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Clarendon Churches & Cemeteries
Last Updated Jan 2008

The following Churches and Cemeteries are located in Clarendon Parish.  If there are any missing ones, please let me know.  If anyone can give me driving directions (miles/kilometers) to any of these locations, I would greatly appreciate it. 



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Christ Church Anglican Records off site link to Shirley O'Neill's transcription   Jan 2008
Kirk McColl & Anglican Church Records off-site link to Arnie Krause's   Jan 2008
St. Barnabas Church Back Clarendon Lynda Fournier
29 Jan 03
South Branch Cemetery   from Saint John, travel north on Highway 7 approximately 40km to Welsford.  Turn left onto Highway 101 at Welsford Irving, travel  approximately 16 km until arrive in Wirral.  IN Wirral, take left on South  Oromocto Lake Road, travel approximately 15km until arrive at cemetery on  right at 4 way intersection just past fire hall on right. (Thanks to Andrew Easton for these directions Fredrica Given Mar 2006

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