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1871 -1875 Marriages for Campobello Parish

Special thanks to Vicki Thomas who transcribed these records for us and Karen Small who submitted them for the site! Films were Transcribed from LDS records in Maine. All names transcribed are as they appear in the actual record. Transcribe from film # 1508543. Added 15/07/2002

Johnston, George & Jessie Wyan Patch b/o Campobello m. 2/25/1871.

Newman, Isaiah & Cornelia Brown b/o Campobello m. 12/19/1871.

Nash, Amby & Catherine McSherry b/o Campobello m. 12/3/1871.

Newman, Amos & Marcella Brown b/o Campobello m. 9/9/1871.

Holmes, Joseph of West Isle & Agnes C. Babcock of Campobello m. 11/23/1871

Simpson, Leonard Peabody & Miss Elizabeth Flagg b/o Campobello m.11/23/1872.

Mitchell, Nathaniel & Phebe Melissa Greenlaw b/o West Isle m.5/11/1872.

Babcock, John M. & Alice Brown b/o Campobello m. 10/14/1872.

Mitchell, Eliphetel? & Abigail Wilson b/o Campobello m.1/20/1872.

Babcock, George Albert of Campobello & Eletha J. Small of GM m. 2/23/1872.

Patch, Eliazear P. &Catherine Mitchell b/o Campobello on 6/11/1873.

Cochran, Basil Edward & Miss Cornelia Stanley Johnson-Owen b/oCampobello on 6/11/1873.

Newman, Jeremiah & Miss Phebe J. Fitzgerald b/o Campobello on 1/9/1873.

Malloch, Alexander & Miss Sarah Maria Newman b/o Campobello on 1/4/1873.

Mitchell, Ezra & Miss Rachel Newman b/o Campobello on 1/9/1873.

Henderson, Parker & Dolly Langmaid b/o Campobello on 2/11/1873.

Finch, Jeremiah & Miss Mahala Mitchell b/o Campobello on 3/30/1873.

McKenzie, William A. of Lawrence, MA & Delia Simpson of Campobello on 5/17/1873.

Pitts, Thomas (Bach.) & Miss alice C. Stimpson b/o Campobello on 6/6/1874.

Malloch, Daniel Wheeler (Bach.) & Miss Margaret Elizabeth Calder b/o Campobello on 8/23/1874

McGowan, William (Bach.) & Miss Harriet E. Wilcox b/o Campobello on 11/28/1874.

Nash, Amby of Campobello & Mary Jane Henward of Eastport, ME on 12/7/1874 at St. Andrews

Simpson, Alexander E. (Wid.) & Miss Emmaline Rice b/o Campobello on 12/7/1875.

Matthews, Jebez of Eastport, ME & Miss Julia Parker of Campobello on 12/20/1875.

Thurber, Handford of Campobello & Clara Ellis of Freeport, NS on 11/7/1875.

Newman, Leonard & Miss Mary Jane Parker b/o Campobello on 1/10/1875.

Butler, Samuel of West Isle & Abigail Calder of Campobello on 5/24/1875.

Byron, Luke (Wid.) & Sarah Rich (Wid.) b/o Campobello on 6/28/1875.

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