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Boer War Veteran's

H. Gray, J. Hayden, Robert Hughes

Artillery Drilling on Doherty Pasture

Doherty Pasture

Army Camp July 3, 1910

Woodstock, N.B.

William Henry Lovely-Son of James Lovely and Elva Etta Bell Lovely. Born January 10, 1900 in Glassville Died March 29, 1954 in Bangor, ME.

Photo thanks to Marcia Fletcher

Poem by Pte. Philip Broad. Courtesy of David Broad.

Frederick Rice McBrine. Born Sept 19, 1901, Died Jan. 17,1983. Son of Robert E. McBrine and Armina Corey McBrine

Photo taken abt. 1938 in Glassville

Photo thanks to Marcia

Frank Clark WW II-who served in the blitz in London as an MP I believe from 1940 to 1943.

courtesy of Emmerson Clark at

Blanche L. Grant WW II ] photo courtesy of Emmerson Clark

Joined the service in Fredericton, then went from Kitchener Ontario and back to Sussex, Invernesss Cape Britton To Moncton , then Sackville back to Fredericton, during basic training As a nurse.The above order my not be exact, I'm just stating she was in these places during her training. She then got a job at the Bath hospital Oct 23/ 1948 and then on to Perth Hotel Due Hospital. Between the Bath and Perth jobs is where she met my father. The same as him 4 children, Rosalind, Dwight, Emerson, And Bettina.