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List of Persons Who Have Forfeited Their LANDS in YORK COUNTY.

Thanks to Norm DeMerchant

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The following is a transcription of escheated land in York County,NB
from 1818.At this time, York County also included the modern day
Counties of Carleton, Victoria, and Madawaska.Some of the places
mentioned in this document are not the same as the known names of
modern day.

I will list some of the names I know with a community name of today.
These are not intended to be 100 % precise, only a general reference.
CC, VC,and YC stand for Carleton, Victoria, and York Counties
New Brunswick.

Shihatahauk or Chickatahauk =Bristol, CC
Monquart = Bath, CC
River de Sault = River de Chute, CC / VC (Boundry line between the two counties)
Presqu' Isle = Connell or Florenceville CC
Tobique Rocks = Kilburn VC
Wakefield= Large area from above Woodstock to Grand Falls and many points in between.
In this record primarily the area between Hartland and Florenceville CC
Tobique = Andover VC
Narquewickack = Nackawic YC
I have shown this document to Fred Burnett,who is very familiar
with the history of the Saint John River above Woodstock. He sent
the following message to me in a letter dated August 3, 2001:
 "I have been looking over the list of names who had land escheated,
most that I know something about,had applied for 2 or more lots in 
different places and had never lived on them all. Some had moved to 
Ontario, some had got a grant or asked for one, saying they would 
settle on it, but never did. However in one or two cases I think 
those named lived on the same lot years afterwards"

I hope you enjoy this transcription.With very few exceptions,I know
very little about the actual people who had their lands escheated.  
I do know the Provincial Government was attempting to clean up the
land which was not granted in the Province to make accommodation for
a large number of British Soldiers who were promised land in British
North America after their sucessful defense of the Colonies during the
War of 1812. Another interesting side bar, which may have relevance in 
the settlers not improving their land, was the devasting years previous
to 1818 when summer planting season was reduced because of a volcanic 
blast in the South Pacific which had affects throughout the world. In 
Northeastern North America the affects were cold summer weather in 1815,
1816 and possibly 1817.
HEREAS divers Persons have at different periods,had alloments of LAND
and have neglected to take out their GRANTS for the same as required 
by the Royal Instructions,notwithstanding the caution given on this 
subject in a Procolmation dated 24th January, 1815 ~ Such persons are
therefore hereby notified that the LANDS which may have been so allowed
to them,are by the Royal Instructions,forfeited, and are open to any new 
applications, although the LANDS in question may have been cultivated or 
transferred to other Persons. 
 List of Persons who have forfeited their LANDS in YORK COUNTY.                                                                                                                                    
Charles Brannen Pennyach
Thomas Trafton do
John Harris do
Martin Oliz do
Peter Allen In Queensbury
Solomon Russel do
Edward Ryer do
Solomon Wiles do
Bloomer Close do
Thomas Gardner do
William Gardner do
Joseph Robicheau do
Lothrop Hammond do
Archelaus Hammond do
Joseph Lewis Muzroll do
Catharine Dyer do
Darius Uman do
Titus Way do
Abijah Ingraham do
Charles Johnston do
Edward Wheeler do
George Bell do
Benjamin Ingraham do
William Cornelison do
Stephen Lands do
Alexander Ross do
Isaac Josline do
Athony Manuel Northhamptom
William Kelly Prince William
Abraham Brown do
Nehemiah Beckwith do
Daniel K. Hoyt do
William Harper do
Thomas Burden do
Thomas Saunders do
Efnathan Underhill Kiswick River---Saint Mary's
Patrick Murphy do
John Underhill do
William Staples do
Michael Hanson do
James Murphy do
Abraham House do
Samuel Lobdell do
Cornelius Brewer do
Jacob White do
Nicholas Humphreys do
Thomas Lawrence do
Isaac Lawrence, senr do
Jesse Lawrence do
Isaac Lawrence, junr do
William Lawrence do
Moses Lawrence do
Richard Jones do
James Jones do
Benedict Jones do
John Jones do
John Daton Above Presqu' Isle
Daniel Dunham do
Edward Wheeler do
William Bubar do
James Bubar do
David Bubar do
James Wright do
John Bradley do
John Porter do
Gregory Warrick do
Issac Esty Nashwacksis
John M Bate Above Presqu' Isle
Enoch Currier Kingsclear
Henry Kelly do
James Bubar Nashwack--rear land
Joseph Bubar do
Darius Burt Mactuquac--rear land
Could Burt do
Cornelius Brewer do
John Brewer Junr do
Thomas Green do
Joseph Burt do
Moses Esty Nashwack--rear land
James Stewart do
John Bradley Tobique
Luther Tryon do
Jonathan Parks Monquart
Angus M Bean Nashwack--rear land
Samuel Bishop Below Tobique Rocks
William Bishop do
Michael Dennison Nashwack--rear land
James Dennison do
William McNeil do
Alexander Brown do
Alexander Brown Junr do
Jacob Brown do
David Parks Above Monquart
Amos Dowe Kingsclear--rear land
Charles Ingraham Woodstock
Nathaniel Ingraham do
George Fox do
Exra Day Rear land--Queensbury
David Day do
Issac Esty Kiswick River--rear land
William Esty do
George Boon do
Henry Boon do
Peter Hains do
Joseph Hains do
Robert Hains do
Thomas Hains do
Thomas Lawrance do
Jesse Lawrence do
James Ross Junr. Nashwack, upper part, rear land
John Hanson Kiswick River
Darius Crouse do
Elnathan Underhill Senr do
Jasper Underhill do
Samuel Underhill do
Phillip Underhill do
Daniel Underhill do
Elnathan Underhill Junr do
Amos Dickinson Wakefield
John Underhill Kiswick River
James Giberson Above Monquart
Daniel Palmer Wakefield
Abraham Brown Poquiock
Peter Atherton Prince William--Rear land
John Hardy Woodstock--Fall Island
James Ross Narkewickwack Creek
Richard Street Queensbury--rear land
Thomas Thornton do
William Hallet Near Monquart
James Hallet do
Marsden Hallet do
James Lloyd Monquart
Furney Whitehead Prince William--Rear land
William Lovely Monquart
James Lovely do
William White Prince William--Rear land
William Millar Sicktahawk
Charles Burk Wakefield--South side, 3d tier
Benjamin Burk do
Robert Phillips do
Daniel Craig do
James Murphy River St John--West side Tobique
Malary Raymond Northhampton
Amos Watson West Side St. John--Tobique
Stephen Watson do
John Watson do
Joseph McConnel Below Tobique
Jacob Hallet do
Abijah Raymond Northampton
Daniel Crane senr Nashwack Portage
Daniel Crane junr do
Moses Crane do
Amos Crane do
Adam Crane do
William Sewell do
Nicholas Sewell do
Oliver Bradley West side St John--Tobique Rocks
John Bradley do
Rinard Wheeler Hardwood Creek
John Patterson Near River de Sault
William Patterson do
Martin Wright do
John Ingraham do
Benjamin Gallop Wakefield--west side, 3d Tier
Mark Freeman West side River St John,Below Tobique Rocks
Abraham Esty Woodstock
Jacob Whitlock Pennyack River
Joshua Bishop West Side River Tobique
James Bishop do
Thomas Everett Wakefield
Jeremiah Lloyd West side River St John
Asa Kenny Shikatahawk
Contin Yon [Cantin Dionne] East Side the River St John--Wakefield
Nehemiah Tompkins W. side the River St John--below River de Sault
James Tompkins do
James Giggy do
John Tompkins Above Monquart
Jonas Partridge Below River de Sault, east side River St John
Charles Gasserth 2d Range of Lots in Wakefield
Christopher Harris do
Gilbert Spur do
Samuel Pickup do
Frederick L. Gasserth do
Ambrose Gasserth do
Oliver Peabody 4th tier in the Rear of Woodstock
James Peabody do
Francis Peabody do
Henry Hardwich 5th Tier west side the River Wakefield
Bayard Pason do
Henry Gates do
Isachar Nichason West Side the river--Wakefield
Alexander Watson W. side the river near Tobique Rocks
Thomas Chute 2d Tier W. side the River in Wakefield
Thomas Chute Junr do
Andrew Chute do
Able Chute do
James Chute junr do
Phillip Bartawx do
Calvin Chute do
John Chute do
Nathaniel Churchill junr W. side the River--Wakefield
John De Merchant junr do
Benjamin Rockwell Wakefield
George Nash Tobique Rocks--West side
Joseph Dowe junr. 4th Tier Wakefield
Alexander Bate In rear of the Queens rangers block
John Bate do
Daniel Watson West side river St John at Tobique
Daniel Craig junr Gore in rear of teh York volunteers
William Sipperell East side of River, in Wakefield
Michael McNally Tobique Rock
John Dickenson Wakefield--2d Range
Darius Dickenson do
John Teed Woodstock
Jesse Teed do
Abraham Mastin Northampton
Jeremiah Mastin do
Henry White Senr Nashwack
William White do
Henry White Junr do
John Wallace Kingsclear
Luke Kelly do
John Kelly do
William Hunter Wakefield
Charles Brannen St Mary's
Oliver Bradley Wakefield
John Bradley do
John Campbell do
Jonathan Brown Narquewickack
Benjamin Cliffe do
John Cliff Junr Queensbury
David Bubar Near Chichatahauk
Charles Bubar River de Sault
Andrew Carney Queensbury
William Garrick Wakefield
James Parent Queensbury--rear Land
Daniel Parent do
Isiah Parent do
William Harris junr do
Samuel Esty Nashwack
Ammi Shaw Wakefield--5th tier
Flora McRaw River Tay--St Mary's
James Jones Madam Kiswick River
John Crouse do
Jasper Underhill do
Joseph Merrithew Nashwacksis
John Merrithew do
William Stone do
Michael Hawkins junr do
John Bubar Wakefield
James Wright do
William Bell Eel River
Murphy Giberson Between Chichatahauk and Monquart
Simon Giberson do
Israel Whitlock Pennyach Gore
Mark Freeman Tobique Rock
Samuel Freeman do
John Gray Woodstock
Oliver Bradley Wakefield
Andrew Stith?? Woodstock
Andrew Joslin Prince William
Samuel Exell Between Chichatahauk and Monquart
Richard Exell do
Patrick Birmingham Upper Gusaquit, two Miles below River de Sault
Samuel Miller Miramichi Portage
Stephen Hovey do
Edmond Hovey do
James Hovey do
John Saunders Esq. Prince William


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