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Page Updated April 2007

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Surnames appearing below are scanned images of the obituary.

Names that are highlighted below in the chart will take you to pages with scanned obituaries on that particular page with the corresponding surname. Otherwise click on the letter in the first column to view obituaries with the surnames as listed in the alternate boxes.

Due to the size of each individual page and the "table" the obits are in it is going to be impossible to keep the obits in "alphabetical order" for each "letter". As of the February 2006 update the obits are in no particual order. Surname updates will be indicated using the * in the appropriate box below. If a box is indicated as being updated, chances are the new addition will appear at the end of the "list" on that "letter's page".

**You may experience "broken links" on the obits page. This page is undergoing some "changes", if you find a broken link, please let me know.

Boxes with a * indicate that surname was recently added to the page or updated.

A Ackley Allingham Allingham Anthony Anthony * Armer Archer
B Babcock Babcock Babin Banks Barker Barker Bassett
  Batson Batson Baxter Bell Bishop Blanch Breton
  Brough Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown* Baxter
C Calder Calder* Calder Capen Chute Chute Clark
  Cline Cline* Cook* Cooke Corey * Case* Corbett *
D Daigle Daggett Davis Desautels Donovan Duncan Dinsmore*
E Eaton Eastman Enos        
F Finch Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons Flagg Fleet Fletcher Flynn
  Fraser Fitzgerald * Farmer * Finch      
G Galley * Gardner Getchell Greene Gallagher Green *  
H Harvey Haskins Henderson Higgins Hilyard Holmes Hooper
  Howard Howland Huntington Hanson*      
I & J Jackson Jackson Jacquard James Johnston Jones Justason
  Johnson *            
K Keohan Kierstead Kolb Kurzweil      
L Laffey Langmaid Lank Lank Lank Lank Lyons
  Lomax * Lord * London        
M Malloch Malloch Malloch * Malloch Mann Marsh Martin
  Matheson Mathews Mathews Matthews Matthews McCann McGarvey
  Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Mitchell Monroe Moore Moores
  Moses Mulholland Mulholland McFadden Mallock * Mitchell-Budd McFadden*
N Newman Newman Newman Newman Newman Newman * Noonan
O Olson            
P Parker * Poole Porter Pouria Peck *    
Q & R Quigley* Rice Rice Richardson Robinson Randall  
S Savage Savage Searles Sirles * Simpson Small * Smith
  Smart Stanley Stevenson Stimpson Sprague*    
T Thornton Thurber * Tinker Tinker* Turley Tuzo
  Townsend Therrien          
U & V VanBeek            
W Wade Whelpley Wilkins Wilson Wilson    
X, Y & Z              

Please check individual postings as MANY contain family members with different surnames than those indicated in the header.
Special thanks to Masiel Miller of Perry Maine who has generously donated approximately 200 obituaries for the site. These have been collected over the past 50 years by Masiel's Mother and then Masiel continued the project. The majority of these were originally published in the the Quoddy Tides Paper (QT) or the Eastport Sentinal (ES)... where known they are indicated with these abbreviations. Not all obituaries will indicate the source from which they came. These additions are scanned images so please take the time to check out the pages if you think you can make a connection as the search engine does not pick up names on these pages. These contributions are indicated with a * .