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Ref Code                                            Name


S06013                        INCH, Elsie Alberta (Machum)

S06014-1                    INCH, Elsie Alberta (Machum)

S06014-2                    BOLDEN, Lois Elaine (Beckett)

S06015-1                    BOLDEN, Lois Elaine (Beckett)

S06015-2                    MOLASKY, Eva Ruth (McConchie)

S06016                        MOLASKY, Eva Ruth (McConchie)

S06017                        WILLIAMS, Joan Edith (Rubidge)

S06018                        GARLAND, Evelyn (Hogan)

S06019-1                    BECKETT, Waldo Elmer

S06019-2                    BECKETT, Donald Edwin

S06020                        BECKETT, Donald Edwin

S06021                        CAMPBELL, Lillian Eva (Donald)

S06022                        CLARKE, Norman Lasquie

S06023                        CLARKE, Norman Lasquie

S06024                        JOHNSON, Eldon Mays

S06025                        JOHNSON, Elsie Ada (Donald)

S06026                        ARMSTRONG, Austin Oliver

S06027                        ARMSTRONG, Austin Oliver

S06028                        WOODS, Douglas Raymond (Rev.)

S06029                        WOODS, Douglas Raymond (Rev.)

S06030                        NOWLAN, Margaret Louise (Taylor)

S06031                        BELYEA, Stella Huetta (Akerley)  &  SCOTT, Betty Virginia Audrey Akerley)

S06032                        BELYEA, Stella Huetta (Akerley)  &  SCOTT, Betty Virginia Audrey (Akerley)

S06033                        RETTINGER, Lillian Gladys (Queen)

S06034                        RETTINGER, Lillian Gladys (Queen)

S06035                        CRAIG, Hilda Janet Pender (Corbett)      

S06036                        CRAIG, Hilda Janet Pender (Corbett)

Ref Code                                            Name


S06950                        JOHNSON, Franklin Ralph

S06951                        JOHNSON, Franklin Ralph

S06952                        RUSSELL, Mildred Annie (Elder)

S06953                        RUSSELL, Mildred Annie (Elder)

S06954                        PUGH, Grace Annie (McCullum)

S06955                        MERSEREAU, Marion Vivian (Queen)

S06956                        WARD, Margaret Elsie

S06957                        WARD, Margaret Elsie

S06958                        McCANN, Lena Gertrude (Shannon)

S06959                        McCANN, Lena Gertrude (Shannon)

S06960                        McCANN, Lloyd Joseph

S06961                        McCANN, Lloyd Joseph

S06962                        BARTON, James Edward

S06963                        CRAIG, Donald Francis

S06964                        WEBB, George Murray

S06965                        WEBB, George Murray

S06966 (Pt 2)              JOHNSON, Robert Machum (Rev.)

S06967 (Pt.1)              JOHNSON, Robert Machum (Rev.)