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    The closing exercises of the Victor school were held last week. On Wednesday night, the senior class gave a class play entitled "Up to Freddie." It was given in the opera house and was free to all. The house was packed and everybody enjoyed the program. The cast of characters included the members of the high school class and also Miss Hagen and Messrs. MaWhinney and Dougherty. The performance was a surprise and a treat. The high school chorus gave two excellent numbers and Rev. J.C. Osborne sang a solo and an encore.
    The class day exercises on Thursday afternoon were held in the presence of an invited audience at the schoolhouse. The program was of especial merit. There were responses from the junior class which showed talent and interest which will come to the front next year.
    The commencement exercises proper were held on Friday evening at the opera house. The invocation was delivered by Rev. Osborne; Mrs. G.W. Oliver and Miss Ella Holmes sang a beautiful duet, and Mrs. Holst and Mrs. MaWhinney sang a duet which was much appreciated by the big audience. Mrs. Lura Kneeland Sherman played a delightful piano solo and the chorus from the high school again favored the audience. The address to the seniors was delivered by President Henry R. Fancer of the College of Montana. He made a pleasing talk and one that carried inspiration to the audience as well as to the graduates.
    The class consisted of Bessie and Rosie Sestak, Pearl Rowe, Ruth Sontag, Gladys Watters, and Earl Dowd. It was a class that has made exceptional grades during the four years of the course and every member has evidenced ability that will lead to success in life. The diplomas were awarded by H.A. Briggs, president of the school board.
    Superintendent Holst announced that Miss Bessie Sestak, with a grade of about 98 in the four years of work, had won the scholarship offered by the state board of education. The College of Montana also offered a scholarship to be awarded by the superintendent to some deserving member of the senior class. This scholarship was presented to Miss Gladys Watters as the one most likely to use it.
The Western News, May 28, 1912

 Victor, May 24 - The commencement program given by the graduating class last Friday night at the opera house was well attended in spite of the inclement weather. The parts were well rendered to an appreciative audience. The program was as follows: Music, orchestra; class poem, Sadie Foley; class grumbler, James Sestak; cartoonist, Lester Johnson; music, orchesta; class history, Frances Waylett; class prophecy, Cecil Perry; giftorian, Nellie Weatherford; resolutions, Clarence Rehorst; class will, Una Cates; music, orchestra; bonfire, class; presentation of diplomas, Professor J.W. Long. The class colors were silver and old rose; class motto, "Be Square;" class flower, deep pink rose. Immediately following the program, a reception was given by the sophomores in honor of the seniors, the members of the high school and eighth grade, the teachers and the parents of the graduates. Light refreshments were served and a social time enjoyed.
The Western News, May 24, 1917

Commencement Program Was Held Last Week
High School Graduates Received Diplomas From Principal W.H. May of Victor School
Victor, May 27 - Commencement exercises for the High School graduating class and the eight grad were held at the opera house last Wednesday evening. Rev. Bunch, instructor of religion of the state university at Missoula, delivered the commencement address. The program opened with a selection by the school orchestra while the members of the senior class, Prof. W.H. May, Rev. Bunch and Rev. D.F. Peterson marched to the stage. Rev Peterson gave the invocation, Stanley Yates, salutatorian, gave the address of welcome; Robert Safley, Charles Owings and Rob Smith played a violin trio, assisted at the piano by Kathryn Safley; Rev. Bunch delivered the address; Miss Marion Wagy sang “The End of a Perfect Day,” accompanied at the piano by Mrs. G.R. Safley; Rosamand Robinson, valedictorian, farewell address; Professor W.H. May made a short talk and presented the diplomas to the high school class and the eight grade; Rev. D.R. Peterson, benediction.
    The high school graduates were Harry Breen, Stanley Yates, Rosamond Robinson, Teddy Hess, Marie Thrailkill, Annie Paddock, Lester Close and Eugene Groff.
    Eighth grade students receiving diplomas were Kathryn Safley, Nellie Fristo, Louise Mahan, Mildred Tillmann, Harold Gibson, Clarence Von Blaricom, June Wood, Joe Greenfield, Robert Chamberlain, Lena Hammer, Frances Hess, Henry Marek, Herbert Thrailkill, Joe Maki, Robert Eddy, Chester Smith.
Ravalli Republican, May 20, 1931




Victor Graduates
Class of Twenty-Three Get Diplomas Monday Night
Montana Normal College Professor Commencement Speaker; Special Honors Presented on Occasion
Commencement exercises for 23 students graduating from the Victor High School  were held at the school gymnasium Monday evening. The class appeared, wearing caps and gowns of royal blue and gold, the school colors. They marched from the rear of the room to the stage while the processional was played by Miss Jean Gordon.
    The stage was beautiful with large bouquets of apple blossoms in pots of blue and white. The class motto, “ Today we follow, tomorrow we lead,”  appeared in silver letters on a blue background at the back of the stage. The invocation was given by Rev. John Walpole. The salutatory address, “Our Future Pathway,” was given by Eleanore Clausen; the glee club girls sang “By the Head of the River”; Kathryn Madigan gave the valedictory address, “What the Student Gains.”  The commencement address, ‘Life As a Business Proposition,” was delivered by Dr. H.E. Albright of the State Normal College at Dillon.
    Superintendent Raymond Kimball gave a short talk and presented awards. Kathryn Madigan received an award to any unit of the Greater University of Montana; Eleanore Clausen received a badge in recognition of second place; the class leadership trophy was received by Vic Warner and the athletic trophy for football, basketball, track and tennis was presented to John Goneau. The American legion medal for “Better Citizenship” was presented to Robert Notil by a representative from Ravalli Post. No. 17. Certificates in bookkeeping were presented to Edith Martin, Pearl Olson, Vic Warner, Kathryn Madigan and Eleanore Clausen.
    The diplomas were presented by Alf Martin III, chairman of the school board, to Donna Amos, Maxine Bissell, Maude, Wilma and Richard Brookins, Eleanore Clausen, James Esche, John Goneau, Sidney Groff, Josephine Harrington, Herbert Hess, Leslie Hinman, Kathryn and Madge Madigan, Edith Martin, Norma McCune, Robert Notil, Pearl Olson, Eleanor Schach, Harold Schumacher, Frank and Vic Warner, and Genevieve Young. The glee club sang “Slumber Boar,” Rev. Walpole gave the benediction and Miss Jean Gordon played the recessional.
Ravalli Republican, May 20, 1937

    Tuesday will be the beginning of the school year for all districts in Ravalli County. Raymond Kimball is again superintendent of the Victor schools. His teaching corps includes Sebren Hockett, Miss Jean Jordan, Miss Maryalys Marrs, Willard Sturdevant, Miss Luverne Kind, Miss Margaret McDonald, Miss Bernice Carter, and Miss Alma Johnson.
Ravalli Republican, September 1, 1938

    Commencement exercises for Victor's largest graduating class, 26, were held at the school gymnasium Monday evening. The procession entered as the school band played a march. Superintendent Ray Kimball gave a short talk and presented the eighth grade graduating class of 22 members.
    Dan Mathisen gave the high school valedictory address. The commencement address was given by Dr. J.E. Miller, Dean of men at the University of Montana. The band played three selections. The girls' glee club sang two songs. The American Legion's citizenship award was presented to orin Beller and another citizenship award was given to Phyllis Backlin. Dan Mathisen received a scholarship to the University of Montana and Phyllis Backlin received a scholarship to the Butte Business College. The diplomas were presented by H.A. Briggs. Rev. John McDonald, pastor of the Community Church, gave the invocation and benediction.
    Those receiving high school graduation diplomas were: Phyllis Backlin, Eileen Cote, Mildred Lupton, Evalyn Fifield, Mabel Lupton, Blanche McVey, Dorothy Robinsion, Ethel Riley, Helen Semmens, Ferne Seeger, Mavis Ess, Marjorie Hobson, Ollie DeBree, Robert Bustard, Charles Goneau, Lawrence Higle, Bill Stanley, Dan Mathisen, Donald Young, Robert Weitzel, Robert Francis, Donald Dilts, Orin Beller, and Merle Edgerton.
    The 8th grade graduates were Marjorie Backlin, Shirley Boucher, Betty Chilson, Helen Cates, Mina Hinman, Elizabeth McWirk, Alice Simmons, Ruth Smith, Lois Seeger, Betty Trowbridge, June Trowbridge, Gale Warner, Hubert Copeland, Herman Foos, Richard Edgerton, Willard Garrin, Leslie Koon, Benjamin Puckett, Harold Reynolds, Robert Sizer, Irvin Winship, and Raymond Gingerich.
Ravalli Republican, May 18, 1939



Commencement at Victor Tonight
Victor, May 13 - Baccalaureate services were held at the Community church Sunday evening for the 14 members of the senior high school graduating class. The Rev W.H. Besire, Missoula, delivered the sermon and the Rev. P.F. MacDonald, Victor, offered the prayer. Eileen Hoppe played the processional. The congregation joined in a hymn. The high school glee club sang several selections and Ruth Smith contributed a solo,  Audrey Wendell playing the accompaniment.
    In the graduating class are Donald Francis, Charles Dean, Martin LeClair, Glenn Smith, Charles Larson, Dorothy Edgerton, Joyce Stanley, Dorothy McWhirk, Naomi Harper, Ruth Hornung, Ellen Cook, Lois Riley, violet Martin, Eileen Riley.
    Commencement exercises will be held in the gymnasium Thursday evening, May 14.
Ravalli Reublican, May 14, 1942



Victor High School Commencement
    Baccalaureate services will be held Sunday in the Community Church and commencement exercises for members of the Victor High School graduating class will be May 15 in the high school gymnasium, Superintendent Donald Bunger announced this week. Both programs will start at 8:30 p.m.
    Members of the graduating class are: Gordon Babbitt, Robert E. Duffield, Jacquian A. Brown, Mayme M. Ess, Alvin L. Copeland, Lorraine Granteer, Earlene M. Roberts, Betty Riley, Charles W. Rogers, Lula M. Swigert.
    The baccalaureate program will include the processional by the intermediate band, invocation by the Rev.C.R. Miller, Hamilton; scripture by the Rev. W.H. Bessire, Missoula; hymn by the congregation, sermon by the Rev. Mr. Bessire, hymn by the high school chorus, benediction by the Rev. Miller and recessional by the intermediate band.
    The commencement exercises will open with the processional by Mrs. Wallace McCrackin, invocation by the Rev. E.H. Tetwiler, Stevenville; valedictory address by Robert Duffield, advanced band selections, eighth grade presentation by Superintendent Bunger, songs by mixed chorus, presentation of memorial by senior class, address by the Rev. Mr. McCleave, presentation of scholarships and awards by Superintendent Bunger, salutatory address by Jacquain Brown, presentation of class by Superintendent Bunder, presentation of diplomas by Harold White, songs by mixed chorus, and benediction by Rev. Mr. Tetwiler.
Ravalli Republican, May 9, 1945




Nineteen Listed on Victor Honor Roll
Victor - Nineteen stuents are listed on the Victor high school honor roll for the fifth six weeks period. There are 10 seniors, six juniors, one sophomore and two freshman. Seniors are Harvey Backlin, Mitzi Dwyer, Ethel Stevens, Joan Kidder, Prescott Hackett, Robert Olson, James McCune, Ronald Lee, Leon Conner, Beverly Watters; juniors: Darlene Hinman, Lorraine Hinton, Marlene Wayman, Letty Bishop, Judith Patton and Delores Job; sophomre: Helen Gingerich; Freshmen: Harvey Hackett and Donald Williamson.
Perfect attendance
    Those with perfect attendance for hte past six weeks are Ralph Yates, Daretta Maki, Shirley Hill, Harvey Hackett, James Overturf, Bill Williamson, Milton Harper, Gladyce Swigert, Hugh Ehlert, Darlene Hinman, Lorraine Hinton, Alfred Larson, Beverly Bishop, Letty Bishop, Wilma Richards, Norman Perry, Beryl Mann, Joan Kidder, Bertha Lunceford, Raymond Mann, Claude Ankeny, Judith Patton, Robert Olson, Richard Hill, Leon Conner, Charles Overturf, DonWilliamson and June Rowan.
Ravalli Republican, April 21, 1949, page 1

Victor Graduation Exercises To Be Next Wednesday
    James L.C. Ford, dean of the school of journalism at Montana State University, will be the principal speaker at the Victor commencement exercises next Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock in the high school gymnasium.
    Fourteen seniors and 21 eighth graders will receive diplomas at the joint graduation exercises. The diplomas will be presented by Maurice Gould, chairman of the school board.
    Graduating seniors are Wilma Richards, Lorraine Hinton, Darlene Hinman, Pauline Allnutt, Marlene Wayman, Lawrence Trowbridge, Alfred Larson, Claude Ankeny, Lloyd Larson, Milton Harper, Richard Hill, Raymond Mann, Dale Mansfield, and Judith Patton.
    Baccalaureate will be held at 8 o'clock Sunday evening in the Community Church.
The Western News, Thursday, May 18, 1950





    Commencement exercises for Victor High School's graduating class of 1974 was held in the school gymnasium the night of May 22. Twenty three seniors received their diplomas.
High school graduating class of 1974: Gerald Allen, Edith Anderson, Shelly Anderson, Sue Bauman, Dan Bell, Darlene Buchholz, Virginia Chaney, Deborah Dill, Tommy Dobberstein, Bob Garland, Melina Henneman, Steve Hinman, Marlene Hochstetler, Kathy Long, Vonna Martin, Kathy Moisio, Debbie Olson, Rodney Palin, Sharon Penner, Kay Robinson, Valedictorian Cristi Rockford, Tony Thornbrugh, Randy Welty.