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A Collection of Newspaper Articles & Photos

 ..... Courtesy of the Bugle ......

The Bugle has given me permission to add the following newspaper clippings and photos to the Carleton County website. There are many and I will work away at getting them up on the site.

Sawmill Fatality article about Samuel Whippel   - April 18, 1863  Carleton Sentinel Ten dollars rewarded dog owner 1902 newspaper clipping  
1863 Bumper Crop of Maple Sugar Mrs. J.W. Boyer has 10 pound baby 1902  
1859 View of town cross Meduxnekeag Photo Mrs. Z.L. Fash's Sabbath School class raises fifteen dollars 1902  
New Methodist Church to Open 1869 - Carleton Sentinel Matrimonial Market? 1902  
Woodstock's 1st Fire Engine 1874 Photo Kelly - Before the Judge 1902 - assault with intent to murder article  

H.V. Dalling Photo 1876

Henry Post met with a painful accident 1902


Absence of Intoxicants news clipping May 3, 1879 - Carleton Sentinel

Wheaton boy run over by team driven by George McLaughlin 1902 newspaper clipping  
New Band - Carleton Sentinel July 5, 1879 newspaper clipping Burglar looks for valuable articles at the home of Mrs. Charles S. Bunnell 1902 newspaper clipping  
Rowdy Lumbermen - November 15, 1879 - Carleton Sentinel Frank Higgins to be Hung October 1902  Carleton Sentinel - newspaper clipping  
Bank of Nova Scotia - James B. Forgan - bank's first inspector Smallpox in Grafton 1902 newspaper clipping -  
Telephone in Woodstock - The Press -  August 27, 1885 Jacksontown Jottings 1902 newspaper article  
Scotia Bank teller plans to steal money August 1890 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hayden thrown from carriage - 1902 - newspaper clipping  
Two Daredevil Trapeze performers Photo 1800's Prescription for Girls entering Womanhood 1902- newspaper clipping  
Looking Up Main Street from Apothecaries Hall Photo - early 1800's Mrs. Hetherington's Boa Found 1902 newspaper clipping  
Harvesting Ice Photo 1800's George H Saunders and Humbolt Sharp successful Hunting Trip 1902  
Horse- Drawn Bob Sled transporting hose to the scene of fires Photo 1800's Arthur Taylor's Barn burned 1902 newspaper clipping  
Cluff House in Upper Woodstock built in 1830's 1999 Photo Town Council New 1902  
1840 Carleton County Census Data Woodstock Business College Opened 1902  
Cholera newspaper clipping -      July 29, 1854 - Carleton Sentinel The King vs. Elijah G. Tompkins indictment for Arson 1903 newspaper clipping  
Severe Snowstorm newspaper clipping May 13, 1854   -    Carleton Sentinel Local Girl Shirks Spinsterhood 1903 newspaper clipping  
Carleton County Agricultural Society Report 1867 newspaper clipping Mary Brady fell down a Flight of Stairs 1903 newspaper clipping  
1848 Carleton Sentinel Front Page Header Notes of Interest in the Area 1903  
Wages for Working in the Woods newspaper clipping -  The Dispatch Jan.9, 1901 Police Station Windows washed after 18 years - 1903 - newspaper clipping  
Joseph Irvine Death newspaper clipping 1901 C.M. Sherwood Selling the Best American Kerosene at 22 cents per gallon 1903 newspaper clipping  
Dr. W. N Baker purchased two lots on Victoria Street - newspaper clipping 1902 Town Election Details 1902 - newspaper clipping  

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