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Cunnabell / Cambell family


My name is John Parnell and I reside at Wanganui, New Zealand.

I am a keen researcher, along with my Wife Frances on anything to do with our ancestors - John Cunnabell (b.1650) and Capt. Tamberlin Campbell who married Hester Cunnabell.

I am a 10th generation Cunnabell and a 5th generation Campbell  -  Tamberlane Joseph Campbell is my great great grandfather.

Here is my lineage"


Ex Carelton County - also known to live in Nova Scotia - ex St. John...

Samuel Cunnabell and Tamberlane had land at Falmouth and Woodstock...

Tamberlane & Elizabeth Campbell

actually are second cousins.  Tamberlane was Tamberlin and Hesters grandson. Taberlane is the great great grandson of John Cunnabell, who had Samuel, who had Preserved, who had  Hester



George & Jessie (nee Watt) Campbell

 George was only 3 years old when his parents, Tamberlane and Elizabeth came to New Zealand in 1852/53



Wilfred Ernest Campbell at a Brunswick Centennary (1853-1953) - note picture of Tamberlane and Elizabeth on the wall behind my grandfather. Sitting is my mother Zena Jane (nee Campbell) Parnell and her Mother Elizabeth Campbell



John Parnell 




                                                                    My Wife Frances with one of our grandsons


I am very very keen to get anything at all about Tamberlin & Hester and of course Tamberlane Joseph and Elizabeth, especially their life in New Brunswick...building of the Brig "Australia" which I understand was built at St. Martins or Quaco. A picture would be awesome.

 Any pictures most welcome. Pictures of Tamberlin and Hester would be fantastic! but probably a big ask.

Pictures of gravestones, houses, farms etc etc....always welcome.

A Mr. Ralph Connable (modern name for Cunnabell) seems to have changed about the 5th or 6th generation...

 p.s.  there's a sequel out ,carrying on from the book I have, "Memoirs of the Cunnabell, Conable or Connable Families 1650-1886" called the same but added from 1886-1935 by a Ralph Connable in America. You can also get a CD Rom for $10.95 USA in the US with both books on it. I have just written to the publishers asking how 'pictorial' these are.

I'm really hungry for pictures, photos, sketches, paintings etc from the era of Tamberlin & Hester and Tamberlane and Elizabeth.

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