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318 Woodstock Army Cadets -  am researching the cadet corps which was formed in 1911 as we will soon be reaching our 100th anniversary.  If you have pictures of your great great grandfather as a cadet, or perhaps you have programs from cadet parades or diaries.  I have searched the newspapers and found quite a bit of info but now I am looking for pictures and memorabilia.  I have quite a lot of pictures from the 1960’s as the corps had a scrapbook.  Any info is welcomed. Diane Scott –

Adams, Sarah Emmeline born 1845 in NB. She married Peter Hallett born 1827 in Brighton, NB.  She died between 1891 census and 1901 census. They raised a family that included my husband's ggrandfather, Obed, who came to Conway, New Hampshire, USA  Thank you for any help. Joan Hallett

Banks / DEMERCHANT August 2003 I am trying to find the parents of Shepherd Banks and Louantha (Loantha,Loanthe,Loancha) DeMerchant.  They are in the 1891 and 1901 census for Kent,Carleton Co.,N.B.  Shepherd was born abt.1841. Loantha was born abt.1851.  Loantha is in the  1871 census but parted from her husband.
Sincerely, Susan Cormier E Mail /
UPDATE I have found information on Luantha DeMerchant c/o Norm DeMerchant's website.  Her parents were George DeMerchant b.1806 and Mary Jane Boyer. I found info on Shepherd Banks on the Carleton Co..mailing list (1851 Census), author Susan Wylie. His parents were William and Elizabeth. Could anyone tell me what
's last name was?  The children are: Marmirie 19,Mary,17, Isabel,16,William 13,Cordelia 11,George 9,Shepherd 6.

Barker - Alexander Love m. Eliza Sanderson 13 Sept 1832 - dau Sarah Jane m. John Barker any more family? Thanks Shirley Alexander
BECKIM/BEACOM  Henry and Jane BECKIM/BEACOM were born abt 1792 in Fermanagh, Ireland. I have found him on the 1861 Census in Bloomfield, Carleton Cty. However, I cannot find him in the 1851. He was supposedly in Canada by that date. Any help would be appreciated. Write Thank you. email  Darlene Walsh

BERRY I'm still searching for more info re BERRY.  Besides the twins (1849) I did find a 'JAMES BERRY' listed in the 1871 Census.  He is shown as age 60, B. N.B., FCBapt., Irish, Farmer, wife SUSAN A. (which is Cameron) & then four sons listed & one dau.  I found the marr. cert. of James & Susan in 'Hampstead'.  I believe that's in Queens but not sure as I don't have this info at hand as I write this.  I would judge that this Berry family go back, perhaps to the 1700's in N.B. but I have not been able to research it beyond the parents of the twins, JAME R. & Reuben J.  I also noted that a 'James Berry' had filed for land grants  starting in 1785 in Kings County & as late as 1864 & 1865 in Carleton, but I have not yet pursued this research. Please contact Beverly Martorano April 12,

BIGGAR Walter BIGGAR, bc 1784 NB, d. 9 Aug 1858, Kings County.
Have a large amount of material on him and those of his descendants who moved to Biggar Ridge, Carleton Co., but cannot find his parents.  Racial origin depends on who was telling the tell - everything from Dutch to English to Scottish.   I favour the latter.  Some small indication the Biggars might have been Loyalist, but have found no verification. B. Hopper Ottawa  September 2007

BOONE July 2003 - I am trying to find the parents of Abigail Boone, born about 1828, probably Keswick/Burtts Corner area.  Married Alexander Burt about 1847 and they later moved to Royalton, Wicklow Parish, Carleton County, died before 1901. Suspect a connection with the Boone Loyalists from Rhode Island but can't make the connection. 

BOYD / THORNTON - Searching for Fred Maxwell Boyd and wife Mary Mildred Thornton Family.   I have only Harry Crossley Boyd born 13 May 1898 in Harland, Carleton, NB. He  later married Anna Boone of St. Stephens. Launa

BROOKS Hannah I am looking for a woman by the name of Brooks, Hannah.  She married a man by the name of Titus Grant.  They lived in the Biggar Ridge area.  From research i have done i have found out she had some brothers named Amos, Abner and a sister named Matilda.  Hannah died before 1900 and her sister Matilda married Titus Grant.  I am looking for her line, I am not sure if her fathers name was Benjamin or not.  Any information on this line would be well appreciated. thanks! Donna

DELONG / Brown -
Looking for info on a Earl Brown  and a Susan DeLong- (not sure if married)- had a daughter Geneva DeLong- born Nov 1927 (she married a Perley A. Craig- July 3,1946 in Wakefield Parish.) Earl Brown and Susan are listed as parents.Can't connect with any  Delong lines.  Found 2 Earl Brown's in Carleton County but sure which is right.  My home page  email - Wayne Delong

Campbell Oct 2003 I'm looking for pre-1868 information on John Campbell.  Somewhere around 1868-70 he married Susan Shaw and they lived in Carleton County until 1882 when John died (suicide) in Windsor NB.  A Carleton Sentinel article says that he came from the lower St. John area and census' have indicated that he was born in Nova Scotia of Scottish descent.  Family lore says born in Scotland but that's only hearsay at this point. After John died some of his children ended up in Maine and Massachusetts, don't have any idea what happened to Susan, if she remarried or not.  His son Archie married Minnie Sewell and lived in several Aroostook County towns until about 1920 when he moved his family to East Corinth, Maine. Mandy Cushman E Mail /

CLARK  Andrew Clark[e] was my Ggrandfather and his son Colin was my grandfather. In the Carleton 1851 census Andrew is 14 yrs. and living with an uncle John Clarke in Wakefield. It looks like Andrew was without parents at an early age.I have heard that my family lived in the U.S. before coming to Canada,but I haven't been able to find the link. I know Andrew was killed in 1889 by a falling tree and is buried along with his wife [Clarice][Clara][Clarissa] in the Coldstream cemetery in Brighton parish.Thank you for any help in tracing back my family....Roger Clark contact  April 12, 2004

COLWELL / HUTCHINSON Dec 7, 2003 Talk about a brick wall; this one has me stumped for years !  John COLWELL (1785-1863 Saint John West) m. 1 Oct. 1804 Mary HUTCHINSON at Queensbury,York Co. Brought up family of 7 or 8 in SJWest;  three married HAMMs. Cannot find parents of either one or burials. Please help.   Sylvia Hamm  E MAIL /

CORBETT    I am interested in an ancestor by the name of Timothy Corbett.  He came over in the early 1840's, and was joined by his wife, Mary and children: James, Michael, Mary and Ann, sometime prior to 1847.  They lived for a while in Canada, and then settled in Rossie, St Lawrence County, New York.  They had five more daughters after coming to America.  The three youngest, Margaret, Catherine and Elizabeth, were born in Rossie.  The older two, Johanna and Bridget, may have born in Canada.  Timothy is buried in St Patrick's Cemetery in Rossie.  Moira

DAY / THOMPKINS  Feb 10, 2004 - Day Looking for the parents of George Day born 1812 in Brighton, N.B. He married Mary Louise Thompkins Feb 25, 1845 in Woodstock N.B. They lived in Brighton with  children John born 1848 married Damaris Jane Shaw,   E Frances born Oct 12, 1850 married Moses Hallet,  Clopper born 1851, Amy born 1852, and Frederick born 1855. The Days E Mail /

DEIGNAN-  Trying to locate John Deignan, a soldier who married in Aroostook, ME in 1845.  Was not in the US military.  Census records of ggrandfather said his father, John Deignan was born in France.  Could this possibly be New France. Any  suggestions as to where I could search would be appreciated. John Deignan married Mary Dernin (Means) a widow, on 7 April 1845 in Houlton, ME. They were members of the Catholic Church. I received their Banns from the Parish. No other information was available. Dianne Deignan Arthur

DOHERTY Aug 2003  - seeking information on DOHERTY family of Woodstock / Richmond area circa 1820's to 1860's.  Elizabeth Doherty married Dominic McGlynn August 5, 1860 at St. Gertrude's R.C. ChurchHad twins James William Henry and Bridget McGlinn in 1861.  Elizabeth may have resided with William Shannon during 1852 Carleton County Census.  Mother of Elizabeth may have been Mary O'Neal or McNeal.  Father may have been Patrick Doherty.  Elizabeth and Dominic moved to Littleton, Maine circa 1870 and resided there until their deaths.  Other children were Rose Ellen, Catherine, Susan, Elizabeth and Mary Anne.  Elizabeth's sister, Rose Doherty may have married William Hogan at Houlton, ME.  Any info greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Ruth.  Email /  

DYER / BROOKS I am looking for the date of marriage for Bert 
Llewellyn Dyer and Margaret Shaw Brooks of the Bristol/Bath area 
of New Brunswick.  The date is assumed to be sometime between 
1913-1919.  Is this date known to anyone??  Thanks. May 11, 2004
Allan McIsaac

DOUCETTE / GEE  Looking for information on my biological grandfather.  My mother is Eileen Audrey Doucette, who was adopted by Handford and Fannie Gee of Holmesville, New Brunswick.  Her biological parents names were Melvin Doucette and Mildred Gee.  Looking for any information on a Melvin Francis Doucette who is believed to have died in Saint John, New Brunswick early 1920's.  He was my mother's father. Can someone please supply me with any information whatsoever? Susan Taylor E MAIL /Susan

DOUCETTE - Can anyone please give me any information on a Marvin or Melvin or Francis Doucette in Carleton County in the early 1900's? Linda MacLeod
ENGLISH - My grandmother was Sarah (English) Ferguson daughter of William English and Elizabeth Morrison. I have not been able to find confirmation of William's family (may be Richard and May English).  I'm wondering if there are any descendants of Richard and May who have may be able to help me. contact Linda Putman October 6, 2005
FURLONG - I am looking for any ancestors of Henry Fitzmicheal Furlong (b. 1835 d. ?) & Jane D. Teed ( B. 1841-D. 1920) They lived in Lower Woodstock (Riceville) and had 5 daughters and 3 sons. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks Sue e-mail -
GRAHAM - I am looking for any information you may have concerning Chrsitopher Graham  and wife Janet who lived in Northfield Parish/Sheffield Parish.  They came to Canada from Scotland in 1821/1822.  They had a son named Thomas who went  on to marry a Jane Scott.  Any info would be appreciated. Thanks Bill Graham, email,

Alice Grant (Grandmother) Nov 27  2003 - I've hit a brick wall. My mom has helped but not too much. I hope someone out there can. I'm looking for information on my grandmother.   Alice Grant Born: 1923 Died: 1952.......Date may be off, according to my mom she died in a fire   She married Robert Wright   Children Catherine Darrell .  Her Parents   Archibald Grant Born: 1894 Died: after 1985   Bessie Grant Born: Died 1974   I'm also looking for more information on Archie and Bessie........Bessie's maiden name is the same (Grant) Other Children Arthur, Lloyd, Mary.   If anyone has any iformation or can put me in contact of some who might please E-mail /    Thank-you Darlene Sharp (daughter of Catherine). I do know that Robert Wright had a farm in Carleton and that this is where the fire was. Archie and Bessie lived at Dorrington Hill and to my knowledge the house still stands and my Uncle Arthur now owns it.

GRANT/ BULMER  Nov 2003 I am looking for information on my dad and his family.  I don't even have a last name!  I was born at Carleton Memorial Hospital, Woodstock, N.B. on December 11, 1956 to Myrtle Alice Bulmer Grant.  I was given the last name of Grant.  I have been told that my dad was a large man and he had red hair.  If you have any information, please let me know. Thank you. email Donna

GREEN Aug 2003 John Green, age 10, and William Green, age 8, were listed in the 1851 census of the Parish of Brighton, Carleton Co., N.B., living in the household of Joseph and Deborah Rideout, identified as being “under care”. My guess is that John and William Green were brothers, and that one or both of their parents may have died. When William died in 1930 in Plaster Rock, Victoria Co., his death certificate said he was born in Florenceville in 1834 (which may not be accurate for 8 in 1851 suggests he was born about 1843), and that his parents were William Green, born Florenceville, and Elisa Tompkins, born Florenceville. Searching for the parents of William Green who married Elisa (or Eliza) Tompkins, and the parents of Eliza Tompkins.
George H. Hayward
Leeds Drive
, N.B.
E3B 4S7

HAMILTON - am looking for information on my son's Grandparents who lived in Upper Woodstock.  their names were William Hamilton and Charlotte Button Hamilton.  Bill was born in 1894 and died in 1975.  Charlotte was born in 1810 and died in the 70's.  They are buried in Upper Woodstock .  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  I would be very interested in finding and buying a stairway to the stars nicknac shelf that Bill made and sold in the town of Woodstock during the 60's and 70's.  They were made in the shape of a half moon with shelves on it and then there was a star with one shelf on it.  My son would love to have something that his grandfather built. email
HAMILTON, WILLIAM HENRY - We have an ancestor William Henry Hamilton who was born 1821 in Portland, Maine and died before 1877  in Carleton County, NB Canada.  He married Isabella "Stella" B. McDougal 1836. She was born in Carleton County, NB, Canada 1820 and died before 1845. William then married Nancy Walton.  Can anyone inform us of this William? How we can obtain  his death certificate to see who his parents were and also where in Carleton County he is buried.  E-mail me at  CECIL REED AT December 2006
HANLEY - I am looking for Hanley - Daniel - b.1853/4 may be Kouchibouguac or Nelson. Married Bridget Ronan in 1877 in Nelson. They had 12 children. I'm looking for Daniel Hanley's origins  Thank you Terry Hanley
HARDY / JOHNSON - I am looking for members of the Hardy/Johnson family who *may* have immigrated from NB Canada.  I believe some/most of the children below were born in Smyrna Mills, Maine.  According to the Maine Marriage Data Base, some Hardy's married people from "ELL River, NB CN".  It looks like "ELL River"  is/was a small town/village near "Meductic, NB".   It is only about 12 miles west of Amity Maine, so I would guess it is the same ELL River, NB CN" documented in the Maine Marriage Data Base. Any help with this would be very much appreciated. Contact Allen at

1  Abraham Lincoln Hardy b: in Amity, ME
+Alice Maude Johnson b: in Lewiston, ME m: July 24,

  2  Elizabeth Hardy b: 1893
  2  Ella Hardy b: 1895
  2  Stella Hardy b: 1896 d: 1971
  2  Herbert Hardy b: 1897 d: 1977
  2  Ruth Hardy b: 1900 d: 1992
  2  Ida Hardy b: 1901 d: 1920
  2  Guy Hardy b: 1903 d: 1955
  2  John Hardy b: 1904 d: 1970
  2  Anna Hardy b: 1907 d: 1989
  2  Bessie Hardy b: 1908 d: 2005
  2  Jessie Hardy b: 1908 d: 1939
  2  Florence Hardy b: 1909 d: 1994
  2  Ora Hardy b: 1911 d: 1920
  2  Ula Hardy b: 1913 d: 1913
  2  Una Hardy b: 1913 d: 1913
  2  Edna Hardy b: 1915 d: 1985
  2  Lawrence Hardy b: 1915 d: 1985

  2  Helen Louise Hardy b: 1918 in Norway(?), ME
             +Melvin Monroe White b: April 03, 1915
             m: May 11, 1935

  2  Woodrow Lionel Hardy b: January 18, 1919
+Bernice D. Darling b: April 11, 1926
             m: March 23, 1946

HARGROVE - Can anyone supply me information as to a Benjamine Hargrove, whose wife was Saloma Holmes.  What was Benjamins' father and mothers name? etc. Thanks Susan Taylor   June 12, 2006

HAWKSLEY  August 2003  Trying to locate the parents of John Goodwin Hawksley, born 8 Feb 1810 in Fredericton, York Co., New Brunswick.  Found in the 1851 Census of Woodstock Parish with wife, Lucy, and children.  Perhaps born in England, but no idea of what ship he or his parents may have come over on! Thanks, Wendy L. Hawksley  Dover, DE E Mail /

HAWTHORNE  August 2003 I'm Looking for information on Frank W. Hawthorne 1875-1942 (The W stands for Wilmot (I Think)) and his wife Bessie A. Holmes 1884 -1958.  They had at least one child, Vaughn Hawthorne, born in 1911.  I found a reference at  but am not sure if these are the same ones.  They would be my husband's great grandparents.  According to the web page these would be "buried at the Upper Kent Cemetery ... Wharton Cemetery ... beside the United Pentecostal Church in Upper Kent, Carleton, County, New Brunswick.  Can you find any more information on them? Thank you. Meg E Mail / Margaret.Duncan@FMR.Com

HAY -Herbert Frank Hay was my grandfather.  He was born on September 14, 1890 supposedly in Woodstock, New Brunswick.  On one document we have in the family his parents are listed as John and Josephine Hay.  On Herbert Hay's death certificate it lists Ezekial Hay as the father and Clara Adams as the mother. So this is a mystery as to who his parents truly were.  I can find no records of any Ezekial Hay to date.
Family stories say the church his birth was registered in burned down.  So there is no birth registration on file.  When it came time for Herbert to get the Old Age Pension, he had to have a family member vouch for his age. 
Family legend has it that there were 5 Hay brothers who came over from Scotland together.  One went out west and was never heard from again. 
Herbert Frank Hay married Vera Ella Dunham from Upper Queensbury.  They had nine children. 
Our family history beyond Herbert Hay is a mystery that I would love to solve!  Sherrie Hay
Hay - August 2005 -I am a descendant of a John Hay from Woodstock NB and would appreciate it if you would add the Hay name to your list.  The information I have  is sketchy as I am just getting started on searching this branch of my family.  However, I believe John and Mary Hay emigrated from Scotland in June 1819.  They settled in the Woodstock area and raised a family of 7 children - Thomas, Allan, Hugh Robert, Walter John and Mary Ann.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has any of these souls on their family tree.  Many thanks.  Barbara Bolton ( Sudbury, Ontario)
HEALY- I am searching for any information on James HEALY married to Alice (Allie) HENRY.  Their son William Denis HEALY was baptized at St Coco's Newtown on the 4th Feb. 1837 (my GGrandfather), his siblings are Timothy, Anne, Margaret, Elizabeth, that I know of.  Williams baptism sponsors were Michael O'Mara & Dora Groogan.  I am at a stumbling block in my research - I need help to find info on any  link.  Where could I search? William and his siblings came to Australia - What happened to the parents? Were there more children? Did someone stay in  Ireland? Please Help Me find these and more answers. August 2005 Raine


HOLMES - William H. Holmes, age 39, his wife Nora, age 26, and four children are listed in the 1851 Census of the Parish of Simonds. Elijah Holmes, age 36, farmer, was a lodger in William and Nora's household. Does anyone know if Elijah was related to William, and who Elijah's parents were? George Hayward

IRVINE  Mary Ellen Irvine, b:  Dec. 28, 1838 in Woodstock, Carleton, NB
d:  1908 in Woodstock, Carleton, NB bu: Meductic Cemetery, Woodstock, Carleton, NB
m:  John Dow Porter before 1863  contact

JACKSON  Feb 4/ 2004 - Looking for ancestry of Alexander Jackson b 1828 in Woodstock, NB.  Married Emily London or Loudon.  He died 16 June 1850 in Woodstock, NB.  His father was John and his mother, Margaret Symonds..... Would be interested in any information on any of these.  We are at a standstill or brick wall with this family.   Penny Jackson Pray E MAIL /

JONES David   1811-1895, long time resident of Woodstock.  Searching for info on his parents.  e-mail  Arlene

KELLY   Aug 2003 Searching for parents of Catherine/Katherine Kelly/Kelley who married Asa McNintch/McNinch in Nov 1858 in Victoria Corner/Summerville, Carleton Co NB area. John MacNintch E Mail /

KILCOLLINS and MERITHEW:  I'm looking for anything on the past for my Grt.Grt. Grandparents, they were; JAMES KILCOLLINS b.1784, place unknown, d. bet. 1871&1881 in Summerfield. In census records he claims to be an American Loyalist. Discharged from the New Brunswick Fencibles on May 24 1817. In 1820 he married the widow ANN HARGROVE or HARTGROVE (nee MERRITHEW) b. 1781, d. bet. 1851&1861. Their Children were Abraham, Jerusha, Nancy, and my Grt. Grandfather Thomas. Thank you, Dwayne Kilcollins.
KITCHEN -I am tracing back family roots and have hit a roadblock at George Kitchen married to Margaret, they show up on the 1871 census in Burton parish Sunbury county, trying to establish who George’s parents were and where they lived. I am a direct descendant of theirs and have extensive info of their descendants if anyone is looking. Margaret was a Burpee. Thanks for any help,   Michael Beach
LAPOINTE / LEPOINTE - My great-great grandmother, Odile LePointe (sometimes spelled LaPointe), was born in "Somersville, Canada - French" circa 1852-56.  U.S. census records showed that she was French-speaking and a Catholic (she emigrated to the U.S. circa 1871).  Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Christine Bonaguide

LAVIGNE July 2003 - I am looking for relatives of Margaret Lavigne born December 10, 1880 died July 8, 1944.  Her parents were William Lavigne and Elizabeth McVane from St. Martins. She married Jeremiah Sullivan on October 12, 1897.  They lived in Johnville, New Brunswick, Canada.  I have researched the Sullivans back to the 1700 in Ireland.  However, when I try to research my French roots I have hit a brick wall.  I would like to know more about the Lavignes.  Can you help? Brenda Jackson /

LAW / MILTON - James LAW married Hannah MILTON 12 May 1845 Woodstock, NB.  James was born 1814 (Canada) and I believe he died before 1867. Hannah born 1828 NS, died after 1868, where? Her parents were John MILTON and Hannah (unknown). I believe James and Hannah had 2 daughters: Hannah, 20 Dec 1845, died 1847 Woodstock, and Martha Elizabeth 9 Jan. 1848, died 1848 Woodstock.  Any information on the LAW or MILTON families would be greatly appreciated. EMAIL Janice,


MALLORY - I am informed there is a Caleb Mallory buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.   I don't see him on your list...but someone walking the Cemetery several years ago mentioned it to me having seen the stone. There was a Caleb Mallory and wife Mary Ferry who had several descendants living near Maugersville.    I have been trying to find a full list of Caleb's descendants ...but have turned up very little. Caleb supposedly lived near Eaton's Corner in Quebec for a time but disappeared.    His brother, Dr Jonathan Mallory lived Wakefield parish...and was married to a Nevers. Any help would be appreciated. Mallory Smith
MCCAIN- Looking for connections to Hugh and Alice McCain. Came from County Downe Ireland about 1818. Children were Jane Anne Marr. Simon Wigle (Bennie Lumber), "Smith' McCain, William McCain (MPP, Essex County, Ontario),  Joseph, and James. Have documentation from Census for all members to present, looking for parents of Hugh, and connection to Ireland. E Mail  /
McGee - looking for descendants of Lillie Annie McGee who married George Warren Draper June 7, 1905. Sandra Wallace

MCGRATH   Looking for info on William and or Emma McGrath of Knoxford, NB.

This is what I know. William McGrath was born in Sept 15, 1846 in NB. His father was born in 1808 I don't have his name or other info other than he married an eunice. That is what I am looking for. More info on Williams parents. William had a brother moses, daniel, and sister margiry. They are scottish. William married Emma Rebecca Cain who DOB is Oct 5, 1854 died nov 14, 1932. They had the following children, Addie, Frank, Alma, Claude, and Alberta ( my grandmother) Emma is listed Irish. Please contact Myrna Gauvin at


MCKEEN / DAVIS  I am looking for some family history on Mathew Davis and Rosannah Davis. They lived in Woodstock for a long while and perhaps died there. They had a son Leonard Davis who married Mary Mckeen. The other children are Isaac Glibert and Sarah. Any info I can get on this family would be helpful. Mathew was born about 1808, Rosannah 1816 and Leonard was born 1836. If anybody is reasearching the Davis or Mckeens in this area Please contact me at  Thanks! Kathy April 12, 2004

MCKENZIE - I am looking to find more information about Captain William McKenzie and wanted to find out more about him, McKenzie that is. I would be interested in finding out what unit he was with at Waterloo. I wonder if he has any descendants still living in the Woodstock area? Any information would be appreciated! thanks! Gary Campbell
McLEAN/COOK: Am trying to find the parents for Mary McLean, born about  1813-1815 according to the 1850 US Census in NS but don't know if this is  right. She married Eli Cook in 1831 in Woodstock, Cty of York,  Fredericton, NB. They lived in Canada a few years and then went back to   Dixmont, Maine where he came from. There was a George McLean in NB who was  born in NS according to the NB 1871 census. Could he have been her   brother? Thanks for any help anyone can give me. Elvera Pardi

MCMCONNAGLE   July 2003 - I am trying to find more about my father's family on his mother's side.  I did find that my great great grandfather was John McMonnagle  is buried at St Agnes, Debec N.B. and was 100 year old when he died.  My great grandfather married a Sarah Langan, they were both of Richmond, I believe they married on July 16,1867. My grandmother Louise (or Louisa) was born July 6, 1868 in Canada.  I was told that she moved to Houlton, Maine when she was about 9 years old. My Dad also told me years ago that they owned a farm in Canada and also the one in Houlton, Maine.  Louise had some brothers, I know of a Frank (maybe Francis) and Thomas. Any information of when they arrived in Canada from Ireland, then went to Maine etc. would be greatly appreciated.  My grandmother later moved to Massachusetts and married a Philip Shaw. Thank you for any leads. Sincerely, Alice E Mail /

MURRAY - I would like to know if any one has information on a Michael Murray.  He came here around 1859 and lived at "Teeds Mill or sometimes called "Tapleys MIll"  He was still living in 1912 but I haven't been able to find him after that.  Does anyone know if he died here and was buried in Calvary Cemetery.  I have records that his wife Bridget Murray was buried there in 1912 My e-mail September 2007

NICHOLS    July 2003 - Hi, I am looking for family of Vaughn Fulton Nichols, born in Maine June 27, 1918(we think he was born in Aroostook co. because that's where the family lived), & died June 12, 1990 in Elko, Nevada. He married Pauline (Nutter) Nichols July 20, 1940 in Aroostook Co. Maine. (From what we hear, they had two sons)   Vaughn's parents were Archie V. Nichols b. Oct. 19, 1893 in Maine, died in 1972 in Zephyr Hills (Pasco Co.) Florida & Nellie M (Fulton) Nichols born May 9, 1894 in Canada, immigrated to Maine in 1911 or 1919. and died July 17, 1991. (In the 1930's, Archie was an undertaker, where he hear that he owned a funeral home in Maine.......)   We are trying to find my husbands,(Vaughn's son) brothers (and sisters if there is any). So if anyone has any information on this family, Please let me know. Please e-mail me at .Thank you.........

NORWOOD - I am looking for descendants of Isabel Jane ( Wallace ) Norwood, wife of William Norwood & mother to Alice Louisa and John Andrew. They were married December 9, 1890. Sandra Wallace
Nugent - Nugent, my Great Aunt Annie Quigg Nugent was married to a Dentist (?) _____________ Nugent between 1895 and 1902. Does anyone have any information about a Nugent family in this area? Barbara Landry

PATTERSON  Aug 2003   I would like information on  James Rosborough Patterson born Oct.19, 1869  died Sept. 5, 1939  married Jennie Fox.  Also have a James Rosborough Patterson married to a Sophie Fox. No information. Would like to know if these are the same or two different James's. Thanks for any info you can give me.
Marie Colwell E Mail /

Phillips/Scott- My grandmother, Elizabeth (Bessie) Pearl Phillips was born September 2, 1887 in Pembroke, Carleton County.  Her parents were - father: Enoch Dow Phillips and mother : Emma Esaline Birmingham.  On January 15, 1916 she married Leonard C. Scott in Pembroke, Carleton county.  On October 18, 1943 she died in Pembroke, Carleton county.  Her first name was either Elizabeth or Bessie, her headstone shows her as Elizabeth.  I sent a query to the "Provincial Archives" and they were unable to find her records, they tell me that many vital records for Carleton County are missing.  The family were Baptist, I wonder if church records are available?  I have found her in the census as Bessie. Email Ann,    July 2007

PIERCE / PEARCEAug 19, 2003 Theresa Pierce Crowley was born 1829 in Carleton Co. I'am told ??she is my gggrandmother. I been trying to find her parents who I think were Robert & Alice Pierce of Beechwood Kent parish ?? We have check Catholic archives in Fredericton, Edmunston, Saint John with no luck. There isn't any birth or death  records. She died between 1891 & 1901 in New Market York Co. Theresa married Timothy Crowley 1850 in Fredericton and had nine children. We think she met Timothy in Cork N.B. where she was living with her sister Mary Pierce Smith era 1848?? but have no  proof of this . This is my brick wall for about three years!!  CAN ANYONE HELP ???
Bill Andrews E Mail / Searching Pierce,
, Williams, Murphy in N.B. Update! Therese M. Pierce Crowley  was born in Beachwood Kent Par. Carleton on Aug 23/1826, her parents were Robert and Alice Pierce. She was Baptist in Saint Brunos Par. Van Buren Aroostook Maine, these records were in LDS, which make the connection of my ggggrandmother to this family. It only took three years and ?? hours of research. Bill Andrews

RATHBURN  Thomas Wade   May 2004 - looking for information on
Thomas Wade Rathburn b. 1784 in Queens Co, NB.
Son of Joseph and Elizabeth _________ Rathburn.  In 1818 he was a witness to his brother's wedding.  In December 1811 he applied for land near Hampstead with his brother Joseph. On September 4, 1827 he was a witness to the marriage of Charles Burnet and Ann Barron in Carleton. (St. George's Church.) Any help would be greatly appreciated for information on Thomas W Rogers, who his parents were and where he is buried. Thank you. A.M. Rathburn

ROGERS / RODGERS  Jan 21, 2004 - Looking for ancestry of John Rogers/Rodgers  b: 1832.   Wife Sarah A. Clowes, children: Sadie, Gorge Milligan, Edith, Ema, Lena & Edward.  This family appears in Carleton 1871 census.  Any help would be greatly appreciated & I'd love to share my documents & pix. Beth E MAIL /

SHEPARD -  My Great Grandfather was Edmund David Cohen Shepherd, son of John and Mary Shepherd. Edmund was said to be born in Woodstock N.B. 1n 1883.His brother John was born a few years later in Maine. Oral history has it that their were seven boy.s born to John and Mary Shepherd (both from England)Edmund was said to have learned his trade on the Mississippi River, he later ended up in Cariboo B.C.Canada.He worked as a Pilot on a few Steamboats on the Fraser River. He met an Indian women in Lillooet B.C. Thet were married by her Grandfather who was an Indian Chief. Their first born son William was born about 1881. They had 6 children. They were officially married in the Catholic Church on April 01,1884. He was not a Catholic. Edmund's brother John was said to be chased out of the States some where, he was a Vigilante and barely escaped to Canada alive. They were High Seaman. Both Edmund and John died in B.C. .Please, if any one has any knowledge of Mary and John and the other Shepherd children let me know. I am Donna from Calgary  Thank you
Skidgel Skidgell Skedgel Skedgell - March 2005
I am searching for the parents of Hendrick Skidgel (my G,G,G Grandfather) born about 1760 - 1767 (the last name can be spelled several ways Skidgel, Skidgell, Skedgel, Skedgell, ...).  Also I'm not sure if his first name is spelled correctly either (Hendrick, Hendrik, Henrick, Henrik,...).  I can trace him back to Westchester County New York, and the line stops there.  The data I have shows he and his wife Mary Tompkins (born about 1767-1773.  Daughter of Obadiah and Elizabeth Tompkins) had several children in Wakefield, Carleton County, New Brunswick, Canada.  Their children are Obadiah Skidgel 1786 -not sure where he was born, Elizabeth Skidgel 1794, Jane Skidgel 1795, Abigail Skidgel 1796, William Skidgel 1802, and Henry Skidgel 1806.   Another piece of info:  Both Hendrick Skidgel and Obadiah Tompkins were Loyalist and King George III granted each of them ~200 acres of  land 'near' Carleton County.   Any 'hints or clues' regarding Hendrick's parents or their country of origin would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thankx  Paula Skidgel Graham 

SMITH  ( James Smith Ship Builder) Aug 2003 Dear Brick Waller, Do you have any information about the brig or brigantine Leander built by Smith, New Brunswick 1849? I viewed his obituary but all 52 ships he built are not listed. The Leander was wrecked near Dongara, Western Australia, 1853. See our website  Thanks Graham Grundy - President Irwin District Historical Society E Mail /

Smith- Edward J. Smith - born April 6, 1825, died April 23, 1906.  Married Jane Maxwell Feb 18, 1856.  They had 4 children, George Edward - born Nov 24, 1861, Stanley Gordon Born April 3, 1864, Alice Jessie born July 29, 1867 and Anna Maxwell Smith born July 7, 1869.  My grandmother is Alice.  I have not been able to find any info anywhere on this family.  Can anyone help me?  David Taylor,
SMITH / DOBSON -  Looking for descendants of John Richard Smith and his wife Sarah Jane (nee Dobson) who emigrated from East Yorkshire, England to New Brunswick in 1910 and in 1911 census were found in Lower St Mary, York County.  Their elder daughter, Ethel, b. 1903 believed to have married Graham Hedley at Woodstock,Carleton in 1924 and their younger daughter, Lily (aka Tilly) believed to have married Albert Charles Edwards at Douglas, York County in 1925.  Any help would be greatly appreciated,  John Richard Smith was a brother to my Julia's maternal grandmother.  Julia and David Woods ,
SNOW - My ggggrandfather Sylvanus 1765 Snow cane to Wakefield Parish in Carleton County NB in 1814 with brother Edward? Harry MacKay

STEWART/SANBORN: I am trying to find the parents of Thomas William Stewart c1815-20 Jun 1882. Thomas was married to Susan Sanborn 1826-1877. Susan's parents were John Sanborn and Hannah Mayes. I have been unable to locate the families of John and Hannah. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Angela

Sunder - I am searching for a  photograph of a Lt.-Col. Sunder, who lived in Woodstock from c. 1900-1930. He was an Anglo-Indian doctor in the British Army in India and retired to Woodstock, where his home is now a historical site. My Mum used to visit him in the 1920s and remembers him as the archetypal British Colonel, big white mustache and all.  He married into my Mum's family, the Sharpes, who seem to have headed to Massachusetts in the 1930s, though we hope to see if any stayed behind in New Brunswick. Thank you - John Lockwood
SWIM - I am looking for the parents of my great-great-grandmother SUSAN JANE SWIM. She was born in June 1830 in New Brunswick, Canada. She came to Aroostook Co., Maine in the 1840s. She married Jedidiah Estabrook in Amity, Maine on Jan. 24, 1848. I have not been able to find any Swim family members in Aroostook Co., during this time. There is a Swim family in Brighton Parish, Carleton County.

Note: A possible Swim grandfather of Susan Jane was Elijah Swim of Fredericton, York Co., and Brighton Parish, Carleton Co., New Brunswick, Canada, who had 10 sons. Elijah was married to Susan Reynolds. Elijah and his family were the only Swimm family in Carleton Co., New Brunswick, Canada in the 1851 census. Of all Elijah's sons, it's possible that Susan Jane (born June 30, 1930 in New Brunswick) could have been the daughter of either William (born 1803, married 1830), Henry (born 1804), Duncan (married 1826), or George (born 1810, married 1827). The only son of Susan Jane and her husband Jedidiah that had any of these given names, was George. However, George was also the name of one of Jedidiah's brothers. The names Susan and Jane appear several times in either the first name or middle name of the known grandchildren of Elijah Swim and his wife Susan Reynolds. A possible father for Susan Jane Swim was William who was married to Mary Jane Swim. However, they named a daughter Susan Mary, born in 1836. It seems unlikly that they would name another daughter Susan; they also named a daughter Cynthia Jane, born in 1846. Another possible Swim father, Henry, had 6 sons; dates of birth unknown; no daughters known at this time. Another possible Swim father, Duncan, had only 2 children known at this time; dates of birth unknown. Another possible Swim father, George, had only 1 child known at this time; date of birth unknown. Samuel, another son of Elijah, was too young to be the father of Susan Jane. However, he did name a daughter Susan M. and another daughter Amanda Jane. James, another son of Elijah, was also too young to be the father of Susan Jane. However, he did name a daughter Amelia Jane. The other sons of Elijah could not be the father of Susan Jane because they either died young, were too young to be her father, or never married.

 I appreciate any help in finding Susan Jane's Swim family. Thanks, Barbara Estabrook (

TAYLOR - Alexander - cannot locate any information on Alexander Taylor (g grandfather)  He married Katherine Houghton and had 6 children.  Katherine is buried in Forest City as well as her parents but I don't know if Alexander is buried there.  She remarried in 1915 so I assume that he was dead at that time.  k Pearl Boone(Charles) of Woodstock was one daughter.  Gary Demerchant

TERRILL / JONES Jan 26, 2004 Need info on Annie Melissa Terrill b 1854 Eel River, NB mar. Issac A. Jones. First 3 children Florence and Annie and Evelyn born in Eel River next son Ezra born in Calais.  Any more info on the Terrills and Joneses appreciated.
Spaulding Midlothian, VA
E Mail /


THOMAS / BROWN     Thomas, John born abt 1823, died March 30, 1898 buried at Centreville United Baptist Church married Ann (Lucretia) Brown children include Henry Allen Thomas Feb 29, 1852. John received land grant 84 acres on Gregg Settlement Road. No other information known of John or Ann.  Any information appreciated. Contact Neil Thomas at April 12, 2004THOMAS/BROWN     Thomas, John born abt 1823, died March 30, 1898 buried at Centreville United Baptist Church married Ann (Lucretia) Brown children include Henry Allen Thomas Feb 29, 1852. John received land grant 84 acres on Gregg Settlement Road. No other information known of John or Ann.  Any information appreciated. Contact Neil Thomas at April 12, 2004

VANDINE  Aug 2003 I am searching for a documented link between George W. Van Dine (b) 1837 (in Sheffield?) and his father Eber (b)1798 in Grand Lake, NB. George had moved to Carleton county by the 1851 census, while his father remained in Sheffield, so census information is not useful.  Also, somewhere there is a documented marriage between George and Almira Cole in Queen's county. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Judy E Mail /

WARD - Looking for  info on William Ward (1837-1909) and Charlotte Shirley’s (1847-1929) family. Their children were Silas, Morley, Allison, Henrietta, and Garnett.  They also had a step son names Elery Lindsey.  If you have any info on this family please email me at
WADE - Alice (nee Thomson) (Wade) Wishart from Saint John, N.B. was my great grandmother. She married Dr. George Kenneth Nugent Wade. He was from Kilcock, Ireland. They had two children: Lillian Elizabeth Wade, b. Nov. 21, 1875 and Kenneth Nugent Wade, b. July 11, 1877. After Dr. Wade died, she married Allison Wishart, my great grandfather. He was from St. Martins, and Saint John, N.B. I am looking for any information on this family. Joyce MacPherson
WALLACE -Looking for info on parents, siblings & children of  Francis Wallace 1824-1894 and Isabel Wood 1827-1877 married at Gagetown NB. Son, Thomas lived in Woodstock NB area.  email Sandra

WALTON  Aug. 2003 - John 1700- 1800's , Murray Corner, N. B. This man was an immigrant from Carlisle, England to Murray Corner. Any information on my great great great grandfather would be so very welcome. I think he had 12 siblings. Thank you Lorne Walton,

WALSH, James - My great grandfather James Walsh was reportedly born in Carleton County, New  Brunswick in August of 1863.  His parents were immigrants from Ireland.  Any help would be gratefully accepted.. Dianne Medaris

WATSON / FURLONG    I'm searching for my 2nd Gr Grandmother Miriam Lois/Louise? Watson, b.1840/New Brunswick, Canada. She married John Furlong b. 1836/New Brunswick, Canada. I've no marriage date or place for them. Their children, Sophia Miriam Furlong (Wetzler) b. 5/Mar/1862/New Brunswick, N.S., Canada. Louisa Furlong b. 1866, Emma Furlong b. 1869, John Furlong b. 1872 and Carrie Furlong b. 1879. I'm thinking all of these children were born in New Bruswick also, but don't know this for sure. I have the world's worst time locating info on my Furlong/Watson ancestors. Hoping you can help me or direct me to someone who can.  Thanking you, Toni Maize in Nevada US contact Toni Maize    April 13, 2004



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