A Mormon Temple on Grand Manan?

Page Mounted 12 Jan 2002

On the grounds where St. Michael's Catholic Church now stands is where the Mormon Temple stood.  (Source: Histories of Grand Manan)

Lorimer, in his book "Isles and Inlets of The Bay of Fundy" refers to this as the Mormon Temple. (1876)

Another example is the Grand Manan Historian Vol 4 which mentions "Joseph Lakeman who owned the chapel then called the MORMON TEMPLE, which stood opposite the Kent cemetery, at the top of Temple Hill".

Yet another citation as to the Temple is that  of the Saint Croix Courier 1955 which states "historical records, reveal that probably the first "temple" was located at Woodward's Cove, Grand Manan."  This statement was in response to an article which stated "considerable interest shown here in the opening in Saint John of a Mormon Temple and the statement it is the first in New Brunswick".

Oddly enough the local one was erected through the efforts of a Baptist minister by name of Cook in the early 1870's. A short while after it was established the temple became the property of Joseph Lakeman of Woodward's Cove. At about the same time the temple became property of Lakeman, Elder Garrity, pastor of the Christians or Disciples of Christ, in Saint John, came to the island to establish a place of worship. The result was that he dedicated the Lakeman building as Christians Temple. Later still, the Mormons sent delegates to the island to seek converts. Interest finally waned, the building burned but it's location is still known as Temple Hill.

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