, Frank D
LANG, Anthony G       Havre 35 Mankato Mn Wendell Lang & ??? 24-Jan-1918 Chinook Blaine 473
      Lela McKay Havre 28 Redwood Falls Mn William McKay & Clara Warren
LANG, Charlotte J see Pipal, Henry E
LANG, Clara see Nelson
LANG, Donald C       P’wood 27 Mn E C Lang & Elizabeth Wright 12-Feb-1924 Plentywood Sheridan 1951
      Eva M Mann P’wood 17 Culbertson Russell Mann & Mary E West
LANG, E C see Lang
LANG, Edna see Berry, Bertie
LANG, Elizabeth see Frey, Harry
LANG, Ellen see Meek, Earl
LANG, Emma Knight see Knight, William B
LANG, Eva see Backer, Jack
LANG, Eva see Campbell, M
LANG, Faye see Sherwood, Aubrey
LANG, Fredrick see Lang, Henry M
LANG, George see Walker, Dennis A
LANG, Henry M       Wibaux 42 Toledo Ohio Franklin Lang & ??? Hitchcock 10-Apr-1918 Glendive Dawson 2352
      Clara G Farrell Wibaux 26 Gardner N D Ole Gullickson & Anna Ellenson
LANG, Jack see Whitcraft, George
LANG, John Jim see Sherwood, Aubrey
LANG, Katherine see Erdwig, Henry W
LANG, Kay R       Antelope 22 Hamburg Germany Lewis R Lang & Marie Jensen 5-Mar-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2591
      Belva Hansen Antelope 19 Barnes Cty N D C C Hansen & Carrie Larsen
LANG, Lewis R see Lang
LANG, Pressa see Bloom, Willard
LANG, Rosa Ellen see Walker, Dennis A
LANG, Thomas see Lang, Henry
LANG, Wendell see Lang, Anthony G
LANGARD, Georgia K see Cavanaugh, Arthur W
LANGAU, Frank       Wolf Point 28 Winnipeg Man Can Frank Langau & Philmon St John 12-Jan-1901 Glasgow Valley ?
      Genive LaFournaise Glasgow 18 Woody Mountain Man Can John LaFournaise & Caroline Cook
LANGBERG, Alden C       Beach N D 21 Valley City N D Carl C Langberg & Sarah Froid 30-Jun-1928 Glendive Dawson 3599
      Myrtle Haukaas Beach N D 19 Beach Mons Haukas & Carrie Hellan
LANGBERG, Carl C see Langberg, Alden C
LANGDON, Ada see Hammond, Abe
LANGDON, Amanda see Gabbard, Garrett L
LANGDON, Anna see Green, Fred
LANGDON, Arthur A see Taylor, Julius Searina
LANGDON, Charles S see Langdon, Reginald P
LANGDON, Constance see Bradley, Samuel J
LANGDON, Maria see Werner, John
LANGDON, Reginald P       Dickinson N D 25 N D Charles S Langdon & Alice Turner 20-May-1918 Glasgow Valley 2369
      Margaret Jane Turner Glendive 27 Iowa John A Turner & Mary Fife
LANGDON, Ruth DuPless see Taylor, Julius Searina
LANGE, Alice see Kono, Carl J
LANGE, Anna see Mann, Fredrick W
LANGE, Ernestine see Millin
LANGE, Harriet Elizabeth see Saltz, Frank
LANGE, Henry see Kono, Carl J
LANGE, Henry see Martin, John A
LANGE, Herman see Lange, Otto
LANGE, Minnie E see Martin, John A
LANGE, Mrs Charles (Bauder?) see Rost, Peter Robert
LANGE, Otto       Burns 25 Boyd Mn Herman Lange & Mathilda Guhlke 22-Sep-1926 Glendive Dawson 3393
      Mary McFarland Burns 18 Estherville Iowa Albert McFarland & Kate Evans
LANGEMO, Nels see Langemo, Theodore
LANGEMO, Theodore       Watkins 36 West Concord Mn Nels Langemo & Olava Lee 1-Nov-1922 Circle McCone 49
      Beartice Elizabeth Parker Watkins 24 Glendive Charles Walter Parker & Mary Juliet Archer
LANGEN, Bertrand P       Glasgow 24 Battle Lake Mn Ole T Langen & Turie Larsen 11-June-1913 Glasgow Valley 1306
      Ione V Leonard Glasgow 22 Springfield Wis W M Leonard & Emily Leatherman
LANGEN, Lucy see Allen
LANGEN, Ole T see Langen, Bertand P
LANGEN, Patrick see Allen
LANGERFIELD, Annie see Terry, Maurice H
LANGEVIN, Alice see Ragsdale
LANGEVIN, E see Langevin, Hubert L
LANGEVIN, Hubert L       Butte 29 Hastings Neb E Langevin & Octavia Guilmott 2-Jul-1928 Tampico Valley 3392
      Signe Mattson Tampico 25 Hoffman Mn Magnus Mattson & Edla Fogelstrom
LANGEVIN, Jerry see Ragsdale
LANGFORD, Ida see Faulk, Clinton C
LANGFORD, Maud see Williams, Malcolm H
LANGFORD, Sam see Turnquist
LANGHALIS, Ernesclin see Rahley, Frank P
LANGHAM, William H       Glendive 26 St Louis Missouri William H Langham & Marion Crawford 7-Oct-1910 Glendive Dawson 851
      Bessie Gordon Glendive 20 McIntire Iowa George E Gordon & Lavina Scrivens
LANGILL, Misa see Bigney, Charley
LANGLE?, Anna see Knox, David Frank
LANGLEE, Tella see Torgrimson
LANGLEY, Annie see Tatsey
LANGLEY, Julia see Jones, Mederie
LANGLOIS, Blanche see Evenson
LANGLOIS, Louis see Langlois, Napoleon
LANGLOIS, Napoleon       Malta 47 Quebec Can Louis Langlois & Delma Couture 22-May-1913 Malta Valley
      Mary Robinson Malta 37 (Indianapolis Ind?) Louis Bottineau & ???
LANGLOIS, Onazin see Langlois, William
LANGLOIS, William       Riverside 27 Duluth Mn Onazin Langlois & Lee Morin 23-Sep-1923 Wolf Point Roosivelt 548
      Marie Smith Rollette N D 20 Rollette Charles Smith & Carrie Anderson
LANGMILL, Myzie see Bigney, Alvin T
LANGNER, Clara see Kugler, George Herman
LANGSETH, Anna see Cavanaugh, James Lee
LANGSETH, John see Langseth, O J
LANGSETH, O J       Fargo 39 Fargo John Langseth & Karen Erickson Dawson 2615
      Jennie Brandum Fargo 24 Lisbon N D Christ Brandum & Laura Highness
LANGSETH, Susie A see Granger, James G
LANGSMO, Mary Lottie see Rovreit, Inar
LANGSTAFF, Jennie see Babcock, Joseph
LANGTON, John Jr       Poplar 22 Poplar John Langton Sr & Laughing 3-Sep-1916 Poplar Sheridan 827
      Mable Ring Poplar 16 Poplar Matt & Katie Ring
LANGWORTHY, Lilly see LeRoy, Clifford M
LANHAM, Edgar       Midale 23 Iowa 7-Apr-1921 Phillips 571
      Alla Folkes Phillips 24 Iowa
LANNAN, James N see Rodger
LANNAN, Vera see Rodger
LANNER, Violet (Jamison?) see Decker, Joseph
LANNERS, Albert P       Wolf Point 24 Glad-stone Mn Peter Lanners & Amelia Vincent 13-Mar-1919 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1
      Maria VanKerribroeck Wolf Point 20 South Bend Ind Henry VanKerrebroeck & Mattie VanHoslbeke
LANNERS, Peter see Lanners, Albert P
LANNICA, David see Howaid
LANPHEAR, Asa F       Glendive 23 Browerville? Mn O M Lanphear & Mary Sarff 16-Oct-1907 Glendive Dawson 546
      Evangeline Hackney Glendive 25 Buffalo N D George D Hackney & Barbara Chorlnes?
LANPHEAR, O M see Lanphear, Asa F
LANS, Gertrude see Larson, S O
LANSCIGNE, George B see Gamst, Thomas
LANSCIGNE, Sophia see Kalloch, Ira A
LANSDON, Mae see Stickler, Glenn
LANSDON, Mary see Taylor, George
LANSDON, Maud see Weaver, Doris S
LANSDON, Maud A see Taylor, Ira A
LANSDON, Sylvester L see Taylor, Ira A
LANSFORD, Emma see Beach, Bob
LANSING, Annie see Beede, William C
LANSING, John see Beede, William C
LANSMA, Elizabeth see McAnalley, James E
LANSRUD, Torger see Lansrud
LANSRUD, William Oliver       Dagmar 24 Iowa Torger Lansrud & Amjar Rovang 28-Oct-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 1690
      Thora Hermanson ??? 21 Norway Theodore Hermanson & Louise Berstrom
LANTER, Mae see Wallace, Dallas
LANTER, Robert see Wallace, Dallas
LANTIS, Cassions B       Wibaux 27 Mackinaw Illinois Daniel W Lantis & Asuba Stephens 7-Jun-1899 Wibaux Dawson 186
      Lillian J Prosser Wibaux 20 Manitoba Samuel N Prosser & Mary E Martin
LANTIS, Daniel W see Lantis, Cassions B
LANTRY, Bernard       Glasgow 27 LaSalle Ill Bernard Lantry & Mary Leary 18-Aug-1898 Glasgow? Valley ?
      Leva Marshall Glasgow 28 St Joseph Missouri John Hull & Mary Rauch
LANTZ, Bennett see Haglund
LANTZ, Gus       Phillips 45 California 27-Sep-1917 Phillips 272
      Gertrude Elizabeth Biggs Phillips 29 Mn
LANTZ, Helena M see Haglund
LANTZ, Mrs Gus see Cooper, Hurd Mason
LANTZ, Mrs Gus see Connor, Leon Wilbur
LANZ, Mike see Watland
LANZ, Minnie see Watland
LANZ, Pauline see Vollbrecht, Adolph
LAPAGE, Fred       Dagmar 27 Power Court Canada Louis LaPage & Catherine Provost 19-Nov-1911 Dagmar Valley 943
      Flora Rose Dagmar 20 Stevens Point Wis O__iff Rose & Mary Jane Morley
LAPAGE, James see LaPage, John
LAPAGE, John       Bainville 40 Wis James LaPage & Nancy E Orrison 10-May-1930 Culbertson Roosivelt 1448
      Lillie May Giedd N D 22 N D Mike Giedd & Nancy McMillean
LAPAGE, Louis see LaPage, Fred
LAPHAM, Albert E see Hill, Cleson
LAPHAM, Carrie see Roper, David Earl
LAPIERRE, ??? see Cosher, Guy
LAPIERRE, Alonia see LaPierre, Joseph
LAPIERRE, Alvina see Taillon
LAPIERRE, Amadeus see LaPierre, Joseph
LAPIERRE, Amadeus       Scobey 23 St Alphonse Man Can Armidy LaPierre & Armin Barneau 26-Jun-1913 Scobey Sheridan 19
      Alice Audet Scobet 16 St Garmanus? Can Fortuna Audet & Claudia Furmelle
LAPIERRE, Amidy see LaPierre
LAPIERRE, Emma see Provost
LAPIERRE, Hermud see Delagrave
LAPIERRE, Joseph       Scobey 25 Milk Lake Canada Amedeus LaPierre & Arium Baringin? 23-Mar-1913 Culbertson Valley
      Olive Paradis Scobey 16 Milk Lake Canada J P Paradis & Alonia LaPierre
LAPIN, Frank J       Great Falls 33 Webster S D Frank J Lapin & Anna Blezin 9-Oct-1913 Chinook Blaine 81
      Ida C Johnson Gt Falls 29 Askerod Sweden John Johnson & Karna Nelson
LAPINE, Eva Mae see Spooner, Carleton M
LAPINE, Maxim see Spooner, Carletomn M
LAPIRE, Emilia see Stubbs, Samuel L
LAPKE, Andrew see Lapke
LAPKE, Andrew see Lapke
LAPKE, John Andrew       Madoc 34 Earling Iowa Andrew Lapke & Katherine Dersweiler 27-Nov-1919 Scobey Sheridan 1601
      Elveda Alenora Laroche Madoc 17 St Johns N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Margaret Brunell
LAPKE, William       Madoc 26 Iowa Andrew Lapke & Kate Desivile 30-May-1916 Scobey Sheridan 741
      Alice LaRoche Madoc 18 N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Margaret Brunell
LAPLANT, Lillian see Cress, Joe
LAPLANT, Mary see Andrade, Miguel
LAPLANTE, Chas see Red Bull, Seth
LAPLANTE, Ione see Red Bull, Seth
LAPLANTE, Zelda see Bourassa
LAPONT, Otelie see Amundsen, John Victor
LAPOUR, Josephine see McDonald, Hugh James
LAPP, Ethel B see Schultz, Arnold C
LAPP, John A see Schultz, Arnold C
LAPPIE, Louis see Holmes, Arthur
LAPPIERRE, Anudus see Lappierre
LAPPIERRE, Serafin       Scobey 2 Can Anud-us Lappierre & Armine Mercier 18-Nov-1917 Scobey Sheridan 1185
      Adelia Audet Scobey 16 Canada Ferdinand Audet & Claudia Turmel
LAQUETT, Caroline see Monette, Tousent
LARABEE, Louise K see Ellinghouse, G F
LARABEE, Peter J see Ellinghouse, G F
LARABY, Geneveve see Fischer
LARAMUEDE, Dominie see Cariburn, Peter
LARAMY, P A see Bucher, Alvin
LARANGER, Mamie see Gray, Thomas Reece
LARAY, David see Gavin, Frank L
LARBIECKI, John see Larson, Louis P
LARBIECKI, Mary P see Larson, Louis P
LARDY, Mike see Lardy, Raymond
LARDY, Raymond       Mn 22 Mn Mike Lardy 15-Jun-1927 Scobey Daniels 332
      Lydia Seivert Scobey 19 Manitoba Can Julius Seivert
LAREN, Lucy see Colwell, Warren J
LARET, Jessie see Smith, Henry A
LARFOLD, Peter & Regina see Westaby, George Jr
LARFOLD, Reno see Westaby, George Jr
LARGE, Mary see Fanning, John
LARGE, Mary J see Hall
LARIMER, Edson Frank see Thomas, Ralph James
LARIMER, Ella see Taylor, John L
LARIMER, Esther see Pillsbury, Louis A
LARIMER, John see Gullickson, William
LARIMER, John S see Pillsbury, Louis A
LARIMER, Velma Ruth see Thomas, Ralph James
LARIMER, Vera see Gullickson, William
LARIVAISE, Delia see Parent
LARKIN, Anne see Conley
LARKIN, Catherine see Clawson
LARKIN, Catherine see Patterson
LARKIN, Frank & Bridget see Conley
LARKIN, Mary see Goodale, Frank A
LARKINS, Catherine see Dickinson
LARKINS, Edna see Beardslee
LARKINS, Katherine see McBurney
LARKINS, Kathern see Clawson, Bernard
LARKINS, Sarah see Ford, Corydon C
LARMORE, Mary see McNeal, William H
LARN, Gustav H       Belfield N D 30 Swe-den Gustav Larn & Clara Johnson 26-Aug-1921 Wibaux Wibaux 309
      Sigrid Larson Belfield 23 Sweden August Larson & Anna Anderson
LAROACH, Anton see LaRouche, David W
LAROCH, Mary see Werk, Robert E
LAROCHE, Elias P       Madoc 24 St John N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Maggie Brunelle 24-Feb-1924 Scobey Daniels 144
      E Hazel Thompson Scobey 19 Milan Mn Halvor Thompson & Anna Bystrom
LAROCHE, Elveda Elenora see Lapke
LAROCHE, Emory J       Madoc 36 N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Maggie Brunelle 24-Nov-1924 Scobey Daniels 179
      Marie Foss Madoc 34 Norway ???
LAROCHE, Eugene       Flaxville 28 N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Margaret Brunell 26-Jan-1915 Flaxville Sheridan 401
      Della Parent Flaxville 21 N D Alfred & Eleanor Parent
LAROCHE, Eugenia see Marsh
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see LaRoche, Elias P
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see LaRoche, Emory
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see LaRoche
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see Marsh
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see LaRoche
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see Lapke
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see Lapke
LAROCHE, Ferdinand see Laroche
LAROCHE, Fred       Madoc 25 N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Margaret Brunell 5-Aug-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 523
      Mary Bourassa Madoc 21 Horace Bourassa & Delia Lemieux
LAROCHE, Isabell see Renz, David Burshia
LAROCHE, Veda E       Doud 28 Oakwood N D Ferdinand LaRoche & Maggie Brunell 14-Feb-1920 Plentywood Sheridan 1626
      Olivine R Morin Med’ Lake Belcourt N D John B Morin & Mary La France
LAROCK, see also LaRoque
LAROCK, E A see Pierson, Edward
LAROCK, Evaline see Turcotte, Charles
LAROCK, Isabel see Culbertson, Samuel
LAROCK, Janie (Beasley?) see Brown, John
LAROCK, Joe see Grandschamp, Nelson
LAROCK, John B see Larock, Tobi
LAROCK, Julia see Grandschamp, Nelson
LAROCK, Patrick       Landusky 22 Mt Phillips 746 ( cert not completed )
      Rosie Laverdure Phillips 18 Mt
LAROCK, Patrick       Landusky 22 Mt 13-Feb-1924 Phillips 754
      Rosie Laverdure Zortman 16 Mt
LAROCK, Tobi       Poplar 19 Missouri River John B Larock & Julia Lamier 8-Jul-1901 Glasgow Valley ?
      Louise Kline Glasgow 17 Willow Bunch Sask Can William Kline & Mary Potrau
LAROCQUE, Albert see Landon, Wesley
LAROCQUE, Emily see Carnahan, Fred
LAROCQUE, Evelyn see Landon, Wesley
LAROCQUE, John B see Larocque, Peter
LAROCQUE, Peter       Glasgow 45 Glasgow John B Larocque & Julia Lamere 12-Oct-1922 Scobey Daniels 71
      Florestine Azure Scobey 25 Belcourt N D Peter Azure & Mary Bericer?
LAROCQUE, Stella see Whitehead, Robert
LAROCQUE, Tobe see Whitehead, Robert
LAROCQUE, Toby see Carnahan, Fred
LAROQUE, Albert see Parshall, Charles
LAROQUE, Albert see LaRoque, Marcell L
LAROQUE, Albert see Peterson, Anton
LAROQUE, Albert Jr       Wolf Point 24 Glasgow Albert Laroque & Caroline Dauphines 14-Oct-1915 Glasgow Valley 1751
      Lillian M Purdy Wolf Point 24 Mn Albert Purdy & Sarah R Vincent
LAROQUE, Albert Sr see LaRoque, Joseph
LAROQUE, Alex       Fraxer 19 Glasgow Joe Laroque & Louise Rosebluff 15-Apr-1925?(1924) Wolf Point Roosivelt 506
      Mary Jane Brien Malta 18 Malta Pat Brien & Mitelda? Damery
LAROQUE, Charles see LaRoque, William
LAROQUE, Della see Moran
LAROQUE, Emma see Parshall, Charles
LAROQUE, Emma see Vasko, Warren E
LAROQUE, Ernest       Trenton N D 21 Trenton Vitale LaRoque & Mary StGermaine 28-Sep-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2769
      Doris Green Alexander N D Charles Green & Vendella Anderson
LAROQUE, Florence see Peterson, Anton
LAROQUE, Frank see Carson, Charlie
LAROQUE, Harry see Amyotte, Harry
LAROQUE, Isabel see Sibbits, Edward
LAROQUE, Isabel see GrandChamp, Nelson
LAROQUE, Isabell see Alvarez, Joseph
LAROQUE, Isabell see Flynn, Thomas J
LAROQUE, Isabella see Abbott, George
LAROQUE, Isabelle see Abbott, Frank
LAROQUE, J see LaRoque, Joe
LAROQUE, Joe       Glasgow 24 Medicine Hat N W Terr Can J LaRoque & Julia Laurier 14-May-1901 Glasgow Valley ?
      Louise Roseblaff Glasgow 16 Swift Current N W Terr Can A Roseblaff & Nancy Pilehe
LAROQUE, Joe see Bushman, Thomas
LAROQUE, Joe see LaRoque, Alex
LAROQUE, Joseph       Wolf Point 24 Glasgow Albert LaRoque Sr & Caroline Dauphenais 5-Apr-1920 Wolf Point Roosivelt 117
      Julia Burton Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point John Allard & ???
LAROQUE, Julia see Korsmoe, Sam G
LAROQUE, Marcell L       Wolf Point 24 N D Albert Laroque & Mary Ruth StGermaine 25-Dec-1919 Wolf Point Roosivelt 83
      Mary Annie Beauchman Wolf Point 18 Bellecourt N D Gabriel Beauchman & Celina Turcotte
LAROQUE, Margaret see Carson, Charlie
LAROQUE, Mary see Porter, Frank
LAROQUE, Nellie see Staaleson
LAROQUE, Oliver see Carlson
LAROQUE, Oliver see Moran
LAROQUE, Oliver see Staaleson
LAROQUE, Otto see Decoteau, William
LAROQUE, Rose Mary see Carlson
LAROQUE, Victoria see Bushman, Thomas
LAROQUE, Vitale see LaRoque
LAROQUE, William       Culbertson 24 Fergus Cty Charles Baroque & Angelene Klene 18-Nov-1922 Culbertson Roosivelt 441
      Rose Boyer Culbertson 18 N D Andrew Boyer & Selina Belgard
LAROSE, Mary see Reynolds
LAROUCHE(LAROACH?), David W       Bainville 22 Dunbar Wis Anton LaRoach & Jeannette Meifert 9-May-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 760
      Lena Dunn Bainville 23 Rogersville Mo John Dunn & Ada Miller
LAROWE, Alta see Phillips, Peter Oliver
LAROWE, Andrew see Phillips, Peter Oliver
LAROWE, Andrew see LaRowe, Roy
LAROWE, Andrew see LaRowe, William Lee
LAROWE, Roy       Circle 43 Winnebago Mn Andrew LaRowe & Lydia E Bassett 12-Sept-1930 Circle McCone 151
      Anna E Chisholm Circle 28 Augusta Malcolm Chisholm & Elizabeth Theobald
LAROWE, William Lee       Circle 27 Blue Earth Mn Andrew LaRowe & Lydia Bassett 23-Mar-1925 Circle McCone 80
      Winifred Strecker Circle 18 Edgerton Mn Sam Strecker & Ethel Delapp
LARPENTUER, Annie see Long, James Larpentuer
LARPENTUR, Anna see Long, James
LARRABEE, Frances see Shearburn, Willard G
LARRATT, Jessie see Conner, Varrell Jacob
LARROTT, Jessie see Clement, Charles
LARRY, Blanch M see Ransom
LARRY, Charles see Ransom
LARS, Louise see Finney, Dee
LARSEN, Kirstine see Lyson
LARSEN, Aage Th       Dagmar 25 Tolland Denmark Christian Larsen & Johanna Petersen 22-Mar-1911 Dagmar Valley 801
      Kirstine Kleis Dagmar 29 Samson Denmark J Kleis & Johanna Kristine Petersen
LARSEN, Alfred see Island
LARSEN, Alfred R       Reserve 28 Denmark Rasmus & Sophie Larsen 26-Nov-1914 Dagmar Sheridan 362
      Alexandria Christensen Antelope 20 S D Fred Christensen & Christina Nelson
LARSEN, Andrew see Conradsen, Conrad
LARSEN, Andrew see Larsen
LARSEN, Andrew P see Olson, Otto E
LARSEN, Anna see Anderson, Joseph D
LARSEN, Anna see Brunier, Fred
LARSEN, Anna see Anderson, Louis J
LARSEN, Anna M see Ibsen
LARSEN, Anne see Hansen, Jens Peter
LARSEN, Annie see Hallquist Harry
LARSEN, Anton see Larsen, Valdemar P
LARSEN, Bernt see Jolley
LARSEN, C O see Vesterby
LARSEN, Carrie see Johnson, Hendrick
LARSEN, Carrie see Holmquist, Harry Walter
LARSEN, Carrie see Lang
LARSEN, Charles & Olivia see Larson, John O
LARSEN, Chris A see Cummings, Joseph Alton
LARSEN, Christian see Larsen, Aage T H
LARSEN, Delphin Peter       Mpls Mn 24 Norma N D Nels P Larsen & Nettie Arneson 27-Jan-1925 Poplar Roosivelt 725
      Elva Ann Nees Poplar 19 Douglas N D Lawrence G Nees & Emma Ferguson
LARSEN, Einer Marius       McCabe 31 Store Lynby Denmark Lars & Marie Larsen 24-May-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1029
      Esther Sophie Sorenson Medicine Lake 33 Ulen Mn Fred W Sorenson & Sophie Thompson
LARSEN, Elizabeth see Smith, Joseph W
LARSEN, Ella see Hanson, Arthur S
LARSEN, Emil A       Sask 38 Iowa Martin Larsen & ??? 14-Nov-1921 Plentywood Sheridan 1766
      Henrietta McCleod Sask 29 Sask Jim & Mary J McLeodon
LARSEN, Emma see Grove, Martin
LARSEN, Frances Helen see Cummings, Joseph Alton
LARSEN, Georgina see Jolley
LARSEN, Groti see Holmquist, Frank
LARSEN, Gurneus see Larsen, Sverre
LARSEN, Hannah see Thonsen, Thonie
LARSEN, Hans see Hansen, Lars
LARSEN, Hans see Donovan
LARSEN, Hans C       Wibaux 35 Denmark Rasmus Larsen & Anna Olsen 10-Jun-1916 Lamesteer Wibaux 96
      Rose Kobal Lamesteer 24 Austria Blos & Mary Kobal
LARSEN, Hans H       Med’ Lake 28 Iowa Andrew Larsen & Katherine Petersen 11-Dec-1917 Dagmar Sheridan 1213
      Alma Petersen Dagmar 16 Denmark P G Petersen & Christine Erickson
LARSEN, Hans L P       Antelope 37 Denmark Jorgen Larsen & Kristen Hansen 19-Nov-1915 Antelope Sheridan 573
      Lisa P Ander-son Antelope 28 Nor Anders Johanson & Marece Isaacson
LARSEN, Hans Peter       Scobey 42 Copenhagen Den Hans Larsen & Carrie Sofia Christiansen 4-Jan-1928 Scobey Daniels 362
      Blanche Beatrice Brady Scobey 44 Lyndon Wis ??? Brady & Katherine Duffy
LARSEN, Harry L       Kalispell 20 Mn M B Larsen & Anna Johnson 24-Dec-1914 Glasgow Valley 1617
      Anna Swenning Glasgow 20 Mn Martin Swenning & ??? Christianson
LARSEN, Hilda Alfrida see Nelson, Lauritz Peter
LARSEN, Immanuel       Culbertson 28 Nebr Soren Larsen & Fredrikka Christensen 10-Apr-1926 Coalridge Sheridan 2155
      Edith M Hansen Westby 20 Wis Frederick Hansen & Johanne Pederson
LARSEN, Ingar see Rome, Martinus
LARSEN, Ingeborg see Hortum, Gust
LARSEN, Ingor T       Dagmar 32 Iowa Jeppe Larsen & Bodil M Madsen 20-Jun-1924 Dagmar Sheridan 1969
      Dorathea Valboeg Andersen Dagmar 28 Denmark Rasmus Andersen & Patrina Christensen
LARSEN, James see Nelsen, Lauritz Peter
LARSEN, James see Leech
LARSEN, Jennie see Evans, Nathan E
LARSEN, Jensina see Thomsen
LARSEN, Jensine see Twete
LARSEN, Jeppe see Larsen
LARSEN, John & Mary see Larsen, Oscar
LARSEN, John O       Ada Mn 30 Christiania Nor Charles & Olivia Larsen 20-Jun-1928 Glasgow Valley 3390
      Mary C Braaten Ada 35 Ada T T Braaten & Minnie Mallaug
LARSEN, Jorgen see Hanson, Arthur S
LARSEN, Jorgen see Larsen
LARSEN, Karen see PetersonNels C
LARSEN, Karen see Petersen, Lars P
LARSEN, Karen see Erickson
LARSEN, Karen see Olson
LARSEN, Karin Marie see Conradsen, Conrad
LARSEN, Kirstine see Madsen
LARSEN, Lars & Marie see Larsen, Einar Marius
LARSEN, Lars R see Larsen, Randolph Albert
LARSEN, Lawrence see Larson
LARSEN, Lenore Marie see Nielsen
LARSEN, Lillian see Logan, Alex
LARSEN, M B see Larsen, Harry L
LARSEN, Margaret see Leech
LARSEN, Marie see Olson, Otto E
LARSEN, Marie see Christensen
LARSEN, Marie (Jensen?) see Karulf
LARSEN, Marin see Volden, Knute Albert
LARSEN, Martin see Nielsen
LARSEN, Martin see Larsen
LARSEN, Martin Elling       Dane Valley 25 Denmark Rasmus Peter & Pauline Larsen 8-Nov-1911 Dane Valley Valley 930
      Mary Bergman Dane Valley 36 Finland ???
LARSEN, Mary see Hansen, Valdemar Christian
LARSEN, Mary see Stevens, Louis C
LARSEN, Mary Ann see Melby, Severin
LARSEN, Mathea see Madsen
LARSEN, Mathilda see Anderson, Frank A
LARSEN, Mathilda see Andersen
LARSEN, Nels P see Larsen, Delphin Peter
LARSEN, Nils see Larsen
LARSEN, Oscar       Dagmar 22 Atlas Polk Cty Wis John & Mary Larsen 10-Jun-1908 Dagmar Valley 371
      Ellen Brown Dagmar 24 S D E E Brown & Anna Ferngvist?
LARSEN, Oscar C       Dagmar 32 Denmark Nils Larsen & Sena Nelson 29-Jul-1913 Antelope Sheridan 42
      Clara Rief Dagmar 25 Chicago Ill Edward Rief & Christine Appelgren
LARSEN, Peter       Chinook 41 Denmark Peter Larsen & Marie Jurgensen 24-Jan-1915 Chinook Blaine 188
      Mary Jennings Chinook 47 Lansing Iowa Barney Spinner & Mary Goodwater
LARSEN, Peter Laurence Theodore       Med’ Lake 26 Denmark Rasmus Larsen & Sophia Christensen 17-Mar-1910 Dagmar Valley 590
      Marie Kristine Nielsen Med’ Lake 18 Chicago Jens Nielsen & Marie Denss
LARSEN, Randolph Albert       Poplar 23 S D Lars R Larsen & Anna Laknes 10-Oct-1929 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1383
      Edna Irene Vine Vida 19 Wis Jerry T Vine & Julia E Johnson
LARSEN, Rasmus see Larsen, Peter L T
LARSEN, Rasmus see Larsen, Hans C
LARSEN, Rasmus & Sophie see Larsen
LARSEN, Rasmus Peter & Pauline see Larsen, Martin Elling
LARSEN, Sadie see Leidahl, David
LARSEN, Soren see Larsen
LARSEN, Soren see Larsen
LARSEN, Sverre       Wolf Point 38 Norway Gurneus Larsen & Louise Johnson 30-Mar-1920 Poplar Roosivelt 115
      Ettalean Luck Poplar 28 VanWert Ohio Byron & Sarah Martin
LARSEN, Theodore L       Reserve 24 Reserve Lawrence Larsen & Christine Marie Nielsen 20-Sep-1935 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2963
      Lillie Catherine Nielsen Dagmar 25 Dagmar Pete & Christine Nielsen
LARSEN, Turie see Langen, Bertrand P
LARSEN, Valborg see Island
LARSEN, Valdemer       Plentywood 29 Nelson Mn Anton Larsen & Marie Hanson 2-Oct-1929 Scobey Daniels 452
      Myrtle S Davis Plentywood 29 Ken ??? Skaggs & ???
LARSEN, Willie       Culbertson 23 Nebr Soren Larsen & Fredrikke Christensen 23-Oct-1918 Dane Valley Sheridan 1399
      Elvina Fryhling Froid 18 Mn Louis Fryhling & Martha Christensen
LARSGARD, Bernie       Minot N D 21 Leeds N D Sven Larsgard & ??? 22-Jan-1926 Scobey Daniels 244
      Flossie Fishbeck Wolf Point 19 N D John Fishbeck & ???
LARSGARD, Sven see Larsgard, Bernie
LARSON, C see Foster, Truman
LARSON, Abe       Malta 41 Iowa 28-Dec-1928 Phillips 1095
      Mildred Cleland Malta 35 N D
LARSON, Adolf B       Glasgow 45 Nor Johannes Larson & Margaret Nelson 27-Jul-1910 Glasgow Valley 677
      Ellen Posey Glasgow 43 Wis John & Louisa Posey
LARSON, Agnes see LaVelle, Richard
LARSON, Agnes see Hollo, Martin C
LARSON, Albert       Elbow Lake Mn 30 Mn Peter Larson & Johanna Erickson 19-Feb-1919 Plentywood Sheridan 1480
      Ellen Carlson Scobey 21 Mn John Carlson & Anna Nylen
LARSON, Albert Edward       Bainville 21 Penn Marten Larson & Anna Donce 27-Mar-1924 Bainville Roosivelt 612
      Dorothy Spencer Havre 19 Ohio Fred Doan & Ella Hutton
LARSON, Alek--? see Kittock, Joseph H
LARSON, Alfred       Scobey 30 Elroy Mn Ole T Larson & Carrie Haugstad 15-Jan-1913 Glasgow Valley 1220
      Luella Knudson Scobey 20 Ostrander Mn John B Knudson & Lulu Anderson
LARSON, Alfred see Larson
LARSON, Alice see Trulock, Garfield
LARSON, Alice see Bonner, Willis
LARSON, Alice see Trulock, William
LARSON, Alice V see Nelson, Louis P
LARSON, Alice Vera see Johnson, Eddie Arthur
LARSON, Alma see Uland, John
LARSON, Alma see Jacobson
LARSON, Alma see Wagar
LARSON, Amberg see Leidahl
LARSON, Amund see Erickstein, Thor O
LARSON, Anders see Vanek, Edward
LARSON, Andrew see Nelson, Cyril D
LARSON, Andrew see Larson, Samuel
LARSON, Andrew       Glendive 42 Trondhjem Nor Louis A Moe & Raghnilea Peterson 27-May-1908 Glendive Dawson 597
      Grace Kelly Glendive 30 Sleepy Eye Mn James J Kelly & Mary Murphy
LARSON, Andrew see Johnson, Hans Peter
LARSON, Andrew see Larson Ben M
LARSON, Andrew see Olson
LARSON, Ann see Martin
LARSON, Anna see Sethne, Hans D
LARSON, Anna see Johnson, John S
LARSON, Anna see Jacobs, Charles S
LARSON, Anna see Godfreson, John
LARSON, Anna see Irving, Vernon A
LARSON, Anna see Johnson, Oscar
LARSON, Anna see Erhardt
LARSON, Anna see Haagenson
LARSON, Anna see Hallquist
LARSON, Anna see Hallquist
LARSON, Anna see Robinson
LARSON, Anna see Sather
LARSON, Anna Christina see Peterson, Johannes
LARSON, Anne see Mitchell
LARSON, Annie see Holmson, Charlie Henry
LARSON, Annie see Hudson, Fred
LARSON, Annie see Hallquist
LARSON, Annie Marie see Njaa, Arnold LeRoy
LARSON, Arantine see Olson
LARSON, Arthur E       Glendive 28 Taylor N D Otto Larson & Bessie Torgerson 3-Sep-1929 Glendive Dawson 3769
      Rachel A Wold Glendive 24 Black River Falls Wisc Richard Wold & Nancy Finch
LARSON, Arthur P       Wolf Point 26 Minneapolis Mn Otto Larson & Hilda Trovaton 28-Jan-1915 Glasgow Valley 1637
      Blanch L Johnson Wolf Point 25 Knox N D James M Johnson & Maria Hathaway
LARSON, August see Larn, Gustav H
LARSON, Augusta Matilda see Peterson, Eugene
LARSON, Axel Richard       Phillips 42 Sweden 12-Sep-1918 Phillips 374
      Lillian Blanch Parmenter Phillips 39 Wis
LARSON, Bartholl M       Harlem 25 Ft Benton Zacharias Larson & Emma Soloman 15-Sep-1922 Chinook Blaine 722
      Angela Robe Harlem 19 Ft Belknap John Sanborn & Rual Grass
LARSON, Beatrice see Stahl, Cloyd
LARSON, Beatrice see Lee
LARSON, Ben see Jones, Robert
LARSON, Ben M       Coal Creek 33 N D Andrew Larson & Susie Thompson 13-Mar-1919 Plentywood Sheridan 1493
      Florence Reeder Coal Creek 19 N D George Laughlin & Selmer? Kinberg
LARSON, Bert A see Koyle, George A
LARSON, Bert A see Lilligard, Conrad
LARSON, Berta see Torkilson, Ole
LARSON, Bertha see Anderson, Thomas C
LARSON, Bertha see Rudberg, Edwin
LARSON, Bertha see Martin, William A
LARSON, Bertha see Olson
LARSON, Betsy see Smith, Clarence D
LARSON, Betty see Bopp, Fred E
LARSON, Borgehild see Marten, Anfen
LARSON, Borghilde see Martin, Gunder
LARSON, C R see Larson, John C
LARSON, Carey? see Peterson, Ingeman
LARSON, Carl B       Beach N D 22 Minneapolis Mn Christ Larson & Christina Johnson 3-Jul-1916 Glendive Dawson 1949
      Florence Marie Adamson Beach N D 18 Eau Claire Wisc Ralph Adamson & Nina Coen
LARSON, Carl Einar       Nashua 25 Iowa Carl Martinus Larson & Caroline Lybecker 20-Nov-1917 Glasgow Valley 2279
      Bertha Giddle Nashua 23 Mn Chris Giddle & Mary Pilsknider?
LARSON, Carl Henry       Havre 19 Mt Belier N D Carl W Larson & Louise Schultz 22-Dec-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1126
      Rose Wallace Havre 19 Havre Jack Wallace & Florence Pepin
LARSON, Carl Martin see Larson, Einar Carl
LARSON, Carl Martinus see Larson Cal Einar
LARSON, Carl T       Brockton 21 Sweden Lars Larson & Hannah Olson 12-Nov-1917 Glasgow Valley 2275
      res Brockton 21 Peter Sannes & Helen Trane
LARSON, Carl W see Callaghan, Homer
LARSON, Carrie see Bergstrom, E A
LARSON, Carrie see Erickson
LARSON, Carrie see Thompson
LARSON, Carrie see Hansen
LARSON, Carrie B see Jeffers
LARSON, Chas B       Grenora N D 28 Churches Ferry N D M L Larson & Betsy Evenson 17-Mar-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2595
      Grace Flesjer Grenora 22 Halstad Mn B J Flesjer & Mayme Larson
LARSON, Chris see Stecker, Walter
LARSON, Chris       Bainville 29 Iowa Christian Larson & Kate Peterson 9-Aug-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 536
      Leora Orrison Bainville 16 Bainville Thomas Orrison & Maggie Sutherland
LARSON, Chris see Mitchell, William
LARSON, Christ see Larson, William
LARSON, Christ see Larson, Henry L
LARSON, Christ see Hoeck, Ted
LARSON, Christ see Larson, Carl B
LARSON, Christ see Larson, Harold I
LARSON, Christ see Amsler, Edward
LARSON, Christ       Bainville 43 Marshalltown Iowa Christ Larson & Christina Peterson 9-Oct-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2973
      Mary Peterson Bainville 50 Dundee N Y John McGrath & Phoebe Vilnave
LARSON, Christ see Frid
LARSON, Christian see Larson, Henry L
LARSON, Christian see Larson, Chris
LARSON, Christina see Wallander, Selwer B
LARSON, Christine see Hansen, Carl
LARSON, Christine see Kittock, Joseph H
LARSON, Clara see Raymond, Rolan A
LARSON, Clara see Amsler, Edward
LARSON, Clifford       Beaubier Can 23 Beaubier Alfred Larson & Anna Knutson 10-Jan-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2908
      Evelyn Ness Beaubier 19 Barnesville Mn Albert Ness & Ida Landmark
LARSON, Cora C see Anderson Anders, Vinding
LARSON, Cora C see Oellermann, Ferdinand J
LARSON, Daisy see Fishleigh, Frank
LARSON, Daniel       Wibaux 26 Goettinger Iowa M C Larson & Sena Westergard 26-Aug-1914 Glendive Dawson 1575
      Louise Novak Wibaux 25 Bessemer, Mich M J Novak & Mary Stasly
LARSON, Dorthea see Johnson, Lewis
LARSON, Ed see Lee
LARSON, Edith see Lee Edward R
LARSON, Edna Jeanette see Hoyt, Charles Milton
LARSON, Edward see Kuehn, Otto Charles
LARSON, Edward see O’Bryan, Thomas F
LARSON, Edward R       Great Falls 36 Mn Martin Larson & Hanna? Olson 24-Dec-1926 Scobey Daniels 298
      Irene E Larson Scobey 35 Winterset Iowa Robert Larson & Mary Taylor
LARSON, Edwin A see Hunter, Willie Albert
LARSON, Edwin C       Poplar 24 Horace N D Iver Larson & Karen Jensen 25-Jul-1918 Poplar Sheridan 1356
      Karen O Reum Poplar 25 Norway Ole Reum & Ingeborg Dahl
LARSON, Einar Carl       Nashua 36 Pomeroy Iowa Carl Martin Larson & Caroline Lybecker 16-Jan-1929 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1273
      Jensine Christensen Mpls Mn 39 Denmark Hans Christian Hansen & Albina Nelson
LARSON, Elise see Bakken
LARSON, Elizabeth see Haugland, Carl
LARSON, Ella E see Higgins, Arthue A
LARSON, Ella Kathryn see Hunter, Willie Albert
LARSON, Elsie see Vesterby
LARSON, Elsie see Waller
LARSON, Emily see Nash, Andrew P
LARSON, Emma see Talbot, Hale
LARSON, Emma see Dunkelberger
LARSON, Emma C see Young, Walter Guy
LARSON, Esther see King
LARSON, Ethel see Harmon
LARSON, Eva see Stecker, Walter
LARSON, Eva see Gustefson, Carl Conrad
LARSON, Eva see Peterson
LARSON, Evedie? see Larson, Lars
LARSON, Evelyn see Rorvik, Darrow
LARSON, Fingar see McKee, Raymond
LARSON, G see Larson
LARSON, Gena see Thorstad, George Oliver
LARSON, George       Avondale 29 Doran Mn L W Larson & Anna Lunde 25-Mar-1926 Glasgow Valley 3206
      Katherine Heeter West Fork 21 Indiana W Heeter & Maud Helvey
LARSON, George see O’Bryan, Thomas
LARSON, George see Lee
LARSON, George see Peterson
LARSON, George see Twete
LARSON, George A see Larson
LARSON, George Henry       Glendive 22 Rock Rapids Iowa Ole Larson & Ida Lamberson 12-Apr-1908 Glendive Dawson 586
      Helen Ullman Glendive 21 Lebanon Wisc Albert Ullman & Bertha Framict?
LARSON, George P       Nantell 30 Harlem Peter Larson & Anna Soderstrom 19-Dec-1923 Glasgow Valley 3026
      Mary M Stuart Rattlesnake 40 Mn James Murphy & Josephine Amundson
LARSON, Gertrude C see Innchies, Leonard C
LARSON, Gina see Warnes, Millard Wilfred
LARSON, Gladys see O’Bryan, Thomas
LARSON, Gladys see O’Bryan, Thomas F
LARSON, Grace see Johnson
LARSON, Guru see Bakken, Martin M
LARSON, Guy C       Dagmar 23 Ashby Mn George A Larson & Thea Ronning 12-Sep-1929 Plentywood Sheridan 2474
      Mildred Anderson Zahl N D 19 Kenmare N D Adolph G Anderson & Etta Mylie
LARSON, Halvor       Glendive 27 Stavanger Nor Lars Halvarson & Ingeborg Torkelson 6-May-1911 Glendive Dawson 934
      Anna Alstad Glendive 20 Evansville Mn A P Alstad & Mary Hamer
LARSON, Hannah see Coleman, Ernest A
LARSON, Hannah see Devault, Oscar
LARSON, Hannah see Olson, Herman
LARSON, Hannah see Tifft, Thomas Allen
LARSON, Hannah see Anderson
LARSON, Hans see Hanson
LARSON, Hans J       Sidney 30 Lille Rise Aero Denmark Hans Larson & Larch? Rasmussen 9-Jan-1913 Sidney Dawson 1197
      Annie Marie Hansen Sidney 30 Lile Rise Aero Denmark Lorents Hansen & Karen Christianson
LARSON, Harlan R       Outlook 24 Flaxton N D T J Larson & Jennie Traver 28-Jun-1929 Outlook Sheridan 2446
      Cora Moore Outlook 21 Davenport Iowa Charles Moore & Lizzie Fellner
LARSON, Harold       Westby 36 Nor G Larson & Louise Johnson 6-Feb-1924 Plentywood Sheridan 1949
      Eyelyn (Evelyn?) Carlson Westby 18 Sweden Samuel Carlson & Amanda Johnson
LARSON, Harold I       Beach N D 24 Lanesboro Mn Christ Larson & Christina Johnson 24-Sep-1924 Glendive Dawson 3140
      Gladys Harney Beach N D 21 Ben Clare S D Edward Harney & Lillie Scott
LARSON, Hattie S see Johnson, Arthur
LARSON, Henry see Skott, Hans
LARSON, Henry       Malta 23 Wis 31-Jul-1828 Phillips 1044
      Maxine Messerly Phillips 18 ???
LARSON, Henry L       Lame Steer? 31 Wis Christian Larson & Anna Hanson 21-Jan-1915 Edgehill Wibaux 14
      Adel-ine Caroline Sanderson Carlyle 21 Mn Sander Sanderson & Engeborg Anderson
LARSON, Henry L       Beach N D 40 Barron Wis Christ Larson & Anna Hanson 5-May-1923 Wibaux Wibaux 384
      Elizabeth Hougland Beach N D 30 Norway Hans Kaukaas & Kari Horvik
LARSON, Hilda see Kravik, Norris R
LARSON, Hilda see Olson
LARSON, Holger       Dickinson N D 27 Fairbault Cty Mn Louis P Larson & Christina Pederson 19-June-1917 Glendive Dawson 2193
      Clara Lohren Dickinson N D 24 Ramsey Cty N D Gilbert Lohren & Carrie Bjerke
LARSON, Ingeborg see Ness, Nels Nelson
LARSON, Ingeborg see Sletten, Ole
LARSON, Ingeborg see Haaland
LARSON, Irene see Sathern Johnnie
LARSON, Irene E see Larson, Edward R
LARSON, Isabell see Knudtson
LARSON, Iver see Larson
LARSON, Iver see Sather
LARSON, James see Monsell
LARSON, Jennie see Lee, Conrad J
LARSON, Jennie see Soderstrom, Oscar
LARSON, Jens see Wade, Mario
LARSON, Jensine see Twete
LARSON, Johanna see Hovden, Lars M
LARSON, Johanna Marie see Redeau, Bert
LARSON, Johannes see Larson, Adolf B
LARSON, John see Johnson, Hans Peter
LARSON, John see McDougall, Charles
LARSON, John see Metzger, Joseph George
LARSON, John see Hooker, Robert Lee
LARSON, John A       Wolf Point 33 Lula? Sweden Lars A Larson & Louise Anderson 2-Nov-1919 Wolf Point Roosivelt 62
      Ingeborg Christine Ardahl Wolf Point 30 Stavanger Nor Alakias Ardahl & Serina Olson
LARSON, John C       Three Forks 27 Esdale Wisc Lars Larson & Annie Johnson 12-Apr-1911 Gossett Dawson
      Lena Larson Gossett 21 Altavista Mn C R Larson & Rosa E McRae
LARSON, John C see Larson, Leonard
LARSON, John M see Dart, Hugh James
LARSON, John M see Monson, Hollis Anderson
LARSON, Josie see Mattson
LARSON, Julia see Feltham
LARSON, Julia M see McKee, Raymond
LARSON, Julius H       Hinsdale 25 Nor Lars Larson & Dorothy Jacobson 20-Sep-1917 Glasgow Valley 2232
      Lulu Schadt New Sharon Iowa 24 Iowa John Schadt & Nancy J Perrymen
LARSON, Karen see Berkland, Ludvig Oscar
LARSON, Karen see Erickson
LARSON, Katherine see Johnson, Arthur Oscar
LARSON, Katrina see Kelly, J B
LARSON, Kristina see Johnson, John Alfred
LARSON, Kristina see Knudtson
LARSON, L B see Harmon
LARSON, L E see Larson, Edward
LARSON, L W see Larson, George
LARSON, Lars see Larson, Julius H
LARSON, Lars see Larson, Carl T
LARSON, Lars see Innchies, Leonard C
LARSON, Lars see DaSilva, Harry
LARSON, Lars       Glasgow 29 ??? Evedie? Larson & Mary Pearson 9-May-1915 Tampico Valley 1671
      Kirstie Anderson Glasgow 29 Norway Olaf Christofferson & Annie Knudson
LARSON, Lars see Larson, Ole Otto
LARSON, Lars see Larson, John C
LARSON, Lars see Anderson, Edward
LARSON, Lars see Idland, Carl
LARSON, Lars see Evinrude, Anton
LARSON, Lars & Karen see Uland, John
LARSON, Lars A see Larson, John A
LARSON, Lars Christian       Sidney 22 Sioux City Iowa Martin J Larson & Christine Jensen 7-Apr-1914 ??? Dawson 1467
      Dagmar Marie Hanson Sidney 26 Semmit Mn Jens P Hanson & Anne Peterson
LARSON, Laura B see Nygaard, Paul Gehard
LARSON, Lawrence       Beach N D 40 Trampel (Trempaleau?) Cty Wisc Matt Larson & Agnes Finsta 25-Nov-1913 Glendive Dawson 1378
      Gina Michelson Beach N D 20 Trampel? Cty Wisc George Michelson & Bertha Lyngin
LARSON, Lawrence       Phillips 21 Illinois 17-Nov-1915 Phillips 62
      Rose Nordberg Phillips 18 Mn
LARSON, Lawrence B see Rorvik, Darrow
LARSON, Lena see Larson, John C
LARSON, Lena see Malmin, William
LARSON, Lena see Larson, Per Olaf
LARSON, Leonard       St Paul Mn 28 Mpls Mn John C Larson & Manda Blomquist 24-Jun-1916 Chinook Blaine 284
      Letha Duke Chinook 22 Livingston William H Duke & Annabel Martin
LARSON, Lillian see Hoeck, Ted
LARSON, Lillian see Allman
LARSON, Lillian Junis see Monson, Hollis Anderson
LARSON, Lillie see Hanson, Veiner
LARSON, Lillie see Johnson, Edward
LARSON, Lillie see Tieszen, Simon
LARSON, Lisa see Borreson
LARSON, Lizzie see Wade, Mario
LARSON, Louis see Larson, Selmer I
LARSON, Louis see Larson, Otto
LARSON, Louis P see Larson, Holger
LARSON, Louis P       Carlyle 32 Ruthven Iowa M C & Sena Larson 29-Nov-1922 Glendive Dawson 2932
      Mary C Larbiecki Carlyle 27 Winona Mn John Larbiecki & Mary Wicke
LARSON, Louis P       Carlyle 38 Ruthven Iowa M C Larson & Sena Westergard 20-Jun-1928 Glendive Dawson 3589
      Nellie Jakin Beach N D 20 Topeka Kans Steve Jakin & Olga Bulla
LARSON, Louise see Tyler, Reginald
LARSON, Louise see Bennett, Alvin L
LARSON, Louise see Honaker
LARSON, Luella Irene see Dart, Hugh James
LARSON, Lulu see Metzger, Joseph George
LARSON, M C see Larson, Daniel
LARSON, M C see Larson, Louis P
LARSON, M C & Sena see Larson, Louis P
LARSON, M L see Peterson, Frank Emil
LARSON, M L see Larson
LARSON, Mable see Olson
LARSON, Mads see Nelson
LARSON, Maren see Simonson, Torbjorn S
LARSON, Maret see Johnson, Lewis
LARSON, Margaret see Ericksen, Henry W
LARSON, Margaret see Miller, Emil E
LARSON, Margaretta see Johnson, Albert L
LARSON, Marie see Summers, Charles
LARSON, Marie see Idland, Carl
LARSON, Marie see Leland, Ernest
LARSON, Marie see Vanek, Edward
LARSON, Marie see Erickson
LARSON, Marie see Eng
LARSON, Marte see Aklastad
LARSON, Martha see Foster, Truman
LARSON, Martha see Reister, William C
LARSON, Martha see Dana, Wray H
LARSON, Martha see Hooker, Robert Lee
LARSON, Martha see Hanson
LARSON, Martin see Stahl, Cloyd
LARSON, Martin see Larson, Albert Edward
LARSON, Martin J see Larson, Lars Christian
LARSON, Mary see Coleman, John Lawrence
LARSON, Mary see Erickson, Charles R
LARSON, Mary see Nerlien, Ludvik M
LARSON, Mary see Spackeen, Lewis E
LARSON, Mary see Swanson, Arthur H
LARSON, Mary see Wood, Edwin F
LARSON, Mary see Smith, Elmer Marvin
LARSON, Mary see Smith, Henry
LARSON, Mary see Goodheart, Sylvester
LARSON, Mary see Bartole
LARSON, Mathilda see Anderson, William
LARSON, Mathilda see Young, Isaac S
LARSON, Mathilda see Erickson
LARSON, Mathilde see Nelson
LARSON, Matilda see Anderson, Harry F
LARSON, Matilda see Casey, Harry
LARSON, Matilda see Swant, Clyde
LARSON, Matilda see Torgerson, Clarence Arnold
LARSON, Matilda see Larson, Per Olaf
LARSON, Matilda see Torgerson
LARSON, Matt see Larson, Lawrence
LARSON, Mayme see Larson
LARSON, Metta see Madsen
LARSON, Mildred see Hathaway, Floyd
LARSON, Minnie see DaSilva, Harry
LARSON, Minnie see Nelson
LARSON, Mirandi C see Spellman, D T
LARSON, Monte see Evinrude, Anton
LARSON, Myrus Benjamin       Phillips 23 Mn 26-Aug-1915 Phillips 47
      Renee Rhea Worley Phillips 23 Indiana
LARSON, Nels see Nelson, Andrew
LARSON, Nels P       Glasgow 33 Denmark Hans Jensen & Christina Rasmussen 23-Apr-1918 Glasgow Valley 2353
      Cecile Damman Glasgow 19 Netherlands H Dammen & Adriantzi Boogard
LARSON, Nora Constance see Erickstein, Thor O
LARSON, O J see Johnson
LARSON, Ole see Larson, George Henry
LARSON, Ole see Larson, Oscar
LARSON, Ole see Erdahl, Ingvald
LARSON, Ole Otto       Glendive 24 Norway Lars Larson & Mary Jacobson 7-Aug-1919 Wibaux Wibaux 247
      Clara Stemnes Sentinel Butte N D 18 Mn John Stemnes & Agnes Peterson
LARSON, Ole T see Larson, Alfred
LARSON, Olga see Platts, Harold W
LARSON, Oline see Olson
LARSON, Oliver       Sand Springs 23 Whitehall Wisc Peter & Carrie Larson 20-Mar-1916 "near" Bruce Dawson 1882
      Alice Mathilda Nelson Sand Springs 21 LaCrosse Wisc ??? Nelson & Alma Nelson
LARSON, Oscar see Hoyt, Charles Milton
LARSON, Oscar       Cottonwood 27 Wis Ole Larson & Carrie Simonson 14-Aug-1918 Chinook Blaine 508
      Jane Wilson Cottonwood 18 Washington Ed Wilson & Rose Rafferty
LARSON, Oscar Edward       Sentinel Butte N D 23 Ottertail Cty N D L E Larson & Olivia Olson 24-May-1915 ??? Dawson 1716
      Inga M Erickson Sentinel Butte 21 Vernon Cty Wisc John Erickson & Anna Hanson
LARSON, Otto see Larson, Arthur P
LARSON, Otto see Larson, Arthur E
LARSON, Otto       Froid 27 Mn Louis Larson & Ingaborg Hanson 19-Nov-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1110
      Anna Jarshaw Froid 20 Rake Iowa Ole Jarshaw & Inger Lee
LARSON, Per Olaf       Korn 28 Sweden Lars Hakanson & Matilda Larson 3-Oct-1916 Chinook Blaine 317
      Matilda Frykberg St Paul Mn 32 Sweden August Frykberg & Lena Larson
LARSON, Peter see Larson, George P
LARSON, Peter       Glendive 41 Norway Lars Halverson & Gusi Pederson 30-Oct-1915 Glendive Dawson 1801
      Pauline Bertha Halls Glendive 29 Norway Anders Pederson Halls & Guri Johansdtr?
LARSON, Peter       Lindsay 79 Norway Peter Larson & Helena Peterstaat 7-Aug-1916 Glendive Dawson 1983
      Viola Monson Glendive 45 Fairbault Mn George Paul & Martha Hall
LARSON, Peter see Littlefield , George Edward
LARSON, Peter see Larson
LARSON, Peter see Olson
LARSON, Peter & Carrie see Larson, Oliver
LARSON, Peter A see Lawson, Hubert W
LARSON, Peter R see King
LARSON, Peter R see Olson
LARSON, Rachel Elizabeth see Hoiland, Thomas
LARSON, Rasmus see Paul, E G
LARSON, Regina see Waag, Olaf Mayer
LARSON, Regina see Svensvold, Rasmus
LARSON, Regina see Waag, Ingvald
LARSON, Rena see Anderson, Edward
LARSON, Robert see Larson, Edward R
LARSON, Rose see Mitchell, William
LARSON, Ruby E see Nelson, Cyril D
LARSON, S O       Malta 36 N D 4-Dec-1928 Phillips 1087
      Gertrude Lans Phillips 33 Idaho
LARSON, Samuel       Oswego 23 Kindred N D Andrew Larson & Ingrid Lee 30-Nov-1914 Glasgow Valley 1591
      Mabel Taylor Culbertson 19 Indiana Thomas Taylor & Susy Dunwoody
LARSON, Secilia see Holmson, William
LARSON, Seliena? see Dixon, Robert Glenn
LARSON, Selma see Olson
LARSON, Selmer I       Fairview 22 Villard N D Louis Larson & Clara Kringen 13-Jon-1925 Glendive Dawson 3227
      Natie Angeline Teague Watford N D 23 Grant City Mo Cyrus Austin Teague & Isola Goff
LARSON, Severan see Sethne, Hans D
LARSON, Severina see Odegard
LARSON, Severn see Larson, Abe
LARSON, Signa see Fulberg, Walter
LARSON, Sigrid see Larn, Gustav H
LARSON, Sigrie see Griffith, Walter S
LARSON, Sophia see Crosby, James
LARSON, Sophia see Gordon, Arthur
LARSON, Sophia see Thompson
LARSON, Sophia see Tyler
LARSON, Sophie see Cairncross, Clifford C
LARSON, Sophie see Fasching, George W
LARSON, Soren see Sorrenson, Louis P
LARSON, Sylvia see Jacobson, Carl
LARSON, T J see Larson
LARSON, Thora see Twete
LARSON, Tomine see Foshal, Torger
LARSON, Trena see Fleener
LARSON, Violet see Callaghan, Homer
LARSON, Wilhelmine see Nelson
LARSON, William A       Piniele 23 Wis Christ Larson & Anna Hanson 25-Oct-1917 Wibaux Wibaux 176
      Catherine Booth Wibaux 19 Mn Milton Booth & Hujda Luthman
LARSON, Zacharias see Larson, Bartholl M
LARSON,, Lizzie, see Borreson, Benjamin
LARSRUDE, Ida see Krebsbach, Lloyd
LARUD, Anton see Larud, Charles
LARUD, Charles       Allen 53 Norway Anton Larud & Lena Olson 28-Jul-1918 Cohagen Dawson 2401
      Nancy Berry Allen 58 Madison Wis Richard Nash & Mary Downey
LARUE, Agnes L see Cable, Albert
LARUE, Bessie see McAllister, J R
LARUE, Hugh see Gray, Thomas Reece
LARUE, Kenny see Bingham, G B
LARUE, Lucy see McAllister, J R
LARUE, Mary Katherine see Gray, thomas Reece
LARUE, May see Bingham, G B
LARUE, Rose see Bremner, W G
LARVICK, Lars see Larvick, John Andrew
LARVIK, John Andrew       Bonetrail N D 34 Norway Lars Larvick & Sigrud Eidness 23-Jul-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 645
      Thina Elsie Dybdall Bonetrail 30 Norway Trond Dybdall & Anna Berg
LASALLE, Alma see Tierney
LASALLE, John Jay       Scobey 34 Can John LaSalle & Philomine Charlebois 2-May-1919 Scobey Sheridan 1509
      Gea Amy Berge Scobey 23 Mn Anton Berge & Julia Kolstad
LASANTE, Elizabeth see Greel, Bert E
LASANTE, Louis see Greel, Bert E
LASAR, Barbara see Heppner, Frank J
LASAR, Pete see Heppner, Frank J
LASAR, Peter & Elizabeth see Heppner
LASAR, Susana see Heppner
LASATER, Elizabeth see McAfee, William
LASATER, Fannie see Frymire
LASATER, Gilbert see Frymire
LASATER, J M see Lasater
LASATER, Jennie Ruth see Stahl, Harry Darl
LASATER, Jonathan see Stahl, Harry Darl
LASATER, Jonathan M see Leader, William J
LASATER, Mary Lucinda see Storaasli
LASATER, Mary M see Leader, William J
LASATER, Neil       Plentywood 21 Missouri J M Lasater & Lucinda Bennett 20-Feb-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 681
      Nettie M Jones P’wood 20 Nev Frank Jones & Emily Donal
LASATER, William       East Scobey 27 Missouri William Lasater & Sarah M Ester 23-Apr-1916 Julian Sheridan 726
      Alta Leona Ludington Julian 18 Iowa Helmer Ludington & Mary Smith
LASCEL, May see O’Dell, Ray C
LASELLE, John B see Reynolds, James W
LASELLE, Maud Irene see Reynolds, James W
LASH, Effie see Spinks, Rollie
LASH, James H       Glasgow 35 Markleville Penn Joe E Lash & Jennie Boyer 19-May-1909 Culbertson Valley 469
      Media Hovde Grantsburg Wis 25 Wis M J Hovde & Pedra Anderson
LASH, Joe E see Lash, James H
LASH, John & Sussie see Spinks, Rolly
LASH, Zebulon see Rhud, H C
LASHBROOK, Ella see Hedden , Allen
LASHER, Fannie see Frawley
LASHER, Frank see Fadness, Andrew Helgesen
LASHER, Joseph       Havre 21 Mt 16-Jan-1927 Phillips 938
      Verena Merwin Valley Cty 21 Mt
LASHER, Pansy Fern see Fadness, Andrew Helgesen
LASHMEYER, Carolina see Schock, Gottleib
LASINSKI, ??? see Thomas, Joseph Martin
LASORTE, Florence see Gaudry, August
LASPRANZIA, Mary see Diserly, Frank
LAST       Wolf Point 74 Berthold N D White Man & Kindness to Her 19-Oct-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1091
      Mary Turtle Wolf Point 71 Mt ???
LASWELL, Cecil E       Chinook 19 Olla James Q Laswell & W A West 5-Nov-1924 Chinook Blaine 845
      Dollie A Varner Chinook 18 Neb Lee Varner & Daisy Archer
LASWELL, James Q see Laswell, Cecil E
LATE, Stella see Jennings, Ellis L
LATFIELD, Elizabeth see Fettes
LATHAM, George Ernest       Wibaux 24 Boone Iowa William Latham & Deola Fish 8-Apr-1902 Glendive Dawson 244
      Vianna Wells Wibaux 20 Wibaux S M Wells & Pariosha? Pearson
LATHAM, William see Latham, George Ernest
LATHROP, Jennie see Childs, Harrison L
LATHROP, Lettie see Michel, Stanley L
LATHROP, Lettie see Michel
LATHROP, Lottie see Bowen
LATHROP, Mary J see Canoy, John William
LATHROP, Minnie see Davis, Clarence B
LATHROP, Mrs Mary (Malmstrom?) see Herrig, Harvey H
LATHROPE, Mary see Rowe, Eugene E
LATHRUP , Mary see Reed, John Scott
LATHURSON, Abelone see Miller, Carl
LATIBER, Sophia see Lindahl
LATKA, Anna see Pisk, John
LATKA, Frank see Latka, Jacob
LATKA, Frank see Pisk, John
LATKA, Jacob       Glendive 21 Poland Frank Latka & Agnes Potonic 26-Nov-1927 Glendive Dawson 3515
      Pauline Talarski Union 21 Hartford Conn Valentine Talarski & Dorothy Sampson
LATONUS, Melunia see Latonus, Wentley
LATONUS, Joe see Latonus, Wentley
LATONUS, Wentley       Greve 22 Russia 5-Nov-1928 Phillips 1072
      Margaret Glass Greve 19 Canada
LATRAIL, Emma A see Regnier
LATRAIL, Louis see Regnier
LATRAY, Mose see LaTray, William
LATRAY, William       Cleveland 24 Ft McGinnis Mose LaTray & Susan Moran 25?-Dec-1914 Chinook Blaine 186
      Jennie Gardipee Cleveland 19 Ft McGinnis Paul Gardipee & Mary Doney
LATTEAU, Amelia see Tetzloff, Edward
LATTERALL, Joseph see Cody
LATTERALL, Julia see Cody
LATTERELL, Arthur       Sentinel Butte N D 60 Benton Cty Mn Prosper Latterell & There-sa Tateroe 24-Jun-1930 Wibaux Wibaux 744
      Ida Brewer Detroit Mich 58 Mn John Harris & Sarah Abby
LATTERELL, Arthur see Streitz, Joseph
LATTERELL, Caroline see Penman
LATTERELL, Evangeline see Streitz, Joseph
LATTERELL, Joseph see Ennis, Charles Andrew
LATTERELL, Prosper see Latterell, Arthur
LATTERELL, Sarah Susanne see Ennis, Charles Andrew
LATTIMER, Mary see Ransom
LATTIMORE, Chlora see Joslin, Ray D
LATTRELL, Fannie see Thomas, Clyde A
LATTRELL, Fannie see Fish, George W
LATTRUP, Marguerite see Karga
LATTRUP, Marguerite L (Tannont?) see Karga
LATURNER, Ai Ray       Chinook 25 Wall Cty Indiana David W LaTurner & Susanna Hay 3-Jan-1914 Chinook Blaine 102
      Ethel Whittal Chinook 23 Nevada John Whittal & Sarah Barrett
LATURNER, Alice see Wailes, Homer P
LATURNER, Alice see Preskey, Clifton W
LATURNER, David W see LaTurner, Ai Ray
LATZKE, Edna L see Thompson
LATZKE, Otto see Thompson
LAU, Cecelia see Thede, John
LAUB, Lillian Agness see St Hill, Fredrick William
LAUB, Mathew see St Hill, Fredrick William
LAUCH?, see Laigtree, John Jr
LAUCK, Sadie see Knowles, Josiah
LAUDENSLAGER, Anna May see McCabe, Frank Osroe
LAUDENSLAGER, Margaret see Barnhart
LAUDERBACH, L L see Pace, William
LAUDERDAL, Josepina see Olson, Emil
LAUDSIEDEL, Adolph       Sidney 21 Hebron N D Fred Laudsiedel & Carrie Schneider 7-Aug-1925 Glendive Dawson 3247
      Mildred Strome Sidney 17 Edmonton Can James H Strome & Emma Stevens
LAUDSIEDEL, Fred see Laudsiedel, Adolph
LAUER, John & Margaret see Bailey
LAUER, Louise M see Bailey
LAUGER?, Sarah see Johnson, Albert L
LAUGH, E E see Laugh
LAUGH, W D       Moosmin Can 31 Vars Ontario Can E E Laugh & Agnes Johnston 17-Jun-1934 Plentywood Sheridan 2834
      Leila Amos Moosmin Sask 26 Wauskida Man Can J R Amos & Gerala Robinson
LAUGHEN, Margaret see Turner, Albert
LAUGHERY, Aster Etholin see Rimel, William L
LAUGHERY, Frank A see Rimel, William L
LAUGHING, see Langton
LAUGHING, Woman see Thompson, James
LAUGHLIN, George see Larson
LAUGHLIN, George E       Froid 25 Ottawa Canada Thomas Laughlin & Harriet Tripp 16-Oct-1910 Glasgow Valley 716
      Etta Hatfield Froid 21 Andersonville Tenn Calvin Hatfield & Melinda Baird
LAUGHLIN, Mary see Birch
LAUGHLIN, Myrth see Karcher, Charles W
LAUGHLIN, Thomas see Laughlin, George E
LAUGHMAN, Kate see Maher, Stephen
LAUGHNAN, Mary see Hubble, Harry H
LAUGHTON, Jack F       Glendive 26 Lafayette Wm Laughton & Emma George 9-Oct-1907 Glendive Dawson 544
      Maud Brown Glendive 20 Long Lake Mich Ebenezer Brown & Mary Griner
LAUGHTON, William see Laughton, Jack F
LAUGHTRY, Annie see Loebe, George F
LAUGRIDGE, Vera (Muus?) see Meter
LAUKS, Frank see Bugden, Henry John
LAULER, Sarah see Newlon, Louis Ellery
LAUMEYER, Henry see Laumeyer, Joe
LAUMEYER, Joe A       Nashua 24 Long Prairie Mn Henry Laumeyer & Catherine Zile 27-Jan-1925 Glasgow Valley 111
      Rose C Wagner Nashua 20 Tabor S D John F Wagner & Rose F Homer
LAUMISH, Christian see Scholter, Frank Joseph
LAUMISH, Christine see Scholtes, Frank Joseph
LAUNDRE, Helen see Brien, Napolian
LAUNDRE, Helen see Brien, Harmon
LAUNDRY, Helen see Brien
LAUNDRY, Mary see Lerat
LAUNDRY, Nancy see Lougheed
LAURDSEN, Mary Anna see Lundberg
LAURDSEY, Carrie see Jensen
LAURENCE, Adeline see Wilcoxen, Sheridan P
LAURENCE, Lew P see Laurence, Royce
LAURENCE, Royce       Chinook 21 Milan Mo Lew P Laurence & Ara Jones 22-May-1919 Chinook Blaine 560
      Rita Wilson Chinook 18 George Wilson & Queen Reed
LAURIDSEN, Annie see Jacobson, Chris Edward
LAURIDSEN, Henry       Brockton 33 Havanna N D Peter Lauridsen & Taren Jensen 25-Jul-1930 Brockton Roosivelt 1461
      Myla Mary Atkins Scobey 35 Groton N D Finley William Atkins & Anna Maud Ball
LAURIDSEN, Karen see Harbo
LAURIDSEN, Peter see Lauridsen, Henry
LAURIE, Alex M       Glendive 23 Steven Mn James Laurie & Anna McNally Dawson 648
      Clara Mickelson Glendive 22 Stevens Mn Clarence Mickelson & Carrie Acker
LAURIE, James see Laurie, Alex R
LAURIE, James M see Duckham, Raymond Leroy
LAURIE, Myrtle Mae see Duckham, Raymond Leroy
LAURIER, Julia see LaRoque, Joe
LAURITCEN, Laurence see Lauritcen
LAURITCEN?, Emil Stenholt       Los Angeles 26 Denmark Laurence Lauritcen & Anne Sorensen 15-Oct-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2366
      Vonzie M Payne Culbertson 24 Missouri S N Payne & Nancy N Scalf
LAURITSEN, Agnes E see Jensen, Nels
LAURITSEN, Thomas see Jensen, Nels
LAURITSON, Albinus S       Chinook 26 Norway Lauritz Angelson & Christina Benondson 5-Dec-1917 Chinool Blaine 458
      Marita Stohr Chinook 16 Kansas Fred Stohr & Mary Dietz
LAURITSON, Laurits see Odegard, Ludwig
LAURITZEN, Edward       Coalridge ?? Denmark Herman Lauritzen & Emma Thue 7-Dec-1911 Dagmar Valley 945
      Marie Madsen Coalridge 36 Denmark Peter Madsen & Marie Petersen
LAURITZEN, Emma see Rasmussen
LAURITZEN, Herman see Lauritzen, Edward
LAURITZEN, Maurice see Monette, Simeon
LAURITZEN, Maurice see Lizott
LAURSEN, Carl see Laursen, Gonius
LAURSEN, Gonius       Dagmar 27 Denmark Carl Laursen & Kristine Kirkegaard 10-Oct-1918 Dagmar Valley 1128
      Astrid Andersen Dagmar 27 Denmark Jorgen P Andersen & Augusta Hansen
LAUSON, J G see Lauson, Jack
LAUSON, Jack       Tulsa Okla 29 Kirwin Kan J G Lauson & Anna Watt 16-Jun-1927 Wibaux Wibaux 570
      Bina M West Sweet Brier N D 23 Sweet Briar J L West & Isabel Clouston
LAUTSENHIZER, David see Whitmore, Frank L
LAUTSENHIZER, Mae see Whitmore, Frank L
LAUTZENHISER, Hank see Lautzenhiser
LAUTZENHISER, Roy       Antelope 25 S D Hank Lautzenhiser & Mamie Bolster 21-Jun-1919 Plentywood Sheridan 1515
      Joybelle Austin Greve 18 Mn P H Austin & Lena Davis
LAUX, Mary R see Burke
LAUZON, Albert see Lauzon
LAUZON, Aldine       Madoc 23 Chartresville Quebec Can Adolph Lauzon & Emma Lamy 30-Nov-1919 Madoc Sheridan 1602
      Varildu Lauzon Madoc 19 Chartresville Quebec Can Delbis Lauzon & Mary Dupont
LAUZON, Alice see Patts
LAUZON, Amie?       Orville 24 Canada Tiles Lauzon & Mary Tonpin? 28-Nov-1914 Scobey Sheridan 355
      Maggie Jerome Scobey 23 Joe Jerome & Rosana St Armand
LAUZON, Aurora Josephine see Bourassa, John Baptiste
LAUZON, Emile       Whitetail 23 Can T Lauson & Mary -----? 2-Jan-1914 Redstone Sheridan 147
      Louise Paradis Whitetail 16 Can Victor Paradis & Georgine Beaufort
LAUZON, T see Lauzon
LAUZON, Teles see Bourassa, John Baptiste
LAUZON, Tiles see Lauzon
LAUZON, Tiles? see Patts
LAUZON, Varildu see Lauzon
LAVAASEN, Andrew see Lavaasen, John
LAVAASEN, John       Medicine Lake 32 Rice Cty Mn Andrew Lavaasen & Mary Fjeld 27-Jun-1911 Big Lake Valley 756
      Clara Grovom Med Lake 21 Park River N D Andrew Grovom & Hannah Bakken
LAVADORE, Barney see Dechamp, Joe
LAVADORE, Mary see Dechamp, Joe
LAVADORE, Matilda see Dubois, Alfred
LAVADURE, Peter see Peterson
LAVADURE, David see Granbois
LAVADURE, Emily see Peterson
LAVADURE, Emma see Beaman
LAVADURE, Florence see Granbois
LAVADURE, Francis see Holt, Joseph
LAVADURE, Isabel see Warren, Willard V
LAVADURE, Marie see St Arnaud
LAVADURE, Mary see Azure, Peter R
LAVADURE, Pete see Beaman
LAVADURE, William see St Arnaud
LAVALL, Madlin see Remus, Herman
LAVALLE, Bridget see Anderson, William L
LAVALLE, Francene see Dechamp, Joe
LAVALLE, Julia see Audet, Emil J
LAVALLE, Madline see Lawrence, John W
LAVALLE, Mamie see Patch, Asa Harriman
LAVALLEY, Dorothy see Amiott, Fred
LAVALLEY, Ellen see Pendergast, Hartley
LAVALLEY, Frank see LaValley, Joe
LAVALLEY, Joe       Zortman 20 Mt 21-Jan-1919 Phillips 402
      Isabelle Kunahan RRR 21 Mt
LAVALLEY, Lena see Damon, James
LAVALLEY, Sybyle see Reiter, Vincent P
LAVALLEY, Sylvia May see Asbury, Carleton L
LAVALLIE, Albert       Chinook 27 Lewistown Pete Lavallie & Ida Buchon 6-Jan-1921 Chinook Blaine 659
      Annie Fayant Chinook 28 Zortman Sam Dustan & Louise Deschon
LAVALLIE, Anton see Olson
LAVALLIE, Pete see Lavallie, Albert
LAVALLIE, Peter see LaVallie, Sam
LAVALLIE, Rosa see Olson
LAVALLIE, Rosana see Chaille, Melville
LAVALLIE, Sam       Zortman 23 Lewistown Peter LaVallie & Lydia Pashout 4-Oct-1912 Zortman Blaine 25
      Mary Schorette Zortman 20 Lewistown John Schorette & Mary Pashout
LAVANDASKA, Mike see Lavandaska, Wallace
LAVANDASKA, Wallace       Glasgow 28 Ojcbica Poland Mike Lavandaska & Katie Thom 19-Nov-1910 Malta Valley 740
      Irene Woods Glasgow 17 Cedalia Wisc George Woods & Gitta Hieronymus
LAVEDURE, Dave see Spran
LAVEDURE, Matilda see Azure, Alex
LAVELL, Katherine see Kane, Richard H
LAVELLA, Bridget see Powell, Avon Grant
LAVELLE, Amber see Jacobi, William S
LAVELLE, Anthony see Jacobi, William S
LAVELLE, John see LaVelle, Richard
LAVELLE, Richard       Glendive 24 Eau Claire Wisc John LaVelle & Katherine Norton 1-Sep-1915 Glendive Dawson 1771
      Geneva Miller Glendive 20 Eau Claire Wisc John Miller & Agnes Larson
LAVENDUER, Margaret see Nelson, John M
LAVENGOOD, Mary see Golterman, Joseph H
LAVENGOOD, Sadoc see Golterman, Joseph H
LAVERDUE, Bertha Ella see DeChamp, Joseph
LAVERDURE, David see Laverdure
LAVERDURE, Delia see Smith
LAVERDURE , Horace       Dooley 24 Belcourt N D Peter LaVerdure & Eliza Primeau 19-Sep-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2103
      Eliza King Comertown 24 Redwood Falls Mn Bert King & Clara Winslow
LAVERDURE, Louis see Emily (Amlia), Louis
LAVERDURE, Lydia see Kister, William
LAVERDURE, Mary see Azure, Pat
LAVERDURE, Matilda see Emily (Amlia) Louis
LAVERDURE, Peter see LaVerdure
LAVERDURE, Peter see Smith
LAVERDURE, Peter see Tinkey
LAVERDURE, Rose see Spran
LAVERDURE, Rose see Tinkey
LAVERDURE, Rosie see LaRock, Patrick
LAVERDURE, William       Belcourt N D 27 Bel-court David Laverdure & Elize LaFrombois 18-Sep-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2624
      Delima Delonais Belcourt N D 25 Belcourt Frank Delonais & Mary Belgarde
LAVERGE, Della see Bilderback, J E
LAVERGE, Michael see Bilderback, J E
LAVERHER, Charles E       Glendive 24 Rights town Wis Edward Laverher & Ethel LeGrant 3-May-1920 Dawson 2635
      Mabel Ihme Glendive 22 Rightstown Herman Ihme & Mary Schultz
LAVERHER, Edward see Laverher, Charles E
LAVIE, Joseph see Leduke, Joseph
LAVIE, Lizabeth see Leduke, Joseph
LAVILLE, Jane see Fox, James
LAVINA, Mary see Rader, Lynden
LAVINE, Jennie see Johnson, Rubin
LAVITT, Anna see McGowan
LAVOIE, Estelle see Logan, Charles H
LAVRY, Franisco see Barrego, Toney
LAW, Albert C see Martin, Elmer H
LAW, Helen see Martin, Elmer H
LAW, May see Clark, George Benjamin
LAW, Robert see Clark, George Benjamin
LAWES, Mary see Valentime, Herman
LAWHEAD, A E see Lawhead, Riley I
LAWHEAD, Riley I       Killdeer N D 21 Taylor N D A E Lawhead & Jenny Carter 29-Jun-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 495
      Edna May Hayden Killdeer 20 O’Niel Neb E E Hayden & Lydia Harding
LAWIN, Louise see Grosenick, Arthur
LAWLER, Frank see Lawler Joe
LAWLER, Isabelle V see Rhodes W E
LAWLER, Joe       Schaefer N D 33 Winnishek Cty Iowa Frank Lawler & Rose Sauers 6-Sep-1911 Culbertson Valley 889
      Nellie Hasenyager Schaefer N D 28 Murray Nebr James Allison & Mary Baker
LAWLER, Sarah see Jensen, George C
LAWLIS, Joseph B       Mingusville 39 Missouri William & Rebecca Ann Lawlis 13-Nov-1893 Mingusville Dawson 84
      Mamie Lee Follis Mingusville 18 Colorado J W Follis & ???
LAWLIS, William & Rebecca Ann see Lawlis, Joseph B
LAWLOR, Edward see Noyes
LAWLOR, Viola see Noyes
LAWRENCE, Donald C       Wibaux 28 Westfield Iowa John Lawrence & Eva J Leonard 10-Apr-1922 Wibaux? Wibaux 336
      Laura E Beeler Wibaux 18 S D Alfred H Beeler & Emma Ewalt
LAWRENCE, Albert       Saco 22 Detroit Mich George A Lawrence & Maggie McCloud 10-Oct-1921 Glasgow Valley 2821
      Esther Young Saco 17 Tug? Cty Mn J T Young & Belle Stevens
LAWRENCE, Albert       Outlook 28 Cummings N D Per Lawrence & Caroline Olson 14-Oct-1913 Plentywood Sheridan 97
      Myrtle Swanson Outlook 17 Mn ----? Swanson & Mary Strom
LAWRENCE, Albert Archie       Regina Sask 34 Mo Thomas Lawrence & Emma Herming 22-Sep-1917 Glasgow Valley 2235
      Hazel Marion Bickford ??? 22 Detroit Mich Marshall Bickford & Marian Hemingway
LAWRENCE, Alma see Schwind, Peter
LAWRENCE, Anton see Lawrence, Joseph E
LAWRENCE, Cecille see Smith, Frank D
LAWRENCE, Charles       Brookside 26 Mt 18-Jul-1924 Phillips 776
      Nellie Toombs Brookside 36 Mt
LAWRENCE, Charles V       Ismay 22 Sadorus Ill George E Lawrence & Eunice M Wildman 13-Mar-1926 Glendive Dawson 3337
      Helen Irene Hewett Ismay 18 Bedford Iowa Harney D Hewitt & Mamie Ann Redman
LAWRENCE, Charlie       Brookside 25 Mt Phillips 606 ( cert not completed )
      Nellie Haderon Brookside 33 Mt
LAWRENCE, Clara see Pike, Charles L
LAWRENCE, Dora H (Krassin?) see Cole, Hiram
LAWRENCE, Dudley M       Regina Sask 38 England George Lawernce & ??? 11-June-1928 Scobey Daniels 382
      Lottie May Drent Regina 24 Iowa Pernie Drent & ???
LAWRENCE, Ella see Swingle, Charles F
LAWRENCE, Emma see Hamm, Frank
LAWRENCE, Erna see Whitmer, Floyd L
LAWRENCE, Frank W       Stoney Butte 38 Camden New Jersey John Lawrence & Estella Rogers 2-Jul-1914 Glendive Dawson 1534
      Fannie E Austin Watkins 29 Galesburg Ill M L Austin & Emma Birdsall
LAWRENCE, George see Lawrence, Dudley M
LAWRENCE, George A see Lawrence, Albert
LAWRENCE, Gertrude K see Maupin, Olan C
LAWRENCE, Harrison Benjamin       Glendive 21 Fargo N D W R Lawrence & Christine Anderson 22-Aug-1918 Glendive Dawson 2414
      Larainne Cannon St Paul 23 Chicago Ill Frank Cannon & Larainne Treadwell
LAWRENCE, Henry W       S D 27 S D Peter M Lawrence & Hattie Noisy Hawk 8-Nov-1921 Poplar Roosivelt 313
      Annie Bruce Salfridge S D 37 N D James & Mary Gayton
LAWRENCE, James see Barnbenek
LAWRENCE, James A       Frazer 35 Mich James A Lawrence & Amy Alford 25-May-1919 Glasgow Valley 2510
      Claudia Wood Frazer 38 Mt Ayr Iowa William Caffee & ???
LAWRENCE, John see Smith, Frank D
LAWRENCE, John see Lawrence, Donald C
LAWRENCE, John see Lawrence, Ray L
LAWRENCE, John see Hartse, Roy
LAWRENCE, John see Lawrence, Frank W
LAWRENCE, John W       Maple Creek Can 23 Maple Creek John Lawrence & Mary Littlejohn 6-Jul-1914 Chinook Blaine 137
      Katie Louise Spence Maple Creek 20 Maple Creek John Spence & Madline Lavalle
LAWRENCE, Joseph E       Malta 37 Calif Anton Lawrence & Mary Rose 12-Jan-1915 Zortman Valley 1616
      Helen Evelyn Barker Malta 38 Mich Charles Fenwick & McInteosch?
LAWRENCE, M C see Maupin, Olan C
LAWRENCE, Marie see Hartse, Roy
LAWRENCE, Marie see Rasmussen, Arthur J
LAWRENCE, Mary see Miller, William Henry
LAWRENCE, Minnie see Newport, C B
LAWRENCE, Minnie see Waetzig, Bert
LAWRENCE, Minnie see Waetzig, Bert
LAWRENCE, Nancy see Tisor, Ira V
LAWRENCE, Pearl see Barnbenek
LAWRENCE, Per see Lawrence
LAWRENCE, Peter M see Lawrence, Henry W
LAWRENCE, Ray L       Wibaux 25 Iowa John Lawrence & Eva Leonard 6-Feb-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 193
      Ada Beeler Wibaux 17 S D A H Beeler & Emma Ewalt
LAWRENCE, Thomas see Lawrence, Albert Archie
LAWRENCE, Thomas see Lawrence, Charles
LAWRENCE, W R see Lawrence, Harrison Benjamin
LAWREY, Martha see Gordon, Arthur
LAWRY, Frances see Mills, Wilson L
LAWRY, George R & Isabelle see Dickman, Martin H
LAWS, Charles       Nashua 23 Ill John W Laws & Emiline Harker 22-Dec-1910 Glasgow Valley 774
      Emma Rosella Duncan Nashua 22 Ansmond Kans W R Duncan & Hattie Drammson
LAWS, John W see Laws, Charles
LAWS, Minnie see Catt, Dean
LAWS, Virginia see Musgrove, Ardell
LAWSON, Arch see Hatfield
LAWSON, Cecelia Elizabeth see Groves, James A
LAWSON, Dorothy M see Smith, David
LAWSON, Effie see Goodson, Isaac F
LAWSON, Ella see Miller, Carl
LAWSON, Emitt see Lawson, Luther W
LAWSON, Hubert W       Ollie 44 Union Cty S D Peter A Larson & Anna C Erickson 1-Jan-1918 Glendive Dawson 2321
      Luella B Anthony Ollie 30 Blue Springs Nebr Charles B Anthony & Mary E Fink
LAWSON, James see Smith, David
LAWSON, John see Marlene
LAWSON, John A & Sophie see Hogfeldt
LAWSON, Lucile see Marlenee
LAWSON, Lucy see Cook, William
LAWSON, Lucy see Hatfield
LAWSON, Luther       Culbertson 38 Ken W E Lawson & Martha J Nichols 25-Jan-1919 Culbertson? Sheridan 1462
      Fern Goodson Culbertson 21 Illinois James G Good-son & Alice N Jones
LAWSON, Luther W       Culbertson 43 Kentucky Emitt Lawson & Martha Nicols 6-Dec-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 579
      Jessie K Caldwell Culbertson 30 Illinois Joseph Strong & Ella Umphries
LAWSON, Marguerite see Hogfeldt
LAWSON, Marie see Hansen
LAWSON, Mary see Hall, T G
LAWSON, Mary see Nelson, Frank R
LAWSON, Mary see Rickard, Harold Edward
LAWSON, Mary see Hong, Robert
LAWSON, Mary S see Northrup, Lucius K
LAWSON, Mathilda E see Young, Edward G W
LAWSON, Oscar see Lawson, Thomas Wilford
LAWSON, R B Jr see Clausen, Edward
LAWSON, Robert B see Garland, John Arthur
LAWSON, Robert B see Taylor, Finley F
LAWSON, Thomas Wilford       Poplar 21 Mn Oscar Lawson & Orrel Cole 13-Sep-1926 Wolf Point Roosivelt 942
      Jessie Eleanor Jones Havre 19 Canada Fred W Jones & Jessie Sproul
LAWSON, W E see Lawson
LAWSON, William E       Medora N D 21 Medora William H Lawson & Emma Molitor 19-Feb-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 477
      Evelyn Kiumark Medora 16 Medo-ra H G Kiumark & Mildred Kendly
LAWSTON, Betsy see Olstad
LAWSTON, Sarah see Olstad
LAWTON, Luther see Beckstad, Lawrence
LAWTON, May see Linendoll
LAY, Elizabeth see Hine, Ellsworth L
LAYCOCK, Ada Louise see Steel, John Joseph
LAYCOCK, Eline see Hatcher, Owen
LAYLOR, Alice see Charleston, Theo O
LAYMAN, Fannie see Kauffman, Samuel B
LAYMAN, Polly see Schiock, Amos A
LAYMAN, Sarah see Hinch, D J
LAYNE, Harmon P       Tampico 33 Webster Iowa Samuel G Lane & Mary Ellen Adams 25-Apr-1912 Tampico Valley 1038
      Nellie M Hocker Tampico 31 Langley Ill ???
LAYNE, Henry see Coleman, John Lawrence
LAYNE, Luella see Ruppel, Carrol L
LAYNE, Luella see Ruppel, Donovan H
LAYNE, Mattie see Coleman, John Lawrence
LAYNE, Samuel G see Layne, Harmon P
LAYTON, Clarabelle see Wymond, Hawley
LAZELL, Beatrice Ellen Z see Poulsen
LAZELL, John see Poulsen
LAZNEBRETT?, Annie see Lipsick, John
LE(MAY?), Mezelie D see Power, Jacob B
LEA, Martha see Roufs
LEA, Sigrid see Torgerson
LEACH, James A       Glendive 28 Coggon Iowa A S Leach & Julia A Perkins 11-Sep-1922 Glendive Dawson 2894
      Katherine Bach Glendive 18 Hungary Peter Bach & Katherine Arnst
LEACH, A S see Leach, James A
LEACH, Arthur see Leach, Fulton B
LEACH, Carrie see Tremont, Gordon
LEACH, Charles D see Leach, Thomas A
LEACH, Clarence       Nashua ?? Mich Elmer Leach & Ida Rohrbacker 21-Dec-1914 Glasgow Valley 1608
      Fanny Mitchell Nashua 16 Dakota Alonzo Mitchell & Amanda Jones
LEACH, Elmer see Leach, Elmer
LEACH, Fannie see Erickson, Martin P
LEACH, Fulton B       Bainville 20 Kansas Arthur Leach & Mathilda Hilger 8-O(ct-1927 Scobey Daniels 344
      Lena M Simard Bainville 20 Simard M B & Bertha Simard
LEACH, Isa see Huesmann, Henry N
LEACH, J W see Moore, Ray
LEACH, Jennie see Moore, Ray
LEACH, Laura see Motzko, Joseph J
LEACH, Margaret see Struthers, Charles Ernest
LEACH, Mellie see Courteau, Fredrick H
LEACH, Minnie see Steele, James Richard
LEACH, Nellie see Davenport, Cyrus Ray
LEACH, Nellie see Windship, Ralph
LEACH, Russel see Dooner, Walter F
LEACH, Thomas A       Vananda 30 Jet Okla Charles D Leach & Zula L Lloyd 26-May-1920 Vananda McCone 143
      Elnore M Frisbie Vananda 32 Pittsburgh Kansas ??? Wenzl & ???
LEADER, Eleanor see Winje, Lewis
LEADER, Eleanor see Storaasli
LEADER, Ellen see Strong, James Oswald
LEADER, Fred see Leader
LEADER, Herman P see Leader, William J
LEADER, The see Muskrat, Jacob
LEADER, William see Storaasli
LEADER, William F       Archer 28 Mn Fred Leader & Caroline Olson 7-Dec-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1215
      Sophie P Forsberg Archer 22 Mn Peter Forsberg & Bertha Nielsen
LEADER , William J       P’wood 25 Dugdale Mn Herman H Leader & Alnetta Hile? 19-Mar-1909 Culbertson Valley 455
      Mary M Lasater P’wood 19 Mo Jonathan M Lasater & Enna Estus
LEADING, on the Hill see Low Dog, Guy
LEADLEY, Charles see Moore, Claude O
LEAGUE, Edna see Runninger, John L
LEAGUE, Francis James see Runninger, John L
LEAHY, Alice E see Roggman, John S
LEAHY, Daniel see Fones, Earnest
LEAHY, Daniel F see Stearns, Ray A
LEAHY, David see Roggman, John S
LEAHY, F P see Leahy, Joseph P
LEAHY, Joseph P       Glasgow 25 Overton Pa F P Leahy & Catherine Dorsey 19-Aug-1914 Glasgow Valley 1527
      Ethel C Seeley Hinsdale 24 Dayton Ohio L H Seeley & Emma Gay
LEAJORD, Christine see Storle
LEAK, Minnie see Bush, Glenn Roy
LEAKIN, L J see Allison, J Clinton
LEANDROS?, Falne see Arends, John
LEANHARDT, Mary see Heiser, Joseph
LEAODO, Mathilda see Huntley, Harold F
LEAR, Gertrude see Thomas, Edward N
LEAR, Henry O       Malta 28 Eagle Grove Iowa Samuel Lear & Christina Hadden 18-Oct-1911 Glasgow Valley 919
      Pearl Boker Senaca Mo Neraka? Springs Ark James Boker & Ellen Fisher
LEAR, John       Nashua 50 Canada Richard Lear & Emily Blaney 31-Mar-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 487
      Elsie Wenningham Nashua 36 Belleville Ill John & Elsie Christine Overbar
LEAR, Louis see Booth, Ira M E
LEAR, Marion Beth see Gedde, Otto F
LEAR, Richard see Lear, Thomas
LEAR, Richard see Lear, John
LEAR, Rosie see Booth, Ira M E
LEAR, Samuel see Lear, Henry
LEAR, Thomas       Galpin 46 Can Richard Lear & Emily Blainey 8-Dec-1916 Glasgow Valley 2013
      Ida Elliot Barnett Wis 46 Wis William Newman & Lydia Cronk
LEAR, Thomas see Gedde, Otto F
LEARY, John J see Vogt, John H
LEARY, Mary see Lantry, Bernard
LEASE, A W see Patterson, Byard
LEASE, Carrie see Crockett, James W
LEASE, Carrie see Stockey, Valentine W
LEASE, Carrie see Crockett, Charles Richard
LEASE, Carrie see Crockett, George Bert
LEASE, Claudia see Petersen, Johannes
LEASE, Edna see Patterson, Byard
LEASE, Eliza M see Evans, Nathan E
LEASE, Elora O       Bloomfield 23 Douglas Nebr Olines Lease & Ella Carpenter 14-Nov-1925 Glendive Dawson 3293
      Jordis Syverson Intake 42 Fairbault Mn John Syverson & Anna Olson
LEASE, Lily see Tatro, Dennis
LEASE, Margaret see Devier, George
LEASE, Mary Cathern see Reed, Verl Oliver
LEASE, Mary K see Olson, Charley D
LEASE, Naton E see Tatro, Dennis
LEASE, O B see Peterson, Johannes
LEASE, Olines see Lease, Elora
LEASE, Serilda see Casselman, George M
LEASEVEGEN, Edward see Leasevegen, Emil
LEASEVEGEN, Emil       Bainville 24 N D Edward Leasevegen & Nellie Jacobson 18-Dec-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 582
      Viola Conlin Bainville 35 Indiana Jacob Brennan & Frances Dickey
LEASURE, Elizabeth see Arndt, William
LEASURE, Elizabeth see Wilson, John B
LEATHERMAN, Barbara see Metz, Clarence A
LEATHERMAN, Emily see Langen, Bertrand P
LEATHERMAN, Emma see Grosscup, P L
LEATHERMON, George see Leathermon, Leon
LEATHERMON, Leon       ??? ??? Lansing Mich George Leathermon & Estella Wildt 25-Jan-1913 Wibaux Dawson 1204
      Elizabeth Caldwell Wibaux 18 East Liverpool Ohio Robert Caldwell & Rachel Sims
LEATHERS, George see Leathers, Russell Charles
LEATHERS, Russell Charles       Wolf Point 26 Ill George Leathers & Jessie Winsor 12-Oct-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1087
      Alma Emily Eggebricht Vida 18 N D Otto Eggebricht & Emily Adams
LEAVERTON, Iamlie see Parker, G B
LEAVITT, Dorothy M see Hall
LEAVITT, Frank see Hall
LEAVITT, Harriet see Davids, Ralph E
LEAVITT, Millie F see Linebarger, Walter L
LEAZENBY, Lula see Matkin, Forrest H
LEBEAUX, Mary see Dooner, Walter F
LEBECK, Anton       Buffalo Gap Canada 25 Norway Thorsten Lebeck & Bertha Lillevejn 23-Oct-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 565
      Sarah Berg Buffalo Gap Can 19 Mn Anton Berg & Julia Kulseth
LEBECK, Thorsten see Lebeck
LEBEL, Adelaid       Madoc 28 Quebec Can Ferdinand Lebel & Marion Boisvert 9-Apr-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1004
      Lucy Girard Madoc 16 Canada Joseph Girard & Louise Rivet
LEBEL, Ferdinand see Lebel
LEBERDUE, Catherine see Normand, Joseph L
LEBERT, Bryan J       Nashua 24 Mt J I Lebert & Mamie? Gidersleive? 18-Dec-1920 Glasgow Valley 2753
      Gunda Torgerson Nashua 18 N D M Torgerson & Bertha Bakken
LEBERT, E A       Nashua 22 Livingston J I Lebert & Mary Gildersleeve 21-Sep-1914 Glasgow Valley 1544
      Betty Alice Fosness Nashua 20 Osakis Mn Peter Fosness & Augusta Velde
LEBERT, J I see Lebert, Bryan J
LEBERT, J I see Lebert, E A
LEBERT, J T see Lebert, Sam
LEBERT, Joseph L see Smith, Frank H
LEBERT, Margaret see Smith, Frank H
LEBERT, Sam       Glasgow 21 Lewistown Mt J T Lebert & Mary Giltrslieve 11-Aug-1912 Glasgow Valley 1100
      Jetta Gregory Lakeside 18 Minneapolis Mn Andrew T Gregory & Harriet T Levitt
LEBLANC, Henry see LeBlanc
LEBLANC, Thomas A       Flaxville 38 Can Henry LeBlanc & Celina French 10-Sep-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1373
      Mildred Fitzgerald Scobey 33 Illinois ???
LEBLANCH, Damase see Bakken
LEBLANCH, Florence see Bakken
LEBLANCH, Tom see Rubin
LEBO, Bertha see Nichols, Nelson B
LEBO, Clara M see Anderson, Hugh
LEBO, Grace see Perry, Arthur
LEBO, Lula see Timm, Fred
LEBO, Lula see Schwerdtfeger, John
LEBO, Lula see Hannen (Harmen?), James
LEBO, Lulu see Harmon, Lewy
LEBO, Norman see Lebo, Paul W
LEBO, Norman see Nichols, Nelson B
LEBO, Paul W       Medora N D 38 Medora Norman Lebo & Helen Brown 28-Dec-1924 Wibaux Wibaux 471
      Alice L Parks Miles City 18 Wimbleton N D Jerome Parks & Mabel S Jeuell?
LEBO, S M see Perry, Arthur
LEBO, Schuyler see Kienenberger, Edward R
LEBOLD, Lula May see Downing, George W
LEBOLT, Elizabeth see Verstigen
LEBOLT, Helena see Ren, Emory Milo
LEBRAUN, Ayildia see Schiller, William F
LEBRECHT, Anna see Theis, Nick
LECHLER, Bertha see Higgins, Kenneth J
LECHLER, Clara E see Snow, F J
LECHLER, Helen see Schallock, Gerhardt E
LECHLER, Henry see Higgins, Kenneth J
LECHLER, Henry see Snow, F J
LECHLER, Henry August see Schallock, Gerhardt E
LECHLITNER, Caroline? see Bingham, Clarence L
LECHLITNER, Sarah see Bucher, Oliver A
LECHNER, Katherine see Faltermeyre, Lewis
LECHTLENGNER, Chris see Bokker, Peter
LECHTLENGNER, Florence see Bokker, Peter
LECLAIR, Fannie see McCoy, W R
LECLAIR, N E see McCoy, W R
LECLAIRE, Adeline see Panger, Albert J
LECLAIRE, Frances Madge Irene see Roy, Martin Clarence
LECLAIRE, Nalhanne see Roy, Martin Clarence
LECOUNTE, Amy see Portra, Norbert
LECOUNTE, Ernest       Froid 21 N D Joe LeCounte & Mary Jellaboise 13-Dec-1921 Poplar Roosivelt 325
      Theresa Portra Froid 18 N D Norwood Portra & Villena Daloran
LECOUNTE, Joe see LaCounte, Ernest
LECROIX, Elma see Halliday, John J
LECROIX, Hastings see Eder, William Murry
LECROIX, Mildred Rose see Eder, William Murry
LECRON, Clara see Mitchell, C E jr
LEDBETTER, Rosalia see Miller, H W
LEDDEN, Helena see Pust, Emil A
LEDEAN, Lena see Pust, John E
LEDER, Carrie see Lotz, John Cornelius
LEDFORD, Alva G see Frost, Ralph Eugene
LEDFORD, Mary Ellen see Frost, Ralph Eugene
LEDGER, Minnie Olivia see Pitzer, Louis Wimberly
LEDGERWOOD, S E see Inman, Harry Austin
LEDINS, Anna see Nentgens, Florian J
LEDOSQUE, John see LeDosque, Joseph H
LEDOSQUE, Joseph H       Williston N D 21 Williston John Époque & Flava Young 6-Jul-1921 Bainville Roosivelt 256
      Jennie Stromme Williston 18 Bergen Nor Mathew Stromme & ???
LEDOUX, Ciprine see Ledoux, Edme
LEDOUX, Edme       Belfield N D 28 Barton N D Ciprine Ledoux & Josephine Carrie 6-Feb-1930 Wibaux Wibaux 720
      Elsie Pearson Belfield 18 Ayr N D John Pearson & Maran Arneson
LEDOWN, James see Gauthier, Henry
LEDUCCER, Julia see Lizott
LEDUE, Francis see Poronto, Gabriel
LEDUKE, Joe       Wolf Point 30 St Johns N D Louis LeDuke & Elizabeth Moran 4-Jul-1916 Wolf Point Sheridan 765
      Tina Belgard Richland Cty 21 Williston N D August Belgard & Mary Rose Battineau
LEDUKE, Joseph       Wolf Point 27 St John N D Louis LeDuke & Cecilia Morgan 26-Oct-1913 Wolf Point? Valley 1366
      Lisabeth Lavie ??? 22 Turtle Mtn N D Joseph Lavie & Alkelicia Bottineau
LEDUKE, Louis see LeDuke, Joseph
LEDUKE, Louis see LeDuke
LEE, see Ler
LEE, Kjersti see Holmquist, Harry Walter
LEE, Agnes see Dobler, Christian A
LEE, Albert       Antelope 30 Mn Christ Lee & Ingeborg Jarams 31-Dec-1921 Plentywood Sheridan 1776
      Harriet Rudi Antelope 22 Norway Hjalmar Rudi & Hannah Olson
LEE, Albert Anneious       Elbow Lake Mn 24 Elbow Lake Martin Lee & Julia Antinson 30-Aug-1928 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1212
      Luella Margaret Johnson Noonan N D 18 Crosby N D Henry Johnson & Elsie Olson
LEE, Alfred A       Nashua 30 Garwell Mn Andrew B Lee & Lizzie Nelson 21-Dec-1910 Glasgow Valley 767
      Martha Severson Glasgow 27 Douglas Cty Mn Ole Severson & M Fossland
LEE, Alma see Thorsness, Henry George
LEE, Amma see Goulet, Alfred
LEE, Andrew see Lee, Arthur
LEE, Andrew see Drastz
LEE, Andrew see Drastz
LEE, Andrew B see Lee, Alfred A
LEE, Anna see Squires, Clyde Roy
LEE, Anna see Myers, Henry Frederick
LEE, Anna see Halvorson
LEE, Anna M see Hanson, Herman
LEE, Anna May see Lindblom, George A
LEE, Anna S see Flint
LEE, Annie see Johnson, Knute
LEE, Arnold       Weldon 25 Superior Wisc Olaf Lee & Anna Dreyer 20-May-1918 Glendive Dawson 2367
      Emma Wagner Weldon 24 Tyndall S D Peter Wagner & Christina Wittmier
LEE, Arthur       Nashua 26 Glenwood Mn Andrew Lee & Eliza Nelson 22-Jun-1913 Nashua Valley 1309
      Mima Priest Nashua 20 Gloucester Mass Horace Priest & Lydia Runnels
LEE, Austin see Fore
LEE, Barbo see Peterson
LEE, Bertha see Keeney, Dennis
LEE, Bertha see Valde
LEE, Bottel see Lee, John B
LEE, C F & Ingeborg see Hagen, Tilford S
LEE, Caroline see Stilger, Emil M
LEE, Carrie see Jacobs, Charles E
LEE, Carrie see Jacobs, Leonard Allen
LEE, Charles see Leeds, Charles
LEE, Charles C see Lee, Frank William
LEE, Chris see Ewanson
LEE, Christ see Lee
LEE, Christ see Martinson
LEE, Christ see Lee
LEE, Christ see Holland
LEE, Christ see Lee
LEE, Christin & Ingeborg see Lee
LEE, Clara L see Hanson
LEE, Clarence Almin       Froid 26 Mn Martin Lee & Julia Austinson 30-Oct-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 684
      Inga Helen Folden Froid 20 Clifford N D Bernard Folden & Hilda Jorgensen
LEE, Conrad J       Vergas? Mn ??? Wolverton Mn Iver Lee & Jennie Larson 14-Mar-1925 Glendive Dawson 3197
      Ruth Nettestad Pelican Rapids Mn 23 Pelican Rapids Ole Nettestad & Sophia Erickson
LEE, Cora see Lively, F E
LEE, Cora see Thatcher, Walker L
LEE, Edward M       Glendive 28 Norway Math Olson & Olena Lee 2-Dec-1916 Glendive Dawson 2076
      Magnhild Koprud Glendive 28 Norway Ole & Christina Koprud
LEE, Edward R       Dooley 23 Iowa Orin W Lee & Anna J Reid? 7-Aug-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 528
      Edith Larson Dooley 20 Mn Ed Larson
LEE, Edwin R       Circle 24 Nicolett Mn Gilbert Oscar Lee & Amanda Thorn 19-Oct-1930 Circle McCone 155
      Bernice Faye Merry Circle 20 Devil’s Lake N D Hayne Merry & Bertha Stone
LEE, Eldon Leonard       Wolf Point 24 Duluth Mn Thomas Lee & Hilda Newstrom 2-Jul-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 519
      Vadna Adalene Butzloff Wolf Point 24 Lakota Iowa Henry Butzloff & Martha Smith
LEE, Eliza see Donns
LEE, Elizabeth see Aslakson, Kenneth
LEE, Elizabeth see Cundiff, Rufus L
LEE, Elizabeth see Smithson, Vernon
LEE, Elizabeth see Aslakson, Kenneth M
LEE, Ellen see Morvik, Ole O
LEE, Ellen see Emilson
LEE, Elmore see Lee
LEE, Emma see Jones
LEE, Emma see Holland
LEE, Emma see Coltom
LEE, Estella see Williams, John C
LEE, Evan see Hanson
LEE, Evelyn Ruth see Irion, George
LEE, Flossette see Albercht, Albert Henry
LEE, Francis see Yackey, William H
LEE, Frank William       San Pedro Calif 33 New York City Charles C Lee & Mary Gardan 3-Oct-1928 Glendive Dawson 3631
      Alma Roy Mahnomen Mn 23 Little Falls Mn John Roy & Ella Klieman
LEE, Fred see Coltom
LEE, Fred H see Didier, Theodore E
LEE, Fred H see Didier, Theodore E
LEE, George Washington       East End (Sask?) Canada ?? ?? Elmore Lee & Anliaze Pray 18-Jun-1920 Plentywood Sheridan 1668
      Kath-ryn Demaris Park Falls Wis 37 Wis ??? Demaris & Mary Straik
LEE, Gid R see Lee Joseph A
LEE, Gilbert       Wolf Point 29 Gradin N D John Lee & Lena Flagstad 1-June-1925 Glasgow Valley 3136
      Nellie Faye Crowder Wolf Point 23 Fort Scott Kans George Heiser & Mae Tamer
LEE, Gilbert Oscar see Lee, Edwin R
LEE, Gladys Marie see Martinson
LEE, Golden Nevada see Rhines, Eugene
LEE, Grace see Drastz
LEE, Gu-l--? see Fossum
LEE, Gunhild see Yager, Edmund J
LEE, Halvor see Lee
LEE, Hamilton see Lee, Roy
LEE, Hannah see Johnson
LEE, Henrietta see Sater, Norman
LEE, Henry Clay       Redstone 24 Mn Richard W Lee & Anna M Terhell 29-Nov-1917 Redstone Sheridan 1200
      Francis W Phelphs? Redstone Arnie E Phelps & Amelia Ball
LEE, Henry M see Lee, Roy C
LEE, Hershal J       Plentywood 21 Des Moines Iowa Ralph T Lee & Margaret Belle Towers 21-Nov-1925 Scobey Daniels 234
      Hazel Marie Kissner Beardsly Mn 23 Chicago Andrew John Kissner & Hazel Matilda Fitzgerald
LEE, Hilda see Ford
LEE, Ida see Sennes, Clifford
LEE, Inger see Larson, Otto
LEE, Ingrid see Larson, Samuel
LEE, Iver see Lee, Conrad J
LEE, J C see Hunt, Kenneth R
LEE, Jacob T V       Medora N D 39 Iowa William Lee & Henrietta Branscomb 7-Nov-1917 Wibaux Wibaux 177
      Mary Murath? Andora N D 33 Mn Pet Paggan & Catherine Heinen
LEE, Jakob see Herbak
LEE, James L       Carson N D 26 Valley Cty Nebr John Lee & Mary McCambridge 27-Aug-1918 Glendive Dawson 2416
      Pearl B Minkel Rice Mn 22 Dysart Iowa George Minkel & Katherine Matthis
LEE, Jane A see Fletcher
LEE, Jennie see Fassett, Almond G
LEE, Jennie see Fassett, Ancel E
LEE, john see Lee, Gilbert
LEE, John see Lee, Mons Olai
LEE, John see Lee, James L
LEE, John       Antelope 21 Todd Cty Mn Christ Lee & Ingeborg Jeremo 9-Sep-1923 Plentywood Sheridan 1928
      Lillian Rudi Antelope 20 Kristiansand Norway Hjalmer Rudi & Hanna Olsen
LEE, John B       Opheim 29 Cannon Falls Mn Bottel Lee & Mary Ohnstad 7-Aug-1915 Chinook Blaine 220
      Amelia Blikken Savoy 17 Vernon Cty ??? T L Blikken & Anna Marsten
LEE, John K see Lee, Peter Joseph
LEE, John O       P’wood 28 Sac City Iowa R T Lee & Maggie B Towers 30-Mar-1930 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2521
      Francis Svoboda Poplar 19 volan S D Anton Svoboda & Edna Schnieder
LEE, Joseph A       Fairview 20 Somerset Kentucky Gid R Lee & Aurelia Dye 23-Feb-1911 Glasgow Valley 797
      Beulah M McCabe Fairview 24 Grand Rapids Mn Eugene McCabe & Sarah Marks
LEE, Julia B see Koch
LEE, Julia Marie see Haynes, John L
LEE, Kate see Hendrickson
LEE, Kittle A       Baker Mt 40 Hawley Mn Nels K Lee & Mary S Tweton 7-Apr-1928 Wibaux Wibaux 602
      Millicent Clark Webster 40 Sanborn Iowa Fred Clark & Kate Avery
LEE, Laura see Gatewood, Addison L
LEE, Lena see Severson, Lester M
LEE, Lena see Phelps, Jasper Elmer
LEE, Lena see Severson
LEE, Lena R see Ford, Clarence O
LEE, Lena R see Ford
LEE, Linda see Bryan, Howard C
LEE, Linda see Dillon, Vernon F
LEE, Linda see Steinman, William
LEE, Linda R see Robson, James W
LEE, Louise see Washek, Joe
LEE, Louise see Hillstad
LEE, Lunda see Thomson, Ira A
LEE, Mabel W see Johnson
LEE, Maggie see Gregg, Clark
LEE, Maggie F see Gilbert, Lewis
LEE, Magnus       Antelope 43 Madelia Mn Christin & Ingeborg Lee 14-Feb-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2714
      Maud Grace Wyatt Antelope 23 Rose Okla William N Wyatt & Louisa Alice Malcolm
LEE, Mallen see Fore
LEE, Margaret see Meehan, Forest O
LEE, Margaret see Vikum, Ole
LEE, Margaret see Wikum, Selmer
LEE, Margaret see Wikum
LEE, Marguerite see Foster
LEE, Marie see Stolen, Knut
LEE, Marion Ada see Drastz
LEE, Marjorie see Hunt, Kenneth R
LEE, Martha see Fromdahl, Sener Edward
LEE, Martha see Fromdahl, Helmer Benjamin
LEE, Martha see Fromdahl, Ira William
LEE, Martin       McCabe 35 Norway Ole Lee & Jonren Olsen 26-Mar-1924 McCabe Roosivelt 611
      Alma E Sorenson McCabe 22 Nebraska M C Sorensen & Mauren Lund
LEE, Martin see Lee, Albert Anneious
LEE, Martin see Lee, Clarence Almin
LEE, Mary see Moen, Paul Gehard
LEE, Mary see Johnson, Clyde L
LEE, Mary see S A Pilgrim
LEE, Mary see Fore
LEE, Mathilda see Arthur, John Gurnues
LEE, May D (Norred?) see Johnson, Carl C
LEE, Mercedes see Linder, Wade C
LEE, Mons Olai       Hodges 29 Bergen Nor John Lee & Elizabeth Heien 25-Aug-1910 Glendive Dawson 831
      Anna Lunde Hodges 24 Christiana Norway Theodore Lunde & Dorthea Myhra
LEE, Mrs Blanche R see Bondley, Theodore
LEE, Nels K see Lee, Kittle A
LEE, Olaf see Lee, Arnold
LEE, Olava see Langemo, Theodore
LEE, Ole see Lee, Martin
LEE, Ole see Hendrickson
LEE, Ole A see Koch
LEE, Ole J see Lee, William P
LEE, Ole J see Johnson, Knute
LEE, Olena see Lee, Edward M
LEE, Olene see Herbak
LEE, Olf see Musick, Howard W
LEE, Oliver       Antelope 24 Mn Christ Lee & Inga Peterson 10-Nov-1924 Plentywood Sheridan 2011
      Lydia Bomstad Antelope 24 Mn Lars Bomstad & Thina Christensen
LEE, Orin W see Lee
LEE, Peter Joseph       Hankinson N D 29 Elbow Lake Mn John K Lee & Gorgine Thune 7-Jul-1923 Glendive Dawson 2998
      Hazel Christiansen Dickinson N D 19 Belfield N D James Christiansen & Oril Martin
LEE, R T see Foster
LEE, R T see Lee
LEE, Ralph T see Lee, Hershal J
LEE, Randolph see Rhines, Eugene
LEE, Richard E       Marco 30 Brooklyn Iowa Richard H Lee & Mary Billings 5-Mar-1913 Glendive Dawson 1219
      Katherine G Martin Glendive 21 Dawson Cty John Martin & Isabel Davidson
LEE, Richard W see Lee
LEE, Richard W see Lee
LEE, Rosa see Longee
LEE, Roy       Dodson 24 Iowa Hamilton Lee & Martha Robinson 10-Dec-1908 Hinsdale Valley 433
      Minnie Nelson Hinsdale 23 Boone Iowa C V & Christine Nelson
LEE, Roy C       Ossette 35 Bergen Norway Henry M Lee & Rickle Sornsen ??? Valley ( Cert Not Completed)
      Sarah A Benjamin Ossette 48 Miller Mo Edward Jones & Virginia Isabel
LEE, S T see Flint C W
LEE, Sam see Irion, George
LEE, Signa see Kirkvold, Elmer Melland
LEE, Sophia see Woodward, Irving
LEE, Thomas see Lee, Eldon Leonard
LEE, Tollef H       Tribune Sask Can 27 Norway Halvor Lee & Annie Forberg 8-Nov-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2788
      Beatrice Larson Tribune 19 Tribune George Larson & Esther Johnson
LEE, Tom see Lee
LEE, Tustian? see Hanson, Herman
LEE, Victoria see Monagle, Marshal
LEE, W Ellis see Peterson, Emil
LEE, Walter       Daleview 25 Belgrade Mn Tom Lee & Helen Halvorson 8-Mar-1929 Plentywood Sheridan 2417
      Vera Griffin 22 Minnewauken N D Martin Griffin & Etta Finley
LEE, William see Lee, Jacob T V
LEE, William see Flory, C E
LEE, William J       Redstone 22 Mn Rich-ard W Lee & Anna Terhill 9-Jun-1924 Redstone Sheridan 1971
      Dorothy Fern Dry-den Redstone 19 Mn Cicero Dryden & ???
LEE, William P       Warren 28 Mn Ole J Lee & Adline Lyons 15-Jun-1920 Glasgow Valley 2681
      Stella Hovey Glasgow 24 Mn Ben Hoyey & Martha Linde
LEE, Wm H see Williams, John C
LEE, Zora see Cass, James E
LEE, Zora see Jackson, William
LEE,, Eric see Hirrengen
LEEBODY, Elizabeth see Gustafson, Otto R
LEECH, George Wesley       Raymond Ont Can 49 Ont Can John Leech & Sarah Moles 2-Jun-1928 Glasgow Valley 3388
      Frances Merle Walscott Lake City Mn 27 Lake City Charles Walscott & Alvina Buss
LEECH, I H see Leech
LEECH, John see Leech, George Wesley
LEECH, Lloy       Bainville 31 Iowa I H Leech & Mary J Cooper 13-Mar-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 701
      Margaret Larsen Froid 21 Wis James Larsen & Mary Christianson
LEEDE, Charles       Poplar 25 Sint Gates S D Charles Lee & Annie Lone Dog 24-Apr-1900 Poplar Valley ?
      Mary leRogue Poplar 20 Winnipeg Man Can Albert LeRogue & Caroline Dauphinais
LEEDKIST, Emily see Malunet, Henry
LEEDY, Agnes see Hellman, William J
LEEDY, Agness see Richards, Clarence
LEEDY, Emma see Bruce, Oliver Morton
LEEDY, John H see Leedy, Schuyler, C
LEEDY, Mary see Davey, Charles H
LEEDY, Mary A see Reynolds, Joseph E
LEEDY, S C see Mathews, Joseph E
LEEDY, Schuyler C       Leedy 44 Peru Ind John H Leedy & Mary Ann? Yook 5-Apr-1906 Malta Valley 218
      Alma E Fisher Aberdeen S D 32 S D John A C Fisher & Caroline Fish
LEEFELDT, Carl Henry       Sidney 22 Prairie du Chein, Wisc Henry Leefeldt & Lillian Chapek 13-Aug-1921 Glendive Dawson 2789
      Emma Toff? Sidney 19 Farmington Mn Christian Toff & Anna Christianson
LEEFELDT, Henry see Leefeldt, Carl Henry
LEELAID, Eliza see Davis
LEELERS?, Christina see Bailey, Frank L
LEEME, Annie see Bilderback, J R
LEEME, Lucretia see Nace, William
LEER, Gina see White
LEER, N R see Leer
LEER, Ole see Flynn, Leo Lawrence
LEER, Pearl Olive see Flynn, Leo Lawrence
LEER, Reider       Reserve legal Norway N R Leer & Kristi Lindelein 15-Dec-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2294
      Dagmar Lesterberg Reserve legal Sweden John Forsman & Marie From
LEER, Rudolph       Glentana 31 Wis S P Leer & Regina Franson 12-Feb-1919 Glentana Valley 2473
      Catherine Agatha Fischer Glentana 25 Mn Jacob Fischer & Mary Glynn
LEER, S P see Leer, Rudolph
LEERS, Elizabeth see Brody, Harry G
LEESEBERG, Ernest A see Schultz
LEESEBERG, Pearl E see Schultz
LEESON, George see Kelso, Fredrick W
LEESON, Mildred J see Kelso, Fredrick W
LEET, Bruce see Leet
LEET, Florence M see Kiser
LEET, Jennie see Pierce
LEET, Leland C       P’wood 23 Wis Bruce Leet & Dora Dawes 11-Feb-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1259
      Emma H Kazeck P’wood 24 Iowa Wm Kazeck & Hulda Krueger
LEET,, Frank, see Kiser
LEET?, Jennie see Pentz
LEFAFOUNTIN?, Philiman? see Doney, George E
LEFDAL, Iver Olsen see Olsen, John C
LEFDAL, O O       Phillips 31 Nor 26-Apr-1919 Phillips 417
      Ella Peterson Phillips 30 N D
LEFDAL, Ole see Solberg, John E
LEFEBURE, Marie see Cottar, Eugene
LEFEBVRE, Mary see Dahl, Hans Julius Hansen
LEFER, Abner see Lefer
LEFER, Richard       Redstone 27 Penn Abner Lefer & Nellie Rose 9-Oct-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1154
      Edna Sage Ionia Mich 38 William Sage & Lucretia Sprague
LEFFERSON, Helen see Amundson, Anton
LEFFINGWELL, C E & Jennie see Neal, Benjamin F
LEFFINGWELL, Hattie M see Kaufmann, Dean
LEFFINGWELL, Stella see Neal Benjamin F
LEFFRING, Henry see Devine
LEFFRING, Isabel see Devine
LEFONS, Agnes see Hanson, Joseph
LEFORC, Letitia see Winston, Edward
LEFORD, Joseph see Murphy, John D
LEFORD, Joseph see LeFord, Peter
LEFORD, Julia L see Barnier, Albert Charles
LEFORD, Peter       Wolf Point 41 Mass Joseph Leford & Julia Viacourt 2-Aug-1919 Wolf Point Roosivelt 36
      Elise Jensen Wolf Point 18 Culbertson Jens Jensen & Marie Thonison?
LEFORD, Peter see Barnier, Albert Charles
LEFORD, Philomena see Murphy, John D
LEFOS, Mary see Schneider, F M
LEFRINERE, Leo see Gaffney, James Michael
LEFRINERE, Mary see Gaffney, James Michael
LEFSLICH, Sarah see Alterman, Israel
LEFT, Hand see Flynn, Thomas C
LEFT, Hand see Flynn, Thomas J
LEFT, Hand see Snow, James
LEFT, Hand Fly Around see Davis, Nimrod
LEFT, Hand Woman see Two Weasels
LEFT HAND, John see Left Hand Thunder, Richard
LEFT HAND THUNDER, Jacob       Poplar 24 Mt John Left Hand Rhunder & Four Cane Woman 18-Sep-1914 Poplar Sheridan 320
      Alice Black Chicken Brockton 18 Mt Jeff David & Walking Road
LEFT HAND THUNDER, John see Left Hand Thunder, Phillip
LEFT HAND THUNDER, John see Left Hand Thunder
LEFT HAND THUNDER, John & Jennie see Left Hand Thunder, Richard
LEFT HAND THUNDER, Phillip       Brockton 24 Poplar John Left Hand Thunder & Jennie Bear Nose 2-Feb-1930 Poplar Roosivelt 1422
      Pearl Buckles Brockton 22 Poplar Thomas Buckles & Julia Brugnier
LEFT HAND THUNDER, Richard       Brockton 23 Brockton John Left Hand & Jennie 29-Jan-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 468
      Rosalind Powell Brockton 19 Brockton Charley Powell & Josephineo
LEFT HAND THUNDER, Richard       Poplar 26 Fort Peck Reser John & Jennie Left Hand Thunder 10-Nov-1927 Poplar Roosivelt 1107
      Clara Red Bear Poplar 24 Manitoba Can James & Anna Kosto
LEGARD, Martha see Ueckert, Gustave
LEGARE, Alphonse       Poplar 28 Horace N D Pierre Legare & Mary Rheault 30-Dec-1929 Glasgow Valley 3537
      Ada Mae Nix Wolf Point 24 Memphis Tenn James Nix & Katherine Hayes
LEGARE, Laura see Olson
LEGARE, Pierre see Legare, Alphonse
LEGARE, Pierre see Olson
LEGARRE, Louis       Riverside 23 N D Pierre Legarre & Mary Rheault 27-Sep-1926 Poplar Roosivelt 946
      Claudia Lemieux Poplar 19 N D Frank Lemieux & Marie Dubois
LEGARRE, Pierre see Legarre, Louis
LEGERS, Jennie see LaBatte William
LEGG, Earl       Malta 29 Malta 14-Dec-1925 Phillips 863
      Babe Avery Malta 24 Canada
LEGG, Ethel M see Moore, Claude W
LEGG, John H       Legg 25 Tenn-essee 15-Nov-1918 Phillips 389
      Opal M Reid Legg 18 Missouri
LEGG, John Harle see Richards, Clarence
LEGG, John R       Phillips 46 Scotland 10-Nov-1919 Phillips 467
      Mary Ann Littlejohn Phillips 29 Scotland
LEGG, John R & Mary A see Craft, Columbus
LEGG, Marie see Isaacson
LEGG, Mary see McLean, Arthur C
LEGG, W D see Isaacson
LEGG, William D see Moore, Claude W
LEGGE, Benjamin H       Grenora 33 Indiana William D Legge & Ida Mae Poling 24-Dec-1921 Plentywood Sheridan 1774
      Ingeborg Peterson Grenora N D 33 Mn Ed Peterson & Ingeborg Mebust
LEGGE, Christina see Lundberg
LEGGE, Edith Clair see Porter, Milton A
LEGGE, Henry Clay see Legge
LEGGE, John Franklin       Dagmar 23 Indiana W D Legge & Ida Pohling 7-Dec-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2133
      Helen Marie Christensen Dagmar 22 Wyoming Hans Chrisrensen & Ellen Casper
LEGGE, Max       Dagmar 27 Needmore Indiana William D Legge & Ida M Polling 9-Oct-1920 Mondak Roosivelt 179
      Bernice M Hardie Froid 19 Iowa Wallace J Hardie & Martha Switzenberg
LEGGE, Susie A see Jacobson
LEGGE, W D       Grenora N D 68 Bloomington Ind Henry Clay Legge & Elizabeth Dunn 5-Dec-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2799
      Martha Hill Grenora 65 Missouri E O & Nanie Blankenship
LEGGE, W D see Jacobson
LEGGE, W D see Legge
LEGGE, W D see Lundberg
LEGGE, William D see Legge, Max
LEGGE, William D see Legge
LEGGET, Lydia see Scofield, Frank
LEGGETT, Orson       Red Cloud Neb 54 Monticello Iowa (widr) Ruben Leggett & Jane Gillis 16-Aug-1919 Jordan Garfield 6
      Julia Branch Craig Edwards 46 Canton Iowa (wid) William Gates & Clarissa Sutton
LEGGETT, Ruben see Leggett, Orson E
LEGGETT, Susan see Wood
LEGMAN, Charles see Legman, John
LEGMAN, John       Glendive 37 Sweden Charles Legman & Clara Munson 25-Sep-1910 Glendive Dawson 843
      Hattie Gooch Glendive 34 Palmer Illinois George H Rosenberg & Sarah Jane Kinnamon
LEGRANT, Ethel see Laverher, Charles E
LEGRAY, Gertrude Belle see Dwyer, Patrick J
LEGVOLD, Clara see Erickson
LEGVOLD, Ole see Erickson
LEHAIR, Nellie see Kirk
LEHFELDT, Bessie E see Sanford, Leo N
LEHFELDT, Emilie see Simmons
LEHIGH, Anna see KirVan, William R
LEHMAN, Anna B see Spahr, Philip Curtis
LEHMAN, Fred see Honrud, Melvin
LEHMAN, Fred see Rogers, Orlie Willis
LEHMAN, Gertrude B see Honrud, Melvin O
LEHMAN, Jennette see Eisert, Edwin H
LEHMAN, Lillian May see Callahan, Arthur
LEHMAN, Maude see Wismiller, Charles
LEHMAN, Max       Circle 33 Crookston Mn Richard Lehman & O Arnold 29-Nov-1919 Glendive Dawson 2592
      Grace McDonald Glendive 25 Chippewa Falls Wisc Alexander McDonald & Ellen Riley
LEHMAN, Mollie see Blough, Charles C
LEHMAN, Myrtle Louise see Rogers, Ollie Willis
LEHMAN, Nonie see Coombs, Walter
LEHMAN, Patty see Bomtrager, Miles J
LEHMAN, Polly see Schrock, Benjamin H
LEHMAN, Richard see Lehman, Max
LEHMAN, Robert & Annette see Eisert, Edwin H
LEHMAN, Sam see Wismiller, Charles
LEHMAN, Samuel George see Coombs, Walter
LEHMANN, Max R       Helena 31 Ger 29-Sep-1920 Phillips 537
      Helen Martinz Content 26 Austria
LEHMER, Magdalen see Stager, Clarence
LEHMER, Paul see Stager, Clarence
LEHNAN, Margaret see Snyder, Earl C
LEHNEN, Albert N       Scobey 26 Adrian Mn Michael Lehnen & Magdalena Searin? 17-Oct-1920 Scobey Daniels 6
      Martha Jurgensen Tande 25 Bloomfield Neb Moritz E Jurgensen & Maria M Holst
LEHNEN, Gertrude E see McDougall, Ernest A
LEHNEN, Michael see McDougall, Ernest A
LEHNEN, Michael see Lehnen, Albert N
LEHNER, Elizabeth L see Vaubel, Adam S
LEHR, Lydia see Hedegaard, Nick
LEHRER, Mina J see Wade, Henry H
LEHRER, Rudolph see Wade, Henry H
LEIB, Mrs John G see Smith, Lawrence B
LEIBECK, Erick see Leibeck
LEIBECK, Lida (Skeels?) see Olson
LEIBECK, Meyer L       Dooley 26 Germany Erick O Leibeck & Mettie Rasmussen 2-Dec-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 623
      Anna E Berglund Dooley 23 Sweden Daniel Berglund & Karine Turnquist
LEIBINGER, George see Leibinger, Louis H
LEIBINGER, Louis H       Miles City 23 Pembina N D George Leibinger & May Roy 24-Dec-1929 Glendive Dawson 3830
      Thelma Rice Miles City 22 Miles City Samuel C Rice & Grace B Guenther
LEIBOLE, H M see DeBock, James
LEIBOLE, Henry see Gibbs, Leroy L
LEIBOLE, Nora see Gibbs, Leroy L
LEIBOLE, Olive see DeBock, James
LEIBRECHT, Anna see Limesand, Henry
LEICHER, Nellie see Clark, Albert R
LEICHER, Nellie see Bantz
LEICKROEN, Susanna see Funk, Cornelius H
LEIDAHL, David       Glendive 36 Norway S A Leidahl & Inger Klove 18-Nov-1914 Glendive Dawson 1624
      Sadie Larsen Glendive 26 Brookings S D Hans Odegaard & Mathilda Erie
LEIDAHL, Knute       Glendive 33 Norway Stork? Leidahl & Ingeborg Lemme 8-Sep-1917 Glendive Dawson 2244
      Anna Gjesme Kenyon Mn 24 Kenyon Lars Gjesme & Guri Rong?
LEIDAHL, Knute       Radville Sask Can 39 Nor Ole Leidahl & Amberg Larson 23-Oct-1918 Plentywood Sheridan
      Hannah Eversoik Hammer 30 Nor Jens Oversoil & Johanna Hovland
LEIDAHL, Ole see Leidahl
LEIDAHL, S A see Leidahl, David
LEIDAHL, Stork? see Leidal, Knute
LEIDLES, Louise see Brown, Geo A
LEIFFRING, Henry & Rose see Wood
LEIFFRING, Margaret see Wood
LEIFIELD, Christine see Evans
LEIGHTNER, George see Enger, Olaf
LEIGHTNER, Grace see Enger, Olaf
LEIGHTON, Albert W       Glasgow 28 Jerusalem Palestine Ralph Leighton & Mary Clark 1-Jul-1914 Opheim Valley 1484
      Norene Brendel Independence Mo 24 Mo John Brendel & Viola Riebe
LEIGHTON, Hazel M see Peterson, C M
LEIGHTON, Martha see McGhee, John Paul
LEIGHTON, Peter see Peterson, C M
LEIGHTON, Ralph see Leighton, Albert W
LEIGHTON, Robert       Phillips 35 Mich 23-Mar-1919 Phillips 412
      Mable Wilcox Phillips 54 S D
LEIGHTON, Thomas L see Leighton, Zene
LEIGHTON, Zene       Trotter N D 25 Monroe Cty Wis Thos L Leighton & Carrie Vandevort 24-Mar-1915 Been Wibaux 22
      Lula Trollope Been 19 Iowa J E Trollope & Josie Been
LEIGHTY, Laura see Edminster, Bertrand H
LEIN, Elizabeth see Beito
LEIN, Gertrude see Odegaard
LEIN, Halvor       Wolf Point 32 Norway John Lein & Serena Odeland 22-Nov-1922 Circle McCone 52
      Clara Eldora Martinsen Wolf Point 26 Mound City S D Edward Martinsen & Carrie Paulson
LEIN, Hilda see Schmitz
LEIN, John see Lein, Halvor
LEIN, Joseph see Schmitz
LEIN, Nels see Odegaard
LEINHART, Lina see Wingert, Clarence E
LEIPKEY, Bertha see Remus, Otto C
LEIPKI, Anna C see Youngman, John
LEISETH, George O       Arnegard N D 21 Fargo N D John Leiseth & Elsie Mendel 7-Jan-1926 Glendive Dawson 3316
      Beatrice Aaberg Arnegard N D 20 Ross N D Carl Aaberg & Anna Benson
LEISETH, John see Leiseth, George O
LEISIER, Caroline see Stocker, Harry
LEISTIKO, A & Mary see Roe, Harold
LEISTIKO, Alex see Schroeder, Peter
LEISTIKO, Elsie see Roe, Harold
LEISTIKO, Emma see Curry, James M
LEISTIKO, Fred see Curry, James M
LEISTIKO, Ida see Schroeder, Peter
LEITCH, Elmer       Saco 29 Wis Samuel Leitch & Emma Diment 1-Jul-1910 Glasgow Valley 662
      Grace Hill Glasgow 27 Kanasa Laffayette Bratton & ???
LEITCH, Samuel see Leitch, Elmer
LEITZ, Charles       Boeth 30 Tomah Wis John Leitz & Margaret Baungart Valley 1084 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Adeline Militry Glasgow 23 Glasgow Charles Militry & Elizabell Rosecroft
LEITZ, Ed see Leitz
LEITZ, John see Leitz, Charles
LEITZ, Otto       Sauk Center Mn 21 Sauk Center Ed Leitz & Augusta Kvid? 9-Oct-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2629
      Florence Grantham Raymond 20 Logansport Ind Otto Grantham & Sophie Graumer?
LEIZE, C O see Hurley, Leo
LEIZE, Louise see Hurly, Leo
LEJEUNE, Marie see Peterson, Emil L
LEKVOLD, Benjamin J       Scobey 27 Clarissa Mn Louis Lekvold & Brenhild Garberg 18-Oct-1922 Scobey Valley 73
      Laura Narveson Scobey 18 Brainerd Mn Knut Narveson & Julia Holt
LEKVOLD, Louis see Lekvold, Benjamin J
LEKVOLD, P M see Veis, Chris
LEKVOLD, Selma O see Veis, Chris
LELAND, Alonzo L       Arnold N D 43 Nebr 24-Jun-1919 Phillips 429
      Alta V Willard Phillips 37 Mich
LELAND, Ernest       Skaar N D 22 Ontario Wisc Jacob Leland & Anna Hanson 25-Oct-1930 Glendive Dawson 3929
      Johren Gulbraa Skaar N D 18 Cartwright N D John Gulbraa & Marie Larson
LELAND, F S see Walford, John T
LELAND, Jacob see Leland, Ernest
LELAND, Jennie L see Mann, John L
LELAND, Kathleen G see Walford, John T
LELAND, Mat see Mann, John L
LELAND, Nellie see Sorsdahl, George Vernon
LELAND, Nellie Jane see Elder, W H
LELAND, T S see Leland, William J
LELAND, Victoria see Schmitz, Peter J
LELAND, William J       Glendive 19 Minneapolis? Bacca Cty Colorado T S Leland & Carrie Lee Ingerson 26-Jul-1914 Glendive Dawson 1554
      Izma A Westaby Glendive 20 Forsythe Rice Westaby & Rebecca Catherine Snook
LELCHIEK, Mike see Cristo, Pete
LELRIVIK, Ida see Bergstrom, Einar M
LEMAR, Katie see Schmidt, Sam
LEMAY, Emma see Babcock, Irwin
LEMAY, Emma see Rinehart, Alfa Martin
LEMAY, Emma see Rinehart, Ovid
LEMAY, Flora see Grombois
LEMAY, Flora see Ladon
LEMAY, Mary Lou see Manning, J E
LEMAY, Mezilie see Nicolson, George
LEMAY, Mezlie see Merritt, Walter Delbert
LEMAY, Napoleon see Ladon
LEMAYS, Emma see Henry, Robert
LEMBERG, Eugenia see Walsh, James J
LEMBROCK, Louisa see Gruye, John J
LEMCOOL, Ida see Lewis, Willie H
LEMEAU, Eli see Decouteau
LEMEER, Florentine see Nicholson, Murray
LEMEN, Alex see Oberdin, Henry
LEMEN, James Alva see Simons, Earl Bartell
LEMEN, Pauline see Oberdin, Henry
LEMEN, Ruth see Simons, Earl Bartell
LEMERE, John see Lemere
LEMERE, William       Med Lake 34 Polk Cty Wis John Lemere & Adeline Fisher 19-Nov-1913 Medicine Lake Sheridan 117
      Mary C Sayers Med Lake 18 Williston N D Joseph Sayers & Justine Azure
LEMERT, Marion see Berkland, Ludvig Oscar
LEMIE, Antoni see Bennett, Henry Joseph
LEMIE, Lucy Eva see Bennett, Henry Joseph
LEMIEUX, Alex see LeMieux, Emery D
LEMIEUX, Claudia see Legarre, Louis
LEMIEUX, Delia see LaRoche
LEMIEUX, Delia see Ninn
LEMIEUX, Emery D       Flaxville 24 Fairbault Mn Alex Le Mieux & Sarah Spooner 24-Jun-1929 Scobey Daniels 441
      Lydia M French Flaxville 23 Oakwood N D Amada French & ???
LEMIEUX, Frank see Legarre, Louis
LEMINX, Delia see Bourassa, Joseph
LEMIRE, Louis Emanuel       Aitken Mn 22 Mn Louis Lemire & Lillian M Gladden 23-Sep-1919 Wibaux Wibaux 257
      Mary Rosala Ziusle Wibaux 18 Mn Gallus Ziusle & Anna Gass
LEMIUX, Delia see Bourassa, John Baptiste
LEMIUX, James see Lemiux, Leo
LEMIUX, Leo       Poplar 29 Duluth Mn James Lemiux & Phillipine Derveau 28-Feb-1925 Poplar Roosivelt 742
      Pauline Strommer Poplar 19 Austria Frank Strommer & Victoria Echart
LEMKE, Annie see Strobbe, Herman H
LEMKE, Dave       Chinook 32? Mountain Lake Mn Cornelius D Lemke & Cornelia Funk 12-Apr-1924 Chinook Blaine 803
      Bertha Weins res Chinook 22 Mountain Lake Mn Peter P Weins & Elizabeth Peters
LEMKE, David       Chinook 32 Mountain Lake Mn Kornelius Lemke & Cornelia Funk 30-Jul-1922 Chinook Blaine 711
      Elizabeth Wiens Chinook 24 Mountain Lake Mn Peter Wiens & Elizabeth Peters
LEMKE, Gertie see Buttolph, Austin
LEMKE, Kornelius see Lemke, David
LEMLEY, ? see Hess, W O
LEMLEY, Adelia see Gleason, W A
LEMLEY, Adlyne see Emmel, John G
LEMLEY, George W see Lemely, John H
LEMLEY, John H       Glendive 42 Lake City Mn George W Lemley & Mary Sprague 2-Dec-1901 Glendive Dawson 234
      Mrs Ida Volkman St Paul Mn 38 St Paul Jas & Jane Leusibox?
LEMME, Caroline (Odberg?) see Halskov
LEMME, Ingeborg see Leidahl, Knute
LEMMON, Arthur see Lemmon, Claud
LEMMON, Beatrice see Grinnell, Clyde W
LEMMON, Claud       Savoy 22 Pleasant Lake Ind Arthur Lemmon & Matie Elliott 13-Mar-1924 Chinook Blaine 799
      Veronica Eaves Harlem 22 Chatfield Mn Thomas Eaves & Alice Dolan
LEMMON, George A see Grinnell, Clyde W
LEMOINE, Mary (Bilderback?) see Jackson
LEMON, George       Robsart Sask Can 29 Glenwood Mn William R Lemon & Jessie Cook 26-Nov-1917 Chinook Blaine 454
      Jessie Mildred Shaw Robsart 17 L-----? N D James Shaw & Jeanine? Johnson
LEMON, Martha see Chapman, Robert C
LEMON, William R see Lemon, George
LEMONTAIN, Margaret see Brusseau, Oliver
LEMOYNE, Agnes see Reeves, Oscar J
LEMOYNE, Oscar J see Reeves, Oscar J
LEMP, Anna see Brown, Percy
LEMP, Clarence       St John Mo 35 Mo W A Lemp & Sarah A Baker 5-Apr-1915 Glasgow Valley 1657
      Eugenia LaChance Minneapolis 37 St Paul Cyrell LaChance & Alphonsine Murcalt?
LEMP, Gertrude see Healft, John
LEMP, Mary see Wilke, Albert
LEMP, W A see Lemp, Clarence
LEMWANDER, Anton see Lemwander, Mike
LEMWANDER, Mike       Intake 29 Marsh-field Wis Anton Lemwander & Annie Maurer 7-Nov-1913 Wibaux Wibaux 409
      Louise Schaefer Intake 30 Marsh-field Wis William Schaefer & Christina Luchterhand
LEN, Gertrude E see Len, Harry C
LEN, Harry C       Fargo N D 35 Quincy Illinois W H Len & Margaret Weister 24-Mar-1913 Glendive Dawson 1223
      Gertrude E Len Duluth Mn 32 Charleston West Virginia J D Woods & Bell Guthrie
LEN, Marie see Jones, Charles
LEN, W H see Len, Harry C
LENCE, John       Poplar 31 Germany Stephen Lence & Isabelle Jias 24-Nov-1926 Scobey Daniels 294
      Dora Dighans Fife Lake Sask 18 Germany John Dighans & Marie Martens
LENCE, Stephen see Lence, John
LENDERBECK, Pearl Grace see Cote, Frank
LENDERBECK, William see Cote, Frank
LENDIN, Ethel see Turner, Carman
LENDL, Annie see Froland, Tollef
LENDT, Lena see Jarchow, A F
LENEAUX, John see Daniels, Randolph
LENERTZ, Mary see Gotz, Benedict
LENERTZ, Nicolas see Gotz, Benedict
LENHARDT, Ann Katherine see Strutevant, Edward A
LENIHAN, Clara see Emerson, Harry M
LENIHAN, Margaret see Adams, Matthew
LENNER, Fred see Lenner, Leland
LENNER, Hazel Mary see Forsyth, James
LENNER, Leland       Culbertson 29 Sheboygan Wis Fred Lenner & ??? 15-Feb-1912 Glasgow Valley 1000
      Hazel Hayes Culbertson 19 Warping Water Nebr John Hayes & Jeanette Mitchell
LENNERTH, Katherine see Zauner, Joseph J
LENNON, Mary see Haley, Ezra
LENNON, Thomas       Java 40 Quincy Mich Thomas Lennon & Maria Brown 2-Nov-1910 Mondak Valley 729
      Grace B McCullough Java 28 Hauxlin? Wis E L Boothly & ???
LENO, Kate see Eggert, Bennie F
LENOIR, Lanphelia see Simanton, William N
LENOIS, James L see Hiebert, Royal F
LENONER, Elizabeth J see Wise
LENORE, Ellen see McCoy, Collis S
LENOVER, Elizabeth J see Francis, Preston L
LENSETH, Betsy see Wagnild
LENSETT, Olea see Swenson
LENT, John see Belmont, Jack
LENT, Kitty see Belmont, Jack
LENT, Lillian see Potter, Charles A
LENTZ, Amanda see Williamsen, Chris
LENTZ, Dora see Rabidue
LENTZ, Eli see Lentz, Eli
LENTZ, Fred see Rabidue
LENTZ, Gertrude see Hild, Klaus
LENTZ, Mary see Blomquist, Carl A
LENTZ, Odelia M see Buckman
LENTZ, Peter see Buckman
LENTZ, Theadore       Glendive 30 Williamson Cty Ill Eli Lentz & Lydia Jane Hare 28-Dec-1904 Poplar Valley 150
      Ruth Hunter Glendive 25 Renville Cty Mn Andrew Hunter & Ann Eliza Poage
LENTZ, William       Newcastle Wyo 35 New York William Lentz & Adeline Hagan 18-Feb-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 197
      Belle Dunn Golva N D 42 Mn James Dunn & Adelaide Lewis
LENTZ, William & Anstina see Williamsen, Chris
LENTZNE, Emily see Edmons, Clarence W
LENTZNER, Emilie see Peters, Aaron
LENTZNER, Emily see Peters, Jacob
LENTZNER, Tena see Born, Jacob
LENTZNER, Tena see Enns, Jacob I
LENVILLE, Alice F see Whiteman, Thomas
LENZ, Adam see Wright, Roy E
LENZ, Adam see Lenz, Carl W
LENZ, Adam see Haynes, George A
LENZ, Anna see Haynes, George A
LENZ, Carl W       Glasgow 32 Glasgow Adam Lenz & Theresa Barrett 29-Nov-1924 Valley 3014
      Vilet? Cowin Glasgow 17 Leads N D Eliga? Cowin & Minnie Davis
LENZ, Cecelia see Schillinger, Joseph B
LENZ, Ernest       Glendive 27 Mulka Mn Julius Lenz & ??? Schroeder 2-Apr-1925 Glendive Dawson 3203
      Emma Bray Glendive 20 Chaseburg Wisc Gustav Bray & Bertha Markely
LENZ, Josephine see Flaming, Henry P
LENZ, Julius see Lenz, Ernest
LENZ, Minnie L see Wright, Roy E
LENZ, Peter see Schillinger, Joseph B
LENZ, Peter see Lenz, Rainer G
LENZ, Rainer G       Havre 21 Adrian Mn Peter Lenz & Helena Pint 3-Jul-1923 Chinook Blaine 766
      Sarah M Vitt Wolf Point 18 Bristol S D Klucas Vitt & Anne Arpagaus
LENZER, Charlotte see Raaen
LEO, James       Wagner 36 Austria 22-Apr-1922 Phillips 640
      Cecil Lawrence Halland Malta 19 N D
LEO, Julia see LaFrombois, Fred
LEO, Mrs Cecil see Hagener, Oliver
LEO, Mrs James see Anderson, Harry
LEO, Sam       Zurich 22 Austria Savo Leo & Paro Dragas 15-Dec-1915 Chinook Blaine 463
      Eladie Levine Landuyt Madras? Peter Landuyt & LeonieVan Beverin
LEO, Savo see Leo, Sam
LEOLOMAN, Effie see Dix, William B
LEOMDUSKI, Mary see Scharnatta, Edward Henry
LEONARD, Annette see Dennison, Orval P
LEONARD, Arthur J       Lewis Y Clark Cty 47 Mich 22-Oct-1917 Phillips 281
      Myrtle Vivian Simpson Blaine Cty 41 Penn?
LEONARD, Bessie see O’Toole, Frank
LEONARD, Delbert see Roragnes, Manuel
LEONARD, E C see Davis, Robert R
LEONARD, E L see Herron, Leslie C
LEONARD, Ebenezer & Mary Villa see Leonard, William M
LEONARD, Eda see Marshall, Frank S
LEONARD, Edward LeRoy       Chinook 21 Friend Neb LeRoy Leonaer & Sophia Bettge 29-Jun-1928 Chinook Blaine 1063
      Thelma Arlene Richards Chinook 23 Chinook Earl T Richards & Ethel May Hankey
LEONARD, Edward R       Savage 28 Minneapolis Mn John H Leonard & Katherine Wynne 4-Jun-1913 Glendive Dawson 1252
      Ida C Hahn Savage ??? Rockelm Wisc Aleck Parson & Addie King
LEONARD, Elizabeth J see Ankerman
LEONARD, Elma May see Becker, Henry Joseph Simon
LEONARD, Elsie I see Park, Ira F
LEONARD, Ethel May see Grosscup, P L
LEONARD, Eva see Lawrence, Ray L
LEONARD, Eva see Smith, Frank D
LEONARD, Eva see Hartse, Roy
LEONARD, Eva J see Lawrence, Donald C
LEONARD, Frank L       Lovejoy 25 Mn 29-Jun-1920 Phillips 513
      Ione D Foster Lovejoy 19 Wisc
LEONARD, Fred see Becker, Henry Joseph Simon
LEONARD, Frederick J see Park, Ira F
LEONARD, Helen see Davis, Robert R
LEONARD, Henry C see Leonard, Robert W
LEONARD, Ione V see Langen, Bertrand P
LEONARD, James see O’Toole, Frank
LEONARD, James see Leonard
LEONARD, John see Dennison, Orval P
LEONARD, John H see Leonard, Edward R
LEONARD, John M       Wolf Point 35 Elmira N Y James Leonard & Mary Mullaney 26-May-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1311
      Margey L Bell Kearny Nebr 23 Nebr Henry S Bell & Anna M Smith
LEONARD, Kit see Bosch, Henry J
LEONARD, Laura see Bosch, Henry J
LEONARD, Leroy see Leonard, Edward LeRoy
LEONARD, Leroy see Marshall, Frank S
LEONARD, Lizzie see Miller, Theodore
LEONARD, Lucille see Rodragnes, Manual
LEONARD, Margaret see Nash, Andrew P
LEONARD, Margaret see Janes, Oscar A
LEONARD, Margaret see Bolton
LEONARD, Marjorie see Herron, Leslie C
LEONARD, Martin C       Hinsdale 22 Mn William Leonard & Emma Leonterman? 4-Sep-1915 Glasgow Valley 1728
      Mary Johnston Hinsdale 25 ??? James Healey & Agnes McNorton
LEONARD, Mary see Kollmann
LEONARD, Minnie see Jones, Robert
LEONARD, Nova (Ratledge?) see Peterson
LEONARD, Phebe see Smart, Lonie D
LEONARD, Robert W       Lowrane 30 Minneapolis Henry C Leonard & Louisa Frank 25-May-1927 Glasgow Valley 3288
      Helen L Henderson Dodson 26 Eau Claire Wis Ben Henderson & Carrie Martin
LEONARD, Roy L see Jones, Robert
LEONARD, W M see Grosscup, P L
LEONARD, W M see Langen, Bertrand P
LEONARD, William see Leonard, Martin C
LEONARD, William M       Glasgow 58 Wis Ebenezer & Mary Villa Leonard 10-Sep-1921 Glasgow Valley 2808
      Ella J Dickinson Glasgow 58 St John New Brunswick Can Obediah Sproul & Rhoda A Harry
LEONBERGER, Fred see Leonberger, Walter H
LEONBERGER, Walter H       Dickinson N D 21 Dickinson Fred Leonberger & Hulda Albrecht 23-Aug-1930 Wibaux Wibaux 756
      Betty O’Meara Haywarden Iowa 21 Haywarden James O’Meara & Johnnna Downs
LEONHARD, Fred see Frank, Harry Otto
LEONHARD, Lydia see Frank, Harry Otto
LEONHARDT, Joy B see Knutson
LEONHARDT, Wm see Knutson
LEONTERMAN?, Emma see Leonard, Martin C
LEPAGE, Ida see Ray, Leonard
LEPAK, Elizabeth see Roberts, Harold James
LEPER, Adam H see Aeper, Henry H
LEPER, Henry H       Glasgow 46 Cambridge Mass Adam H Leper & Sarah Barnard 2-Apr-1921 Glasgow Valley 2773
      Rose Spears Glasgow 45 Des Moines Iowa Samuel Scott & Elizabeth Conklin
LEPINE, Anackle? see Lepine, Archie M
LEPINE, Archie M       Scobey 31 Man Can Anackle? Lepine & Eliza Fourand 1-Feb-1923 Scobey Daniels 95
      Concordia K Eymundson Pembina N D 31 Pembina John Eymundson & Juliana Sophia Einarsdotter
LEPKE, Bertha M see Bray, Charles Otto
LEPLEY, Alta see Morrison, J F
LEPLEY, Laura Z see Tucker
LEPLEY, T J see Morrison, J F
LEPLEY, T J see Tucker
LEPP, Katherine see Quiring, Henry
LEPPER, Iva see Jennings, Iva
LEPPLA, Emma May see Becker, Henry W
LEPPLA, Henry &Elizabeth see Becker, Henry W
LEPPRT, John see Kasel, Christian
LER, see Lee
LER, Ole see Ler, Julius O
LER (LEE?), Julius O       McCabe 32 Norway Ole Ler & Jorn Olsen 21-Nov-1922 Poplar Roosivelt 442
      Gerda Grindland Froid 31 Nor Erick Barstrom & Marie Olson
LERASSA, Edwidges see Doyle, James G
LERAT, Joseph Norbert       Wolf Point 21 N D Zachary Lerat & Mary Laundry 2-Sep-1918 Wolf Point Sheridan 1371
      Katherine Hyland Wolf Point 21 Mt John Hyland & Emms Dumont
LERAT, Zachary see Lerat
LERCH, Mary see Morgenroth, John
LERCH, Mary see Woeppel, Fred W
LERETTE, Ellen see Peters, Ralph Kramer
LERFOLD, Julius       Belfield N D 37 Wis Olie Lerfold & Laura Christianson 4-Sep-1919 Wibaux Wibaux 252
      Frances Fraser Belfield 34 Wisc Alexander Fraser & Emma Phillips
LERFOLD, Julius see Gilmore, Milan
LERFOLD, Margaret see Gilmore, Milan
LERFOLD, Olie see Lerfold, Julius
LERO, Mary see Haley, Ezra
LEROGNE, Caroline see Red Feather, Florence
LEROGUE, Albert see Leede, Charles
LEROGUE, Mary see Leede, Charles
LEROUX, Jacob see Leroux, Lancreda
LEROUX, Lancreda       Peerless 33 Montreal Can Jacob Leroux & Agloe Rioux 7-Jan-1926 Flaxville Daniels 241
      Eleanore Parent Flaxville 21 Grafton N D Alfred Parent & Eleanore Brunelle
LEROY, Albert       Wadena 26 Madison H B Leroy & Lilly Tangley 27-Nov-1917 Glendive Dawson 2298
      Anna Taberg Wadena Mn 21 Wadena Fred Taberg & Johanna Schwartz
LEROY, Alice see Carlson
LEROY, Clifford M       Glendive 27 Amboy Mn Henry Leroy & Lilly Langworthy 12-Nov-1922 Glendive Dawson 2815
      Alma Bergerud Killdeer N D 20 Fergus Falls Mn Martin Bergerud & Lisa Dahlen
LEROY, Eva V I (Dawson?) see Hansen
LEROY, H B see LeRoy, Albert
LEROY, Henry see Leroy, Clifford M
LEROY, Ida see Finkle, Howard L
LEROY, Ida see Finkle, Charles Edgar
LEROY, Irene see Useman, Edward H
LEROY, John see Useman, Edward H
LEROY, Robert see Hinz, Gustav
LEROY, Robert W       Prarie Elk 22 Willington So Carolina Samuel T Leroy & Mary Wrenn 29-Sep-1922 Circle McCone 47
      Hamie H Hartley Prairie Elk 21 Adrian Mo J W Hartley & Etta Purkey
LEROY, Samuel T see LeRoy, Robert W
LERPSTRA, Joseph & Lina see Johnson, Elmer O
LERTE, James Robert       Dowd 18 S D James C Lerte & Carre Bessill 8-Aug-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 540
      Ruth Ernestene Cliff Mn 23 Mn Joseph James Cliff & ???
LERUM, Inga see Schuman
LERVIK, Rudolph see Severson
LERVIK, Ruth N see Severson
LERVOLD, Ed see Vernes, Mike
LERVOLD, Edward see James, Robert F
LERVOLD, Inga see Slettebo, Gudmund
LERVOLD, Jennie see James, Robert F
LERVOLD, Laura see Vernes, Mike
LERVOLD, Mildred see Lien, Joe
LERVOLD, Ole see Slettebo, Ole
LESEUER, Sophie see Dunn, Partick
LESHER, B J       9-Mar-(1886?) Dawson 46
      Ella M Burton
LESHER, Nellie see Butts, Oscar
LESIUS, Katie see Degel, Mike
LESJA, Maria see Toftness, Bernt B
LESKELA, Maria see Gorde, Holly
LESKELA, Sophie see Lund, Lawrence
LESLER, Leta see Casselman, George M
LESLER, Richard see Casselman, George M
LESLER, Walter       Phillips 38 Wis 12-Mar-1918 Phillips 326
      Grace Flynn Phillips 27 Mn
LESLIE, Cora Emma see Thomas, Ralph James
LESLIE, Eva (Bloss?) see Murray
LESLIE, Everett Clayton       Sask Can 39 River Hebert, Nova Scotia Lawrence Leslie & Emma Alexander 29-Apr-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2725
      Frankie Fern Briggs Regina 30 Decorah Iowa J Edgar Briggs & Mildred Peacock
LESLIE, Henry F       Glasgow 58 Clayton Ohio Phelix N Leslie & Catherine McAllister 9-Feg-1927 Glasgow Valley 3276
      Carrie M Stack Glasgow 35 N D ???
LESLIE, Laura Bell see Beverly
LESLIE, Lawrence see Leslie
LESLIE, Mary see Schmidt, Louis W
LESLIE, Mary see Pedersen
LESLIE, Phelix N see Leslie, Henry F
LESON?, Nettie see Jackson, Leslie
LESSARD, Albert see McMorris, Elva Frank
LESSARD, M Arvilla see McMorris, Elva Frank
LESSER, Sophie see Revoir, Arthur
LESSURE, Sophie see Swanson, Arthur H
LESTER, Alex       Poplar 45 Winnipeg Mam Can Henry Lester & Elizabeth Butts 15-Dec-1926 Wolf Point Roosivelt 984
      Winnifred Bell Blanchard Williston N D 34 Lansing Mich Charlie Blanchard & Abbie Gunn
LESTER, Amelia see Loves Him, Wilbur
LESTER, Arthur       P’wood 22 Chinook Kansas Ervin Lester & Ella Colburn 9-Apr-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2652
      Leora Fitzer P’wood 21 Logansport Ind Alda J & Lula R Fitzer
LESTER, Clayton       Poplar 32 Poplar No Mathia & Big Woman 15-Feb-1920 ??? Sheridan 1683?
      Lulu Ring Poplar 24 Poplar Robt Ring & Rattling Thunder
LESTER, Dan see Crow, Teddy
LESTER, Daniel see Loves Him, Wilbur
LESTER, Daniel see Lester, Stanley
LESTER, Daniel       Chelsea 41 Chelsea No Mother & Good Day 4-Oct-1915 Poplar Sheridan 557
      Julia Lester Chelsea 31 Brockton Red Head & Deer
LESTER, Ed see Lester, Mike Earl
LESTER, Erwin see Lester
LESTER, Erwin see Bodahl
LESTER, Erwin see Lester
LESTER, Harry       McElroy 23 Kansas Erwin Lester & Mathilda Ellen Cofurn 8-Sep-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2351
      Char-lotte Morrison Westby 20 Mn E E Morrison & Francis Wertzler
LESTER, Helen see Iron Cloud, Thomas
LESTER, Henry see Lester, Alex
LESTER, Irwin see Bergland
LESTER, Julia see Lester
LESTER, Lizzie L see Williams, Thomas H
LESTER, Lora see Hurst
LESTER, Mike Earl       Billings 44 Bow-ner? Ed Lester & May Howard 16-Jul-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1045
      Violet Altop Billings 37 Columbus Frank Quinn & Mary Countryman
LESTER, Mrs E D see Fee, Wm
LESTER, Perry E       Redstone 33 Ill Walter Lester & Ida Tucker 17-Nov-1922 Plentywood Sheridan 1854
      Sarah Fellon Redstone 42 ??? ??? & Maggie Cisco
LESTER, Sarah see Howard, William C
LESTER, Sarah see McClain, Tracy
LESTER, Sarah see Crow, Teddy
LESTER, Stanley       Poplar 22 Poplar Daniel Lester & ??? 20-Nov-1928 Poplar Roosivelt 1253
      Helen Iron Bear Poplar 18 Poplar Howard Iron Bear
LESTER, Susan see Red Eagle, Elmer
LESTER, Thelma see Bergland
LESTER, Velma see Bodahl
LESTER, Walter see Hurst
LESTER, Walter see Lester
LESTER, William see Williams, Thomas H
LESTER, Wm see Phelps, R L
LESTERBERG, Dagmar see Leer
LESTEU, Hamer J       Phillips 27 Ill 25-Apr-1917 Phillips 211
      Jeanette Ryan Phillips 24 S D
LESTHMO, Halvor       Erskine Mn 28 Norway Ola Lesthmo & Gyla Halvorson 22-Jul-1914 Plentywood Sheridan 282
      Ingeborg Wangen Buford N D 21 Mn Lars Wangen & Doris Jensen
LESTHMO, Ola see Lesthmo
LESTON, Laura see Lane, Warren
LESTU, J L see Dalphey, Nicholas
LESTU, Jean L see Lestu, Hamer J
LESUEUR, Clarence C       Glendive 21 McCabe Ariz Herbert Phippip LeSueur & Mary Clark 30-Mar-1922 Glendive Dawson 2852
      Molly K Hein Glendive 18 Budapest Hungary Frank Hein & Barbra Schlecter
LESUEUR, Herbert Phillip see LeSueur, Clarence C
LETCHER, T A       Glendive 23 Calumet Mich Thomas Letcher & Bessie Hallgren 25-Aug-1920 Glendive Dawson 2669
      Della E Sanderson Glendive 23 Newman Grove Nebr John Sanderson & Caroline Field
LETCHER, Thomas see Letcher, T A
LETEAUD, Louise see Schroeder
LETH, Eliza see Jensen
LETHBRIDGE, Charles see LaFrombois, Fred
LETHBRIDGE, Katie see LaFrombois, Fred
LETLE, Elise see Jensen
LETNES, Iver see Letnes, John
LETNES, John       Mondak 37 Trondhjem Nor Iver Letnes & Berret Olson 3-Nov-1911 Glasgow Valley 927
      Christine Strand Ray N D 28 Trondhjem Ole Strand & ???
LETSON?, Margaret see Schiller, William F
LETTENI, Christine see Salo, William
LETTMAN, Frederick       Glentana 27 Henrietta Tex Joseph Lettman & Elizabeth Busch 20-Jun-1930 Glasgow Valley 3568
      Elsie Garve Nashua 20 Kramer N D Frank Garve & Martha Forman
LETTMAN, Joseph see Lettman, Frederick
LETWOOD, Lena see Jelliffe, Glenn E
LETZ, Christ see Pedersen Daniel
LETZ, George S see Letz, James G
LETZ, James G       Glasgow 23 Russia George S Letz & Dina MKalicnechenko 11-May-1924 Glasgow Valley 3055
      Gertrude Celina Gamas Glasgow 21 Glasgow Horace O Gamas & Celina Scott
LEUCK, Henry L       Phillips 26 Mn 17-Nov-1917 Phillips 287
      Cora O Holt Mn 24 Mn
LEUDERBECK, Ida (Olinger?) see Schaumberg
LEUENBERGER, see Luenberger
LEUENBERGER, Charles see Leuenberger, Herman Theodore
LEUENBERGER, Charles see Leuenberger, Oscar
LEUENBERGER, Ernest       Golva N D 47 Switzerland Fritz Leuenberger & Magdeline Jost 30-Jun-1917 Wibaux Wibaux 149
      Rosa Jacob Golva 33 Switz Christ Jacob & Mary Mury
LEUENBERGER, Fritz see Leuenberger, Ernest
LEUENBERGER, Herman Theodore       Vida 23 California Mo Chas Leuenberger & Louise Haldi 7-Feb-1930 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1423
      Marie Evelyn Bell Vida 20 Minot N D John Bell & Alice Stanton
LEUENBERGER, Martin Emil       Vida 22 Mo Charles Leuenberger & Louise Haldi 20-Sep-1922 Poplar Roosivelt 411
      Caroline Gertrude Loendorf Vida 18 N D Herbert Loendorf & Christine Neustel
LEUENBERGER, Oscar       Vida 21 Califor-nia Mo Charles Leuenberger & Louise Holdia 26-Oct-1929 Poplar Roosivelt 1390/1392
      Margaret Heser Wolf Point 18 Wolf Point Henry Heser & Maggie Smith
LEUNBERGER, Charles see Luenberger, Martin Emil
LEURANCE, Maude see Stowman, Ross E
LEUSIBOX, Jas & Jane see Lemley, John H
LEUTSCH, Evelyn see Cooper, Hardy
LEUTSCH, Paul see Cooper, Hardy
LEUTSCHER, Emma see Rainey, Edward C
LEUTZ, Bertha see Bray, Edward
LEVA, Anna see Clifford, Frank H
LEVANDASKI, Wallace       Nashua 41 Poland 14-Jul-1926 Phillips 899
      Dorothy Mary Yarnold Malta 35 England
LEVANG, Nels see Logan
LEVANG, Nina J see Logan
LEVAY, Saraphina see Ylaglon, George
LEVENDUSKY, Fred see Kudrna, Joseph
LEVENDUSKY, Lizzie see Boice, William
LEVENGOOD, Carlos P see Levengood, Ralph
LEVENGOOD, Ralph       Richey 29 Anaconda Carlos P Levengood & Laura Orr 16-Aug-1930 Glendive Dawson 3904
      Zelda Miller Richey 24 Ethan S D Arthur Miller & Anna Mutziger
LEVENS, Laura see Hunter
LEVEQUE, Eugene see Bell, George J
LEVEQUE, Eugene see Keim, L Custer
LEVEQUE, Eugenia see Bell, Edward
LEVERENZ, John see Nelson, Svend
LEVERENZ, John W see Omoth, Theodore Henry M
LEVERENZ, Lilly see Omoth, Theodore Henry M
LEVERJURE?, Leo see Potra, John
LEVERTON, John see Leverton
LEVERTON, Vance       Culbertson 24 Grimes Iowa John Leverton & Hannah Graham 30-Apr-1913 Culbertson Sheridan 6
      Lorena Farquear Spring Lake 18 Hamilton Ohio James Farquear & Donna McKee
LEVERTY, Archibald see Leverty, Mathew
LEVERTY, Mathew       Butte 46 Bordman? Wisc Archibald Leverty & Elizabeth McCoy 17-Jun-1917 Glendive Dawson 2188
      Jenny LaDue Bismark 38 Wilkesboro Penn Acil Ladue & Mary Louisa Florence
LEVETCH, Peter C       Williston N D 35 Argentina S A Peter Lavetch & Jane Charles 2-May-1916 Glasgow Valley 1848
      Hilda Pznoch Glasgow 27 Russia David & Pauline Pznoch
LEVETTE, Albert see Puffer, Hughie A
LEVETTE, Gladys Merrill see Puffer, Hughie A
LEVINE, Nina see Bopp, Fred E
LEVINE, Peter H see Bopp, Fred E
LEVITT, Harriet see Lebert, Sam
LEVITT, Hattie see Hovey
LEVITT, Millie Florence see Reynolds, Lewis H
LEVNO, Henry       Lambert 21 Peell? Wash Joseph Levno & Mary Lacek 25-Nov-1929 Glendive Dawson 3818
      Gladys Dore Fairview 21 Fairview Edwin Dore & Ellen Erickson
LEVNO, Joseph see Levno, Henry
LEWELLEN, Ben & ??? see Fouts, Leonard
LEWELLEN, Stella see Fouts, Leonard
LEWERE, Albert see Lewere, Dave
LEWERE, Dave       Ft Benton 22 Havre Albert Lewere & Louise Swayne 27-Jun-1913 Chinook Blaine 62
      Rose Duran Havre 18 Box Elder Thomas Duran & Bell Bird
LEWIN?, Matilda see Smith
LEWIS, ??? & Lerea May see McLeod, Ernest
LEWIS, Adelaide see Lentz, William
LEWIS, Adelaide see Dunn, Robert J
LEWIS, Alfred E see Lewis, Oscar T
LEWIS, Alvin W see Lewis, Mark Clinton
LEWIS, Amanda A see Palmer, Alvah E
LEWIS, Anna see Allen, Luther N
LEWIS, Annie see Bender, Max
LEWIS, Arch? see McClure, Lutell F
LEWIS, Archie       Beach N D 23 Livingston J C Lewis & Lula Pringle 31-Dec-1923 Glendive Dawson 3070
      Amy K Swing Carlyle 20 Princeton Mn Erick Swing & Joana Streed
LEWIS, Bertha see Torgerson, Iver
LEWIS, Beryl see Fettig, Anton J
LEWIS, Carrie see Pitzer, Louis Wimberly
LEWIS, Charles see Rigsby, David
LEWIS, Charles see Spurlin, Samuel R
LEWIS, Charles W       Trotters 24 Mn W A Lewis & Laura A Ward 1-Jul-1916 Wibaux Wibaux 100
      Minnie Bell Hubbard Trotters 18 Mn George Hubbard & Mathilda A Culbertson
LEWIS, Chas M see Bovee, Truman A
LEWIS, Chas M see Sergeant, Benjamin N
LEWIS, Cora see McCown, Sam
LEWIS, Daniel D see Lewis, Henry H
LEWIS, David J       Sioux Pass 35 Cambria Mn William R Lewis & Sarah M Davis 15-Nov-1920 Glendive Dawson 2704
      Elsie Luetscher Glendive 25 Mondovi Wis G W Luetscher & Rosetta Hauert
LEWIS, Dell see Lewis, John
LEWIS, Dell see Lewis, Russell
LEWIS, Ella see Hopper, Charles
LEWIS, Ella see Marrs, W H
LEWIS, Ella see Raymond, F W
LEWIS, Ellen see Kammerer, Richard
LEWIS, Emily see Phillips
LEWIS, Emma see Little, Dighton Jr
LEWIS, Ethel see Sergeant, Benjamin N
LEWIS, Ethel M see McLeod, Ernest
LEWIS, Eva see McCormick, Robert C
LEWIS, Eva see Schmidt, Sam
LEWIS, Eva Zoe see Turner, Walter E
LEWIS, Evelyn see Rothie, Almont Stanley
LEWIS, Faye see Breckinridge, Royal A
LEWIS, Frank see Breckinridge, Royal A
LEWIS, Freeman & Mathilda see Goff, Thomas
LEWIS, Georg see Grayson, George L
LEWIS, George       Jordan 38 Gallad? Texas Terrill Lewis & Lizzie Callahan 8-Oct-1917 Glendive Dawson 2264
      Emma Glasco Denver 36 Red Oak Iowa Henry Glasco & Mary Cox
LEWIS, Getty Ella see Franks, Clinton H
LEWIS, Gladys F see Johnson, Peter W
LEWIS, Goldie May see Walker, Roy K
LEWIS, Grace see Powell, Earl
LEWIS, Helen see Craig, Albert G
LEWIS, Henry see Walker, Roy K
LEWIS, Henry see Lewis
LEWIS, Henry H       Hebron N D 50 Dwight Illinois Daniel D Lewis & Letitia Ketcham 28-Sep-1914 Glendive? Dawson 1585
      Rose Lena Patzer Hebron 43 ??? ???
LEWIS, Homer Wayne       Brockton 22 Missouri Isaac Lewis & Chloe Pormer? 16-Oct-1921 Culbertson Roosivelt 299
      Ellen Agnes Brown Brockton 16 Mn James Kenny Brown & Agnes Agnue
LEWIS, Ina Vivian see Kinney, Herbert C
LEWIS, Inez see Spurlin, Samuel R
LEWIS, Isaac see Lewis, Homer Wayne
LEWIS, J C see Lewis, Archie
LEWIS, J D see Lewis, Lee T
LEWIS, J M see Lewis, William M
LEWIS, James D       Glendive 46 Lawrence Cty Ohio James D Lewis & Alice Barton 31-Aug-1910 Glendive Dawson 835
      Mary P Giles Glendive 43 Princeton Missouri James M Seeds & Mary Sexton
LEWIS, Jessie see Roberts, Dorman F
LEWIS, John       Lindsay 27 Arcadia Wisc Dell Lewis & Minnie Penny 21-May-1926 Glendive Dawson 3349
      Mary Buttelman Glendive 20 Glendive John Buttelman & Grace Redfield
LEWIS, John William       Williston N D 21 Sioux City Iowa John W Lewis & Sarah Smith 16-Oct-1921 Bainville Roosivelt 292
      Joyce Price Williston 18 Williston R L Price & Janet L Stewart
LEWIS, King       Opheim 36 Ohio Thomas Lewis & Anna Reese 2-Jan-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 933
      Bertha Drummer Dooley 27 Mn Paul Drummer & Ellen Gelen
LEWIS, Leah see Creech, Joseph G
LEWIS, Lee T       Hardin 23 Rothville Missouri T D Lewis & Nettie Anderson 6-Mar-1920 Glendive Dawson 2621
      Edith May Walker Devils Lake N D 20 Lakota N D T C Walker & Florence Abar
LEWIS, Lettica see Rowe, John T
LEWIS, Lucy Sally see Thorpe, Carl
LEWIS, Lyman see Callaway, Thomas E
LEWIS, Mark Clinton       Townsend 21 Mt Alvin W Lewis & Rosetta Maud Ballard 12-Jul-1926 Wolf Point Roosivelt 927
      Lucy Sally Kalbow Poplar 19 N D C F Kalbow & Orpha Wicks
LEWIS, Mary E see Southerly, George
LEWIS, May see Goff, Thomas
LEWIS, May (Furr?) see Bollinger, Jesse P
LEWIS, Milo see Lewis, Willie H
LEWIS, Minard & Jeannie see Lewis, William
LEWIS, Nellie see McClure, L F
LEWIS, Noel see Fettig, Anton J
LEWIS, Oscar       Zahl N D 25 Wisc Henry Lewis & Hattie Hagen 26-Dec-1928 Plentywood Sheridan 2401
      Hazel Anderson Bonetrail N D 21 Mn Adolph Anderson & ???
LEWIS, Oscar T       Allard 31 Buffalo Cty Wisc Alfred E Lewis & Sarah Knudson 22-Jun-1918 Glendive Dawson 2395
      Clair Kinsey Glendive 25 Miles City E S Kinsey & Elsie A Cupples
LEWIS, Rebecca see Hughes, Harry L
LEWIS, Rosette see Bovee, Truman A
LEWIS, Russell       Lindsay 23 Eleva Wisc Dell Lewis & Minnie Penny 16-Oct-1927 Glendive Dawson 3499
      Agnes Buttelman Glendive 21 Glendive John Buttelman & Grace Redfield
LEWIS, Stella see Nichols, William B
LEWIS, Terrell see Lewis, George
LEWIS, Theresa Irene see Thatcher, Walker L
LEWIS, Thomas see Lewis
LEWIS, Vera see Grayson, George L
LEWIS, Viola see Rigsby, David
LEWIS, Vivian see Kinney, Herbert C
LEWIS, W A see Lewis, Charles W
LEWIS, Willard see Powell, Earl
LEWIS, Willard Francis       Glasgow 30 Ill William H Lewis & Maggie Placher 12-Jun-1918 Glasgow Valley 2382
      Viola Margarette Brydon Glasgow 21 Mn Charles E Bryden & Mary O’Mara
LEWIS, William       Girard 35 Grand Rapids Mich Minard & Jeannie Lewis 21-Nov-1910 Sioux Pass Dawson 866
      Elizabeth Hardy Sioux Pass 29 LaCrosse Wisc James & Lydia Hardy
LEWIS, William H see Lewis, Willard F
LEWIS, William M       Glendive 33 Manchester Tenn J M Lewis & Laura Petty 19-May-1919 Glendive Dawson 2517
      Bessie France Glendive 18 Red Bird Nebr William France & Lulla Doram
LEWIS, William R see Lewis, David J
LEWIS, Willie H       N D 31 S D Milo Lewis & Elsie Stralton 6-Nov-1918 Wibaux Wibaux 220
      Margie Carmichel N D 16 Mich Bert Carmichel & Ida Lemcool
LEWOW, Harry E       Glasgow 25 Russia Samuel Lewow & Anna Login 11-Aug-1930 Hinsdale Valley 3578
      Florence Schuman Glasgow 18 N D Victor Schuman & Flake Miller
LEWOW, Samuel see Lewow, Harry E
LEZIE, Charles L see Lezie, Phillip
LEZIE, Phillip       Lethbridge 25 Crookston Mn Charles L Lezie & Mary L Allerd 1-Oct-1911 Glasgow Valley 900
      Zoa Dana Fondulac Wis 27 Fondulac William Dana & Josephine Dupray
LEZIE, Rose Allard see Peterson, Karl R
LIABO, Elizabeth see Mahlstadt, George L
LIADEL, Oluffa see Moholt, Louis
LIAN, Thomas see Parr, Carl
LIAVENS, Catherine see Bartelt, Frank M
LIAVENS, Ed see Bartelt, Frank M
LIAZENBY, Eula see Johnson, Joseph W L
LIBBERT, Rosanna see Prenevost, Moise James
LIBBIA, Frank see Libbia, Jack
LIBBIA, Jack       Richardton N D 21 Chippewa Falls Wisc Frank Libbia & Ella Streeter 18-Jul-1916 Glendive Dawson 1969
      Hollis Zebley Richardton 18 Magnolia Illinois Sam Zebley & Mary Detman
LIBBY, Anna see Bakley, Lewis E
LIBBY, Belle see Farris, Richard
LIBBY, George see Davison, George W
LIBBY, George see Libby, Richard Hubbard
LIBBY, George see Thede, John
LIBBY, George H see Farris, Richard
LIBBY, George H see Libby, Raymond
LIBBY, George W see Johnston, John Dennis
LIBBY, Raymond       Bloomfield 21 Elk Point S D George H Libby & Virginia Ferris 4-Nov-1914 ??? Dawson 1609
      Jeanie West Circle 18 Ontario Canada David West & Elizabeth Woods
LIBBY, Richard Hubbard       Glendive 24 McCork Cty S D George Libby & Jennie Fenis 2-Nov-1909 Glendive Dawson 738
      Freda Soenksen Glendive 24 Risems? Germany Johan Soenksen & Hannah Fredrickson
LIBBY, Sarah see Hasty, Fred D
LIBBY, Susie see Davison, George W
LIBERTY, George see Smith
LIBESAY, Audra see Dunbar, J M
LIBKICKER, Colin Bord see Arrivee
LIBKICKER, Florence see Arrivee
LICHT, Minnie see Sutherland, Maurice Daniel
LICK, Henry Edward       Hinsdale 36 Mn Peter Lick & Bertha Richter 29-May-1919 Glasgow Valley 2512
      Mrs Caroline W Clark Hinsdale 39 Mn C C Watts & Clarinda Gilpatrick
LICK, Louisa see Peters, Henry F
LICK, Peter see Lick, Henry Edward
LICKER, Edith see Cornwell, Lavern
LICKER, Edith see Cornwell, George
LIDA, Iver       Glentana 27 Lasje Nor Ole Lida & Maret Olstadlakken 7-Dec-1916 Glasgow Valley 2012
      Elice Belle Kolstad Glentana 28 Lesje Norway Hans Kolstad & Mgu? Buryk Hege?
LIDA, Ole see Lida, Iver
LIDAHL, Arnold       P’wood 24 Nelson Wis Thomas Lidahl & Olga Moller 29-Jun-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2955
      Beulah Nelson P’wood 23 Dooley Ted Nelson & Mary Darrington
LIDAHL, Thomas see Lidahl
LIDAL, Gertrude see Stolen, Anders
LIDDLE, Fletcher L see Liddle, Henry LeeRoy
LIDDLE, George D       Zurich 24 Chinook Harry S Liddle & Margaret Thornber 10-Mar-1924 Chinook Blaine 798
      Helen E Dolan Harlem 18 Marion Iowa Leonard Dolan & Lura Alger
LIDDLE, Harry S see Liddle, George D
LIDDLE, Henry LeeRoy       Sand Creek 35 Hastings Mn Fletcher L Liddle & Alice C Meyers 12-Nov-1924 Wolf Point Roosivelt 690
      Nellie Roseman Wis 26 Wis William Roseman & Margaret Mooney
LIDDLE, Isabelle see Heubner, Charles F
LIDDLE, William see Heubner, Charles F
LIDEEN, Mathil? see Patterson, Albin H
LIDEEN, Oline see Ward, Ralph Giles
LIDEN, Pete see Hewson, Gilbert
LIDEN, Ruth see Hewson, Gilbert
LIDKE, Mildred C (Johnson?) see Hendrickson, Andrew
LIE, see White Man
LIE, Ray see Canen, Elmer R
LIEBERN?, Bertha see Morisset, Bryan G
LIEDAHL, Ingeborg see Bratoger, Olof
LIEDAHL, St—? see Bratoger, Olof
LIEFER?, Minnie see Discher, Carl
LIEFSON, John see Murphy, James W
LIEFSON, Mable C see Murphy, James W
LIEN, Abel E see Stanley, Claude E
LIEN, Andrew O see Jensen, Jens Peter
LIEN, Anna see Jensen, Jens Peter
LIEN, Augusta see Hjelm
LIEN, Augusta see Rue
LIEN, Austin see Glenzer, Lester Thorne
LIEN, Bernhard       Tande 32 N D Jacob Lien & Rosie Roe 25-Jun-1916 Scobey Sheridan 797
      Bertha Berg Grand Forks N D 20 Grand Forks Julius Berg & Bertha Nelson
LIEN, Bertha (Berg?) see Makeland, Robert Eugene
LIEN, Berthina see Tande, Albert
LIEN, Carrie see Rapp, Howard
LIEN, Edward       Froid 40 Mn Ole Lien & Marrit Reveling 31-Oct-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1101
      Clara Anstensen? Froid 37 Norway Anton Johnson & Matja Severson
LIEN, Esther K see Stanley, Claude E
LIEN, Gustav O       Froid 25 Mn Ole Lien & Marrit? Reveling 21-Oct-1927 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1100
      Nina Mabel Tobieson Froid 18 Aurelia N D Ole Tobieson & Lena Ericson
LIEN, Hannah see Kulsley, John
LIEN, Helmer       Scobey 29 Grand Forks N D Jacob K Lein & Ragnhild Roe 16-May-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2059
      Oline Hove Washburn Wis Ole Hove & Marit Vigin
LIEN, Ingebor see Schow, Johnnie S
LIEN, Jack       Saco 38 Trondhjem Norway Nels Lien & Carrie Johnson 15-Mar-1910 Glasgow Valley 594
      Sarah Cullen Glasgow 24 Liverpool England H C Cullen & Sarah Maguire
LIEN, Jacob see Tande, Albert
LIEN, Jacob see Brudie
LIEN, Jacob see Lien
LIEN, Jacob K see Lien
LIEN, Jennie see Juve
LIEN, Jennie see Rasmussen
LIEN, Joe       Alexander N D 23 Cando N D Ole Lien & Mildred Lervold 8-Nov-1918 Glendive Dawson 2443
      Pearl White Sidney 18 Billings ??? White & ???
LIEN, L Cora Lillian see Glenzer, Lester Thorne
LIEN, Laura E see Corey, Edward Allen
LIEN, Martha see Fladager, Selmar
LIEN, Martha see Minneo, Peter
LIEN, Nels see Lien, Jack
LIEN, Nels & see Hjelm
LIEN, Nels O & Gertrude see Juve
LIEN, Ole see Lien, Joe
LIEN, Ole see Lien, Edward
LIEN, Ole see Lien, Gustav O
LIEN, Thea Marie see Brudie
LIENBERG, Charles see Kwasnicki
LIERMANN, Benjamin Charles       Knapp Wis 25 Lucas Wis Charles F A Liermann & Tina Wagner 2-Sep-1913 Mondak Sheridan 71
      Francis Emma Brooks Mondak 22 Janesville Wis Frank Brooks & Francis L Honslain
LIERMANN, Charles A see Liermann
LIESCH, Selma see Brabley, James A
LIETKA, Bertha see Remus, Herman
LIEURENCE?, Edward see Ellis, Edward G
LIFER, Mary see Discher, Louis
LIFESO, Mary see Noland
LIFORD, Mary see Barnier
LIFQUIST?, Corrie see Parsons, Clifford LeRoy
LIGGETT, Edna see Hugos
LIGGETT, Nannie see Price, Lawrence Arnold
LIGGETT, Thomas see Hugos
LIGHT, Hair see Arms, Charles
LIGHT, Carrie see Hall, Charles E
LIGHT, Ella see Roat
LIGHT, Jordan see Roat
LIGHT, Nellie see Dehl, Albert Archie
LIGHT, William see Dehl, Albert Archie
LIGHTFIELD, Lewis see Richards, James
LIGHTFIELD, Lorraine see Richards, James
LIGHTFOOT, James Robert see Lightfoot, Seevers Robert
LIGHTFOOT, Seevers Robert       Circle 23 Osceola Missouri James Robert Lightfoot & Grace Seevers 20-Apr-1915 Glendive Dawson 1703
      Florence Smith Circle 22 Houghton Wisc Wm Henry Smith & Mary Wagner
LIGHTHOUSE, Grace Livingston see Lund, Paul Otto Antoine
LIGHTIZER, John A see Lightizer, Vance B
LIGHTIZER, Vance B       Glendive 21 Webster S D John A Lightizer & Cora Cease 12-Feb-1915 Glendive Dawson 1659
      Winifred E Harner Glendive 25 Black River Falls Wisc Albert Harner & Nellie Walsh
LIGHTNER, Anise see Ruppel, Carrol L
LIGHTNER, Charles see Lightner, Herbert A
LIGHTNER, Chas P see Lightner, Herbert A
LIGHTNER, G W see Ruppel, Carrol L
LIGHTNER, Herbert A       Mondak 36 Creighton Neb Chas P Lightner & Evelin Bruce 1-Jul-1918 Mondak Valley 382
      Della Howard Mondak 18 Custer Cty Nebr S P Howard & Elnora Davis
LIGHTNER, Herbert A       Mondak 35 Creighton Nebr Charles Lightner & Evelyn F Buer 5-Jul-1907 Glendive Dawson 525
      Blanche Reeves Mondak 22 Foxholm N D James Baker & Alice Lyon
LIGHTNER, Margaret see Mills, Wilson L
LIGHTNER, Winifred Irene see Worthington, Paul Burton
LIGHTNING, Set see Old Rock
LIGHTNING, Woman see Foote
LIGHTWING, Rose see Mail, John
LIJUSVEIT, Bertha Jacobsdtr see Torkelson, Torvald Bernhard
LIJUSVEIT, Torkel see Torkelson, Torvald Bernhard
LIKEN, Millie see Johnson
LIKES, the Lodge see Longknife, John
LIKES, Them see Perry
LIKES, Mary see Stewart, Lawrence William
LIKNES, Erick see Liknes, Leonard
LIKNES, Marie see Hansen
LIKNESS, Leonard       Veblen S D 21 Veblen Erick Liknes & Lena Jacobson 27-Mar-1924 Wibaux Wibaux 421
      Ella Nelson Veblen 22 Veblen Charley Nelson & Jessie Jacobson
LILBWIN, Levina see Humphrey, John W
LILE, Mary see Reeves, Rolla M
LILES, Effie May see Granvold
LILES, Elmer see Liles, Vance E
LILES, Lily see Phillips, Ernest Jr
LILES, Vance E       Beach N D 23 Shelby Cty Iowa Elmer Liles & Cassie Parmley 12-Oct-1915 Glendive Dawson 1791
      Maud Anderson Curl Beach N D 18 Shelby Cty Iowa Elwood Curl & Hanna Muller
LILIE, William       Phillips 65 Germany 4-Oct-1916 Phillips 140
      Mrs P L Fortney Phillips 67 New York
LILIE, Wm & Mrs see Cavanaugh, Arthur
LILIENKAMP, Rosalie see Larkin, Neal
LILJA, Fred see Dahl, Roy Selmer
LILJA, Gladys Evelyn see Dahl, Roy Selmer
LILJEBAHL?, Olive see Ford, Wiley J
LILJEGREEN, Carl       Miles City 24 Denmark L C Liljegreen & Christina Sorenson 2-Feb-1915 Glendive Dawson 1663
      Agnes Elizabeth Wyse Lindsay 24 Princeton Wisc William Wyse & Mary Murphy
LILJEGREEN, S C see Liljegreen, Carl
LILJENDAHL, Aug & Anne see Norden, John
LILJENDAHL, Louise see Norden, John
LILLE, Edward James       Glasgow 25 N Y Frank Lille & ??? 3-Jul-1917 Glasgow Valley 2158
      Bessie Obermann Glasgow 22 ??? Joseph Obermann & Anna Kosek
LILLE, Frank see Lille, Edward James
LILLEFLOREN, Clara Amelia see Nordhagen
LILLEFLOREN, Emma see Nordhagen
LILLEFLOREN, Gullick see Nordhagen
LILLERUD, Marie see Christensen
LILLETHUN, Albert Thomas       Westby 23 Fingal N D Thomas Lillethun & Margaret Lund 4-Aug-1928 Bainville Sheridan 2344
      Alice Irene Nestor Westby 19 Balfour N D Oscar Nestor & Helen Hanson
LILLETHUN, Thomas see Lillethun
LILLEVEJN, Bertha see Lebeck
LILLEVIG, Sope see Bergstrom, Einar M
LILLIBRIDGE, Lila Ethel see Kindle, William E
LILLIBRIDGE, Matt see Kindle, William E
LILLIE, Annie see Butcher, James
LILLIE, Harold A       Dickinson N D 21 Leon Iowa John A Lillie & Mary E Johnston 22-Jul-1908 Wibaux Wibaux 617
      Ione Waldo Dickinson 19 Petersburg Neb Hiram E Waldo & Ira F Bishop
LILLIE, John A see Lillie, Harold A
LILLIGARD, Conrad       Phillips 24 N D 17-Apr-1917 Phillips 207
      Ida Johnson Phillips 24
LILLIJORD, Anna see Bonner, William
LILLIJORD, Lars see Bonner, William
LILLIS, P H see Lillis, T H
LILLIS, T H       Sherman Texas 27 Springfield Missouri P H Lillis & Emma Robson 4-Aug-1914 Glendive Dawson 1561
      Katherine McCord Luverne Mn 22 Adrian Mn John McCord & Anna Flave
LILLISAND, Dorothy see Rohme, Olaf Bernhard
LILLSAAS, Ole Elias see Peterson, Hans J
LILLY, Bernard see Goebel, Edwin Albert
LILLY, Teresa see Goebel, Edwin Albert
LILLYWHITE, Isabella B see Richardson, Lloyd G
LILY, Alzidy see Skirtvid, Knut
LILYS, Martha (Radens) see Hatvick
LIMBERG, Gumer? see Adams, Wm A
LIMDELOUF, Helma see Goonson, Otto
LIMESAND, Albert B       Circle 43 Brookings S D Lewis Limesand & Mary Peterson 17-Feb-1930 Dawson 3844
      Lillian Schara Circle 19 Eau Claire Gust Schara & Josephine Schaffer
LIMESAND, Hannah see Weed, Dale Albert
LIMESAND, Henry       Circle 31 Brookings Cty S D L A Limesand & Mary O Peterson 9-Oct-1920 Circle McCone 17
      Margaret Deml Stoddard Wisc 27 Stoddard Joseph Deml & Anna Leibrecht
LIMESAND, Ida see Rasmussen, George A
LIMESAND, L A see Limesand, Marvin
LIMESAND, L A see Limesand, Henry
LIMESAND, Lars see Thorsness, Hjalmar
LIMESAND, Lewis see Limesand, Albert B
LIMESAND, Lewis see Harms, Albert
LIMESAND, Lewis see Limesand, Louis
LIMESAND, Lillie see Harms, Albert
LIMESAND, Louis see Rasmussen, George A
LIMESAND, Louis       Circle 24 Brookings N D Lewis Limesand & Mary Peterson 6-Sep-1925 Circle McCone 87
      Mildred Curtis Circle 21 Bovine Wisc John Curtiss & Abbie McNiese
LIMESAND, Marvin       Circle 27 Brookings S D L A Limesand & Mary Peterson 11-Jun-1925 Glendive Dawson 3225
      Carol Parsley Circle 20 Franklin Indiana Jasper Parsley & Cora M Slevin
LIMESAND, Minnie Louise see Thorsness, Hjalmar
LIMING, Andrew see Liming, John F
LIMING, Frank see Liming, Ray
LIMING, John F       Bloomfield 66 Fulton Cty Indiana Andrew Liming & Mary Ann Applegate 24-Feb-1920 Glendive Dawson 2620
      Jeannette Godwin Bloomfield 62 Branch Cty Mich George Mizner & Rhoda Clendenin
LIMING, Ray       Marco 21 Puliski Cty Indiana Frank Lining & Clara Shepard 13-Oct-1916 Glendive Dawson 2023
      Hazel M Hammel Marco 19 Pulaski Cty Indiana Ray Hammel & Nora Cox
LIMMERMANN, Emma see Gile, Clyde
LINABARY, Bertha E see Jimison, Robert C
LINABARY, Orville Howard       Miles City 25 Pittsburgh Kansas Orville Howard Linabary & Eva Johnson 7-Apr-1924 Glendive Dawson 3096
      Elizabeth Root Miles City 18 Faith Mn Amos Root & Georgiana Hoeg
LINCECUM, Leo       Theony 30 Neb Louis Lincecum & Sophia Greener 16-Nov-1917 Glasgow Valley 2280
      Midget Hulet Thoeny 27 Mo William Hulet & Mary VanDusker
LINCECUM, Louis see Lincecum, Leo
LINCHESTER, Alex       Saco 27 Ill 26-Dec-1928 Phillips 1093
      Lena Snipstad Saco 25 S D
LINCHESTER, Alex see Hubbard, Lisle
LINCOLN, Susan see Johnston, John Dennis
LIND, ??? see Boner, Everett E
LIND, Homer see Murphy, James
LIND, Mabel see Murphy, James
LIND, Victor       Phillips 31 Sweden 24-Jun-1919 Phillips 433
      Helga (Hazel?) Peterson ??? 19 Norway
LINDAHL, Alma Delia see Story, John M
LINDAHL, Amund see Story, John M
LINDAHL, Jennie see Peterson, Karl R
LINDAHL, Peter S       Bainville 37 Sweden Swan Lindahl & Karen Nelson
      Phoebe Panger Bainville 36 Wis Joseph Yellen? & Sophia LaTiber?
LINDAHL, Swan see Lindahl
LINDALL, John A see Wolfe, Carol Don
LINDALL, Mildred Adeline see Wolfe, Carol Don
LINDAUER, Anton see Conrad, Jesse A
LINDAUER, Bertha see Conrad, Jesse A
LINDBERG, Andrew G       Stady N D 44 Sweden Lars Lindberg & Anna Johnson 29-May-1913 Plentywood Sheridan 18
      Anna Louise Lindstrom Stady N D 37 Sweden Andrew Lindstrom & Anna Erickson
LINDBERG, Andrew M see Lindberg, August H
LINDBERG, Anna see Hisdahl, Bernhardt
LINDBERG, August H       P’wood 30 Northfield Mn Andrew M Lindberh & Hanna Winberg 7-Feb-1912 P’wood Valley 995
      Lalia Augusta Thompson P’wood 18 Nora Springs Iowa Chas C Thompson & Lizzie B Fizell
LINDBERG, Bertha see Hisdahl, Ole
LINDBERG, Bertha S see Austin, Fred J
LINDBERG, Britha see Needles
LINDBERG, Catherine S see Carlson, Victor
LINDBERG, Ceceley see Sandgren, Louis
LINDBERG, Charles see Austin, Fred J
LINDBERG, Charley see Hisdahl, Ole
LINDBERG, Chas see Stevens, Philander F
LINDBERG, Christian O see Malunet, Henry
LINDBERG, Lars see Lindberg
LINDBERG, Loren J       Bottineau N D 24 Bottineau P J Lindberg & Matilda Hammestad 14-Feb-1926 Scobey Daniels 250
      Mabel H Mollerstuen Flaxville 24 Twin Valley Mn Hans A Mollerstuen & Sena Martha Urdahl
LINDBERG, Mary see Scalisi, Jack
LINDBERG, P J see Lindberg, Loren J
LINDBERG, Valeda Martha see Malunet, Henry
LINDBLOM, August see Lindblom, Louis
LINDBLOM, August A see Lindblom, George
LINDBLOM, Charles see Lindblom, Edwin
LINDBLOM, Edwin       Harlem 24 Harlem Charles Lindblom & Minnie Carlson 24-Apr-1926 Chinook Blaine 935
      Bessie Claridge Zurich 18 Mencken N D James Coleridge & Harriet Imus
LINDBLOM, Erick see Lindblom
LINDBLOM, George A       Hinsdale 46 Chisago Mn August Lindblom & Mary Olson 14-Oct-1909 Hinsdale Valley 516
      Millie C Roub Hinsdale 18 Wash H O Roub & Anna May Lee?
LINDBLOM, John       Raymond 41 Sweden Erick Lindblom & Brita Christopherson 11-Apr-1921 Plentywood Sheridan 1722
      Agnes Bollinder Raymond 22 Mn Erick Bollinder & Thea Thompson
LINDBLOM, John       Raymond 35 Sweden Erick Lindblom & Breta Samuelson 29-Jul-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 519
      Thea Johnson Raymond 30 Mn Thosten & Marta Thorstenson
LINDBLOM, Louis C       Hinsdale 27 Mn August Lindblom & Mary Magnison 3-jun-1906 Hinsdale? Valley 226
      Jessie M Roub Hinsdale 24 Washington H D Roub & Anna Mabee
LINDE, Elizabeth see Aldrich, Charles
LINDE, Martha see Lee, William P
LINDEGAARD, K P       Dagmar 30 Denmark Hans & Marie Peterson 15-Oct-1927 Dagmar Sheridan 2276
      Thyra Jorgenson Dagmar 33 Wis Jorgen Jorgenson & Christiania Olson
LINDEKE, Edwin R see Lindeke, Raymond
LINDEKE, Raymond       Dodson 22 St Paul Mn Edward R Lindeke & Caroline Kirkey 18-Aug-1914 Dodson Blaine 147
      Clara Johanna Gunther Dodson 25 Mpls Mn John Gunther & Eliza Marie Rennethum?
LINDELIEN, Kristi see Leer
LINDELL, Arthur       Saco 24 Mn Nels Lindell & Anna Nelson 19-Jun-1917 Glasgow Valley 2131
      Agnes V O’Connell ??? 19 Wis John O’Connell & Elizabeth McMahon
LINDELL, Garnette see King
LINDELL, Gust H       Opheim 27 Clement N D Otto Lindell & Tekla Borglund 27-Jun-1917 Opheim Valley 2143
      Dorothy C Moe Opheim 18 Mn Chris J Moe & Hallie Robertson
LINDELL, Nels see Lindell, Theodore
LINDELL, Nels see Lindell, Arthur
LINDELL, Otto see Lindell, Gust H
LINDELL, Ted see King
LINDELL, Theodore       Antelope 25 Clara City Mn Nels Lindell & Anna Olson Valley 1208 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Nettie Bruvold Ambrose N D 21 Trempeleau Cty Wis Peter Bruvold & Ellen Hanson
LINDELOW, Andrew & Louise see Lindelow, Eskel V
LINDELOW, Eskel V       Havre 28 Valley City N D Andrew & Louise Lindelow 18-Nov-1929 Chinook Blaine 1184
      Hazel Tehelka Minot 23 Carpio N D Peter Tehelka & Emma Koves
LINDEMAN, Bertha see Bodie
LINDEMAN, Joseph see Lindeman, Phillip
LINDEMAN, Phillip       Glendive 56 Germany Joseph Lindeman & Margaret Luide 4-Jan-1915 Glendive Dawson 1640
      Katie Warner (Warnes?) Glendive 49 Germany Frederick Klug & Anna Maier
LINDEN, Charles       Baylor 28 Poland Isador Linden & Mary Munk 27-Jun-1917 Glasgow Valley 2151
      Annie Miller Minneapolis Mn 22 Russia Joseph Miller & Anna Nelson
LINDEN, Isador see Linden, Charles
LINDENER, Catherine see Rinker
LINDENTHALER, Emily K see Martinson, Elmer
LINDER, Annie see Boeckman, Charles G
LINDER, Anton see Murr, Ludwig
LINDER, Benjamin F       Flaxville 33 Wis Fred Linder & Mary Wagner 16-Oct-1917 Plentywood Sheridan 1160
      Ethel McGinn Flaxville 23 Can Percy McGinn & Cora Cuddie
LINDER, Edwin       Flaxville 21 Wis Frank Linder & Celia Eberlocker 22-Nov-1928 Scobey
      Lena Meyers Flaxville 19 Sask Can Johannes Meyers & Nellie Blom
LINDER, Frank see Linder, Eddie
LINDER, Frank see Linder, Raymond
LINDER, Frank see Arion, Walter C
LINDER, Frank see Schreiner
LINDER, Fred see Linder Benjamin
LINDER, Johanna see Vaubel, Adam S
LINDER, John see McDonald, Glenn D
LINDER, Laraine see Arion, Walter C
LINDER, Lillian see Schreiner
LINDER, Mary see Schlag, Harley
LINDER, Mary see Julum, Oliver
LINDER, Mary see Murr, Harold F
LINDER, Mary see Murr
LINDER, Nannie H see McDonald, Glenn D
LINDER, Raymond A       Flaxville 34 Marithon City Wis Frank Linder & Celia Eberlocker 28-May-1929 Scobey Daniels 434
      Ethel G Swanson Flaxville 22 Cumberland Wis Charles Swanson & Signe Bergstrom
LINDER, Viola see Murr, Ludwig
LINDER, Wade C       Dodson 28 Iowa 7-Apr-1920 Phillips 492
      Mercedes Lee Dodson 23 Iowa
LINDERMAN, Charles       Wolf Point 29 Mn James Linderman & Christina Johnson 24-Nov-1919 Glasgow Valley 2590
      Martha Finstad Wolf Point 18 Iowa A J Finstad & Rachael Risdahl
LINDERMAN, Harry J       Glentana 22 Lime Springs Iowa John F Linderman & Carrie Thompson 12-Jul-1924 Glasgow Valley 3071
      Ruth Opheim Opheim 18 Decorah Iowa Alfred Opheim & Helen Quandshl
LINDERMAN, James see Linderman, James R
LINDERMAN, James see Linderman, Charles
LINDERMAN, James R       Sand Creek 26 Poplar James Linderman & Christine Johnson 12-Jun-1918 Glasgow Valley 2384
      Eveline Shephard Sand Creek 19 Clinton Iowa Nathanian Shephard & Ida Andrews
LINDERMAN, Jessie M (Peterson?) see Meyers, Charles
LINDERMAN, John F see Linderman, Harry J
LINDERMAN, May see Ward, Lewis S
LINDEVIG, Chris see Lindevig, Thomas C
LINDEVIG, Thomas C       Lambert 42 Westby Wisc Chris Lindevig & Carrie Lucken 6-Jul-1925 Glendive Dawson 3236
      Nancy Matteson (Nettie Mathison) Lambert 35 Coon Valley Wisc Lars Sagmon & Mathie Volden
LINDGREN, Lida see Perry, Samuel
LINDHE, Gladys see Fellon
LINDHE, Oscar see Fellon
LINDHOLM, Lida see Carlson
LINDHOLM, Lindia? see McLaughlin
LINDHOLM, Lyda see Carlson
LINDIE, Mary see Fossum
LINDLEY, Phoebe see Samson, David
LINDNER, William       Dodson 33 Mn 21-Oct-1922 Phillips 675
      Lorene Young Waliston 20 N D
LINDNER, William & Mrs see Jensen, Hans Martin
LINDORD?, Ruth Emeline (Collins?) see Arnold, Maurice Mark
LINDQUIST, Albert O see Haugen
LINDQUIST, Alfred see Lindquist, Ernest A
LINDQUIST, Alfred see Dolan, James Jr
LINDQUIST, Altha O see Wood, Leron R
LINDQUIST, Annie O see Johnson
LINDQUIST, Delia see Dolan, James Jr
LINDQUIST, Grace M see Haugen
LINDROTT, Sophia see Nelson, Andrew A
LINDSAY, Donna see Rohde, Herbert
LINDSAY, Frank T see McDaniel, Frank T
LINDSAY, Hattie see Tillstson, Claude
LINDSAY, Helen Rose see McDaniel, Frank T
LINDSAY, Lillie J see Harris
LINDSAY, Mae see Gregg, James
LINDSAY, Robert see Miller, Eugene A
LINDSAY, Rose see Gopen, George W
LINDSAY, William       26-Aug-??? Glendive Dawson 58
      Alace Ruhe
LINDSEY, Catherine see Murphy
LINDSEY, Dona see Johnson, William C
LINDSEY, Elsie see Childs, Roy
LINDSEY, George Adrian       Sidney 23 Minneapolis Guy Harrison Lindsey & Dora Dineen 6-Oct-1928 Glendive Dawson 3634
      Merle May Datson Sidney 28 Saylorsville Iowa George Datson & Minnie Keeton
LINDSEY, Guy Harrison see Lindsey, George Adrian
LINDSEY, Katherine see Richardson
LINDSEY, Nellie see Call, Russell
LINDSTAD, Hans see Lindstad, Hans
LINDSTAD, Ragnwald       Thermopolis Wyo 36 Norway Hans Lindstad & Ingeborg Rasmussen 28-Mar-1917 Glendive Dawson 2133
      Mrs Bergitta Granmo Glendive 29 Norway Holdar Sandwick & Gurine Sirum
LINDSTEN, Arthur       Vida 24 Ramsey Cty Mn Gust Lindsten & Catherine Goddard 17-Nov-1915 Glasgow Valley 1772
      Louise Farnham Vida 17 Wis Charles Farnham & Ella Masterman
LINDSTEN, Gust see Lindsten, Arthur
LINDSTROM, Andreas see Nyberg, Oscar
LINDSTROM, Andrew see Lindberg
LINDSTROM, Anna see Lindberg
LINDSTROM, Carolina see Magnuson, Nick
LINDSTROM , Emma see Nyberg, Oscar
LINDSTROM, Freda see Nelson
LINDSTROM, G N see Lindstrom, Hilmer
LINDSTROM, Hilmer       Carlyle 43 Sweden G N Lindstrom & Melina Anderson 20-Mar-1926 Glendive Dawson 3339
      Pearl Virts Carlyle 36 Linden Indiana Joseph Dudley & Clara Switzer
LINDSTROM, Ida see Hartse, Lawrence W
LINDT, Mary E see Paul, E G
LINDVAL, Martha see Goetzinger
LINEBARGER, David H see Linebarger, Walter L
LINEBARGER, Margaret see Butts, W L
LINEBARGER, Mrs Dora Ann see Barnes, James W
LINEBARGER, Walter L       Hazney 25 Lewistown David H Linebarger & David A Graham 19-Jan-1918 Hazny Dawson 2473
      Grace A Reynolds Bruce 26 Hemingford Nebr Charlie L Reynolds & Millie F Leavitt
LINEBAUGH,, Susan, see Sonafrank
LINEBERGER, David see Trotter, James B
LINEBERGER, Maud M see Trotter, James B
LINEBERGER, Mollie see Swanton, Edward
LINEBERGRI, Mary see Ory, George
LINEBERRY, David W       Barr 26 Ill William W Lineberry & Emma Keyser 17-Apr-1917 Glasgow Valley 2112
      Emma A Taylor Thoeny 18 Oregon W B Taylor & Lenrita Barnhill
LINEBERRY, William W see Lineberry, David W
LINEMAN, Josephine see Noble, William J
LINENDOLL, Chester W       Grenora N D 32 S D George Linendoll & Matilda Nichols 12-Dec-1921 Plentywood Sheridan 1772
      Flor-ence M Williams Grenora 21 N D Charley Williams & May Lawton
LINENDOLL, George see Linendoll
LINENESS, Anna see Christopherson, Louis
LINEWEAVER, George see Lineweaver, William
LINEWEAVER, William       Fairview 21 Estherville Iowa George Lineweaver & Christiana Gano 27-Jun-1914 Glendive Dawson 1527
      Emmet Kraus Mondak 20 Edgar Wisc Frank Kraus & Johanna Halkowitz
LING, Charles W       Havre 28 Havre Charles W Ling & Emma Pillows 16-Apr-1927 Chinook Blaine 988
      Vada Frances Blankenship Havre 23 Bartlett N D Other P Blankenship & Jennie Clark
LING, D S see Ling, Ray
LING, Ray       Ottumwa Iowa 37 Sheldon Iowa D S Ling & Jennie Eshbough 27-May-1922 Glasgow Valley 2877
      Wilma Francis San Francisco 41 Milwaukee Wis Fredrick Strelose & Bertha Bartz
LINGEN, Elsie see Kirn, Stanley C
LINGEN, Elsie see Nordwick, Bennie W
LINGLE, Celia see Dell, Thomas Earnest
LINGLE, Donald       Frazer 27 Kalispell J B Lingle & Etta Frances 2-Jul-1924 Glasgow Valley 3066
      Edith Marie McCrea Frazer 19 Ekalaka P L McCrea & Etta Wilson
LINGLE, E M see Lingle, T J
LINGLE, Ella see Hawley, Nykee Cranson
LINGLE, Emamuel see Lingle, George Washington
LINGLE, Eva see McCrea, Rupert
LINGLE, Eva see Nagel
LINGLE, Eva Lettie Leota see Brooks, Frank Melvin
LINGLE, Fred       Bonin 20 Huggins Mo George W Lingle & Sarah Kelly 18-Feb-1926 Frazer Valley 3195
      Goldie Leona Brooks Frazer 17 Kendall Wis Charles M Brooks & Adelia Saxby
LINGLE, George see Cook, Bert
LINGLE, George see Dell, Thomas Earnest
LINGLE, George see Brooks, Frank Melvin
LINGLE, George see Sigmund, Howard S
LINGLE, George see McNabb, Leo Lambert
LINGLE, George W see Lingle, Fred
LINGLE, George Washington       Bonin 55 Iowa Emanuel Lingle & Annie McNeil 24-Aug-1929 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1364
      Dana Kelly Mo 47 Mo Thomas Tuttle & Margaret Stanley
LINGLE, Grace Edith see Sigmund, Howard S
LINGLE, J B see Miller, Willard J
LINGLE, J B see Chose, Frances M
LINGLE, J B see Lingle, Donald
LINGLE, J B see Lingle, William J
LINGLE, Jacob see Gaffield, Chester
LINGLE, Jacob B see Lingle, Mearl E
LINGLE, Jake see McCrea, Rupert
LINGLE, Julia see Cook, Bert
LINGLE, Lillian Mae see Miller, Willard J
LINGLE, Mary A see Sasson, Andrew
LINGLE, Mearl E       Frazer 22 Lethbridge Alberta Can Jacob B Lingle & Etta Francis 31-Oct-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 564
      Nellie McCre Frazer 18 Terry Perry L McCre & Etta Wilson
LINGLE, Pearl see Chose, Francis M
LINGLE, Rose see Hagfeldt, Hilmer
LINGLE, T J       Frazer 26 Iowa E M Lingle & Anna McNeal 24-Mar-1915 Glasgow Valley 1648
      Dollie V Thompson Kalispell Mo B G Thompson & Sarah Car_?
LINGLE, Viola see Gaffield, Chester
LINGLE, William J       Frazer 25 Mn J B Lingle & Etta Francis 22-Dec-1916 Glasgow Valley 2032
      Nettie Attleson Frazer 27 Iowa Ed Attleson & Julia Thompson
LINGREN, Carrie see Peterson, Ernest Theodore
LINGSWELLER, Mary C see Dion, Frederick Eugene
LINGYEAR, Julia see Archambault, Victor G
LINHAGEN, Hanna see Risen, Walter
LINHOLM, Sophia see Risen, Walter
LINIMONS, Mellie see Hughes, Frank D
LININGER, J P see Lininger
LININGER, Ralph       Westby Legal Iowa J P Lininger & Mathilda Parsons 3-Nov-1927 Plentywood Sheridan 2282
      Minda Caroline Ellingson Westby legal N D Peter Ellingson & Agnes Flaskerud
LININGER, Reubel see Knauff, John Irwin
LINK, Alvin L       Terry 27 Deer Creek Mn George Link & Louise Kruger 23-Nov-1927 Glendive Dawson 3512
      Gertrude Thompson Curlew Iowa 23 Curlew Gust A Thompson & Jennie Lyon
LINK, Anna see Hangs, Peter
LINK, Clara see Walker, James
LINK, David H & Mrs see Eskeldson, Edward
LINK, Edwin see Gildersleeve
LINK, George see Link, Alvin L
LINK, George see Walker, James
LINK, Glenn W       Malta 23 Mich 25-Feb-1928 Phillips 1006
      Cleo Bessie Quinn McCormick Malta 17 Mt
LINK, John see Bronson, Sidney Warren
LINK, Laura May see Eskeldson, Edward
LINK, Lizzie see Solen, Gust
LINK, Mary see Sear, John
LINK, Mary Francis see Bronson, Sidney Warren
LINK, Mrs Cora A see Robertson, Alexander Moore
LINK, Mrs G W see O’Riley, Thomas Bernard
LINK, Nellie Maud see Munn, Matthew
LINK, Olive see Whorley, Cecil James
LINK, Peter       Glendive 21 Angryalkut Hungary Peter Link & Amy West 17-Nov-1912 Glendive Dawson 1165
      Magdalena Mary Gerner Glen Ullen N D 19 Firecst Hungary Math Gerner & Theresia Mornian
LINK, Peter see Hangs, Peter
LINK, Peter see Solen, Gust
LINK, Ruth A see Gildersleeve
LINK, Tony see Sear, John
LINK, Virdella Elizabeth see Robertson, Alexander Moore
LINK, William see Munn, Matthew
LINK, Winifred see Whorley, Cecil James
LINKER, Francie see Anderson, Hans William
LINLEY, Elvina see Cullander, Clinton William
LINN, J E see Linn, James Edgar
LINN, James Edgar       Savage 27 Paxton Neb J E Linn & Sarah E Campbell 24-Dec-1919 Glendive Dawson 2601
      Pearl D Boerner Herman Mn 23 Herman Albert Boerner & Mary Deaka
LINN, Jean Flemming see Huxley, John
LINN, John see Linn, S D
LINN, S D       Glasgow 30 Berkley Indiana John Linn & Rena Hemminger 2-Dec-1928 Glasgow Valley 3437
      Nelle Jacobs Glasgow 22 Rugby N D Elmer F Jacobs & Florence Beeler
LINN, Walter see Huxley, John
LINNER, Lars & Mattie see Linner, Theodon
LINNER, Theodon       Wolf Point 25 Mn Lars & Mattie Linner 12-Sep-1923 Wolf Point Roosivelt 546
      Viola Hasner Wolf Point 16 S D Ray Hasner & Caroline Jennan?
LINNER, Tolive see Spencer, Benjamin H
LINNER, Tolive see Herting, John H
LINQUIST, Alfred see Gardner, Jessie Freeman
LINQUIST, Ernest A       Scobey 23 Velva N D Alfed Linquist & Amanda Screedlend? 23-Aug-1923 Scobey Daniels 271
      Lillian Bureyko Scobey 16 Dan Blin Man Can Nufry Bureyko & Mary Stefaniuk
LINQUIST, Josephine Eugenia see Gardner, Jessie Freeman
LINQUIST, Magastina see Hummel, Milo
LINQUIST, Mary see Dahl, Roy Selmer
LINSAY, Grant see Stearns, Ray A
LINSLEY, Duane B       27-Jul-1886 Dawson 56
      Annie Taylor
LINSON, Eva see Murphy, Boyd Chester
LINSON, William Thomas see Murphy, Boyd Chester
LINSTEADT, Martha see Hensrud, Leonard Carl
LINSTRAND, Bertha see Oelkers, Russell G
LINTHICUM, J L see Linthicum
LINTHICUM, Robert A       Richland 21 Ill J L Linthicum & Lena Bates 8-Dec-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 627
      Ethel Glaze Antelope 22 Neb Charles Glaze & Miner-va Frisby
LINTHIEUM, Jonathan see Linthium, William J
LINTHIEUM, William J       Opheim 26 Pawpaw Ill Jonathan Linthieum & Lena Bates 11-Feb-1918 ??? Valley 2333
      Louise J Murphy Willowvale Canada 28 Rices? Mn John Murphy & Jane Campbell
LINTNER, DeForest see Washburn, Willard Wallace
LINTNER, Edna Marie see Washburn, Willard Wallace
LINTON, Elizabeth see Pugh, J A
LINTON, Mrs W L see Temple, Frank
LINTON, Mrs W L see Burtch, Irwin T
LINTON, Tolvia see Johnson, Frank E
LINTON, W C see Johnson, Frank E
LINTON, W L see Walker, Bert
LINTZ, Esther see Kintner, Jacob H
LINVILLE, Lulu see Crawe, Jesse B
LIPPENS, Klemens see Verhasselt, Theophiel B
LIPPERT, Albertina see Wojahn, Gustav
LIPPESTAD, Anna see Bye, Arthur
LIPPESTOD?, Anna see Countryman, Albert Perry
LIPPINCOTT, D W       Glendive 43 Prairie Grove Iowa Thomas W Lippincott & Sarah Boszart 10-Jul-1918 Glendive Dawson 2399
      Edna DaVault Glendive 34 Mitchellville Missouri L M Ellis & Lavina Murilla Tate
LIPPINCOTT, Marie see Taylor, Clair A
LIPPINCOTT, Marie see McMahon, Guy
LIPPINCOTT, Thomas W see Lippincott, D W
LIPSCOMB, Ernest see Lipscomb
LIPSCOMB, Henry       Dagmar 26 Buford N D Ernest Lipscomb & Nettie Holloway 6-Mar-1935 Plentywood Sheridan 2913
      Esther Melby Dagmar 28 Osnabrook N D Oscar Melby & Nettie Palmer
LIPSICK, John       Glasgow 21 Austria John Lipsick & Annie Laznebrett? 8-June-1895 Glasgow Valley ?
      Mary Krieger Glasgow 19 Wis Barney Krieger & ???
LIPTRON?, Annie see Lundeen
LISCHEFAKA, Anna see Etcheverry, Jean B
LISH, Frank see Lish, Peter Francis
LISH, Peter Francis       Dickinson N D 26 Dickinson N D Frank Lish & Mary Mannix 7-Apr-1923 Glendive Dawson 2965
      Ruth June Delaney Dickinson N D 19 Waterbarry Nebr Bowers B Delaney & Algeth Hall
LISKA, Harm Edgar       Phillips 37 Wis 1-Aug-1917 Phillips 250
      Anna Iverson Phillips 49 Norway
LISKA, Mary see Stanek, Jerry
LISKUM, Glenna see Sveen, August M
LISOSKI, Albert see Lisoski, John
LISOSKI, John       Wolf Point 22 Mn Albert Lisoski & Julia Sowa 14-Oct-1925 Wolf Point Roosivelt 817
      Leona Merwin Wolf Point 18 Mn Pearl Merwin & Rose Walter
LIST, Abigain see Neal, Larkin
LIST, Jennie see Pierce
LIST, Sidney see Nelson, John A
LISTERUD, John see Listerud, Morris B
LISTERUD, Morris B       Wolf Point 27 Naugard? Mn John Listerud & Winnie Haug 13-Jul-1923 Glasgow Valley 2981
      Grace M Montgomery Wolf Point 27 Jokster? N D Joseph Montgomery & Mary MacDonald
LISTERUDE, Edna see Fawcett, Mark
LISTERUDE, Hans see Lund, Morris
LISTERUDE, John see Fawcett, Mark
LISTERUDE, Oline see Lund, Morris
LISTERUS, Deoline see Urban, Henry
LISTERUS, Hans see Urban, Henry
LISTOE, Amelia see Hill
LISTOE, John see Hill
LISTOE, John see Listoe
LISTOE, Roy       Westby 23 Crosby N D John Listoe & Turine Anderson 19-Oct-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2631
      Dorothy Foster Annger? Sask Ed Foster & Ned Sullivan
LISTON, Dorcas see Dryer, Muriel
LISTON, Glenn Vivian       Nashua 23 Sauk Center Mn W M Liston & Florence O Millinan? 14-Aug-1926 Glasgow Valley 3235
      Winifred Francis Taylor Hinsdale 20 Saco W F Taylor & Mary Jane Tinney
LISTON, Julius       Glasgow 23 Whitehall Wis S C Liston & Susan Kruger 4-Dec-1901 Glasgow Valley ?
      Shan Doyne 23 Stillwater Mn S Doyne
LISTON, Lars see Liston, Ludwig
LISTON, Lou Cecil see Horn, Edward
LISTON, Ludwig       Bainville 26 Nor Lars Liston & Johanna Johnson 7-Nov-1912 Bainville Valley 1151
      Irma Herkel Madison Wis 21 Waunakee Wis Charles Herkle & Caroline Runge
LISTON, S C see Liston, Julius
LISTON, W M see Dryer, Muriel
LISTON, W M see Liston, Glenn Vivian
LISTON, W M see Horn, Edward
LISTUEN, John see Carlson
LISTUEN, Mabel see Carlson
LISTUG, A T       Wolf Point 45 Mn T K Listug & Sarah Nordgard 11-Dec-1929 Glasgow Valley 3535
      Katherine Olson Wolf Point 34 Ulen Mn T & Katherine Bjorke
LISTUG, T K see Listug, A J
LISTZ, Mary see Ransom
LISVAN, Corrie see Dall, A
LITCH, C D see Litch, Maynard
LITCH, Jane see Chrest, Louis
LITCH, Maynard       Dickinson N D 23 Dickinson C D Litch & Mary Hoff 22-Jul-1916 Glendive Dawson 1972
      Laurene Mackey Glendive 20 Union City Ohio Thomas Mackey & Elizabeth Ullom
LITCH, Romanie see Frabert, A F
LITCHLITNER?, Caroline see Stauffer Irvin L
LITHSEN, Catherine see Solberg
LITTELL, Alice see Reinholz, Valentine L
LITTLE, Bird see Caplett, Charles
LITTLE, Bull       Poplar 46 White Earth N D Brave Man & White Faced Woman 21-Jul-1912 Poplar Valley 1085
      Gray Elk Iron Bear Poplar 45 Old Ft Peck Lone Elk & Look At_the_Day
LITTLE, Bull see Cantrell, Otto
LITTLE, Bull see Little Bull, Frank
LITTLE, Chief Woman see Hunt, William
LITTLE, Crow see Iron Bear, Charlie
LITTLE, Eagle see Fine Fish
LITTLE, Man see Bearhill
LITTLE, Man       Hays 57 Havre Thrown Away & Dreamer 24-Oct-1918 St Pauls Mission Blaine 524
      Three Strikes Hays 51 Harlem Broken Shoulder & Strikes
LITTLE, Man see Deafy, Pat
LITTLE, Santee       Brockton 55 Culbertson Good Day & Iron or Masaza 14-Oct-1919? Drew Roosivelt 54
      Badoza Chief Ghost Brockton 62 Poplar Red Staff & Crooked Foot Rock
LITTLE, Santee       Culbertson 66 Devils Lake N D Chaske & Iron 3-Apr-1929 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1299
      Mrs Libbie Lambert Culbertson 63 Mt Eagle Crow & Rattle
LITTLE, Voice see Lambert
LITTLE, Woman see Fast, James
LITTLE, Woman see Shawl, Thomas
LITTLE, Amelia Mary see Wilkes, Robert P
LITTLE, Bert M       Glendive 36 Schuyler Illinois W M Little & Susan Spiegel 3-Nov-1914 Glendive Dawson 1608
      Sarah Dillon Union 23 Lexington Kentucky D W & Josie Stull
LITTLE, Carrie see Redfield, Frank L
LITTLE, Clara see Jennings, Ellis L
LITTLE, Clara see Jennings, Noah Lester
LITTLE, Clara see Redfield, Wert
LITTLE, Clotilda see Jackline, R L
LITTLE, Dighton       Lambert 27 Mankato Dighton Little & Emma Lewis 15-Jun-1926 Glendive Dawson 3359
      Tenina Pominville Glendive 23 Frenchtown Henry Pominville & Hattie Bell
LITTLE, Elise see Jensen
LITTLE, Elizabeth see Grayson
LITTLE, Emma see Gouge, Claud C
LITTLE, Eunice Julia see Grunhurd, Inar Knudt
LITTLE, Fannie see Kinney, Herbert C
LITTLE, James       Avondale 43 Scotland Peter Little & Agnes Carruthers Daniels 166 ( cert not completed )
      Reeda Frances Wheeler Froid 25 Missouri William Wheeler & ???
LITTLE, James       Avondale 43 Scotland Peter Little & Agnae Carruthers 7-Oct-1924 Froid Roosivelt 673
      Reeva Francis Wherlen Froid 25 Mo William A Wherlen & Rebecca Francis Berry
LITTLE, Mantila see Butterfield, Benjamin H
LITTLE, Mary see Archambault, Sam
LITTLE, Mrs Bertha see Johnstone, Herbert C
LITTLE, Peter see Little, James
LITTLE, Peter see Little, James
LITTLE, W M see Little, Bert M
LITTLE BIRD, Isabel see Caplett, Charles
LITTLE BULL, Frank       Ft Peck 24 Ft Kipp Little Bull & Good Woman Two Bull 24-Mar-1930 Poplar Roosivelt 1434
      Cecelia Kasto Pipestone Mn 19 Pipe-stone James Kasto & Iva Benn
LITTLE BULL, Frank       Poplar 20 Ft Peck Reser Nick Little Bull & Good Two Bull 10-Dec-1925 Drew Roosivelt 837
      Agnes Crazy Bull Drew 22 Ft Peck Reser Sam Crazy Bull & Naomi
LITTLE BULL, Mary see Cantrell, Otto
LITTLE BULL, Nick see Little Bull, Frank
LITTLE CROW, John see Powell, Charles
LITTLE CROW, John & Mary see White Eagle, Jerome
LITTLE CROW, Lucille see Blount, George
LITTLE CROW, Nora see Iron Bear, Charlie
LITTLE VOICE, Louise see Lambert
LITTLEFIELD, George see Coley, Vane Merriwell
LITTLEFIELD, George Edward       Wolf Point 42 Neb George R Littlefield & Josephine Parrott 7-Dec-1923 Poplar Roosivelt 580
      Cora Annetta Spencer Wolf Point 35 Fisher Peter Larson & Betsy Ander-son
LITTLEFIELD, Mildred Arlene see Coley, Vane Merriwell
LITTLEHALES, William E       Dickinson N D 27 Dickinson William J Littlehales & Mary B Ellis 3-Jul-1923 Glendive Dawson 2996
      Helene Schultz Dickinson N D 20 Richardton N D Peter Schultz & Catherine Dennis
LITTLEHEAD, see Blackdog, James
LITTLEHEAD, see Littlehead, Benjamin
LITTLEHEAD, Benjamin       Brockton 26 Calais Littlehead & ??? 26-Mar-1926 Poplar Roosivelt 873
      Evangeline Cloud Brockton 20 Peever? S D Moses Cloud & Rebecca
LITTLEJOHN, Mary see Lawrence, John W
LITTLEJOHN, Mary Ann see Legg, John R
LITTLETON, Louise see Smith S A
LITTLETON, Maggie see Adams, Charles Wesley
LITTLETON, Mary see Luxford, Albert E
LITTLHEAD, Bertha see Blackdog, James
LITTON, C F see Litton, Charles G
LITTON, Charles G       Glasgow 26 Iowa C F Litton & Florence Billingsley 14-Feb-1920 Glasgow Valley 2623
      Vina L Baker Glasgow 26 Idaho Bert S Baker & Rosa L Beach
LITZALMAN, Mary see Lomatte
LITZENBERG, H B       Mandan N D 27 Ripley Cty Missouri William Litzenberg & Alice Hindle 25-Sep-1916 Glendive Dawson 2005
      Lillian Herkens Minneapolis 28 Hastings Mn William Madden & Alice Burgen
LITZENBERG, William see Litzenberg, H B
LIVDAHL, Amelia see Coltom
LIVDAHL, Carl       Dodson 45 Mn Nels Livdahl & Torgund Tyribsken 7-Feb-1920 Glasgow Valley 2621
      Sana J Swenson Dodson 31 Mn R C Swenson & Nikoli Finstad
LIVDAHL, Caroline see Vik, Henry George
LIVDAHL, Kolbjorn K see Vik, Henry George
LIVDAHL, Nels see Livdahl, Carl
LIVDALEN, Gemilia see Thompson, Ervin E
LIVEHART, Lizzie see Westmorland, Clarence
LIVELY, F E       Fairview 23 Weatherford Texas Henry Lively & Eva Davis 5-May-1914 Glendive Dawson 1489
      Sarah Moad Eugene Oregon 19 Cherokee Oklahoma J D Moad & Cora Lee
LIVELY, Henry see Lively, F E
LIVENGOOD, Boze William       Wattpella Ill 21 Ill Ebb Livengood & Martha Rideler 3-Mar-1917 Glasgow Valley
      Ina Andrews Sand Creek 17 Jefferson Cty Ill Edward Andrews & Clara Widner
LIVENGOOD, Ebb see Livengood, Boze William
LIVERGOOD, Margaret see Ayers, Earl D
LIVERJURE, Mathilda see Arceiniega, Eduardo
LIVERMORE, B F see Livermore, A E
LIVERMORE, E A       Sentinel Butte N D 31 Cass Cty N D B F Livermore & Minnie Frazier 25-Oct-1916 Glendive Dawson 2034
      Mary Alice Rogers Sentinel Butte 32 England Don Rogers & Mary Astley
LIVERNASH, Elevine see Compton Clayton R
LIVEROUT, Mary see Gilbert, Louis
LIVESAY, Ada see Becker, John S
LIVESAY, John see Becker, John S
LIVESAY, John see Livesay
LIVESAY, Robert Benton       Bainville 23 Arkan-sas John Livesay & Mary Beach 3-Jan-1918 Plentywood Sheridan 1242
      Bessie Briden Bainville 21 N D John Briden & Mary Viola
LIVINGSTON, Angus H       Smokey Butte 36 Petroleum Ont Can Peter H Livingston & Bashaba Dennis 12-Jun-1918 Jordan Dawson 2369
      Inez E Heath Smokey Butte 20 Eagle Bend Mn Walter H Heath & Delia Robinson
LIVINGSTON, Chas see Ward, Thomas E
LIVINGSTON, Daniel       Glendive 32 Eagle Valley Oregon James W Livingston & Dittnia Gailer? 24-Sep-1906 Burns Dawson 395
      Carrie L Kallock Glendive 18 Ashland Maine Joseph Kalloch & Carrie Rufford
LIVINGSTON, Daniel       Burns 38 Pine Valley Ore J W Livingston & Dithula Tartor 16-Nov-1910 Savage Dawson 865
      Mart Davis Gorst Burns 35 Brainerd Mn William Davis & Mary Borgen
LIVINGSTON, Dick see Lane, William
LIVINGSTON, Emily see Pettie
LIVINGSTON, Emily Belle see Ward, Thomas E
LIVINGSTON, George see Livingston, James N
LIVINGSTON, Ida see Arbogast, William D
LIVINGSTON, Itonia see Swanson, Fred G
LIVINGSTON, J W see Livingston, Daniel
LIVINGSTON, James N       Glendive 31 Ontario Can George Livingston & ? Noswith 27-Jul-1926 Glendive Dawson 378
      Effie Spinks Glendive 21 Nebr ???
LIVINGSTON, James W see Livingston, Daniel
LIVINGSTON, Manly       Glendive 31 Fairdale N D Peter H Livingston & Barsheba Denis 7-Mar-1916 Glendive Dawson 1883
      Catherine R Kean Glendive 20 Glendive Thos Kean & Zola Jordan
LIVINGSTON, Mary see Stevens, Thomas
LIVINGSTON, Peter H see Livingston, Angus H
LIVINGSTON, Peter H see Livingston, Manly
LIVINGSTON, Samantha see Palmer, Delbert A
LIX, Nicholas       Weyburn Can 27 Indianhead Can Nicholas Lix Sr & Elizabeth Wereshing 23-Aug-1836 Plentywood Sheridan 3056
      Edna E Erickson Weyburn Can 18 Minneapolis Mn Erick Eriskson & Dorothy M West
LIZAKOWSKY, Anna see Hanft, Minerd S F
LIZAKOWSKY, John & Mary see Hanft, Minerd S F
LIZATTE, Joseph see Williams, Ray
LIZATTE, Lena see Williams, Ray
LIZOTT, Patrick       Med’ Lake 36 St John N D Pete Lizott & Julia Leduccer 25-Jul-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2746
      Laurine Peterson Williston 41 Denmark Maurice Lautitzen & Mary Nielsen
LIZOTT, Pete see Lizott
LIZZARD, John see Ell, Louie
LIZZARD, Lucy see Ell, Louie
LLEWELLYN, Annie see Williams, Joseph H
LLEWELLYN, W see Campbell
LLOYD, A J see Lloyd, James Andrew
LLOYD, Adam see Lloyd, William
LLOYD, Alma see Wright, Orion F
LLOYD, Elizabeth see Badgley, William L
LLOYD, Emma L see Creech, Joseph
LLOYD, Even & Alice see Humphreys, Even Jones
LLOYD, Hazel see Sipperly, Charles
LLOYD, J A see Lloyd, James A
LLOYD, James A       Circle 23 Knoxville Tenn J A Lloyd & Nancy Dikes 10-Dec-1911 Circle Dawson 1027
      Tressie May Reynolds Circle 19 Oto Iowa Hank Reynolds & Sarah Miller
LLOYD, James Andrew       Circle 42 Eucbia Tenn A J Lloyd & Nancy Bales 3-Mar-1926 Circle McCone 93
      Hazel Johnston Circle 20 Henning Mn ??? & Ellen Johnston
LLOYD, John       Glasgow 30 Leadville Colo Wm Lloyd & Agnes Burns 3-Feb-1910 Glasgow Valley 575
      Edith Cook Glasgow Kent England Thomas Wright & Rebecca Cameron
LLOYD, John N see Creech, Joseph G
LLOYD, Judith see Clifford, Charles
LLOYD, Julia A see Barker, R L
LLOYD, Margaret Ann see Humphreys, Even Jones
LLOYD, Tom see Wright, Orion F
LLOYD, William       Dore N D 44 Boyn City Mich Adam Lloyd & Louise Mc Millan 30-May-1912 Mondak Valley 1053
      Agnes Comstock Dore N D 34 Mn David Denoyer & ??? Doyle
LLOYD, Wm see Lloyd, John
LLOYDD, Zula L see Leach, Thomas A
LLOYDS, Eudora see Trayer, Fred
LOAH?, Luena Ellen see Kjellman, Elmer H
LOAN, Rachael see Nygard, Edward
LOAN, Senove see Nygard, Edward
LOASKY, Alice G see Hoofnagle, Gervis W
LOASKY, George Arthur see Hoofnagle, Gervis W
LOBBAN, Robert       Mo 26 Mo Robert Lobban Sr & Mary Via 26-May-1921 Bainville Roosivelt 244
      Nellie Tangen Baggley Mo Baggley Chris Tangen & ???
LOBBEN, John see Johnson, John Oscar
LOBBEN, Olga see Johnson, John Oscar
LOBDAL, Marie see Fryxell, John
LOBDELL, Alice see Triplett, Leo Davis
LOBDELL, Alice see Vandeberg, George William
LOBDELL, Alice see LaMar
LOBDELL, C A see Lobdell
LOBDELL, Claude see Lobdell
LOBDELL, Dolfa A       Coalridge 23 Mn Claude Lobdell & Clara Ells 8-Aug-1921 Plentywood Sheridan 1741
      Ruby Olson Grenora 16 Mn John Olson & Maude Davis
LOBDELL, Dolfa A       Coalridge 32 Revier Mn Claude Lobdell & Clara Ells 27-Oct-1930 Plentywood Sheridan 2568
      Mabel Olson Grenora 22 Bisbee N D Gust Olson & Helga Strand
LOBDELL, Myrtle see Vaughn, Ted W
LOBDELL, William       Coalridge 20 Mn C A Lobdell & Clara Ells 8-Jan-1923 Plentywood Sheridan 1869
      Violet Chapman Coalridge 17 William Chapman & Marie Smith
LOCHEM, Henry see Lochem
LOCHEM, Nicholas       Raymond 40 Mn Henry Lochem & Mary Hielier 1-June-1914 Plentywood Sheridan 242
      Caroline Deustermann Raymond 37 Mn Herbert Deustermann & Wermer, Kirchen
LOCHREM, Henry E see Lochrem
LOCHREM, Orville E       Madoc 23 N D Henry E Lochrem & Mary S Grasley 2-Feb-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 671
      Gina S Bardalen Dalton Mn 23 Mn Hans & Margaret Bardalen
LOCK, Anna see Allen
LOCK, Bernice see Brooks, Merritt Stephen
LOCK, Charles see Lock, Frank Edward
LOCK, Elizabeth see Wirtz
LOCK, Frank Edward       Trotter N D 24 Winona N D Charles Lock & Alvina Gooder-john 7-Jun-1915 Wibaux Wibaux 38
      Effie E Tillotson Mo 23 Texas Amos Tillotson & Mary Davenport
LOCK, Mathew see Allen
LOCK, Mattie see Trinder, Charles R
LOCK, Valentine see Wirtz
LOCKARD, Idella see Martin, Leonard Leo
LOCKARD, May see Richardson, Charles H
LOCKEN, John see Rockstad, Siver Gunerius
LOCKEN, Mabel see Rockstad, Siver Gunerius
LOCKER, Esther L see Ralston, William M
LOCKER, Julius see Ralston, William M
LOCKER, Rita see Dockstader, Lloyd
LOCKERT, Hilda see Lodahl
LOCKHARD, F see Garrison, Homer
LOCKHART, Lawrence Daniel       Weldon 25 Ravenwood Missouri Leander Lockhart & Mary Jane Hamilton 28-Jan-1920 Circle McCone 10
      Jennie Viola Luken Weldon 22 Forest City S D Ole Luken & Annie May Evenson
LOCKHART, Leander see Lockhart, Richard
LOCKHART, Leander see Lockhart, Lawrence Daniel
LOCKHART, Ray       Phillips 39 Iowa 16-Aug-1915 Phillips 42
      Lucy Jones Phillips 38 Iowa
LOCKHART, Richard       Weldon 26 Mo Leander Lockhart & Mary Hamilton 26-Jan-1916 Glasgow Valley 1816
      Hannah Jurgensen Bloomfield 28 Iowa Moritz C Jurgensen & Maria M Holst
LOCKMAN, Clemence & Bridget see Proctor, Stephen W
LOCKMAN, Helen W see Proctor, Stephen W
LOCKMAN, Margaret see Thomas, Martin B
LOCKREM, Alma H see Christensen, H A
LOCKREM, H E see Christensen, H A
LOCKREM, Hazel see Kanning
LOCKREM, Hazel G see Kirkeby
LOCKREM, Henry see Kirkeby
LOCKWOOD, Annie see Henke, Joseph T
LOCKWOOD, Archie see Bell, Fred M
LOCKWOOD, Bertha see Barker, Melvin
LOCKWOOD, Emily see Steele, Marcell
LOCKWOOD, Molly see Bell, Fred M
LOCKWOOD, Nola J see Cole, Forrest
LOCKWOOD, William Henry see Barker, Melvin
LODAHL, Anders A see Lodahl
LODAHL, Andrew see Neilsen
LODAHL, Carl       Dagmar 26 Hurrup? Denmark Niels Lodahl & Petrine Nielsen 17-Jan-1913 Dagmar Valley 1217
      Freda Sampson Dagmar 19 Jewell Junction Iowa Niels Sampson & Sophie Marie Petersen
LODAHL, Carl see Lodahl, Carl
LODAHL, Carl see Johansen
LODAHL, Carl see Strand
LODAHL, Chris       Dagmar 28 Hurup Denmark Niels Lodahl & Petrina Nielsen 9-Feb-1912 Dagmar Valley 992
      Karen Jorgensen Dagmar 24 Briming Denmark Jorgen Jorgensen & Christiane Olsen
LODAHL, Christine see Neilsen
LODAHL, James C       Dagmar 34 Denmark Nels Lodahl & Patricia Lyngs 30-Jul-1914 Plentywood Sheridan 273
      Hilda Lockert National City Calif 22 Nor Lockert Johnson & Anne Fordelson
LODAHL, Lawrence       Grenora N D 23 Den-mark Nels Lodahl & Mary Rasmussen 5-Aug-1927 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2264
      Viola Roberts Grenora 18 N D E V Roberts & Ida Collins
LODAHL, Leora see Johansen
LODAHL, Nels see Lodahl
LODAHL, Nels see Lodahl
LODAHL, Nels       Med’ Lake 28 Denmark Nels A Lodahl & Mary Ann Rasmussen 2-Jul-1922 Antelope Sheridan 2452
      Emelia Wessner Homestead 30 Germany Andrew Wessner & Christina Beglau
LODAHL, Nels A see Lodahl
LODAHL, Niels see Lodahl, Chris
LODAHL, Niels see Lodahl
LODAHL, Niels A       Dagmar 29 Denmark Anders A Lodahl & Mary Ann Anderson 26-Sep-1926 Dagmar Sheridan 2481
      Signa Moller Dagmar 26 Denmark Julius Moller & Elise S Sorenson
LODAHL, Olga see Strand
LODAHL, Peter A       Dagmar 24 Denmark Neils Lodahl & Petrine Nielson 18-Dec-1913 Dagmar Sheridan 142
      Petra Nocoline Nyby Dagmar 22 Kallerup Den Martinus Nyby & Marie Olsen
LODGE, Pole see Sharp, Phillip H C
LODGE, Fred B       Ft Belknap 41 Ft Belknap Bull Lodge & Long Hair 21-May-1928 St Pauls Mission Blaine 1055
      Lillie Running Crow Ft Belknap 43 Ft Belknap Charles Arms & Blanch Sleeping Bear
LODGE, Henry see Shields, Willie
LODGE, Henry see Lodge, Robert
LODGE, Isabel see Shields, Willie
LODGE, Robert       Savoy 25 Ft Belknap Henry Lodge & Emma Trail 4-Sep-1928 Harlem Blaine 1075
      Winnie Facing Savoy 18 Ft Belknap Joe Walk Slow & Helen Strong
LODGEPOLE, see Fourstar, Arthur
LODMELL, Alice see Flische, Clarence
LODMELL, Alice see Hendrickson, Alfred
LODMELL, Andrew M see Lodmell
LODMELL, Clarence R       Brockton 30 Grand Forks Andrew M Lodmell & Ragnhild Loen 24-Jun-1933 Plentywood Sheridan 2735
      Lenore Gertrude Knutson Froid 18 Froid John Knutson & Gunda Strand
LODMELL, Hazel see Lefdal, O O
LODMELL, Mabel see Solberg, John E
LODMELL, Mabel see Ruud, Jacob
LODMELL, Mabel see Flische , Clarence
LODMELL, Mabel see Gunhus, Gerhard A
LODMELL, Mabel see Peterson, Erick
LODSDON, John see Semple, John
LODSDON, Rava see Semple, John
LOE, Gertrude see Reinertson
LOE, Marie H see Bjerkaker
LOE, Marit see Bjarkaker
LOE, Sarah see Thomas, William A
LOEBE, George F       Beach N D 33 Wilmington Delaware John W Loebe & Annie Laughtry 20-Jan-1923 Glendive Dawson 2949
      Irene Seely Beach N D