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Woodstock War Memorial
Carleton County New Brunswick

Updated November 24, 2006

November 11th




Their names shall live for evermore.

In honoured memory of the men of Carleton County who laid down their lives in the Great War. 
2nd Battle Ypres


Cooper, William
Henderson, John
Stuart, William

Stuart, William J.

Avery, Clarence
Bedell, William
Bull, J. Allison
Campbell, Frank E.
Campbell, Robert B.
Cameron, Hector
Dickinson, James A.
Fisher, Arthur. M.
Graves, C. Leo
Havens, Clarence, E.
Havens, Harry W.
Hawkins, Robin A.
Haywood, Eric Mark
Hayward, Walter C.
Hull, Robert E.
Jackson, Harry A.
Judkins, John W.
Ketchum, James C.
Lewis, Harry C.
Lynott, James E.
McCluskey, Clarence
McDougall, Arch. D.
Mooers, Robert C.
Murchland, H.E.
Rankin, Franklin, S.
Rideout, Dalton
Sharpe, Allison, E.
Shaw, Roy, Justin
Snow, Edwin. Roy
Tomar, Stephen
Tompkins, Guy
Townsend, Percy
True, Charles S.
Wallace, Burton A.
Whalen, Daniel P.
Williams, Clarence


Anderson, Leigh
Armour, Rice
Atherton, Stanley
Blaikie, Anthony
Broad, Fred E.
Broad, Fred W.
Brooks, M. Earle
Brown, Walter
Carroll, Willie
Charlton, Harlod, B.
DeMerchant, Howard
DeMerchant, Roy
Drost, Fred E.
Fisher, Charles, A
Giberson, Archie H.
Green Grover
Green, Perley H.
Guest, Eugene
Hartsgrove, Wm. L.
Holmes, Marcus
Huggard, Stillman
Johnston, Mclean J.
Kain, Joseph
Keenam, James
Lamont, John W.
Linder, Samuel M.
Long, Berry L.
McDougall, J. Arch
McDougall, Lucius
McKenzie, Lee A.
Pangburn, Ludlow
Roberts, Mortimer
Rogers, Roy Wesley
Saylers, Horace
Thompson, Joseph
Wiley, Ralph



Baker, Roy. E.
Brewer, Alwyn C.
Bull, Charles H.
Bulmer, George
Chapman, Gordon, P.
Colwell, Ralph A.
Cormley, John
Dalling, William V.
DeWitt, Silas
Hannigan, Joseph, P.
Hanson, Oliver
Harmon, Burdette W.
Hipwell, John B.
Holmes, Wendell
Hull, Wendell P.
Jacques, Fred W.
Johnson, Robert, E.
Jones, Ambrose, E.
Kelly, Gordon
Kirkpatrick, C.V.
Lovely, Trueman
McLardy, Francis E.
Nason, Maxwell A.
Parsons, Ernest
Pointing, william
Rankin, Wheary
Robinson, Melvin A.
Riordan, Gregory
Saunders, Bernard
Saunderson, Robt. A.
Sutton, Archibald
Vince, A. Neville
Watson, Harleigh B.
William, George
Woodforde, George
Zinck, Leo


Bradley, Herbert L.
Burrell, William
Clark, Sheredon J.
Cox, Perley R.
Crandlemie, Lee W.
DeMerchant, Glazier
Dando, Percy
Draper, Stanley W.
Frost, Arthur
Gibson, Arthur T.
Goodwin, Franklin A.
Grant, Alexander B.
Green, Leo A.
Gregory, Albert E.
Hall, Horace S.
Hayden, Ashley S.
Hill, Walter E.
Hinton, Joseph
Jones, Lynua D
Lister, Guy C.
Lunn, Frank
McLean, Claude M.
McMullin, Stephen
Nevers, Reuben V.
Nicholson, Thomas
Orser, Archie
Orser, John A.
Peters, Allord
Redall, Frank N.
Riggs, Walter
Riley, Ralph
Rundle, Harry
Vanwart, Wendell M
West, N,S. Anna B
Whitcombe, Wm. B.

The Woodstock War memorial is located outside the courthouse.







Dedicated to the memory of those who served and died

Alterton, Reginald, L
Albright, Robert B.
Baker, Creighton, C
Baker, Richard, C.
Ball, Harley J.
Barrow, Ralph T.
Barton, Kenneth J.
Bedell, Hugh J.
Bell, Lloyd R.
Bloodsworth, Issac, L.
Boyd, M. Everett
Bradley, John
Broad, Charles K.
Brooker, Donald A.
Brown, Gordon, C.
Brown, W. Wallace
Carter, Fred H.
Catrns, George W.
Chase, Benjamin L.
Clark, Robert W.
Connors, Claude W.
Cogger, Paul R.
Cook, William J. B.
Cosman, P. Millage
Corey, Herbert R.
Coy, Bertram P..
Crabb, Victor C.
Craig, Harold T.
Crain, Michael B.
Crawford, Thomas
Currie, A. Ross .
Devoe, Archie J.
De Vries, Terence
Dewitt, Arthur M.
Dibblee, Robert J
Dickinson, Franklin M.
Dickinson, Ronald C.
Dickinson, Winston J.
Doherty, Leo B.
Elliott, Bruce F
Foster, C. Dow
Franham, John A.


Freeman, Merrill O.
Freeman, Raymond R.
Furlong, Ronald R.
Flemming, James A.
Gallagher, Daniel M.
Gallagher, Douglas P.
Gallop, Jarvis E.
Gartley, Earl P.
Graham, Jack S.M.
Graham, Lewis M
Greer, Laures A.
Guy, John A.
Hanson, Arlie W.
Hamilton, Enoch D.
Hargrove, Basil E.
Hargrove, Burton, A.
Hoyt, Gordon R.
Hovey, Frank G.
Keswick, M. McLaren
King, James G.
Kinney, Banford W.
Lenehan, J. Donald
Lewis, Donald L.
Lovely, George A.
Mallory, Herbert D.
MacDonald, Robert W.
McIntyre, Robert B.
Martin, Roy B.
Milbury, Francis A.R.
Miller, Elbridge W.
Mooers, Reginald V.
Mullis, James R.
Nevers, Glenn O.
Newroth, Stephen A.
Oldham, Harold W.
Orser, Clayton E.
Orser, Ivan M.
Paget, Hazen H.
Painter, John H.
Palmer, Wendell, M.
Parker, Edward L.
Parkes, Arthur S.

Patterson, Lewis H.
Peck, Grant C.
Perkins, Alfred C.
Post, John R.
Prosser, John A.
Rickard, B. Allison
Ritchie, Douglas S.
Rogers, Barney A.
Rogers, Paul A.
Ross Donald S.
Ross, Walter E.
Shaw, Arthur E.
Skaarup, Harold J.
Smith, Owen J.
Standridge, Albert P.
Starr, Joseph B.
Stiles, Ernest B.
Stitham C. Victor
Taylor, Arthur B.
Tedford, Blair V.
Tracey, Donovan, B
Tracey, Harold V.
Trafford, Ivan R.
Troy, Thomas E.
Veysey, Clarence R.
Veysey, Irvine T.
Vincent, Nevllie E.
Ward, Cecil H.
Wheeler, Harold R.
White, Murray W.
Wiggins, Lambert W.
Wiggins, Chauncey J
Wilkins, Walter G.
Wright, Maurice L.
Wright, Willard J.

Korean War

MacEachron, Blake

Oliver, Lee

Shaw, Burton


In Service to Canada

Porter, Perry

Carleton Sentinel Newspaper Nov 11, 1921
The Monument
The monument is from H. McGratton and Sons, St. George, N. B. The stone was taken from their own quarries and cut at their big plant and is perhaps the largest monumental contract executed in this granite centre. The stock is clear of all blemishes and the workmanship is of the highest order. The monument is about 24 feet high and weighs 40 tons. The stone is light with black dies on which the inscriptions are placed.
The sub die has 8 raised-panels on which are cut the names of the fallen soldiers. The upper die has the inscription- "In honored memory of the men of
Carleton County who laid down their lives in the great war."
"Their name liveth forevermore."
On the second base in large raised letters is cut _1914
Carleton County, 1918.
A beautifully carved granite statue, of a typical Canadian soldier with an almost startling expression of determination crowns the whole monument.

Sizes in Details


Bottom Base


2nd Base


3rd Base


Sub Die













Communities across Canada remember those who paid the supreme sacrifice with an annual parade to their war cenotaph followed by a mid morning service, the laying of wreaths and later refreshments at the local Legion Hall.

The Royal Canadian Legion PoppyWoodstock War Memorial is situated on Main Street in the grounds of the Carleton County Courthouse, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada. The statue of a soldier standing at attention tops this twenty feet high monument.




The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance Day which commemorates the end of the First World War which occurred on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month and was originally called Armistice Day.

Replica poppies are sold by the Royal Canadian Legion to raise money for needy veterans. A two minute silence is often observed at 11:00am in Commonwealth countries throughout the world to remember the service and sacrifice of many fine young men.  The International Symbol of Remembrance

Hartland War Memorial
Carleton Co. Cenotaph - as above
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