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The Roundup Coal Mining Company

                                 submitted by Faith Barnwell  January 2014

    To see Seniority list of the employees of the Blair-Collins click here  or click here for the roster of employees.

Tidbits found on-line about Bair-Collins Co. and The Roundup Mining Company

 Taken from:  ArchiveGrid:  Records of the Bair-Collins Co., 1922-1950 at


 Coal mine company. The Bair-Collins Coal Co. was incorporated on 17 Sept. 1919 by Charles M. Bair, F.V.H. Collins, and others. The head offices were in Billings. In Feb. 1920 the name was changed to the Bair-Collins Co. The company operated a coal mine in the Bull Mountains west of Roundup, Mont.

 Taken from Water Resources Survey:  Part 1: History of Land and Water Use on Irrigated Areas, Musselshell County, Montana, Published by State Engineer’s Office, Helena, Montana, July, 1949 at


 Excerpt from Page 10 –

In 1920 Bair-Collins acquired the Prescott land adjacent to the old Number 1 mine and opened the Prescott mine.

 Excerpt from Page 11 –

            In the Bull Mountain field 26 coal beds have been mapped.  The coal is classed as a good grade of sub-bituminous, with the veins ranging from six feet to twelve and one-half feet in thickness.  At present the principal mines in the area are:  Bair-Collins Company mine in the vicinity of Keene with the tipple located in Keene.  About 55 men are employed.  The estimated coal reserve in the Company holdings at the present production rat of about 150,000 tons a year should last about sixty years.  Coal is sold only in carload lots.

            The Roundup Coal Mining Company, which until recently was the largest commercial mine in the state, is located in Roundup.  In 1948 the total production was 156,000 tons with 3666,000 tons in 1945.  About 250 men are employed.  The Company controls seven sections of coal land and estimate they have enough reserve to operate for about eighty years.






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