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Family and Community History

Allaby, Rev. Henry E. History of the United Baptist Church of Woodstock

Bell, David, C. Monumenta historia Caletoniensis Part V, Baptist Records. Woodstock, New Brunswick history. Woodstock: Editor, 1976

Bradley, Herbert Neil & Biggar, Jack. History of Foreston, Carleton County, New Brunswick.  Including the Adjacent Communities of Biggar Ridge and Beaufort, 170 page pbk. LP Fisher Library and PANB have copies.

Carle, A. & Rigby, Lily A History of Hartland 1980/Hartland PublishersStory of the founding and growth of the Guimac, later named Hartland. Sound recording.

Corey, Judson M. The Story of Knowlesville.  The community and its people. 1985. Available from the author. 242 pages.  543 Lancaster Ave Saint John NB E2M 2L9

DeMerchant,Vaughan DeMerchants of New Brunswick. Books of Waugh in Bristol, NB 1997. Most connections to John DeMerchant of Bath, NB. It has over 1,400 surnames indexed. Only available from author.

*Dibblee, Frederick  1753-1826. Diary of Rev. Fredrick Dibblee of Woodstock. Years. 1803-1825

Oct. 23rd Proceedings at the centennial commemoration of the ordination of Rev. F. Dibblee. Sermon. Papers on early days of Woodstock.  28 pages. Original published St John, NB: Barnes 1891

Glass, John & Kennedy, Doris The Bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick 1994, 2nd printing. New Ireland press, 217 Aberdeen St, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 1R6 ISBN 0-920483-39-9

Glassville Pioneer Senior Citizens Club members (1990) A History of the Glassville Settlement Henley Publishing Ltd, Woodstock NB. ISBN 0-920209-48-3.

Haywood-Faulkner, Etta. History of Victoria Corner : then and now / Etta Haywood-Faulkner. 1996. 

* $ Hayward, George H. complied by.  Pioneer Families of Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada. 1981, 1994 87 pages; indexed.  The 37 articles were originally published in The Observer, Hartland, NB between 18 July, 1974 & 26 May, 1977. $10.00 (Belyea; Boyer; Craig; Estabrooks; Foster; Shaw; Hayward; Hovey; Kinney; McGee; Noble; Orser; Rideout)
#10 12 Dec 1974, page 20. Continuing with the descendants of William and Mary Blake ORSER. Edward Orser (known as Evard) b. 1805, m. Abigail, d/o Ammi & Hannah (Dean) Shaw. They lived in Hartland. William was from New York were he was in the Kings American Dragoons and disembarked at Saint John from the Apollo. He had a land grant at Wakefield.
#15 24 April 1975, p. 12. This sketch is a continuation of the fourteenth in this series which dealt with the descendants of James  and Mary (Albright) BELYEA, who removed from Queens to Carleton County, NB.
#20 2 Oct 1977 p. 13 SHAW's continued.  The third in this series was a brief sketch on the family of John and Mary Shaw.  They came from Abington, Mass.
#25 29 April 1976  p 9. George McGEE Sr, is said to have been born in Ireland, the George Gray Diary says in Culdeff. He came to New England where he enlisted in the 1st DeLancey's Regiment.
#30 26 April 1976, p 16.  ESTABROOKS continued. We started off with Joseph Estabrooks I of England whose son Joseph Estabrooks II arrived in Boston in 1660 and graduated from Harvard.
#34 10 Mar 1977. p 13.  Conclusion of the Estabrooks family with this installment.  The ninth child b. to Joseph and Mary (Burrell) Shaw was Elizabeth.

Hayward, George H. The descendants of Stephen and Lydia (McGee) Orser of Carleton County, NB Canada. /Author, 1976

Hayward, George H. The Hatfields of Carleton County, New Brunswick. Fredericton, N. B.: author 1990

Hunter, Daryl The Settlers of Northern Carleton County, 1783 to 1883

Ketchum, T.C.L. A Short History of Carleton County, New Brunswick. 1922. Reprinted 1981. 86 pages (Thomas Carleton Lee Ketchum) Woodstock, NB Sentinel Publisher

Kibride T.M.F. The Process of Growth and Change in Carleton 1783-1867 Thesis

Kilfoil, William Patrick (1919-1996) & Mary Kilfoil McDevit. An  Honourable Independence, the Irish Catholic Settlers of Johnville, Carleton County, New Brunswick. Review Includes bibliographical references of most Johnville families and their emigration. See towns.  375pp  Photographs and maps of Ireland and Carleton Co. & Johnville land grants.  Available: Mary Kilfoil McDevitt, 280 Millidge Ave., Saint John, N.B., E2K 2M7; $25.00, plus $5.00 postage, when applicable. 3rd printing in Oct. 1997. ISBN 0-9681455-0-7

Kilfoil, William Patrick. Johnville: The Centennial Story of An Irish Settlement 1962 (Fredericton, N. B.: Unipress) Church history for the area served by St John the Evangelical Church & St Joseph's Church, Bath. The Parish of Kent area.

Kilfoil, William Patrick.  The Kinfoils of Carleton County and Related Families. Kinfoil Enterprises 1992. National Library of Canada has a copy.

Miller, Maud Henderson. History of Upper Woodstock. Globe Printing Co, 1940

Logan Dawn Bell By the Sound of the Mill Whistle, a story of sawmilling in Stickney. Published by the Carleton County Historical Society 1999..  Out of 500 there are only about 40 left. Contact Judy.  Posted 22 May, 2000.

McAlpine, D. McAlpine's York and Carlton County Directory. National Library of Canada CIHM/ICHM collection de microfiches #A00776. Saint John, NB 1884/1885

McBride, Clark A.  A History of Simonds, Carleton County

Connell, Allison. A View of Woodstock : historic homes of the nineteenth century / text by Allison Connell.
Publication: Fredericton, N.B. : New Ireland Press, c1998. 

P.A.N.B. Bell Genealogical Collection. Information on numerous Carleton County families. Available from PANB by mircofilm loan reel # MC267

Shaw, Ralph A. A History of the United Baptist Church Hartland, N.B. 1963. Available from Hartland Publishing P.O. Box 330, Hartland, NB 500579 Approx $CA6.00

Uncle George Remembering Woodstock 1987 Henley Publishing Ltd. Woodstock, NB ISBN 0920209-33-5 In 1986 Uncle George began writing a column in Woodstock's weekly newspaper 'The Bugle'. 'Uncle George's Attic' was a success. requests for a book resuted in the printing ofthis volume. Still available.  Email

Uncle George More Memories of Woodstock. Volume 2. 1988 Henley Publishing Ltd. Woodstock, NB ISBN Both volume contain photograhs of Woodstock and its people from ages past.Still available.  Email Both books approx. $CA 11.50 each

Woodstock Dispatch "Historical Sketches" Rev. W.O.Raymond

Wright, Esther Clark. The Loyalists of New Brunswick. 1955. Reprinted in 1981 Lancelot Press. Note: Esther Clark Wright  died on 17 June 1990

Wright, Esther Clark, Pioneer Families of Upper Woodstock

Family History Catolog
Carleton County, NB

County, Church and Cemetery

Northern Carleton County, NB, Cemeteries, Vol. 1. George H. Hayward 1988 $ 274 pages;  Names and dates from all stones in 69 cemeteries. $29.00
Southern Carleton County Cemeteries R.Wallace. Hale 1982-1983 Woodstock, NB Poverty Press. Woodstock and Hartland area cemeteries.   Indexed. Mr Hale's books have never were available for purchase. He donated copies of the original typescripts to a select number of libraries and institutions.
Church Records 1791-1970 Anglican Church of Canada
St Luke Woodstock, NB 1970/P.A.N.B.
  Register for the Parishes of Woodstock, Northampton, Prince William and Queensbury of baptisms, marriages and burials 1791-1839.
Transcription of the Anglican Church Records for Woodstock and Northampton, 1791 to 1843 Cleadie Barnett   P.A.N.B. holding
Baptisms of NB   * Includes baptisms from the diary of Rev. Fred Dibblee. Woodstock & St. Paul's Church, Kings County
Probate Files 1831-1931 Probate Court Carleton County, New Brunswick * Original records in possession of the P.A.N.B. Contains wills, petitions, letters of administration, bonds and inventories.
York County, NB, Marriage Register, Vol. 1, 1818-1837 George H. Hayward 1986 $ 77 pages. $10.00 (Contains Carleton Co. marriages prior to 1832) ($8.70 US which includes postage)
Marriages Registers 1832-1887 Clerk of the Peace Carleton County, New Brunswick * Records are in order the dates of marriages were registered.
Index of Volume I of the Carleton County Marriage Register, 1832 to 1862 Cleadie Barnett   P.A.N.B. holding
Carleton County, NB Marriage Records, books A, B & C,  1832-1887 Genealogical Section Provincial Archives of  New Brunswick
PANB $20.00

A trancript of the original records / compiled by George H. Hayward.

Baptisms, Marriages, and burials for Carleton county, 1879 to 1904 Rev. Amos Hayward   P.A.N.B. holding
The New Brunswick Census of 1851 Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada Genealogical Section Provincial Archives of  New Brunswick PANB Robert F. Fellows, Editor.
Recensement 1891 Census: Carleton County/Comte de Carleton Genealogical Section Provincial Archives of  New Brunswick PANB $30.00. Compiled by the New Brunswick Genealogical Society

* These items are available on microfilm through the many LDS Family History Centres worldwide interlibrary loan programme. The Family History Library 35 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 cannot loan books but many books are available on microfilm. They also publish an informative "Research Outline" for Canada and each province as well as many countries through out the world.  Dartmouth N.S. Family History Centre site contains a listing of Family History Centres in Canada and key resources.

$ Exclusively available from: George H. Hayward, C.G.(C)., 29 Leeds Drive, Fredericton, N.B., Canada, E3B 4S7. (All books are 8 1/2" x 11" with plastic presentation comb binding. ) Prices are in Canadian dollars and include postage to Canadian addresses. U.S. residents pay 87% of Canadian price in US dollars which includes postage to US addresses. Mr Hayward's other books are listed below.

"Rev. James Henry Tupper's Marriage Register, 1844-1890," 13 pp., 1990, (Rev. Tupper was a Baptist Minister who lived in the Parish of Queensbury, York Co., N.B.), $3.50

"The Nevers Family," 411 pp., 1991, (Descendants of Elisha & Bathsheba (Green) Nevers who came to the Saint John River about 1765), $29.00

"Francis Drake, Loyalist," 95 pp., 1991, (Of the Parish of Queensbury, York Co., N.B.), $12.00

"A Holmes Migration: From England through New England and Maine to N.B., 1635-1992," 111 pp, 1992, $12.00.

"Loyalist Officers, 1782/83," 33 pp., 1993, (A list of officers in some Loyalist regiments, showing country of birth, age, and length of service, $5.00

"William and Elizabeth (Fones) Hallett, and Some of Their Descendants, 1616-1694," 308 pp., $29.00.

"George and Ann (Durley) Hayward, and Some of  Their Descendants, 1739-1995," 293 pp., $29.00.

PANB. These publications are available at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Bonar Law-Bennett Building, Dineen Drive, U.N.B. Campus, Fredericton, N.B. or may send your order, accompanied by your payment, to: CANB Publications c/o Provincial Archives of N.B., P.O.Box 6000, Fredericton, N.B. E3B 5H1.   Make cheques or money order payable to: CANB Publications.  Please include $3.00 per volume for the first two and $1.00 each for others for postage and handling.   U.S sales in U.S. funds.  Contact the PANB for a complete listing of CANB publications available.  E-mail:

Try the public libraries in United States and Canada, New Brunswick Provincial Archives, National Archives of Canada and the National Library of Canada interlibrary loan services to obtain books, microfilms and microfiche.  Books are copyrighted by the authors.  Copying is permitted for noncommercial, educational use by individuals and libraries.  All commercial use requires permission. USGenWeb - Copyright Information Post Offices have International Postal Money Orders. MX Bookfinder


The following institutions may have genealogical and historical records on Carleton County.

New Brunswick Public Libraries
Catalogue searchable. Suggestion: search under author.  Hayward, George. Hale, R.

Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library Located in Hartland.
395 Main Street, Unit 1
Hartland, N.B.  E7P 2N3
Tel.:  (506) 375-4876
Fax.: (506) 375-6816
Email :
They do accept enquiries, pretty much under the same conditions as the Woodstock library.

The Dr. Walter Chestnut Library contains genealogical resources plus the holdings of the Carleton County Branch of the New Brunswick Genealogy Society.  It has a microfilm reader/copier.  The hours are Monday 10 AM to 1 PM, Tuesday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM with the exception of Thursday when the hours extend until 9 PM.
Examples of the holdings are:

Census 1851, 1871 and 1891 in hard copies for the area.  
On microfilm the census for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901.
Carleton County Marriage Records
Early York County Marriage Records
Extensive cemetery records
Observer (local weekly newspaper) on microfilm 1910-
Vital Statistics from NB Papers by Daniel Johnston 1784-1890
Many family genealogies and many other items.

L.P. Fisher Public Library
Raymond Room
679 Main Street
Woodstock, NB  E7M  2E1
Tel:506 325-4778
Fax:566 325-9527

Hours: Friday:                   10 - 5
Monday and Wednesday: 10 - 6
Tuesday and Thursday:    10 - 9

The L.P.Fisher Library, a wonderful old building, has a worthy genealogical collection in the Raymond Room and a microfilm reader/printer.  Examples of the holdings are: 

Census 1851, 1871 and 1891 in hard copies for the area. 
On microfilm the census for 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901. 
Marriage records for Carleton and York Counties
Set of Dan Johnston's
"Vital Statistics from NB Brunswick Newspapers" 1784-1890
1876 Map of Carleton County naming all the homes and businesses
Carleton Sentinel 1849-present and Dispatch 1894-1919 (local papers) on microfilm
Muster Roll of the Carleton Light Dragoons, 1840.
Index to the Carleton Sentinel
RC records on microfilm
Families histories of Campbell, Collicott, Dibblee, Dow, Faulkner, Feero, Fisher, Flowers, Folwer, Gallagher, Grant, Joyall, Kinney, Lonstaff, Morehouse, Nicholson, Orser, Perry, Price, Raymond, Sharp, Shaw, Snow, Stoddard, Tompkins, Tomsom.
Extensive cemetery records and many other items

Snail mail enquires:
(1) They will reply to any, although there is no guarantee of the time frame.  It all depends on their work load at the time they receive it. 
(2) There is no charge, per se, for inquiries.  They do ask that you send postage, Canadian International postage, which should be available at your post office, ask for an International Reply Coupon or two or "a dollar bill".  (American postage will not work.)
(3) If the research required should be lengthy, a donation to the library would be appreciated.
(4) They will not do research at the Archives in Fredericton.  They use only what is available right there in Woodstock.

"People at the library in Woodstock, as well as the Woodstock Historical Society, are wonderfully helpful. The Historical Society has centralized the bulk of their research material at the library". 

Carleton County Historical Library, Box 1540, Woodstock, NB, E0J 2B0.

Centre d'études acadiennes, Université de Moncton, Moncton, NB, E1A 3E9.

Atlantic Baptist Historical Collection, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS, B0P 1X0. Baptist records, publications.

Maritime Conference Archives
32 York Street Sackville, NB Canada E4L 4R4
Holds records of Methodist, Presbyterian, and Congregational Churches within the Maritime region prior to 1925, and of The United Church of Canada after 1925.

Church of England Institue Library, Fredericton, 116 Princess St., Saint John, N.B.

New Brunswick Museum Archives, 277 Douglas Ave., Saint John, NB, E2K 1E5.
Its genealogical holdings consist of family histories, private manuscripts, directories, clippings, scrapbooks, information on BDM's. Records are well indexed and the staff handles hundreds of written and verbal inquiries yearly.

Provincial Archives of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 6000, (230 Hilton Rd, Industrial Park)
Fredericton, New Brunswick
Canada E3B 5H1

Telephone (506) 453-2122.  The staff is extremely helpful.  "Family History Resources at the PANB". Robert F. Fellows, 1990, can be obtained by asking.  County related books are in the Genealogical Section under County Reference Collection.  Microfilms can be borrowed through the patron's local library and are sent to libraries throughout Canada, USA, and places like England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and France.  Use an interlibrary loan request form.  Genealogical films are listed on county genealogical guides. The time period is six weeks which includes the day it leaves the Archives.  Limit is three films. Cost is the return postage. All requests for loans of census films should be sent directly to National Archives of Canada (NAC). See address below.

National Archives of Canada, Inter-Institutional Loans, Reference and Researcher Services, 395 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3

UNB Library Genealogy Resources  Harriet Irving Library, UNB is located in Fredericton.

Genealogical Societies

New Brunswick Genealogical Society, Box 3235, Station "B", Fredericton, NB, E3B 5G9. The society has a branch in Carleton County.

Carleton County Historical Society
128 Connell Street
Woodstock, NB  E7M 1L5
506 328-9706 phone
506 328-2942 fax

The Society has a large range of items for genealogical research.   The hours are Tuesday to Thursday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM.  Other times available by appointment. Newsletter by email.  Examples of the holdings:

Census 1851, 1871, 1891, 1901in hard copies for the area. 
Carleton County Marriage Records
Connell Records
Extensive research files and sources
Photographs available from Harvey Studio 1933-1970
Spring 2000: Recent acquisitions: Pictures and papers from the family of Williamson Fisher   (b. England. m. Annie Emery of Jacksonville in 1880. d. 1913

If you have information regarding other books and reference materials on Carleton County please send them my way.

Carleton County Home Page