John Lovell's 1871 Directory

A settlement in the parish of the same name, county of Charlotte.  Distant from Clarendon, a station of the European and North American railway, western extension, 7 miles, from St. John 35 miles, from St. Andrews, the shire town, 50 miles.  Mail weekly.  Population about 350.

Akerly Moses farmer
Allen Clavin farmer
Allen John farmer
Anderson Alexander farmer
Boyne Alexander farmer
Brown James farmer
Brown John farmer
Campbell  Thomas farmer
Clark James farmer
Coles John E., farmer
Craig Water farmer
Crawford Archibald farmer
Danville Frederick E farmer
Dunham Joseph farmer
Fisher Edward farmer
Fisher John farmer
Fisher John farmer
Floyd William farmer
Fullerton Jacob farmer
Graham Robert, jun farmer
Graham Robert, sen farmer
Hartfield David farmer
Hill James farmer
Hill John farmer
Hill William farmer
Hill William, jun farmer
Howard Alexander farmer
Kindred James farmer
Knowles Thomas farmer
Lacy Michael farmer
Leavis Thomas farmer
Linnott Michael farmer
Logan John farmer
Logan Robnert farmer
Logan William farmer
Lyman James farmer
McAleer William farmer
McAuley Charles farmer
McCready Thomas farmer
McCutcheon John postmaster, farmer
McKinney William farmer
McLellan Robert farmer
McLeod James farmer
McLeod Lorenzo farmer
Murphy John farmer
Murphy Simpson farmer
Nixon Archibald farmer
Nixon John farmer
Ogden Benjamin G farmer
Ogden Garrison farmer
Ogden John P farmer
Ogden Stephen farmer
Oldrieve William farmer
Parsons Lorenzo farmer
Perley William C farmer
Rogers Reese farmer
Smith Warren farmer
Stanton Oliver farmer
Talent James shoemaker
Talent Joshua shoemaker
Turner George farmer
Turner William farmer
Urquhard David farmer
Washburn Thomas farmer
Webb James farmer

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