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1911 Campobello Census

Page Mounted July 2005

District 26, Charlotte County Geographic Location = Campobello

Sub District 1 Campobello Parish, Sarawak, Wilsons Beach

Enumerator: William B. Lank

June 3-14, 1911

** Please note some of the pages are very dark and hard to read, if you think you can make out a word I could not, please let me know. Thanks!!

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Pg 1 Lank, Brown, Calder, Calder, Anthony, Hilyard, Mitchell, McGuire, Gallagher, Shephard (?), Gallagher, B......(?)
2 Tucker, Sirles, Sirles, Mathews, Parker, Hilyard, Hooper, Sirles, Tinker, Phillips, Phillips
3 Phillips, Porter, Malloch, Malloch, Anthony, Malloch, Malloch, Malloch, Malloch, Phillips, Phi...(?), Porter, Brown, Porter, Osborn(?)
4 Osborn(?), Anthony, Mitchell, Hilyard, Tinker, Maste...(?), Phinney, P...(?), Mitchell, Matthews, Mathews, McDonald, Mathews, Mathews, Lank, Lord
5 Babcock, Cook, Cook, Brown, McGowan, Mitchell, Rice, Newman, Mitchell, Flagg, Mathews, Mathews
6 Mathews, Tinker, Babcock, Cline, Tinker, Cline, Brown, Fitzgerald, Dyer (?), Newman, Newman, Brown, Brown, Newman, Newman
7 Newman, Mathews, Newman, Newman, Newman, Moses, Newman, Sirles, Newman, Johnson, Langmaid, Brown,
8 Rice, Rice, Brown, Enos, Seurtte(?), Johnston, Newman, Nickerson, Newman, Newman, Newman, Babcock, Mastus(?), Vallis, Sirles, Sirles
9 Sirles, Green(??), Newman, Green(?), Savage, Savage, Seuall(?), Savage, Brown, Newman, Babcock, Newman, Newman, Taylor, Nason/Watson(?), Mathews
10 Fitzgerald, Newman, Rice, Brown, Nash, Cronk, Jackson, Sirles, Cline, Brown, Small, Brown, Brown, Lank, Fitzgerald
11 Fitzgerald, Wilson, Lank, Nelson, Brown, Lank, Babcock, Brown, Brown, Mitchell, Brown, Lank, Tinker, Fletcher, Fletcher, Calder
12 Calder, Brown, Poole, Brown, Calder, Sirles, Cline, Calder, Brown, Henderson, Hilyard, Fernald(?), Boyd, Newman
13 Newman, Galley, Henderson, Brown, Presley, Porter, Henderson, Greenwood, Henderson, Phinney
14 Hilyard, Phinney, Mitchell, McDonald, Fitzsimmons, James, Seelye, Ludlow, Tucker(?)/Tinker(?), Phinney, Mathews, Fletcher

District 26, Charlotte County

Sub District 2 Campobello Parish, Wolchpool Village

*Note the spelling of "Welshpool", the above is as it appears on the records*

Enumerator: Leonard P. Simpson

June 1-12, 1911

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Pg 1 Simpson, Byron, Jones, Sulis(?), Parker, Davidson, Allingham, Vinnell, Blizard(?). Fitzgerald, Parker(?), Deshon, Farmer, Calder, Colson, Batson, Flagg, Calder
2 Batson, ______(?), ______(?), Allingham, Williams, Allingham, Johnston, ______(?), ______(?), McGowan, Byron
3 Johnston, Deshon, Gough, Batson, Kelley, Sulivan(?), Harvey, Mag___, Bell, Bell, Fletcher, Mulholland, Mulholland, Mulholland, Guthrie, Harvey
4 Harvey, Gough, Bagly/Rigby??, Mitchell, Mitchell, Batson, Batson, Calder, Batson, Calder, Vennell, Calder, Vennell, Lank, Lank, ______(?)
5 Johnston, Mitchell, Martin, Calder, Parker, Parker, Parker, Kelley, ____(?), Kelly, Alexander, Calder
6 J_______(?), Byron, Lank, Lank, Merriman, Davidson, Edwards, Clark, Calder, Calder, Patch, Parker, Mitchell, Calder, Townsend, Parker, Mitchell, Williams, Mitchell
7 Mitchell, North, Townsend, Byron, Calder, North, Townsend, Lank, Townsend, McLellan, Calder, ___(?), Calder, Calder, Calder
8 Calder, Calder, Calder, Calder, Allingham, Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell, Cline, Newman, Calder
9 Calder, Calder, Malloch, Calder, Calder, Lank, Calder, _udda(?), Finch, Lank, Lank, Batson, Lank, Calder
10 Calder, Calder, Newman, Calder, Calder, Finch(?), Mitchell, Batson, Corey, Mitchell, Dagget, Lank
11 Lank, Chute, Chute, Thurber, Stimpson, Thurber, Thurber, Gallagher, Mitchell, Flockton, Chute


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