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 Campobello Marriages

Below is a PARTIAL transcription of some Campobello Marriages. These were transcribed from NB Archives Film Number F18655. The section containing Charlotte Co., Marriages. Thanks to Hazel Nolan for the transcription.

Simon Brown m. Caroline Parker June 11, 1854 Rec’d Oct. 25, 1854

Leonard F. Newman m. Charlotte C. Galley July 26, 1855 rec’d Dec. 14, 1855

John W. Calder m. Thankful Wilson Dec. 9, 1855 rec’d Dec. 14, 1855

William Reynolds m. Prudence Ludlow June 18, 1856

Thomas Parker of Campobello m. Susan Keel of Grand Manan 1856 by Rev.Peter Mallock of
Christian Baptist Church in Campobello

William Lank m. Sophia Flagg Jan 12, 1856

William Galley of Campobello m. Lucinda Langmaid of West Isles Jan. 12, 1857

Alfred Brown m. Frances Bassett July 1, 1857

James Calder of West Isles m. Mary Elizabeth Cummings of West Isles Oct. 5, 1857

William Tinker m. Adeline Ludlow Jan. 5, 1857

George McDonald m. Elvira Calder March 3, 1858

James Murphy m. Phoebe Hatt Oct. 26, 1858 rec’d by Stephen March Jan. 3, 1859 b/o West

John Porter m. Mary Jane Galley Jan. 11, 1858

William Tinker of Campobello m. Sarah Ann Flagg of Grand Manan Jan. 2, 1859

John Gillis m. Elizabeth Sirles Jan 1, 1860

John Fish m. Rebecca Tinker Jan. 11, 1860

Robert Lank m. Ann Neal Feb. 10, 1860 by Peter Mallock

Stephen Mitchell m. Sarah Mitchell Aug. 15, 1861

John Henry Batson m. Mary Jane Holmes June 18, 1860

Henry Whelpley m. Martha Lank June 18, 1862

Henry Porter m. Annie Mitchell Jan. 11, 1863

William Parker m. Margaret Lank Dec. 22, 1862 rec’d March 13, 1863

George Young m. Victoria Brown Sept. 30, 1862

Elias Thurber m. Cornelias Phinney Sept. 24, 1864 by Rev. Peter Mallock

William Butter m. Julia Cook b/o West Isles Jan. 11, 1865

William Wilson of Campobello m. Abigail Calder of Pennfield Sept. 4, 1866

Charles Brown m. Sarah Jane Newman Sept. 11, 1868

John Newman m. Edith Mitchell Jan. 20,1867

John Matthews m. Mona Brown Feb. 22, 1864

Freeland Libby m. Isabella Lank Sept. 12, 1870

Abram Matthews m. Jane Mitchell March 9, 1870

James Arthur Calder m. Martha Owen Batson Nov. 13, 1876

William Newman m. Margaret Ann Mallock Dec. 30, 1877

Charles Sirles m. Frances Calder Dec. 25, 1877 Witn: Joseph Brown & Abbie Sirles Pg. 483

Walter Lank Widower m. Amelia J. Mitchell Dec. 26, 1880

H. Beverly Lank m. Carrie Calder Dec. 6, 1881

Charles Bennett Lank m. Lydia Patch Nov. 5, 1880

Nehimiah Mitchell m. Sophia Beatty July 23, 1881

James Calder of Deer Island m. Laura Ferris of Deer Island Dec. 20, 1882

Daniel chute m. Pathenia M. Thurber April 26, 1883

Alexander Calder m. Clara Jane Lank Nov. 12, 1887

Daniel Mallock m. Eugenia Mitchell Nov. 27, 1887

Hezekiah Mitchell m. Ida beatty Oct. 12,1884

John Power m. Mary Ann Flagg Oct. 4, 1884

William Morgan m. Hattie Hersey b/o Pembroke March 30, 1884

Alden Jinney m. Ella Stanley b/o St.George Aug. 22, 1884

Willard Babcock m. Lillian Henderson Aug. 16,1882

Albert Newman m. Minnie Phinney Aug. 30, 1885

John McLaughlin m. Annie Leighton of Lubec, Jan. 5, 1885

Sylvester Searles m. Louisa Phillips Sept. 12, 1885 Witn: Judson Porter/John Matthews

John Calder m. Sarah Newman Jan.5, 1886

Charles Edgett m. Ethel Brown Sept. 9. 1886

James Leslie McLaughlin m. Laura Seeley Jan. 20, 1886

Levi porter m. Mary Anthony Sept. 11, 1887

George A. Walthan m. Harriet M. Brown July 3, 1887

The following names were located on Index Film number F15477 from the NB Archives. Again,
thank you to Hazel Nolan.

Harry Brown m. Jennie McKay Dec. 27,1893

Harry Brown m. May Webber Apr. 30, 1891

Thankful Brown m. William Cassidy May 31, 1890

Blan Fletcher m. Aurelia Tinker Jan. 14, 1895

Fred Fletcher m. Elizabeth Bell Sept. 8,1901

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