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Woodstock Farm Market

30 Years of Serving the Community


Articles and Photos Courtesy of the Bugle


  Opening Postponed 1974
Farm Market Opens July 7, 1973 Article Permanent Market Sought 1974
Farm Market Opens July 7th Article # 2 The Readers Write - The Farm Market
Woodstock Farm Market one of biggest Article mid 1970's Vernon Kinney and Rita McGuire share a joke - Photo
Woodstock Farm Market Helen Helmuth apple cider and yarns picture Wooden Toys 1974
Farm Market varied Article 1973 Farm Market Annual Meeting 1977
Farm Market Christmas Activity Photo 1973 Market ends Successful Season 1977
Egg Sales up August 1973 Farm Market Grow Article 1977
Fish Now at Market Article and Photo  August 1973 Farm Market May get Paid Manager 1977 article
Market Hours Change 1973 Farm Market Moved 1977 Photo and Article
Indoor Move for Farm Market soon Article Market Opens May 28
Premier Richard Hatfield visits Farm Market Photo and article Market Becoming a Permanent Fixture article 1977
Quilt Present to Market Manager Helen Helmuth by Wendell Bull Photo and article Farm Market Editorial 1977
81 pound squash grown by Wendell Bull David Kimball and son look at display 1977
Town Council Supports Farm Market article  Farm Market Downtown site 1977
Original  Exhibitor's List July 7, 1973 Imports says not Competing article
Original Exhibitor's List  July 14, 1973 Kittens find a Home for Christmas 1977
Original Exhibitor's List July 21, 1973 Farm Market Looking for a Hall 1977 article
Produce coming to Farm Market 1973 article Farm Market Booming 1978 article
Farm Market Year Old Farm Market has Lively Annual 1978
Farm Market a Busy Spot two Photos Farm Market on Water Street 1978
Market Meeting Thursday Sept. 12, 1974 Farm Market Outdoors on Queen Street 1978 article and photo
Farm Market Moves 1974 Farm Market Political Promise 1978
Big Need for Increase in N.B. Vegetable Increase 1974 Partial to Sugar Cookies Photo 1978
Decrease in Home Baking article 1974 Farm Market Locals named to Provincial Committee 1979
Farm Market Editorial Musical Entertainment Glen Adney at Farm Market 1979 photo and article
Gardening Workshop Library May 18, 1974 Garden Produce Maturing Early 1979
Interest Keen in Market Association Formed for Farm Markets 1979 article
NB Farmers visit Market 1974 article Farm Market Officers 1980

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