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The following listing of names was obtained from Microfilm located at the Maine State Archives. The film consists of information pertaining to leases of Land by William Owen to residents of Campobello. Unfortunately, no actual DATE is listed with regards to these names. However I ASSUME they were residents prior to 1850 as many of the names are “new” to me and have not been found in census records starting in 1851 and beyond.  The actual listing has numbers beside each name, I am assuming it is possible the amount of “tax” they may have had to pay. There is not consistency to the numbers beside the names. I have not placed the numbers on this information since I have no idea what they mean.




Aldridge, William

Armstrong, Alford

Alexander, John

Allingham, Robt





Batson, Lawrence

Boundary of Lots – Stafford and McCurdy

Buck, Eliphalet

Bailey, Moses

Bucknam, N.B. & S

Buck, John

Baldwin, John

Binning, James

Bailey, Hudson

Batson, Samuel

Buckley, Robert

Beattie, John

Beman, Joseph

Bogat, Robert

Batson, John

Bapett, Joseph

Kelly, John

Bennett,  ______(?)

Brown, James

Batson, H.

Beman, - -iel (?)

Batson, Thomas

Beman, ________

Batson, Hibbert

Beman, Robert

Batey, George

Beranson, Benjamin

Batson, Arthur O.

Bapett, John

Brown, Thomas

Babcock & Wilson

Batson, Thomas Junior

Beaty, Benjamin

Byron & Co.

Brown, Joseph

Brown & Phillips

Batson, John H

Byron, Luke

Brown, Martin




Calder, Robert                                                                                    

Calder, J. V. Alex

Calder, James

Curry, Cadwallader

Chubbuck, James

Calder, Edward

Calkin & Veasey

Coffin, Josiah

Conley, Joseph

Casco Bay Island

Curry’s Administrators

Cassidy, Hugh

Calder, Robt Junior

Calder, Walter

Curran & Shea

Clarke, D

Curry, John

Cook, Frederick

Calder, Jas. Junior

Cline, William

Curry, Julia

Chaffey, James

Case, J

Calder, Henry

Calder, Walter

Cline, George

Calder, John Junior

Calder, William

Calder, Robert, Jr

Chipman, ??

Chipman, H.

Chipman & Bolton & Co.

Coulson, Isaac

Calder, Wm & Alex.

Calder, Alex., & John & James C. Calder

Calder, Charles






Dunn, Jeremiah

Dunovan, John

Doyal, Hugh

Dimmock, Rob.

Diawaide, Peter

Davies, John

Davidson, David

Deery, James




Eldridge, Joseph

Elliott, James (?)





Fitzgerald, John

Flagg, Hibbard

Foster, Alexander

Fowler, Jeremiah

Frederick Island

Fitzgerald, B.R. & Co

Flagg, Price

Fitzgerald, John

Flagg, William

Finney, Nathl.

Farmer, John

Flagg, Arthur

Flagg, Cadwallader

Fish, John

Finney, Stephen

Flagg, Elizabeth

Free Baptist C. Church

Flagg, Elizth

Fletcher, Charles H.

Frinch, Jeremiah




Grimes, Henry

Gammas, William

Gregory, Abijah

Gilpatrick, Josiah

Gray, James

Gregg, John

Gilligan, Will

Godfreys & Marston

Gilpatrick, William

Greeno, Malcolm

Garnet, Josh

Gallagher, John

Greeno, Moses

Gaynor, George

Gibling, William

Garland, George

Government Store

Gilligan, James

Graham, David

Godfrey Weir




Henderson, Thomas

Hunt, Hibbard

Holmes, Daniel

Hunts for Lives

Hamilton, Archibald

Hall, Samuel

Harling, Frederick

Hathaway, C.R.

Holmes, Johnathan

Harvey, James

Hovey, _ .S

Hannaberry, John

Holmes, John Junior

Hallett, Abner

Hose Shoe Shoal

Hodgkins, Will

Hillyard, Chas.

Haverty, Daniel

Henderson, Robert

Herring Cove Co.

Hilyard, Daniel

Holmes Penelope & son Robt.

Harvey, Daniel

Henderson, John




None listed



Jarvis, I.S.

Jones, Robinson & Co.

Johnston, George M




Kendrick, Thomas

Kendrick, James

Kendrick, Daniel

Kent, John

Kerr, Robert

Kendrick, Andrew

Kline, Charles

Kelly, Lowell

Kendrick, Alonzo




Lilley, John

Lyons, Peter

Ladley, Arch.

Low, John, wife

Lane, John

Lank, Edward

Lank, John

Leonard, George

Lawrence, John

Lubec Property

Lank, William

Lank, Walter

Lepreau House

Lank, Robert

Lancaster, Issacher (?) & Joseph




MacLellan, Robert

Mitchell, William

McCurdy’s Lot Boundary

McLellan, W & Eliz.

Morgan, David Owen

McLellan, Jerusha

Mitchell, Ezra & wife

Mathews, Charles

Mathews, Rich.

Miars, Samuel

McEwen, John

Mitchell, Daniel

Milliken, John

McGregor, John

McLean, William

Mitchell, Stephen

Mabee, W & S

McCutchin, Jas.

McDaniel, John

Mitchell, Dan

Mitchell, Hubbard

Magee & Power

Mulholland, Chas.

Mitchell, Neh.,

McDaniels, Geo. & N.

McCourt, John

Marston & Godfreys

Mathews, Abram


Mitchell, Archibald

Morgan, Joshua

Morang, Luke and Will.

McDaniel, John

Mitchell, Will & Thayer

Moffatt, Hugh (Bunker Hill)

Mulloch (Malloch), Peter

Mathews, R & wife

Mulholland, Frederick

McLellan, William

McGuire, Michael

Mitchell, Ezra

Mathews, Sing (?)

Miars, James

Malloch, Peter

Mathews, Stephen

Mitchell, Daniel K

Mathews, Thomas

Moses, Thomas

Mathews, John

McLaughlin, Thomas

McDonel, George

Marsh, Victor

McKeel Daniel

McDaniel, N

Malloch, Felings

Mitchell, David & Daniel K. Huse Mitchell

McDaniel, John

Mill Cove Co.

Mitchell, Benj

Huse Mitchell

McGowan, Roger

McTherry, Brian

Mitchell, Stephen

Moses, Louisa

Mallock. Peter Isaac and James

Mathews, Nelson

Mitchell, Beniah

Mitchell, Henry

Mitchell, John & Thad.

Malloch, George

Mulholland, Chas. Jr




Neale, Edward

Nickerson & Co.

Newman, John

Newman & Curry

Newman, Lemuil

Nettle, J

Newman, W

Nickerson Assoc.

Nash, Thomas

Narrows Weir Co.

Newman, Almon

Newman, William




Osinger, Henry

Osmond, Sven

Olgilvy, ________

O’Neale ________




Peck, George

Parker, R & T

Parker, Rachael

Parker, John

Paterson, Stephen

Parker, Benj.

Parker,  _usiell (?)

Paterson, John

Page, C

Parker, Thad. Jr

Penquin Island

Parker, John

Power, ???

Parker, Benj

Parker, George

Parker, Samuel

Paterson, Thomas

Parker, Owen

Patch, Patrick & Co.,

Phinney, Natl.

Patch, Joseph

Power, Walter

Patrick, Joel

Parker, Owen

Parker, Thomas

Porter, Henry

Power, William

Parker, Jas. M

Parker, Thomas K

Porter, Henry A & Co

Parker, Lincoln

Patch, W

Parker, Malachi

Parker, Andrew

Pitts, Thomas

Preston, Berla P

Parker, Edward

Porter, John

Peters, Jacob

Phillips, Benjamin

Parker, Oliver

Picco(??), J.S.

Parker & Mitchell

Parker, William

Peasley, H

Parker Smoke Houses

Patch, Charles

Patch, Eliezer

Pike, McGregor




None Listed




Reynolds, Jotham

Reynolds, I W

Richardson, William

Roads Gormman

Robinson, John

Ramsdell & Serle

Robinsons Contract

Rumery & Huckins

Rumery, Stephen & Thomas

Riarson, Martin

Rapell, D. O

Robinson, J J

Richardson, Daniel

Ramsdell, _____

Rice, Isaac

Rummery, Daniel

Ramsdell, Arthur

Rumoff, David and Co

Robinson, Cornelius

Riarson & Summer




Serles, Ruth

Serles, William

Stafford, Mary

Boundary of Stafford’s Lot

Scott, Robert

Sprague, Benj.

Stimpson, Thad.

School House

Sandy Islands

Snell, Edward

Serles, Iepa (?)

Stevens, D.H. & Co

Small, John

Serles, N & N

Shean (?) & Curran

Serles, Edward

Serles, Henry

Sirles, Jacob

Serles, Coventon

Savage, James

Stinson, Thad.

Swim, Joseph

Sharland, John

Scovil, Daniel & Co.,

Searles, William

Searles, Nathl.

Seymour, A.B.

Searles, Charles

Sirles, Robert

Searles, Jane

Stephens & French





Tinker, David

Tucker, E and M

Tetherley, Robert

Tinker, William

Trefoy, John

Thomson, Will

Trecarters & Waide

Todd, Ann

Thayer, John (& Mitchell)

Taylor, John

Todd, Alfred

Taylor, Eliasor

Thurber, Isaac

Tinker, William Jr.

Thurber, William

Taylor, Joseph A

Thayer, W.H

Treat, ??

Thurber, Ellis & Gallagher

Treaghy, John

Thayer, Miriam



None Listed




Veasey & Calkin


Vennell, Mary Ann

Vennell, James

Vennell, Daniel




White, Peter

Wentworth Thomas

Wley, John

Wentworth, Will

Wentworth, H. James (??)

Welshpool Town

Wilcox, Steph.


William, T

Whelan, Allen

Wilson, James Jr

Wilson, Edward

Wilson, Fernando

Williams, John

Whelpley, Henry




None Listed




Young, Henry

Young & Moore

Young, Christy

Young, John

Young, George




None Listed



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