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Early Settlers and Immigrants

Parish of Norton

Name changes in the Parish:

  1. Bloomfield Station/Bloomfield Ridge/The Ridge/Norton/Central Norton to Bloomfield

  2. Patticake/Patty Cake to Passekeag

  3. Dickie's Mountain/Green Hill to Dickie Mountain

  4. Norton Station to Norton


  • BOOKS FOR SALE at The Kings County Museum, Hampton, N B, Canada

    1. Gone But Not Forgotten Vol. #4 Cemetery Inscriptions of Kings Co., New Brunswick - Norton, Springfield and Kars Parishes.
      by John R. Elliot

    2. The Bloomfield Area Remembered The nearly 500 pages of print and photos tell about Bloomfield Corner, Bloomfield Station, Bloomfield Ridge, Passekeag, Dickie Mountain, Guthrie Road, Central Norton and Warneford. by David G. Keirstead

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    1. Simon Baxter - The first United Empire Loyalist to settle in New Brunswick, (Canada). His ancestry and descendants by Hon. John B. M. Baxter, Chief Justice of New Brunswick - A Great-Great Grandson. Published by The New Brunswick Museum (Historical Section) 1943.
      For more information click - Simon Baxter

    2. Early Schools of Kings County, New Brunswick. Published by the Kings County Retired Teachers' Association. Printed in 1983. This 272 page book contains information on 180 schools of Kings County.
      For more information click - Kings County Schools

    3. Parish of Christ Church, Norton, New Brunswick by J E Hoyt.
      For more information click - Parish of Christ Church, Norton, New Brunswick

    Family names - Parish of Norton; Lovell Directory 1871:

    Charles Baxter farmer Central Norton
    Elijah Baxter farmer Norton
    Joseph D.Baxter postmaster & storekeeper Norton Station
    William H. Baxter farmer Norton Station
    David Smith farmer Passekeag
    Irvine Smith farmer Norton
    John T. Smith farmer Norton
    Joseph Pickle carriagemaker Central Norton


    Many family and local histories at the Provincial Archives are found in the Family Histories Collection (MC1) and in the New Brunswick Publications Collection (MC80).

    The following are available on interlibrary loan.

    Allison, Leonard: Notebooks, 1900 F14006 & F14007
    Church histories: Gorham Manuscripts F1284
    Crawford, Benjamin: Diaries 1800-1837 F10988 to F10990
    Flewelling: Family History 1788-1835 F363
    Gorham, Beryla: Kingston: History 1911-1941 F9056
    Hampton: History: CNBHS, Vol. 18, 1963 F792
    Holder, E. Jacob: Diary 1867-1875 F569
    Hubly, A. M.: Biography 1846-1937 F14013
    Kennebecasis: Waterbury, David: CNBHS, Vol. 12, 1928 F792
    Kings County Schools: Arthur Keith Scrapbook, F15463
    Kingston: John Fisher Memorial Library History, 1742-1966 F9468 to F9471
    Kingston: Kingston & The Loyalists 1783 by Walter Bates F7634
    Kingston: Local History: Pickett Collection, 1800-1895 F7633
    Kingston: History: Wetmore Collection 1662 F9469
    Kingston: Parish History: Gorham Manuscripts F1283
    Loyalist Studies: Kings County Recs 1767-1877 F365
    McHarg, Alex: Papers: Diaries 1836-1880 F681 to F683
    McHarg, Lizzie: Biographical: Poetry 1860-1880 F683
    McKenzie, Malcolm: Family History 1772-1812 F367
    Nase, Henry: Diary 1776-1797 F367
    Norton: History: CNBHS, Vol. 18, 1963 F792
    Pickett Collection: Family History & Diaries, 1767-1914 F7633 & F7634
    Pickett, David: Family History 1785-1794 F369
    Sussexvale: Aiton, Grace: CNBHS, Vol. 18, 1963 F792
    Tombstone epitaphs  F11840
    Wetmore: Family History F9469
    Whelpley: Family History 1800-1900 F9471