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Vital Record Collection



This site has extensive & established reference sites’ linkages throughout many countries in the world, including direct access for death, birth, marriage, census, and related records prepared by numerous research historians and family heritages. The specific records for Montana are collected in a separate director listing.  Some official country / regional sites require advance registration and associated fees; but most are free to use.


Severson Family

Are you looking for a Severson Family Connection in Montana? Bernice’s scholastic effects , letters & autograph book have been donated to the Huntley Project Museum (April 2008).


Family Genealogical Record Example

Presented is a small segment from a Kimmel lineage that expresses a lot of detail through the use of pictures interwoven into the historical records and their translations. Included is the Heinz Catsup Story. This lineage is directly associated with the Lorenz Kimmel line from Altoona, PA



The archives of the MTGenWeb Project contains a remarkable collection of “on-line” record information regarding details about the history of Montana’s past. Additionally refer to the multi-blocked searches available within the Montana State Genealogical Society for a wide variety of topics.






























There are several ways to check ancestral burials in Yellowstone County. Additionally, there are several active and inactive cemeteries within Yellowstone County. A description of these grave locations is available in the YGF Cemetery Site Index. Some are described in more detail within Out in the Boonies.

Above in the YGF Cemetery Site Index, you’ll find that there’s a link to free limited lookups in the Yellowstone County Cemetery books published in 1985 by the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum. These books are also available for sale by the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum. Additionally, the “Graves-R-Us” cemetery site with latest information on Montana, Wyoming and related states’ cemetery files that are available to review is noted.

Boothill CemeteryBillings. Reportedly founded as “Private Cemetery”, then Officially called “Boothill Cemetery”, this wee piece of land near to the current Metra Complex was the final resting place for about 100 souls. Many have moved (relocated), many were bunched together, and several have no names attached. For several years, in honor of the people who resided there without any headstone, some citizens created make-shift headstones and placed them on or near to where the graves were supposedly located. The Yellowstone Genealogy Forum updated the sites plot locator markings and initiated action to preserve the cemetery. Some of these temporary tombstone markers have found their way into the eBay seller’s pages. There were no real tombstones, only sandstone slab pieces stuck into the ground. Copies of news articles are located in various Research File Section articles (These numerous various locations will be annotated later to simplify the reading).

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (Pomp); had Pompeys Pillar named after him by William Clark in 1806. Pomp was very well educated, and his life story original documents are noted in the attached link (Pomp’s Gravesite in Danner, Oregon). Photos are provided along with some details of his death. Danner is an abandoned town on the Old Military Trail leading from the west coast to Fort Hall. Danner is about 3-1/2 miles west of Highway 95 between Jordan Valley and Rome in Eastern Oregon.

Listings of Obituary postings from the Carbon County area, generated when the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum created a master file for the cemetery records in the 1980’s, is tabulated in a separate listing for reference to the newspaper or other sources. There are about 200 pages of listings for these source records. Most of the files can be obtained from the Carbon County Genealogy Society sources.

Several local & obscure cemeteries are noted the Out-In-The-Boonies articles.

Mountview Cemetery, the main Billings city cemetery, has provided their list of burials through the mid-1990s and we have placed them in the MTGenWeb Project Archives for your free use. The files are listed alphabetically, and displayed in TEXT format. For pictures of the cemetery, and tombstone date transcriptions, refer to the files listed below. Many of the other cemeteries within the area, extending about 100 miles around Yellowstone County have had their records transcribed, and most all of the tombstone inscriptions have been recorded. These are not in numerical order; but if interested, the Webmaster will do limited lookups in the master files. [As with all extracted information, please bear in mind that the original records are not always reliable, even if copied exactly, and need to be checked with other prime records to assure accuracy.]

For active and past burials in either Smith Terrace Gardens Memorial Estates or Sunset Memorial Gardens, (not listed in the books), the addresses are provided below. A courteous letter sent with a self-addressed stamped envelope should get good results from these cemetery offices.

Burial arrangements provided by Smith’s Funeral Home along with the death certificate details, are available from the WebMaster, from 1900 through c2006.Not all details were recorded on the certificates – and numerous others were never filed. This is a “work-in-progress”. As family history records are made available within the files, that information is listed under the note column. Funeral code refers to the file ledger folder identification. There are over 26,000 entries to date. Information on the record file (if listed) is arranged as follows; if no data entered – that field is left blank:

[lastname, first names, sex, death date, age/status[1], burial date, note, burial place, funeral code, birthday, birthplace, place of death, occupation], [father, f-birth, f-death, father birthplace], [mother maiden name, m-birth, m-death, mother birthplace], veteran, [spouse, marr date, marr place]

By sorting on various lineage names, a reasonable genealogical tree can be created.

Smith Terrace Gardens Memorial Estates
304 34th Street West
, MT 59102

Sunset Memorial Gardens
1721 Central Avenue
Billings, MT 59102

Holy Cross Cemetery
[Note: The Calvary Cemetery in Billings was closed for further burials in 1956, but information is available at same phone location.]
Billings, MT 59102  (406-259-3389)

Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park
3605 Grand Avenue
Billings, MT 59102


Census Finder

The Census Finder site maintains current links to all known & available FREE census lookups throughout the world. The site grows in size almost daily, and includes Native Americans.


Census Records

1880 – Yellowstone County didn’t exist at this time, but was a small part of Custer County. The entire record collection of the state, extracted to date, is available at the Census Link for the state. The portion defining Yellowstone County is identified within the site. 


During the time before Montana’s existence, it was part of the Oregon Territory. Census data from the military posts in the ‘Montana Area’ are available.

Mark Reed has created a free-search Montana Census Record website at . It is in the early stages of development, and records for a few of the counties are available. It has a colored map of the counties. His companion states census records are available at

The Little Big Horn College has posted many records for census and head of households (family units) for the years (1885, 1900, 1910, 1930) by clicking here. These records are linked by surname and household numbers. To search the records, first check the surname, then the associated household number(s), and then go back and search the first names of the persons you are researching. This will bring up most of the complete family units, along with ages and relations.


An overview of all MT Census Records is available at It includes a directory for all Montana census records available online as well as various notes about researching census records in Montana.  


City Directories

Most of the Polk Billings’ City Directories 1905 through 2001 belonging to the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum are being maintained by the web master.  Contact webmaster for information  - free lookups via email are provided.


Courthouse Records

The Yellowstone County Courthouse is now online. Visit their site for more information. Refer to either the “Clerk & Recorder” or the “Clerk of the District Court” sites. Research requests via Forum members are available. The costs for various services posted below are subject to change. It is best to check with the appropriate office before ordering.

NOTE: No out of town checks accepted. For out of town requests, submit a money order, certified check or cash for the fees. Please check with the County personnel prior to sending requests, as costs are subject to change.

Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder.
P. O. Box 35001
Billings, MT 59107-5001

Telephone: 406-256-2785

Records available: Births: intermittent from 1881; Deaths: from 1895; Leases: from 1895; Deeds: from 1881; Misc.: from 1881; Military discharges: from 1919; Physician’s Records of Medical Certificates: from 1898; Index to Corporations & Bonds & Oaths: from 1883.

2003 Fees: Birth: $5.00; Death: $3.00; Uncertified copies (30-year law).

Note: Birth records for adopted persons in the county are available, but authorization by the adoptee has to first be obtained from the State Courts in Helena via petition to a judge. Costs start at $350, and Intermediary Counsel is required.

Yellowstone County Clerk of the District Court
P. O. Box 35030
Billings, MT 59107-5002

Telephone: 406-256-2851

Records available: Marriage: 1881; Divorce, Civil & Criminal courts: few files from 1884, indexes from 1905; Probate: from 1890.

2000 Fees: Marriage records: Certified - $2.50; Uncertified: $.50. Other documents: $.50 per page.

Specific Comments from County Clerks: Provide S.A.S.E.; Write request sending money order, certified check or cash as specified above. Be as specific as possible in giving the date of event, list full name of person(s) and any other pertinent details that will help locate the record.



Early Residents

New - Early Residents of Yellowstone County - Indexed from Yellowstone County and other articles from the Daily Herald 1883”




Funeral Homes

Affordable Alternative Cremation & Burial Service

2202 Central Avenue

Billings, MT 59101


Dahl Funeral Chapels

10 Yellowstone Avenue

Billings, MT 59101


Michelotti Sawyers & Nordquist Mortuary & Crematory (1)

1001 Alderson Avenue

Billings, MT 59101


Neuhardt Funeral Home

528 Lake Elmo Drive

Billings, MT 59105


Smith Funeral Chapels (Formerly at 120 North 26th Street)

925 South 27th Street

Billings, MT 59101


Smith Funeral Chapel

315 East 3rd

Laurel, MT 59044


Note (1): Records for the former Settergren Funeral Home from Laurel and Billings are located here. It is best to write a letter explaining what you need, and why. Enclose a stamped return envelope. The records are not readily accessible, and require a substantial amount or research on their part. They are very pleased to assist you in your research, but normally require about a week to complete the task. Some of these early records are simply handwritten notes jotted into small booklets with “soft-lead” pencils others are in file folders. A ready index is not available, so the exact death date is necessary. This can be obtained from researching the files at the Parmly Billings Library GenRoom and Montana Room. A death certificate can then be easily obtained from the Clerk & Recorder Office at the Court House.

Inactive or Other Funeral Homes & Undertakers

Some of the records of these facilities have been absorbed into the existing Funeral Homes listed above, but many have not been located. In your research, these names may appear in obituaries. It was a requirement that these firms have business licenses and that after they closed, if another firm didn’t absorb the facility, the records were supposed to be delivered to the Department of Permits and Licenses in Helena, Montana. Connect to the Research Link for listings.





Bearcreek Cemetery

Photographic collection of tombstones in this Carbon County cemetery.


Cemetery & Marriage Books

Description of books containing marriage and cemetery records are described, along with information about ordering copies.


Cemetery Lists

Active cemeteries in the local area, contact names and general information.


Cemetery Sites in the County

Listing and description of where the county cemeteries are located. Bowler Cemetery, in Carbon County is also included. Most of these locations are no longer in operation.


Census School Records

The Yellowstone County school records for years 1914 through 1930 are available on CDROM. Over 110,000 records are listed. Details of contents and how to order are provided.


County Census Records

Census records for 1880. Description and links to on-line records.

Death Records - Part 1

The complete on-line listing of all recorded deaths of those where an official report was filed are available at the Montana State Genealogy’s Site. Follow the link to “On-Line Data”. Other records are also noted.

Death Records –Part 2

Online Death Records from 1st Congregational Church-Billings MT (Partial Listings) 


The YGF hosts a genealogy room in Parmly Billings Library. Lists of available resources and how to obtain information on materials available are described. Many links provided. Location houses numerous obituaries. (Note: Information on that room is not maintained on this site – and is expected to move when the new Library is constructed.)

Germans From Russia Census



(Note: Site and linkages are not maintained.)

Big Horn County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia ~ includes the towns of Hardin and the Crow Indian Reservation

Blaine County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia ~ includes the towns of Chinook

Carbon County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia ~ includes the towns of Bridger and Fromberg

Missoula County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia ~ includes the towns of Missoula, Stark, Arlee and Ronan

Musselshell County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia ~ includes the town of Roundup

Roosevelt County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia

Valley County, MT 1910, Germans from Russia

Yellowstone County, MT 1920, Germans from Russia ~ includes the towns of Billings, Laurel and Worden


Parmly Billings Library, 510 North Broadway, Billings, Montana 59101. 406-657-8257

Parmly Billings Library has, among other things:

·         The Billings Gazette, from early years onward, on microfilm.

·         The Herald, early copies of Coulson articles in scrapbooks & microfilm roll.

·         The Montana Room, featuring books, maps & media pertaining to Montana and its pioneers and area residents. An extensive Card File Index is provided. (The file is located on the map file case. The files are located within the file cabinets in the room.)

·         Genealogy Room, maintained by the Yellowstone Genealogy Forum (GEN-ROOM)

·         Online Indexing and Book Reserve HOLD is available through the On-Line website.

·         Billings Gazette Vitals Index, currently covering 1882-1900 on-line (At Parmly Billings web site enter “Genealogy” to access the listing), plus other years in separate volumes listing birth, death, marriage, divorce, school enrollment, voter registration, pardons, business licenses, delinquent tax notices, and other events that were mentioned in the newspaper.

Montana State University - Billings, 1500 North 30th Street, Billings, MT 59101, 406-657-2262
Rocky Mountain College, Paul M. Adams Memorial Library, 1511 Poly Drive, Billings, MT 59102, 406-657-1087; Fax 406-657-1085
Laurel Public Library – Laurel, 720 W 3rd, Laurel, MT, 406-628-4961

Livestock Records

Listings of cattle, sheep and horses in the county from 1870 through 1909.

Marriage Licenses: OH, IO & WA

The Yellowstone Genealogy Forum had original marriage licenses from some of the counties in Ohio, Iowa and Washington. The listing identifies Grooms and brides. Note: These files were donated to the Wayne County Library , IN.

Marriages in Western States Link

From BYU Universities in the west.


Montana Death Records

Complete records of recorded deaths in the State of Montana – Pre 1900 through mid 2003. Doesn’t include the Poor Farm Records. (Updated link May 2012)

Mountview Cemetery Burial Records

Records were originally posted on line by alphabetical surname at the USGenWeb site for Yellowstone County; but that link has been severed (reason unknown). The City of Billings has posted the burials and grave locations for this cemetery and several others within the county. At the Billings City website Click on SERVICES – CEMETERY – GRAVESITE LOCATOR. Follow the instructions.

Mountview Cemetery Tombstones

Cemetery tombstone inscriptions, partial listing, posted online records. For complete inscriptions contact the WebMaster. Limited research is available.

Mt-Wy Cemetery Records

Hosted by Graves-R-Us. This site has updated records of burials.



18th St & Minnesota Ave

Billings, MT 59101


Big Sky Business Journal

PO Box 3262

Billings, MT 59101


Billings Gazette Online

401 North Broadway

Billings, MT 59101

Toll Free Number

Billings Outpost Online

1833 Grand Ave.

Billings, MT 59102


Billings Times

2919 Minnesota Ave.

Billings, MT 59101


Cowboy’s Digest

2443 N Frontage Rd

Billings, MT 59101


Laurel Outlook Online

415 East Main

Laurel, MT 59044


Western Business

412 N Broadway

Billings, MT 59101


Western Livestock Reporter

18th St & Minnesota Ave

Billings, MT 59101


Yellowstone County News & Antiques

117 North Avenue

Huntley, MT 59037



This QUERY Board links to questions and answers related to the local areas in or near Yellowstone County. For all other queries please check the various sites established by RootsWeb at their site.


Rootsweb’s Surname, County and State Resource sites - a very useful tool.

St Paul’s Evangelical Church

Information about the church records and where to obtain records details. (United Church of Christ – 3rd Ave South & 34th Street). Now closed.

Surname Registry

Biographies of persons retained in the YGF GenRoom [Parmly Billings Library] are listed. These are in book form.

Wounded or Killed in Action

A new Veteran’s Memorial is being built on the lawn of the Yellowstone County Courthouse to commemorate those from our county who have given their lives in the service of their country. The names of the individuals listed below are being placed on the monument, but if you know of others who were killed or died of wounds received during any war, please contact this site. The monument was dedicated on November 11, 1997, but there will be room for additional names, if found.

Vital Records

Vital Records from the Billings Gazette - Index of vital records from 1892 through 1902 are available online at the Billings Parmly Library Website.


Wills retained by the forum of early pioneers who settled in the local area, and available for researchers via email to the webmaster.

WorldGenWeb Project

The WorldGenWeb Project is a non-profit, volunteer based organization dedicated to providing genealogical and historical records and resources for worldwide access!

Yellowstone Valley Burial Records up to 1919.

Records from Earliest record to January 1919. This covers burials on Farms, Poor Farm, and towns other than Billings, and excludes bodies sent out of state.


Copied September 1974; By Virginia Tabor,Jacqueline Ridge; and supplied by USGenWeb 3/13.




[1] Many files contain cause of death