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History of Sheridan County

The following histories were transcribed from Sheridan's Daybreak, A Story of Sheridan County and Its Pioneers" compiled and Collated by Magnus Aasheim. © 1970 Sheridan County, Montana, Sheridan County Historical Association. Blue Print & Letter Company, Printers, Great Falls, Montana, and from Sheridan’s Daybreak II, compiled and collated by Magnus Aasheim. © 1985 by Sheridan’s Daybreak II Committee. North Plains Press, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 1984, unless otherwise noted. Reprinted with permission of the Sheridan County Historical Association and Magnus Aasheim. Many Thanks! A big thank you also to the volunteers who spent many hours transcribing these stories. Some live in Sheridan County, and some have roots in Sheridan County. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

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Sheridan County

A History of Sheridan County.  This is a down-loadable MS Word .rtf file.

Lynn Skordal
Comertown, MT Comertown boomed upon the arrival of the railroad in the fall of 1913. Vicki Koterba
Dagmar, MT Dagmar is located in the eastern half of Sheridan County, between Reserve and the North Dakota border.This link takes you to a downloadable text file. Marvin Larsen of Berkeley, CA
Dooley, MT With the coming of the Soo Line, townsite lots were sold on July 30, 1913. The town was platted by the railroad on the northeast corner of the W.D. Dooley homestead, from which the town got its name. Vicki Koterba
McElroy, MT McElroy, 3-1/2 miles west of the North Dakota line, was plotted by the SOO Line railroad, which was built in 1913. Vicki Koterba
Redstone, MT Stories from both Daybreak I and II, including a history of Wolf Creek. Lynn Skordal, July 2000
Reserve, MT Includes a story on the Rock Springs Congregation. Charlotte Peebles
Westby, MT Note: there are two separate histories of Westby here. The first as written in "Sheridan's Daybreak" second as written in "Three Quarter After Crossin' The Border" published in 1988. Vicki Koterba

Other Sheridan County Related Stories Information
Outlaws of the BIG MUDDY Here is Mr. McCanna's note to the Daybreaker's giving his permission to use this story! Thanks!

"The story of the "Outlaws of the BIG MUDDY" has been in the family archives for years, passed along from  my aunt Kathryn in Billings, Mt.  The origin is unknown but it can be posted for entertainment reading.  My father said, as a young boy, he and his next door neighbor friend, Jim Gross, were given permission to hunt on the 'Marron' farm  and that was a special deal because of the "activities" around there.  My father believes Nancy Marron (who is mentioned in the story) has since passed.  He last saw her at his mother's funeral, in '75, in Plentywood and she was in her seventies.  I would like to have anyone who is interested in the history, read the story and I give my permission for that to be posted." (November 1999)

Pioneering Montana Family Honored at MSU-Bozeman Dedication "Immigrants S.O. and Marthea Aasheim persevered rocky soil, bad weather and the economic foibles of the Depression to cultivate a good life from the earth of northeastern Montana."(The link to this article is currently unavailable.)

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