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Newspapers, Funeral Homes and Campobello Vital Statistics

Page Updated October 2010

Update near the bottom of the page

Charlotte County Newspapers

These Newspapers can be found in Charlotte County and contain information pertaining to various places including Campobello.The Bangor Daily News and the Telegraph Journal Newspaper link both contain obituaries which are updated on daily basis.

The Saint Croix Courier a local newspaper, (available on line May 2005) has been published since 1865.  Microfilms are available at Provincial Archives in Fredericton (not all are available for outside loan) as well as the Saint Croix Library in St. Stephen

F 12234     1865 - 1869
F 12235     1869 - 1872
F 12236     1872 - 1873
F 734     1969/09/25 - 1971/02/18
F 735     1971/02/18 - 1972/07/27
F 736     1972/08/03 - 1973/09/20
F 737     1973/09/20 - 1975/01/16
F 738     1975/01/16 - 1975/09/25

Unfortunately, of the first 3 films listed (F 12234 - F 12236), there is only 1 copy.  PANB does not own the right to make copies for loan.  Charlotte Co. Archives and the Charlotte Co. Historical Society Inc. in St. Andrews has copies for the years 1877 - 1933. Gerrish House Society (Grand Harbour, Grand Manan Island) has copies from 1865 - 1873, as well as Mount Allison University, Ralph Pichard  Bell Library and Universite de Moncton for the same dates. The Saint John Regional Library has from 1865 - 1989. New Brunswick Museum in Saint John has from 1877 - 1969.

To contact the Newsroom and Jim Cornall, Editor
Business Office is 
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Bangor Daily News The on-line archives for this paper dates back to April 1999. A number of Campobello residents were known to move to Maine. You may be able to find a death for someone using this link. Please note the archives can be searched including BY LOCATION! Also, a number of female residents would marry Maine Residents. If you find a former Campobello resident (male or female) using this link, could you please let me know.

The Quoddy Tides "The Most Easterly Newspaper published in the US" published in Eastport Maine but contains "local" information for various places in Charlotte County, including Campobello. The on line site has "limited" information pertaining to Campobello which can be found by using the search engine on the site. There is also subscription information if interested.

"Old" Quoddy Tides Papers A new link providing "on line" copies of a LIMITED NUMBER of Quoddy Tides Papers that were published in 1968,1969, 1970, 1975, 1985, 2006, 2007. There is a search engine on the site that can be used. I have searched by surname as well as "location". "Campobello" provided over 2000 hits. This site is FREE! Added February 2008

Telegraph Journal This link lists obituaries published in all three major provincial newspapers including The Daily Gleaner (Fredericton), Times Transcript (Moncton) and Telegraph Journal (Saint John). The Telegraph is the paper that usually carries the "local obituaries" pertaining to Charlotte County in general and Campobello. Click on the link and then click on "obituaries" in the box on the right side of the page under the title "Your on line Classified Listings ." Items in this box have FREE access. A Subscription is required to have full access to the newpapers.

Funeral Homes

There are two funeral homes which service Campobello. Both have obituaries and sometimes photo's of the deceased person they have conducted services for. They also have search engines available that can be used as they remove obituaries from there main access page after a 30 day period. Both funeral homes are located in St. Stephen, NB. Please use the following 2 links if you wish to view there home pages.

Humphreys Funeral Home (Formerly known as MacDonald Select Funeral Home. The ownership changed in September 2007).

S.O. Mehan and Son Funeral Home

Campobello Vital Statistics

Here you will find various pages relating to Vital Statistics for the people of Campobello, NB. If you are interested in transcribing any Campobello Vital Statistics to contribute please drop me a note indicating which year you are willing to do.  I will be very happy to it up in transcribe it into html for you.

Additional Campobello Vital Records Web Links

Over the past couple of weeks I have come across some web pages that have information pertaining to Campobello Residents. You may find these of use if you have not used them already! If you find any other vital record links pertaining to Campobello residents I would be happy to add them here.

Social Security Death Index. As mentioned above a number of people from Campobello would later become residents in the USA. I was able to find a few deaths using this link. HOWEVER, in a most cases if the person was born in Canada (in this case Campobello), the place of birth is not indicated. I was able to confirm they were from Campobello as the name and date of birth I had was a match to the SSDI information.(If you click on the link below to the Latter Day Saints Page you will get to view SSDI information for "free").

Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics. A number of Campobello families have connections to Nova Scotia. In March 2007 Nova Scotia released on line records containing over 1 million names. You will find that the site is fully searchable by name or surname. (I wish you could search by location as well. ie: Campobello). Every name is linked to its original record. The records include:

Births 1864-1877 Marriages 1864-1930 Deaths 1864-1877 and 1908-1955 Added April 2007

New Brunswick Archives Vital Records The NB Archives has placed a large number of records on line, including Births 1801-1912, Marriages 1810-1958, Deaths 1815-1957. Also Saint John Burial Permits can be searched by county of birth. I have used this option as well and have found a number of Charlotte Co., residents including some from Campobello. Archives updated adding 2006 Charlotte County Guide. This "Guide" will show you what records you can borrow from the archives on "inter library loan". 1914 Births added in June/July 2009

New Brunswick Provinical Archives added "Daniel Johnson's Vital Statistics from NB Papers" to its on line database in October 2006. The information is searchable by location as well as "surname" it is a HUGE benefit to Campobello researchers. I have searched by "Wilson's Beach", "Welshpool" "Welchpool" and have received HOURS worth of information that I have been reading. The link below will take you to the main page ... ENJOY! (Please copy and paste into your browser.)

The database announcement was as follows: Daniel F. Johnson’s New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics. The Database is based on over twenty-three years of work by Daniel Johnson and the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick is honoured to present it on their web site as a tribute to Danny and a resource to researchers.

The Database contains 298,097 transcriptions and has a name index of 640,984 records. The information was gathered from 75 New Brunswick newspapers commencing January 29, 1784 through December 31, 1896, a period which predates official registration of births, deaths and marriages or comprehensive compliance with it. An obvious treasure trove for genealogists with details on wedding celebrations and even lodge and union affiliations of deceased persons, the Database has information on such topics as ethnicity, accidents, violent deaths, graduates returning from out of province education, and details of illnesses. Although largely used in its original published format for biographical and genealogical research, this presentation in a searchable version will unlock access to these and other topics while serving its original audience and expanding the potential audience tremendously.

Maine State Vital Records The Maine State Archives has put on a large number of records including Maine Marriages 1892-1966 (which can be searched by Bride and Groom's places of Residence), Maine Deaths 1960-1996, and Miscellaneous Town records. The Marriage records contains MANY Campobello Residents. If you find a former Campobello resident (male or female) in the death records, could you please let me know.

Latter Day Saints Website This site contains information from all over the world, including there IGI (International Genealogical Index), SSDI, Census Records, Ancesteral Resource Files and Pedigree Files. You can't necessarily search for "Campobello", but you can search by individual names in a particular country and province. If you search just by surname you must also search for all of Canada and not just the province of New Brunswick. This method will bring up all records they have with that name and will indicate in which province the person was from.

NB Automated Genealogy This site is a great resource for searching a number of NB Genealogical records including those at the NB archives as well as Provincial Census records.

New Brunswick Museum Located in Saint John, NB. The museum has now placed alot of there information on line. I searched for "Campobello" and came up with a number of hits. From the main page on the left side listing choose in this order..... Collections, Archives and Research Library, Search the Archives and Library Archives.

Charlotte County Vital Statistics This page contains information on various types of vital records that can be ordered from the New Brunswick Archives including birth, marriages deaths and even divorce records as well as death notices. (Off site link)

Miscellaneous Vital Records

**Information Updated September 2009**

This page will be for Miscellaneous Records that are found and contributed to the site. If you have something to contribute ie: a date of birth or death that you have a "official source" (eg: announcement from a paper or a certificate of some sort) indicating where it came from I would be happy to post it here. Please let me know if you have something to contribute.

Vital Records from Eastport Maine

This page contains Births, Marriages and Deaths that occurred prior to 1892 in Eastport Maine but all persons were "connected" to Campobello one way or another.

Early Eastport Maine Marriages

Families from Campobello often moved back and forth between Lubec and Eastport Maine and the island. Some of those families would settle permanently in Maine. I've added early marriage records in the event a connection can be made to these names at a later date.

Eastport Marriages 1790-1812


1789-1870 Marriages at Campobello

1789-1812 Marriages at Campobello

1817-1891 Marriages at Campobello

1813-1880 Marriages at Campobello

1811-1892 Marriages in Lubec, Maine of Campobello Residents

1871-1875 Marriages at Campobello

1883-1887 Marriages at Campobello

1888-1899 Marriages in Campobello and Maine

1854-1901 Marriages at Campobello

Baptisms, Births & Deaths

Viital Statistics from the Saint Croix Courier Includes Births & Deaths.

Tom Moffatt, former editor of the courier sent this comment. Please consider it when using these records:

I "reader beware" note on the Courier births and deaths in the "Journey Through Time". - I was editor of the St. Croix Courier at the time, and
would like to make sure everyone realizes that only a random selection of births, marriages and deaths was included, due to space constraints.

(Note that there are full indexes at the St. Croix Public Library.(

The same (partial coverage) is even more true in the earlier segments of that "Journey through time" publication.

Incidentally, one section of "Journey through time" that is both fascinating, and the only one that has "all coverage that was in the St. Croix Courier", is the listing of damage due to the Saxby Gale in 1869. However, that did not cover Campobello - I assume there was no reporting from there. But it does cover all the lists of "barns blown down, houses blown sideways off foundations," etc. etc. for whatever areas were covered,
on both sides of the border.

Tom Moffatt added October 2010

1865-1885 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier

1886-1905 Births & Deaths from Saint Croix Courier

1906-1925 Births & Deaths from Saint Croix Courier

1926-1945 Births & Deaths from Saint Croix Courier. These records are located on the Charlotte County Site. Transcription includes individuals from Campobello. Go to the bottom of the page for the individual links for each year. Link added 2010

Special thanks to Charlene Beney of Beaver Harbour who allowed me to "borrow" her Saint Croix Courier: Journey Through Time Series for well over 2 years!! Added 2010

1946-1957 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

1958-1965 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

1966-1969 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

1970-1973 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

1974-1977 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

1978-1981 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

1982-1990 Deaths from Saint Croix Courier Journey Through Time Series. Added 2010

St.Ann's Anglican Church Records are now located on the Cemeteries and Church page

NB Archives Films & other contributors

1810-1899 Late Birth Registrations

April 1870-March 1871 Deaths

1888-1914 Deaths

1920-1935 Death Registrations

1920-1935 Death Registrations Part 2

Campobello Natives Lost at Sea

Gales of 1879 - includes several Campobello men who lost their lives in the early months of 1879


Due to the growing size of this section I have moved the obituaries to a page of there own. Please click on this link to go to that page now.

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