Group of Men at Pioneer Meeting 1911, Butte

Some of the trails into Montana were blazed by the men pictured below. Not a one arrived later than 1862 and histories of Montana contain numerous references to the parts that many played in the development of the state. The picture was taken in Butte in 1911 while the group was attending a convention of Montana Pioneers.

The names of the Pioneers from the back of the photo, and the dates they arrived in Montana if known.

(1) W. F. Bartlett,1862; (2) Lou P. Smith; (3) Granville Stuart, 1857; (4) Chas McDermott, 1857; (5) James McGovern; (6) E. M. French, 1862; (7) John Work, 1862; (8) John C. Ennis, 1862;(9) A. F. Graeter, 1862; (10) Ed A. Lewis, 1857; (11) John Neubert, 1857; (12) Conrad Kohr, 1862; (13) Frank Woody, 1856; (14) James H. Gallop, 1861;  (15) J. Mansfield, 1862; (16) M. H. Lott, 1862; (17) Narcisse LeDoux and (18) Geo W. Morse.

Group of Men at Pioneer Meeting 1911, Butte

  Michael A. Woody

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