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The following information was transcribed from Provincial Archives of Canada Film Number C-1000. This copy in particular is located at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario.

1861 Campobello Census

Part 1

  Name Relation Age Orgin Occupation
1. Robinson, J.J. (Esq.) Husband 52 England Commander in R.N.
  Robinson, Cornelia Wife 40 England  
  Robinson, Porita O. Daughter 19 Native  
  Robinson, Cornelia Daughter 14 Native  
  Robinson, Henrietta Sister 54 England  
  Browning, Phisbe No Relation 57 England Servant
  Lank, Martha No Relation 16 Native Servant
  McGowan, Mary No relation 17 Native Servant
2. Farmer, John (Esq.) Husband 49 England Farmer
  Farmer, Ann Wife 40 England  
  Farmer, Frances O. Daughter 16 Native  
  Farmer, Richard J.R. Son 14 Native  
  Farmer, William O. Son 13 Native  
  Farmer, George Son 11 Native  
  Farmer, Edward Son 10 Native  
3. Flagg, Price O. Husband 50 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Flagg, Jane Wife 41 England  
  Flagg, Mary A. Daughter 12 Native  
  Flagg, James A. Son 10 Native  
  Flagg, Easther J. Daughter 8 Native  
  Flagg, Georganna Daughter 3 Native  
4. Mulholland, Charles Husband 74 Ireland Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, Elizabeth Wife 63 Native  
  Mulholland, Joseph Son 36 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, Robert Son 34 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, Hannah Daughter 24 Native  
  Hayes, William H. Lodger 24 F. American  
5. Mulholland, Frederick Husband 58 Irish Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, Sarah Wife 47 Native  
  Mulholland, Charles Son 24 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, George Son 22 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, Patrick Son 20 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Mulholland, Mary A. Daughter 18 Native  
  Mulholland, John Son 16 Native  
  Mulholland, Frederick Son 14 Native  
  Mulholland, Sarah Daughter 11 Native  
  Mulholland, Emely Daughter 10 Native  
  Mulholland, Elizabeth Daughter 7 Native  
  Mulholland, Henry Son 5 Native  
  Mulholland, Ellen Daughter 3 Native  
6. Power, William Husband 50 Irish Farmer and Fisherman
  Power, Mary Wife 45 Native  
  Power, Mary Daughter 25 Native  
  Power, Peter Son 17 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Power, Nancy Daughter 15 Native  
  Power, Ellen Daughter 12 Native  
  Power, Matthew Son 8 Native  
7. McCourt, John Husband 83 Irish General Laborer
  McCourt, Elizabeth Wife 74 Native  
  Stuart, Elizabeth No Relation 20 F. American Servant
8. McLaughlin, Thomas Husband 50 Irish General Laborer
  McLaughlin, Elizabeth Wife 37 Native  
  McLaughlin, Edward Son 15 F. American  
  McLaughlin, James Son 13 F. American  
  McLaughlin, Jane Daughter 7 Native  
  McLaughlin, Thomas Son 5 Native  
  McLaughlin, Daniel Son 3 Native  
  McLaughlin, John Son 1 Native  
  McLaughlin, Mary Sister 29 Irish  
9. Buckley, Robert Husband 65 Irish General Laborer
  Buckley, Catharine Wife 85 NS  
  Harvey, Margaret Step-daughter 55 NS  
  Gaskill, Frances Granddaughter 22 Native  
  Harvey, John Grandson 15 Native  
  Harvey, Amma Granddaughter 20 Native  
10. Morgan, David H. Husband 25 Native General Laborer
  Morgan, Hulda A. Wife 26 US  
  Morgan, Calvan W. Son 3 Native  
  Morgan, Henrietta Daughter 1 Native  
  Morgan, Charles Son 2 wks Native  
  Hill, Eliza Mother 52 Native  
11. Power, John Husband 23 Native General Laborer
  Power, Ellen Wife 21 Native  
12. Carty, Alfred J. Husband 28 NS General Laborer
  Carty, Hannah E. Wife 23 Native  
  Carty. Joshua Son 5 Native  
  Carty, Stella Daughter 2 Native  
  Carty, Alhossar E Daughter 4 Mos Native  
  Hill, Sarah L. Sister in law 11 Native  
13. Parker, Rebecca H/sister 22 Native  
  Parker, Thomas Husband 69 Native Fisherman
  Parker, Elizabeth Wife 55 NS  
  Parker, George P. Son 19 Native Fisherman
14. Gubbing, William C. Husband 27 England General Laborer
  Gubbing, Anna Wife 21 Native  
  Gubbing, Harry Son 3 mos Native  
15. Kelly, Lowel Husband 28 US General Laborer
  Kelly, Amelia Wife 25 Native  
  Kelly, Levy Brother 17 US General Laborer
16. McLeod, George Husband 66 Scotland General Laborer
  McLeod, Margaret Wife 62 NS  
  Matthews, Jane Lodger 43 Native  
  Matthews, Joseph Lodger 5 mos Native  
17. Dewaide, Peter Husband 68 England General Laborer
  Dewaide, Delina Wife 57 NS  
  Dewaide, Simon Son 25 Native General Laborer
  Dewaide, William Grandson 25 Native General Laborer
  Swain, Matilda C. Lodger 25 NS Servant
18. Taylor, Eleazer Husband 56 NS Farmer
  Taylor, Emma A. Wife 56 NS Farmer
  Taylor, Roxanna Daughter 19 NS  
  Taylor, Charles Son 11 US  
  Taylor, James Husband 66 Scotland General Laborer
  Taylor, Sarah Wife 70 NS  
19. Simpson, James Husband 32 NS Farmer and Fisherman
  Simpson, Lydia Wife 29 Native  
  Simpson, Hugh Son 7 Native  
  Simpson, Selinia Daughter 5 Native  
  Simpson, Freeman Son 3 Native  
  Simpson, Sarah E. Daughter 1 Native  
  Morgan, Elizabeth Aunt 66 Native  
20. Parker, Owen Husband 46 Native Farmer and Fisherman
  Parker, Mary Wife 44 Native  
  Parker, Emeline Daughter 21 Native  
  Taylor, Joseph A. Servant 25 NS General Laborer
  Harvey, Daniel Servant 22 Native General Laborer
  Gough, William Servant 13 NS  
  Brown, Ada Niece 4 Native  
  Cornen, Leon Servant 36 Canada General Laborer

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