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1883 -1887 Marriages for Campobello Parish

Special thanks to Vicki Thomas who transcribed these records for us and Karen Small who submitted them for the site! Films were Transcribed from LDS records in Maine. All names transcribed are as they appear in the actual record. Transcribed from LDS film # 1508544. Added March 20, 2003

Oscar Mathews (bachelor) of Campobello & Miss Edwella Tucker of St. George m. 10/21/1883

Hezekiah Mitchell (bachelor) & Miss Ida C. Beatty b/o Campobello on 10/12/1883

John Power (bachelor ) & Miss Mary Ann Flagg b/o Campobello on 10/4/1883.

Frederick Farmer of Campobello & Martha Linton of GM on 3/29/1883 by JJ Barnes wit Edwin Carroll & John Fisch.

Daniel M. Chute & Patherina M. Thurber b/o Campobello on 4/26/1883.

Charles Brown of Campobello & Roxanna Cook of Back Bay, NB on 9/27/1883.

Charles F. Joy & Augusta Plant b/o GM at Campobello on 7/22/1884 by Henry H. Neales wit: Abel Wilcox & Reuben Wilcox

William H. Sawyer (bachelor) of Gloucester, MA & Beck Doughty of West Isle on 2/6/1884 on Campobello

Thomas Mitchell (bachelor) & Miss Henrietta Greenlaw b/o Deer Isle on 3/30/1884.

Alvin W. Shepherd of GM and Letitia Gilligan of Campobello on 5/20/1884 by WS Covert wit: Harrington Guptill & Grace L. Guptill.

Albert Newman & Miss Minnie Phinney b/o Campobello on 8/30/1885.

John S. McLaughlin of Campobello & Annie O. Leighton of Lubec, ME on 1/5/1885.

Summer J. Stimpson & Miss Minnie Mitchell b/o Campobello on 8/15/1886.

Willard Babcock & Lillian Henderson b/o Campobello on 8/16/1885.

Addian Matthews of Lectate & Emma Jane Mathews on 12/25/1886.

Edward F. Hampton of St. John & Miss Dolly P. Galley of Campobello on 11/29/1865?? need to double check this one.

Edson B. Mitchell & Miss Carrie B. Brown b/o Campobello on 8/29/1886.

Charles H. Edgett & Mrs. Ethel B. Brown b/o Campobello on 9/29/1886.

John M. Calder & Miss Sarah Newman b/o Campobello on 11/6/1886.

Thaddeus Mitchell & Miss Eliza Moody b/o Campobello on 6/24/1886.

James Leslie McLaughlin of ? and Laura Jane Seely of Campobello on 1/26/1886 by J.W. Barnes.

Edwin Lank & Mrs. Agnes Beatty b/o Campobello on 3/18/1886.

Owen A. Brown & Annie Babcock b/o Campobello on 6/6/1886.

James Gallagher of Campobello & Margaret McGilroy of St. Andrews on 3/7/1886.

Sylvester Searles & Louisa Phillips b/o Campobello on 9/28/1886.

Levi Porter & Miss Mary Anthony b/o Campobello on 9/12/1887.

Sidney C. Smith of Lawrence, MA & Annie Newman of Campobello on 3/12/1887.

John Mitchell & Mrs. Jessie Agnes Cline b/o West Isle on 12/19/1887.

Edward Whelpley (Bach.) & Cordella Johnson b/o Campobello on 12/19/1887.

Alexander Calder & Clara Jane Lank b/o Campobello on 11/27/1887 by GE York wit: LP Malloch & Hanford Thurber.

Daniel J. Malloch & Eugenia Mitchell b/o Campobello on 11/27/1887.

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