White Head Lighthouses & Their Keepers

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The first lighthouse at White Head was built in 1901 at Gull Cove, by Mr. York of Saint John. Original plans called for the light to be built at Gull Rock. The fact that it ended up in Lewis Franklin’s back yard is attributed to the surveyor being
“under the influence.”                    

Lewis Frankland was the first keeper of this light. He was appointed Nov.14, 1902 with a yearly salary of $550.2Other keepers were Chester Russell and Harry Mourik. Harry was the last one to maintain the light.3

A fog alarm was constructed at Long Point and was later added to with a light and dwelling house in 1929. Arthur Wilson was the first keeper and served from 1929-1958.Kitchener Randall was a keeper from 1958-1960.Percy Harvey was a keeper from 1960-1964.5Long Point Whistle

In 1966 a new light was built at Long Point.Long Point Lighthouse, Grand Manan, NB An automated horn was installed in 1971.Wilfred Morse was head keeper from 1964 until his death in 1984.At this time, Kenton Tate, assistant keeper took over the maintenance of Long Point.Long Point Keepers House

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