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Campobello Miscellaneous Files

This page will be for Miscellaneous files that don't fit in under the other subject headings on the main page. If you have something to contribute to this page please drop me a note!


1   James Burden Brown 1796-1891

2   Robert Wilson 1768-1844

3  Simon Wilson 1809-1889 This will is VERY informative providing links to about 10 different Campobello Families!!Surnames include, Bassett, Brown, Calder, Langmaid, Lank, Parker, Read, to name a few. Have a look, you may be surprised at what you find!

4 Robert Wilson 1825 This document pertains to Brigantine Hopewell that was owned by Robert Calder, dated November 1825.

Lovell's 1871 NB Directory

This listing contains the names and occupations of a number of the residents on Campobello in 1871. Thanks to Karen Small for submitting the information and to Richard Henderson for the transcription.

Genealogy Newsletter

For one of the most comprehensive newsletters on the web, have a look at this. Eastman's Genealogy newsletter has over 21,000 submitters and weekly provides information on new genealogical releases, family reunions, and web pages.


Campobello Postmasters

This listing contains the names of the postmasters on the island between 1870-1947.

Mitchell Fortune

The following letter concerns William Mitchell, one of the early residents of the island and a fortune that was left to him by a brother. Thanks to Karen Small for providing us with this information.

**The Revolutionary War Widows Database**

This database is located on the NB Archives Site. The site can be searched by name as well as county. You will find several links on the site for Widow's who resided on Campobello. Persons on the site include Mary Kendrick, widow of Thomas Kendrick, Anne/Agnes/Nancy Calder, widow of Robert Calder and Catherine Haycock, widow of Daniel Haycock. The site will provide information on the widows for years covering 1840-1850. There are too many links to list here for each widow on an individual basis. Please click on this link to view the database.

Military & Muster Rolls

Section Updated April 2008

The following Military and Muster Rolls with known Campobello residents, have been transcribed.  If you are willing to transcribe any further Military/Muster Rolls that you come across in your research, it would be greatly appreciate it.  I'll code it up for you in HTML language.

  • Campobello Militia in 1811
  • Charlotte County Militia Third Batallion
  • Records of Old Revolutionary Soldiers and Their Widows This link goes to information that can be found on the New Brunswick Archives Site. The site can be searched by Location or Surname and contains information for "early" (pre 1850) Campobello Residents. There are a number of "hits" on this site for the CALDER surname among others. . Submitted by Heather Waddingham.
  • Military Wall of Honour Submitted by Glenna Parker.
  • World War I Soldiers Submitted by Heather Waddingham. Updated April 2008
  • Another WW2 Service Members Listing This listing of names was taken from a April 1944 newspaper publication. Some of the names are NOT included in previous records placed on this web site. Updated April 2008
  • WW#2 Memorial
  • Fenians and the Making of Canada in 1866

    Added April 2007

    An overview of a recently published book on the Fenian Raids in 1866 in the Charlotte County area including Campobello.

    1866 Militia Listing

    The following Listing contains the names of those who served as part of the 1866 Third Battalion Charlotte Co., Milita. The Commanding officer of these men was Captain Luke Byron. All men were residents of Campobello. All men served between March 14 - June 17 1866. Source of this information was the National Archives of Canada Film # C-1862 .(Scanned documents names not found using the search engine).

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3

    Ollie Noonan Jr ~ War Photographer~

    The following page is printed with the permission of the Moncton Times Transcript Newpaper. The original article was published in November 2006.

    Captain Owen's Servant Listing

    The following listing contains the names of Captain Owens Servants whom he had brought to the island. There is also an explanation of where some of the people came from, how some of the names changed and were their descendants would later settle. The listing was submitted by Karen Small who found it at the Maine Historical Society in March 2000. Richard Henderson was kind enough to transcribe it for us... thanks to both!

    Campobello Lighthouses

    This web site provides a wonderful look at New Brunswick Area Lighthouses, including several on Campobello. Check out the different pages to see and find out more about the various lighthouses found on the island.

    The above site provides new information on Campobello lighthouses. There is also information pertaining to the early history of the Head Harbour Light including maintenance expenses incurred in 1878, names of the Light keepers from 1829-1986, a timeline from 1829-2005, as well as many photo's.

    Head Harbour Lighthouse Keepers


    This extensive listing provides the names of the keepers of the lighthouse during the years 1960-1980. Special thanks to the Canadian Coast Guard Office who provided the information.

    Thomas Storrow

    Thomas Storrow of England, resided on the island in the mid 1780's. Read this autobiography of Thomas describing his early years on the island and those of several other inhabitants at that time.

    Vessels under 40 Ton built at Campobello

    This listing contains the names of vessels built at Campobello from 1819-1878. The name of the builder as well as the owner(s) and what happened to it as well is included.

    Vessels over 40 Ton built at Campobello

    This listing contains the names of vessels built at Campobello from 1802-1860. The name of the builder as well as the owner(s), if known and what happened to it as well is included.

    Campobello Fishing Society

    The following lists are all scanned documents so should be looked at as names are not picked up with the search engine. The information was obtained from NB Archives Film Number 953 titled "Campobello Local History (Lank)". Special thanks to Karen Small who provided this information.

    1853 Members Names
    1854 Members Names
    1856 Members Names

    Campobello 1867 Voters List

    Submitted by Glenna Parker

    1867 Voters List

    Campobello 1904 Voters List

    The following lists are all scanned documents so should be looked at as names are not picked up with the search engine. Submitted by Glenna Parker

    Polling District 19
    Polling District 20

    Campobello 1949 Voters List

    The following lists are all scanned documents so should be looked at as names are not picked up with the search engine. I have removed all "living" people's first names due to privacy reasons. (Hence you will notice gaps in some areas.). This listing was located at the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa. Film Number M-4859. Submitted by Heather Waddingham

    Polling Division # 49 Page 1
    Polling Division # 50 Page 2
    Polling Division # 50 Part 2
    Page 3
    Polling Division # 51
    Page 4
    Polling Division # 51 Part 2 Page 5

    Bassett DNA Project

    Jeffrey Bassett is looking for someone interested in participating in his DNA project. He is looking for someone who may be related to those BASSETT's who resided on Campobello in the mid 1850-1880 time frame. For more information please click on this link .

    School Listings

    The following lists are all scanned documents so should be looked at as names are not picked up with the search engine. Submitted by Glenna Parker

    1844 School Listings

    Lower District
    Welshpool Part 1
    Welshpool Part 2

    Trescott Historical Society

    The Trescott Historical Society  is a private membership organization open to the public and dedicated to the study and publication of the history of Trescott, Maine.

    They have over 435 family surname files covering the years 1785 to 1920, including historical maps and surveys. Additional files cover the years from 1920 to 1945 (when the town deorganized) and later, 1946 to the present, when all vital records have been recorded in the bordering town of Lubec.

    Since most of the early settlers and later inhabitants moved from the area for economic reasons, we are interested in receiving and sharing data with descendants of former Trescott, Maine residents.

    The society sponsors a variety of activities including public lectures, genealogy exchanges and outings. Members are actively researching and organizing historical documents, and gradually adding material to the THS website.

    Many Campobello families moved to the areas of Trescott, Lubec and neighbouring towns. The Society may be able to help you out with your research.

    Campobello Fisherman Lost at Sea

    The following page contains information pertaining to the tragic accident which occurred on the Bay of Fundy on August 18, 2006 regarding the loss of the Braiden G and its captain Wade Gallagher.

    President Roosevelt

    Janet Robbins contributed this site of the U.S. national records administration." Search for digital holdings under Campobello Island and you get photos for FDR and a few scenics of the island.

    Roosevelt International Park on Campobello

    This site contains tons of information pertaining to Campobello including, island history, park information, walking trails, to name a few. Actually too many things to mention here so be sure to check out this valuable page you may be surprised by what you learn ... I was :)

    Campobello Trivia

    On August 28, 1769 Captain William Owen and a group of friends meet at a coffee house in Warrington, England to consider a plan to settle the "Great Outer Island of Passamaquoddy" (Campobello). (Source: August 25, 2006 Telegraph Journal)

    Moved from the Index Page April 2007

    Taken from the Eastport Sential in November 1851   " A Remarkable Case"   The Eastport Sentinal says that there is a woman at Campobello who has lain upon her bed for sixteen years. She was prostrated after a child birth became paralyzed and has never recovered. The child lived, was healthy and is now a fine young woman - "The woman is not capable of moving any of her limbs in the slightest manner, and cannot sit up. She can hear but cannot speak loud or distinct. What is very remarkable, she appears to be floshy has a fair countenance, and a good appetite, though on account of her immobility, her food is given in thin or liquid form. She does not change for the worse, but remains as she has been for many years.  Her bed is made by rolling her from one side to the other, and she has no acute pain.  Her hands remain crossed upon her breast - her fingers are white and smooth almost an ivory. It is singular that in this inert state of her body, the process of digestion should on as regularly as it does.  Nothing is done for the restoration of this woman. She is now about 40 years old, and during her confinement has seen her hsuband die in the same room occupied by her.   

    ** Now I have checked the 1851 Campo. census looking for a lady age 40 who is "sick" with a 16 year old daughter. The closest thing I can come up with is the mother of a James WILSON who was 23 at the time. His mother, Abigail was listed as 49, she lived with James and his family. There is a 14 year old daughter of Abigail named Thankful who was born in "NS" with the family as well. I have no idea if this is the lady they are speaking of above.   Abigail was still alive in 1861 census now 59, b. in NS and living with her daughter Thankful CALDER and hubby John W. Calder.   I have also searched the Vital States of the Eastport Sentinal between 1830-1860 looking for clues to the above but came up empty handed...

    The above mystery has been SOLVED!

    (January 27, 2007)

    It was suggested I check Dan Johnson's Vital Statistics on line... which I did. I found the following and it appears I was on the right track...

    Daniel F Johnson : Volume 40 Number 1423
    Date : April 6, 1876
    County : Charlotte
    Place : Saint Stephen
    Newspaper : Saint Croix Courier

    d. Wilson's Beach, Campobello (Charlotte Co.) 25th ult., Mrs. Abigail WILSON, age 74 years 2 mos. 27 days. She had been bed ridden for last 38 years, the greater part of which she could only speak in a whisper; still she retained all her faculties and memory to the last and has been a good counsellor to her family.

    Lubec and Eastport Maine Cemetery Information

    Families from Campobello often moved back and forth between Lubec and Eastport Maine and the island. Some of those families would settle permanently in Maine. I've added information for cemeteries in these two towns. Note, the dates for these monuments are for the early 1800-1900 time frame.

    Eastport Cemetery Information

    Lubec Cemetery Information

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