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July 30, 1850 - August 1, 1931
(Father of Emma Mae Terrio Axtell, wife of Ernest Axtell)
     Lewis Terrio, than whom no citizen of St. Lawrence Township, Waupaca Co., deserves more prominent mention in the pages of this volume is a native of Vermont born July 30, 1852 in Rutland Co.
     John Terrio, father, was a French Canadian, reared in the City of Montreal, where he married Miss Angeline St. George, a lady also of Canadian birth, and the young couple then moved to Essex Co., NY.    Mr. Terrio had in his youth learned the trade of stonecutter and mason, commencing at the early age of twelve so that his chances of attending school were necessarily much circumscribed:  but being an attentive and apt scholar, he made better headway with his studies than most other pupils of his age.  In Essex Co, he followed his trade for a time, then he and his wife moved to near Rutland, Vt.  But sometime in the latter "fifties" they came west to Wisconsin, locating in Ripon township, Fond du Lac Co, where a brother of Mrs. Terrio lived. (This could be Pascle St. George , who lived to be 97)  Mr. Terrio had borrowed enough money to defray their traveling expenses.   Here he again took up his trade, the family part of the time living on a rented farm, and part of the time in Arcade, near Ripon, till the fall of 1868, when concluding to try their fortune in northern Wisconsin.  They migrated to the Little Wolf Township, Waupaca Co. Their settlement in this then new and wild region being made in section 17.  They drove the entire distance, bringing their entire chattels in two wagons, the journey occupying from five o'clock in the morning till between seven and eight o'clock in the evening.  Forty acres of wild land were here purchased by Mr. Terrio, on which stood a wood shanty 20 by 32 feet.  the price being $250, for which he had to go in debt, and here with the exception of a few years preceding his death, he followed his trade. He had three strokes of paralysis, from the effects, he died May 2, 1891, his remains being interred in Manawa Catholic Cemetery. His widow now over 70 years old is living in Waupaca.  In his policical preferences he was a staunch Republican, formally a Whig and in religious faith he was, as in the entire family, a member of the Catholic Church.  Children as follows were born to Mr. and Mrs. John Terrio:, Julia, now Mrs. George Veach of Manominee, Mich,; Emily, deceased in infancy; Eliza, now Mrs. Daniel McKenzie of Manawa, Wisconsin; and Josette, wife of Frank Jackson and Joseph, both of whom live in  Ogdensburg, Wisconsin.
     Lewis Terrio, whose name introduces this sketch, was but a small boy when he accompanied his parents to Wis., so that all if not most of his education was received in Ripon, the public schools of which city he attended.   After coming to Waupaca Co, he commenced working in the lumber woods, continuing in this line for eight years, and driving logs on the Wisconsin River in the spring.  On May 15, 1871, he married in the township of Lebanon, Waupaca Co,,Wis. to Miss Emma C. Williams, a native of New York State, daughter of Abrahm Williams, who was of Welch extraction and the young couple then settled on eighty acres of new land in Little Woolf Township (40 acres being in section 16 and 40 acres being in section 17) for which he paid $200, $50 cash down.  The first building where erected by him and he soon had 40 acres cleared.  here the family resided until Nov. 28, 1875, when they moved to section 6, same township.  Mr. Terrio having there bought 240 acres, also wild land, retaining his other property.  Here he had to again open up a new farm, but after clearing some 50 acres of it, he in the spring of 1878 returned to the old farm, a few weeks later buying 80 acres in St. Lawrence township, again all new land.  Whereon he had to make all the necessary improvements.  To this property he moved with his family in the fall of 1878 and has since resided there.
      To Lewis and Emma C. Terrio were born children as follows:  Lewis J. Charles, Emma M. Eva Grace, Frank H. George W.  The mother of these died June 26, 1894 and was buried in Ogdensburg Park Cemetery, and June 29, 1895 married Alice Hopkins, widow of Lewis Hopkins.  On Sept. 29, 1894, Mr. Terrios's residence was burned.  All of its contents being consumed except one bed; but he had once erected on the same site his present elegant and comfortable home. built entirely by his hands, he having learned or "picked up" the trade of carpenter in his younger days.  He also put all the out building besides several residences, etc, for other  people.  From time to time he has added to his possessions until now he owns 2209 acres of excellent farming land, situated in Little Wolf and Hevetia townships, Waupaca Co,  All of this in spite of losses by fire, etc. but never discouraged, he kept on the even tenor of his way which lead him to the goal of his success and independence.
   Politically he was formerly a Republican, but for the past few years he has supported the Prohibition party.  Being a strong advocate of the temperance, a member of the Good Templers lodge in Ogdenburg, in the organization of which he was the most active.
     Mr. Terrio is well known in the country, where he bears the reputation for an honorable, straightforward man, and is held in high esteem.
   Lewis Terrio is buried along side his second wife, Alice Huyck Hopkins Terrio, in the Lone Pine Cemetery in Ravalli Co. Montana.  He built many of the houses in the Darby area.  One of the most imposing is the Chief Joseph main ranchhouse.  We noted the discrepancy in the birthdates.

Contributed by Claude and Ann Hopkins