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Marriages at Lubec, Maine of Campobello Island People
        1811 to 1892
        of Campobello Island, Charlotte County, New Brunswick People

Below are a number of persons who married at Lubec Maine but were from Campobello NB. I found the list on a web page and would like to thank Pat Townsend for taking the time to record the data for us and giving me permission to have it posted to the lists...  Heather Waddingham

Caroline Baity to Jeremiah Parker                                   13 Nov 1835
Calvadoes Brown to Ellen M. Small                                  02 Oct 1878
John Calder to Margaret Kendrick                                  18 Jul 1830
Robert Calder to Rebecca Morgan                                  18 Nov 1835
Frederick Cook to Abigail Wilson                                    06 Apr 1881
William Flagg to Fannie Dennison                                    22 Apr 1881
Catherine Kendrick to Thomas Huddleston                    28 Sep 1817
Herbert Mitchell to Nancy A. Parker                              26 Oct 1836
William Mitchell to Eliza Grayson Parker                       26 Nov 1835
David H. Morgan to Hulda Ann McDaniel                     15 Jun 1857
Eliza Morgan to Joshua Morgan                                      08 Jul 1835
John Wheelock Morgan to Clara A. McDaniel              14 Oct 1865
Mary Robbins to Thomas Keefe                                      02 Nov 1826
Sarah Ryarson to James Gray                                         20 Feb 1831
Nathaniel Searles to Huldah Ramsdell                            10 Sep 1827
Barbara E. Surles to Alvin C. Ramsdell                          13 Jan 1892
David Tinker to Fanny Patterson                                    10 Dec 1850
Henry Worester to Mathilda Finney                               14 Feb 1836

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