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Big Horn County MT. first families, book out of print.



Big Horn County Historical Society

Big Horn County Sheriffs

Boggess, Ernest and Margaret (Howe)

Bowers, Maddarine (Ebeling)

Brandt, Lewis B.

Breckenridge, Sandra. (French)

Brennan, John and Elizabeth (Koebbe)

Brooks, Loren and Janet

Brown, Marilyn (Kelly)

Buckingham, Calvin and Joyce (Gray)

Bunston, Howard and Belle

Burkhardt, Kay (McLaughlin)

Burks, Fred and Edna

Butler, Chester and Evelyn (Colstad

Buzzetti Family

Carpenter, Frances (Clawson)

Catron, Ray and Ivy (Sysum)

Cech, Wilma

Chandler, Burton and Marcleen

Chatham, John and Edith (Erickson)

Chatham, Luther and Lillian (Erickson)


Blessed Kateri

Tekakwitha (Wyola



Burgess Memorial Baptist (Crow A

Church of Jesus Christ-Latter Day Saints (Hardin)           

First American Lutheran (Hardin)

First Baptist Church (Hardin)         .

First Congregational Church (Hardin)      .

Little Brown Church (Lodge Grass)        

Our Lady of Loretto (Lodge Grass)        .

Seventh Day Adventist (Hardin)   .

St. Charles Borromeo Mission (Pryor):

St. Dennis (Crow Agency) 

St. Joseph (Hardin)

St. Francis Xavier (St. Xavier

The Trinity Tree      

United Methodist Church (Hardin)

Wyola Baptist

Childs, May Old Coyote

Clark, June Love     .

Class of 1935                            '

Clawson, Evin and Bertha 

Clement Store

Colberg Store :

Colstad Family

Colstad, Charles

LeoColstad, Ken     

Colstad, Lillian (Fencl) 

Cook, June (McAllister) 

Cook, Melvin 

Cooper, William and Susie (Nagel) 

Covington, Roy and Laura (Cooper)

Gulp, Myrna


Curry, Howard and Hazel (Barnett)

Dahle, Erwin and Adeline (Burns)   .

Davidson, Mack and Betty (Beirdneau)

Davis, George Reid "Crow" and Woman Who

Went Into The Clouds    

Davis, Hazel (Drake)  

Davis, Jack and R&semarie (Potosky)   

Davisson, Emme  

Davisson, Franklin and Elizabeth

Davisson, Kenneth and Helen (Selker

Dornberger, Frank

 Doyle, Larry     

Drake, Alniira (Warren)

Dudis, John and Dorothy (Geiger)

Eckroy Family

Eshleman, Bill and Clara (Uffelman)

Eshleman, Emerson and Elvena (Fosjord  

Faught, James and


Faught, Rachel


Fellows, Bobbie (Foltz)

Fly Inn

Forney, Carla


Fowler, Muriel


French-Watson, Carolyn J.

French, Evelyn (Hodgskiss)

French, Troy Aiiderson

French, Troy and

Goldie (Harris

Fritzler, Albert and

Leona (Farwell)

Fulmer, J. W. "Bob"

and Florence

Gilbert Family

Goering, John and Grace

Goodluck, Ralph 

Gookin, William and

Nellie (Logan)

Graham Family

Greer, Clayton and

Cherlyn (Hochhalter) 

Gregory, George Franklin

Gregory, Jean (Chatham)

Gregory, John and Mary (Roush)

Gregory, June (Renick)

Gregory, Richard Alien

Gress, Anna

Guy, Robert Glen



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