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Darby Schools Close With Fine program
Pupils and Teachers Picnic in Tincup Canyon
Darby, May 25 - Graduating exercises were held in the assembly rooms of the schoolhouse Tuesday evening. The hall was crowded, as these were the first pupils to graduate from the Darby high school. Mrs. Reuben Ostegren sang a beautiful solo, "The Tempest of the Heart," and Mrs. Albert Zoske, with a beauty of expression seldom heard, sang the "Last Rose of Summer. An address was made by Rev. Mr. Mainwaring, after which, with a very appropriate and practical talk, Professor Madison presented diplomas to the five graduates, Dorothy Miller, Agnes Byrd, Ralph Milan, Wayne Overturf and Harold Overturf.
    The school has been successful in all its branches and there is much satisfaction with the manner in which it has been conducted by Professor Madison and the corps of teachers under him during the year a find, modern school building has been erected, finished and equipped with the latest school appliances and moved into the latter part of the term taught there. Professor Madison will leave this week for an outing in the mountains in Idaho.
The Program:
May pole dance - Thirty-four students in the lower grades
Dialogue - Vacation club, girls of the fifth and sixth grades
Duet - Devere Day and Marie Fowler
Class prophecy - Agnes Byrd
Duet - Sarah Miles and Gladys Thompson
Reading - "The Old Settler's Store," by Will Carleton, Dorothy Miller
Octette - Indian speciality, Sara Miles, Marie Fowler, Gladys Thompson, Margery Laird, Devere Day, Eldridge Day, Forest Cooper, and Cronary Syverson
    In the afternoon, the high school class and the seventh and eighth grades and all the teachers picnicked in Tincup canyon. Patrons of the school are much pleased with the improvement in instruction during the last term and are glad that a majority of the teachers will be here again next year.
The Western News, June 4, 1915


Darby School is Entitled to Four Years of High School Work Says Superintendent
Darby, August 8 - Professor White has been notified by the state superintendent that the Darby school is now fully accredited for four years of high school work, which entitles the graduates of the school to enter any college or university in Montana or elsewhere.
The Ravalli Republican, Friday, August 9, 1918





    Tuesday will be the beginning of the school year for all districts in Ravalli County. A.B. Cole, superintendent at Darby for many years, is again at the head of that town's school system with Alvin Kincaid, Alan Oliver, Mrs. Bessie Marble, Donald Puckett, Miss Margaret Johnson, Mrs. Xoa Dougherty, Miss Agnes Hannon, Miss Elizabeth Johnson, Miss Katherine Safley, Miss Evelyn Gibford and Miss Lorena Greenfield as instructors in the grade and high school.
Ravalli Republican, September 1, 1938

Large Class to End School Course at Darby
    Darby, May 3, 1939 - Nineteen boys and girls will receive high school diplomas at commencement exercises which are to be held here May 17. The seniors are Lenore Cole, valedictorian; Wanda Daw, salutatorian; Russell Chapman, Dell Daw, Glenrose Ward, James Schwarzrock, Donald Robbins, Ronald Gibford, Margaret Jones, Vivian Hart, Isabelle Vaughn, Clifford Trollope, Grace Squires, Leo Norman, Raymond Gierdal, Edward Nicholson, Anna Carver, Fred Gierdal, and Betty Overturf. The class motto is "Hoping, Doing, Succeeding," and the colors of the rainbow signify the class emblem. All wild flowers serve as the class favorite.
    Superintendent A.B. Cole, Alvin Kincaid, Alan Oliver, and Miss Margaret Johnson are the high school faculty members. Commencement exercises will take place at the auditorium, the seniors to give their own program.
Ravalli Republican, Thursday, May 4, 1939

School House Improved in All Departments
Superintendent A.B. Cole to Open Term Tuesday With Three New Teachers; Many Changes
    Darby, August 30, 1939 - The Darby consolidated school will open Tuesday with Superintendent A.B. Cole again at the head. Three new instructors will join the faculty this year. Miss Alta White of Hamilton will teach the second grade and Mrs. Ada Miller of Dillon will care for the third grade, replacing Miss Evelyn Gibford and Miss Kathryn Safley, who were married during the summer. Miss Loretta Greenfield will again teach the primary grade, Miss Elizabeth Johnson, fourth grade; Miss Agnes Hannon, fifth grade; Mrs. Xoa Dougherty, sixth grade; junior high school will be the work of the senior high school instructors, who are Mr. Cole, Mrs. Bessie Marble, Alan Oliver, Donald Puckett, Alvin Kincaid, and Miss Verna Owens.
    Finishing touches to the remodeling of the school building are being made this week. Improvements made this summer include kalsomining and painting of the first five grade rooms and halls, completing a two-year renovation plan for the two main floors. All woodwork and floors now have new coats of paint and varnish and the walls are brightened with lighter tints. New metal folding chairs and desks have been purchased for the assembly room and an out-door drinking fountain has been installed on the west playground. Repairs have been completed and the foreground landscape has been a special delight to the Darby patrons this summer.
    The boys of the manual training department will construct additional shelves and cupboards for general use in the library. The garage, which has been used in recent years for storage, has been remodeled into apartments for teachers.
Ravalli Republican, Thursday, August 31, 1939

Darby High School Holds 26th Annual Commencement with Class of Fourteen
    The twenty-sixth annual commencement program of Darby High School was held last night in the high school auditorium at which time fourteen students were graduated receiving their diplomas from Superintendent A.B. Cole.
    Members of the graduating class were: Dorothy Christopherson, Hugh Clyde, Elaine Cole, Lee Cruson, Maisie Fadness, Leigh Goodrich, Arnold Hart, Sarah Hart, Velma Hart, Francis Hopkins, Dan Norman, Judy Overturf, Gene Shockley, and Ralph Skaw.
    Exercises included music singing and speaking by various members of the graduating class.
The Western News, May 16, 1940


Diplomas to Darby Seniors May 20
Darby, May 13 - Baccalaureate services for the 15 members of the Darby high school senior class will be held Sunday at 11 a.m. in the Baptist church and commencement exercises will be held in the school auditorium Wednesday, May 20, at 8:30 p.m., A.B. Cole, superintendent announced today,
The baccalaureate program follows:
    Processional, Mrs. Xoa Daugherty; hymn, congregation; invocation, the Rev. E.T. Thorn; chorus, Dora Warren, Velma Overturf, Thelma Lord, Wilma Skaw, Marie Robbins; offertory, Mrs. Xoa Daugherty; hymn, congregation; sermon, “Diligence, Honor, Sincerity, Service, the Rev. H.J. Van Vliet; song by girls’ chorus; benediction, the Rev. Mr. Van Vliet; recessional, Mrs. Xoa Daugherty.
The commencement program:
Processional, class song, “Remember Darby High,” invocation, Rev Van Vliet, chairman of the school board; salutatorian address, “honor,” Cecelia Goodboe; class history, June Cumley; trio, Wilma Warren, Clara Belle Cole, Anna Mae Nicholson; class statistics, Eugene Henderson; address, “Diligence,” Gwen Cumley; class will, Robert Yorton; clarinet solo, Clara Belle Cole with Wilma Warren as accompanist; address, “Service,” David Goodrich; class prophecy, Walter Dye; presentation of emblem, William Wetzsteon’ sextette, Anna Mae Nicholson, Lois Fifield, June Cumley, Clara Belle Cole, Wilma Warren, Arvilla Brown’ valedictorian address, “Sincerity,” Audrey Miles; presentation of honors, awards and diplomas, Superintendent Cole.   
    Members of the class are Arvilla Brown, Clara Belle Cole, Cecelia Goodboe, Lois Fifield, Eugene Henderson, June and Owen Cumley, Dave Goodrich, Ralph Hollibaugh, Walter Dye, Audrey Miles, Anna Mae Nicholson, Wilma Warren, William Wetzsteon, Robert Yorton
Ravalli Republican, May 14, 1942  

    The 1944 graduation class at Darby High School will number fourteen of whom three are in the service of Uncle Sam and will consequently get their diplomas through an intermediary. Richard Brechbill is valedictorian of the class which will be graduated at Commencement exercises to be held in the high school auditorium at Darby starting at 8:30 the evening of Wednesday, May 17. There will be no outside speaker and the program has been prepared by the student body of Darby High School.
    Baccaulareate services will be held at the Darby Baptist Church at 11 o'clock Sunday morning May 14 with Rev. A.J. House delivering the sermon.
    Members of the graduating class are: Richard Brechbill, Lila Christensen, Kermit Cole, Del Cumley, Don Durland, Helen Hitchcott, Alvin House Jr, Gerald Lord, Thelma Lord, Vernon Langley, Leonard Lindquist, Dean Priestley, Marie Robbins, Gene Wetzsteon.
    Gerald Lord, Vernon Langley, and Leonard Lindquist are in the service.
The Western News, May 11, 1944



Honor Roll for Darby High School Announced
    The honor roll for Darby High School as announced by V.V. Scudder, Superintendent, has upon it the names of the following students by classes, who distinguished themselves during the past 6-week period by the good character of their work in classrooms:
Seniors: Laura Abbey, Art Diehl, Joe Champine, Paul House, Barbara Langley, Margaret Maybe, Vern Personett, Juanity Rice, Grant Wanstrath
Juniors: Alice Buckallew, Bobbie Donica, Gwen Flightner, Jean Jaquette, Archie Lorentzen, DeLis Oswald, Carol Shockley, Belve Skaw, Paul Wetzsteon
Sophomores: Frank Bedey, Henry Brechbill, Jim Flightner, Anne Hannon, Junior Meskimen, Marie shook, Dennis West, Evelyn Whiting
Freshmen: Marian Campbell, James Goodrich, Maxine Jaquette, Ronnie Wilkerson, Sharon Zoske
The Western News, Thursday October 30, 1947

Darby Graduation Exercises May 26
    Charles F. Hertler, associate professor of physical education at the University of Montana, will be the speaker at the Darby commencement exercises at 8 p.m.  May 26 when 16 seniors will receive their diplomas.
    Graduates will include: Clayton Buhler, Clifford Buhler, Joe Champine, Bill Cumley, Arthur Diehl, Joyce Donica, Keith Henault, Paul House, Katherine Kearney, Florence Leavens, Barbara Langley, LeRoy McCrossin, Juanita Rice, Kenneth Skaw, Grant Wanstrath, Ernie Wilcox.
    Music will be by the various groups from the Darby chorus and band. Baccalaureate services will be at 11 a.m. May 23 with the Rev. A.J. House delivering the sermon.
Ravalli Republican, May 18, 1948


Darby Graduation Exercises to be Next Wednesday
    Darby high school commencement exercises will be held at 8 o'clock next Wednesday evening at the school with Parker B. Lusk of Montana State University, Missoula, as the speaker. Twenty-three seniors will be presented their diplomas by Harold Irwin, chairman of the board of education. The eighth grade diplomas will be presented by Superintendent F.V. Scudder.
    Evelyn Whiting will give the salutatorian's address and Virgil Schultz the valedictorian's oration. Invocation and benediction will be iven by the Rev. Beryl L. Burr and musical numbers will be presented by Roger Wilkerson, the high school chorus and the high school trio.
    Marian Campbell and Durrel Rennaker will act as state ushers for the exercises and floor ushers will be Jim Algie, Betty Weeks, Bob Border, and Maxine Jaquette.
    Graduates will include Henry Brechbill, Philip Donally, Phyllis Jean Donally, LaVern H. Fadness, James Flightner, Margery Anne Hannon, Adeline Hansen, Alberta Henderson, Delia Howell, Barney Keely, Loma Lee Leavens, James Lofftus, Marvin F. Lundberg, Mary J. Martin, Elmer Meskimen, Jr, Lester Meskimen, Donald Pellett, Curtis Ray, Virgil Schultz, Bettie M. Shook, Edith Weeks, Evelyn Whiting, and Barbara Zilla.
The Western News, Thursday, May 25, 1950

    Last Thursday, May 23, found 35 members of the Darby High School graduating class of 1974 listening as Donald Scothorn, president of the First State Bank of Stevensville, extolled the good uses of education calling upon the young people to meet the "challenge" of the world into which they are entering. John Hayes, chaiman of the Darby school board issued diplomas to the following class members: Lee R. Abbott, Mary Marie Cooper, Verna G. Wales, Mindy Sue Zeiler, Kari Darlene Rennaker, Terry Duane Schallenberger, Steve O'dell Christian, Donald Joseph Ray, Brett Franklin Parmenter, Luanne Raymond, Steve Hiatt, David Joseph Hummel, Connie Jo Henderson, Jody Louise Sargent, Michael Kim Johnson, Susan Mary Fifield, Karen Lynn Nash, Kay Marie Nash, Brad Lynn Johnson, Don Betts, Denise Margo Toth, Kathleen Kay Richards, Tari Ray Bodle, Amber E. Seitz, Connie Ann Furniss, Kevin Richard McLaughlin, Jayne Marie Lindquist, Andy DeRita, Sylvia Lyn Matthews, Kent L. Hopkins, John E. Tupa, Karen Marie McCrossin, Sonya J. Morton, Randy Scott Wildey, Patrician Henry Spurlock.
The Western News, May 29, 1974