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Carleton County, New Brunswick

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Oct 28, 2003
I'm looking for pre-1868 information on John Campbell.  Somewhere around 1868-70 he married Susan Shaw and they lived in Carleton County until 1882 when John died (suicide) in Windsor NB.  A Carleton Sentinel article says that he came from the lower St. John area and census' have indicated that he was born in Nova Scotia of Scottish descent.  Family lore says born in Scotland but that's only hearsay at this point.
After John died some of his children ended up in Maine and Massachusetts, don't have any idea what happened to Susan, if she remarried or not.  His son Archie married Minnie Sewell and lived in several Aroostook County towns until about 1920 when he moved his family to East Corinth, Maine.
Mandy Cushman E Mail /

July 6, 2003
Cunliffe, Desc. of Joseph, loyalist.
Was born in England or NJ, USA. Came to N.B. 1783. Settled Woodstock as an early settler. Interested in all descendants with particular interest in son, Elisha Ayres - early families to 1900 or so.
Gerald Bell
E Mail /

June 23, 2003
Harris / Redstone /
Looking for desc of Helen Harris (adopted name Redstone) Parents passed same year, different problems, different months.  1918 Buried Angelican Cemetery? Names that I believe belong to her family. COLE-McCarty_REED=BERRY_HARRIS. Woodstock NB. Richmond Corner   Mother born 3 5 child of 6 Houlton, Maine 1912 Uncle Earl passed 1968/1959? I have a second cousin in Woodstock Robert Berry.
Hope to hear from someone.
Thank you all who can HELP me.
Doria Gervais

May 9, 2003
The Knight family lived in Andover and Hartland,Canada a short time. Emigrating from England in 1910 and going to the US in 1927. Mr. Knight was a retired veteran of the Boer War and WW1 he died at Woodstock in 1920, prior to this he worked for the Walker Harness Co. They had a large family of five boys and two girls, only one boy Albert and one girl Hilda was born at Andover. Any help about the family greatly appreciated.
Margaret Knight- Verzulli

April 15, 2003
I lost track of my Great Grandfather William Isaac Doherty any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
Tom Doherty E Mail /
Below some information about my Bell family.
Erastus James Doherty, d. 1945, Carleton Co., NB (Provincial Archives death index)
Erastus Doherty married Katie Good in 1920 in Carleton Co., NB. (Provincial Archives marriage index)
William Isaac Doherty, b. 1900, Carleton Co., NB, son of Erastus James Doherty and Janet Armiena Bell. (Provincial Archives birth index)
1871 census - Aberdeen, Carleton Co., NB:
Isaac Dougherty, 44, b. Ireland, Church of England, Farmer
Hannah, wife, 32, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Benjamin, son, 10, b. NB, Ch. of E., at school
Thomas, son, 6, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Annie, dau., 3, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Erastus, son, 1, b. NB, Ch. of E.

1881 - Aberdeen, Carleton Co., NB:
Isaac Dougherty, 54, b. Ireland, Ch. of E., Farmer
Hannah, wife, 42, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Thomas, son, 20, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Benjamin, son, 16, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Annie, dau., 13, b. NB, Ch. of E.
James, son, 10, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Richard, son, 8, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Lucy, dau., 6, b. NB, Ch. of E.
Minnie, dau., b. May, NB, Ch. of E.

Evidently Erastus dropped his first name and was using his middle name "James" for the above census. Ten years later he was back to using his first name again, but just dropped the "E".

1891 census - Aberdeen, Carleton Co., NB:
Isaac Dougherty, 65, b. Ireland, both parents b. Ireland, Church of England, Farmer.
Hannah, wife, 51, b. NB, both parents b. NB, Ch. of E.
Rastus, son, 21, b. NB
Richard, son, 18, b. NB
Lucy, dau., 16, b. NB
Minnie, dau., 10, b. NB

Lucy Maria Doherty, b. 1874 in Carleton Co.,NB, daughter of Isaac Doherty and Hanna Maria Segee. (Provincial Archives birth index)

I looked for Isaac and family in the 1851 census for Carleton County but didn't find them. I couldn't find Isaac in the 1901 census either, but several of his kids were there, married with families of their own. Susan Wyllie found Erastus' mother, Hannah Segee, in the 1851 census for Lincoln, Sunbury Co., NB with her parents and family.

1851 census - Lincoln, Sunbury Co., NB:
Thomas SEGEE, 41, b. 1810 in NB, American ancestry, Farmer
Margaret, wife, 38, b. 1813 in Ireland, came to NB in Nov. 1836
Lucy, dau., 19, b. 1832 in NB
Thomas W., son, 17, b. 1834 in NB
Henry A., son, 14, b. 1837 in NB
Hannah, dau., 12, b. 1839 in NB
Charlotte, dau., 8, b. 1843 in NB
Louisa, dau., 6, b. 1845 in NB
William, son, 4, b. 1847 in NB
Oliver, son, 2, b. 1849 in NB
John SEGEE, 22, b. 1929 in NB, Farmer
Rachel SEGEE, wife of John, 19, b. 1832 in NB

There was a Loyalist, John Segee, b. 1763, d. 1835, married Hannah Elston in 1783. He and his father Jacob Segee came originally from Maryland in the U.S. They emigrated to New Brunswick after the Revolution and settled in Sunbury Co. Thomas Segee above may be a child of John's and may have named his daughter Hannah after his mother.

The York County, New Brunswick Marriage records show Isaac Dougherty of Fredericton and Hannah Marie Segee of Fredericton being married on 19 July 1859 in Fredericton. Wit Henry Bradford Segee & Sophie Amanda Thomas. The 1861 Census for "Kings Ward" in Fredericton, York County has: Doherty, Isaac age 32 b. Ireland - General Labourer Doherty, Hannah age 23 b. New Brunswick Doherty, Thomas H - son age 1 Isaac and his family were living next door to Thomas Segee, age 27 and his wife Elizabeth age 25 and 3 year old daughter Elizabeth in Fredericton.

In the Glassville/ Aberdeen Carleton County News March, 1893 - a history of Glassville is given and states in part " And Isaac Doherty, Thomas Doherty and Joseph Doherty, with wives and families came from Richmond. [ This is probably Richmond, just outside Woodstock in Carleton County where they may have resided after coming up river from Fredericton.

In the Baptist Church Cemetery in Glassville, Hannah Doherty, wife of Isaac
1840 - 1910. Isaac is not listed. In the Maine Marriage Records on line [ 1892-1960+ ] dated Sunday 27 June,
1897 - Nettie Bell to Erastus Doherty, both listed from New Brunswick. On the death Certificate of Erastus James Doherty - it states Erastus was born 18 Dec 1869 in Fielding, Carleton County, New Brunswick [ 4 miles from Bristol toward Glassville ] and died 9 june 1945 in Royalton, Carleton Co [ 5 miles North of Centerville ] and is buried in Fielding. - no record of his tombstone - Brittain Funeral Home in Hartland conducted Funeral. Information given by son " Orland Doherty " in Royalton. On the 2nd marriage of Erastus [ to Kate Good ] it states Erastus was born in West Glassville, Carleton County and was living in Fielding @ time of Marriage on 21 dec 1920. Erastus was listed as age 49, a widower, and Kate, a divorcee, was 38- her parents were listed as James Brooker and Kate Davenport and she was born in Fielding. Kate [Kathleen ] was born 26 april 1885 and died 13 September,1950 and is buried in the Baptist Cemetery in Andover, Victoria County, according to her death certificate..
Tom Doherty E Mail /

April 2, 2003
I am researching Stephen Sands, born about 1778, and Elizabeth Post, born about 1800.  My information says they moved, in 1841, from Carleton County, New Brunswick to the Eaton Grant, now Caribou, Maine.   Any help greatly appreciated. Rebecca Walch 

March 13, 2003
Alexander My Grandfather was born in Centreville, (Wilmot Parish/Carlton Co.), in 1877.  His parents were John E. Alexander - (Bn 24 May 1850), & his mother was Jane (Brutt) - (Bn 14 Dec 1854) both in NB.  John and Jane were married 8 July 1875, by Joseph G. Harvey, Baptist minister. (PANB, Carleton Co. Marriage Records, book B, page 395)...
John and Jane had 3 children: 
My grandfather: Byron Clarence (bn 5 Nov 1877),
his brother: William R. (bn 2 April 1880),
and his sister Eva M. (Geneva?), (bn 17 April 1886)...
Johns parents:  David Alexander - (bn 1813, in Scotland), and his mother: Elizabeth (Stickney) - (bn 1814, in NB)..  David and Elizabeth had 8 children, all born in NB:
Amelia (bn 1833) she married Solomon Kitchen on 17 April 1856, in NB.
George (bn 1835)
William (bn 1837)
Richard (bn 1839)
Jane (bn 1841)
John (bn 1850)
James (bn 1865)
John (bn 1870)
Thomas (bn 1876)
David Alexander entered colony in June of 1832,
-- I haven't been able to discover which ship he arrived on, or where it may have set sail from (of course other than Scotland).  If you have any idea where I may find this information, please, please forward it to me; I would be truly grateful!  What I'm discovering: Lots of records for later than 1832, and a few before, but none for that year... )
David Alexander died in NB, on 4 Dec 1889, (76yrs)
Elizabeth (Stickney) Alexander also died in NB, on 19 Oct 1892, (78yrs)
Both are buried at the Jacksontown Cemetery. 
I have pictures of their headstones, (and quite a few other relatives also), if you are interested, I'd be more than happy to e-mail them.
Now, to the other end of this journey:  Byron Alexander (John and Jane's son; my grandfather), married Elsie Teager, together they had my father, Clyde Byron Alexander, (bn 10 Dec 1907, in Bremerton Washington). 
Sherry Alexander /

March 13, 2003
Eastabrooks / Skaarup

1) Eastabrooks: My mother's Flemish side in Carleton County.
- 1816 Ebenezer Estabrooks purchased a farm in Jacksontown, Parish of Wakefield, Carleton County.  This would be my great-great-great grand father.  His family members continued to live in the area including Avondale (Joseph - early 1900's), Waterville (Walter - early 1900's) and presently Wilmot (Bernard).  His father Elijah came to Gagetown, NB in 1785. A Joseph Estabrooks first arrived in in Boston in 1660.  One hundred years later in the winter of 1761-1762 Ebenezer's father (my grandfather 5 times removed) Elijah Estabrooks made a snowshoe journey from Maine through to the St. John River around Ormocto.  He was the first of our Estabrook line to settle in NB on October 18, 1765. Details of this family history can be found in the book 'Ticonderoga Soldier, Elijah Estabrooks Journal 1758-1760: A New England Soldier in the French and Indian War' by Hal Skaarup. ISBN: 0-595-16946-5
Technically, 1816 is the first year an (Ebenezer) Estabrook lived in Carleton County.  (1660's Boston; 1759 Halifax; 1785 Fredericton area: 1816 Jacksontown, Carleton County).  I am told that at one time a reference was made of Estabrook mountain from among the various hills and mountains in Jacksontown.

(2) Skaarup: My father's Danish side in Carleton County.
 - 1930's  Frederick Skaarup senior purchased a farm in River-de-Chute, NB which was passed to his oldest son also Frederick.  In 1939 Fred senior then purchased another farm in Charelston, NB which eventually passed to Aage and Carl.  Aage Skaarup continues to live at Mt. Delight Farms.  Grandfather Fred originally immigrated to Canada from Denmark in the early 1920's and first settled in New Denmark, NB. More details of the family history can be found in the book 'New Brunswick Hussar: Corporal Harold Jorgen Skaarup' ISBN: 0595190464.  This was also writter by Harold Skaarup. Both grandfathers fought against each other in the first world war and later ended up living on farms next to each other. Later during the second world war my uncle Harold was killed and his name can be found on the Woodstock cenotaph.
Please free to email me for any questions.
A third book __references a world war one diary that was kept by Walter Ray Estabrooks of Wilmot, NB (1889 - 1980's born and buried in Waterville, NB).
The book is called 'Whiz-Bangs and Woolly Bears' ISBN: 0-595-09883-5 by Hal Skaarup.  The Whiz-Bang connection relates to grandfathers' artillery experience during the war.  He faced the same Whiz Bang 77mm type gun as is on display at the Woodstock Cenotaph. The author offers a short background.
"Whiz-Bangs and Woolly Bears is a story about a soldier of the Great War and his experiences as an artillery gunner in France. I used to listen carefully to his stories while we worked on his farm in Carleton County, New Brunswick. He had kept a diary during the war, and I later had a chance to look at it.
The short entries did not begin to describe the horrors of the Western Front in 1917 and 1918. As I grew older, I began to write him to ask about the details. He responded to questions about major battles in this example: "Passchendaele was just one glorious mudhole. We were there 42 days. Kept 24 men on the guns and lost 42 in the time, an average of one a day." This is the essence of what Whiz Bangs and Woolly Bears is about. It is a running discourse between a grandfather, Walter Ray Estabrooks and his grandson Hal Skaarup ...
Although the story is essentially about Walter Estabrooks and his experiences during the Great War, it is also about the fact that he lived to tell the tale. So many did not. (Hal Skaarup)
Chris Skaarup /

Jan 12, 2003
Karnes, Everett, Webb, Kennedy, Vandine, Keenan, Lenehan, Riordan, Yerxa
I am working on the above family trees and anyone with information to share please contact Jane Everett.
E Mail /

Jan 2, 2003
Looking for location of Haining family farm near Bath [Monquart], New Brunswick. My grandfather John A Haining born May 29,1885 there. Thanks for any info or leads.
Bruce John Haining East Sugartit,KY

Jan 2, 2003
Bustard Looking for information regarding Margaret Bustard (b. 1850) daughter of George Bustard and Jane Saunders of Monument Settlement, Parish of Richmond. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Nov 19, 2002
I am looking for anyone who might have information on a Alice Blanch Hargitt. Possibly married to a man by the name of Fanning from Woodstock, NB. Ca.
Thank you
Tgumpsgram E MAIL /

Oct 22, 2002
Drost __Hunter
Looking for Information of Harry Obder Drost such as birth date and marriages, and children. I was told he married Mary Annabella Hunter-Whitmore on July 14 1898 in Caribou and had a child  Della Drost by Mary. Was he married before? Does anyone have information on Mary Hunter and the Child ? Is the child still alive or have family ? My grandfather was her brother/half brother  a Whitmore.
I'm looking for to fill in the pieces and hope to meet this part of the family. I think his father was Samuel Moss Drost.
Thanks for the help.
Kim (Whitmore) Knox E MAIL /

Oct 20, 2002
Looking for information regarding Israel Kinney (b. 1796), his daughter Rosanna Kinney (b. abt 1830) married to George Haining (b.1824) and their daughter Annie Bell or Annabell (b. abt 1861) married to David S. Nichols.
I was sent the marriage record for David S. and Annie Bell and I found the Hainings as Henning in the 1871 census.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Diane Murach E Mail /

Oct 7, 2002
Do you know of anyone who could do a lookup on the Pierce family who are buried in the Clearview Cemetery in North Carleton .
Thanks in advance.  
Bill Andrews E MAIL /

Oct 7 , 2002
BOYER - DYER - STITHAM death records
Ruth Boyer  (c.1831 -aft.1871) and her husband  John Dyer  (b.1824  -aft.1871).
Amos Stitham (b.1817-aft.1861) and wife Catherine Riordan (b.1824-abt1905)
All lived in Kent Parish.There seems to be no record of their deaths .I've examined Hayward and Hale records of Carleton County cemeteries with no results.
Can anyone help??
Bob Davis E MAIL /
Sept 24, 2001
Amos Stitham married Catherine Riorden probably 1845. They raised a large family in Kent parish. Amos disappeared in the census of 1871. Catherine lived  past 1901. I  can't find their death certificates in Carleton Co or in Aroostook Co.
Anyone researching this family.???
Bob Davis E MAIL / Sept 24, 2001

Sept 27, 2002
April 11 2001
Researching William McBURNIE (born approx. 17 AUG 1820; died 2 AUG 1896 in Bridgewater, Aroostook County, Maine) and Annie FRONE/FRANE/FRAME (born approx. 17 JULY 1842 St. John, New Brunswick, Canada and died 9 APR 1910 in Bridgewater, Aroostook County, Maine).  Their children included William James McBURNIE (born 7 OCT 1861 in Rockland, Carleton County; died 12 SEPT 1931 in Richmond, Sagadahoc Cty., Maine) and Edgar Wesley McBURNIE (born 11 SEPT 1863 in Rockland, Carleton County; died 23 JULY 1925 Presque Isle,
Aroostook Cty., Maine).

Specifically interested in the family of William James McBURNIE and his wife, Lillian A. HALE (born 29 MAY 1871 in Hampton, Atlantic County, New Jersey).  Their children include  Etta Viola (born 23 JUNE 1892);  Alden (born 6 June 1895); Clyde James (born 8 AUG 1897); Herbert Carl (born 18 FEB 1901); Perley A. (born 15 OCT 1903); Lester Stanley (born 12 AUG 1906) and Helen Crystal (born 26 APR 1910).
Regards, Karen Alterisio
Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA

Sept 27, 2002
April 11 2001
Researching the family of George WILSON (born about 1840 in Richmond, Carleton County) and Jane McMULLEN (born Ireland).  I know of one child from their marriage, Levina WILSON (born about 1864) who married William T. BELL (born about 1860).  I have reason to believe that Levina and William BELL had Charles A. (born 18 FEB 1886 in Richmond, Carleton County) and George Lewis (born 7 MAR 1889 Woodstock, Carleton County).
Regards, Karen Alterisio
Chelmsford, Massachusetts USA

Sept 17, 2002
Still looking for any BECKIM's or BEACOM's out there. They may have started out in Woodstock in the early 1850's and moved into Beckim Settlement, Bloomfield, Carleton by 1861.  
Darlene Walsh  
E Mail /
Descendants of Henry BECKIM
HENRY1 BECKIM was born Abt. 1795 in Drumboarty, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, and died Jun 22, 1869 in Bloomfield, Carleton, NB, Canada. He married JANE in Ireland. She was born Abt. 1803 in Drumboarty, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland, and died Aug 29, 1871 in Bloomfield, Carleton, NB, Canada.
GEORGE2 BECKIM, b. Nov 12, 1820, Ireland; d. Aft. 1901, Bloomfield, Carleton, NB; m. SARAH IRVINE, Feb 14, 1851, Woodstock, Carleton,
ROBERT BECKIM, b. Abt. 1825, Ireland; d. Aft. 1886, Ontario, Canada; m. JANE, Abt. 1863; b. Abt. 1840, Ireland; d. Aft. 1886, Ontario, Canada.
CATHERINE JANE BECKIM, b. 1837, Ireland; d. Mar 21, 1926, Carleton Cty, NB, Canada; m. (1) ISAAC CLOUGH, Apr 10, 1862, Bloomfield, Carleton Cty, NB, Can.; b. Abt. 1826, Ireland; m. (2) WILLIAM WALLACE BLACK, Jul 25, 1871; b. 1845; d. 1923, Bloomfield.
EDWARD BECKIM, b. Abt. 1839, Fermanagh, Ireland; d. Jul 31, 1896, Bloomfield, NB; m. ANN JANE JOHNSTON, Mar 31, 1868, Simonds Parish, New Brunswick; b. Mar 31, 1845, Ireland; d. Nov 28, 1907, Bloomfield
.SUSANNAH BECKIM, b. 1849, Ireland; d. 1890, Bloomfield, NB; m. ALEXANDER MCCLEARY, May 25, 1867, Simonds Parish, New Brunswick, Canada; b. Nov 09, 1845, Bloomfield, Carleton, NB, Can.; d. Jan 26, 1920, Bloomfield.
WILLIAM H. BECKIM, b. 1849, Ireland; d. Jan 20, 1931, Bloomfield, Carleton, NB, Canada; m. (1) MARGARET, Bef. 1871; b. Abt. 1851, Ireland; d. Bef. 1877, Bloomfield, NB; m. (2) RUTH CLARKE SIMMONS, Sep 19, 1877, Jacksonville.

Aug 21, 2002
I am working on my family history which includes the Kilcollins, Langley, Gee, and Lunn families.  I know my grandparents  were G. Wilbert and Phoebe Gee Kilcollins and they came from Carleton County into Aroostook County, Maine.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Ruth Walker

Aug 19, 2002
I am looking very hard for a little fellow who was born in 1894  or there abouts his name is
William S.Clark(e). I think he was born at Hartfield, N. B. and his mother may have died soon after. On his wedding licence_  his mother was Florence and her husband was Saunders__not sure about this.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Thanks Gwen Knox

Aug 19, 2002
McLeod & Vince  
MCLEOD, George b.  1825  d. 1897 (Teacher & Justice of the Peace)    married PEABODY, Rebecca b. 1837 d. 1922 ; children Gertrude m. Wm. McWaid 1894,  John L. b. 1866 , Florence b. 1867 d. 1895 (teacher),  Helen b. 1869 d. 1908 (teacher). The children were all born in Williamstown, Wilmot Parish. George originated from Fredricton where his father, Donald was established abt. 1818.  
VINCE, D. MCLEOD b. 1848 (MAJOR, COL., AND BARRISTER) Woodstock  married Addie Nevers b. 1856 d. 1946 ;        children Lucretia b. 1876, Jessie b. 1881, Edward b. 1887.   D. McLeod Vince is the nephew to George McLeod. His mother was Rebecca McLeod, George's sister. Helen McLeod was living with the Vince family at the time of her death in 1908 and is buried with the McLeod family in Williamstown.
Sources: 1871, 1891 & 1901 Carlton County Census Woodstock Dispatch May, 1897 The Press January, 1908 RS581 PANB.  
Submitted by: Bunni Haslerud E MAIL /          

Aug 14, 2002 UPDATE :
I am looking for more records on Albert Philip Jones. I found after yrs of research that he was a British Home Child and was sent to Carleton county in 1905 from Bristol, Eng. through Saint John. I have his records coming on the SS Lake Champlain along with what appears to be a George Jones also sent to Carleton Co. I have Alberts school records for the yrs he was at Glassville. The part I'm stuck with is trying to locate records of which family he was sent to in Carleton Co. If you have any suggestions or have come across any records of Home children in Carleton Co could you pls advise.
Keith E MAIL /
April 4 2001
Jones / Curtis
I have one that has been eluding me for years and the closest I've come, is finding that he was married in N. B.
Albert P. Jones married, Una Lincoln Curtis 1916 / 12 / 09 Carleton Co, NB
Thank you _ Keith Jones

Aug 2, 2002
Frances Lincoln born Dec. 9, 1811. I'm looking for his parents names.
Any help greatly appreciated__thanks.

July 21, 2002
Elizabeth Jane Connell married Frederick T Bridges April 16, 1863.
Frederick T Bridges was the second mayor of Woodstock and in office spring 1880 and he died Nov 1880. I am looking for any information re _Jane's parents and anything on Frederick T Bridges' parents. His obit states his father was Henry Bridges of Sheffield but this is not on any info I have found.  I found a notice of sale dated 1888 where she lost the house. This states that she lived in Boston in 1888.
Any info you could help me with would be appreciated. Thanks!
Lezlie Carson
E Mail /

July 20, 2002
Barnett / Price
I am looking for anyone who would have any information on my greatgrandmother
Ella Barnett who was married to Herbert Samuel Price of East Newbridge. I'm afraid I don't have a birthdate but I do have that she died in 1959. Any info would be appreciated.

July 19, 2002
I'm researching Donald Paul's family , his father was
David Paul b. March 23,1916 d. March 24,1995, grandfather Joe Paul married 1st_ Isabel Johnson/Johnston, 2nd_ Isabel Brown, gr grandfather Simon Paul married Margaret (Maggie) Francis (?). Simon & Maggie's children were Madeline, Joe, Peter, and John. Ancestors of this family were supposely from Woodstock, any help would be appreciated.
I am also researching the PAUL surname from Big Cove, New Brunswick plus surnames Clair,  Milliea, and  Peter Paul.

July 17, 2002
ARBOUR's in Richmond
Looking for the parents of William Herbert ARBOUR. He was born in Richmond in Oct 1867 and moved to Aroostoock Co, ME, prior to Dec 1892, when he married Harriet B. WHITE. Can anyone please help me locate the missing parents of this man?
Thank you! Shannon
E Mail /

July 11, 2002

Andrew McInnis, born P.E.I. 1833, died April 8, 1875 in Middle Simonds, Carleton County, N.B. Buried in old Woodstock R.C,. Cemetary. Left wife Ann S. McCafferty and six children, Dennis James, b. 1863, John Henry, b 1864; Frances Jerome, b 1865; William Andrew B, 1868, Eliza Clare, b. 1871; Maria Josephine, born, 1873. Only John Henry lived to marry and raise a family.
No info on P.E.I. roots, but, definitely born there.
Any info appreciated.
John B. McInnis E MAIL /
Nov 8, 2001
Looking for information on
Andrew McInnis, born 1830 in P.E.I.  Moved to Simonds, New Brunswick, married Ann S. McCafferty on March 3, 1862.  They had the following children,  Denis James McInnis, b. 1863; John Henry McInnis, b. August 3, 1866; Frances Jerome McInnis, b. 1865; William Andrew McInnis, b. 1868; Eliza Clare McInnis, b. 1871 and Maria Josephine McInnis, b. 1873.  Andrew died on April 8, 1875.  Andrew was buried in the old Woodstock, New Brunswick Cemetery, he was Roman Catholic. Unable to find his P.E.I. roots.
John B. & Marie McInnis
A link to the Ancestors of Andrew McInnis

July 5, 2002
Plummer / Waters
PLUMMER, HENRIETTA CLARA , born ab't 1846, Woodstock, NB & died 1896, London, ON.   According to her obituary, she had the following sisters: MRS. MALORY, JACKSONVILLE, NB, - MRS. T.F. MILES, LOWER MANGERVILLE, NB, -  MRS. COLDWELL, JEMSEY, NB, AND MRS. EBEN BURPEE, BOSTON, MASS. And a brother: F.A.PLUMMER, WOODSTOCK,NB The obit also stated that she was a first cousin to Dr. Egerton Ryerson.  Her marriage license stated her name as Henrietta Clara Waters, and the name Plummer was written in. Henrietta is the great grandmother of my husband and would appreciate any information on these families.
E Mail /

June 12, 2002
Amendment to April 9, 2002 Query
Hi again!
I am so terribly SORRY to all you! I made a snap judgement on Sarah Jane Price. She is NOT my GGrammy! Their was two of them in Carleton.  My Sarah's Father is Coke Price. I wanted to let everyone know. I am so very sorry. I did find my Sarah, she is buried in York County. I have not found my GGranddad Elroy "Elby" Donnelly though. Sarah Jane "Jennie" Price-Donnelly died at a early age, leaving very young children at home.
GGranddad Elby is still a mystery. I  have searched for months. GGranddad Elby went to Doaktown after her death and after that there is no trace of him. He was the oldest of my many siblings too. Does this ring a bell with anyone out there? I believe he remarried around 1920's or so. I would so appreciate a small lead of any kind. Thank you in advance! I wish everyone Good Luck in there searches too.
Colleen Donnelly.
April 9, 2002
Woodstock & Knowlesville Towns
I have hit deadends looking for my GGrandparents. My GGranddad came from Ireland in the 1880's it is to believed. I know he had my Grandfather in Woodstock in 1903. His name is Allen Elroy Donnelly. My GGrammy was born in Knowlesville and was a twin. My GGrammy's name is Sarah Jane Price and her twin is Sadie Ann. My GGranddad's name was Elby Donnelly. Now with an unique name like that you would think I would have no trouble locating something. I know am lead to believe  that it could be possible that it might be a middle name and that the last name could be mis-spelled. Donnelly has many spellings.  I have searched all the archives. I have searched the vital records. I have searched the northern Carleton cemetery records that have recorded. I may have to go to another county now. I am hoping to rattle someone out there before doing so. Anybody out there? Thanks! For any help!
Colleen! E MAIL /

June 9, 2002
BRIDGES / Tompkins
Thomas V. Bridges was born 1907 and died 1927. He is buried in the cemetery in Lakeville, NB behind the post office.   Thomas V married Eliza TOMPKINS.  Thomas V Bridges' son, Charles A Bridges married Eugenia TOMPKINS. Charles A only daughter, Blanch Laura, was my grandmother. I am searching for information on who Thomas's parents were and  I believe might have been  Samuel and Mary Bridges. I need some help verifying this.
Lezlie Carson E Mail /

May 19, 2002
Furlong / Teed
Linder / Boyle

I am looking for info about my ggrandparents. They are Henry Fitzmicheal Furlong & Jane D. Teed of Lower Woodstock & Richard Linder and Mary Catherine Boyle of Glassville, Knowlesville area. All lived in the area in the early 1900's. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
E Mail /

May 15, 2002
Thomas / Tracy
Looking for any information on the ancestors of:
Lee Emery Thomas, his father (Henry) & mother (Nellie), Henry's father (John) and
mother (Ann Brown) ; Vernet Tracy, his father (Mark) and mother (Patience O. Toms)
Regards, Neil E. Thomas

April 28, 2002

Looking for family information on Robert &Alice Pierce ,they had Four children in the 1851 census,and lived in Kent Parish, I know they had many more children. I'm looking for a connection of Theresa Pierce 1830's who married Timothy Crowley 1850 they lived in York County.
Thanks in advance .Bill Andrews
Also Searching : Crowley, Williams, Pierce, Murphy in N.B.

Andrews, Ross, Severance, N.S.

April 26, 2002
Looking for the parents of Annie Tompkins, birth date August 10 1765, Florenceville, N. B., Canada. She married Henry Shaw  1883. THANK YOU .
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April 23, 2002
I am looking for ancestors of William Cecil Boyer, Born April 19,1875, in Florenceville, or Centreville, Carleton County.  His father was Charles Napier Boyer.
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April 18, 2002
Russell bc 1884 Royalton, married Mary W. Tapley c1904, had one child Virginia (my mother); Russell & Mary div. c1906-8; 
Mary remarried John Hotham 1910.  What happened to Russell, his parents were Nathanial Lechmere Weade and Carolyn (Weade) - they were cousins. There were 9 or 10 more children in this family.  I am interested mainly in what happened to Russell. 
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April 16, 2002
Hovey, Allen
Hi my name is Sherry and I am trying to research my Hovey line in New Brunswick. Below you will find what information I have. If anyone can help I would sure appreciate it.
My 2Great grandfather Aarron Hovey was born 9 July 1845 in New Brunswick. I can not locate his birthplace for some reason. According to his death registration (died in BC) his parents were listed as Allin Hovey and Mary Price, yet I can only find an Allin Hovey marrying a Lydia Ann Weade on 11 Nov 1833 in York Co. New Brunswick. According to sources Lydia went by her middle name Ann as well as Mary (Maria) Ann Price. So I am so confused.
If I can locate Aarron's birth or baptism certificate then it would have the names of his parents. York Co and Carleton Co were joined until 1832 and my Hovey's were in the Wicklow Parish in Carleton. I believe they were Free Baptists.
I have a death of an Allan Hovey Deacon in the Free Baptist church for 16 October 1885 in Tracey Mills. I'm not sure if this is my Allan Hovey. Please if anyone can help I could sure use it. Even just locating Aarron's Hovey's birth or baptism record would solve the problem.
Thank you so much.
Sherry E MAIL /

April 8, 2002
PROSSER:"Windsor,Carleton County 6 May 1889". John Zephaniah Prosser and Norman Wesley Prosser, came home for a visit.On their return Marian E. Prosser and William Britton Jr.went with them, followed by Herbert Britton and Edward Britton.All three Brittons were sons of Esq. Britton.
What Part of PENNYSLVANIA did they go to.???
Glen Hovey E MAIL /

April 1, 2002
SIMMONS - Update new e mail address
Searching for Ida Blanche SIMMONS, b.1858 in Woodstock, Carleton Co., NB. I know she came to New England before 1892.  Looking for parents' names, siblings, etc.
Linda Bourassa E Mail /

March 30, 2002
Interested in any information of the following Sutherlands:
George b.1731, Scotland to Canada with 42nd Highland Regiment. Son JAMES, b abt 1788 New Brunswick.Grandson Isaac born New Brunswick, died Maine.  
Cynthia Rump E MAIL /

March 26, 2002
Pelkey (Pelletier)
Looking to see if a marriage can be located for an Isaac Pelkey who married Susanna.  In the 1851 census Isaac shows up in Kent Parish, living with the Sharpe family as a lodger.  I believed he married in the late 1850's.
Any help will be appreciated. Jill

March 22, 2002
Jones / Ebbett
JAMES A. JONES, died March 1881 age 77 in Gordonsville N.B. and buried in the Baptist cemetery there? His wife was JERUSHA JONES (nee EBBETT). Any biographical material that would prove a Loyalist ancestor, either a JONES or JOSEPH EBBETT would be very much appreciated. The information is requested for an 86 year old (Percy J Deplissey) who is researching for his U.E. certificate. He is the son of David DePlissey and Edith JONES ( daughter of JONATHAN BRIDGES JONES (1856-1927) and Kate SCARRAH (1859-1933).
Any information would be appreciated. Thank you
Lois Dickinson / J.A.Keller E MAIL /  

March 11, 2002
I am trying to trace my greatgrandfather, Francis Xavier LaPointe.  I  have a partial census record from 1871 giving his age as 42, his place of birth as New Brunswick. I know the family lived in Johnsville, but do not know much else. I realize LaPointe is a very common name, but would like to find out as much as possible. Thanks
Bernadette LaPointe Roy E MAIL /

March 11, 2002
I am looking for info on the Holmes family,Charles A Broad married Jerusha Holmes.
Any info on the Holmes family would be welcome

March 8, 2002
Snelling / Mason
I am looking for information on Rev. William Archibald Snelling and his
wife Florence N. (Mason) Snelling.  He was a Baptist Minister in
Hartland, around the 1890s.  Thanks.

March 3, 2002
Looking for family members that could help with the identification of photo that I have.  Have been working on the families of GRANT and CLUFF. Annabell Cluff married Henry Woodford Grant in 1873.  Her Mother and Father were Francis Cluff Jr and Jane (Grant) Cluff.  Would like to identify pictures of her brothers and sisters.  Any help would be appreciated.
Beth Taylor E Mail /

March 2, 2002
Looking for info on Kenneth Peddle and William John Peddle (wife Helen). Left Newfoundland late 1800s and went to NB or NS.
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Feb17, 2002
I would appreciate information on a Peter Giggey, Carleton County (1793) or his son Jonas (1828). Peter is my gggrandfather his wife was Prescilla and they were farmers in this area. They left Canada for Maine. Peters' father would have been John Giggey and was a Loyalist. Would like to hear from anyone who would help with the Giggey link. 
Thanks-Sincerely, Patricia Giggey Shanahan
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Feb 15, 2002
Clark, Searles, Ginson, Jinson, Jensen
I am looking for information on
James Clark, married to Catherine (Mary) Searles, in 1873, and Alexander Ginson (Jinson, Jensen).  This family lived at Moose Mountain in the 1870's and the most of them died there or the immediate area. 
Anyone knowing anything about these families please contact me at
E Mail / Margaret Frye

Feb 10, 2002
I am looking for any information on the surname
"Patrick", Migration from ENG > NWB, circa 1900, Kings & Carleton, Benton & Juniper NB.
Jeff Knapp
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Feb 10, 2002
West Update :

Edward Ludlow West was born in 1858 son of Charles Abram West, b 1833, son of Edward West, b 1789, son of a member of the New Jersey Volunteers, Loyalists.  We do have most of the family from Edward Ludlow West from his descendents.
Is any one interested in a copy of our family tree? There are 926 persons, 58 pages so far. If there is any interest, please contact me.Pauline West Keehn Jan 12, 2002 West Looking for info on West family. Members New Jersey Volunteers, shipped to NB in Fall Fleet 1783 to Parrtown (St. John) granted land in Kingsclear, later re-located to Royalton/Centreville area. Any help greatly appreciated.
Pauline Keehn E MAIL /

Feb 10, 2002
Update: new e mail address
May 17 '99
John/Yon/DIONNE and DeMerchant. I'm looking for more information on Conten Yon, whose name was also recorded as Conten John, Cantin Dionne, and Constantine John. Constantine John married Mary DeMerchant, 23 February 1815. The records of the Woodstock Anglican church show baptisms of children of Conten and Mary John: Charles Edward, born   22 July 1818, and Charlotta, born 31 January 1820. Conten Yon received a land grant near Woodstock in 1822. He was born Cantin Dionne in Quebec and came to the province in 1812. Mark Dionne    E Mail /  

Feb 10, 2002
Pipe Organ
Update - Feb 2002
I have run across a reference to a Leslie H. Frazee. He probably was a voicer for F.A. Peters Organ in NB, in early 1890's. He left for Boston in 1894, to become head voicer for Jesse Woodbury, eventually starting his own company in 1910 as Kimball, Smallman & Frazee, later Frazee Organ Company { Everett Mass }. This info comes from a book "Two Centuries of American Organ Building" by William H. Barnes and Edward B. Gammons, published in1970. I picked up the book & 4 others at a recent internet listing. Still trying to track down further history on Peters & other
staff.. Any info on Peters, Peters Organ, DW Paine or Frazee appreciated { or Peters Organ Instruments }.
My Pipe Organ Project Page:
Dave Milton
Pipe Organ / Baptist Church/ Woodstock
April 2001
A question not strickly related to geneaology, but it is history related. I'm looking for information relating to a pipe organ that was believed to have been in the Woodstock Baptist Church, Woodstock, NB, most likely in the early part of the 20th century. It was probably taken out of service and put in storage sometime in early 1950's. I have recently acquired most of this organ and plan on restoring a good part of it to playing condition. Any information on it's origins, installation, active use, photos, etc would be  greatly appreciated.
UPDATE: Since my last note have started cleaning work on organ and pipechests. Now think that organ was last repaired / update around 1964 and placed in storage approx early '70s. I have also discovered that original parts of organ were made by F.A. Peters, Organbuilder, St. John NB in 1893. Apparently he ran an organ building firm there from approx 1883 { with Paine }. Any information on F.A. Peters, Paine / Peter Organ greatly appreciated.
Kind regards, Dave Milton E MAIL /

Feb 9, 2002
I am looking for information on the
Broad family of Carleton County, stories, pictures, deaths, births etc, for the Broad family web page at
Send info to  

Jan 19, 2001
McGlynn / Doherty

Seeking info on Mary McNEIL/O'NEAL and  Patrick DOHERTY who were married in Woodstock/Richmond prior to 1828.  Children may have included Michael, George and Elizabeth.  It appears they immigrated to Richmond/Woodstock area from Ireland about 1820.  Elizabeth was married in St. Gertrude's Church/Woodstock 5 August 1860 to Dominick McGlynn.  Haven't been able to locate any info about either McGlynns or Dohertys.  Elizabeth and Dominick moved to Littleton, Maine prior to 1880 US Census.  There was a Rose Doherty that married William Hogan of Houlton, Maine.  Possible that Rose was child of Mary and Patrick Doherty. 
Desperately seeking info!  Thanks.  Ruth
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Jan 8, 2002
Vital Statistics from New Brunswick Newspapers 1881, state that Lydia A. Gallupe relect of Benjamin Gallupe, 96 years of age, died at residence of her grandson, Hezekiah BAKER. Can anyone establish who
Hezekiah Baker is, and what his line to Lydia Gallupe would be?
Kal Perry
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Jan 3, 2002
McGuire, John Harper
Looking for birth records for a John Harper McGuire, b. 1827 in Carleton County. 
Parents from Ireland.
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