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Name of Cemetery




Back Bay St. George    
Baillie United St. James   online
Baptist Dumbarton Rollingdam online
Bartlett Family St Croix Waweig online
Basswood Ridge Small Pox St. James Basswood Ridge  
Bayside Baptist St. Croix Bayside online
Beaconsfield-Deacon, Loon Bay St James    
Bethel Church of the Transfiguration St. Patrick   online
Big Rock Cemetery West Isles Chocolate Cove, Deer Island  
Black's Harbour Community Pennfield Black's Harbour online
Bleumortier see Maple Grove Grand Manan White Island  
Bocabec Baptist St. Patrick   online
Bocabec Community St. Patrick   online
Bocabec Presbyterian St. Patrick   online
Breadalbane St. George    
Brown/McLaughlin Dufferin    
Campobello Burying Ground Campobello   online
St. Andrews New Catholic St. Andrews   online
Chapel of East St. Andrews Chamcook online
Christ Church Anglican Pennfield   online 1 Sept 04
Church of England Campobello Welch Pool online
Church of St. Andrews, Roman Catholic St. Andrews   online
Cooks Cemetery Campobello   online
Crow Island St George Back Bay online
Deep Cove Grand Manan   online
Digedequash/Elmsville Cemetery St. Patrick   online
Elmsville Anglican St. Patrick   online
Deep Cove Grand Manan   online
Donald Road Cemetery Dufferin The Ledge online
Drake's Dock Grand Manan    
First Community Cemetery St. George   online
Greenock Presbyterian St. Andrews   online
Harbour View, Beaver Harbour Pennfield   online
Head Harbour Campobello   online
Heritage Cemetery St. David   online
Hillside Grand Manan   online
Honeydale Baptist St. David   online
Indian Island Cemetery West Isles   online
Kent Cemetery Grand Manan Woodward's Cove  
Kent Island Grand Manan Kent Island  
Kirk McColl Methodist St. Stephen   online
Lawrence Station -Richardson St James   online
Lawrence Station- Glew St James   online
Lawrence Station-Kain St. James   online
Leaver Dumbarton   online
Leavitt Head Back Bay   online
Ledge School Dufferin The Ledge  
Ledge United Church Dufferin The Ledge online
Lee Settlement St. George   online
Lepreau Community/ aka Lepreau Rural Lepreau   online
Lepreau Rural Lepreau   online
L'Etete Cemetery     online
Little Lepreau Lepreau   online
Little Ridge St James    
Lomax Cemetery Lepreau   online
Lower Tower Hill St. David    
Loyalist Burying Ground St. Stephen   online
Loyalist Burying Ground (Old Anglican) St. Andrews   online
Lynnfield United St James   online
Mace's Bay Lepreau   online
Maple Grove Grand Manan   online
Mark Hill Grand Manan   online
Mascarene Baptist St. George   online
Milltown Catholic Barter Settlement   partial
Mink Brook Lepreau   online
Miscellaneous Stones Dumbarton   online
Miscellaneous Stones St. George Parish   online
Miscellaneous Stones St. Andrews Parish   online
Moores Mills St. David Moores Mills Lookup
Moores Mills Extension St. David Moores Mills online
Mt. Hope West Isles Deer Island online
Murray Tatton Grand Manan Tatton's Field online
Navy Island St. Andrews    
New Oak Bay St David Oak Bay online
New Wilson's Beach Campobello   online
North Head Grand Manan   online
North Road Baptist Campobello Welch Pool online
Oak Hill St. James   online
Old Lepreau Lepreau    
Old Methodist St. Andrews St. Andrews online
Old Oak Bay Anglican St David Oak Bay online
Old Ridge St. Stephen Old Ridge online
Old Roman Catholic St. Andrews   online
Old Seal Cove Grand Manan    
Old Wilson's Beach Campobello   online
Pagan's Cove St. David Oak Haven  
Pennfield Presbyterian Pennfield   online
Pennfield Rural Pennfield   online
Pennfield United Baptist Pennfield Pennfield online
Pioneer aka St. Paul's Anglican Grand Manan   online
Pioneer Cemetery Extension Grand Manan   online
Plant Field Grand Manan   online
Pomeroy Ridge St. James   online
Private Cemeteries St. Patrick   online
Richardson-Thompson St James    
Sandy Point St Croix   online
Scotch Ridge St James   online
Second Falls United Baptist St. George   online
Second Falls United Baptist Extension St. George   online
Small Cemeteries St Croix Parish various locations online
Small Cemeteries St. Patrick   online
Smith Dumbarton Leaverville online
South Branch Clarendon   online
Spruce Grove SeeMark Hill above Grand Manan    
St. Andrews Rural St. Andrews   online
St. Ann's Anglican Campobello   online
St. David Ridge Anglican St. David   online
St. George Catholic old cemetery St. George   online
St. George Catholic new cemetery St. George   online
St. George Rural Old St. George   online
St. George Rural New St. George   online
St. George Presbyterian Kirk St. George 1 stone online
St. Margaret's Anglican Lepreau   online
St. Mark's Anglican St. George   online
St. Michael's Catholic Grand Manan   online
St. Patrick's Catholic Dumbarton Rollingdam online
St. Paul's Anglican Grand Manan   online
St. Stephen Rural St. Stephen   partial
St. Thomas Anglican St James    
St. Timothy's Catholic Campobello   online
Stella Maris Catholic Pennfield Black's Harbour online
Temple Knoll Grand Manan    
United Church Cemetery Dumbarton Rollingdam online
United Church Cemetery Dufferin The Ledge online
Unmarked Graves Dumbarton   online
Unmarked Graves Lepreau   online
Upper Mills St. Stephen Upper Mills online
Upper Tower Hill St. David Tower Hill  
Waweig United St Croix   online
White Head Grand Manan   online
Wilson's Beach Campobello   online
Winchester Family Grand Manan    
Wood Island Grand Manan Two Isles online
Woodward's Cove Grand Manan    


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