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1817-1891 Marriages for Campobello Parish

Special thanks to Glenna Parker for transcribing these marriages from the book “Vital Records of Lubec Maine” and to Pat Townsend who wrote the book and generously gave her permission to have this transcription posted to the Campobello Pages. **All names are as they appear in the book**. Added 15/06/2002 All listings are Marriage Publishments unless indicated of Marriage date.

Sept. 22, 1817 Thomas Huddleston and Catherine Kendrick, she of Campobello. Married Sept. 28, 1817  
Oct. 9, 1818 Capt. Abijah Gregory and Mary Allan, he of Campobello.  
Nov. 14, 1818 William Winshell and Margaret Tinker, she of Campobello.  
June 15, 1825 Mark Robbins and Polly Ramsdell, he of Campobello.  
Feb. 13, 1827 Abijah Foster and Ann H. McGregor, she of Campobello. Married Mar. 18, 1827  
Apr. 11, 1830 John Calder and Margaret Kendrick, he of Campobello. Married July 18, 1830  
Dec. 12, 1830 James Gray and Sarah Ryarson, she of Campobello. Married Feb 20, 1831  
Sept. 10, 1831 Robert Lank and Penelope Calder, he of Campobello.  
Jan. 11, 1832 John Robinson and Mathilda Mitchell, she of Campobello.  
May 30, 1832 Nehemiah Mitchell and Sarah Parker, she of Campobello.  
Nov. 24, 1832 Archibald Mitchell and Maria Parker, he of Campobello.  
July 2, 1833 John Robinson and Fanny Chase, both of Campobello.  
Nov. 15, 1833 Edward O’Neil and Lovy Mitchell, she of Campobello.  
Feb. 2, 1834 Walter Poore and Elizabeth O’Neil, both of Campobello.  
Oct. 19, 1834 Richard Parker and Nancy Calder, both of Campobello.  
Oct. 26, 1834 John Mitchell and Rachael Parker, both of Campobello.  
___ _ , 1834 Benjamin Mitchell and Alice Simpson, both of Campobello.  
June 20, 1835 Joshua Morgan and Elisa Morgan, she of Campobello. Married July 8, 1835  
July 19, 1835 Robert Calder and Rebecca Morgan of Campobello. Married Nov. 18, 1834  
Sept. 20, 1835 Jeremiah Parker and Caroline Baitron, he of Campobello. Married Nov. 13, 1834  
Nov. 22, 1835 William Mitchell and Elizabeth E.G. Parker, he of Campobello. Married Nov. 26, 1835  
Oct. 23, 1836 Hibert Mitchell and Nancy A. Parker, both of Campobello. Married Oct. 26, 1836  
Jan. 21, 1839 Joseph Mitchell and Nancy McLellan, both of Campobello.  
Aug. 3, 1846 John Scofield and Mary Ann Savage, both of Campobello.  
Mar. 21, 1852 Daniel Lyons and Victoria Parker, she of Campobello. Married May 1, 1852  
Apr. 11, 1852 Thomas McLaughlin and Mrs. Betsey Welch, he of Campobello.  
Oct. 11, 1852 Andrew Huddleston and Esther Calder, she of Campobello.  
Jan. 4, 1855 Charles Kieve and Nancy Muholland, she of Campobello.  
June 27, 1857 David Henry Morgan and Huldah Ann McDonald, he of Campobello.Married June 15, 1857 (obvious misprint in book)
Sept. 11, 1862 Wm. H. Thayer and Catherine E. Muholland, she of Campobello.  
Aug. 30, 1864 John Ramsdell and Mary A. Muholland, he of Trescott, she of Campobello.  
Oct. 4, 1865 Henry W. Searles and Eliza Jane Brown, both of Campobello.  
Oct. 8, 1865 John Wheelock Morgan and Clara A. McDonald, both of Campobello. Married Oct. 14, 1865  
Dec. 30, 1865 Charles Sirles and Susan Dean, he of Campobello, she of Deer Island.  
Sept. 20, 1867 James E. Gray and Emma Patch, hhe of Sedgwick, she of Campobello.  
April 21, 1881 Frederick Cook and Abigail Wilson, both of Campobello.Married April 6, 1881 (obvious misprint in book)
April 15, 1881 William Flagg and Fannie Dennison, he of Campobello, she of Cutler. Married April 22, 1881  
Nov. 6, 1891 Alvin C. Ramsdell and Barbara E. Sirles, she of Campobello. Married Jan. 13, 1892  
Nov. 2, 1826 Thomas Keefe and Mary Robbins, she of Campobello.  
Sept. 10, 1827 Nathaniel Searles and Huldah Ramsdell, he of Campobello.  
Nov. 13, 1834 Jeremiah Parker and Caroline Baity, both of Campobello.  
Nov. 18, 1834 Robert Calder and Rebecca Morgan, both of Campobello.  
Feb. 14, 1836 Henry Worester and Mathilda Fenney, he of Campobello.  
Oct. 2, 1878 Calvodoes Brown and Ellen M. Small, he of Campobello.  
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