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Campobello Marriages 1789-1812

Copied at the New England Genealogical Historical Society March 27th 2001.Spelling as found on film. Film # C588, Roll 154,N43,N432. Thanks to Karen Small for this transcription and making it available for the site!
James Morgan and Elizabeth Walton 1789
Robert Wilson and Dolly Holmes 1790
James Wilson and Sally McLellan 1793
Daniel Holmes and Hannah Mitchell 1795
Richard Parker and Kitty Mears 1795
Joseph Finney and Ruth Serles
Edward Neal and Elizabeth Mathes
William McLellan and Elizabeth Parker 1795
Samuel Mears and Elizabeth Allan 1795
Henry Young and Clarissa Viet April 7 1798
Charles Mathes and Johanna Eldridge Dec 1800
Benagah Dow and Hannah Mitchell Dec 29 1800
Ezra Mitchell and Thankful Holmes May 1 1801
Thomas Parker and Ann Mears 1801
Daniel Clark and Mary ? Nov 24 1801
Solomon Rice and Polly Walton Apr 1 1802
John Low and Polly Mathes May 3 1802
Richard Mathes and Hannah Fountain May 8 1802
Elisha Brown and Mary ? Nov 25 1802
John Hunt and Deborah Mitchell Nov 1802
Levi Hinds? And Sarah Davidson May 19 1803
Robert Steven/Stover? And Elizabeth Fountain Feb 24 1803
Hibbard Flagg and Ann Calder April 26 1804
William Sirles and Dolly Batson June 1804
Hibbard Hunt Jr and Ann Mitchell April 14? 1805
Henry Langmaid and Betsy Frost May 1 1805
Henry Dean and Susannah L-- aney Mar 20 1809 by Owen
James B---- and Elizabeth----- July 5 1809 by Owen
Isaac Colson and Elizabeth C Dec 25 1809 by Owen
David Owen Morgan and Elizabeth Hunt Jan 11 1810 by Owen
Benjamin Parker and Maria Wilson April 12 1802 by Owen
Jabet Greaves and Rozanne Green Nov 8 1812
Eliphelet Powell and Mary McDonald ?8 1812
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