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Drago, Harry SinclairCanal days in America Q 973 H2dra
D.A.RLibrary catalog Q 973 A3da
Library of CongressGenealogies in the Library of Congress, 1972-76Q 016.929 K128g
Library of CongressGenealogies in the Library of Congress:a bibliographyQ 016.929 K128g
Library of CongressGenealogies in the Library of Congress, 1976-86Q 016.929 K128g
US ImmigrationForeign versions of English namesQ 929.4 Un3a
US CongressBio. directory of Amer. Congress, 1774-1971Q 973 D3u
Caldwell, J. A.Caldwell's ill. historical atlas, Green Co .PAQ 974.883 E7c
Rosatti, RobertBillings centennial book, 1882-1982Q 978.639 B3ro
Winchell, ConstanceGuide to reference books 11.02M884g
Newspapers in microform 198711.35N479
University MicrofilmsFamily histories for genealogists11.36A3fa
University MicrofilmsGenealogy 11.36A3ge
Genealogies & family histories16A3ge
National union catalog of manuscript collections16.091N21
Printed sources 16.929A3pr
Kemp, Thomas J.1995 genealogy annual, The16.9291A3
Filby, P. WilliamAmerican & British genealogy/heraldry, 1st ed.16.9291F472a
Filby, P. WilliamAmerican & British genealogy/heraldry, 2d ed.16.9291F472a
Directory of special libraries and information centers26.0002So13
How to write and publish your family book70.5H83
Ross, Marilyn Complete guide to self-publishing70.5Ros
Writer's northwest handbook70.5025D27w
Wagner, Sir AntHeralds of England 94D24aw
Official Catholic directory282.025Of2
Culturgram communication aid306B768c
Folson, David WAssets unknown 346.7305F73
Haney, Lewis H.Railway traffic and rates385.09H2h
James, William Dictionary of the English and German languages433.21J231d
Jerger, Jeanett L.Medical miscellany for genealogists610.3J76m
Davies, Thomas Shoots 770D286
First chair of America 780J2fi
History magazine903B2hi
Rand McNally & Co.Goode's world atlas 912N42g
New century cyclopedia of names920N42c
Aronson, J. HugoGalloping Swede, The 921Aro
Frink, Maurice Photographer on an army mule921Bar
Lomask, Milton Aaron Burr 921Bur
Life and correspondence of Major Cartwright921Car
Goodenough, Luman W.Lumber, lath and shingles921Goo
Green Thrustle nest 921Gre
Hannah, Jack Robert T. Hannah, 1853-1904921Han
Mild, Warren Joseph Highmore of Holborn Row921Hig
Hollenbeck, HerbBig game hunt, 1944 and elk hunters921Hol
Holt, William F.Memoirs of a Missourian 921Hol
Weeks, GenevieveOscar Carleton McCulloch, 1843-1891921McC
Norman, Frida E.Wings of the wind 921Nor
Diary in gray 921San
Torrence, Ruth Isabel Louisa Thomas Stanton921Sta
Coffman, Ralph Solomon Stoddard 921Sto
Torrence, Ruth Sunny memories 921Tor
Strickland, ArtRoger Williams 921Wil
Kowallis, Gay PGenealogical helper index929.05G286
Genealogical helper, The 929.05G286
Fundamentals of genealogy929.1A1fu
Kowallis, AlbertGuidelines for publishing a family history929.1A1k
How to trace your family tree929.1Am35ho
Baxter, Angus Do's and don'ts for ancestor-hunters929.1B333d
Bremer, Ronald Federal forms 929.1B75f
Bremer, Ron Transcript of tape recorded talk, Aug 19, 1987929.1B75t
Carmack, SharonGenealogist's guide to discovering female ancestors929.1C21g
Area keys genealogical primer basic I929.1C523c
Area keys genealogy research manual basic III929.1C523cl
Genealogy miscellany 929.1D27
Bits & pieces of genealogy information...929.1D27b
Bremer, Ronald Seminar on Genealogical research929.1D27br
How to find and use church records929.1D27ho
Kowallis, AlbertHow to improve our ability in genealogical research929.1D27ko
Dollarhide, WilliamManaging a genealogical project929.1D69m
Dollarhide, WilliamSeven steps to a family tree929.1D69m
Directory of professional genealogists929.1E4di
Eakle, Arlene H..Genealogy workshop, Oct. 6, 1984929.1Ea53g
Eakle, Arlene H.Professional skills: be far better informed...929.1Ea53p
How to search a cemetery 929.1G286pu
Handy tips for compiling oral histories929.1H65h
Jones, Vincent Stamp out chaos! Eliminate confusion929.1J727a
Mills, ElizabethEvidence! citation & analysis for the family historian929.1M624e
Stevenson, NoelGenealogical evidence 929.1St48ge
Konrad, J. Directory of family ''one name" periodicals929.1025D628f
1997 Federation of Genealogicval Societies929.1025E4f
Johnson, Keith Genealogical research directory929.1025G286grd
Andereck, Paul Computer genealogy 929.1028An22c
Crowe, ElizabethGenealogy online 929.1028Cro
Howells, Cyndi Netting your ancestors 929.1028H839n
Roberts, Ralph Genealogy via the Internet929.1028Rob
APG newsletter 929.105Ap29
Barrow, GeoffreyGenealogist's guide, The 929.142M356g
Marshall, GeorgeGenealogist's guide, The 929.142M356g
Pine, L. G. Genealogist's encyclopedia929.142P652ge
Wright, Norman Genealogical reader 929.173W934ne
Ames, Faber KanouseAmes family of Bruton, Somerset, England929.2Ame
Tharp, Louise H.Appletons of Beacon Hill, The929.2App
Balliet, StephenBalliet, Balliett, Balliette929.2Bal
Chester, JosephInvestigations concerning the family of Baldwin...929.2Bal
Pivernetz, AmelBaum-Bell genealogy, 1848929.2Bau
Baxter, Lionel Baxter family from South Carolina929.2BAX
Redman, Raynae Memories I want to share 929.2Bax
Marino, Joseph Bender - Bainter - Painter Smith and allied families929.2Ben
Descendants of Martin Benz929.2BEN
Hodge, Harriet John Billington of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Bil
Bliss, Aaron TylerBliss family in America, The929.2BLI
Robertson, WyndhamPocahontas, alias Matoaka929.2Bol
Picard, Sue Bomar family of Yellowstone and Carbon County, MT929.2Bom
Thompson, RuperBoon genealogy 929.2Boo
Wakefield, RobertWilliam Bradford of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Bra
Wakefield, RobertPeter Brown of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Bro
Gennings, RobertBulla family, The 929.2Bul
Bunnell/Bonnell newsletter929.2Bun
Jones, Veda G. Alice Butterfield of Johnson County, Missouri929.2But
Picard, Sue Descendants of Benjamin Butterfield...929.2But
Byram, John ArnByrams in America 929.2Byr
Cade, Leland P.Well, I guess I was just lucky!929.2Cad
Bowman, Judith Carver family history from 1594 to 1996...929.2Car
Smith, Anita ChristisonChristison 1779 - 1987 929.2Chr
Smith, Anita ChristisonBernhard Clausius, 1848-1929.2Cla
Chance, Hilda Collison and Cohee families929.2Col
Smith, Elaine SpiresColver family, 1635-1985 929.2Col
Cooper, Agnes T.Beginnings 929.2Coo
Cooprider, J. L.Chronicles of the families of Cooperider, Cooperrider..929.2Coo
Wakefield, RobertFrancis Cooke of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Coo
Cory, Vernon American Corys, The 929.2Cor
Cox family, The 929.2Cox
Sutton, Esther Craig-Meyer families of Pennsylvanaia, Michigan & Iowa929.2Cra
Sand, Linda CrandellCrandells, 1634-1981 929.2Cra
Cutsinger, JaneOne family's story 929.2Cre
Seaver, J. MontgomeryCurtis family records 929.2Cur
Clemmens, WilliamDarling family in America929.2Dar
Perry, Mark D. History of Davidson, Davison, and Davisson families929.2Dav
Mai, Brent AlanDeines dynasty (excerpts from vols. I & II) 929.2Dei
Spencer, Jack TaifGenealogy and history of the Derthicks & related Derricks929.2Der
Curfman, MargaretDoubleday families of America929.2Dou
Dunbar, Archie Forebears of four Dunbars929.2Dun
Barnhart, ShawnEberhart/Everhart 929.2Ebe
Spear, Verne RaymondDescendants of Redmond Peter Fahey & Ceclia Haverty...929.2Fah
Forst, William Frank Forst and Bertha Gulath of St. Louis, 1900...929.2For
MacGunnigle, BruceEdward Fuller of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Ful
Gest - Guest Quarterly 929.2Ges
Picard, Sue Gibis family 929.2Gib
Gilmore/Gilmer/Gilmour newsletter929.2Gil
Gish, Ira MontgomeryGish footprints in the sands of time929.2Gis
Goffs/Goughs 929.2Gof
Jones, Veda G. William Moore Goodnight of Johnson Co., Missouri929.2Goo
McBride, Nancy Gordon kinship 929.2Gor
Bayley, BeatriceGowdy family heritage, The929.2Gow
Gowen Research Newsletter 929.2Gow
Grantier family heritage 929.2Gra
Graves, Aubrey Graves family history and genealogy929.2Gra
Graves newsletter 929.2Gra
Putnam, Eben Notes on the ancestry..."Rear-Admiral" Thomas Graves...929.2Gra
Wright, WilliamAncestors and descendants929.2Gre
Grier, William Grier of San Francisco, builder in the west929.2Gri
Grier, William Griers, pioneers in America929.2Gri
Picard, Sue Grov/Grove family, The 929.2Gro
Picard, Sue Groves extracted from the 1900 Soundex...929.2Gro
Jacobson, MildredGuptill genealogy 929.2Gup
Hahn-Hart-Morrissey family history and other surnames929.2Hah
Haley, Alex Roots 929.2Hal
Hansborough, John W.History and genealogy of Hansborough-Hansbrough family929.2Han
Harness, HaroldGlimpse of the past - the Harness family history929.2Har
Hale, Ruth A. HatchGenealogy & history of the Hatch family929.2Hat
Hickman - Price - Logsdon929.2Hic
Hilton, Hope A.Hickman family of Utah and Idaho929.2Hic
Newman, James W.Hildreth family, The 929.2Hil
Hill, Kate AdelLon C. Hill, 1862-1935 929.2Hil
McLean, Hulda H.Genealogy of the Herbert Hoover family929.2Hoo
Austin, John D.Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Hop
House family newsletter 929.2Hou
Alley, Nancy H.Hutcheson 929.2Hut
Jarvi, Grace HarmalaJacobs family tree, The 929.2Jac
Shepard, James New Haven and Wallingford (Conn.) Johnsons929.2Joh
Jordan family, The 929.2Jor
Unsere leute von Kautz 929.2Kau
Nelson, Bette JMae Brittain-Keesee from Webster County, Missouri 929.2Kee
Knight family, The 929.2Kni
Kockler, EloyceComputer generated genealogy929.2Koc
Manchester, WilliamArms of Krupp, 1587-1968 New Jersey, The929.2Kru
Krum, Herman Johannes Kunz and Louisa Barbara Schweigert929.2Kun
Lacey, Garland Ancestors & descendants of Hiram G. Lacey...929.2Lac
Lamport, Carol Lamport family, The 929.2Lam
Worden, MargretAncestry of Arthur Wood Latham...929.2Lat
Lewallen, LawrenceGlimpse of great people, A929.2Lew
Lock-on, The 929.2Lok
Elliott, ThelmaWilliam McConnaughey--Ellen Berry929.2McC
Miller monitor 929.2Mil
Forsythe, Warren L.Mosely family history (2 vol.)929.2Mos
Neuberg family heritage book929.2Neu
Willingham, ChesterOgden brothers and their descendants929.2Ogd
Waters, John J.Otis family in provincial and revolutionary Massachusetts929.2Oti
Smith, Anita ChristisonThomas Owens and descendants929.2Owe
Pace Society of AmericaBulletin 929.2Pac
Boyd, Scott LeeParrish family, The 929.2Par
Patterson, BettEdmond and Margaret (Leamy) Patterson...929.2Pat
Doran, AdelaidePaxton family, a genealogy929.2Pax
Pearce, Marvin Pearce pioneers in Kentucky...929.2Pea
Williams, FrancesFounding family, A 929.2Pin
Townsend, Mrs. Degory Priest of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Pri
Prince, Peter HPrince family Prince 929.2Pri
Heard, Harold David Proffitt's family 929.2Pro
Families of Prudden and Coley929.2Pru
Harper, ElizabethTwenty-one southern families929.2Pry
Stone, Robert H.Ramseys and related families929.2Ram
Stone, Robert H.Wild garlic islands 929.2Ram
King, Larry Rector records 1642-1988 929.2Rec
Rel, Winnette Untangled roots 929.2Rel
Ressler, Mary EJohn M. Ressler family, T929.2Res
Retherford, J. Retherford family history929.2Ret
Rice, Claton SilasWe sought the wilderness 929.2Ric
Cobb, William TStrenuous life, The 929.2Roo
Ross, Robert L.Ross family of New Jersey929.2Ros
Rudd, Norman N.Irish Rudd family 1760 - 1988929.2Rud
Ruff, Bonner Ruff family album, The 929.2Ruf
Ryg, Wanda Ryg and Knudson familys 929.2Ryg
Schillinger, EdPioneers of the virgin land929.2Sch
Baxter, June AnnSchreiber family from Indiana929.2Sch
Schwarztrauber, SayreSchwarztrauber, Stewart and related families929.2Sch
Sekora, Edith TWho am I? 929.2Sek
Seward, George Seward and related families929.2Sew
Sigman, Leo Sigman family history 929.2Sig
Summers, WilliamSommer-Sommers-Somers and Summers...929.2Som
Roberts, Gary BAmerican ancestors and cousins of the Princess of Wales929.2Spe
Spear, Verne RaymondDescendants of George Spear929.2Spe
Stalnaker, Cecil E.Chronology of the Stalnaker family in America929.2Sta
Stafford, ErnesLaban Stafford, his ancestors and descendants929.2Sta
Warner, RussellMyles Standish of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Sta
Warner, RussellMyles Standish of the Mayflower and his descendants...929.2Sta
Newman, Aubrey Stanhopes of Chevening, The929.2Sta
Stewart, CameroGenealogical classification929.2Ste
Stevensons across America929.2Ste
Stone, Robert H.Stone connections 929.2Sto
Stover, RaymondStover, Stauffer connections929.2Sto
Sturtevant, RobertDescendants of Samuel Sturtevant929.2Stu
Peterson, MartinSuess family history, The929.2Sue
Peterson, MartinTernes-Klein-Emineth famlies929.2Ter
Terry, Earnest Terry family census 1790-929.2TER
Thacher, ElwoodThacher 929.2Tha
Throop, Walter Throop tree, The 929.2Thr
Tichenor, HaroldTichenor families in America929.2Tic
Tisdale, Rosa D.Meet the Tisdales 929.2Tis
Torrence, Stanley EdwinStan 929.2Tor
Cary, Kathleen Ancestors and descendants of William Trulock...929.2Tru
Van Wagoner, PhiloGenealogy of Jacob and Michael Van Wagoner, Jr.929.2Van
Welch, June RayFamily history, A 929.2Wel
VanWelde, ArmanGenealogie ''v. Welde(n)'929.2Wel
VanWelde, ArmanWelden 929.2Wel
Wightman, Wade Wightman ancestry, The 929.2Wig
Wightman, Wade Wightman heritage, The 929.2Wig
Wilbor, John ReWildbores in America, The929.2Wil
Heikes, Lena JaJantz family history 929.236526
Martin family quarterly 929.236586
Hall, LaVerne JerniganMartins, The 929.2
Drane family newsletter, 929.205Dra
Family heritage 929.205F21f
Alderman, Pat Tilson grist mill 929.273A1
Baring-Gould, SabineFamily names and their story929.4B239f
Charnock, RichardLudus patronymicus 929.4C382l
Hawthorn dictionary of pseudonyms929.4D4h
Haynes, John EdPseudonyms of authors; including anonyms & initialisms929.4D4h
Hook, J. N. Family names: the origins, meanings, mutations & history... 929.4Ho
Smith, Elsdon C.Personal names 929.4Sm55p
Smith, Elsdon C.Treasury of name lore 929.4Sm55t
Dieterle, DianeComputerized surname magazine929.425C739
Fox-Davies, ArthurComplete guide to heraldry929.6F83c
Franklyn, JuliaHeraldry 929.6F854h
Franklyn, JuliaShield and crest 929.6F854s
Neubecker, OttfriedHeraldry, sources, symbols and meaning929.6N391h
Pine, L. G. International heraldry 929.6P652i
Hieronymussen, PaulOrders and decorations of Europe in color940D22h
Baxter, Angus In search of your European roots940D27ba
Rolland, VictorIllustrations to the Armorial General by J. B. Rietstap940D6ro
Schaefer, ChrisGreat War, The 940.41Sch13g
Blackie, Lorna Clans and tartans 941D24bla
Grant, Neil Clans and tartans of Scotland941D24gr
Smith, Philip D.Tartan for me! 941D24sm
Scots kith & kin 941D4sk
Grimble, Ian Scottish clans & tartans 941D6g
Paul, Sir JamesOrdinary of arms contained in the public register...941D6p
Scotland for the motorist941E6s
Tomes, John Scotland 941E6t
Hanna, Charles A.Scotch-Irish, or, The Scot in North Britain, North Ireland...941F2h
Bennett, MargaretScottish customs from the cradle to the grave941H7be
Murray, Andrew Fifty years of Slamannan Co-operative Society Limited...941.1C4m
Collins, E. J. Irish family research made simple941.5A1
Campbell, R. G.Scotch-Irish family research941.5A1
Irish genealogist, The 941.5B2ig
Ryan, James G. Irish records 941.5D23r
Irish family history 941.5D25i
Falley, MargaretIrish and Scotch-Irish ancestral research941.5D27f
Grenham, John Tracing your Irish ancestors941.5D27gj
Burke's Irish family records941.5D2bu
O'Duirnin, UlliamIf you're a wee bit Irish941.5D2od
MacLysaght, EdwardSurnames of Ireland, The 941.5D4mc
O'Laughlin, Michael C.Book of Irish families, The941.5D4of
Grenham, John Little book of Irish clans941.5D6gr
Heraldic scroll & map of family names & origins of Ireland941.5D6hs
O'Connor, FrankLeinster, Munster and Connaught941.5E6o
Piehler, H. A. Ireland for everyman 941.5E6pi
Irish family names map 941.5E7if
Wallace, MartinShort history of Ireland, A941.5H2wal
Fairy and folk tales of Ireland941.5H6fa
Whyte, Louis Wild heather glen, The 941.95H2wh
Eakle, Arlene H.Descriptive inventory of the English collection942A3ea
Reid, Judith ProwseGenealogical research in England's Public Record Office 942A3re
In Britain: The magazine of the BTA 942B2in
Realm: The magazine of Britain's history & countryside 942B2re
Burke, Sir JohnGenealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry942D22b
Wagner, Sir AnthonyHeralds of England 942D24aw
Fox-Davies, ArthurArmorial families 942D24fa
Lynch-Robinson,Intelligible heraldry 942D24ly
Baxter, Angus In search of your British and Irish roots942D27ba
Eakle, Arlene H.Finding English ancestors942D27ea
Handy tips to your genealogical research in Eng. & Wales942D27ha
Pearson, Ann LisaBritish lecture team syllabus942D27pe
Preece, Florence Handy guide to English genealogical records942D27pf
Reid, Judith ProwseResearching English genealogy & local history...942D27re
Southwick, NealGenealogy seminar on the British Isles... 942D27s
Hamilton-EdwardTracing your British ancestors942D2he
Wagner, Sir AnthonyEnglish genealogy 942D2w
Waters, Henry F.Genealogical gleanings in England942D2wh
Bardsley, CharlesEnglish surnames 942D4e
Matthews, C. M.English surnames 942D4m
Reaney, Percy H.Origin of English surnames942D4o
Pine, L. G. Story of surnames, The 942D4pi
Ekwall, Eilert Concise Oxford dictionary942E26e
Crockford's clerical directory, 1975-756942E4c
Brown, Ivor Book of England, A 942E6br
British heritage 942H25b
Moulton, Joy WadeGenealogical resources in English repositories942J54m
Moore, Gordon Queen Camel -- our royal heritage942.3H2m
Journal of Corwall Family History Society 942.37B2cf
Osborne, Wilfrid J.Anne Hathaway's cottage 942.48E6o
Welsh family history 942.9D27w
Cerny, Johni Guide to German parish registers in Family History Library...943A3c
Smelser, RonaldPreliminary survey of the German collection943A3s
Wagstaff, FlorenceGerman research resources943A3w
German genealogical digest943B2g
German connection, The 943D25gc
Hall, Charles M.Atlantic bridge fo German943D25hc
Baxter, Angus In search of your German roots943D27b
Brandt, Edward Germanic genealogy 943D27be
Handy tips to your genealogical research in Germany943D27ha
Jensen, Larry O.Genealogical handbook of German resarch, A943D27j
Konrad, J. German family research made simple943D27k
Riemer, ShirleyGerman research companion943D27r
Suess, Jared H.Central European genealogical terminology943D27s
Thode, Ernest Address book for Germanic genealogy943D27t
Bahlow, Hans Dictionary of German names943D46ba
Fodor's Germany 943E6f
Atlas of the German Empire943E7ag
Der Neue Grosse Shell Atlas943E7gs
Das postleitzahlenbuch 943E8p
Koch, H. W. History of Prussia, A 943H2k
Stumpp, Karl Emigration from Germany to Russia in the years 1763-1862943W2sk
Schenk, Trudy Wuerttemberg emigration index943.47W22st
Gardiner, Duncan B.German towns in Slovakia 943.73E5g
Hoskins, JaninaPolish genealogy & heraldry943.8D27h
Wellauer, MaralTracing your Polish roots943.8D27wm
Hungary: a friendly gift to the Rotarians... 943.9H2hu
Hungary: pictorial record of a thousand years 943.9H2hun
Jensen, C. RussellPreliminary survey of the French collection944A3j
Davidson, ElaineGerman from Russia tells of visit back to homeland 947D3d
Lindsay, Mela M.Window into the iron curtain947D3l
Koch, Fred C.The Volga Germans in Russia & the Americas, 1763 to the present947F2ko
Keller, Conrad German colonies in South Russia947.7F2k
Norwegian tracks 948.1D25n
Smith, Frank Genealogical guidebook & atlas of Norway948.1E6st
Johansson, Carl-ErikCradled in Sweden948.5D27jo
Medill, Robert Sweden and its people 948.5H2me
Bridge, The 948.5W25e
Nielson, Paul A.Swiss genealogical research949.4D27n
Suess, Jared H.Handy guide to Swiss genealogical records949.4D27s
Schaefer, Christina K.Genealogical encyclopedia of the colonial Americas970A5sch
Meyer, Mary K. Directory of genealogical societies in U.S.A. and Canada970C44m
Cook, Robert CecilLeaders in American science970D36ck
Hansen, Holly T.Directory of North America Railroads, Associations...970E4ha
Meynen, Emil Bibliography on the colonial Germans of North America970F23me
Mennonite family history 970F25m
Crow Tribal treaty centennial issue: 1868-1968970.1A1cr
Felsman, EugeneBitter roots 970.1A1fe
Carpenter, CeciliaHow to research American Indian blood lines970.1C225h
Kirkham, E. KayOur Native Americans & records of genealogical value970.1K635o
U.S. National Archives American Indians: microfilm catalog 970.1Un3a
Mooney, Thomas Exploring your Cherokee ancestry970.3C424mt
Baxter, Angus In search of your Canadian roots971D27ba
Dictionary of Canadian biography971D3d
Stewart, GordonCanadian frontier 971H2st
Hand Hills heritage 971.233H2hh
Olecko, Doreen Sagitawah saga 971.233H2o
Conquerville 971.234H2co
Greenblat, Jim ''Those were the days'' in Swift Current971.243H2g
Dilts, Bryan Lee1848 and 1850 Canada West (Ontario) census index971.3X22d
Index to the 1871 census of Ontario971.3X22i
Connections: Quebec Family History Society 971.4D25c
Laforest, Thomas JohnOur French-Canadian ancestors971.4D3lt
Picard, Sue ButterfieldUnited States ties with Prince Edward Island971.5D3p
Nova Scotia genealogist, The971.6D25n
Smith, Leonard Nova Scotia immigrants to 1867971.6W2s
Omitted chapters from Hotten's972.981X2oc
Giesinger, AdamBibliography of the AHSGR973A1
Barsi, James C.Basic reseacher's guide to homesteads...973A1ba
Bremer, Ronald Sources and repositories 973A1br
Elliott, Wendy Using land records to solve research problems973A1el
Schweitzer, GeorgeWar of 1812 genealogy 973A1sc
Smelser, RonaldFinding your German ancestors973A1sm
Surnames listed in the 1790 United States census973A1su
Tracing immigrant ancestors973A1tr
U.S. vital records catalog973A1us
AGLL catalog 973A3a
U.S. National ArchivesNew England : microfilm catalog 973A3aaa
Chesapeake/Mid-Atlantic: list of Nat. Archives microfilm 973A3aab
U.S. National ArchivesSouth and Southwest, The: microfilm catalog 973A3aac
U.S. National ArchivesCentral States: microfilm catalog 973A3aad
U.S. National ArchivesWest, The: microfilm catalog 973A3aad
Child, Sargent Bibliography of research projects, reports...973A3c
Carter, Fran W.P.A., Works Progress Adminstration: surveys...973A3cf
Colletta, John Select bibliography of works in Library of Congress973A3co
Hedges, John H.Diplomatic records:catalog of National Archives microfilm 973A3he
Meitzler, LelandLocating your ancestor fam. when all you know is the state973A3me
Colket, Meredith B.Guide to genealogical records in the National Archives973A3na
Neagles, James Confederate research sources973A3ne
U.S. National Archives Genealogical and biographical research: microfilm catalog973A3ngb
U.S. National Archives Immigrant and passenger arrivals: microfilm catalog973A3ni
U.S. National Archives Military service records: microfilm catalog 973A3nms
U.S. National ArchivesNational Archives microfilm resources for research973A3nms
Munden, KennethUnion, The 973A5m
Suelflow, AugusPreliminary guide to church records repositories973A5s
Americana illustrated 973B2a
American heritage 973B2ah
American history illustrated973B2ahi
AHSGWork papers 973B2ahs
Clues 973B2ahu
Civil War times illustrated973B2c
Car-del scribe 973B2cd
Colonial Dames Seventeenth century review973B2col
Daughters of the American Revolution magazine973B2dar
Family tree magazine973B2fa
Family records today: journal of American family records 973B2fr
Four states genealogist 973B2fs
Genealogy digest 973B2gc
National Genealogical Society quarterly973B2ng
Prologue 973B2p
Palatine immigrant, The 973B2pi
Sons of the American Revolution magazine973B2sa
Milner, Anita C.Newspaper indexes 973B32m
Were your ancestors front page news?973B37w
Newsletter (Amer. Hist. Soc. of Germans from Russia)973B3ahs
D.A.R.D.A.R. patriot index 973C42da
Colonial courier (Daughters of the American Colonists) 973C45
Federation of Genealogical Societies membership, 2000973C4fe
Hall, Eva Reed Directory of Kappa Alpha Theta, 1870-1924973C4ha
Hereditary OrderRegister (Descendants of Colonial Governors) 973C4ho
Index of potential Huguenot ancestors973C4hs
Hereditary register of the United States of America973C4u
Yates, John S. Researching Masonic records973C4y
Key title index to American genealogical-biographical index973D22am
Crozier, WilliamKey to southern pedigrees973D22cz
Kirkham, E. KayIndex to some of the bibles and family records in the U.S.973D22kk
Kirkham, E. KayIndex to some of the family records of Southern States973D22kk
Index to American genealogies973D22m
Index to American genealogies973D22m
Munsell's genealogicial index973D22m
Terry, Milton E.Mayflower ancestral index973D22t
Hoffman, MarianGenealogical & local history books in print973D23ho
National Gen. SocietyNational Genealogical Society Library book list973D23n
Schreiner-Yantis,NettiGenealogical and local history books in print973D23sn
Bentley, ElizabethDirectory of family associations973D24benb
Crozier, WilliamCrozier's general armory 973D24c
Directory of family research973D24d
American genealogist, The973D25aga
Family chronicle 973D25f
Forum (Federation of Genealogical Societies)973D25fgsa
Genealogy bulletin 973D25gb
Heritage quest 973D25hq
Journal of the Afro-American historical & gen. society973D25j
Mayflower quarterly 973D25mq
National Genealogical Society newsletter973D25ngs
Second boat, The 973D25sb
Dinghy, The 973D25sbd
Seventeen seventy-six 973D25ss
Bremer, Ronald Compendium of historical sources973D27br
Cerny, Johni Ancestry's guide to research973D27cj
Colletta, John They came in ships 973D27co
Doane, Gilbert Searching for your ancestors: the how & why of genealogy973D27do
Handy book for genealogists, The973D27e
Eackle, Arlene H.Tracing ancestors with common surnames973D27ea
Greenwood, Val D.Researcher's guide to American genealogy973D27g
Groene, BertramTracing your Civil War ancestors973D27gb
Genealogical reseach: methods and sources 973D27gr
Stryker-Rodda, KennGenealogical research: methods and sources 973D27gr
Handbook for genealogical correspondence973D27hk
Neagles, James Locating your revolutionary war ancestor973D27ne
Ancestry's red book 973D27rb
Research outlines 973D27re
Sire, Kenneth JTitle - status - records: abbreviated historical highlights973D27s
Tracing family trees in eleven states973D27sg
Soundex reference guide, The973D27so
Stevenson, NoelSearch and research: the researcher's handbook 973D27st
Source, The 973D27ts
Westin, Jeane E.Finding your roots 973D27w
Wright, Norman Building an America pedigree973D27we
Weitzman, DavidUnderfoot 973D27wei
Wright, Norman Genealogy in America 973D27wg
American ancestry 973D2a
Adams, Arthur Magna Charta sureties, 1215973D2aa
Index to hidden lineages 973D2d
Family history index: list of common names... 973D2fh
Mayflower index 973D2m
National Gen. SocietySyllabus 973D2ng
Burke, Arthur M.Prominent families of the United States of America973D2pr
Rehr, Sherry ShoppAncestors from the Eastern heartland973D2reh
Virkus, FrederickAbridged compendium of American genealogy973D2vf
Whittemore, HenryGenealogical guide to the early settlers of America973D2wh
Directory of American scholars973D36ds
Who's who in the Northwest973D36nw
Who's who in America 973D36w
U.S. Congress Biographical dir. of the American Congress, 1774-1961973D3u
Adamic, Louis What's your name? 973D4a
Hook, J. N. Family names: how our surnames came to American 973D4h
Smith, Elsdon ColesAmerican surnames 973D4se
Smith, Elsdon ColesNew dictionary of American family names973D4sme
Alexander, Gerard L.Nicknames of American cities, towns & villages973E2a
Bahn, Gilbert S.American place names of long ago973E2bg
Gannett, Henry Origin of certain place names973E2ga
Kane, Joseph N.American counties, The 973E2ka
Quimby, Myron JScratch Ankle, U.S.A. 973E2q
Stewart, GeorgeNames on the land 973E2s
Stewart, GeorgeAmerican place-names 973E2sg
Stewart, GeorgeNames on the land 973E2st
U.S. Geographic BoardReport of the United States Geographic Board973E2u
Dollarhide, WilliamMap guide to American migration routes, 1735-1815973E3d
Kirkham, E. KayGenealogical and historical atlas of the United States973E3k
Crouch, Milton Directory of state and local history periodicals973E4cr
Milner, Anita CNewspaper genealogy columns: a preliminary checklist973E4mi
Gilman, C. MalcolmHuguenot migration in Europe and America973F25g
Highlander 973F25hi
Knittle, WalterEarly eighteenth century Palatine emigration 973F2pk
Rhineland emigrants 973F2rel
Nelson, Olof NickolausHistory of the Scandinavians....973F2sn
Vlekke, BernardHollanders who helped build America973F2v
Van Tyne, ClaudeLoyalists in the American Revolution973F2vt
Kirkham, E. KayHow to read the handwrititing & records of early America973G3kk
Filby, P. WilliamBibliography of American county histories973H23bi
Peterson, ClarenceConsolidated biblio. of county histories in 50 states, 1961973H23p
Blockson, Charles L.The Underground railroad973H2bl
History 391r supplement: volume 1 973H2hi
Crossroads: Orphan Train Heritage Society 973J35oa
Holt, Marilyn IrvinThe Orphan Trains: placing out in America973J3ho
American library directory973J54a
Dir. of government document collections & librarians973J54di
1980 yearbook of the American Lutheran Church973K24n
Hostetler, JohnAmish roots 973K2hj
Humling, VirginiaU.S. Catholic sources 973K2hu
Kirkham, E. KaySurvey of American church records, A973K2k
Whithorn, DorisBicentennial tapestry of 973K2wh
Clark, Murtie JuneIndex to U.S. invalid pension records, 1801-1815973M22c
White, Virgil D.Index to War of 1812 pension files973M22i
White, Virgil D.Index to Old Wars pension files, 1815-1926973M22wh
White, Virgil D.Index to pension applications for Indian Wars service...1817-1898973M22whv
Heitman, FrancisHistorical register of officers of the Continental army...973M23h
Hart, Herbert MOld forts of the Northwest973M25h
Kaminkow, MarionMariners of the American Revolution973M25k
Outline descriptions of the posts in the Military Division...973M25us
Boatner, Mark M.Civil War dictionary, The973M26b
Johnson, RichardHow to locate anyone who is or has been in the military973M27j
Schweitzer, GeorgeCivil War genealogy 973M27s
Mix, Ann BennetTouchstones 973M27t
White, Virgil D.Genealogical abstracts of Revolutionary War pension files973M28g
U.S. War DepartmentWar of the rebellion, The973M29u
Andrews, MatthewWomen of the South in war times973M2an
Bradford, Ned Battles and leaders of the Civil War973M2br
Brockett, L. P.Woman's work in the Civil War973M2br
Clark, Murtie JuneAmerican militia in the frontier wars, 1790-1796973M2clm
Cornish, Louis Index to Revolutionary ancestors in Register of SAR973M2co
Heitman, FrancisHistorical register and dictionary of the US Army...973M2hh
Jordan, Robert Civil War, The 973M2jo
Negro in the Civil War, The973M2n
Schweitzer, GeorgeRevolutionary War genealogy973M2sg
Stubbs, Mary LeeArmor-Cavalry Part I: Regular Army and Army Reserve 973M2st
Stubbs, Mary LeeArmor-Cavalry Part II: Army National Guard 973M2st
Pierce's register 973M2up
Wright, Robert Continental Army, The 973M2wr
Wright, Robert Continental Army, The 973M2wr
Dobson, David Scottish-American wills, 1650-1900973P22d
Hoff, Henry BainbridgeEngligh origins of Amer. colonists from NY Gen. & Biog. Record973P2ho
Neagles, James Locating your immigrant ancestor973P47n
Schaefer, ChristinaGuide to naturalization records of the United States973P4sc
Hone, E. WadeLand & property research in the United States973R27h
Coldham, Peter American loyalist claims 973R2cp
Solving American pedigrees: American property records973R2s
Eakle, Arlene H.Tax records: a common source with an uncommon value 973R47e
American blue book of funeral directors, The973U24a
Anuta, Michael Ships of our ancestors 973U3an
Morton Allan directory of European passenger ship arrivals973U3m
Stemmons, John Vital record compendium, The973V24s
Where to write for vital records973V24wv
Stemmons, John Cemetery record compendium973V34s
American migration patterns973W2ap
Coldham, Peter Complete book of emigrants, 1607-1660973W2c
Coldham, Peter Supplement. to the complete book of emigrants in bondage...973W2c
Coldham, Peter WilsonAmerican migrations, 1765-1799973W2co
Coldham, Peter Complete book of emigrants, 1661-1699973W2col
Coldham, Peter Complete book of emigrants, 1700-1750973W2col
Coldham, Peter Complete book of emigrants, 1751-1776973W2col
Dobson, David Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825973W2do
Hotten, John CamdenOriginal lists of persons of quality973W2h
Hvidt, KristianDanes go west: a book about the emigration to America 973W2hvd
Kaminkow, Marion J.Original lists of emigrants in bondage from London...973W2kla
Miller, Olga K.Migration, emigration, immigration973W2mo
Semmingsen, IngridNorway to America: a history of the migration 973W2si
Passenger arrivals, 1819-1820973W3
Passenger and immigration lists index973W32p
Passenger and immigration lists bibliography, 1538-1900973W33p
Hargreaves-MawdsleyBristol and America, a record of the first settlers...973W3b
Scott, Kenneth British aliens in the United States during the War of 1812973W4s
U.S. National Archives Federal population censuses, 1790-1890973X23n
U. S. and special census catalog973X23u
Meitzler, LelandU.S. federal census records, transcript of Heritage Quest Road Show973X27m
U.S. Census BureauThirteenth census of the U.S. taken in the year 1910973X2ab
Dollarhide, WilliamCensus book, The 973X2do
Lainhart, Ann S.State census records 973X2lai
Stemmons, John United States census compendium973X2st
Thorndale, WilliamMap guide to the U.S. federal censuses, 1790-1920973X2th
New England historical and genealogical register974B2ne
New England quarterly, The974B2ne
New England genealogy 974D25n
NEHGS nexus 974D25nn
Lainhart, Ann SDigging for gen. treasure in New England town records974D27la
Weis, FrederickAncestral roots of certain American colonists...974D2w
Phelps, WinstonPuritan roots 974H2pw
Sanford, Ilou MMembership records of Seventh Day Baptist Churches...974K2sa
Torrey, ClarenceNew England marriages prior to 1700974V2t
Sanborn, MelindeSecond supplement to Torrey's New England marriages...974V2t
Anderson, RobertGreat migration begins: immigrants to New Engalnd, 1620-1633974W2a
Anderson, RobertGreat migration begins: immigrants to New Engalnd, 1634-1635974W2a
Banks, Charles Topographical dictionary of 2885 English emigrants...974W2ba
Maine seine, The 974.1D25
Downeast ancestry 974.1D25d
Heads of families at the 1st census of U.S., 1790, Maine974.1X2b
Copeley, WilliamIndex to genealogies in New Hampshire town histories974.2D22c
Green, Scott E.Directory of repositories of family history in N. H.974.2D24g
Newsletter (New Hampshire Society of Genealogists)974.2D25nn
Potter, ChandleMilitary history of the state of New Hampshire, 1623-1861974.2M2p
Heads of families at the 1st census of U.S., 1790, N.H.974.2X2b
Genealogical record of Srafford County (N. H.)974.25D25g
Branches and twigs (Genealogical Society of Vermont) 974.3B2br
Vermont genealogy 974.3B2ve
List of pensioners of the War of 1812974.3M2l
Vermont pensioners of the War of 1812974.3M2l
Church of Baptised Bretherin, Royalton Vermont974.365K2
Mayflower descendants and their marriages...974.4A1
Haxtun, Annie ASigners of the Mayflower Compact974.4D2h
Mayflower families through five generations974.4D2mf
Shaw, Hubert K.Families of the Pilgrims 974.4D2sh
Longver, Phyllis O.Surname guide to Massachusetts town histories974.4D4lo
Maas, David Divided hearts, Massachusetts loyalists, 1765-1790974.4F2m
Stratton, EugenePlymouth Colony: its history & people, 1620-1691 974.4H2s
Willison, GeorgeSaints and strangers 974.4H2w
Whitehill, WalterMassachusetts: a pictorical history 974.4H2wh
Dow, George FrancisEvery day life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony974.4H6dg
Doreski, CaroleMass, officers and soldiers in the 17th century conflicts974.4M24d
Cowan, Maude RobertsMembers of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company...974.4M2co
Donahue, Mary EMassachusetts officers and soldiers, 1702-1722974.4M2d
MacKay, Robert Mass. soldiers in the French & Indian wars, 1744-1755974.4M2mc
Stachiw, Myron Massachusetts officers and soldiers, 1723-1743974.4M2s
Voye, Nancy S. Mass. officers in the French & Indian wars, 1748-1763974.4M2v
Banks, Charles EdwardThe Winthrop Fleet of 1630974.4W2ba
Spear, Burton W.Search for the passengers of the Mary & John, 1630974.4W3s
Guide to Berkshire County, Massachusetts cemeteries974.41V37L
Forward through the ages 974.43K2f
New Eng. Historic SocietyBook loan catalog 974.461A3nb
Great migration newsletter974.461D25g
MacGunnigle, BruceRhode Island Freemen, 1747-1755974.5A1
Parker, J. CarlyleRhode Island biographical & genealogical sketch index974.5D32p
Beaman, Alden G.Washington County, Rhode Island, birth 1770-1850974.5V2b
Heads of families at the first census, 1790, Rhode Island974.5X2b
CT State LibraryProbate records in the Connecticut State Library974.6A1pr
Sperry, Kip Connecticut sources for family historians & genealogists974.6D23s
Connecticut nutmegger, The974.6D25n
CT Historical SocietyBulletin 974.6H25c
CT Historical SocietyNotes & news 974.6H25c
Ritter, Kathy A.Apprentices of Connecticut, 1637-1900974.6U2r
Knox, Grace LouiseSome Connecticut nutmeggers who migrated974.6W2k
Jackson, Ronald VernConnecticut 1840 census index974.6X2j
Brainard, Newton C.Hartford state house of 1796974.62D2b
Bickford, Christopher Farmington in Connecticut974.62H2b
Szucs, Loretto Ellis Island, gateway to America974.7A1sz
Eakle, Arlene H.Descriptive inventory of the New York collection974.7A3e
Tree talks 974.7B2t
Clint, FlorenceNew York area key 974.7D27c
Schweitzer, GeorgeNew York genealogical research974.7D27s
New York Index 974.7D2t
Wilson, Edmund Upstate: records & recollections of Northern New York 974.7H2wi
Bowman, Fred Q.Landholders of northeastern New York974.7R24b
NY Secretary of StateNew York marriages previous to 1784974.7V28n
Bowman, Fred Q.10,000 vital records of central New York, 1813-1850974.7V2bf
NY State cemeteries name/location inventory, 1995-1997974.7V3ne
Moscow, Henry Street book, The 974.71E26m
Zimmerman, GaryGerman immigrants: from Bremen to NY, 1847-1871974.71W3g
Columbia, The 974.739D25c
Hughes, Thomas American Ancestry: giving the names & descent in male line...974.739D2a
Nial, Loretta M.Tombstone inscriptions in cemeteries in Troy, NY974.741V3ni
Pearson, JonathanContributions...of first settlers of Albany Co., 1630-1800974.742D2p
Simms, Jeptha R.History of Schoharie County, & border wars of New York974.745H2h
Saratoga, The 974.748D25s
Sylvester, NathanielHistory of Saratoga County, New York974.748H2sa
Jackson, Mary S.Marr. notices, Washington Co. NY newspapers, 1799-1880974.749V2ja
Jackson, Mary S.Death notices, Washington Co. NY newspapers, 1799-1880974.749V2jac
Guide to historical resources in Jefferson Co. NY...974.757A3g
Genealogical journal of Jefferson Co. New York974.757D25g
Reeves, George Jefferson County in the World War974.757M2
Iroquoian: Iroquois Central HS (Elma, NY) yearbook 974.796J2ir
Hoenstine, Floyd G.Guide to genealogical and historical research in PA974.8A3h
Jots from the point 974.8B2jo
Pennsylvania genealogical magazine974.8B2p
Pennsylvania heritage 974.8B2pj
Richards, HenryPennsylvania-German in the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783974.8B4pg
Philadelphia PA MayorRecord of indentures of individuals bound out...974.8B4pg
Pennsylvania queries 974.8D25pq
Our name's the game 974.8D25s
Pennsylvania miscellany 974.8D27
Clint, FlorencePennsylvania area key 974.8D27c
Early Pennsylvania research974.8D27ea
PA line: research guide to PA genealogy & local history 974.8D27p
Schweitzer, George K.Pennsylvania genealogical research974.8D27s
Brecht, Samuel Genealogical record of the Schwenkfelder families974.8F2b
Irish, Donna R.Pennsylvania German marriages974.8K2i
Dunn, Mary Index to Pennsylvania's colonial records series974.8N2p
Early Pennsylvania births, 1675-1875974.8V2fi
Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819974.8W3t
Philadelphia naturalization records974.811P4p
Pennsylvania Mennonite heritage974.815B2p
Authentic history of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania974.815H2m
Wright, F. EdwardLancaster County, PA church records of the 18th century974.815K2wr
Throop, Eugene Lancaster County Pennsylvania974.815P2th
Newsletter (Bucks County Genealogical Society)974.821D25n
Clint, FlorenceLuzerne County, Pennsylvania, area key974.832D25c
Census of Greene Co. PA: Greene Twp. 1820, 1850, 1880974.833X2p
Census of Greene Co. PA: Monongahela Twp. 1820, 1850, 1880 974.833X2p
Census of Greene Co. PA: Morris Twp. 1820, 1850, 1880 974.833X2p
Census of Greene Co. PA: Perry Twp. 1820, 1850, 1880974.833X2p
Census of Greene Co. PA: Whiteley Twp. 1820, 1850, 1880974.833X2p
Census of Greene Co., PA: Center Twp. 1820, 1850, 1880974.833X2p
Census of Greene Co., PA: Cumberland Twp.1820, 1850, 1880 974.833X2p
Lightner, WilliamRecords of the Reformed Church in Shippensburg, PA974.84B4s
Surviving early records of York Co. Pennsylvania974.84B4s
Rupp, I. D. History of York County, Pennsylvania974.841H2r
Johnson, Aaron 1800 U.S. census, Adams County, Pennsylvania974.842X2p
Laurel messenger (Somerset County, Pennsylvania) 974.879H25l
Somerset past: history & genealogy of Somerset Co. PA 974.879H25s
Saylor, E. C. Church records of Berlin, Somerset County, PA, 1788-1856974.879K2s
Crumrine, Boyd Virginia court records in southwestern Pennsylvania974.88P2c
Keyhole (Genealogical Society of Southwestern Pennsylvania) 974.882B2k
Cornerstone clues (Cornerstone Genealogical Society) 974.883B2c
Journal of Erie studies, The 974.899B2j
Clint, FlorenceErie County, Pennsylvania, area key974.899D25c
Surname index to the 1876 Erie County (PA) historical atlas974.899E3e
Taylor, DorothyHuguenot ancestors represented in Huguenot Society of NJ974.9F2t
Norton, James S.New Jersey in 1793: abstract to 1793 militia census... 974.9M2n
Wardell, Patrick G.Timesaving aid to Virginia-West Virginia ancestors975D22w
Handy tips to your genealogical research in southern records975D25h
Good, Rebecca H.Finding your people in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia975D27g
Kerns, Wilmer L.Historical records of old Frederick & Hampshire counties, VA975D2k
Wardell, Patrick G.Virginians & West Virginians, 1607-1870975D2wp
Clark, Murtie JuneColonial soldiers of the South, 1732-1774975M29c
Holcomb, Brent North Carolina land grants in South Carolina975R28n
Clemens, William M.North and South Carolina marriage records975V28c
Kelly, Douglas F.Carolina Scots 975W2kel
Potter, DorothyPassports of Southeastern pioneers, 1770-1823975W4p
Jackson, Ronald VernDelaware 1830 census index975.1X2p
Maryland Genealogical Society bulletin975.2B2mb
Passano, EleanorIndex to the source records of Maryland975.2D22p
Wright, F. EdwardNewspaper abstracts of Western Maryland975.2D2ww
Barnes, Robert Maryland marriages, 1634-1777975.2K2bar
Clements, S. EugeneMaryland militia in the Revolutionary War975.2M28c
Heads of families, first census of US, 1790, Maryland975.2X2he
Carothers, Bettie1776 census of Maryland 975.2X2p
Wright, F. EdwardInhabitants of Baltimore County, 1692-1763975.271D2w
Wright, F. EdwardWashington County, Maryland, church records of 18th century975.291K28w
Lest we forget: guide to genealogical research in nation's capitol 975.3D27b
District of Columbia 1840 census index975.3X2p
District of Columbia, 1830 census index975.3X2p
Harrison County (WV) Genealogical Society newsletter975.4B2ha
McGinnis, CarolWest Virginia genealogy, sources & resources975.4D23m
Hacker's Creek journal (West Virginia)975.4D25h
Cranmer, GibsonHistory of Wheeling City and Ohio County West Virginia975.4H2cr
Our American heritage: Hooverson Heights & surrounding area 975.4H2ou
Lewis, Virgil A.Soldiery of West Virginia, The975.4M2l
McEldowney, John C.History of Wetzel County, West Virginia975.418H2m
West Augusta (WV) Historical & Genealogical Society newsletter975.422D25t
Upshur County (WV) Historical Society newsletter975.462H25u
Pugh, Maud Capon Valley, it's (sic) pioneers & their descendants, 1698-1940975.495H2p
Genealogical ServicesIndex to Pittsylvania County, Virginia land entries, 1737-1770975.5A1
Virginia State LibraryGuide to the business records in ...Virginia State Library975.5A3c
List of non-commissioned officers & soldiers of the Virginia line...975.5Al
Stanard, William G.Some emigrants to Virginia975.5Al
Virginia magazine of history and biography975.5B2v
Magazine of Virginia genealogy975.5B2vs
Newsletter (Virginia Genealogical Society) 975.5B2vt
Heisey, John W.Virginia genealogy guide 975.5D27h
Schweitzer, GeorgeVirginia genealogical research975.5D27s
Boddie, John BennettVirginia historical genealogies975.5D2bj
Genealogies of Virginia families975.5D2gvw
Headley, RobertGenealogical abstracts from 18th century Virginia newspapers975.5D2hr
Jester, Annie L.Adventurers of purse and person, Virginia, 1607-1625975.5H2j
Bockstruck, LloydVirginia's colonial soldiers975.5M2bl
Virginia State LibraryList of the colonial soldiers of Virginia975.5M2vl
Torrence, ClaytonVirginia wills and admininistrations, 1632-1800975.5P22t
Gill, Harold B.Apprentices of Virginia, 1623-1800975.5U2g
Borden, Duane LTombstone inscriptions (Virginia)975.5V3b
Heads of families at the first census, 1790, Virginia975.5X2ua
Kindred spirits (Prince William County, Virginia) 975.527D25n
Bodie, Charles A.Guide to Gloucester Co. Virginia historical manuscripts, 1651-1865975.532A3b
Maling, Anne E.Princess Anne County, Virginia, land & probate records...975.551R2m
Wertenbaker, ThomasNorfolk: historic southern port 975.5521H2w
Harrisonburg-Rockingham Historical Society (VA) newsletter975.592H25h
Borden, Duane LTombstone inscriptions: Strasburg & vicinity, Shenandoah Co. VA 975.595V3bo
Newsome, AlbertRecords of emigrants from England & Scotland to NC, 1774-1775975.6A1
Rankin, Hugh F.Pirates of colonial North Carolina975.6A1ra
Cain, Barbara T.Guide to private manuscript collections in the NC State Archives975.6A3c
Quarterly review of Eastern North Carolina Genealogical Society975.6B2e
Schweitzer, George K.North Carolina genealogical research975.6D27s
Franklin, Charles M.North Carolina genealogical resources975.6D2fr
Corbitt, David Formation of the North Carolina counties, 1663-1943975.6E2cd
Parramore, ThomasCarolina quest 975.6H2p
Walser, RichardNorth Carolina legends 975.6H7wa
Pasquotank HistoricalYearbook, 1956-1957 (Pasquotank Historical Society, NC) 975.6142B5p
Alexander, JohnHistory of Mecklenburg county from 1740 to 1900975.676H2a
Lot of bunkum, A (Old Buncombe Co. Genealogcal Society) 975.688D25l
SC Dept. of ArchivesGuide to local government records in the South Carolina Archives975.7A3ss
Holcomb, Brent South Carolina naturalizations, 1783-1850975.7P4h
Salley, A. S. Marriage notices in the SC & American General Gazette...975.7V25s
Family tree (Moultrie, Georgia): Ellen Payne Odom newsletter975.8D25f
Austin, Jeannette H.Georgians, The: genealogies of pioneer settlers 975.8D2ag
Heritage (Genealogical Society of Greater Miami) 975.9381D25h
Owen, Thomas Revolutionary soldiers in Alabama976.1M23a
Mississippi 976.2B2m
Louisiana genealogical register976.3B2gr
L'Heritage (Saint Bernard Genealogical Society) 976.3B2s
Texas State LibraryTexas State Library circulating genealogy duplicates list976.4D23t
Limestone Gen. Assoc.Cemetery records of Limestone County, Texas976.4285V3L
Schrader, P. LacasterEarliest marriages, Bryan Co. Oklahoma (Indian Territory)976.6A1
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Backtracker (The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society) 976.7B2bt
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Researchin' Ouachita-Calhoun counties, Arkansas976.76D25r
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Kin hunters 976.9D25kh
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Ohio, the cross road of our nation977.1B2o
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Ohio county courthouse guide977.1D27a
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Indiana 1850 census index977.2X22i
History of Benton County, Indiana977.2972H2b
Illinois State Genealogical Society quarterly977.3B2is
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Chicago ancestor file, 1974-1984977.311D2m
Lewis annual, The 977.311J2le
McHenry County, Illinois connection quarterly977.322D25m
Hancock County Historical Society newsletter977.343H25h
D.A.RAugusta's story 977.343H2da
Gleanings from the heart of the cornbelt (McClean Co. IL)977.359B2g
McLean County cemeteries 977.359V3b
Illiana genealogist 977.365D25i
Mortality schedules, 1860, 1870, 1880...977.37X2m
Coles County in the Civil War, 1861-1865977.372H2co
Newsletter (Phillips & kin of Franklin County, Illinois)977.394B2p
Combined bibliography of genealogy collection, Shawnee Library977.3993A5s
McGinnis, CarolMichigan genealogy: sources and resources 977.4A3m
Michigan: travel and recreation guide 977.4B5m
Family trails 977.4D25f
Four flags tracer ( Four Flags Area Genealogical Society) 977.4D25ff
Newsletter (Mid-Michigan Genealogical Society) 977.4D25mi
Kalamazoo family news letter977.417B2k
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Wisconsin helper: a genealogical quarterly 977.5B2h
Newsletter (Wisconsin State Genealogical Society) 977.5B2n
Wisconsin magazine of history977.5B2w
Wisconsin then and now (State Historical Society of Wisconsin) 977.5B2wt
Some pioneer families of Wisconsin977.5D22s
Wisconsin families: quarterly of Wisconsin Genealogical Society 977.5D25w
Wisconsin: a guide to the Badger state 977.5H2wi
Births, deaths, marriages and other genealogical gleanings...977.5V2bir
Jackson, Ronald VernWisconsin 1840 census index977.5X2j
Kornitz, Ruth MendenhallIndex to the portrait & biographical album of Fon du Lac Co., WI977.568D3f
Grant County heritage (Grant County Genealogical Society) 977.577D25g
Looking backwards (Lafayette County Historical Society) 977.579D25l
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History of Green County, Wisconsin977.586H2h
History of Racine and Kenosha counties, Wisconsin977.59H2r
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Little sketches of big folks, Minnesota 1907977.6D3li
Who's who in Minnesota 977.6D3w
Minnesota history 977.6H25m
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Surname index, 1979 977.7A1s
Annals of Iowa, The 977.7B2i
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Iowa Genealogical Society surname index977.7D2i
Society of Mayflower...Lineage record of members of Society of Mayflower Descendants977.7D2s
Iowa journal of history and politics: cumulative index, vols. 1-40977.7H2ij
Iowa 1850 census index 977.7X2p
Chickasaw County, Iowa: cemeteries of Fredericksburg Township 977.7315V3c
Iowa Genealogical SocietyCemeteries, Sac Township, Sac County, Iowa977.7424V3s
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Early settlers of Missouri as taken from land claims...977.8R2e
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Prairie gleaner, The (West Central Missouri Genealogy Society) 977.84B2p
St. Louis Genealogical Society quarterly977.865B2q
WyMonDak (Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota) messenger978B2wy
Kansas history: a journal of the central plains 978.1H25
Kansas 1860 territorial census978.1X22k
Descender, The (Montgomery County Genealogical Society) 978.193B2
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Along and beyond the little blue978.2H2alo
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Remains to be found (Greater Omaha Genealogical Society) 978.2254D25r
Wagoner, The (Northwest Genealogical Society) 978.29D25
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South Dakota history (South Dakota Historical Society) 978.3H25s
South Dakota historical collections978.3H25sd
Call of the prairie 978.3H2c
South Dakota's Ziebach county: history of the prairie978.3H2s
DHS alumni: 1915-1975, Dupree, South Dakota 978.3J2
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Jennings, Dana Days of steam and glory 978.335H2je
Purple and gold, The: 1915-1970 Dupree High alumni 978.344J2p
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North Dakota history: journal of the northern plains 978.4B2
Heritage review (Germans from Russia Heritage Society) 978.4B2hr
Wandler, Diane Handbook for researching family roots...978.4D27w
Fort Dilts: a short lived fort near Bowman, N.D. in 1864 978.4D3f
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North Dakota Retail Merchants' Assoc. 8th annual convention978.4H2no
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Dacotah: University of North Dakota at Grand Forks, ND yearbook 978.4J2da
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Sheyenne: Valley City (North Dakota) HIgh School yearbook, 1949 978.4332J2sh
Warrior: Warwick (North Dakota) High School yearbook, 1959 978.436J2wa
Arrowood: Kensal (North Dakota) High School yearbook, 1954 978.452J2ar
Atlas of McHenry County North Dakota978.462R2m
Ward County atlas 978.463E7r
Burke County and White Earth Valley" historical society, 1971978.47H2b
R. L. Polk and Co. Williston (Williams County, N.D.) city directory, 1993978.473E4p
Sheridan County (North Dakota) atlas978.476E7s
Atlas Sheridan County, North Dakota978.476R2s
R. L. Polk and Co.Bismarck (Burleigh County, N.D.) city directory, 1988, 1990, 1992978.477E4p
Newsletter (Germans From Russia Heritage Society)978.483F25n
Big sky roundup (Montana State Genealogical Society) 978.6B2b
Lowery, GeraldineAmerican Legion in Montana, 1919-1963978.6C4lo
Smith, Lyman E.Ashlar Lodge No. 29, A.F. & A.M., Billings, Montana978.6C4s
Some Montana biographies, histories... in the Montana room978.6D22so
Parpart, PauletteMontana historical and genealogical data index978.6D23p
Trees and Trails (Flathead Valley Genealogical Society) 978.6D25f
Lookin' back -- Hardin, Mont.978.6D2lo
Lookin' back, again: Big Horn county978.6D2lo
First families of Montana and early settlers978.6D3f
Stevens, Karen Montana pioneers: names - sources 978.6D3s
Names on the face of Montana: story of Montana's place names978.6E2c
1961-62 Central Montana farm & ranch directory978.6E4n
Newsletter (Yellowstone Valley Chapter, Germans from Russia)978.6F25n
Coleman, Julie Golden opportunities 978.6F2c
Baker, Don Next year country: the story of Eastern Montana 978.6H2ba
Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana...978.6H2hi
Moore, Bud Lochsa story, The: land ethics in the Bitterroot Mountains 978.6H2m
Chinook, The, 1934 (State Normal College, Dillon, MT) 978.6J2ch
50 year reunion directory:1928-1933 (Eastern Montana College)978.6J2ea
Eastern Montana College 1989 alumni directory978.6J2ea
Montanan: campus yearbook for Montana State University 978.6J2mo
Rimrock, The: Eastern Montana College yearbook 978.6J2ri
Sentinel, The: University of Montana yearbook 978.6J2se
University of Montana directory, 1987-1988978.6J2un
First Congregational Church, 75th anniversary, 1908-1983978.6K2fi
Bureau of RecordsMontana Vital Statistics, 1971978.6V2bu
Montana 1870 territorial census index978.6X22m
Searchers, The (Broken Mountains Genelaogical Society) 978.613B2s
Smoke signals from the Assiniboine Genealogical Society978.614D25sm
R. L. Polk and Co.Havre (Hill County, Montana) city directory, 1986978.614E4p
Root Diggers Genealogy Society newsletter978.617B2ro
R. L. Polk and Co.Glasgow (Valley County, Montana) city directory978.617E4p
Sheridan Co. Montana daybreakers genealogy society news978.6218B2sh
R. L. Polk and Co.Sidney (Richland County, Montana) city directory978.623E4p
Focus on our roots: story of Sidney and surrounding area 978.623H2f
Courage enough 978.623H2m
Last leaf (Dawson County Tree Branches) 978.624D25l
Tree branch, The (Dawson County Tree Branches) 978.624D25l
Our times, our lives: Dawson County family stories 978.624D2o
R. L. Polk and Glendive (Dawson County, Montana) city directory978.624E4p
Schloss, Ella WaldonPost-age:history of the mail service of Dawson County, Montana 978.624E8sc
25 years of Garfield County High School (Jordan, Mont.)978.627J2
Heuschkel, JuliusOrigin, history...of the "Richardson,"...cemetery in Petroleum Co.978.628V3he
R. L. Polk and Co. Lewistown (Fergus County, Montana) city directory978.629E4p
Donovan, RobertaFirst 100 years...a history of Lewistown, Montana978.629H2do
Central Montana wagon trains (Lewistown Genealogy Society)978.6292D25c
Koury, Michael Guarding the Carroll Trail, Camp Lewis, 1874-1875978.6292H2ko
1900 federal census index, Fergus County, Montana978.6292X22f
R. L. Polk and Co.Miles City (Custer County, Montana) city directory978.63E4p
75th anniversary, 1917-1992: Christ Evangelical & Reformed Church978.63K2s
1920 census index, Custer County, Montana978.63X2c
Fiske, Leonard Montana homestead days 978.6311D3fi
Kraft, Evelyn Fiske LordWe lived for next year 978.6311D3kr
Down memory land (Miles City Genealogical Society) 978.633B2d
Shifting scenes: a history of Carter County, Montana 978.636H2s
Prairie tumbleweed (Powder River Genealogical Society) 978.637B2p
Toman, J. Fred Powder River Congregational Church978.637K2t
Newsletter (Big Horn County Genealogical Society)978.638B2ne
On the Big Horn with the Big Horn County historical society...978.638B2on
Big Horn County (Montana) in the World War, 1917, 1918, 1919978.638M2bi
Fort Custer Montana Territory 1880 extraction978.638X2p
Archive collections in Billings, Montana978.639A3ar
Huntley Journal 978.639B2
Gen-Bug news (Yellowstone Genealogy Forum) 978.639B2ge
R. L. Polk and Co.Billings (Yellowstone County, Montana) city directory978.639E4p
First Congregational United Church of Christ:first one hundred years978.639H2f
Johnston, Elsie P.Laurel's story, a Montana heritage978.639H2j
Moss mansion interpreter's manual978.639H2mo
St. Patrick's Co-Cathedral 75th anniversary, 1906-1981978.639H2s
Bronc: Billings Senior High School yearbook, 1980, 1982 978.639J2br
50 years of excellence: history of Billings Senior HS, 1939-1989 978.639J2fi
Kyote year book: Billings Senior High School, 1955 978.639J2ky
Westward: Billings West High School yearbook, 1969 978.639J2we
Medicine, the early days: 100th birthday medical committee 978.639J4m
American Lutheran Church, Billings, Montana, directory, 1981978.639K24am
St. Patrick's Co-Cathedral parish directory, 1983, 1988, 1993978.639K24s
St. Bernard's Catholic Church, Billings, Montana directory978.639K24st
First seventy five years, 1905-1980: American Lutheran Church978.639K2fi
Whithorn, DorisBicentennial tapestry of the Yellowstone Conference978.639K2wh
Gail, W. W. Yellowstone county, Montana in the World War, 1917, 1918, 1919978.639M22g
Mountview Cemetery index 978.639V22l
Marriage records, Yellowstone County, Montana, 1881-1899978.639V2m
Cemetery records from the vicinity of Shepherd, Montana978.639V3c
Cemetery records of Yellowstone County, Montana978.639V3c
Billings, Montana 1900 federal census978.639X2
Tangled roots (Tangled Roots Genealogical Society) 978.652B2t
R. L. Polk and Co.Helena (Lewis and Clark County, Montana) city directory978.66E4p
Library holdings (as of Dec. 1982) of Great Falls Genealogy Society 978.661A3l
Treasure state lines (Great Falls Genealogy Society) 978.661D25tr
R. L. Polk and Co.Great Falls (Cascade County, Montana) city directory978.661E4p
Kennedy, Ethel Belt Valley history, 1877-1979978.6611H2k
Tiger Butte recollections978.6611H2m
Roundup, The: Great Falls High School yearbook, 1951 978.6611J2ro
Faded genes (Lewis & Clark County Genealogical Society) 978.6615D25f
Dearborn Country: history of Dearborn, Wolf Creek & Craig areas 978.6615H2de
Forestvale Cemetery, Helena, Montana978.6615V3f
Resurrection Cemetery, Helena, Montana 978.6615V3r
Annin, Jim Eighty years of memories on the banks of the Yellowstone 978.6651H2an
Robinson, GenevieveGolden days of Reed Point978.6651H2r
Partial inventory of the Columbus, Montana cemetery 978.6651V3pa
Oliver, George Joliet: its pioneers and early days 978.6652H2ol
Red Lodge Finns: Carbon County, Montana 978.6652H2r
Bearcreek cemetery, Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3be
Belfry cemetery, Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3bel
Bridger cemetery, Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3br
Cemetery records of Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3c
Joliet cemetery, Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3j
Reynolds, Margaret H.Carbon County, Montana, cemeteries978.6652V3r
Red Lodge cemetery, Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3r
Roberts cemetery, Carbon County, Montana 978.6652V3r
Rockvale cemetery, Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3ro
Small cemeteries in Carbon County, Montana978.6652V3sm
R. L. Polk and Co.Livingston (Park County, Montana) city directory978.666E4p
History of Park County, Montana978.6661D2h
Whithorn, Bill Photo history of Aldridge978.6661D2wh
Park County, Montana birth records: 1890-1907; 1907-1967978.6661V2
Index to obituary books, A-Z, Park County, Montana, 1964-1990978.6661V4i
Gallatin trails (Gallatin Genelaogy Society) 978.6662B2g
R. L. Polk and Co.Bozeman (Gallatin County, Montana) city directory978.6662E4p
Gallatin County's heritage: a report of progress, 1805-1976978.6662H2ga
Who's who in the Bozeman cemetery978.6662V3wh
Pace, Dick Golden Gulch: story of Montana's fabulous Alder Gulch 978.6663D2p
R. L. Polk and Co.Butte (Silver Bow County, Montana) city directory978.668E4p
Ostberg, Jacob Sketches of old Butte 978.668H2o
Beaver head hunters (Beaverhead County Genealogical Society) 978.669D25be
Tapestries of yesterday (Libby, Montana)978.681D2ta
Trees and trails: (Flathead Valley Genealogical Society) 978.682D25f
R. L. Polk and Co.Kalispell (Flathead County, Montana) city directory978.682E4p
Newsletter (Western Montana Genealogical Society)978.685D25we
R. L. Polk and Co.Missoula (Missoula County, Montana) city directory978.685E4p
Powell County Genealogical Society newsletter978.686B2po
Bit O' Roots (Bitterroot Genelaogy Society) 978.689B2b
Dusty trails from Sheridan (Sheridan Genealogical Society)978.7B2d
Genealogist's treasurer chest (Park County Genealogy Club)978.7B2g
Homsher, Lola MGuide to Wyoming newspapers, 1867-1967978.7B3h
Wyo 1969 (University of Wyoming yearbook) 978.7J2wy
R. L. Polk and Co. Cheyenne (Laramie County, Wyo) city directory978.719E4p
R. L. Polk and Co. Sheridan City and Sheridan County directory 978.732E4ps
Mount Hope/Sheridan municipal cemetery records978.732V3s
Clint, FlorenceColorado area key 978.8D23c
FitzPatrick, V. S.Last frontier, The 978.814H2fi
Owl, The 1965 (yearbook) Fountain Valley School 978.856J2
Weld County, Colorado, tombstone inscriptions978.872V3w
History of Sedgwick County, Colorado978.876H2h
Rittenhouse, Jack D.Santa Fe trail, The: a historical bibliography 978.9A3ri
Trading post, The 978.9D25t
Whiteside, DoraArizona territorial poll tax records, 1873-1876, Yavapai Co. AZ979.1A1
Whiteside, DoraBible records, Sharlot Hall Museum and Archives, Prescott, AZ979.1A1
Reidy, Richard R.Who's who in Arizona, 1984-85979.1D3r
Whiteside, DoraMarriage records index, 1865-1895, of Yavapai Co., Prescott, AZ979.157V22w
Utah Genealogical Assoc.Genealogical journal (Utah Genealogical Association) 979.2B2
Logan city and Cache County directory979.212E4l
Ringholz, Raye CarlesonDiggings and doings in Park City979.214H2r
Library, The: a guide to the LDS Family History Library 979.2258A3li
Southern California blue book, 1956-57979.4E4so
Bowman, Alan P.Index to the 1850 census of the state of California979.4X2p
Redwood researcher (Redwood Genealogical Society) 979.412B2r
Nuggets from Paradise (Paradise Genealogical Society) 979.432B2n
Root cellar (Sacramento Genealogical Society) 979.454D25r
Santa Clara County street guide and directory, 1995979.473E7sa
Los Angeles County street guide & directory, 1989979.493E3l
Surname index: Members of Orange Co., CA Genealogical Society 979.496B2p
San Diego leaves & saplings (San Diego Genealogical Society)979.498B2s
San Diego County street guide and directory, 1993979.498E7sa
Mahaffy, Charlotte L.Coos river echoes: story of the Coos river valley 979.523H2m
Kirkpatrick, Orion E.History of Leesburg pioneers979.6A1
Idaho: a century of pioneers 979.6H2id
R. L. Polk and Co.Caldwell (Canyon County, Idaho) city directory979.623E4pc
R. L. Polk and Co. Boise (Ada County, Idaho) city directory979.628E4p
R. L. Polk and Co.Twin Falls (Twin Falls County, Idaho) city directory979.637E4p
R. L. Polk and Co.Pocatello (Bannock County, Idaho) city directory979.647E4p
R. L. Polk and Co.Idaho Falls (Bonneville County, Idaho) city directory979.653E4p
Bulletin (Eastern Washingington Genealogical Society)979.7B2e
Great Seattle fire, The: June 6, 1889 979.777H2gr
R. L. Polk and Co.Juneau (Alaska) city directory979.82E4p
R. L. Polk and Co.Anchorage (Alaska) city directory979.83E4p
R. L. Polk and Co.Fairbanks (Alaska) city directory979.86E4p
Learmonth, A.T.A.Encyclopaedia of Australia994A5le
Davenport, WilliamFodor's Hawaii 1973 996.9E6d