Grand Manan Life Saving Station

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          Although the lighthouses warned of dangerous rocks and ledges, they were unable to predict storms and breakdowns which caused many a ship to flounder on the ledges and shoals around Grand Manan .

          The Grand Manan Life Saving Station was established by the Canadian Government in 1911,following such a disaster that of the ship," Hestia" in 1910 when forty men were drowned. It was located at little Wood Island, Grand Manan where assistance was given to crews of eight steamships,seven four masted schooners,one barque,twelve tern schooners,seventy two sloops,two hundred eighty four fishing boats, twenty six two masted schooners.

          The station building was 29x34 feet , with quarters on the main deck for shipwrecked persons.It had an iron railway launching slip which was available at all times of tide.

          Originally there were ten men who manned the station, but when the Depression came this was cut to five. The boat was a tiny lifeboat, 36 feet long and10 feet wide. It was often compelled to traverse daily, sixty miles of stormy sea in a region noted for its death dealing dangers, on errands of mercy and duty.

          Those who manned the life station over the many years, were; Captain Harry Harvey, James Daggett,mate; Tom Morgan , cook; Percy Green, engineer; Clayton French, boatman,Adrian Ingersoll,cook,Merrill Denton,cook,Will Flagg,cook,Wilfred Kent,Turner Ingalls,Ottawa Mclaughlin,William Joy,Walter Thomas,officer,George Maker,Billie Brown,Fulton Ingalls,Mabury Russell,Hatzel Cronk,and John Harvey.

          It is interesting to note than in addition to the numerous duties involved in the daily routine, Capt.Harvey and his crew of the Grand Manan Life Saving Station, since the station was established in 1911,have made up to Oct.1(1934)three hundred and ninety-four trips to Gannet Rock and three hundred and sixty-one trips to Machias Seal Island, with water, mail and provisions; and ninety trips to Long Point Fog Alarm at White Head Island with water and supplies; also fifty-three trips to the St.Stephen Hospital with patients from Grand Manan Parish.

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