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Welcome to the Meagher County, Montana
portion of the USGenWeb Project!

We have collected some resources to
assist you in your genealogical search.

Many thanks to Ann Kramlich who foster parented this web site
and who gathered most of the information herein. Thanks Ann!

Soldiers of the Great War" (WWI) in the Montana archives

As of August 2005, I will be updating the Meagher site. Surnames will be added, some new photos, and
any other helpful information I can find. I live out of state (I am an honorary resident of Montana) so I am
limited as to what I can help with. Please consider assisting in this effort to bring Genealogical information
to the internet. Please contate me if you can help in any way. If you live in Meagher County, please help!

Beginnings How the USGenWeb Project started.
Cemeteries Listing of the Meagher County Cemeteries
MONTANA CENSUS FINDER Site which keeps all links to all census data on the internet
Churches Listing of Churches located in Meagher County, Montana
Cities and Towns Listing and links to cities, towns and interesting places
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History Page History of Meagher County, Montana (including links)
Links Helpful Links to further assist you searching Montana
Lookup Volunteers Helpful volunteers who will do local look ups for you
Mines of Meagher County Where did all those ancestors work many years ago?
Photographs Antique photos submitted by you!
Populated Places Everywhere in Meagher County where people live
Resources Where to go for vitals (Birth and Death Certificates)
Surnames Page Post and View your surnames on this page
Volunteer Here Projects that need a little help from local volunteers.

Most often used web site links:
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United States - USGenWeb - See this site for all of the United States USGenWeb Project.

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