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1st. World War
Year 1915
Carleton and Victoria's County Men

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper May 21, 1915

Owing to illness and other causes a few names should not appear in the list as given, but they are published to show that all were anxious to serve their King and country.

10th Field Battery
Lieut. Col Good W.C.
Lieut. Jones Raymond V
Sergeant Appleby Roy
..............Armstrong William
..............Currie William
Major Wilson Timothy
Corporal Havens Clarence
Corporal Price John
Bomb Greer Arthur
...........Judkins John
...........Reynolds Gordon
Atherton George
Adams Roy
Adams Carty
Bull Norman K.
Bryant Herbert
Cox Perley
Chambers Leo
Dow Millard
Devine Albert
Dargaual Lyle
DeWitt Larry
Gillin James
Hooser Arthur
Haywood Eric Mark
Jacques Herbert
Jacques Howard
Kelly Arthur
Miller Joseph
McCready John
Niles George
Owen Frank
O'Brien John
O'Brien James
Pheeney Charles
Paddock William
Rimes Harold
Rae George
Scott George
Stephenson Charles
Sears Leonard
Sears Stanley
Thornton Harry
Wetmore Wm. J.

1st Brighton Field Company
Canadian Engineers

Major Weldon Wilbur Melville-Peel
Major Edwin Kenneth Connell-Woodstock
Captain Edward Raban Vince -Woodstock
C.S.M. Samuel Hudson-Sparkle
Corp Eugene Dyer -Bath
Corp Halton Lawson -Peel
Corp Robert C. Mooers -Woodstock
Sapper A. R. Connolly -Woodstock
Albert Gregory -Grafton
Gideon William Gray
Andrew Phillips
Daniel McIsaac
Bernard Frank McKay
William Marshall Smith
Anthony O'Connor -St.Leonards
Esedore Cote - St.Leonards
Addis Soucie - St.Leonards
Alp. Louis Poitras -St.Leonards
W.J. Saunders -Woodstock
Robert Miller- Skiff Lake
Maurice Summerfield
Russell Frank Phillips -St. John
Leslie Gray -Stickney
Kenneth Golding -Stickney
James Arthur Watson -Woodstock
Joseph Daniel Steele - Meductic
Harry Leonard Austin- Meductic
James Thompkins - Woodstock
James Ryan - Woodstock
Havelock Sands Gillespie - Woodstock
Alexander Neil - Woodstock
John Oddbury Bragdon
Henry Forsyth Larkin
Robert Clark Wright Smith -Skiff Lake
G. Frederick Campbell -Woodstock
E. M. Armstrong - Woodstock

67th Regiment

Harry Griffin -Woodstock
Joseph Starkey - Woodstock
Ernest Parsons - Woodstock
John E. Langley- Woodstock
John L. Fillmore- Woodstock
J. Ivers -Woodstock
Percy Dando -Woodstock
John Homewood - Woodstock
Thomas Reed- Woodstock
W. A. Vicary - Woodstock
William Knox - Woodstock
Elijah Page - Woodstock
Michael Gallagher - Woodstock
William Sutton - Woodstock
Harry G. Johnston - Debec
Kenneth L. Miller-Woodstock
Keith Fielding - Woodstock
George Rolston-Woodstock
John W. Harmon-Woodstock
Arthur Webb-Woodstock
F. Reddall-Woodstock
M. McClenahgn-Woodstock

28th N.B. Dragoons

Officers-----Major A. N. Vince
Lieut F. S. Rankin
Sergt. G. Bubar
C. Ilinsky
N. Mussar
W. Cooper
C. Morgan
S. Zinck
C. Howe
N. McIntyre
M. Dymond
R. Winslow
Locke Macdonald
Leo Dermerchant
J. Davenport
Peter Jonsen
Alic Sacovitch
This list would appear to be incomplete.)

Capt. C.G. McLauchlan
Lieut. Charles Rideout
Lieut. C. Williams
Sergt. M. Jackson
...........F. Hannigan
...........A. Clowes
J. McIntosh
F. Tompkins
James Gould
Charles Bickford
Charles McFee
William Waugh
George Thorne
L. Sharp
E. Taylor
E. Colpitts
E. Scott
H. Miller
H. Stinson
James Delvin
J. Lifford
O. Hannigan
A. Ryan
B. Curzon
Cimel Arsenault
S. Fowler
James Strong
Joseph St. Peter
L. Michaud
S. Gene
A. Michaud
W. Ouellet
G. Watson
B. Johnston
E. Morrell
W. Price
D. M. Cellor
G. W. Cellor
E. Dixon
E. Gray
M. Larlee
T. Wilkinson
F. Bassett
R. Rendell
Ed. Haining
Frank Goodwin
Roy Stevens

Detachment of The 55th Battalion

Officers and men-- Age --Residence
Major J.J. Bull 34 Woodstock
Lieut. D. W. Balmain 18 Woodstock
Lieut. Robt. D. Campbell 24 Woodstock
Richard Beach 30 Woodstock
Joseph Starkey 26 Woodstock
Frank l. Phillips 21 Woodstock
Fred Martin 18 Woodstock
Chas D. Wright 43 Woodstock
Wm. Nevers 33 Woodstock
Fred M. Buck 18 Woodstock
J. G. Cogger 18 Woodstock
James Cooley 18 Woodstock
Benjamin Fongerre 28 Shehiac Bridge
Cnas. Branscombe 18 Summerville
Harry McLaughlin 20 Grafton
Claude Hawkins 18 Grafton
Fidele Chaisson 27 Tignish, P.E.I.
Elder Schwartz 27 Lunnenburg, N.S.
Michael Chester 28 Tracadie, N.B.
Percy Clark 18 Plaster Rock
William Nason 35 Woodstock
Joseph Turgeon 22 Edmundston
Paul Lepage 22 Edmundston
Coles Moorehouse 24 Perth
Demetrius Dionne 22 Edmundston
Robbie Turner 18 Perth
Cash Hallett 18 Perth
Wesley Morrell 24 Four Falls
Arthur Harrington 21 Biggar Ridge
Earl Brewer 27 Perth
Rollon Cotton 21 Bristol
Frank Metcalf 25 Muniac,
Angus Duyer 27 Amherst, N.S.
Chas. Mills 18 Bath
Guy Tompkins 21 Stickey
Chas. McLean 25 Woodstock
Wm. Haywood 30 Victoria Corner
Jas. C. Marney 27 Pinder, N.B.
Jas. A. Keenan 23 Johnville
Earl Brooks 21 Foreston
Avard Steeves 19 Hartland
Roy Price 27 Grand Falls
Harry Price 22 Grand Falls
Walter Mochler 19 Grand Falls
John Coldridge 21 Centreville
Alfred Wells 21 Plaster Rock
Octave Lavoie 39 Woodstock
J. Rice Armour 21 Upper Kent
C.E. Kilpatrick 21 Florenceville
G.P. Fraser 31 Edmundston
R. A. Colwell 18 Hartland
Donald Kemp 19 Plaster Rock
Harold D. Nason 21 Woodstock
John M Pickard 18 Aroostock Portage, N.B.
Ned Greer 18 Woodstock
Bert Hardsgrove 30 Bath
John McDonald 28 Woodstock
Wm. George 24 Woodstock
John L. Wiggins Knoxford
LeBaron Inman 19 Kilburn
Guy E. Turner 18 Perth
Herman Bowmaster 19 Perth
R. B. Lovely 21 Perth
W. Hanson 30 Perth
Woodford George 20 Woodstock
Harvey Woodworth 18 Moncton, N.B.
James Phillips 21 Perth
Victor St. Michael 22 Renfrew, Ont.
Joseph E. Willet 18 Grand Falls
Harry Burberry 19 Centreville
Ensign Clements 18 Four Falls
Perlie Graham 18 Eel River Lake
Thomas Green 19 Debec
Earl Morris 29 Kilburn
Arthur Barrett 21 East Waterville
Frank Vandine 27 Centreville
Edwin Donnelly 32 Bath
John J. Danks 18 Woodstock
Timothy Davenport 27 Holmesville

The following were enlisted here and afterwards sent to join the Mounted Rifles:
R. Estabrooks   Bristol
J.W.Lamont   East Glassville
A. R. Major   Hartland
W. McLean   East Florenceville
J. J. Rowland   Florenceville
W. O. Wetmore   Woodstock
Wm. Hamilton   Woodstock

In addition to the above list the following have enlisted from other centres---principally Fredericton and St.John.
Roy Snow
Roy Craig
Frank Buck
Bert Miller
Wilfred Hand
Harry Lewis
James Ketchum
Frank Camp
David Slipp
W. Jones
Fred Fawcett
Raymond Jones
Thos Lenehan
Allie Jones
Thomas Carter
Thomas Nix
E. McKeen
Harold Young
W. Hull
P. H. McIntyre
Lester Hull
Clyde Hull
Wm. Dalling
Gordon Munro
Kenneth Hawkins

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