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2009 15 Obituaries & 2 photos of Dumbarton strays
1901 Census transcript Dist. #1, pgs 1-2 courtesy of Joan McLeod
St. Patrick's RC Cemetery 2 new interments-courtesy Marilyn Strout
New Interments:
22 in Baptist Cemetery & 10 in United Cemetery courtesy of Alice Johnson
Jan 2008 12 Obituaries
1891 Census transcript, pgs 1-10 courtesy of Joan McLeod
Additional Off-site Links for Census transcripts/images
171 Photos to St. Patrick's RC Cemetery &29 new interments-courtesy of Charlene Beney & Marilyn Strout
New Interments to Rolling Dam Baptist & United Cemeteries
Off-site link to Charlotte County Archives, NB Genealogical Society & Passamaquoddy Region Bibliography
Off-site link to Kirk-McColl images & Anglican Church Records Transcript; lookups in Greenock Presbyterian 1824-1900 Baptisms & Marriages
Off-site links to Postmasters in the various communities


9 obituaries added
Off-site Link to 1851 census
Mar 2006 17 obituaries added
71 photos added to St. Patrick's RC Cemetery + new interments - courtesy of Marilyn Strout
11 photos added to United & Baptist Cemeteries - courtesy of Marilyn Strout
Aug 2005 Maps, Photos & history of William Hewitt Descendants- courtesy of William D.Romanski
1 Apr 2005 Map of Rollingdam - courtesy of William D.Romanski & Shirley Redding
Rollingdam United Cemetery (Sect. Q) & St. Patrick Cemetery (Sect. E)- obits
Rollingdam Birth
MONTGOMERY Family of Rollingdam including maps -Courtesy of William D.Romanski
1 Dec 03 Hewitt's of Rolling Dam - courtesy of Saint Croix Courier
1881 Census Family #s - courtesy of Joan McLeod, Census Complete
Added Grimmick to Place Names
15 May 03 Pages 32-40 of 1881 Census - courtesy of Joan McLeod
20 Feb 03 1843 Teachers' Return for Pleasant Ridge School -courtesy of Joan McLeod
Pages 21-31 of 1881 Census -courtesy of Joan McLeod
Scullin/Shain Genealogy- OFF site link
5 Nov 02 1881 Census, Pages 17-20 courtesy of Joan McLeod
Images, Campbell Saw Mill, Mill on Fire & Monument to Campbell Children courtesy of Joan McLeod
Tombstone Images in Rollingdam United Cemetery Sections E & F- courtesy of Marilyn Strout
20 Sept 2002 Photos to Rolling Dam United Cemetery, courtesy of Mary Ellen Jones
Photos to St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery - courtesy of Marilyn Strout
12 Jul 2002 Image of Interior of Rollingdam United Church - courtesy of Mary Ellen Jones
Tombstone Photos in Rollingdam Baptist Church Cemetery - courtesy of Marilyn Strout
Off-site link to Early Years of Charlotte County - courtesy of Keith Reynolds
Off-site links courtesy of Tom Moffatt: Sorrel Ridge School Protest of 1837; Richard Johnston Family
James SIMPSON Family; Henry STYLES Family; John BUCKSTAFF Family; Daniel CRILLEY Family; STYLES Mill Workers 1830-1850; and 1886-87 Rollingdam Residents- All articles written by Rev. Charles Smith in 1972- courtesy of Charlene Beney and the St. Croix Courier
01 June 2002 Pages 31& 32 of 1871 Census -courtesy of Joan McLeod
Photos in Rollingdam United Church Cemetery, Sect. B, C & D - courtesy of Marilyn Strout
Off-site links to :  Kerr Family Genealogy, 2 articles about Catholic Bishop Timothy Casey; Lawrence Station Elementary School (which Dumbarton children went); Johnson Family Genealogy; Birney Family
Death record of McCann in Maine
Images around the Parish
04 May 2002 1871 Census, Pages 1-50 (31 & 32 not on yet)
Dumbarton map that includes cemetery locations
Housekeeping on Links
06 Feb 2002 Rolling Dam United Cemetery Transcript - courtesy of Charlotte Branch of the NB Genealogical Society 
21 Dec 2001 Villages  (added Summer Hill)
1871 Census, Pages 5 & 6 - courtesy of Joan McLeod
Rolling Dam Baptist Cemetery - courtesy of Charlotte Branch of the NB Genealogical Society
Miscellaneous Cemetery Stones in Parish - courtesy of Charlotte Branch of the NB Genealogical Society
26 Oct 2001 1871 Census, Pages 3 & 4
Unmarked Graves throughout the Parish - courtesy of Charlotte Branch of the NB Genealogical Society
Off-site link to Road Appropriations - courtesy of Craig Walsh
Off-site link to Legislative Act creating parish - courtesy of Craig Walsh
19 July 2001 John O'Neill obituary and grave inscription - courtesy of Charlene Beney
18 July 2001 Part 2 of 1871 Census Records for Dumbarton Parish
20 May 2000 Part 1 of 1871 Census Records for Dumbarton Parish
17 May 2000  Photos and additional names in St. Patrick's RC Cemetery -       courtesy of Charlene Beney 
19  Apr 2001  Parts 4 and 5 of St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery - see cemetery 
26 Apr 2001 St. Patrick Roman Catholic Cemetery Transcription, 5 parts
15 Mar 2001 Joan McLeod becomes the new Coordinator of this Web Site!
14 Dec 2000 1881 Recensus, 3 parts, Pages 11-16
5 Dec 2000 1881 Recensus, 5 parts, pages 1-10
Villages listing updated (Birney Lake & Craig Laka added)
Housekeeping on links
New Search Engine
1 June 2000 Added description of Whittier Ridge
6 May 2000 We moved to our own space on RootsWeb Server  http://www.rootsweb.com/~nbdumbar/ 
Added Parish description and links
Guide to Genealogy in Charlotte County
Pleasant Ridge in Village Descriptions
Added a What's New Page
15 Apr 2000 Added 1851 Census (first 2 parts), courtesy Joan McLeod
Village description of Pleasant Ridge Settlement
Off-site link to 1807 Loyalist  Petition for Pleasant Ridge at New Brunswick's Past
GOSS Genealogy Link
1 Apr 2000 Village descriptions for Rolling Dam and Rolling Dam Station
1861 Census
12 Feb 2000 Link to St. Patrick's Presbyterian Church Records 1823-1863 -courtesy Ralph Hannan
24 Dec 1999 Parish Map Added   -courtesy of Arnie Krause
16 Dec 1999  History of the CATHCART Family 
History of the FITZMAURICE Family
History of the HEWITT Family
History of the JOHNSON Families
History of the MCCANN Family
History of the MCCOUBREY  Family
History of the MCFARLANE  Family
History of the MONTGOMERY  Family
History of the MCGOWAN Family
History of the MCSHANE Family
History of the SCULIN Family
History of the SIMPSON Family
History of the WILSON Family
2 Dec 1999 Leaver Private Cemetery Transcription - courtesy Anonymous
Smith Private Cemetery Transcription -courtesy Anonymous
1 Nov 1999 List of early settlers
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